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04 April 2019
Issue Nine
Dates to Remember
From the Principal and Assistant Principal
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Beaumaris Primary School
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Dates to Remember

Snack Shack

Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

(excluding first & last day of each term)

Please place your order on Qkr before 8.45am on Snack Shack days.   Or even better order the night before.

Statements of Intent (SOI)

Every two weeks our teachers produce a fortnightly planner which is referred to as an SOI.  This sets out an intention of what will be taught in the classroom during that period.  These can be accessed on the school website and are displayed on the year level communication boards.


Friday 5 April

Final day of Term 1: 2.30pm finish

Sunday 14

Parent Club Bunnings Mentone Sausage Sizzle

Tuesday 24

First day of Term 2


Wednesday 1

Year 4 Excursion to Melbourne Museum & IMAX

Thursday 2

School Tour 2020 Preps - 9.15am to 10.40am sign in at the school office - (see transition flyer for more information about Prep Transition)

Friday 3

Curriculum Day-Pupil Free

Monday 6 

Information Evening Prep 2020 7pm to 8pm Meet in the Prep Learning centre

Monday  20 to Friday  24

Education Week

Monday 20

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Thursday 23  6.30-8pm

Parent Information Session : Mathematics

Facilitator Sue Fine Maths Consultant


Thursday 20

Year 4 Performance Evening

4L & 4G: 5.45pm-6.30pm (arrive in classrooms 5.30pm)

4J & 4H: 6.45pm-7.30pm (arrive in classrooms 6.30pm)

Friday 28 June

Final day of Term 2:  2.30pm finish


Monday 15

First day of Term 3


Monday 5

5H and 6F Parliament House Excursion

Tuesday 6

6C and 6M Parliament House Excursion


Monday 16

Musical dress rehearsal

Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18

Year 6 Musical Production

Friday 20

Final day of Term 3: 2.30pm finish


Monday 7

First day of Term 3

Monday 14

Prep 2020 Parent Session 7pm - 8pm

Wednesday 16

Prep 2020 Transition Session One 9.30-10.30am

Sunday 27

School Fete

Tuesday 29

Prep 2020 Transition Session Two 9.30-10.30am


Thursday 14

Prep 2020 Transition Session Three 9.30-10.30am


Wednesday 18

Prep 2020 Transition Session Four (meet the teacher) 9.30-10.30am

Friday 20

Final day of Term 4: 1.30pm finish

From the Principal and
Assistant Principal

A friendly reminder;
Early dismissal tomorrow at 2.30pm Friday 5 April

Happy Holidays!

Easter Raffle and Parade

The Easter assembly is a wonderful tradition at our school and again today the assembly brought a big smile to many faces.

Our Prep students looked absolutely delightful. They certainly looked proud of their creations as they paraded  in front the students and families at assembly.

After assembly the Preps and the Glee Club went on their much anticipated walk to the Concourse.

The local residents and traders in the Concourse were thrilled to see the trail of Prep students and Easter Bonnets bobbing along through the shoppers. They were equally delighted by the Glee Club performance outside Ginger Fox.

Thank you to all families for your donations. There was an absolute abundance of Easter goodies to share and distribute as quite substantial prizes.

Thank you to all the students for contributing to the fun of the day.

Thank you to our student leaders  for leading the assembly and entertaining us with their selection of Easter jokes!

Thank you to the teachers for their preparations in advance of the assembly to ensure everything went smoothly.

Thank you to the Easter Bunny for taking time out from a busy schedule to visit Beaumaris PS.

Each year Easter Bunny arrives by a different means of transport and we are very grateful to those who organised such magnificent transport this year!

Thank you to the  parent volunteers  who wrapped the Easter Baskets. The prizes looked fantastic, and there were so many!

Congratulations to all our lucky Easter Art Competition prize winners and Easter Raffle prize winners. Many students will bring home goodies for their family and friends to share.

Some Easter goodies will be  delivered to Southern Family Life to distribute to local families in need. It is a privilege to be part of  the very thoughtful and generous Beaumaris community.

The total amount raised reached $3288.50. School Council has approved the purchase of robotics equipment and coding resources. This is a great result for the students and greatly appreciated. At the beginning of the year our teachers received professional learning, based on the Victorian Curriculum- Digital Technologies, and training specific to the equipment we have purchased.  Beaumaris PS is a large school and the demands on the equipment  are significant. Through fundraising we have the opportunity to  purchase additional robotics resources and extend our collection for the students to use.

We will include photos of our purchases when they arrive.

Working Bee Last Sunday 

Thank you to everyone who attended the working bee last Sunday. Even though the weather was a quite gloomy we achieved a number of garden makeovers, including maintenance our Japanese, Fern and Bamboo Gardens and  Orchard.  

A special thank you to the following families:

Collins, Fitzgerald, Zhong, Hoehenspein, Foxworthy, Bertovic and Hughes Families and Shane Dawes.

Update on the new building

The carpet has been laid and painting is continuing. The large bi-fold doors have been installed.

The pinboard and whiteboards will be installed next. Additional work on the deck area will commence soon.  A fence has been constructed around the air conditioner condensers. Some preparations are underway to enable new asphalt to be laid over the exposed dirt areas. The paving in the Kitchen Garden will be reinstated as part of the grounds work.

Happy holidays everyone

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing everyone in Term 2.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

What are three things that went well for you today?

What are the best things that happened to you today?

Who are you most grateful for and why?

What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?

Sheryl Skewes                                       Louise Neave

Principal                                                   Assistant Principal

School News


Orange vests have been taking our yard by storm.  Over the last few weeks x 3 Year 5 students have been conducting games in the yard aimed at P-3 students every lunchtime. The students have been trained to conduct these games with the provided equipment. The PLAY leaders have learnt how to speak to children of a young age, how to settle and deal with minor disagreements and how to instil excitement in others. The PLAY leaders have had terrific feedback from parents letting them know how excited their children have been to seek them out in the yard each day. The program will continue next term.

*The students meet outside of 5DG's classroom near the Wooden Playground. They welcome new faces.

Snack Shack - Volunteers needed for Term 2

We need more volunteers to help out for Term 2!

Grab a form from the office or email with your availability. 

Smoothie Day Success

Many many thanks to the numerous volunteers who made smoothie day a reality! The kids loved it and we managed to get all 322 smoothies delivered

Shout Out


Hot Shots Tennis

LUNCHTIME ANZ HOT SHOTS TENNIS is program for Prep, Year 1 and 2

START DATE         Tuesday 30thApril 2019

END DATE             Tuesday 25th June 2019

TIME                      12.55 pm - 1.25 pm

COST                     $157.50 (9 weeks)

ANZ Hot Shots is just for kids. Children learn to play on the right size court using smaller rackets and softer balls. With ANZ Hot Shots kids learn to play tennis the right way and develop at their own pace.

Developed by Tennis Australia ANZ Hot Shots is the perfect program for kids to start their   tennis journey.

All lessons will be conducted either in the school hall or outside by highly qualified and professional coaches. Students will have one lesson each week, the day of the lesson will depend on enrolment numbers but will be confirmed before the program starts.

Please complete the form above and return it to the school office along with payment. SORRY NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. Fees must be paid prior to the first lesson.

Payment methods are either by chq payable to Kim Davis or by direct credit to                      ANZ BSB 013483  Account number: 225467728 Kim Davis.

If you have any questions please contact me on 0410 051055

ANZAC Appeal

Junior School Council will be selling ANZAC badges, pens and wristbands for the next few weeks.  They are $2, $3, $4 and $5.  These can also be purchased from the school office.


Your donation allows the RSL to tailor specialist services to the needs of our current and former service men and women, and their families.

Examples include:

  • ​Crisis accommodation for at risk veterans
  • Financial assistance for families in need
  • Health and wellbeing programs 
  • Employment support
  • Assistance with accessing pension entitlements



Level Low Downs


As a part of our Geography subject focus in Prep, we have been learning about the various places and activities located in our community. To celebrate this learning, we went for a walk to the Beaumaris Library where we met Nan, the librarian. We listened to many new stories and spent time looking through the shelves at all the wonderful picture story books! We had so much fun and can't wait for our next visit to the library! 

Year One

The Year 1 students have had a fantastic term, getting to know new class members, new teachers and new learning spaces. They have welcomed new Year 1 students to Beaumaris Primary School and have made them feel extremely welcome. The teachers have been so impressed by the student’s independence, empathy towards others and persistence when faced with new challenges. Congratulations on a great term of learning and what better way to celebrate than by having delicious smoothies and sandwiches on Monday. Thank you to all of the parents who helped out in the canteen and in various other ways to make the day a huge success. The kids loved it and can’t wait for the next special lunch day.  

Year Two

Wow – what a fun term in Year 2! We have built new friendships and explored our new spaces during Investigations, written to and met our pen pals, explored the features of a range of environments and developed our place value understandings – plus so much more!  We are looking forward to our Design and Technologies unit next term focusing on the impact of technology on how we live. Our unit will kick off with an excursion to the Lego Discovery Centre in week 2.  We would love parents who are experts in this area to come in and contribute to our learning.  We are also excited to be moving into our new learning space during term 2!

Year Three

Yesterday we finished Term 1 off with a big celebration!  Our school community came and visited our Design and Technologies ERP Expo. Thank you to all of the family, special friends and fellow students that came and visited the Year 3 classrooms.


Student highlights:

“There were so many questions from people that visited” – Lexi 3C

“The expo was very crowded” – Ben 3C

“I loved creating my card” – Elicia 3C

“It felt good to present with other people” – Hayato 3C

“It was good to see all the different age groups come and see our expo” – Sam 3C

“I loved working as a group and creating a card” – Kitty 3C

“I liked making my card” – Lily 3C

“It felt good to present my ERP to my family” – Mitchell 3C

“I really enjoyed presenting” – Luka 3C

Congratulations to all students in Year 3 for their efforts this term!  We are so excited for what we have planned in Term 2.

Year Four

Term 1 has very quickly come to an end and we are so proud of the Year 4 student effort that went into a range of our classroom activities! It has been so rewarding to watch the students gain confidence in the classroom both academically and socially.  We are very impressed with how well the students were able to persist in their learning despite a very fun but tiring Year 4 camp.  A big thank you to all the parents for making our organisation of camp an easy one and an even bigger thanks to the parent helpers Tim, Troy and Fiona who joined us at Arrabri! The students have worked very well this Term and deserve some much needed holidays.  If you haven’t already please log onto compass and give consent for your child to join us on our next exciting excursion early Term 2!

Year Five

Where has the term gone? This week the Year 5 students presented their History ERPs to their excited family and friends. The students spoke with confidence, beamed with pride and shared their new found knowledge about Australia in the 1800s. Well done everyone.

Have a safe and happy holiday

Year Six

Term one,

Where do we start? From the exciting camp to the stressful but of course fun ERP.

At camp we came across lots of team based activities where we learnt to work as one big team and got the chance to get to know the new students to year 6.

We did tree climbing where people that were scared of heights got to face that fear and people who had never surfed had a chance to give it a shot.

Like always the excitement and the adrenaline had to come to an end.

Soon after we came across our first year 6 expo. It was a history ERP (Educational Research Project.) We had our ERP research based in the 1900s, with lots of people doing food, crime/punishment, sport and architecture. Everybody had to complete a timeline, biography and a graph in only 2 weeks.

Everybody completed their given tasks and the final results were outstanding.

Parents and students were asking some hard questions but with our knowledge we all pushed through them.

Comments and statements were informative with great feedback and of course the great job every now and then.

So all round we think we could all say this term was awesome, and we're all excited for next term to be even better and more jam packed!

Today we began our Peacemaker training and we are looking forward to starting next term in the yard at lunchtimes.

J J J Written by Maggie and Lilly :)

Community News

Beaumaris Basketball




School Information

General Office

Office Hours:           8.15am - 4.00pm

Telephone:              03  9589 2619


All visitors to the school are required to report to the office to sign in and out.  A ‘visitor’s badge’ will be issued.

Appointments with teachers must be made via the school email: 



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.00am via the Compass portal or phoning the school office.   Any unexplained absences will result in parents/guardians receiving an email at 9.30am on the day of non-attendance requesting they update Compass with the reason for non-attendance.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you that the school day starts promptly at 9.00am.  If your child is late for any reason, please sign in at the office via the Compass Kiosk and obtain a late pass to be given to the classroom teacher.  

Please ensure that if your child is leaving early that they are signed out on the Compass Kiosk before collecting them from the classroom.



Facebook: Beaumaris Primary School

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