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01 March 2017
Issue Five
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Upcoming Events

Friday 3rd March

Year 11 Study Day #1

Zone Final Public Speaking


Saturday 4th March



Monday 6th March

P&F Meeting


Tuesday 7th March

Yr 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

IPSHA Swimming Carnival


Friday 10th March

Year 10 Reflection Day #1

FInals CSDA Public Speaking



Saturday 11th March



Wednesday 15th March

Peer Support

Years 5 & 6 Bible Liturgy


Friday 17th March

National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence

Opens Rugby Camp at Huntington House to 19/3


Saturday 18th March



Sunday 19th March

College Orchestra Workshop

From the Principal

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Academic Awards Assembly Friday 24th February
  • ISA Semi-Finals
  • Staff Recognition - Ms Deb Cummins
  • College Open Day - Saturday 18th March 2017
  • 2019 Enrolments

Prayer - Ash Wednesday


Dear Lord,

As we enter this Solemn and Holy Season,

we pray that you would send your Holy Spirit upon us

that we might prepare ourselves for these coming

40 days of Lent.

We do seek to humble ourselves

so that we can understand the magnificence of Your Love for us

as You humbled Yourself and gave Your Life on the Cross

that we might receive the gift of Eternal Glory with You.





Academic Awards Assembly Friday 24th February

Last Friday 24th February the College proudly welcomed the 2016 HSC High Achievers to the Academic Awards Ceremony.  The 2016 College Dux, Stewart Ross, spoke eloquently of his Year 12 studies and his future direction, and his speech can be found below.  The text of my speech is also included below.


The College congratulates the many outstanding achievements of our students from Semester 2, 2016.  A list of award recipients, as well as a selection of photos, can also be found below.





Please click below to read the speech presented by the College Dux for 2016, Stewart Ross.










ISA Semi Finals

Congratulations to our many ISA semi-finalists. This year both the First XI and Second XI cricket have made it through. There are an amazing 20 Basketball teams through to the semi-finals. See the sports section for the latest details. Best wishes to all coaches and players.


Staff Recognition - Diocesan Mass

Dr Katie Meale was acknowledge at the Diocesan Mass as our new Religious Education Coordinator and we congratulate her.  Congratulations also go to Ms Deb Cummins who received acknowledgement for her 25+ years of service to Catholic education.  


Mr John Couani - Principal

College Open Day - Saturday 18th March 2017

The College Open Day welcomes current families and prospective enrolments.  The Chatswood Campus will be open from 10am until 2pm with the Principal's Address at 12 noon and the Treacy Complex at Oxford Falls will be open from 8am until 12 noon.


Please click on the flyer below for details:


Enrolment Applications for Years 5, 6 & 7 in 2019

Enrolment Applications for Years 5, 6 & 7 in 2019 are now open and close Friday 28th April 2017

Application forms will be available at the College Open Day on 18th March 2017.  Alternatively an Expression of Interest  form can be completed online via the link:  

and application information will be posted to you.

Mr John Couani - Principal

Social Justice 

Photo: Project Compassion 2017

  • Mission & Identity
  • Project Compassion:  

                        Address by the College Captain

                        The $505 Homeroom Challenge


Mission & Identity

On Monday we officially launched the Caritas Project Compassion Appeal. This is our main fundraising event of the year and is run by Year 12. Collections will be taken each day during Assembly and in Homerooms. In Religion Classes, students are participating in a variety of activities that highlight the work of Caritas and the 2017 theme of  "Who is My Neighbour?"


Today all students attended an Ash Wednesday Liturgy.   Ash Wednesday is one of the days we are asked to abstain from meat and the College Canteen had alternate options for students to purchase. On the Fridays of Lent the Edmund Rice Society students will be selling pancakes in the morning before school. The cost is $1 and all money collected will go to Project Compassion.


Our Chapel is beginning to take shape and should be completed in the next few weeks. We hope to celebrate Mass with Father Paul Finucane every second Tuesday in our chapel, alternating with Mercy College. Our 16 WYD 2016 pilgrims will join their Mercy College travelling companions for a reunion Mass in the Mercy College Chapel before school at 8am on Tuesday the 7th of March. It will be a great opportunity to see these groups mingling again, sharing memories and recommitting a pledge to be ambassadors of their faith as Pope Francis urged them to be.


The scripture quote which Year 6 will unpack and live this year has the theme of Come and See and is linked to the reading from Johns Gospel (John 1:35-51). Here Jesus calls his first disciples and asks them to leave elements of their life behind to follow him. So too, our Year 6 students are encouraged to go from ordinary to extraordinary as they begin to build relationships and let go of childhood dependency by becoming more responsible and mature. This theme will work in conjunction with the Pastoral theme of Friendship and Respect.


I have been notified by one of our parents, Mrs Anne Casey of an upcoming Immersion Experience for adults to Timor Leste which is run in partnership with Catholic Mission. Having had the opportunity to participate in several Immersion experiences in several countries, these are life changing experiences that allow a rare glimpse into the history, culture and life of people in another country. This Immersion is run in conjunction with the work of the charity called LETS (Letefoho East Timor Support). Please see the information below for details.


LETS East Timor Immersion from 4th to 12th June 2017 - A life-Changing Experience

Would you like the opportunity to change your own life while supporting others to change theirs? The LETS charity (Letefoho East Timor Support), in partnership with Catholic Mission, is organising the East Timor Immersion from 4-12 June 2017.


This is the fourth LETS immersion to Timor Leste. These trips are a key program in LETS mission to support the developing community of Letefoho in Timor Leste. The 2017 immersion will feature the opportunity to:

  • spend time in Timor Leste capital, Dili, learning about the history and culture of the Timorese people
  • stay with the community of Letefoho and witness first-hand the grace and generosity of the Timorese people
  • observe projects supported by LETS
  • immerse yourself in the day-to-day lives of local people at school, work, home and mass
  • experience the scenic and beautiful mountainous area of Letefoho. 

For more information, please see:

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity

Project Compassion

This week at St Pius X College we launch Project Compassion and Catholic Schools all over Australia begin to raise funds for our largest charity, Caritas. This year the theme of Project Compassion is “Love thy Neighbour.” This collection is run right throughout Lent where my Year 12 peers and I will be coming around to homeroom groups every day until the end of term to collect.

Each Year the Edmund Rice Society assist Year 12 with Project Compassion by running a pancake stall each Friday morning of Lent in front of the gym steps, this year they are allowing myself and the other school leaders to assist so please come and buy a pancake with maple syrup for $1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Edmund Rice Society for their ongoing support in this and many other social justice issues. I was a member of the Edmund Rice Society and I encourage you to consider joining this worthy group. They meet this Wednesday and next Tuesday at 1pm in LC2 - tell them Joe sent you and I know they will welcome you.

As the theme this year is “Love thy Neighbour” we will be raising funds to help our neighbours in Fiji who have been effected by cyclone, Vietnam which has many children with disabilities, the Philippines who have been affect by tsunami and floods, and Timor-Leste which suffers extreme domestic violence due to poverty. These groups are our neighbours most in need of help so I am setting you all a challenge - I call it the “$505 Homeroom Challenge.” Here I challenge each homeroom to raise $505 that will buy farm crops for one Fijian family affected by cyclones, two piglets and training for a family in the Philippines, one first aid training for natural disasters for one person in the Philippines, three counselling sessions for a parent with a disabled child in Vietnam and five day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste. I will be keeping a tally of homerooms in the foyer and update it weekly with not dollar amounts, but pictures of what each homeroom has raised for those communities.  Boys - please check it out next Monday.

To help get this challenge started the Edmund Rice Society has said they will pay for a lunchtime pizza and soft drink party for the first homeroom to reach the $505 target. Wow, that’s pretty cool of them, so when you see myself and the other Year 12 boy’s coming to your homeroom to collect dig deep and give generously.

Now just before I go I want to talk to you about YOU taking ownership of your donation rather than just asking Mum or Dad for money. One way of doing this is asking at home what extra jobs can I do at home to earn some extra cash for me to give to Project Compassion; for example if I unstack the dishwasher each morning of the school week can I earn $5 for the week so the donation is from my own efforts and work. If we all take on this approach, we can be proud that it will be us boys who have worked hard to raise these funds for our neighbours in need and not our parents.

Don’t forget the lunchtime pizza and soft drink party for the first homeroom to reach my $505 homeroom challenge, as well as the pancake stall Friday mornings from 8 till 8.30. Please dig deep boys.  Thank you,

Joe Unwin - College Captain

$505 Homeroom Challenge

$150       = farm crops for one Fijian family affected by cyclones

$ 75        = one piglet and training for a family in the Philippines

$ 75        = one piglet and training for a family in the Philippines

$ 50        = first aid training for natural disasters for one in the Philippines

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$505              Homeroom Challenge Total

Mr D Blake - Social Justice Coordinator

Student/Parent/Old Boys' Matters


  • From the Enrolment Registrars:  

               College Open Day on Saturday 18th March

               2019 Enrolments for Years 5, 6 & 7

  • Year 8 Camp
  • Old Boys' vs Students Gala Day
  • Old Boys' News:

                 SPX Old Boys' Association AGM - Thursday 2nd March

                 Old Boys' 80th Anniversary Dinner  - Friday 1st September

  • Transition Film Festival - Zenith Theatre Chatswood on Saturday 11th March
  • Holy Family Lindfield Art Show & Fair


College Open Day - Saturday 18th March

The College Open Day welcomes current families and prospective enrolments.  The Chatswood Campus will be open from 10am until 2pm with the Principal's Address at 12 noon and the Treacy Complex at Oxford Falls will be open from 8am until 12 noon.


Please click on the flyer below for details:


2019 Enrolments

Enrolment Applications for Years 5, 6 & 7 in 2019 are now open and close Friday 28th April 2017

Application forms will be available at the College Open Day on 18th March 2017.  Alternatively an Expression of Interest  form can be completed online via the link:  

and application information will be posted to you.

Ms C Jennings & Ms M King - Enrolment Registrars

Year 8 Camp

Congratulations to our intrepid Year 8 who braved the wet conditions over the past 3 days to achieve significant learning outcomes over the course of their Year 8 Camp at The Great Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens. They have engaged in activities such as their dolphin-accompanied Canoeing and Hiking Expedition on Tuesday, the High Ropes, Initiatives, Rock and Water and Commando Spotlight activities on Monday to Wednesday. Conditions have been soggy but warm overall with the students overcoming the intermittent rain squalls to accumulate some formative experiences as a cohort.

On Tuesday evening over Sarah Lee slab cakes they celebrated the following recent birthdays among the group:

13 Years - Tom Kennedy, Fergal Fung, Liam Mattera, Matthew Watts, and Chris Zalidas (today!)

14 Years  - Seb Michaeil, George Bullock, Zac Davidson, Matt Brannan, Mitch Hayes, and Jack Crawley.

We also celebrated the contribution of two special students who are soon to depart their St Pius X College Year 8 cohort for foreign challenges in New Zealand and Queensland respectively. Best wishes to Arleigh Eden and Matt Andrews who will remain, in spirit over the adversity of distance, important members of our College community. Best wishes boys and don’t forget to communicate and come back to see us when the opportunity allows.


All students are encouraged to do their best to prevail over fatigue and complete their learning in some productive lessons over the remainder of the week as we prepare for ISA semis on the weekend and a host of other learning activities in the coming days.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Old Boys' vs Students Gala Day

Saturday 25th February

While the heavy rains caused the postponement of the Senior Students vs Old Boys' Soccer and Touch Rugby matches on Saturday at Oxford Falls, the Basketball match proceeded in good spirits.


Our 1st V led by strong performances by Anthony Maras and Nathaniel Panozzo backed up from a tough match against St Augustines 1st V, but succumbed 77 – 52 to an Old Boys' V in which Lachan Fuller rained 3 pointers. He was supported up by Tom Aposhian, James Brannan, Danny Garrett, Chris Bacic, Josh Hawthorne, Jack Carr and Reuben Ghanoum. Others to shine for the Year 12 Team were Joe Hinchey, Daniel Markovtzev, and Laurie Fleming.

The Old Boys thus lead the aggregate 1-0 with the 1st XI to take on the Old Boys' XI for the Quilty Cup at 9.30am on Sunday 19th March and Mr Cullimore’s Opens Rugby Squad to play the Old Boys on a date to be advised. In each case the objective our Year 12 cohort of 2017 connecting with recent Old Boys of the College over a sausage sandwich and soft drink, and maintaining those connections through their Tertiary education, work life and beyond, is the ultimate outcome of the Old Boys Association.


Thanks then to Mr David Bullard, SPX OBA President, Mr Jeff Clark (OBA Secretary) and Oliver Tysoe and Hunter Clark (Year 10 students) who reffed the basketball and ran the BBQ, as well as our basketball convenor Mr Gibson who facilitated the event.

Best wishes to our ISA Cricket and Basketball teams who contest their semi-finals next Saturday.

Mr S Brannan on behalf of SPX OBA Patron Br Carl Sherrin

Old Boys' News


The SPX Old Boys' Association would like to inform the College Community that its annual AGM will be held this Thursday 2nd March at 6.30pm in the Sarto Centre, Cnr Daisy and Anderson St, Chatswood. All Old Boys and interested parties are invited to attend.



A timely reminder that, in this the 80th Anniversary of the College, we plan to host the Annual Old Boys' Dinner on the first Friday in September.  Festivities are planned to commence with an afternoon tour of the College followed by a Mass in Our Lady of Dolours Church, a quick showcase of the Music Twilight Concert. and then transport to Oxford Falls for a look at the facilities there before dinner. Stay tuned to the SPX Old Boys' communication and website  for more details and advance bookings.

Mr S Brannan

Transitions Film Festival Saturday 11th March
Zenith Theatre, Chatswood 

Hosted by  Willoughby Council, the Transitions film festival creates social change by showcasing solutions focused films that highlight the innovations, ideas and trailblazing change makers that are leading the way to a better world.  These powerful films, and discussions with local heroes, will be inspiring for our young leaders.


Screenings include:

For more information about the full program covering 11th, 24th and 25th March visit


Ms S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Holy Family Lindfield Art Show & Fair 2017


P & F  News 

P&F Cocktail Party

Friday 24th March - change of Venue to Chatswood!

The annual P&F Cocktail party is loads of fun - a great way to catch up with friends and make new ones - and this year we've changed the venue to the School Gym at Chatswood. 


Cost is $40 per head which includes cocktail food, beer, wine, sparkling and soft drinks.

You can RSVP at Trybooking by clicking here. We hope to see you on the 24th April.



P&F General Meeting

Monday 6th March, 7:30pm in the Sarto Centre

Come along to the first P&F Meeting for 2017 and hear from our Principal, Mr John Couani, on the activities and plans for the College.  John's presentations always offer great insights, so please join us on the 6th.  Mr Long will also be presenting on the progress of the Junior School and our new Years 5 and Year 6 students.  

We especially welcome all new parents.


Nadine Robson

[email protected]

0412 272 056

Department News

Photo: St Pius X College presents "Boy Overboard" - 28th -30th March 2017

  • Performing Arts
  • Public Speaking & Debating

Performing Arts


Thank you to the students in the Intermediate and Senior Percussion Ensembles under the direction of Mr Ian Talati for their lively contribution to this important College occasion last Friday.



Thank you to the Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Miss Felicity Whelan and Ms Gan for their prayerful support of the two liturgies which were held today.



Parents of boys who participate in the Performing Arts program at the College are warmly invited to attend the next meeting on Wednesday 8th March at 7.00pm in the Core Music Room. Light refreshments will be served.



Rehearsals for this production have been going well and it was pleasing to see all cast who were required in attendance at the first Sunday rehearsal last weekend. Boy Overboard will be staged in the Sarto Centre from Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th March at 7.00pm. Tickets will go on sale next Monday 6th March at 9.00am. Please go to: Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. PAPA will be hosting a light supper at intermission.


Each student who participates in Music or Drama at the College is charged this levy. For 2017 it is $220.00. This amount will appear (along with instrument hire if applicable) on the next account sent to parents from the Finance Office.



The first workshop for the year will be held on Sunday 19th March in the Band Room. The full Orchestra will rehearse from 10.30 – 12.00pm and the strings will have an additional half hour finishing at 12.30pm.

Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator



Public Speaking & Debating


This Friday 3rd March Cameron Bragg, James Baldock, Josh Jones and Andrew Jackson will be travelling with Mrs Waterson and Keenan Smith (2016 St Pius X Debate Captain) to the CSDA Public Speaking Round 1 competition being held at Marist Sisters’ College, Woolwich. Registration is at 6pm for a 6.30pm commencement.


2017 CSDA Public Speaking Topics

  • Mud, mud, glorious mud
  • In defence of the Kardashians
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Strong and constant
  • Socks
  • How are things in Glocca Mora?

Public Speaking Competition dates

Term 1:

March 3     -    Round 1

March 10   -   Zone Final

March 17   -   Final



Registration forms are at the front office now.  Students need to complete the form and return it to the box marked “Public Speaking and Debating” on the front verandah.  Students need to watch Daily Notices regularly as Coaches will be contacting their teams early next week to organise training times.

The 2017 CSDA competition dates are listed below.  St Pius X College will host as many of these rounds as possible as home events are easier for our parents. 

Term 2:

Round 1    April 28

Round 2    May 5

Round 3    May 12

Round 4    May 19

Round 5    May 26

Round 6    June 2

Elimination Round 1    June 16

Elimination Round 2    June 23

Term 3:

Quarterfinal    July 21

Semi-final        July 28

Grand Final     August 3


If you want to be a part of the terrific St Pius X College debating community it is essential that you attend ALL of the first six rounds.  If your team makes it through to the Elimination round (and beyond) you also need to keep the above dates free.

Our senior students act as coaches/supporters for our junior teams.  We are also lucky enough to have ex-students to work with the junior teams as the younger students really enjoy contact with our ex-debating “champions”.



St Pius X College participates in the School’s Debating Network (SDN) Competition. Schools include Abbotsleigh, Redlands, Riverview, Roseville College, Stella Maris, Monte and Wenona. This 7 round competition runs in Term 3 every Friday night from 21st July to 8th September.  There will then be a Tiebreaker and Final round.


Round 1     -    21st July, Roseville College hosting St Pius X College

Round 2     -    28th July, Stella Maris hosting St Pius X College

Round 3     -    4th August, Riverview hosting St Pius X College

Round 4     -    11th August, St Pius X College hosting Wenona

Round 5     -    18th August, St Pius X College hosting Monte

Round 6      -   25th August, Abbotsleigh hosting St Pius X College

Round 7      -   2nd September, Redlands hosting St Pius X College

Tiebreaker -   8th September, hosted by St Pius X College

Final             -    15th September, hosted by Monte


The fee for the CSDA extra-curricular activity is $105.00 which will be included in your Term Two school fees.  This fee goes towards paying for Friday evening coach hiring in order to get to our away venues.  We keep our fees as low as possible and have funding from the St Pius X College P&F to subsidise the cost of hiring coaches on Friday evenings.

Two hours of training per week is mandatory. Our training commences 2-3 weeks before Round 1 with SPX hosting pre-season ‘friendly’ debates with 2-3 local high schools. Friday afternoon training from 3.30 – 5pm is compulsory for all debaters and coaches determine the other hour or so of training each week at times that suit their team.  CSDA debates commence at 6pm and students and coaches either travel to venues at 5pm or, when hosting, students have a one hour dinner break before our guests arrive at Pius for a 6pm competition commencement.  SDN debates have a different, later running order.

Thank you on behalf of the brilliant Pius debating coaches and senior student mentors.


St Pius X College also competes in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition and the Plain English Speaking Competition - details will follow.


Mrs M Waterson - Debating and Public Speaking Convener


Learning Support
& Enrichment

Photo: New location for the LSE Department

  • NAPLAN - Disability Provisions for Years 5, 7 & 9
  • [email protected] - Update on Courses
  • After-School Study for Years 5-10
  • NEW!  Maths Drop-In Centres for Years 7-9
  • Da Vinci Decathlon Training & Competition

NAPLAN - Disability Provision for Years 5, 7 & 9

Dear Parents and Carers,

The approvals for provisions (Years 5, 7 and 9) will shortly be processed in readiness for the scheduled tests in Term 2 (May), and both permission notes and confirmations will be sent out via email in due course. The LSE (Learning Support and Enrichment) Department has the responsibility for processing NAPLAN disability applications, as well as for provisions applications for internal school exam and assessment purposes. We also administer and supervise all their provisions and adjustments during formal exam blocks, including the NAPLAN tests. 


If your son doesn’t currently have approved provisions for internal exams and assessments, but you believe he would be eligible to do so for the NAPLAN tests in Term 2, on the basis of a diagnosed disability which may impact on his performance, please contact Ms Joanne Raheb-Mol, Coordinator of Learning Support and Enrichment, via email at [email protected] for more information and to seek approval.


[email protected] - Update on Courses

The Term 1 courses are now in full swing.  Anna Orchard, our occupational therapist and external provider, is currently running two afternoon courses in Touch Typing on Monday and Thursday afternoons, and two courses in Handwriting Skills on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. All courses are full, with approximately 25–30 students involved this term. Thank you Anna!  

The next OT intake is scheduled for the start of Term 2 2017, so watch this space for details, or contact Anna [email protected] or Joanne [email protected] for more information.


After-School Study for Years 5-10

From 2017 onwards, After-school Study has replaced the previous Homework Help Program, and now provides broader opportunities for all students in Years 5-10 to study independently or receive assistance in order to complete homework, assignments, and assessments tasks in all subject areas. The Senior Library is the ideal space where students can enjoy the peaceful surrounds, plan for tomorrow’s schedule, read books, do research, catch up on missed work, or get a head start on homework, without pressure or distractions. Ms Raheb-Mol and Mrs Leonardi are on hand, to provide assistance and proof-reading advice for those students who would like help with their work in English, Maths, Science and a range of other subjects. This includes assistance in literacy, reading and writing skills, grammar, essay-writing, numeracy skills including mentals and problem-solving, as well as organisation skills and exam revision strategies such as memory techniques and note-making skills.

  • WHAT: This after-school program operates all year round, and starts in Week 2 of each school term
  • WHO: All students in Years 5 - 10
  • WHERE: Senior Library, top of A Block (SRC). Library seminar rooms are also available.
  • WHEN: Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3.15pm - 4.30pm

NO NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - Students may attend regularly or on a ‘drop-in’ basis. Students are welcome to attend on one or more than one afternoon per week, and students with regular attendance will receive merits for the time and effort they put in.


Direct any queries about the After-School Study Program to Ms Joanne Raheb-Mol, LSE Coordinator, via phone (02) 94114733, or email: [email protected]


NEW!  Maths Drop-In Centre for Years 7-9

For any boys in Year 7, 8 and 9 who would like some additional maths help in the mornings before school, Mrs Pence and Miss Offer will be running a Maths Drop-in Centre in C1, every Tuesday and Friday morning from 8am to 8.30am. There’s no need to book; just come along, and bring your questions with you.

The Maths Drop-in Centre is a joint initiative of the Mathematics Faculty, and the LSE Department, and it begins this Friday morning 24th February.

Parents and teachers are advised to direct any referrals or queries about the Maths Drop-in Centre, to Mrs Pence [email protected] and Miss Offer [email protected]


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator


Da Vinci Decathlon Training & Competition

For the attention of all creative-thinking students in Years 7-10

Are you interested in being part of a 7-8 or 9-10 team, and representing SPX in the Da Vinci Decathlon 2017, to be held at Knox Grammar School in Term 2?

It’s an academic gala day of enrichment activities for a team of 16 students from Years 7-8 and 9-10. In past years, the Decathlon has proven to be a very enjoyable day out for those involved as it poses team-based challenge problems in the following disciplines: Engineering, Art and Poetry, Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Games of Strategy and General Knowledge. The 2017 theme for the day is ‘Imagination’.


If you would like to have a go, start by attending the training with each Thursday lunchtime in the Learning Enrichment room, level 2 Admin Block, with Mrs Waterson and Ms Raheb-Mol. It starts next week, and all you need to bring is your lunch, your creative thinking, sense of humour and enthusiasm. The final team members will be selected from those who show the most ability and commitment at the end of the training period. Any queries, just ask us! 

Ms J Raheb-Mol and Mrs M Waterson


Photo: Year 10 Presentation by Chatswood Police Senior Youth Liaison Officer

  • Year 10 Presentation by Chatswood Police Senior Youth Liaison Officer
  • Macquarie in a Day (During the School Holidays)
  • Global Leadership Entry Program – Macquarie University
  • HSC in the Holidays:  Half-Yearly Examination Seminars
  • HSC Syllabus Update
  • Careers Newsletter


Year 10 Presentation by Chatswood Police Youth Liaison Senior Officer

This week Year 10 students were given a presentation by the Chatswood Police Senior Youth Liaison Officer, Dennis Goodwin. Students were given insight into possible career pathways with the NSW Police Force. There are numerous job roles within the Force available, including day to day operations, Forensics, Highway Patrol and Public Order Riot Squad. More information about all the pathways available, training, fitness requirements and recruitment can be found can be found at


Macquarie in a Day (During the School Holidays - 19th and 20th April)

The day offers students a chance to choose which classes they are interested in attending, experience practical sessions and tutorials, and ask staff and students about university life.


Global Leadership Entry Program – Macquarie University

Applications Open 8th May 2017

The program is open to students completing the HSC who are active in the community and achieve good results in school. To register your interest for the program, complete the online form on the website.


HSC in the Holidays:  Half-Yearly Examination Seminars

5th March – Macquarie University;  12th March – UTS

There are numerous resources available that are subject specific and also general study tips. Seminars for students and parents in Years 10 to 12 also run at various times throughout the year to assist students with their study, with the next seminars being run on the above dates.


HSC Syllabus Update

The HSC curriculum is being updated, with changes set to be implemented from 2019. The new syllabus with have a greater focus on learning in depth rather than a breadth of topics.


Careers Newsletter


Ms D Janes - Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: St Pius X College and St Augustines - 1st V Basketball Teams

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Swimming


Dear Parents and Students,

Please do not abuse the referees at the Semi Finals this weekend. Even if the referee’s decisions are less that satisfactory, it is embarrassing for the College and for me as the Convenor of Basketball. I would suggest that we don’t have a great reputation with some of the referees already and do not want to ‘fan the flames’, so to speak.


Positive reinforcement and encouragement of our players is the best response we can give when controversial calls are made. Players need to focus on the game and not the referees if they want to give themselves the best chance to win a close match.


Semi Finals Score bench: Each team must provide one person to help do the scoring. It is in our best interests to have someone on the bench. If you can score please take a seat at the bench.


Hard work pays off. Matthew Venticinque (Year 8) has been recognised for his development as a referee for Norths Basketball. Norths chose Matthew to referee at the Coastal Classic division one weekend and Basketball NSW then selected Matthew to referee the Under 12 Championship game. Matthew will be travelling to New Zealand during the Easter school holidays to referee and to represent Norths Basketball. He will also referee at the Pacific Rim Basketball Championships.


Game of the day: The 14E Team saved their best till last. After losing a number of games by only one or two points and no wins through Nine Rounds, they finished with a well-deserved victory.


Play of the day: Charlie Hamill slots the winner for the 13Es.


Deserves a mention: Anthony Maras and Oli Jacquot both had outstanding games against St Augustine’s Firsts. The 14As with a hard fought victory to reverse an away loss to St Augustine’s. Erec Bacic – 14As. The 17As impressive win. Jamie Aleporo and Ryan Siva - 17As. Nick Biefeld, Ben Kafer and Matt Brannan – 13As. The 5ths with a sound result against Chevalier 2nds.


Semi Finals: There are THREE VENUES for finals this Saturday - see the games schedule below.

Use the link below to see all of the ISA Basketball Teams Results:


Mr N Gibson - Senior Basketball Convenor



Second to none! Congratulations to the 2nd XI who have finished the home and away rounds as ISA Division 2 minor-premiers, earning the right to a home semi-final at Oxford Falls against All Saint’s College Bathurst. The 1st XI play Oakhill at Oakhill in their semi-final. Well done to both teams and good luck on Saturday.

Cricket provides opportunity for service. A major back injury, which has prevented one of the college's senior student leaders playing cricket for the last two seasons, has not stopped Rory Beattie from making a big impression on the younger players of St Pius X College Cricket Club this year. After scoring for the 1st X1 last season, Rory, a Year 12 College Prefect and peer leader, took the exams to become a qualified umpire and now stands in district club competition matches as an official for our junior teams when they play at Oxford Falls. Rory has become a "regular" at SPX U14 Red home matches and team manager Cathy Dixon says he has been an inspiration to the boys for his calm, encouraging and positive approach, so much so that some of them have said they want to follow in Rory's footsteps and become an umpire in their later years at St Pius X College.


Cricket Match Reports: 

Please click on the link below to access photos taken during the 2nd XI match last Saturday.

Mr D Reay - Cricket Convenor



Dear Football Community,

Thank you for your understanding of the late cancellation of last weekend’s second grading session.  The weather did not permit the fields to be used in a safe fashion.  Fortunately the graders were able to get a good idea of students ability in the first grading day. Year 7, 8 and 9 will have their second grading session during their PE lessons at Oxford Falls and the external graders will be present for this.

We are still looking to finalise if/when we will run the second grading session for years 10-12.  Students will be updated on any developments through their daily announcements and at Friday Sports Assemblies.

Mr S Yue - Senior Football Convenor



Senior College Trials – 2nd Week

Last Sunday the 2nd trial day was washed out.   Years 7 to 9 will have their 2nd grading session during their Oxford Falls PE lessons – the external graders will be in attendance.

Alternative arrangements are still being finalised for Years 10-12 and updates will be communicated through the College daily announcements and Sports assemblies.



The committee is seeking parents interested in joining the Football Committee in some capacity.  A number of the committee will end their association with the College soon and we want to ensure a smooth transition to allow the continuing support the Committee offers to the College Football community.    Being on the committee is not time consuming and gives you great insight into how the College sport is organised.


The committee AGM will be held on Monday 13th March, 6:30pm in the Sarto Centre.  

Please email [email protected] if you are interested or want some more info – or just come along on the night.


Please see our webpages for News, Calendars, Photos and Draws:

Mr Rodger Paino - SPX Football Club







Jesse Kerlin – Swimming Captain 2017

Jesse has swum for the College since 2011. He has been the Age champion since 2013 and has been an ISA representative on two separate occasions. One of his proudest moments is being a member of the most successful Medley Relay team Pius has had in the last 20 years for which he has earned his name in the record books for St Pius X College Swimming. It is only fitting for him to receive Captaincy of the Senior Swimming Squad for 2017.



Last Saturday night the College competed in the Annual Christian Brothers Carnival held at North Sydney pool. The boys put a fantastic display of swimming. Congratulations to Connor Ryan for achieving a personal best on the night. The Juniors came in 2nd, the Intermediate and Seniors came in 4th which saw St Pius X College take 4th in the Aggregate shield. Well done to the entire squad. I would like to thank Mrs Cummins and Mr Casey for taking the time out to come and be timekeepers. Our next carnival is the ISA held at Homebush Aquatic Centre at the end of March. Training still continues every Monday and Wednesday mornings over at Fitness First commencing at 7.15am.

Miss L Proc - Swimming Convenor


Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Year 5 Excursion to The Rocks and Observatory - Wednesday 22nd February 2017

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Debating - Selection Trials
  • Junior School Sport

Junior School News


The boys had an entertaining show with magic, student participation and a lot of laughs.  The show had a lot of good messages, many of which are reiterated at school. One message is "mistakes mean you are trying".   Some of the messages are demonstrated in the photos below.   There were also some great air guitarists at work during the show!  There will be more about this in the Junior School Newsletter.



Last Wednesday Year 5 had two excellent experiences at the Rocks.  They broke into two groups and one went to the ‘Big Dig’ and the other to the Observatory.  Later in the day they swapped.   At the ‘Big Dig’ we learnt about the history of the rocks and participated in an archaeological dig.  We investigated real artefacts from the Rocks and learnt about Primary and Secondary sources.  At the Observatory we learnt about the stars, planets and looked through a couple of telescopes at the sun (special filter attached- don’t do this at home.) We also went to a 3D theatre and a planetarium.  The day was a fantastic learning experience and it didn’t end there.  Many boys also learnt a life skill of how to tap on and off with an Opal card on the train.  Thanks to Mrs Williams for organising this excursion.  A recount from a student and more photos will be in the Junior School Newsletter at the end of this week.



Last Thursday we had the Year 5 Cross Country trials and this Thursday will be the Year 6 Cross Country trials.   If your son is selected in the school team, he will go to the selection trial on Saturday 1st April at the Kings School. Unfortunately this event is straight after the Years 5 and 6 camps so it will be early to bed on the Friday night.



Today the boys had a paraliturgy to celebrate Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. In Lent there are two days of Abstinence where Catholics who are 14 years and older abstain from eating meat.  Due to difficulties in working out ages, there was no meat served at the tuck shop today.  Therefore the boys were told this beforehand, and reminded again today.


Please encourage your son to think about how he can become the best person he can possibly be during Lent as we prepare for the holiest time of the Church’s Year, Easter.  Your son may wish to give up something like soft drink or slurpees and donate that money to our Lenten Appeal which goes to Caritas.  He may wish to earn money by doing a regular job around the house that he doesn’t normally do such as emptying and stacking the dishwasher and the money he gets paid for it goes to Caritas for those less fortunate than ourselves.  We are truly blessed to be born or to live in Australia.


The $505 Homeroom Challenge:  Boys enjoy a bit of competition so there is a home room challenge.  The idea is that if a class raises the money below they will get acknowledgement on a board in the College foyer for donating an item.  For example  $75 = one piglet and training for a family in the Philippines.  The Edmund Rice Society will acknowledge those classes that reach the final target which is actually less than $2 per child per week.  An explanation of the target is below.


$150       = farm crops for one Fijian family affected by cyclones

$ 75        = one piglet and training for a family in the Philippines

$ 75        = one piglet and training for a family in the Philippines

$ 50        = first aid training for natural disasters for one in the Philippines

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 35        = counselling session for parent with disabled child in Vietnam

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$ 10        = one day’s food for a victim of domestic violence in a shelter in Timor-Leste

$505              Homeroom Challenge Total



Permission notes have been given out today to all the boys interested in being a guide on Open Day, Saturday 18th March.  Before the event the boys will be shown what to do.  It is a great opportunity to develop self-confidence and to do a service for the school.  Lunch and a snack will be provided.



  • Thursday 2/3             Four Year 6 Class Captains meet Bishop Comensoli
  • Friday 3/3                   Year 5 incursion/ writing workshop – John Larkin
  • Tuesday 7/3               IPSHA swimming carnival- All the best to the swim team.
  • Wednesday 8/3       Year 6 Da Vinci Decathalon Trial at lunchtime.

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Debating - Selection Trials

Boys in the Junior School have the opportunity to become involved in Debating. The College enters two teams in the IPSHA Debating Competition. Twelve boys from the Junior School form the two teams and these are selected to compete. The teams debate fortnightly on a Friday afternoon (during school hours) during Terms 2, 3 and 4 on a rotational basis. The emphasis is on learning the skills of debating and workshops will be held during lunchtimes leading up to the competitions. Training begins every Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes from late Term 1.

Boys are invited to present a short two minute speech to assist in selection of these teams. These speeches are to be presented during the set trial sessions on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes:


Year 5:   Week 7 -  Lunchtimes (Room opposite 6R)

Wednesday 15th March & Friday 17th March


Year 6:  Week 8 - Lunchtimes  (Room opposite 6R)

Wednesday 22nd March & Friday 24th March


The topic for the speech is WHICH IS BETTER,TELEVISION OR BOOKS?  Further details will be given to the boys at the Junior School assembly. 

Ms B Spanyik - Learning Enrichment Teacher

Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport: normal departure time for Sport at Oxford Falls. Yr 6 will complete their Cross-Country race prior to sport. Training then continues for Basketball, Cricket, Softball and Tennis. Trials for the Armidale Rugby Tour and Tamworth Football Tour take place at lunch (see below). Pick-up is at 2.20pm in the carpark.

AFL, Football (Soccer) and Rugby - Winter Season: Just to clarify…. In the Junior School, we are able to cater for all boys who wish to play AFL, Rugby and Football for the College. As long as boys have elected to play for the school (via their sport choice form) and turn up to trial, they will be guaranteed a place in a team. Trials will begin in Week 7 of this term, during Thursday Sport at Oxford Falls. We use external professional coaches to assist in grading our Rugby and Football players.


Basketball: Another frustrating week of wash-outs for some teams. Those teams that lost fixtures will at least return to the luxury of indoor play at Oxford falls this Saturday. Good luck to all.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster


Softball Report Round 3:  It was a wet Saturday morning and unfortunately the game was cancelled.  We look forward to next week’s game against Trinity Junior, Summer Hill.

Ms J Williams - Softball Convenor

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.


Please click below to see the 2017 Canteen Roster:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors



Uniform Shop




Winter Uniforms and Sports Uniforms:  most items should be available in the Uniform Shop from 7 March (Week 6).


Payment for ordered  Blazers is due Week 8, direct to the Uniform Shop via cash, cheque or credit card over the phone.


Price List:  A full price list is available on the College website.  


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line)

Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email  when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.

Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.


Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   


Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  

Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor







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