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23 February 2017
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Key Dates


Friday 24th February

School Photos


Monday 27th February, 7pm

College Council


Tuesday 28th February

VicSRC Conference


Tuesday 7th March

Beachside Swimming


Tuesday 7th March, 6pm

GECPA Multicultural Picnic


Monday 13th March

Labour Day Public Holiday (School Closed)


Wednesday 15th March

Year 8 Interschool Sport


Thursday 16th March, 9am

Year 7 Immunisations


Tuesday 21st March

Year 7 Interschool Sport


Tuesday 21st March, 2:15pm - 6:30pm

Year 10-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

Students dismissed at 1:20pm


Wednesday 22nd - Friday 24th March

Year 8 Camp


Tuesday 28th March, 2:30pm - 7:15pm

Year 7-9 Parent Teacher Interviews

Students dismissed at 1:20pm


Thursday 30th March

Year 7 French Film Festival Excursion (students studying French only)


Friday 31st March

Last Day Term 1

GEC Cross Country Carnival Students dismissed at 1:30pm from Caulfield Park


Tuesday 18th April

Start of Term 2


Tuesday 25th April

ANZAC Day Public Holiday (School Closed)


Wednesday 3rd May

Open Night

School Tours 9:15am, 11:30am, 1:45pm

Evening Presentation 7pm


Tuesday 9th May

Senior Interschool Sport


Tuesday 9th May, 7pm

SEAL & Immersion Information Evening

Tuesday 9th - Thursday 11th May

NAPLAN (Years 7 & 9)


Tuesday 16th May

GEC Athletics Carnival

From the Principal

Welcome to all students and families - returning and new.  It has been a very positive start to the year for students and staff. Our wonderful Parents & Friends association organised our second hand uniform sale just prior to school commencing.  Many families were able to take advantage of the opportunity.  Thank you to the team of hard working parents who were on hand to help.


Staff spent the first day of the year engaged in professional learning.  Our focus for 2017 is to continue to improve outcomes for each of our students, providing them with a challenging and supportive learning environment with a range of opportunities to develop their skills and talents.  Each year schools develop an Annual Implementation Plan that is approved by DET.  There are six Improvement Initiatives outlined by the Government.  Schools must choose one or at most two as a focus for the year.  Schools then articulate the Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) detailing how these will be achieved and the measures we will use to assess our work in achieving our goals.  The table below outlines our KIS.

Once we have received final approval from DET the AIP will be uploaded to our website.  We also reviewed ‘The Glen Eira 5’ which is a document that articulates the practices behind the promises we make as a staff.

The Glen Eira 5

5 promises teachers make to our students;

  • maintain a safe learning environment.
  • know how you learn and what direction your learning should take.
  • make classes engaging.
  • listen, encourage and support.
  • involve the wider community in your learning.

5 promises staff make to one another;

  • share resources.
  • support one another.
  • work collaboratively to improve student learning.
  • be consistent in applying policies.
  • learn from one another.

5 characteristics you will see in our teaching;

  • differentiate teaching and learning to support and challenge the full range of abilities.
  • structure  lessons according to SABRE.
  • be innovative and reflective.
  • be enthusiastic.
  • be accountable for improving student outcomes.

5 things you will see from our students;

  • be enthusiastic and motivated.
  • communicate and be respectful.
  • seize opportunities to participate and learn.
  • work together, acting responsibly and creatively.
  • direct their own learning through questioning and exploring.

5 things you will see from our parents, carers and guardians;

  • be involved and contribute to the broader educational program.
  • play an active role in the child’s learning.
  • support their children in achieving their learning goals.
  • promote the school values.
  • maintain open lines of communication with the school.

Professional Learning

On Wednesday 15th February staff were involved in a full day of professional learning centered around our newly developed Professional Learning Teams (PLTs).  All staff have committed to one of the following PLTs:

Google Classroom implementation; Student Wellbeing – a focus on improving student morale and distress; Reading; Writing; Teaching and Language using CLIL methodology; SEAL; XUNO Markbook implementation; Progress Report implementation or VCE Guidelines implementation.


Our facilitator, Ian Wallis worked closely with the staff to achieve the following Learning Aims.  To:

  • gain a better understanding of why PLTs are now common practice in schools, the learning theories that govern them, what their purpose is, how they are structured, what they strive to achieve, and how they underpin DET’s FISO principles and standards.
  • define the purpose of the PLT we had joined, their operational protocols, their roles as members of the PLT, and clarified their success criteria.

New Staff

With our growth in student numbers comes growth in our staff also.  I am delighted to welcome and introduce our new staff.

  • Kathryn Allen: Administration
  • Laura Baker-Goldsmith: Music/Drama
  • Edgar Bonne:  Maths/Chemistry
  • Ann Butler: Administration
  • Mark Dipnall: Woodwind
  • Parminder Kaur: Maths/Business Management
  • Camille Lancelin: French Communications Intern
  • Carol McCaskie:  Careers and Pathways Coordinator
  • Karys McEwen: Librarian
  • Karen Muramatsu: Japanese/Science/ Maths
  • Timothy Lee: Integration
  • Julia Pound: French
  • Sarah Mortimer: Media/Drama
  • Joey Dikranian: Sports Assistant
  • Lainie Hayle: Science
  • Georgia Noonan: English Language Centre Teacher
  • Mandy Shen: English Language Centre Multicultural Assistant
  • Kathryn Vaughan-Niven: Integration
  • Marina Godoun - Integration
  • Mariah Basile- Library Assistant/ Integration

Haroula Christodoulou has changed to her married name and is now known as Haroula Loucaides.


Erin Burgess has changed to her married name and is now known as Erin Cavanagh.

Being involved at GEC

We are always looking for ways to involve our parents in our community.  Please contact me if you have ideas of how you would like to be involved.  Our Parents and Friends group is an excellent way to meet other families and I encourage you to join.


Permanent Telstra Group employees can apply for a Telstra Kids Fund grant ( of $1,200 to support a project or activity run by a non-profit organisation involving a child, 18 years or under, in their immediate family. Each year $750,000 is given to local community organisations on behalf of children related to Telstra employees. There are three funding rounds per year. Requests for musical equipment, educational resources, sport and recreation equipment and building upgrades have been among the grants given by Telstra's Kids Fund. Schools cannot apply directly – an employee must apply on behalf of the school. 


So if anyone in your family works for Telstra please contact me as we would love to apply for funding for our students.

School Reports

In line with the introduction of the Victorian Curriculum, we have over-hauled our reporting system.  We appreciate all the feedback received from families. This year the college will implement a continuous reporting model.  All reports will be completed electronically via XUNO.  Parents will be notified when reports are available to view.  We believe that this new system will provide parents and students with much more meaningful information.  We will review the new reporting system in semester 2.


Progress Reports: These reports will provide information in regards to: Quality of work, Classroom Behaviour, Effort, Homework, Attendance and Learning Progress assessed on a 5 point scale.  They will be provided 3 times per term.

The third progress report in the semester would indicate a final S or N and would also assess Victorian Curriculum Progression Points.


Year 7-11 Progress Reports

Year 12 Progress Reports

Victorian Curriculum Progression Points: These are applicable to students in Years 7 – 10 only.  Years 7 – 10 and will be provided at the end of each semester.


Assessment Tasks: Students will complete a minimum of 3 formal assessment tasks per semester.  The results will appear on the XUNO portal.


Parent Teacher Interviews: These will continue to be held in terms 1 and 3.

VCE Results

We were very pleased with the superb results of our Year 12 class. Congratulations to Sofia Vamvakidou, our Dux, with an ATAR of 98.15.    We had a 100% pass rate and again our median ATAR score increased.  All students who applied for tertiary places have been offered a place, which is wonderful.

Capital Works

There have been a number of issues including termites, a fuel tank being found that was not documented causing design changes to be made, issues with water leakage into the areas footings were to be made – significant engineering support required to solve this problem, areas that were documented to be fire rated were actually found not to be so…. 


Work is progressing in 4 areas:

  • Gym: demolition is all but complete.  It has been frustrating that this has taken so long.  DET will be ensuring that there are no further delays and that whatever can be done to move the construction of the new gym along will occur.
  • Canteen/Music Room:  We hope to have access to the music room by the end of the month, canteen to be ready by the end of term. 
  • Block A:  Food Tech (1 of 2 new kitchens) and Admin – completion date late April.
  • Block A: Arts/Tech– completion date late May.

Also, the new roof on the PAC is almost completed.

Crossing Update

School Council, led by Vice President Ruth Gordon, are continuing to work hard to make our crossing safer. 

  • David Southwick has met with us and continues to raise this issue in parliament.
  • The signage, designed by parent, Lisa Minichiello, has attracted the attention of the public which is excellent. A huge thankyou to Lisa for the work involved in designing the sign.
  • The petition has been sent to parliament.
  • The minister has requested for VicRoads officers to meet on site with Glen Eira Council members and Glen Eira College school representatives to discuss any further treatments that could be implemented. The meeting is set for 27th February.


The swimming carnival was a fantastic event as always.  The weather this year was perfect.  Student behaviour at the pool was outstanding.  All events were well supported with many students doing their very best to gain points for their house.  The beach volleyball was great fun – and taken very seriously by the competitors.  Thank you to everyone involved in the event and particularly to Peter Bales for the wonderful role he did in organising the sports.


Our Year 7 students had a fantastic camp at Marysville; so many new friendships were made over this time. You will receive a detailed report further in the newsletter.  Some families may be aware that 2 of our students did not uphold our value of respect and determined to resolve an issue by fighting.  This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and never tolerated at Glen Eira College. Consequences for such actions are serious and a support plan is initiated to ensure students make better decisions to solve future problems.  Special thanks to Bernie, Daniel and Keira for organising such a wonderful experience for our students and to all the staff who attended.


Schools have been advised by the Department that it is not compulsory for schools to offer a whole-of-school insurance policy, and to remind families that any insurance needs to be taken up on an individual user pays basis.

Parents/Guardians are also reminded that the Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs.

Parents/guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers if they wish to insure their child.


We have many wonderful events planned for 2017 – Cultural Diversity Week in March will be a highlight for term 1.  Lunchtime and afterschool activities have begun – see the website for a full list.   


Sheereen Kindler


From the Assistant Principal

Welcome back! It is wonderful to see our students wasting no time in focusing on their learning and demonstrating such a good work ethic. I remind everyone that Homework Help will be on Tuesday and Wednesday after school from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the library.


I also thank our parents and students for adhering to the new uniform policy. Please note that the uniform policy applies on the journey to and from school. The students are looking smart at school. Just a reminder that there is no jewellery other than a watch and two pairs of earrings in the ears only. A reminder that we are now wearing black socks. The uniform sub-committee will continue to meet this year. Please let me know if you would like to contribute to this committee.


I have also seen our students show great courtesy and respect toward their peers and teachers. We have great students at this college! The Behaviour for Learning process followed by teachers ensures that learning is the focus for all students in class. Should a student distract the learning of themselves or others then the process is put in place. Should a student have to be removed from class they fill out a reflection sheet, indicating how their behaviour will change in the future to align with our school values.


Photo day is on Friday 24th February. Students are to bring their forms with money on the day to give to the photographers. Please ensure students are dressed neatly and their hair is swept away from the face.


Nick Hamer-Smith

Assistant Principal

Junior School Highlights

Welcome to 2017

Welcome back everyone, in particular to new students and parents across Years 7-9. We have a new team in the Junior School who are very keen to get to know each and every one of you. Please feel free to contact us via XUNO or the school number: 9571 7838.


Just some general housekeeping:

  • Ensure all books and uniform items are clearly labelled (including PE uniform and shoes)

  • Students have all the equipment they need to be successful

  • Students have a copy of their timetable at home so they are focused and organised

  • If you are planning a holiday during the school term, please ensure you contact the relevant coordinator well ahead of time. Teachers can then be notified of the absence and provide work so that students do not fall behind in their studies.

Important dates to note in your planner/diary:

  • Year 8 Camp: 22-24th March

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews: 28th March

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open so we can work together to ensure you child has a successful 2017.


Keira McLean

Junior School Leader

Year 7 Highlights

The Year 7 leadership team would like to welcome all students and parents into the Glen Eira College community. The transition into secondary school can be a challenging experience for students and families. We are here to support each member of Year 7 to ensure you get the most out of your time at Glen Eira.


It has been an exciting  first few weeks of school. Camp was a great opportunity for students to meet new friends and get to know their teachers. The camp talent show revealed some hidden abilities, from both students and teachers! The Swimming Carnival was the first extra-curricular event of the year, and the Year 7 students participated excellently. We look forward to students getting involved in the many extra-curricular activities on offer throughout the year.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Year 7 leadership team via phone or Xuno if you have any concerns regarding your child.


Daniel Mulligan and Bernie Coghlan
Year 7 Coordinators


Year 9 Highlights

It’s been a busy start to the year as we have welcomed 14 new students to the Year 9 cohort. The rest of the year level have done a fantastic job at welcoming these students and helping them settle into their new school. The Year 9s have certainly shown that they are ready to become the leaders of the Junior School. Speaking of leaders, I am excited to work with our new Junior Captains - Zoe and John and the Vice-Captains - Chloe and Leah over the coming year. John and Zoe have written a little summary of their experiences in the first part of term below.  Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child.


Fiona Finnegan

Year 9 Coordinator

From the Junior School Captians


The Junior school of Glen Eira College has had a spectacular start to 2017! With the Year 9s becoming the new leaders of the Junior School, the Year 8s returning for their second year and the Year 7s having a great time getting to know their school!


We all did exceptionally well in the swimming carnival, with many new students participating as well as many old faces. With a terrific effort from all houses, red was able to take the win! However it was a very close game with green coming second by 20 points!


The Junior School of Glen Eira College has shown a great attitude towards school during the first few weeks which we're certain they will maintain throughout the year.


John Fassoulis and Zoe Markopoulos

Junior School Captains

Senior School News

Welcome to the students, families and staff of the Senior School 2017 and a special welcome to our new students.  I know some new students joined us during our Transition program late last year, which was a great opportunity for them to have an introduction to GEC. It is fantastic to see how well the new students have settled in and have been able to successfully navigate their way around a new school. Thank you to their buddies who have assisted in their transition.


It was fantastic to see all returning students on the first day back on Wednesday at our Senior School assemblies looking refreshed and eager to start the new year, another year older and wiser. We are looking forward to a successful and harmonious year with many academic and extra- curricular endeavours ahead.


As the new school year commences, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Senior School Team:


Senior School Leader - Haroula Loucaides

Year 10 Coordinator - Lou Tsarpalas

Year 11 Coordinator - Mary Maniatis

Year 12 Coordinator - Laura Brancatella

Careers and Pathways Coordinator - Carol McCaskie

VASS Coordinator - Matthew Polwarth


Together with classroom and team teachers, the senior school team is really looking forward to working with students this year. We will continue to strive towards our motto of “Cross the Line”. We are proud of the graduating class of 2016, who received such outstanding results. They proved that with hard work, determination and a drive to succeed, you can reach your goals and live your dreams. Our vision is to continue to grow and improve student outcomes with the class of 2017.


I look forward to working with the Senior School students, where together, we will set goals to:

  • Improve student outcomes.
  • Maintain and improve effective inclusivity of students and staff with regular communication.
  • Instil a sense of high expectations for academic, social and behavioural improvements.
  • Celebrate your successes.

Now is the time for students to get organised and to stay organised. Students are reminded to manage their time effectively, attend school regularly and prepare accordingly for upcoming SACs/assignments and exams.


It is very important that parents and guardians have a good working relationship with the classroom and team teachers, Year Level Coordinator and Sub School Leader because by working together we can ensure the successful progress of each student. The Senior School Team is experienced, compassionate and is genuinely interested in ensuring the best school experience for all students.


The College looks forward to a very exciting and prosperous 2017 school year with the College value   “Do your best, allow others to do their best and always act respectfully” guiding our direction and purpose.


Haroula Loucaides

Senior School Leader

Year 10 News

Welcome to the Senior School. Welcome to the new Year 10 students and their families.


In my address to the Year 10 students on the first day, I told them that they had earnt the right to now be in the Senior School. I also reminded them that with rights go responsibilities – the responsibility to themselves to do the best they can and to respect the teaching and learning ethos of the college. I also reminded the Year 10s of the many extra-curricular activities they can do to further their total education experience.


At the end of last year you would have received a Year 10 Work Experience information pack along with forms to fill in and complete. Work Experience for all Year 10 students is on the last week of term 2 (Mon 26/6 - Fri 30/6). If you haven’t received the forms or misplaced them please contact me or Ms Carol McCaskie, our Careers Coordinator, so that we can send you all the relevant documentation.


I wish all the Year 10 students, their parents and teachers a most productive 2017 and, as always, please feel free to contact me to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.


Lou Tsarpalas

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 11 News

Welcome to all families of Year 11 students.  For families whose child is studying VCE for the first time, it is an exciting time as students really begin to map out their future plans by undertaking subjects specific to their career pathway.  For families experiencing VCE for the first time there are many new processes to learn but at this stage keeping your child on track, studying and reviewing class notes, completing homework and meeting SAC deadlines is crucial to their success.  Every month I will endeavour to provide general information about the VCE so that you can become more familiar with its operation.


I look forward to working with all families to ensure a smooth transition for all students as they begin their VCE journey.


On Tuesday the 7th February the College held its annual swimming carnival and I must say, the Year 11s certainly entertained us with their diving techniques.  They drew a big crowd who reacted sympathetically to a few belly whackers.  Well done to all Year 11s who competed and attended the day.


P.M. Maniatis

Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12 News

The beginning of the year is always a busy time.  Students have nominated  for the Year 12 Executive Committee which is working towards the use of the common room/study room and organising the Year 12 formal.  Our school captains have been welcoming and checking on students during recess and lunchtime.


Congratulations to all house captains and vice captains whose role it is to assist house teachers with organising their team during the swimming and athletics carnivals.


Overall the cohort has settled into 2017 extremely well.  Students are focussed on reaching their potential, by being in class, working to the best of their ability and seeking assistance when required.


I look forward to working with students and parents throughout the year.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if your have any queries or concerns.


Laura Brancatella

Year 12 Coordinator

Darwin Defenders Commemorative Service

On Thursday 16th February the school captains, junior school captains and myself attended the Darwin Defenders Commemorative Service at the Shrine of Remembrance.  The ceremony honoured those who served and those who died during the attacks on Darwin during 1942-1945.  It was an opportunity for veterans, their families, dignitaries and school students to participate in a moving ceremony that aims to remind us all of the cost of preserving peace and democracy in Australia.


Laura Brancatella


From the School Captains

So far, our final year of high school is off to a great start!


Despite suffering from scorching summer days, we have pulled through, getting straight down to work to prepare for the year ahead. (This involved creating paper fans in order to stay cool.) Our study periods have given us a good chance to catch up on work and prepare notes for our classes.


The first two weeks have been jam-packed with plenty of excitement. Swimming Carnival came along nice and early giving us all a chance to get in the water and earn points for our houses. Many of us got into the carnival spirit by dressing up in some very impressive costumes. The new Year 11 & 12 house captains did an awesome job motivating students of all ages to participate.


We were all very eager to receive our Year 12 jackets and the fact that majority of our year level decided to wear them on a 35 degree day shows how excited we really were. It was this moment that made us realise that we really are in Year 12.


The second week also brought the formation of the Year 12 Executive committee. As a large group, we will have a wide range of opinions to help organise many of the big events to come and look forward to representing our peers and voicing their opinions.


As captains, we would like to mention what a great Year 12 cohort we have this year and we can’t wait to create heaps of memories during our final year at the college. Let’s make it a good one.


Ben Hobbs-Gordon and Charlotte Skinner

School Captains

Performing Arts News

Instrumental Music at GEC

The College’s Instrumental Music teaching team consists of:

  • Mr Lachlan Mack – voice and piano on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Mr Robert Westlake – guitar and bass on Monday and Wednesday
  • Mr Mark Voogd – drums and percussion on Monday
  • Ms Zamarah Morley – strings on Thursday 
  • Mr Mark Dipnall – flute, clarinet and saxophone on Monday

Mark is the former Principal Clarinettist with both the Australian Opera and the Australian Ballet, Melbourne and Sydney Opera House, as well as with the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. He has also played with the MSO (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), and regularly performs on Alto Sax and Flute in Dizzy’s Big Band and other bands around Melbourne. As well as teaching at Glen Eira College, Mark is also teaching woodwind at Melbourne High School, Gleneagles SC and William Ruthven SC.

20 Hour Challenge

This term we are introducing a new program called the ‘20 Hour Challenge’. All Year 7 students who participate in the instrumental music program as well as new instrumental music students are eligible to participate. If the student is successful in completing the program, they will be awarded a school music badge and a certificate at a Junior school assembly. Badges are very highly regarded within the student community and students who receive this badge can proudly wear it on their blazer or school jumper.


Learning an instrument can be a very rewarding experience and we have many past and present students who have needed no extra encouragement to practice on a regular basis. However, studies have indicated that many beginning students give up playing an instrument during the first few weeks or term simply because they have made little progress on their instrument. This is often due to lack of practice and/or being unable to understand the processes that are needed to become an accomplished student musician.


Students love a challenge. Our challenge for our instrumental music students is to develop a regular practice routine at home and build up 20 hours of practice. Parents and carers must sign for each practice session in a practice diary. Once the hours have been acquired, students should be more confident, engaged and playing their instrument with confidence.


The ’20 Hour Challenge’ does not stop after the hours have been completed. Students already successful in the program will be attempting the ‘100 Hour Challenge’ and potentially extend even further in the future. If students elect to be part of the challenge, a commitment must be made by both parent and student to complete it.


If you are interested in participating in the ’20 Hour Challenge’, pick up a letter and application from either your instrumental music teacher or Ms Baker-Goldsmith in the PAC.

Glen Eira Youth Orchestra (GEYO)

GEYO is an orchestra for young people living in or near Glen Eira, and currently has members from 5 different schools and 3 universities. Instead of having weekly rehearsals for the entire year year, GEYO has a short burst of weekly rehearsals before their concerts, which currently happen 3 times a year. This ensures that taking part in the orchestra is not a huge time commitment, particularly for students. We are conducted by former McKinnon Secondary College orchestra conductor Tony Brookes, who is a renowned music teacher in Victoria, as well as a former horn player in the MSO and AMEB brass and woodwind examiner. Rehearsals take place on Sunday evenings at the Coatesville Bowling Club. We prefer for members to be at least AMEB grade 5 level but this is not a formal requirement, just a guideline for the difficulty of the music. 


Right now GEYO are really desperate for more violins, violas and cellos, but all string, woodwind and brass players are welcome. If you would like more information, check out the Facebook page or send an email to


Laura Baker-Goldsmith
Head of Performing Arts

eLearning News

Student Tube Competition

Welcome back to another year of technological news! In short, we have some new members to make this year even bigger and better than last year! We have some exciting new projects underway that we will be releasing more information on soon. This includes developing a new app for the GEC Hub and many more exciting competitions like the Student Tube competition that went so well last year. The winners of last year’s Student Tube competition, Sierra Danon and Sean Kelly entered a great video about the solar system which won them first prize, a gift voucher each valued at $20. We hope to see many more technology inspired students getting involved with the eLearning Squad in the months to come. Good luck!


Students created the ‘GEC Hub’ (student website) over a year ago now and it has grown exponentially. Currently, it gets thousands of pings every week! It provides student with access to vital school information like clubs and sports.

Check it out at:


Elizabeth Lindner-Craig

eLearning Captain

Library Corner

Library News

There are plenty of exciting things happening in the Glen Eira College library this term. We welcome new librarian Miss Karys McEwen, who joins us full of enthusiasm for the year ahead. The Book Club has started up once again, and this year will meet fortnightly on Wednesdays at lunchtime to discuss a shared love of reading and recommend books to one another. Our Homework Help sessions allow students to work with teachers and volunteer tutors after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The library also hosted a VCE Library Q&A session, where all VCE students learnt about the resources and services offered to them, and had their questions answered. In other news, our library technician Mrs Megan Gatt has been busy cataloguing many of the latest books so that they’re ready for you to borrow, and the library staff are always keen to make suggestions or chat about what students and staff are reading. Board games are still available to use at lunchtime and after school, and comic fans should keep an eye out for our new Graphic Novel collection, coming soon to a shelf near you. And that’s just the start! The library is abuzz as always, and we look forward to a great beginning to 2017.


Karys McEwen

College Librarian

Traits of Writing

Year 7 is an important year for student’s literacy growth.  It is where their reading and writing skills from primary school are reinforced and built upon for successful future learning.  With this in mind, Glen Eira College is introducing the Traits of Writing for Year 7 students.


The six traits are;

  •  Ideas: the writing’s content
  •   Organisation: the internal structure of  the piece
  •  Voice: the tone and tenor of the writing
  • Word Choice: the vocabulary the writer uses to convey meaning
  • Sentence Fluency: the way words and phrases flow through the writing
  • Conventions: the mechanical correctness of the writing (spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, paragraphing, grammar)

Students who are already proficient writers will help gain an understanding of where their strengths are and students who struggle with writing will help gain confidence in the writing process.  A useful home study activity to help reinforce the learning of the six traits could be ten to fifteen minutes of free writing, where a student writes (preferably handwrites) on a topic of their choice or one prompted by an adult.  Students can then self-assess their writing against the Traits of Writing criteria.


Michael Kelty

Literacy Coordinator

Sports Report

Already this term...

Sport this year at GEC has got off to a flying start.


Swimming sports on Tuesday 7th February saw a pool of swimmers diving in head first. With Shilo freestyling over the sound waves, competitors took to the pool like fish to water. Swimmers made a splash and rode the waves all day. Divers took a flying leap while volleyballers served up a storm.


The day went swimmingly with Red house leaving the other houses in their wake while Gold and Blue were left treading water.

And finally:

Q: Why did the teacher jump into the water?

A: She wanted to test the water! 


Peter Bales

Sports Coordinator

Careers Corner

University Information

LEAP: Advanced Engineering Workshop

5th & 6th April @ La Trobe University, Bundoora

Applications close 24th March.

This workshop is for students studying VCE Maths Methods or pre-Methods who are interested in engineering. It is run in conjunction with the Engineering Link Group.


LEAP: Next Step – Health Workshop

4th April, 9:30am – 1pm @ The University of Melbourne

Applications close 26th March.

This workshop is open to Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in a career in the health professions. Students will hear from speakers talking about future career options in the health industries, as well as talking about what life at university and the transition from school is like.


LEAP: Next Step – Sciences Workshop

6th April, 10am – 2pm @ Monash University, Clayton

Applications close 26th March.

This workshop is open to Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in a career in science. Students will tour laboratories, find out what studying science at university is really like, and hear about the transition from school to university from current students.


The Good Universities Guide: Online and Distance Education

Materials for students interested in online and distance education, with information on what is online and distance education, where and how are courses offered, different options, flexible study options and interactivity and support.

Apprenticeship Information

Build a Career with REECE

Reece and Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd have developed an Australian School based Apprenticeship Program (ASbA) offering exciting employment, training and career opportunities for students in either Year 10 or 11 continuing to Year 12. This national program, which is also promoted and supported by State and Commonwealth Governments, provides the opportunity for students to combine their studies with part time work at local Reece stores. Visit the website to search and apply for a position in your area.


HIA Apprenticeships

HIA Apprenticeships are leaders in the selection, management and training of apprentices in the home building industry. Those interested in a HIA Apprenticeship can submit a General Application online here:

Year 10

Work Experience is on the last week of term 2, June 26 to 30. Please ensure you have your placement and hand in signed forms to Ms McCaskie by the end of term 1. If you are having trouble securing a placement or thinking of what placement to do, please come and see me in the Senior School Office, I’m always happy to help.

New students to the college please come and see me if you haven’t received any paperwork or details.


Tips on finding a placement

Use the contacts you have - Ask the following people for help and ideas:

  • Parents - your own and your friend’s parents.
  • Relatives and family friends.
  • Friends who have done work experience and can recommend places to you.
  • Your teachers may be able to offer some suggestions.
  • Employers that the school has used before (Careers Centre).
  • Google, Yellow Pages.
  • Job Guide – gives a contact list for professional organisations for various jobs.

General Information

Australian Taxation Office: Tax File Number

A tax file number is a unique nine-digit number issued to individuals and organisations to help administer tax and other Australian Government systems. Students need a TFN before they can start any type of paid work.

For information on how to apply visit:


Australia’s Science Channel: Ultimate Careers

Ultimate Careers is a resource from Australia’s Science Channel, providing information about careers of the future that involve science and technology. They have a magazine and an app, with a video and podcast channel coming soon.


Volunteer registrations open for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Volunteering at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience for all those who are involved. Volunteer applications are open now.


Carol McCaskie

Careers and Pathways Coordinator

Make Your Own Pizza Day

Make Your Own Pizza Day

Last  year I attended an after school social action program called Tikkun Olam. The aim of the program was to find an issue and organisation that we are passionate and feel strongly about, then design a way to not only raise money and awareness for the issue, but to do it in a way that will sustain them into the future.


One issue that I feel passionate about is animal cruelty. An organisation that fights against animal cruelty is The Sea Shepherds.


The Sea Shepherds are a not for profit organisation that venture out onto the ocean for months at a time and physically stop the Japanese from illegally harpooning thousands of whales each year. Not only do they save whales, but they save seals, turtles, dolphins sharks and many more endangered marine animals from being illegally poached every year.

To support The Sea Shepherds I decided to run a ‘make your own pizza day’ at school  where students could come, make their own pizza and pick it up hot for lunch. Milkshakes and music were also there for everyone to enjoy.


With the support from students and teachers I was able to raise over $500 to go towards helping the Sea Shepherds.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and to all of the amazing volunteers and teachers who didn’t stop all day. I could not have done it without you.

Ashleigh Harris 

Year 10

From the Office


This newsletter is emailed home to all families twice per term. If you have any items of interest to the college community or want to advertise your business, please contact Penny Marks or Gabrielle Darvell, Business Manager, on 9571 7838.

Update Your Information

Have you recently changed, or are about to change, address, home, mobile or work phone number or email address? Please remember to ring the College on 9571 7838 or update your details on Xuno to keep us informed.

Student Absences

Parents are reminded that the College has a designated telephone line for notification of student absence – 9571 4178.


Parents should contact the College on the day of the student's absence.


There is an absence proforma in the student planner that parents can complete for the student to return to the General Office on their return to school.

Reminder - 2017 Parent Payments Due 28th February 2017

Thankyou for the payments and payment plans received so far.


February 28th is the deadline to receive  the 10% discount on Essential Student Learning Items.


Payments can be made over the phone, by BPAY or Direct Deposit.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the office  to discuss  payment options.

Centrepay for Payments

We now support the use of Centrepay. Centrepay is a free voluntary bill paying service. Deductions come directly from your Centrelink payments and can be used to pay many types of bills, such as child care, educations expenses, electricity bills or rent. Please download the form that is available on the school website or contact the  General Office and the form will be emailed to you.


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.


If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.


The annual CSEF amount per student is:
$225 for secondary school students.


How to Apply
Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


More Information
For the CSEF application closing dates and more information about the fund visit


Gabrielle Darvell

Business Manager


GEC Parents Association (GECPA) – Join Us!

All GEC parents and guardians are welcome to attend our meetings – a great chance to meet some school families and help the school.  Our meetings are friendly and informal, and your level of involvement is up to you.   If you are interested in coming to any of our meetings, please send an email to

Secondhand Uniform Stall

Our secondhand uniform stall held in January was very busy.  We saved many families money on uniforms and raised over $2,000 for the college.  Thanks to all the parents who donated uniform items, washed and mended clothes, set up and ran the stall.

Multicultural Picnic – Tuesday 7th March 6:00pm - 8:00pm

On Tuesday 7th March, we will have our first social event of 2017 - a multicultural picnic at the college.  This will be an informal get-together, celebrating our diverse community and giving families and staff an opportunity to get to know each other a little better. There will be no cost, but we will ask each family to bring a plate of food to share if you can.

Watch your email inbox for an invitation with more details.

Party in the Park Allnut Park 19th March

Glen Eira College Parents Association are holding a stall at the festival to raise funds for the college. In keeping with the pet theme of the festival, we will be selling homemade dog biscuits and animal-themed craft kits for kids as well as sno-cones and jams made by parents.


We will send out a call for volunteer helpers soon.

School Crossing Safety Campaign 

We are continuing to raise awareness of the danger of the Booran Road school crossing with the media and government.  You may have noticed the eye-catching banners recently hung up on the corner of Neerim and Booran Roads.

If you haven't yet signed our online petition, please do it now.  Go to

Weekly walk and talk:  

We have a social walking group which meets once a week to walk and chat for about an hour.  We meet on Tuesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7:30pm at the corner of Crosbie and Murrumbeena Roads.

So that we can keep in contact, we have set up a messaging group on Whatsapp. To join the group, just email us your name and phone number.  (If you don't already have Whatsapp installed on your smartphone, you will need to do that first -it's very easy to install and to use).


Gran Prix Bicycles offer school families a 5% discount and 5% donation back to Glen Eira College.  Collect a loyalty card from the school office and present it in store at Gran Prix Cycles, Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South.


Juliet Brianton

GECPA Convenor

Ride 2 School Day Friday 17th March 2017

Glen Eira College will be celebrating active travel on Ride2School Day Friday 17th March.


We encourage students and their families to leave the car at home and get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in choosing to walk and wheel to school. Or park in Glen Huntly, Grange or Glen Eira Roads and walk the last bit – Halfway is ok.


Why Ride to School?

  • All active forms of travel – riding, scooting, skating, walking – provide essential development for kids.
  • Students get fit while getting to school.
  • Riding to school will reduce traffic around the school and make the school gate safer.
  • Students will arrive at school awake and alert, improving their concentration in class.

For advice on a good route to ride to GEC contact Cathy ph: 0412 119 807 (Ross in Year 12’s Mum).

Also check if your kids have grown over the summer and need their bike seats put up.

More information at:


Cathy McNaughton



We Welcome New Staff

Kathryn Allen

Edgar Bonne

Ann Butler

Joey Dikranian

Mark Dipnall

Laura Baker-Goldsmith

Lainie Hayle

Parminder Kaur

Camille Lancelin

Carol McCaskie

Karys McEwen

Sarah Mortimer

Karen Muramatsu

Julia Pound

Timothy Lee

Kathryn Vaughan-Niven

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CSEF Application Form 2017.pdf
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