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11 September 2019
Issue Twenty-seven
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MPS Carnival 2019- Saturday 9 November
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School Information


Wednesday 11 September

Carnival Stall Holder Session- *7pm in IRC

*Please note the change in time


Saturday 14 September

Carnival Craft Afternoon  1 - 3:30pm

MPS hall


Monday 16 September

Prep L to conduct assembly


Tuesday 17 September

Concert rehearsal 

School Concert - Palais Theatre -'Name that Song'

Tickets on sale now with Ticketmaster 


Wednesday 18 September

Footy Lunch - meat pie, hot dog and a drink


Friday 20 September

Last Day of Term 3- early dismissal 2.30pm


Monday 7 October

Term 4 begins


Saturday 9 November

MPS Carnival! 


**Please refer to Compass Calendar for other term dates and events


8.55am - 10.40am

10.40am - 11.10am (Recess)

11.10am - 1.00pm

1.00pm-1:50pm (Lunch)

1.50pm - 3.30pm

Please note that school begins at 8.55am.

Children who arrive after this time will need to come via the office and accompanied by a parent to collect a late pass from the Compass kiosk. 


Our canteen is open Tuesday - Friday.

It is closed on Mondays.


Please see below for online ordering information. 


FOOTY LUNCH Wednesday 18 September

Choose a meat pie or hot dog with a drink - $6.00

Orders on Qkr close at 9am Friday 13 September




Our uniform shop is located near the office and is  open on Thursday mornings from 8.30am - 9.15am. 

The PSW shop in North Rd. Ormond is also open 6 days a week.

Online ordering with free delivery to the school is available.

If you prefer to have your order delivered to your home, please note that there is a fee of $8.65.


Please ensure all children's belongings are clearly labelled with their name (not just initials) and grade. Sometimes items are not returned to their rightful owner because they are not labelled correctly or clearly. If you find named belongings in your child's possession could you please return them to the school office.

Our lost property is stored in colored bins near Room 6. 


Term 3

15 July - 20 September


Term 4

7 October - 20 December

4 November - Pupil Free Day


From The Principal



Congratulations to all students who participated in the Beachside championships last week. James R,  Michael M, Gryffin M, Angus M all qualified for the regional finals.  We would like to thank Mr Cook and Ms Nelson for the time spent on training and all the families who were able to attend the event and provide transport.

Well done and best wishes for the next event!


On Monday night our school corridors were full to the brim with excited Year 6 students, all ready to share their learning through their Year 6 PYP Exhibition with family and friends.

I was fortunate to mentor an amazing group of girls but I know they were not the only students who have worked hard to inquire and investigate an area of interest that they are passionate about and could share with the school community.

I was delighted to hear how students could explain their lines of inquiry and share their knowledge with others.

On Wednesday our final group of students, the Year 5’s, will listen to the Year 6 groups and see what they have made and created. I know they will be thinking about their action project for next year.

Well done to all the students for aiming high and doing their best. They displayed great team work and showed how they have upheld our school values and motto.


A school review takes place every four years and for MPS that occurs in 2019. Our review period is well under way and we were fortunate last week that our visitors had an opportunity to meet many students and teachers.

Like always, our students and staff were amazing. Students were able to talk about their learning goals and what they were trying to achieve. They could articulate the learning intentions from a lesson and were observed working both individually and in groups. Our School Council President, Sandra Maxfield was part of that team and I know she was as proud of our school as were the rest of the team. The review process will be finalised this week, just in time for our concert!


We are nearing the end of term, and with it, our school concert next week. On Tuesday morning the whole school will be going to the Palais theatre for the concert rehearsal.  Please ensure your child is at school on time, as buses will be leaving at 8.55am.  As many buses are needed, it would be appreciated if parents could move their cars quickly away from Hobart Road and Weeroona Road to accommodate the buses.

All permission forms need to be completed on Compass before students can travel by bus.


On the evening, the children will need to be at the theatre foyer from 6.30pm. The concert will start at 7.00pm sharp and should be concluded by 9.00 pm.  At the end of the concert, the students will be dismissed in groups with their teachers, and parents are asked to remain in the auditorium until an announcement is made to collect their children.  We believe this procedure simplifies the reuniting of children with parents.


We have commissioned a professional photographer to video the whole concert, and we request that cameras with flashes are not used.  This is to ensure that all audience members have uninterrupted views during the performance, and that those on stage are not endangered by flash photography. 


We hope everyone has concert tickets; if not, there are still plenty available through Ticketmaster.  So far we have sold an amazing 800 tickets!


We are now looking for donations of wine and chocolate for our, “win a wine” and “lob a choc stalls”. We hope you can help out by dropping these donations to the school office.

There will be a stall holders' meeting on Wednesday this week at 7pm in the IRC.



I would like to remind families with children who will be beginning school in 2020 that we are finalising enrolments now and that we only have a very small number of positions still available. I strongly encourage you to ensure you return your child’s enrolment form to the office as soon as possible. We also ask that members of our school community assist us by informing their neighbours of the enrolment procedures and direct them to the office to collect an enrolment form. The last tour for this term is this Friday commencing at 9:30am. Please call the school on 95681300 to book a place on the tour.



Article by Martine Oglethorpe

Technology and Parenting

Cyberbullying of children and teenagers is one of the greatest fears facing parents today. The thought of their child being subjected to heinous words, threats to their physical safety, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing, is something no parent wants their child to experience.


Most of the bullying behaviours we now see are happening from behind a keyboard, playing out in social media feeds and gaming chat rooms. It is little wonder parents feel overwhelmed and out of their depth, especially when for most, online is an environment that is relatively unfamiliar.


So what can we do to help our kids avoid these types of behaviours, as well as give them the skills to deal with cyberbullying behaviours should they be exposed?

Remind them of all of the things they have control over: While it may not feel like it, we have a lot of control over what happens online. We can determine who we talk to, what we ignore, what we share, how we comment, who we follow, who we block or hide from our feeds. All of that, helps us determine who is allowed to play a role in our online experiences and ultimately what behaviours we accept on our feeds.


Give your child time away from the screens: Everyone needs a break from screens. We want to
encourage regular times when a child doesn’t need to be tethered to their device. Building a wider community away from the screens helps a child or teen build their sense of self worth. Keeping devices away from the dinner table also gives them a break from being socially switched on and allows the to connect with family without a device. Removing devices at night helps their active brains to switch off, and prepare for

Role play possible responses: Discuss with your child whether whether they should respond to bullying or nasty online comments, If they do, then consider how they could respond. Consider the statements or types of people they ignore, block or report.


Regularly check the privacy settings: Every app, game and social network has a settings button that enables you to determine how positive an experience your child can have on that platform and how much control they have. Visit these settings regularly to look at the options available.

While nothing is guaranteed particularly when it comes to the online world, we can certainly be taking steps to help our kids. We can give them skills, encourage positive behaviours and thinking that allow them to minimise their exposure to the bullying behaviours of others.

If your child is being cyberbullied you can also access the reporting tool at

Martine Oglethorpe


Martine Oglethorpe is an accredited speaker with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and has presented to numerous parent groups, schools and teachers.
She is a speaker, counsellor and educator with a passion for building resilient kids in a digital world.

 Contact details:,,

We are a Parenting Ideas School


Lynne Foster

From the Assistant Principal


The Victorian Government is helping schools to develop strong, sustainable and meaningful connections with Victoria’s Indian community through a range of educational initiatives.


The Minister for Education, James Merlino announced that 11 schools across the state have been awarded funding as part of the ‘Connecting Schools with Indian Communities Program’ and our school is a successful applicant.


Murrumbeena Primary School is an International Baccalaureate school aiming to develop international mindedness in our students, and global citizenship requires cultural inclusivity and understanding. When the opportunity arose to become involved in the Pilot program, we didn’t hesitate. The pilot program aims to develop partnerships between schools and Victoria’s thriving Indian community and helps Victorian students to develop their intercultural capabilities, appreciate and respect cultural difference and strengthen links within our school community. 


Murrumbeena Primary School engaged a facilitator to run our first focus group with the goal being to identify a cultural celebration that was inclusive of all Indian people and importantly to broaden our students’ knowledge of another cultural group in a fun and engaging way.


We met on Thursday 5 September and below is a summary of the key feedback from the group:


  • Most Indian families would have celebrated different festivals back in India, given India’s very diverse communities. So people would be used to celebrating Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc.
  • The way each of the festivals is celebrated can vary widely in different regions even within people from the same religious background.
  • Languages and customs are quite unique.
  • Diwali and Holi are big festivals but not necessarily equally important to every community from India. 
  • Most festivals have religious and cultural symbolism attached.
  • Indian independence and Republic days are other possible days to celebrate.
  • All Indian communities love their food, music, dance and the social and community aspects of festivals.


With the above in context: The group discussed what could be done to celebrate Indian community at Murrumbeena.


After lengthy discussion, the group decided the most inclusive option would be to hold a broader celebration of India, with families sharing knowledge/customs/practices from India with the whole school through a day of learning. 


The finer details are yet to be developed, but what a wonderful start this focus group has made.


NEXT FOCUS GROUP: Thursday 19 September


Goal of Focus Group 2:

We are holding a focus group to identify what information new families to the country and to our school need.
We have changed the time to the evening to better cater for working parents who may like to attend. 
Focus Group Goals:

  •  Identify the types of information that families new to the Australian education system would like and find useful, particularly as their children start schooling here.
  •  Use the information to create resources (for new families) that will answer questions that currently can’t readily be found.

When: Thursday 19 September
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Where: IRC (library)


We have engaged a facilitator (Anu Krishnan from Kulturbrille) who will run the focus group. This will be your opportunity to participate and engage in the school and your child’s education.

Please phone the school or send an email to let us know if you are coming so we can make appropriate arrangements.
phone: 9568 1300






During term 3  students participated in Peer Support sessions. This was an opportunity for all year levels to work together, build upon friendships and learn about resilience under the guidance of our Year 6 students.


These sessions provided students with a range of activities to:

  • Learn about resilience;
  • Discuss strategies when faced with difficult situations;
  • Reflect on their actions in the classroom and yard;
  • Celebrate how they will show resilience in the classroom and in the yard.

Some of the highlights for students were participating in role plays to determine ‘resilient’ and ‘non-resilient’ behaviours and also the origami challenge. This challenge required students to demonstrate resilience and discuss possible strategies to help their Peer Support Group members make an origami penguin.


In their final Peer Support session, students created a group pledge to be resilient members of the school community through a creative art piece. The pledge included possible strategies to use when faced with a difficult situation and drawings of each member of the group. The pledges have been combined as collage and can be viewed in the hallway near the staffroom.


Congratulations to the Year Six students for being risk takers and confident leaders whilst teaching the younger year levels about such an important attribute!


Photo: Robogals in action!

What's Happening

Photo: Robogals in action!


If you haven't already done so, please use the Ticketmaster  link below to book your tickets to next week's extravaganza! 

Venue:  PALAIS THEATRE                       



Thank you to all parents and relatives involved for the assistance we have received in sewing some of the costumes for our whole school concert next week. Your support is extremely appreciated and will certainly add an extra sparkling flavour to our night!

Nearly all students have now been supplied with their costume. They are very excited and are putting in a lot of practice for our big event. 

A hard copy notice has been sent home with your child explaining what extra items may need to be provided from home.

The junior grades will be taking their costume home the night before the concert, and the senior grades will receive theirs this week.

Please do not allow your child to eat or drink whilst in their costume at anytime.


Please remember all costume items are being lent to your child and all items big and small are required to be returned to school the day following the concert. No washing is required. The class teacher will mark your child's name off providing all items are returned, then we can begin sorting and packing them up for future use.


All children are to arrive at the Palais dressed in their costume, promptly, at 6.30pm. 

Hope to see you there!


Chris Trotter - Costume co-ordinator  


We’re happy to introduce a new method of delivering the School Concert for those families that would prefer a digital copy of the performance.  Apart from offering DVD copies, Stagefright Concert Productions have partnered with Vimeo in order to provide a streaming option.


This will now allow you to view the school concert via any internet connected iOS or Android device, computer, SmartTV or Apple TV.  All you need is a Vimeo account (if you don’t have a Vimeo account then we recommend that you create one….it’s free!)


If you would like to choose this option, then all you need to do is select ‘Vimeo Streaming’ on the order form and include your email address.  Once the production is ready for distribution Stagefright Concert Productions will then send you a link to this email and you will be able to access your Streamed copy of the concert.


All ordering will occur via an online ordering form.  Payment will go through Paypal and even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can check out as a ‘Guest’ and use any credit card of your choosing (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, etc)


The amount is $36.50 for a DVD or Vimeo Streamed copy.  Closing date for orders is: 21Oct 2019


To order please click on the following link:  NAME THAT SONG


Marcelo Oillataguerre

Stagefright Concert Productions
PO Box 354, Dingley, VIC 3172
P: 3 9551 8381   |  M: 0411 642 030


MPS will again be holding its second hand uniform sale in Term 4 (on a date still to be confirmed). 

Meanwhile, we welcome donations to the office of good quality, clean MPS uniform items for resale within the school community.

Items sold are priced between $1- $5

Also, if anyone can assist in folding and pricing collected items, please contact the office to leave your name and contact details.


Sally Brady 


The following is information is regarding exhibitions you may like to attend in the school holidays. 

Exhibition: "Icons of Japan" (12-29 Sept 2019)

This exhibition is by Robyn Cottew, an artist who previously exhibited at the consulate from April to May 2017. Using traditional Japanese materials and cutting techniques, the artist explores Japanese culture through subjects such as traditions, architecture, gardens, and festivals.

When: Thursday 12 September – Sunday 29 September 2019

Monday to Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm,

Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield VIC

Cost: Free

For further details, see the Glen Eira City Council website (

Exhibition: "Imari Porcelain: Brocades of Translucent Colour" (13 Oct 2018 – 29 Sept 2019)

This is the final month of this exhibition of Japanese Imari porcelain at the National Gallery of Victoria. 130 pieces of Imari ware are on display, including bowls, plates, bottles, and figurines. The pieces are decorated with motifs such as flowers, birds, symbols, and mythological animals.

When: Saturday 13 October 2018 – Sunday 29 September 2019

10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Where: NGV International

180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC

Cost: Free

See the NGV website ( for more information about the exhibition.

Exhibition: "Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World" (24 May – 6 Oct 2019)

This photographic exhibition by Kip Fulbeck and Takahiro Kitamura explores traditional Japanese tattoo culture and its influence on modern tattoo practice. The exhibition includes life-sized photographs of full body tattoos, interactive elements, and more.

When: Friday 24 May Sunday 6 October 2019

10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Where: Immigration Museum

400 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC

Cost: Included with museum entry

$15 adult, free for concession, children, and members

See the Immigration Museum website ( for more information about the exhibition.


Shin Maki

From Our Classrooms


On Tuesday morning, grades were invited to view the Grade 6 exhibition which parents had seen on Monday night.

Gender Equality


For Year Six Exhibition, my partner and I decided to create a piece for the newsletter as part of our main action of change.

The reason why? We want to see gender inequality come to an end as we believe it is unfair. Why should it stop? Well it’s an easy thing to explain. Gender inequality means men and women are acknowledged as not being equal.

In the AFL, Gary Ablett gets paid $2 million. However, in the AFLW, Daisy Pierce gets paid $25,000. That means, Daisy Pierce gets paid $1,975,000 less then Gary Ablett. In soccer, it is very much the same. Lionel Messi (male) gets paid $64.5 million a season, whilst Alex Morgan (female) gets paid $495,000 a season. That means, Alex Morgan gets paid around $64 million less than Lionel Messi. In all sports, the difference between men and women’s pay is 93.8%.

We want everyone to spread the word that this is unfair and it needs to change.



Elisabeth and Zara

Physical Education


The following activities will be undertaken this week:

  • Skipping competitions in PE classes. The class who can get the most skips in 5 minutes wins
  • Trying to eat 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit EVERY day
  • Aiming to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in every day, inside and outside of school

Monday 12 September

  • Healthy Snack Day- Bring only healthy snacks to eat at snack time

Tuesday 10 September

  • Lunchtime- Staff vs student dodgeball game- year 6 students playing. The  rest of the school had fun as spectators!

Wednesday 11 September

  • Before school at 8:15 on the oval- Circuit fun (everyone welcome) House captains to run.
  • Recess- Basketball knock out competition on the basketball courts- all students welcome. House captains to run.

James- Catch cups

Jules- Mini tramp

Lily- Skipping

Liam- Ship, shark, shore

Nick- Number basketball

Zara- Leg strengthening

Zoe- Running around oval

Will- Push ups

Elisabeth- Obstacle course


Friday 13 September

  • Nutrition quiz at lunch time- grades 3-6 only. Interested students.

Friday 13 September

Complete the following exercises in class at 9am, 12:00am and 2:00pm

10 high knees

5 star jumps

5 squats



Congratulations to the 14 students who competed at Lakeside stadium last week. The weather  forecast was for a big thunderstorm with hail, but the rain held off until just before the end of the day. Fortunately, the sun was shining throughout the day.

James R. (6M) broke a Beachside division record in highjump- jumping an impressive 151cm! He also won his 200m event.

Four students have progressed to Southern Metropolitan Regionals to be held at Casey Fields in Berwick on 17 October.

Good-luck to James R, Michael M, Gryffin M and Angus M!


Seneca- high jump

5th out of 11 competitors

Issy- Triple jump

4th out of 14

Bianca- discus and 800m

discus- 6th out of 13, 800m- 7th out of 12

Elisabeth- 1500m

10th out of 10

Michael- discus

2nd out of 12, progressing to Regionals

Sam Moore- 200m

3rd out of 11

Lachy O- discus

8th out of 12

Summer- shotput

10th out of 13

James R- high jump and 200m

1st in both 200m and high jump- new Beachside record 151cm in high jump!

Bimal- 1500m

7th out of 12

4X100m relay- Seneca, Issy, Brit, Mischa

7th out of 14

Angus- 100m and 200m

2nd in 100m and 2nd in 200m. Progressing to Regionals.

Gryff- 100m, 200m and shotput

1st in 100m, 1st in 200m and 1st in shotput. Progressing to Regionals.


Tracey Nelson



Walk to School month runs from 7 October 2019 to 1 November 2019. This initiative encourages primary school children to regularly walk, scoot or ride their bike to school each October. It aims to build healthy habits for life by making physical activity part of children’s daily travel.

The month-long program generates positive change with more children using active travel more often. The program’s intention is for participating schools to carry this change forward, with ongoing support and direction from local government organisations, to sustain students’ active travel throughout the year.


Healthy travel means healthy kids

There are so many reasons to join Walk to School in 2019. Walking, riding or scooting to and from school is a great way to work towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, every day. Plus, kids who are active are more likely to develop healthy habits that lead to lifelong health benefits. Last year, more than 140,000 Victorian primary school kids got involved.


Active schools make for active learners

Each Classroom at MPS will be provided with a calendar so students can record when they walked, rode or scooted to school. At the end of the month, each child who participated will be rewarded with a sticker and a certificate.

Road Safety Tips for Walk to School 

Participating in the program gives parents and carers a great opportunity to teach kids about road safety and stranger danger. It’s also a fantastic way to build their confidence when it comes to walking by themselves. 

  1. Keep a look out before stepping out! Stop, look, listen, cross. 
    When you want to cross a road, make sure to find a zebra crossing and: Stop, look, listen and cross. 
  2. Stay on the path and you’ll have a blast!                                                                         

To ensure their journey is as safe as can be, make sure your kids are walking on designated sidewalks. This avoids things like rocks or sticks that may be on the ground, and ensures they are walking on safely planned routes.


For the kids who are riding or scooting to school: 

3. Always wear a helmet 

Keep that noggin safe by protecting yourself with a helmet! If you are riding a bike or taking a scooter to and from school, it is important to wear a helmet in case of any trips or falls.  


More information can be found at the Walk to School website:




There are still plenty of volunteering opportunities for this term for both garden and kitchen classes. Parents, grandparents, neighbours and family friends are all welcome to attend. Please follow the links listed below to sign up.
The links and our email addresses are also stored on the SAKG page of the school website for future reference.

If you need to cancel a session, please email us directly if you cannot find a replacement. 
For those of you who have not volunteered before, please note the following:
All volunteers will require a Working With Children Check; these are free for volunteer status and are valid for 5 years.

Please make sure that the office has sighted your Working With Children Check and that you have also signed a Child Safe Code of Conduct form (also at the office).

Working With Children Checks can be applied for online and are processed at the post office.


***Community notices requesting volunteers for our MPS program can be collected from just outside the kitchen if you know of any suitable noticeboards on which to place them. 

Angel & Jac
SAKG specialists 

Out of School Hours Care


We are currently seeking enthusiastic parents to join our OSHC Sub Committee team. The primary role of the Sub Committee is to operate the OSHC service and to implement the school policy in relation to the service.

Meetings are held once a month at the school. We’d love to have your input into our program and its operation.


If you would be interested in becoming a committee member or have any questions regarding roles and responsibilities, please see staff or email us at


For more information on program activities and menus, please visit the OSHC office. 


Miranda Boulton & the OSHC team


Photo: Plant stall 2017 carnival

MPS Carnival 2019-
Saturday 9 November

Photo: Plant stall 2017 carnival


Taken a back seat till now?

There are lots of things to sign up for, as our amazing stall holders put together volunteer sign up sheets for EVERYONE to help and crafting afternoon opportunities are booked in!


Can you focus on the craft session taking place next Saturday 14.
TIME: 1pm - 3:30pm

Whether you sew, draw, glue, cut, paint, carve, mix, knit or crochet, we’d love to see you there!
You can take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration:
Any questions at all, please contact Karen -
Can’t make it on the day? Not a problem; we can organise to get a kit to you! 

Just contact:
Karen - to discuss what project(s) you’d like to make!


Thank you for giving your time and skills to the carnival’s handmade stall.


We will need donations of:

well cared books and toys, puzzles with all the pieces, wine, excellent condition clothes (men, women and children’s), preloved tshirts
for bags, lucky dip prizes and blocks of chocolate for Lob a’choc!
Where do I put my donation?



Outside the office in these cardboard boxes. Classrooms also have special baskets for donations. 






Do you run a business that could provide a service on the day?

Maybe you could donate vouchers for the silent or live auction?

In return for your generosity, we will promote your business through our social channels, newsletter and website.
Please contact Tamika 0433908100 or



This stall is extremely popular and we already have many generous donations from our wonderful parents but need someone to volunteer to organise the pricing and be in charge of a few volunteers on the day. The stall will be set up in the Art rooms.
Please contact Tamika 0433908100 or









We think of Win a Wine as an 18+ lucky dip!

A range of wine, spirits and associated items will be wrapped and purchased at random for a nominated price.

We just need donations of bottles to get this successful stall off the ground! Please leave these at the office, not in the boxes near the stairs.

Thank you!


MPS Carnival Social Pages

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Insta. We hope you will Invite your friends and family to do the same.















































Advertisements & Community Notices  













Murrumbeena P.S. Newsletter
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