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13 December 2018
Issue Twelve
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Principal's Report

News from the Principal


Dear Westall Secondary College Community,


What a year it has been! The time has flown by but, we should all be very proud of what we have achieved:


  • Rated in the top category of schools. There are 5 categories of performance and only 13% of schools were rated in the highest category. We were one of the few. Our performance is listed as high or very high across NAPLAN, School Climate, Student Engagement, Attendance, Participation and VCE/VCAL results.
  • New Wellbeing and International Student Centres planned, designed and ready for opening in 2019.
  • New Tennis, Basketball and Netball courts being completed now and will open Day 1, 2019.
  • Successful completion of our 4 year school review, having met almost every single target that was set 4 years ago. (Improved NAPLAN results, Improved VCE results, Increased size of the school from 400 students in 2015 to 600 students in 2018, Introduction of greater subject choice, including new Year 9 and 10 electives and our iCreate Program)
  • Westall English Language Centre expanded from a Year 7-10 Centre to a Prep-Year 10 Centre. Due to commence enrolling Primary School students in 2019.
  • Established a consistent Assessment and Reporting process across all subjects and year levels, 7-10. Rubrics and Common Assessment Tasks all online and reported via Compass in 2019.
  • A new website, promotional videos that tripled our following via Facebook.
  • Westall Way Learning Behaviours and classroom protocols established, along with our Instructional Model (EDI- Explicit Direct Instruction). Coloured charts and graphics that outline these protocols are on the walls of every single classroom.
  • Our biggest Year 7 intake (80 students) attended Orientation Day this year giving us 4 x Year 7 classes in 2019.
  • The academic and holistic growth of every student at Westall. Our mantra is “3 in 2”. We aim for 3 years growth for every 2 years of school, and our performance rating shows that this has been achieved for a vast majority of students. Congratulations to every student who has given 100% effort throughout the year.


I would like to again take the opportunity to congratulate our 2018 Year 12 graduates. Results will be released this Friday, 14th December. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and hope you stay connected to Westall along your journey. Social media certainly makes that easier to do nowadays.


Our 2019 Year 11 and 12 student cohort have now also finished for the year, so have a safe and relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you all next year. Classes for our 2019 Year 8, 9 and 10 cohorts finish on the 14th December, but, you do have a range of activities at school next week.


Until next time,

Mr. Tristan Lanarus

Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal
- Mrs. Sue Simadri


Student Leadership

It is the time of year when Year 11 students are asked to step up and nominate themselves for leadership roles in 2019. We were impressed, not only with the number of students who applied, but also, with the confidence in which they were able to articulate their vision for an even better Westall Secondary College! Twenty-four Year 11 students put themselves forward for the prominent positions of School Captains. After a lengthy process of workshops, written applications, interviews and speeches to their peers and staff, the following students have been selected to represent the student body and the college for 2019:


School Captains

– Sally Maele and Angie Koeng


School Vice Captains

– Ra San Be and Rachel Carnahan


International Captain

– Marakat Deng


Sport and Wellbeing Captain

– Jason Phan


Junior School Captains

– Kellana Carnahan and Zaima Seyed


Middle School captains

– Krista Puia and Jacky Balalovski

Congratulations to all students who were successful in securing a leadership role for next year. We look forward to working with you. Congratulations also to all those who were not successful. It takes a great deal of courage to put yourself out there and be vulnerable! We are equally proud of you and your efforts, and trust that you will apply to other positions of student leadership that will be advertised in the not too distant future.


Thank you to Mr Bandara for leading these selection processes.

Graduation Night

The College Graduation Night was held on Thursday, 29th November, at the Clayton Church of Christ. We acknowledged our highest performing students across the school, particularly those in Year 12, in academic as well as co-curricular areas. We were delighted to have a former Westall student, Sina Ghiassi from the Class of 2011, as our guest speaker. He was an engaging speaker and spoke of his experience as a new student at the Westall Language Centre, and how he surpassed teacher expectations to transition to mainstream school in just 6 months. This is encouraging for our current students to hear, and believe that they too can quickly learn the English language to the desired level to transition into mainstream school, provided that they have the determination and are willing to practise!


The Class of 2018 celebrated their successful completion of secondary school with their families, friends and teachers. They gathered together, enjoying a variety of nibbles prior to the presentations. It was wonderful to see them all on stage receiving their certificates of completion, presented by Mr Lanarus. A number of them were also recognised for academic excellence in specific subjects.

Congratulations, Class of 2018!!


Awards Assembly

On the morning of Friday 1st December, we had the opportunity to recognise and applaud more than a hundred students across the college, for their achievements in the areas of sport and leadership, applied learning, as well as excellence in the academic field. Guests included parents and a number of employers from local businesses, who support our students through the provision of apprenticeships and training. Congratulations to all award recipients, who should be very proud of their accomplishments this year! The 2019 School Captains were fantastic in their conduction of the entire assembly!

Semester 2 Reports

It is the time of year that parents and students look forward to, namely, the Semester Two Reports! This term, our staff have been busy completing their assessments and preparing this feedback. Reports will be available on Compass via the parent login: click ‘View Academic Reports’ and select ‘2018 – Semester Two’. Parents will have access to their child’s report as of 4pm on Wednesday, 19th December. If you have any issues in accessing your child’s report or with any aspect of the report, please contact the General Office on 9546 3233 before Friday, 21st December.


Wishing you a safe and restful summer break!


First day back for students is Wednesday 30th January 2019.

Tournament of Champions
Monineath Seang Yr 7

International student, Monineath Seang, represented Australia and Westall Secondary College in the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions.  Congratulations Monineath!!


World Scholar’s Cup is a global competition with four sections that include debating, collaborative writing, team challenge and scholar bowls. Besides these academic competitions, we also get to experience scavenger hunts, scholar ball, and cultural fair. First, we must be qualified in the regional round in order to continue to the global round. This is when all scholars from different countries join in one of the chosen global rounds. There were 3 big global rounds this year, they were: Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Barcelona. I attended the Melbourne Global round and got 1 gold medal and two silver medals. And so, my team got qualified for the Tournament of Champions. Then this is when I continued my journey to the Tournament of Champions in Yale University from 16th of November to 20th of November. There were 1600 scholars in the junior division from 58 different countries. I got 1 silver medal for writing on my first try for the Tournament of Champion. 


Assistant Principal Report

Assistant Principal -
Mr. Mark Henderson


Westall on Facebook

For up to date information, news and photos, follow Westall SC on Facebook. Please ‘like’ the page, ‘share’ the page, and share all the great things happening at the College.


Westall Week




In 2019, Westall Secondary College will be replacing the traditional 'Open Night' with Westall Week, a week packed full of opportunities for prospective students and parents to see the REAL Westall SC in action. There will be opportunities to see all of our fantastic programs in action, such as iCreate and Aim High, as well as the chance to meet staff, students and parents of our current students.



Iron Armour Academy

Congrats to the Iron Armour students who graduated from the Bounce program for 2018.


All students have shown personal growth during the experience; a special mention goes to Gemasba for his brilliant speech!


Big thanks to Iron Armour mentor, TJ, and Ms Julie Armstrong for making the program happen.


We will see Iron Armour back at Westall in 2019! More info at www.ironarmouracademy.com


ES Staff Christmas Lunch

Congratulations and thank you to our Education Support staff for all that you do for our College community.


You work hard all year round to keep our school running and we appreciate the support you provide our students, their families and our teachers.


We hope you enjoyed the fantastic lunch yesterday hosted by Ms Armstrong and her merry team of trainees!


Also, great to see Mr Lanarus doing some work 😉

Year 6 Parent Info Night

Fantastic attendance at the parent info night, thank you to all of our new parents for attending 😊.


We are excited to welcome around 80 students to Year 7 for 2019.


Congrats to Ms Paget and Ms Vass for organising such an important event 👍

Senior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Ms. Hari Nikolaou



Awards and Graduation night provided us with an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the graduating class of 2018 and our high achievers in the senior school. As 2018 comes to a close, l would like to acknowledge the journey that our students have undertaken this year. This has required commitment from students, teachers and families to ensure that we are all working together for the best possible result. As students, the job that you have been tasked with, is to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful. Your time with the college has come to a close and now you must transition to the next chapter of your life, university or TAFE, an apprenticeship or even work. It is a time to create your new future, to own the outcomes and to review the strategy.


To the class of 2018, as you await your results on Friday 14th December, we wish you the absolute best in life. We hope that you have achieved the results that you require to make a successful transition into your chosen career path. This is an opportunity to remind you that the ATAR score does not “define you”; it only determines the starting point for the journey ahead.


Students who may require assistance after receiving their results are to contact the school to organise an appointment. Staff will be available from Friday 14th December to Thursday 20th December 2019. Staff will be able to provide students with their undivided attention.


For students returning in 2019

We hope that you have a wonderful summer break. During the Headstart week program, students have begun their studies for 2019. Your classroom teachers have provided holiday homework, and the expectation is that you will have completed it before returning to school in the new year.


The senior school will be very busy supporting the development of all students. Camp programs have been organised for all students, both VCE and VCAL. The focus of each camp program is to ensure that students have the skills, knowledge and mindset, to venture into the year ahead. All students are expected to attend the camps, and as such, there will be no classes running at school.



Date: 4th – 6th February 2019

Programs will run in the following locations.

  • Year 11 students will be at Monash University – Clayton campus
  • Year 12 students will be at a residential camp in the city

According to George Bernard Shaw “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”. The camp program is about students owning and creating the world that they, as young people, want to live in. They need to take responsibility for their learning and create their own opportunities. As parents and educators, we want the best for young people. This requires us all to continue to work together.


On behalf of the teachers in the senior school, we wish you all a safe holiday, and look forward to highly successful and productive 2019.


Ms. Hari Nikolaou

VCAL Headstart Week

An example of one Head start activity for VCAL


During the VCAL Head Start week, the new Intermediate students spent the day completing the BEACON Perform program. Students started the day looking at the different personality types that they may find in their workplaces, and then completed a test to see what personality characteristics they connected with. They gained insight into themselves before their mentors, from various local businesses, came in to join them for a working lunch.  During this time, students asked mentors about their qualifications, challenges they had faced through their career, and what made them choose their chosen career pathway. In addition, students were asked to share their own experiences in a “speed dating” style lunch activity.


This will give our students a great start to their Structured Work Placements and School based apprenticeships when they begin next year.


Mrs. Rochelle Travitz

VCAL Coordinator

Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Mr. Tom Tahos

Congratulations to all 2018 Year 9 and Year 10 students.  You did it!! You have completed another year of school.


We are now in Headstart, which is the 2019 year. On behalf of the Middle School staff, I would like to welcome our new Year 9 and 10 students.  I would also like to wish our departing Year 10 students all the very best with their senior school studies.


To all students moving on to another school setting, we wish you the very best.


As I have been saying all year, we ALL have a responsibility in ensuring YOU get the very best out of your education.


Below are the key areas that we all must continue to work on and improve:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Organisation - bringing all correct equipment and BYOD to classes - your TOOLBOX
  • School Uniform
  • EDI instructional model (understanding this, for example using the whiteboards in class)
  • Compass (we all must check this every day)
  • Westall Way (reward system/consequences/expected behaviours)
  • Completing set tasks

Finally, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe end of year break.

Look after yourselves, go for walks, read some books and smile :)


Mr. Tom Tahos

Year 9 Werribee Zoo Excursion

On Monday, 19th November, the Year 9s went on an excursion to the Werribee zoo. Some had the chance to pet the leopard tortoise’s shell, while others got the chance to feed meerkats. In addition, we also got to see lions, cheetahs, gorillas and monkeys in the zoo. After strolling for a while, we went on a bus ride around the zoo to see some other animals such as elans, giraffes, hippotamus, zebras, rhinos, and addaxes. At the end of the day, this excursion helps further our knowledge about the science topic: Ecosystem.


Pavit Vathna & Louis Ng

Year 9

Year 10 Big Day Out


After 2 full days of intense exams for the Year 10s, on Monday and Tuesday (26th & 27th of November), the students had an opportunity the following day to let off some steam, develop relationships, and celebrate the end of the year with some games of bowling, laser tag, pool and connect 4 at strike bowling in Melbourne Central. Students had an awesome time in the city and as a Middle School Team, we wish you all the very best in your final 2 years of school at Westall. 


Ms. Loan Luong

Year 10 Coordinator


Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Ms. Alice Paget

Congratulations to our Year 7 students who have completed their first year of secondary school and now transitioned into their Year 8 classes. There are some very exciting opportunities for our Year 8 students as they transition into Year 9 and begin their electives. 


After meeting our new Year 7 cohort at Orientation Day on the 11th December, I am looking forward to continuing their transition and welcoming them into Westall Secondary College in 2019. We will be running an alternate program for Year 7 students, as part of the first 3 days of 2019, to allow them to settle into their new environment, make new friends and build rapport with their teachers and other support staff.  


Please take the time over the holidays to ensure you have bought all the required textbooks, exercise books and stationary, to ensure your child has the best learning opportunities. On behalf of the junior school team, we wish you a safe and relaxing holiday!
On Thursday, 29th November, we celebrated the achievement of many students at the College and said farewell to our Year 12 students. With only 2 prestigious awards presented at each year level, it was a very tough choice to nominate the recipients this year. The Academic Excellence Award is presented to a student who had excelled academically in the particular subject, and the Personal Best Award is presented to a student who strives for excellence in all of their subjects. 
Year 8 Academic Excellence:    Thalia Wong
Year 8 Personal Best:                   Victoria Puia
Year 7 Academic Excellence:    Farhan Isa
Year 7 Personal Best:                   Dhai Aljahdali

On Friday, 30th November, we held a whole school assembly, where we recognised academic excellence and personal best in individual subjects. Congratulations to all the award winners below!

Ms. Alice Paget

Junior School Captains 2019

We are very excited to announce our Junior School Captain appointments for 2019, Kellana Carnahan and Zaima Seyed. Kellana and Zaima went through a written application and interview process, to be selected for the position. Both girls are ecstatic to be selected and look forward to bringing some great ideas to the junior school in 2019.  Well done girls!


Orientation Day

On Tuesday, 11th December, we held our Orientation Day for our new Year 7 students coming into the College. We had a jam-packed day of activities to assist students in getting to know the school, their teachers and other students. The highlight of the day was definitely the Amazing Race, where students had to discover multiple locations, and pass through a couple of roadblocks. The students had a great time at the photo booth, as part of the final destination for the Amazing Race!


The day was filled with opportunities to get to know students from other Primary Schools, including a ‘get to know you’ Bingo and team building games. They also developed a bunting to help decorate the Junior School,  and provide an opportunity for the teachers and students to get to know each other. Each student decorated part of the bunting, with their talents, hobbies and flag of origin.

They then had a taste of what it is like to be in a secondary school class. Students were able to participate in one class from: Food Technology, Chinese, Art and Physical Education. Some of the activities included, decorating a terracotta bowl, making banana splits in Food Technology, learning some cultural songs in Chinese, and playing some modified invasion games in P.E.


We look forward to welcoming back our new Year 7 students into the College next year!


Year 8 Access Monash Program 
​(University Discovery Day)

Year 8 students were involved in a University Discovery Day at the Monash University Caulfield campus on the 23rd November, as part of the Access Monash Program. The Access Monash Program works in partnership with Westall Secondary College from Year 8 to Year 12, to inform students’ decision-making, and to support their engagement and knowledge of university and campus life. 


The University Discovery Day exposes students to a university campus through fun and interactive challenges. The day aims to help students become familiar with, and feel connected to, a local university campus and to start considering university as an accessible and dynamic environment. It opened up the students' minds to the options available in tertiary education and potential pathways in areas of interest.

Year 7 Scienceworks

On Friday, 9th of November, all Year 7 students visited ‘Science Works’.


Firstly, we had to take the train to get there. When we arrived, we placed our bags in lockers and had time to eat our snacks. Then we went to our first activity and did lots of fun things.

We had some free time before our next activity. The activity was called the ‘the lightning show’. It was a funny show, because some students were up on stage and they made us laugh, especially Mrs Blias. We had time for lunch at the end of the show.


Our next show was at the Planetarium to watch a film. We were laying down in chairs that folded back so we could see the movie above our heads. I think some people fell asleep during the movie. When the movie finished, we left Scienceworks and headed back to school.

We all had a wonderful and fun day.


Mohammad Najib

Year 7 


It was early in the morning when we left for our excursion to Scienceworks. I was very excited. By the way it was very far, it was near the West Gate Bridge.


When we arrived, the teachers instructed us to place our bags in the locker and have our snack before the first session began.


We went to a building to watch the ‘lightning’ show. As we entered the room, I was a little scared because it was very dark, but I quickly adjusted and enjoyed the show. Mrs Blias looked so funny because the presenter made her hair look like it was floating in the air. At the end of the show, we had time for lunch.


We went to the next sessionm which was a documentary about planets and stars. Some people fell asleep on the very comfortable chairs. I really enjoyed the show.


Shajida Shajida

Year 7 

WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator
Ms. Carmela Santucci

As we come to the end of Term 4, WELC would like to acknowledge all our students for the effort and progress they have made whilst studying at the Language Centre. We would also like to congratulate the following students who received an award at the Westall College Awards Assembly held on Friday 30th November:



  • Sopheathida S
  • Sam D
  • Trinh M
  • Sanuthi P
  • Jiarui L



  • Minh Duy (Harry) N
  • Minh Thu (Sarah) N


The end of the year is always a busy time at school as many WELC students, having completed their 20 weeks Intensive English Course at the Language Centre, are preparing to transition to a mainstream secondary college. As Westall English Language Centre is located at Westall Secondary College, students are already familiar with the expectations of secondary school in Victoria.


Before leaving the Language Centre, all students will have had an Orientation Day at their mainstream school. A visit to their school includes meeting their teachers, classmates and choosing subjects they will study in 2019. On their return to the Language Centre, it is wonderful to hear the excitement in the conversations as students talk about their experience. This is what the teachers at WELC aim to do; that is, prepare the Language Centre students as best as possible for a smooth transition to a mainstream school.


WELC would like to wish all our students, families and community a safe and happy holiday. To those students not returning to the Language Centre we wish you good luck in your future studies.


Ms. Carmela Santucci

Students in their English Lessons


WELC IT Elective Class with Ms. Katerina Tetoros

by Peter L

In the IT elective class at WELC, we had to make a 2-4 minute motivational video using the app Movie Maker. The topic was: “Today Should Be World ___________ Appreciation Day.”


Students were free to choose a topic. For example, if the students wanted to choose ice-cream their title would be: “Today should be World Ice-Cream Appreciation Day.”  They then had to find pictures and think of reasons that would motivate and persuade the audience to agree. Two of the requirements were, to work with a partner and each team had to choose a different topic to explore. This involved using the internet to research for information.


Some examples of the topics the students in our class chose were: Basketball, Sport, Friendship and Opponents. For me, I worked with Samer and we chose reading as our topic, so our title was: “Today Should Be World Reading Appreciation Day”.


This is what we did.

  • Gave 10 reasons why there should be a World Reading Appreciation Day.
  • Researched for images on the internet to complement our message, such as comics, novels, magazines…
  • Used the software program MS Movie Maker to create the video clip.
  • Added music into the video clip.
  • Double checked for content and imagery, including animation and slide transitions.

After that, we saved it into an .mp4 movie.


Our teacher, Miss Tetoros, was very proud of all our efforts. Our video clips were screened in class for peer review by the other students, and they will also be screened during WELC’s graduation Day at the end of the term.


Peter Le

Students in their English Lessons


Group 4 Maths Lesson

Students in Group 4 Maths incorporated their measurement skills in preparing a celebration for a class member.


Ms. Esther Chow

WELC Teacher 



This morning we had a breakfast party in A6 because I’m going back to my country, Sri Lanka this week. For breakfast, Ms Chow made sultana banana pancakes. She used 1 cup self-raising flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg , 2 tablespoons sugar, half cup sultanas and one banana.


First, Tuana mashed the banana, Routing beat the egg with milk. Ms Chow mixed the self-raising flour, sultanas, mashed bananas, sugar, egg and milk well. Then she heated up an electric frypan and added a little butter. She dropped a big spoonful of the pancake mixture into the frypan. After that, she turned over the pancake and cooked it for a few minutes.


After making all the pancakes, we sat down and had the pancakes with maple syrup. We also ate some fruits like watermelon, strawberries, mangoes and kiwi fruit. We had a wonderful breakfast together. The pancakes were delicious.


Following that, all the students and teacher gave me presents and I gave them a bar of chocolate. I like my teachers and my friends in WELC and I will miss them all very much.


Written by Sanuthi Perera (Group 4 Maths)

Students in their English Lessons


Other School News 

iCreate Aviation
Clayton North Primary School Visit
- November 2018

The Grade 4 and 5 students from Clayton North paid a visit to the Aviation classroom last week.

The Aviation students did a fantastic job with all their activities that they had planned, based on the skills they had learnt during Aviation classes.


Students were taken through a series of activities related to flying and navigation. One table learnt about the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, another competed in making the best paper plane, and in another activity, students were shown the basic elements of the flight simulators, where some students were successful in taking off and landing their planes!


The iCreate students worked really hard to present a comprehensive and engaging presentation for the Primary School, culminating in a Aviation Trivia quiz where we got to use our skills in CFU and chin-it.


Email from Primary School teacher:

“ Our students were buzzing from the experience and I know in my class that they were eager to share this with their class mates.  Your students should be commended for the way they presented, encouraged and supported younger students.  They were great role models. I hope that the experience was also positive for your students and, as we shared at the end...

“Tango hotel alpha November kilo yankee  oscar uniform whiskey echo sierra tango alpha lima lima” (see if you can guess what this sentence says  using the NATO phonetic alphabet)."


Ms. Sue Stenning

iCreate Aviation Teacher


iCreate Outdoor Education Camp
13-16 November 2018

On the 13th of November, the iCreate Outdoor Education students departed on a three-day camping trip to Tarra Valley in the Tarra Bulga National Park. Below are some of the students’ reflections:

Krista: The Tarry Valley camp was a great way to initiate conversations with people I otherwise wouldn’t have. There was no reception where our campsite was, and it was truly amazing to take a break from technology and take in the beautiful scenery that nature provided us. Our second day out was all about exploring the world’s beauty. We stopped to see a waterfall and went on numerous walks through forests; just acknowledging the greenery and wildlife that Tarra Valley boasted. It was an incredible experience and I thank all teachers and students for making this year's camp a cherished memory.


Steph: Camp was a very eye opening experience as it taught me to take a break from social media and technology, and to actually spend quality time with friends. Camp  made me feel grateful for the things I have, such as a mattress and wifi.


Zion: Camp was a good opportunity to hang out and meet other people I never knew. During camp, I learnt how to prepare and cook our own food. 


Chloe: Camp will always be a great memory for me. It was a great chance to hang out with my friends. It was a challenge to have no social media or internet, but it brought us closer to nature.


As you can tell, the students really enjoyed the benefits of stepping away from technology for a few days - something that we could all do more of. The teaching staff would like to thank the students for their maturity and the initiative they showed throughout the camp, and hope you all look forward to next year’s adventures.


Ms. Kim Evans

iCreate Outdoor Education Teacher


News from the Level Crossing Authority:




28 November 2018


Major Infrastructure Upgrade to Cranbourne and Pakenham Lines



From Saturday 1 December to Sunday 23 December, major power and signaling upgrades will take place on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines. Buses will replace trains on sections of the lines during this time.


All dates and times are subject to change and other planned or unplanned disruptions may occur during this period.


Altered timetables may be in effect during the works. For journey planning, service information and up-to-date timetable information, visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.


Free travel during December

In recognition of over 100 days of disrupted travel this year, passengers catching bus replacement services on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Gippsland lines will receive free travel from Saturday 1 December to Sunday 23 December 2018. Details of free travel terms and conditions are available at ptv.vic.gov.au


We recommend you provide the above information and attached brochure to your students or include the information in your next student newsletter.


Should you have any questions about these activities, or would like more information about the project, please phone our project team on 1800 105 105.


We thank you for your patience as we work towards delivering an upgraded train network for Melbourne’s growing population.


Caulfield to Dandenong

P 1800 105 105 

E [email protected]

Compass User Information

How to Recover your Compass Account Details


How to Access Your Child's Report


Parent Information

Payment Information

Payments can be made via credit card, BPay or Eftpos.  Please contact our office on 9546 3233 for further details.

Updating Your Contact, Custody and Medical Information

Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?


If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form (attached below). The form can also be collected from the General Office. Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in the case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information, including student attendance alerts, student report information, curriculum days, etc.

Similarly, with emergency contact details, any custody arrangements and medical details, please ensure these are current. 


Homestay Providers


Westall SC College Blazer $110.00
- Buy direct from the General Office


English Classes




Tristar Aviation


2019 Westall SC Canteen Menu


Game Aware


Community News

The Music Box - Kingston Youth Services

Love music?

Interested in creating it?


The Music Box is a program that teaches recording, mixing & music production skills including:

  • How to set up
  • How to run recording sessions with microphones & instruments
  • How to create your own songs
  • Mixing & music production techniques

The Music Box is for young people aged 12-25 years and is FREE. Download the Music Box Flyer for all the details.


The Music Box is facilitated by professional sound engineer Leo Damiani – who has more than 25 years’ experience. Staff from Kingston Youth Services also supervise the program. Places are limited and will be taken up fast. To attend you must have a parent/guardian sign and return the Program Participation and Consent Form. If you have any questions please call Bec at Kingston Youth Services on 1300 369 436.

Create an Epic Short Film!

English and Computer Classes for Rohingya and Burmese Speakers


English Language and Conversation Classes




Enhancing Mental Health Support in Schools


Central Bayside Community Health Services




Dates to Remember 

Term 4


17-21 Dec              Activities Week

18 Dec                    Aim High Challenge Day - Grades 4 & 5

21 Dec                    Last day of Term 4

Term 1, 2019

30 January                   First day of Term 1.  School starts at 8.55am

4-6 February               Year 12 Camp

4-6 February               Year 11 Monash Uni Program

5 February                   Year 7 Adventure Day Excursion

12 February                 School Photo Day

14 February                 Homework Club Begins

19 February                  Senior School Information Night at 6.30pm

25 February                  Year 7 & 10 Immunisations

4 March                           WSC Swimming Carnival Day

11 March                         Labour Day Public Holiday

13 March                         iCreate Discovery Day

14 March                         Kingston District Swimming Sports

20-22 March                  Junior School Camp

25-29 March                   Westall Week

28 March                          VCAL Industry Expo Excursion

3 April                               Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion

5 April                                Last day of Term 1


2019 First day for students

Wednesday, 30th January, 9am.

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