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02 November 2018
Issue Seventeen
From the Principal's desk
What's Happening?
Student Awards
Class Page - 5/6S
Student Wellbeing
Maths Competition
Community Notices
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From the Principal's desk

This week we received notification that we were successful in obtaining a grant from the Bendigo Bank to establish an indigenous creative play space and garden at our school. Through creative play, making connections to our local indigenous culture and natural landscape our local school children will develop physically, cognitively and emotionally.   This garden will involve us working closely with our local indigenous community. The garden has been designed by Judy and Clive Atkinson and Radcom, a non-for-profit organisation that works with indigenous youth on community projects, will be building our garden. Our children will be heavily involved in the creation and ongoing maintenance of the play space. This project is part of a larger school improvement plan that sees our school connecting more to our natural environment. The garden will be in the North West corner where the current long jump and sandpit are located. These will be relocated elsewhere in the school.


Thank you to the staff, children and families that participated in the Numurkah Food Bowl Parade. Next year we will look to increase our participation and dress up in a theme. 


Last Friday our school Choir entertained the residents at Karinya under the tutelage of Ms Davis. It was great to see the residents joining in with the singing and accepting cards made by our students to celebrate Grandparent's Day.


Congratulations to Allira Wilson for being nominated for Trainee of the Year at the recent Apprenticeship Factory Awards. We all appreciate the hard work and effort that Allira has put in to the school this year.





2019 Classes

We are currently planning for our 2019 classes. If you are aware of any families moving to the area or families with Prep students who are yet to enrol please encourage them to contact us as soon as possible so that our numbers for next year can be finalised.


Special needs: There may be some parents who wish the school to consider their child’s special needs, regarding class placement for 2019. If this is the case, please collect a Special Needs Form from the General Office and return it in the confidential envelope to school by Friday 16th NOVEMBER.

What's Happening?

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 6th November - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday - No School for students

Tuesday 6th November to Friday 9th November - Year 5/6 Queenscliff Camp

Sunday 11th November - Rememberance Day

Wednesday 14th November - Year 5/6 Personal Development Program

Thursday 15th November - Year 5/6 Personal Development Program

Friday 16th November - Kinder - Prep Transition Session

Wed 21st – Fri 23rd November - Yr 3/4 Camp Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

Thursday 6th December - Prep/1 Activity Evening

Friday 7th December - Year 2 Sleepover

Tuesday 11th December - Orientation Day

Tuesday 18th December - Year 6 Graduation

Thursday 20th December - Year 6 BBQ Breakfast & Final Assembly

Thursday 20th December - Last Day of Year for students

Friday 21st December - Pupil Free Day - Staff Planning for 2019

  • Please note there will be no Pool Picnic this Term. In 2019 we will be having a Pool Picnic/Fun day as part of our swimming program. More information will be sent home at the beginning of next year.

2019 Planning and Organisation

In order to effectively plan our school structure for next year (taking into account budgets, staffing, enrolment, rooms, etc), could the following be considered by parents:

Transfers/enrolments: If there are any parents still to enrol their children, would they please organise enrolment forms as soon as possible. If there are any families moving away from the district, etc and not returning to our school next year, please let Debbie know as soon as possible.

Special needs: There may be some parents who wish the school to consider their child’s special needs, regarding class placement for 2019. If this is the case, please collect a Special Needs Form from the General Office and return it in the confidential envelope to school by Friday 16th NOVEMBER.

Camps Update

Our Year 5/6 students will be heading off to their Queenscliff Camp next Tuesday 6th November. Students and teachers are all looking forward to the camp and we hope they all have a wonderful time. The latest camp information has been sent home with all students attending.


Year 3/4 Camp - Thank you to those families who have finalised payments and returned their forms. We still have some outstanding and we ask that this is completed as soon as possible.

Remembrance Day - RSL Poppy Appeal

Once again we are supporting the fundraising of the Returned Services

League (R.S.L.) by selling poppies and other items for Remembrance Day.

Students from 2/3R will visit the classrooms each day to sell items.

Items for sale include poppies for $2, pens $5 and wrist bands $3.  Please support this worthy cause.


Student Awards

Maths Master Award - 19/10/2018

0/1S - Jackson Morris

2/3C - Carley Bowen

2/3R - Summer Gerity

3/4S - Tyler Bodsworth

4/5W - Cody Simpson and Declan Crisp

5/6S - Grace Mullane

Student of the Week - 26/10/2018

Prep/1S - Kaidee Riordan - For having a very impressive mind and using adjectives well.

Prep/1H - Eden McIntosh - For consistently showing positive classroom behaviours and being a role model for her peers. 

2/3C - Liam Woolley - For a very focused and  successful week. Keep it up!

2/3R - Cadence Boswell - For showing great perseverance and working hard to finish her writing about The First Fleet. 

3/4S - Marli Salter - Marli, you are a dedicated student who can be relied upon to give 100% every day!

4/5W - Shianne Wakefield - Congratulations on having a great week of learning and settling into your new school so well. 

5/6H - Karli Gerdtz-Suffern - Working consistently and independently throughout our Writer's Workshops. Staying focused and on task to produce a quality text.

5/6S - Xavier Dixon - For showing impressive initiative and leadership as you efficiently manage the school recycling program. Xavier, your willingness to help out in the school community is greatly appreciated.

Maths Master Award -

0/1S - Ben Smith

2/3C - Asha Parry

2/3R - Ella Carlisle

3/4S - Lily Patrick-Oudeman

4/5W - Matthew Lourens

5/6S - Maddi McGraw


New Audio books on Wheelers

We have now subscribed to audio books on Wheelers. Check out some of the titles below.


The Maze of Bones

39 Clues #01

Author Rick Riordan, Narrated by David Pittu

What would happen if you discovered that your family was one of the most powerful in human history? What if you were told that the source of the family’s power was hidden around the world, in the form of 39 Clues? What if you were given a choice – take a million dollars and walk away…or get the first Clue? If you’re Amy and Dan Cahill, you take the Clue – and begin a very dangerous race.


The Twits

Author Roald Dahl, Narrated by Richard Ayoade

Penguin presents a marvellous new reading of Roald Dahl's The Twits read by IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade. The audiobook features original music.Mr Twit is a foul and smelly man with bits of cornflake and sardine in his beard.Mrs Twit is a horrible old hag with a glass eye.They've kept Muggle-Wump monkeys caged in the garden for far too long, and now the monkeys want to take their revenge . . .



Author Don Freeman, Narrated by Linda Terheyden

Have you ever dreamed of being locked in a department store at night? The endearing story of Corduroy paints a picture of the adventures that might unfold (for a teddy bear at least) in such a situation. When all the shoppers have gone home for the night, Corduroy climbs down from the shelf to look for his missing button. It's a brave new world! He accidentally gets on an elevator that he thinks must be a mountain and sees the furniture section that he thinks must be a palace. He tries to pull a button off the mattress, but he ends up falling off the bed and knocking over a lamp. The night watchman hears the crash, finds Corduroy, and puts him back on the shelf downstairs. The next morning, he finds that it's his lucky day! A little girl buys him with money she saved in her piggy bank and takes him home to her room. Corduroy decides that this must be home and that Lisa must be his friend. Youngsters will never get tired of this toy-comes-alive tale with a happy ending, so you may also want to seek out Dan Freeman's next creation, A Pocket for Corduroy.A Live Oak Media audio production.


Bears of the Ice: The Den of Forever Frost

Bears of the Ice #02

Author Kathryn Lasky, Narrated by Fiona Hardingham

Book 2 in bestselling author Kathryn Lasky's stunning new series set in the legendary world of Ga'Hoole.Cubs Stellan and Jytte survived their treacherous trek across the Nunquivik|but their quest to rescue their mother has only begun. Svenna is imprisoned at the sinister Ice Clock-the headquarters of the Grand Patek whose dangerous influence is spreading throughout the bear kingdom.Only one bear has ever stood up to the Grand Patek-Svern|the cubs' father|a famous warrior who's been in exile for years. And so|along with their friend Third|the cubs set out to find Svern in the legendary Den of Forever Frost-a place some bears claim never existed at all.But time is running out. The Grand Patek has a secret weapon at his disposal-one with the power to destroy everything the creatures of Ga'Hoole hold dear.In this second book in the Bears of the Ice series|bestselling author Kathryn Lasky lures readers deeper into a vividly-imagined fantasy world full of magic|adventure . . . and animal heroes unlike any other.



Class Page - 5/6S

As we move into the middle of the final term for 2018, Year 5/6 Students are reflecting on the highlights of the year so far, while others are looking ahead in anticipation to events yet to come.


Xavier Dixon is looking forward to going to the Secondary College to do lots of different subjects like science, woodwork and PE. He is also looking forward to the Year 6 graduation.


Sarah Abdulamir’s highlight of this year is the concert. She enjoyed practising her lines in the music room.


Sapphire Brown is looking forward to the Year 5/6 Camp, because she thinks the camp at Queenscliff will be exciting and interesting, especially learning new things about that area and animals in the water.


Ryan Vikstrom’s highlight of this year have been the sport, art and reading activities.


Mitchell Harvey’s highlight was doing a design for the 2019 Year 6 jumpers and shirts.


Mahdi Abed has enjoyed maths this year so far. He really likes the 11 times tables!


Maddi McGraw is looking forward to the Year 5/6 camp, because she has never been to Queenscliff or snorkelled.


Lucas Spokes is looking forward to camp because he likes fun activities, hanging out with his friends and exploring places.


Lloyd Jetten's highlight was the NPS Athletics Sports Day. It was a blast! Everyone had a great time and did their best.


Keisha Broad’s highlights for this year were the concert because she had a speaking part. She also enjoyed Winter Sports because her netball team members played fairly and each player got a go at every position.


Kayla Gerity, who has never been to Queenscliff, is looking forward to the Year 5/6 camp because she likes going swimming at the beach.


Judah Moody’s highlights this year so far were being Blue House Captain and participating in a range of physical education activities. He was proud of the Blue House students when they won the Swimming Sports.  Judah really liked swimming in the Teacher/ Parent vs Year 6 relay race!


Jhett Eddy is looking forward to going on the Year 5/6 Camp. He is really excited and looking forward to snorkelling.


Jay Moodie’s highlight so far this year was participating in the Regional Athletic events in Shepparton. He got really excited when he was running against other kids in 1500m and 100m. 


Jake Salter’s highlight so far was Winter Sports, because the NPS students tried their hardest and performed really well.


Jackson Jenner is looking forward to camp. He is excited because he will be swimming and going to the beach. Jackson is looking forward to the tasty dinners and desserts. He is also excited to be doing a lots of activities at camp.  


Imogen Jeanes is looking forward to high school next year, because she loves to meet new people, and she likes learning new things.


Grace Mullane’s highlight of the year so far is winning the Grand Final Debate. She had a great time listening to other people’s speeches. Everybody did very well.


Devlin Duncan is looking forward to doing snorkelling and making pizza on the Yr 5/6 Camp.


Conner Waites’s highlight of this year was playing football in Winter Sports.


Christopher Bodsworth’s highlight so far this year was being chairperson in the Grand Final Debate. He thought it was fun.


Bobby Hall is looking forward to going on camp and doing snorkelling.


Benjamin Norman is looking forward to the Year 5/6 Camp at Queenscliff, because he likes to do mountain bike riding and night activities. He also likes bus trips to camp, and he thinks it’s going to be great!


Ainslie Trease is looking forward to the Year 5/6 Camp at Queenscliff, because she would like to learn how to snorkel.


Noah Scott enjoyed PE activities, for this year.


Odin Mutimer is looking forward to going on the Year 5/6 camp in Queenscliff, because he is looking forward to seeing different kinds of fish while snorkelling.


Kaiden Hodgson is looking forward to making new friends in Year 7, and having a great Term 4 with his amazing teacher and class mates.



Student Wellbeing

Working toward the Goal!

The path to achieving educational goals is challenging – and can seem to take a long time for those working hard on that task! My daughter recently graduated from high school; at the graduation ceremony, the principal asked us parents to reflect on our child’s first day in prep and consider how far our child has come – prep seems like such a long time ago!

When we achieve our goals, it is a time for reflection and celebration. What I have learned this week, however, that it is also a time to reflect on the people that have helped get us there. We have been swamped by kind enquiries and best wishes as my daughter tackles her exams; I am very mindful of the incredible support of family, friends, teaching and well-being staff on my daughter’s educational journey. Only one student goes into the examination room, but it takes a team to get the student there!

So thank you to every parent, relative, teacher, support worker, friend…everyone who supports a young person in their education. Of course, our education does not stop after year 12 – it is the journey of life.

Here is some information on how we can help with a children’s health:


Working Bee

Thank you to the families that attending our working bee on Sunday 21st October. It was awesome to see everyone pitching in and helping out. 


Maths Competition

2018 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Maths Competition


On Tuesday August 14th this year, 6, Year 3-6 students engaged the left hemisphere of their brains by completing the 2018 International Competitions & Assessments for Schools MATHS COMPETITION questions.  ICAS assessments have taken place annually in schools for over thirty years and in 20 countries. Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), who design and deliver the assessments, is the not-for-profit arm of the University of New South Wales.


I am pleased to report that our students performed extremely well: congratulations to

Sarah Abdulamir (Yr 6) for receiving a Credit Award. Grace Mullane (Yr 6) and

Lily Patrick-Oudeman (Yr 4) also did a great job with both receiving a Merit Award.



PARTICIPATION Awards:  Marshall Duncan, Sapphire Brown, Christopher Bodsworth

                                              and Caitrin Harrison.


Certificates are awarded for each year level in Australia as follows:

High Distinction to the top 1% of students

Distinction to the next 10% of students

Credit to the next 25% of students

Merit to the next 10% of students

Participation to all other students



The school congratulates all these students who volunteered to set themselves the challenge of solving some very thought-provoking mathematics problems.  I am sure all the students benefited from their experience in this extension activity.


Parents please note: on Monday 5th November the Credit and Merit Certificates will be given out at assembly.

The Participation Certificates will be presented to students by their class teacher. 


Jenny Sartoria –                                                                                 

2018 Maths Competition Coordinator.                                             




Regional Athletics Report

On the 19th of October Bridget, Jay and Lily competed in Regional Athletics at Albury. Jay competed in the 1500m long distance run, Lily the 100m sprint and Bridget the 1500m and the 800m. All three competed well and tried their best. We are so proud of the way in which they represented our school community. The standard was high and they didn’t make it through to the next stage, however it was such a wonderful achievement for them to make it this far. Well done Jay, Bridget and Lily.





No Lunch Orders - Monday 5th November

Due to the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday on Tuesday 6th November PALS will also be closed on Monday 5th November. No lunch orders will be available. All students must bring their lunch to school.

Canteen Helpers

Friday 2nd November - Selyna Wilson

Monday 5th November  - Junior School Council

Tuesday 6th November - No Canteen - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 7th November - Melissa Hall

Thursday 8th November - Helper Required

Friday 9th November - Selyna Wilson

Monday 12th November - Toni Adams

Tuesday 13th November - Alex Sanderson

Wednesday 14th November  - Kylie's Leadership Group

Thursday 15th November - Helper Required

Friday 16th November - Selyna Wilson


Volunteers Required - 

Our school canteen, selling ice creams and icy poles,  is staffed by parent volunteers. If you would like to assist in the school canteen, a volunteer is required each day from 1:30pm - 2:10pm. 


We still require a parent volunteer on Thursday's, if you are able to help out please let the office know.

Canteen Menu

Our Canteen items and prices have remained the same as last year. A price list is attached below.


Lunch Orders


The Lunch Order menu has remained the same as last year. Please see the attachment below if you do not have a copy.



Community Notices

Portsea Camp

Please see the information below about the January 2019 Portsea Camp. If students are interested in attending this camp please download the forms from their website and return the completed form to the Rotary Club of Numurkah.


Numurkah Lawn Tennis Club - Junior Tennis Program 2018-2019


Fun Junior Hot Shots program

5-10 y/o (Guide only, groups based on ability)

4.30-7pm -30 minute sessions

$80 for the 12 week program including a free T-Shirt

BBQ and drinks available

Starts Friday 2nd November



Junior Mixed Social Tennis

5.45pm warm ups – 6pm Start

3 sets each night, $80 for the 12 weeks

Ideal for casual players

BBQ and drinks available

Starts Friday the 2nd November



20th Oct. 9am-11am Grading Morning

27th Oct. Rd 1 Starts

8.45am Warm up, 9am Start

Positions based on ability

12 weeks of comp PLUS FINALS

$100 for entire comp inc. Full Junior Club M’Ship

Come and practice anytime




All at the Numurkah Lawn Tennis Club

Registration for all Junior Tennis is on:

Friday 19th October 5-6.30pm and Saturday 20th October 9-11am

Which will incorporate practice and grading for new Saturday comp players


Friday 26th October 5-6.30pm

All registration forms available at all registration sessions



Private Lessons also available. For inquiries please call Andrew Storer on

0408621984, or Mark Mills on 0429307373.

Numurkah Primary School
School Lunch Summer Menu .pdf