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28 April 2017
Issue 5
Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2018
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Term 2:  18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:  17 July to 22 September

Term 4:   9 October to 22 December


Friday 28

Theatre Studies 'The River, The Dirt & Us'


Saturday 29

Tintern Horse Trials


Monday 1

Year 10 Camp 1 - Buses 1 & 2  - (1 to 9 May)

Year 7 Maths - Parent Information Evening, 6.30 pm to 745 pm,  School Hall


Tuesday 2

DO Cathedral Ranges Camp (2 to 5 May)


Wednesday 3

Year 10 Camp 2 - Buses 2 & 3 (3 to 11 May)

VET Animal Studies RSPCA Excursion


Thursday 4

Business Management Market Day


Friday 5

Year 7 Immunisations (2 of 3)


Monday 8

VCE Drama Melbourne Talam Excursion


Tuesday 9

Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN

Astrophysics Swinburne Excursion


Wednesday 10

Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN


Thursday 11

Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN

Theatre Studies 'Away' Excursion

LHS Information Evening - 7 pm


Friday 12 

Yarra Group Cross Country

Year 11 Presentation Evening Ball 1


Saturday 13 

Year 11 Presentation Evening Ball 2


Monday 15

Language Perfect World Championships (15 to 25)

Year 7 Phillip Island Camp 3 (15 to 17)


Wednesday 17

Vocal Ensemble rehearsal with Mullum Mullum Choir


Thursday 18

Curriculum Day - Student FREE DAY


Friday 19

SEAL Testing Day

Hellenic Museum Excursion


Monday 22

Professional Learning Week


Wednesday 24

VCE Arts Camp (24 to 26)


Thursday 25

Student Managers Breakfast


Friday 26

Yarra Ranges Youth Summit


Monday 29

Unit 1 Biology Classification & Taxonomy  Aquarium Excursion


Tuesday 30

Year 9 & 10 - Football (Boys), Netball (Girls), Soccer


Wednesday 31

GAT Preparation


The following calendars are also available on our school website;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar

To view, please click below;




Please note: School events by nature are subject to change. The school reserves the right to add, change or cancel events as required. 



Term 2

Welcome back! Term 2 is a busy term with a number of activities and initiatives on the agenda across the school.

Anzac Day Assembly 

Congratulations and a very big thank you to everyone for a wonderful assembly on Monday 24 April.


Special thanks to the student leadership group for organising and leading the assembly and to Celeste Wells and Amy Aldred for the beautiful singing accompanied by Mr Valance and Ms Cummings.


Thanks also to Liam Huddleston for his exceptional rendition of the The Last Post. 


A big thanks to Lotus Fakatava and Angelina Pitasi our Year 11 captains for representing LHS at the ANZAC Day dawn service in Lilydale also on Monday;  they laid a wreath and participated in the commemoration.

We hope all students enjoyed meeting the entire student leadership team.  They are looking forward to working with Ms McMillan to make the school the best place it can be for all students.


Our SRC are also a key group in the school who are always willing to hear from students.  Ms Bishop is the teacher who works closely with the SRC team.




VCE Theatre Studies

The River, The Dirt and Us

Congratulations to Mr Bleakley's VCE Theatre Studies class who performed their assessment production last night in the Performing Arts Theatre. 


The students were responsible for organising and implementing the entire production and did an amazing job - we're very proud of them all.


Thanks to Mr Bleakley and his team of teachers/helpers who have been a great support to him and the students.


Students will be performing again this evening. at 7 pm.   Tickets $5 - Available at the door or from the school website homepage



Year 7 Camps

Thank you to our Year 7 students who attended Camps 1 and 2 at Phillip Island during Term 1.  Our first 2 camps were a great success with students reporting that they had a great time.


Camp 3 will be held from Monday 15 May to Wednesday 17 May.  We wish all stuents attending this camp a wonderful time too.


The Year 7 camp is an opportunity for students to make new friends and get to know their teachers, participate in resilience activities and initiatives to assist home groups to work as a team.


Special thanks to the Year 7 Junior School Coordination team for their organisation and leadership of the camps, together with the teaching staff who also attend each of the camps.

Information Evening

Our Information Evening this year will be held on Thursday 11 May, commencing at 7.00 pm in the School Hall.


The evening is our opportunity to showcase Lilydale High School to the community and to those who are considering enrolling children here in 2018.


Thanks in advance to staff and students who will lead and participate in the evening's activities.  All welcome!


Regular attendance is valued at Lilydale High School. Students who attend regularly give themselves the best opportunity to achieve academically by engaging fully in their learning and foster and maintain friendships. 


I ask all parents/guardians to encourage regular attendance for your child/children to ensure every chance for success.



Wendy Powson



2017 Information Evening

Parents and Guardians (and students) are cordially invited to our Information Evening on;

  • Thursday 11 May
  • 7.00 pm
  • School Hall 

There will be presentations from the Principal,  and the Heads of Junior School and information presented about the school.


Tours of the school, presentations and displays of all the Key Learning Areas will also be held.

School Tours

Lilydale High School welcomes prospective families to visit and tour our School on the following dates;

  • Saturday 29 April
  • Tuesday 2 May
  • Thursday 4 May
  • Monday 8 May
  • Tuesday 9 May
  • Wednesday 10 May

Tours commence at 9.00 am from the School Administration Office.


Bookings are essential by calling 9735 5644.



Thursday 18 May

Staff Professional Development Day

Students are NOT required at school on this day.

Sibling photos NOW available on COMPASS

The sibling photos that were taken as part of the school’s photo day have now been uploaded to the Compass portal for parents/guardians to view and purchase.


Please note that you will only be able to view sibling photos if these were taken on the school photo day.
Should you wish to purchase the images, the prices are as follows:

Digital Download: $9.99*
5” x 7” Print: $15
8” x 12” Print: $25
To access these photos, you will need to log in to the Compass portal, and select “Photos” from the Community (two people icon) tab.
To proceed with a photo order, please click on the photo of your child to see pack options. In the list of packs, you will see Group Photo options – the digital download, and the prints in the 5x7” and 8x12” sizes. Click the “Select Image” button to select the image you wish to purchase, and click Add to Cart.
*Please note that Digital Downloads are made immediately available after purchase, through the Compass portal.
Should you have any further questions, please contact Compass Photos on (03) 8640 9640 or at [email protected]

Approving Absences on COMPASS

Student absences should be entered on COMPASS by parents/guardians OR by calling the school Absence Line on 9735 5644.


The Sub School Offices should be contacted if it is expected that your child will be away for more than two days


Parents and Guardians who may have forgotten their Compass username and password, can contact the relevant Sub School Office for assistance.

Compass Parent Guide - Approving Absences.pdf


LOWES - Uniform Shop

All uniform requirements including shoes are available through Lowes, our official uniform supplier (Lilydale Market Place, Shopping Centre). 

Lowes - LHS School Uniform items

Students are required to wear correct school uniform everyday, including travelling to and from Lilydale High School.  


The co-operation of parents/guardians is expected in delivering a high standard of appearance for students.    School uniform policy is determined by School Council and reviewed on a regular basis.

​The co-operation of parents/guardians is expected in delivering a high standard of appearance for students. 


Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program 2018

2018 SEAL Program

Lilydale High School has offered a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program since 1994. Lilydale is a foundation member of the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools. 


Entry to the program is through a selection process involving:

  • General ability test
  • Writing tasks
  • Reading comprehension tests
  • Mathematics tests
  • Information from parents
  • Information from the primary school teacher
  • Results of Year 5 NAPLAN testing
  • Latest school report
  • Interview


Testing for the 2018 Program, will take place on Friday 19 May, from 9.15 am until approximately 12.30 pm at Lilydale High School. 


To guarantee your child’s place in the test, all application forms, payment and supporting material must be received at the School Office by 3.30 pm Tuesday May 16, 2017. The cost for the test is $30.


For details of the application forms, please see the ‘Application Forms & Supporting Material' page on the school website.  Late applications must be approved by Lilydale High School.


To Register for the Testing Day, please go to the school website homepage.


Further Information

For further information about the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, please contact Janine Sayers, SEALP Coordinator on 9735 5644.


Janine Sayers

SEALP Coordinator


Years 7 to 9
English & Maths Tutoring

Beginning Monday 8 May, Year 11 students will be offering a tutoring and homework program to students from Years 7 to 9 in the subjects of English and Maths.


Tutors will be available weekly on a Monday in the Library from the end of school until 3.45 pm.


Students can seek help with their homework, classwork or specific skills such as reading comprehension or numeracy skills.


Students can attend on a regular basis, or as the need arises and will only need to sign in on arrival to the Library.


For further information about the tutoring and homework program, please contact Jess Timmers, Assistant Head of English on 9735 5644.



Janine Sayers

Head of Curriculum


Farewell Ms Todorov

It is with great sadness that the Mathematics faculty has had to say goodbye to Ms Todorov at the end of Term 1.


Fortunately for her (and for her new school), she was the successful candidate for the Numeracy Coordination position at Sunbury High School, which means that she will be heading up the new and exciting program that they are wanting to implement at their school.


Speaking to Ms Todorov she was “very sad to leave all of the staff and students who she had built strong relationships with at Lilydale High School,” but “is very excited to implement what she has learnt in a brand new setting, closer to her new home”.


Ms Todorov has been a brilliant contributor to the Mathematics faculty over the past 5 years. She was well known for going above and beyond for her students and providing a learning environment in which everyone experienced success. She has a real knack for getting students to strive towards achieving their very best and she will be dearly missed at the school.


Lilydale High School and the Mathematics Department would like to wish Laura all of the very best in her new endeavours!



Year 7 Maths Pathway Information Evening

As advised via email and on Compass at the end of last term, the Year 7 Maths Pathway Parent Information evening will be taking place on Monday 1 May (6.30-7.45 pm) in the School Hall.


We would love it if all Year 7 students and their parents/guardians could attend on the night and bring along their iPad.


We are using an exciting new program, with all of the Year 7 cohort this year and would love to share with everyone how it works.


Monday 1 May

Year 7 Maths Pathway Parent Information Evening


Tuesday 9 May

Unit 1 Methods Modelling SAC


Tuesday 9 May to Friday 12 May

Unit 3 Specialist Maths Application SAC


Tuesday 30 May

Unit 1 General Maths Statistics SAC



Thomas Moore

Head of Maths


Anzac Day Excursion

On Friday 21 April, Lilydale High School students paid their respects to past and present service men and women at the Legacy Anzac Day Ceremony for school students.  


As is typical of LHS students, they were attentive, solemn and respectful during the ceremony and whilst observing a minutes silence to remember the fallen.


Students were engaged in conversation with the Honourable Linda Dessau, the Governor of Victoria, as she walked up the forecourt of the Shrine of Remembrance.  


Our Humanities Captains, Ualani Miller and Taylor Fergus, represented the school and laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame.


Personally, it is always an honour for me to attend the ceremony and to be able to take such dedicated students in to the Shrine.  Many of the students who attended this year have been attending the Anzac Day Ceremony every year. It is gratifying to have such a core group of students who are supportive of the day.


The next commemorative service we will attend will be the Battle For Australia Ceremony in September.


Lest We Forget.

Kristy Mays

VCE Humanities Teacher



Market Day is coming!

It's that time of year again!  The Year 11 Business Management classes have been developing their businesses over the last two months and will be selling a variety of delicious treats on Thursday 4 May at lunchtime.


Come and enjoy fairy floss, homemade ice cream, ice cream cookie stacks, biscuits, slices, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, rumballs, chocolate fountain, popcorn, spiders, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit skewers, nachos, BBQ dim sims, hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, egg & bacon rolls and much more! 


Save your money for this great cause!  All profits made on the day go to various charities.


Sharon Wall

VCE Business Management Teacher


Technology Fees

All Technology elective subjects and all Home Economics junior classes carry a fee to help cover the increasing cost of materials.


Notices will be issued to students via Compass and I ask that parents/guardians please assist the school by paying the contribution as soon as practicably possible.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with this request, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Caitlin Marshall 

Head of Technology

Year 9 Sponge Cake baking

Friday 31 March

Ms Haritonidis's class 


Year 9 decorated Sponge Cakes

Ms Haritonidis


What's been happening?

Students have been flooding into Steamworks to try our three new clubs at lunchtimes using our next generation technology.


Chess club participants are beginning to design some amazing looking chess pieces for 3D printing.


Mod squad have improved the performance of their nerf blasters using designing and collaboration skills.


Our statewide 3D printed car challenge teams have been hard at work designing the fastest racer, with the help of ballistics guru, Mr Bennett.



Mindful Mornings

Want to start the day with a calm mind?


Starting Monday 1 May'Mindful Mornings' will be happening at Steamworks from 8.10 am to 8.20 am every morning.  


A ten minute guided meditation for all interested! 


So come along and grab one of our comfy cushions and relax under serenely coloured lights as you help fight stress and bring a calm mind to the start of your day.   Everyone  welcome!


Tony Vallance


Term 1 - Year 8 Science


In the classroom

Melissa McMillan

Assistant Principal


Wilson's Prom Hike

On Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March, 19 VCE Outdoor Education students completed  a hike/camp around the beautiful Wilson’s Promontory.


Not deterred by the original weather forecast, we forged on, with the group splitting into two and completing opposite hikes along the beautiful coastline.  Students were able to see the direct link between what they learn in class and out in the field.


This trip gave them the opportunity to implement their knowledge and make new friends.


All students enjoyed themselves and are excitedly looking forward to the next trip.


Ruth Corry and Nicholas Mann

VCE Outdoor Ed Teachers


Year 7 Girls & Boys Volleyball

Yarra District Competition

Friday 24 March

Dandenong Stadium

  • Year 7 Girls 1st
  • Year 7 Boys 3rd  

Congratulations and well done to all students for a great day of competition.


Ms Knight


2017 School Production


  • Thursday 24 August
  • Friday 25 August
  • Saturday 26 August

Bring It On The Musical 

The cutthroat world of competitive cheerleading meets the fierce rivalries of high school politics and romance.


Campbell is cheer-royalty at Truman High School and her senior year should prove the most cheertastic – she’s been named captain of the squad! But, an unexpected redistricting has forced her to spend her final year of high school at the neighboring hard-knock Jackson High School. Despite having the deck stacked against her, Campbell befriends the dance crew girls and, along with their headstrong and hardworking leader, Danielle, manages to form a powerhouse squad for the ultimate competition – the National Championships.



Caulfield Racecourse

Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May

9 am-3 pm


Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May

10 am-4 pm


The Expo features over 170 exhibitors, seminars on VCE subjects, career and study advice. General admission is $10.00.

Work Experience

Students from Years 10 to 12 have the opportunity this year to undertake Work Experience to develop their awareness of appropriate attitudes and behaviour in real work environments, to explore employment and career options, to develop contacts with potential employers and to observe the use made of skills taught in school subjects. 


Work Experience at Lilydale High School can occur at any time within the school year for up to 5 school days or 10 days, utilising part or all of the school holidays.


Students interested in completing Work Experience should speak to a Careers Practitioner who will inform them of necessary processes and forms required to complete Work Experience.

Tax File Number

Students wishing to obtain a Tax File number must now apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified through an interview at a participating Australia Post Office.


To apply and also to find out about participating Post Offices, visit the Australian Taxation Office;

University / TAFE
Open Days

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

August 13 2017 (Sunday) 

Open Day Melbourne 10 am-4 pm
August 27 2017 (Sunday) 

Open Day Ballarat 10 am-3 pm


La Trobe University (LATROBE)

August 4 2017 (Friday) Shepparton
August 6 2017 (Sunday) Melbourne
August 12 2017 (Saturday) Albury-Wodonga
August 16 2017 (Wednesday) Mildura
August 27 2017 (Sunday) Bendigo


Monash University (MONASH)

August 5 2017 (Saturday) Peninsula Campus
August 6 2017 (Sunday) Caulfield and Clayton Campuses
August 20 2017 (Sunday) Parkville Campus


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners



Friday 5 May

Year 7 Immunisations (2 of 3)


Tuesday 9 May



Wednesday 10 May



Thursday 11 May


Monday 15 May

Year 7 Camp 3


Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day


Tuesday 13 June

Year 8 Significant Persons Day 1


Wednesday 14 June

Year 8 Significant Persons Day 2


Wednesday 21 June

Year 7 Teacher Morning tea


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates for excursions, incursions and sporting  team events.

Year 7 Maths Pathway Information Evening

Monday 1 May

6.30 pm to 7.45 pm

School Hall

A parent information evening will be held to discuss how you can best support your child with Maths from home.

Please see the attached document for further details. We look forward to seeing you on the night.


Thomas Moore

Head of Maths

Approving Absences on COMPASS

Student absences should be entered on COMPASS by parents/guardians OR by calling the school Absence Line on 9735 5644.


Parents and Guardians who may have forgotten their Compass username and password, can contact the relevant Sub School Office for assistance.


Please refer to  the attached document for approving absences on COMPASS.
COMPASS Parent Guide Approving Absences.pdf


Year 7 Camp

Camp 3

Monday 15 May to Wednesday 17

7.53, 7.54, 7.55, 7.56, 7.57



Sibling photos now available on COMPASS

The sibling photos that were taken as part of the school’s photo day have now been uploaded to the Compass portal for parents/guardians to view and purchase.


Please note that you will only be able to view sibling photos if these were taken on the school photo day.

Parent Contact

Please don’t hesitate to call us or your child’s Home Group  teacher, with any questions or queries in relation to the Junior School Program.

Junior School Coordinators




Monday 1 May

Year 10 Camp  1 & 2  (1 to 9 May)


Wednesday 3 May

Year 10 Camp 3 & 4  (3 to 11 May)


Tuesday 9 May



Wednesday 10 May



Thursday 11 May



Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day


Please refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of dates/events, including SPORTING EVENTS.

Year 9 Captains Report

The holidays and Easter are now over and perhaps they may have gone a little too quickly, but it is also great that everybody is now back and required at school.


On Monday 24 April, we all gathered in the stadium for a student led ANZAC Day assembly for Years 7-10. We were introduced to all the student leaders of the school who spoke about the importance of ANZAC Day and what it means.


It is still important towards your success that you receive an 'S' in all of your subjects and it is important to do your best with all CATs and assignments.


We hope everybody completes their CATs to theirs and their teacher's satisfaction and we hope everybody also does well for the rest of the semester.

Keira and Reuben

Year 9 Captains



Year 10 Central Australia Camp 

Camp 1        Buses 1 & 2

Monday 1 May – Tuesday 9 May

Camp 2        Buses 3 & 4

Wednesday 3 May – Thursday 11 May


Students are required at Lilydale High School at 10 AM SHARP, for a 10:30 am departure.


Please find attached  final information and reminders regarding the Year 10 Central Australia Camp as well as the itinerary for each camp.

Please contact the school with any queries you may have.



Year 10 students
NOT attending the CAMP

Monday 1 May to Thursday 11 May

Students NOT attending the Central Australia Camp are required to attend school as per normal arrangements.

Timetabled classes are running for all subjects and normal class content will be taught during this period.

Any absences during this period will require parent approval on Compass. Students will also need to catch up on missed work.


A reminder the 'S' and 'N' reporting policy and 80% attendance policy, applies to students during this time. 

'S' and 'N' Reporting

All students are reminded that in order to receive an ‘S’ on their reports, they must ensure that ALL work requirements, Common Assessment Tasks and homework are completed.


Students must demonstrate their effort by coming to class on time with required resources and engaging positively in all class work and activities.


Receiving two ‘N’s will necessitate a conference with parents in order to discuss strategies to improve.  So to avoid this, students are encouraged to always work to the best of their ability.

Supper Club Fridays

'Executive chef' Daniel Sultana (Year 10) is leading a different team of boys on a rotating roster each week during Term 2.


Together they decide on recipes, prepare ingredients and cook healthy and tasty meals for the staff to enjoy in a casual environment.


Today's menu is 'Sweet Potato Risotto'  for staff to enjoy at lunchtime in the PAC.


Isabella Di Giorgio - Pool Champion!

Isabella Di Giorgio (Year 10) will be representing Australia in June, with the boys at the world titles in England for Eight-Ball.


Isabella recently not only qualified and won the Open Women's State Eight-Ball team, but became the first woman to make the Open Australian Junior team.


Isabella has been playing pool since she was eight.  Last year, Isabella qualified for the junior open state team.  She would like to make it to the World Championships and play more senior teams.


Congratulations and well done Isabella.



Middle School Coordinators



Friday 12 May

Presentation Ball Night 1


Saturday 13 May

Presentation Ball Night 2


Thursday 18 May

Student FREE DAY - Staff Professional Developement Day


Please refer to the Senior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.

VCE Coordinator's Report

The VCE Team would like to congratulate  all Year 11 and 12 students for making a productive and positive start to Term 2.   VCE teachers have commented that overall, holiday homework has been completed to a high standard!


It has been a busy two weeks, with the ANZAC assembly, Fit2Drive program, the Theatre Studies performance and many sporting teams having trials and meets.


We are all looking forward to a fantastic term and cannot wait for the exciting programs coming up!

Improved Performance Time (IPT)

This year all VCE students have study periods together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Periods 5 and 6 and Friday, Period 6.


The aim is to run SACs, examinations, level assemblies, guest speakers and other activities during this time to minimise class disruption.


If there are no relevant activities for your child during this time, they are free to go home to study. However, students are more than welcome to stay at school and study.


A reminder that if your child misses a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) they must get a medical certificate to enable them to sit the SAC in the next available IPT time slot.


Students will not be granted SAC redemption unless they have a medical certificate or it is a school approved absence. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will make a decision based on the VCAA guidelines.


Once a student has been approved for SAC redemption, they will be required to sit the SAC the next available time slot.


The times for SACs are:

Monday - SAC Redemption 3 pm - 4.30 pm

Tuesday - Periods 5 and 6

Thursday - Periods 5 and 6

Friday - Period 6 (one period SAC only)

VCE students and cars

Some students will acquire a car and licence in 2017.    PARKING is available in the Stadium Car Park.




Students may obtain their parents’ permission to be driven to and from school in another student’s car.  A written note from both students’ parents must be given to the VCE Coordinators before driving another student or siblings.


Students must inform the VCE Coordinators of their licence plate numbers and car make and colour.

VCE Attendance

It is a requirement at Lilydale High School that students attend all timetabled classes so that teaching and learning opportunities can be maximised.


If students have reached their limit for absences from class there is an opportunity for this time to be redeemed.


Students can speak to their Year Level Coordinator to discuss making this time up at lunchtime, during afternoon study periods, or after school.



Student Absences

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved – you can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the Parent Approval button on Compass. 


You can also use Compass to view your student’s past absences. 

The River, The Dirt and Us LHS Theatre Studies 2017

Friday 28 April

7. 00 pm

Performing Arts Theatre 

Tickets $5 - Available at the door or from the school website homepage


VCE Theatre Studies students from Lilydale High School present ‘The River, The Dirt and Us’ by Shaun Charles.  This production fulfils outcomes for both Unit 1 and Unit 3 students.



Year 11 Presenation Balls

Night 1 - Friday 12 May

Night 2 - Saturday 13 May


The Centre Ivanhoe

275 Upper Heidelberg Road



Arrival times

4 pm for Debutants and 7 pm for Guests



No more seating tickets will be sold, however viewing tickets can still be purchased.


For all enquiries, including viewing tickets please contact Danielle Devine on 0400 808 683 or 9735 5644 during school hours.


VCE Coodinators