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30 May 2017
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Principal's Report

Student Free Day - Monday 17 July

The first day of Term 3 at Marlborough will be a student free day. This day will be dedicated to Professional Development for our staff. In the morning we will be focusing on our Instructional Practice (how we teach) and the afternoon will be a refresher course on Anaphylaxis, CPR and Asthma.


As we focus on our Instructional Practice we will be using the 'Curiosity and Powerul Learning' Framework. Our Leadership Team attended a 2-day introduction to this framework and we have  joined a network of schools who are using it to make school improvement. The Framework provides us with 10 research based 'Theories of Action' that will guide us as we continually improve teaching and learning at Marlborough and ensure that our students are curious, engaged, self-motivated life-long learners.


The ten Theories of Action are:

  • Prioritise High Expectations and Authentic Relationships
  • Emphasise Inquiry Focused Teaching
  • Adopt Consistent Teaching Protocols
  • Adopt Consistent Learning Protocols
  • Harness Learning Intentions, Narrative and Pace
  • Set Challenging Learning Tasks
  • Frame Higher Order Questions
  • Connect Feedback to Data
  • Commit to Assessment for Learning
  • Implement Cooperative Groups

As you would recognise, many of these practices are already in place. Using the framework we aim to examine what is  working well and both improve upon and introduce high impact teaching and learning strategies into every single lesson. This is ongoing work and will guide our Professional Development for the rest of this year and beyond.


By being part of this network we are able to learn alongside and from other schools, we gain access to high level educational consultants and we have access to the support and research from Monash University and Melbourne University.


As a school we are highly committed to ensuring that our students are prepared for the challenges they face in their lives ahead and a key part of this is inspiring, supporting and giving space for their curiosity.



Pupils of the Week


These students will be awarded their certificates at the following assemblies:


Monday 5th June

Lenka W (PA) -  For always trying her Personal Best.  She is a hard working student and great role model to others.  Lenka is a superstar!

Ava J (PB) - For her perseverence in learning her numbers! You have done a great job at doing your Personal Best!  Well done, Ava!

Dylan C (12A) - For always following the TRIBES agreements.  You are  fantastic role model for our class.

Florence B (12B) - For working in a focused and determined manner to complete your maths mapping task.  You did your Personal Best and showed great work ethic.

Tahlia R (12C) - For always putting your Personal Best into all areas of your school work.  You are an excellent role model for everyone in 12C.

Alice C (34A) - For the effort Alice puts into her homework tasks and presenting the activities to the class.  The video of Alice and her family doing the 'Jazz Hands' task was enjoyed by all.  Thank you, Alice.

Daniel H (34C) - For his fantastic performance as 'Godzilla' during our Performing Arts drama task. Daniel worked with his team to come up with a very interesting play.  Great job, Daniel!

Will E (34C) - For his terrific hand writing.  Will takes great care when writing and has neat, well presented hand writing.  He is having a go at trying joined writing and is doing so well.  Great job, Will!

Bella M (56A) - For her brilliant project about Ataxia.  Bella was so brave how she shared her project with the class - we all applauded her for her terrific efforts.

Rodney C (56B) - For his amazing performance in Volleystars at Interschool sports.

Monday 19th June (no assembly on 12th June)

Lilly D (PA) - For always demonstrating Attentive Listening.  She shows respect to those that are talking and listens with her eyes, heart and ears.  Well done, Lilly.

Mia S (PB) - For always following the TRIBES agreements.  Mia is a great role model to others!  You're a star, Mia!

Chelsea A (12A) - For trying her Personal Best with all tasks.  Keep up the fantastic effort, Chelsea!

Yua K (12B) - For working hard and challenging yourself in writing.  You've been doing your Personal Best and we are all very proud of how much you are writing independently.

Ari R (12C) - For 'having a go' and contributing more to class discussions.  We love hearing your interesting ideas, suggestions and facts.

Joshua R (34A) - For taking on the challenge of Front Row Education maths.  Joshua is doing his Personal Best to achieve the next level and apply his mathematical knowledge and understandings to tasks.  Well done, Joshua!

Christina B (34C) - For tying her Personal Best during writing.  Christina is using her decoding skills to sound out and spell new words.  Well done, Christina!

Mia G (34C) - For her magnificent maths work!  Mia is challenging herself and working on some very tricky place value tasks.  Keep it up, Mia!

Kallarney R (56A) - For her fantastic effort working on her inquiry project.  Kallarney tried her Personal Best and I was super proud of her.

Harua K (56B) - For working extra hard on his Maths Online tasks.  Harua has almost finished every set task and received excellent marks too.  Well done, Harua!


Dates to remember


Tuesday 30th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm

Wednesday 31st

  • Gr 5/6 EFL Football Clinic


Monday 5th

  • PA Meeting
  • Gr 3/4 Camp (to 7/6)

Tuesday 6th

  • Gr 5/6 Somers Camp (to 14/6)

Monday 12th

  • Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Thursday 22nd

  • Community Kids to MPS
  • Gr 5/6 Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo

Friday 23rd

  • Preps to Community Kids

Tuesday 27th

  • Gr 5/6 boys - AFL Gala Day

Wednesday 28th

  • Gr 5/6 girls - AFL Gala Day

Friday 30th

  • Last day of Term 2 - Early Dismissal at 2.30pm


Monday 17th

  • Student Free Day

Tuesday 18th

  • First day for students - Term 3



School News

House Athletics
Tuesday 16 th May, 2017.

The sun was shining, the parent helpers willing, students and staff were excited, students were dressed in house colors, the venue was fantastic and the competition fierce. It was a great Athletics Carnival!


I was so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm of all students, staff and parents. A big thank you to everyone.  Special thanks to behind the scenes helpers, Alison T, Jane B, Joel B, Tracey M, Lisa R, Tanya D and Shaun M.


Congratulations to Jones House - their name is now first on the new Marlborough plaque. Cawley were second, Ford third and Kenny fourth.


District Athletics will be held on Tuesday September 5th - the team will be announced later.


Bonny Chisholm


District Cross Country
May 24th, Domeney Reserve, Park Orchards.

Thank you to staff (Anna Bondini and Lisa Mackney) plus parent helpers Bronwyn and Alan Milne and Cherie Mountney.


Congratulations to the following students who ran and did their Personal Best:


Mia G, Zoe L, Christina B, Liana D, Aysha F, Emma H, Paislee D, Grace D,Laila L, Evie T, Grace C, Fleur B,    Siobhan E, Erica G, Jordy A, Ava M, Ella B, Carla D, Madison M, Kira S, Leilani N, Nathan R, Nash M,              Nathan F, Alec C, Jordan M, James T, Brodie R, Ethan A, Sam V, Cade R, Kaden I, Thomas E, Jamie C, Shannon C, Tom M,  Atticus T, Oscar C, Jaxon A, Zacary D and Mitchell T.


The first ten athletes go straight through to Divisional Cross Country (which is a BIG DEAL!) on Tuesday 13th of June at Yarra Valley Race Course.  Representing Marlborough PS will be Jordy A, Ava M and Nathan R.  Good luck!!


Well done again to all competitors. You represented Marlborough PS competitively and with great sportsmanship. You should feel proud of your achievements. Marlborough PS was placed sixth overall, out of nine schools.


Bonny Chisholm

Piano Exams

Congratulations to Nathan R (56B) who obtained a B on his Preliminary Piano Exam and to James T (56A) who received an A.  Well done, and keep up the great work!



Canteen Helpers Needed


Help wanted!!

Any handy people out there who would like to help assemble a small garden shed on MPS grounds please contact Alison at the school office.


Casserole Bank

We are in urgent need of more volunteers to:

  1. contribute a meal
  2. to take over the coordination at the end of 2017 & beyond

The Casserole Bank aims to have a store of meals kept at the school in the canteen deep freeze to assist families that may be struggling, going through a challenging time, have a new baby etc it is a wonderful way to support fellow Marlborough families.


Please consider if this is something you would like be involved with -  it is an amazing community service in our school.


For any questions please contact me, Naomi Foster  [email protected] Or 0425 770 526

Bendigo Bank School Banking

Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.


Parent's Association





Movie Tickets

Discount Movie tickets are now available online!!  No need to fill out forms or wait for your tickets to be printed  - you can go straight the website and get your tickets instantly (and our school still receives the commission!).



Login: MarlboroughPS

Password: MarlboroughPS




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Email: [email protected]

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