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31 July 2017
Issue Seven
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events 


Tuesday 1 August 

Year 10 - 2018 Information Night 7 pm

(current Year 9 students)


Tuesday 8 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm

Year 12 - 2018, Information Night 7 pm

(current Year 11 students)


Wednesday 9 August

Education Policy Committee 5 pm

Year 9 Night of the Notables 7 pm


Thursday 10 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 15 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm

Year 9 2018 - Information Night 7 pm

(current Year 8 students)


Thursday 17 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6:30 pm

School Council Meeting 7 pm


Tuesday 22 - Friday 25 August

 Year 8 & 9 Challenge Week 

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Thursday 24 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 29 August

Curriculum Day - Students are not required to attend school


Thursday 31 August

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm



Tuesday 5 September

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Wednesday 6 September

Education Committee


Thursday 7 September

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 12 September

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Thursday 14 September 

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6:30 pm

School Council Meeting 7 pm


Thursday 16 September

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 19 September

Home work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Thursday 21 September

No Homework Club 

Student Parent Teacher Conferences 1 pm - 7 pm


Friday 22 September

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30 pm


Monday 9 October

Term 4 commences

College Principal's Report           

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the start of the new semester. I hope the break gave many students the opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year and come back fully refreshed for the remainder of the year.  I would like to acknowledge all of the new students and families who have joined our College this semester and on behalf of the College we hope your time associated with the College is positive. The number of new enrolments this semester highlights the confidence that the community are placing into the quality of education we are now providing here at Scoresby Secondary College.  Despite only being the second week of term three and we have already achieved so much. Students are well on track with their studies and there have been a large number of additional opportunities for our students to participate in showcased in this newsletter.


Darling James Goes Back to School

What an outstanding community performance. Congratulations to our Head of Performing Arts Frank Martinek for his initiative to engage with an industry performer and local primary schools to present this year’s show. Congratulations must also go to our instrumental teachers for their work in preparing the students for their musical performances, Allira Scott for the dance choreography costumes and rehearsals. Performances such as this don’t just happen. There were many people including members of our broader community behind the scenes for makeup, backstage, lighting, sound, filming and photography, publicity, promotions and ticket sales.

A special thank you to Darling James for his time, commitment, passion for developing our young performers and the outstanding way he presented on the evening. His professionalism meant at all times the focus for each performance was on the students.

Lastly but most significantly thank you to all students who participated from Scoresby Secondary College, and Carrington, Knox Park and Kent Park Primary Schools.   

The feedback from the show has been excellent and many messages received. 


“The students gave some incredible performances.  It’s great to see Scoresby students having the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned in the Scoresby music program. It was a brilliant idea involving the three local Primary Schools, which really added to the night .Please pass on my sincere congratulations to all the teachers and students who were involved, with a very special mention to Fraser and Bridget for their outstanding performances.”    


“It was a GREAT night. Well done to all involved”  


“Darling James music was so good. Why have we not heard more of this guy? To hear students sing his songs and perform with him on stage was excellent and I am so glad we had the opportunity to see such a top class show”


“There are so many talented youth in our schools.”


“Thank you to Scoresby Secondary College for a fantastic evening.”


“As a primary school parent I was very impressed to see all of the schools brought together. Congratulations to the produce and all of the schools.”


More about the evening appears later in the newsletter.


Corporate National Tree Planting Day

Scoresby Secondary School students joined Knox Rotary, Think Advantage and 10 other local businesses at the Corporate National Tree Day planting last Friday, 21 July, supported by Knox City Council.


 At Scoresby Secondary College, we nurture the whole person and are developing valuable community citizens. Assisting in community work develops a sense of being connected with the wider community and reinforces strong values of community building. For this reason, our students contribute to the local community in a number of activities such as volunteering at local primary schools, Arcare Knox as well as environmental initiatives.


Below is a message we received acknowledging our students.

“ Knox City Council, and in particular the Biodiversity and Economic Development teams, would like to extend their thanks to Think Advantage and Knox Rotary for their support of the Corporate National Tree Day planting last Friday, 21 July. 


 Please extend our thanks also to the Scoresby Secondary College – we really appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm for the event and efforts on the day. With the participation of 12 businesses and students from Scoresby Secondary College, 1,000 grasses, shrubs and trees were planted – what a great team effort and a fantastic outcome. 

Once established, these plants will contribute to the habitat corridor that provides food sources and supports the movement of local fauna species such as owls, bats, birds, bees and possums.

Well done and thanks again for your support and participation”


Information Evenings

This week we had the first of our 2018 information evenings for our current Year 10 parents. The diary dates have a list of the evenings for other year levels where electives and subject choices occur.  Thank you to Chris Knight our Assistant Principal and Ellen Sawyer for their work in preparing for the evening.  The importance of these evenings is significant as the subject choices students make requires making informed decision making skills.  Therefore I would encourage all parents to be available for the upcoming evenings.             


Gail Major 




Assistant Principal's Report

Emergency Management Drill 

On Friday 23 June we conducted an Emergency Management Drill (lockdown). It was great to see all students and staff able to follow our procedures very well. In this case students and staff are required to lock doors, shut windows, be silent and hide from potential intruders.


Throughout the year we conduct various types of drills on different days and at different times to ensure all members of the school community know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.


Attendance - Everyday Counts

It was great to see the number of students who are making the most of their learning opportunities by attending every day in Term 2. There are also a number of students who have not missed a day of school this year. The Year 12 students are leading the way with 31% of Year 12 students attended every day in Term 2 and 17% of Year 12 students have attended every day for Semester One. The Year 10 had an impressive attendance percentage for Term 2 with 27% of the cohort attending every day for Term 2. The Year 11 students and year 7 students weren’t too far behind either. The Year 7, 10 and 11 students were equal across the semester with 15% of students from these year levels attending every day for Semester One.


I would like to congratulate the following students who attended every school day in Term 2.

Year 7

Mady De Lacy, Jackson Matic,Oscar McCurdy

Year 8

Kyle Diaz

Year 9

Klyde Diaz, Trung Le

Year 10

Bethany Dodson, Brock Franklin, Kendall Garland, Jared Larter, Michelle Shum

Year 11

Zara Ashley, Joel Holden, Jacob Turnbull

Year 12

Bradley Bishop, Vanessa Clave, Nathan Matthews, Adam Mazzan, Aaron Sutton,


The following students not only attended every day in term 2 they have attended every day for the semester – you’re on track for 100% attendance for the year. Great work!

Year 7

Melissa Butler, Michael Fankhauser, Poppy Johnston, Mason Rimmer, Cameron Thompson,

Annie Tongnim

Year 8

Caitlyn Tilley

Year 9

Matt Sutton

Year 10

Marcus Brown, Erwin Diesta, Tully Green, Kaushal Kumar, Christopher Swenson, Ryan Turnbull

Year 11

Christopher Clarke, Callum Ellison, Annabel Glossop, Michael Nikolaou, Bryce Prissmann, Avalana Pritchard, Abbey Short

Year 12

Bec Carpenter, Luke Dodson, Jake Foster, Calista Jensen, Amy Lucas, Frazer Spence

For other students, set yourself a goal for getting 100% attendance in the remaining terms.


Information Nights

Planning for 2018 has begun. To ensure parents are well informed we will be holding Information Nights early Term 3. Please see the dates below:

Tuesday 25 July - Year 11 2018 (current Year 10 students) 

Tuesday 1 August - Year 10 2018 (current Year 9 students) 

Tuesday 8 August - Year 12 2018 (current Year 11 students) 

Tuesday 15 August - Year 9 2018 (current Year 8 students) 


Please be aware that subject selection forms will be due shortly after the information nights. As with previous years, students will be required to submit $100 towards the materials cost of the subjects they select. The relevant handbooks can be accessed the website as well as on Compass.


School for Student Leadership

It is with excitement that we have four Year 9 students – Kyla Donnelly, Gracie Harber, Sam Myszka and Zac Tarquinio attending the School for Student Leadership this term. They are attending the Snowy River Campus. These students will be participating in leadership building activities throughout the term. They will develop many skills and we look forward to seeing and hearing about the great adventures these students have throughout Term 2.

Chris Knight

Assistant Principal




Junior School

Welcome back to Semester 2

The beginning of this semester is a great opportunity to take on board and apply the feedback that has been given in the end of semester reports. Students should have sat down with parents to read through their reports and discussed the areas of achievement and improvement including strategies to apply the areas of improvement. We encourage students to discuss their reports with their teachers and ask for guidance on how to continue to improve.

There are a few simple things that parents can do to assist their child which include:

  • Have a designated homework/study area away from distractions such as social media and in a location where you can assist when needed.
  • Update any stationary. The start of the semester is a great time to make a fresh start.
  • Check compass on a regular basis for learning tasks, events and notices.
  • Set up a homework routine. Homework should be completed every night. There is no such thing as “I do not have any homework.”

If no formal homework has been given then revision of the day/weeks content should be completed. This may include making posters or cue cards, searching for quotes, completing practice questions from the text book, reading more broadly about current topics.


Term 3 Junior School Events 

Students in the Junior School have a wide range of programs to look forward to for Term 3.

Year 7 KIOSC - Tuesday 1 August

Year 9 into 10 Information Night – Tuesday 1 August 7 pm

Year 9 Night of the Notables – Wednesday 9 August 7pm

 Year 9 KIOSC – Thursday 17 August

 Year 8 into 9 Information Night – Tuesday 15 August.

Year 8 and 9 Respectful Relationships Program & Challenge Week – Tuesday 22 –  Friday 25 August


Emma Morris

Acting Head of Junior School


Senior School 

Term 3 in Senior School

Welcome back to Term 3!  I hope that all students were able to rest and recover, ready for the busy term ahead.


Semester Two and particularly Term 3 brings new challenges, with the majority of learning for both Unit 2 and Unit 4 occurring in this term.  For our students, this means that they will need to be diligent and consistent in their revision, to ensure that they are consolidating their learning and are best prepared for future lessons.  Consistent revision is crucial; we recommend twenty hours of revision each week to ensure that assessment results accurately reflect knowledge and skills developed. 


All School Assessed Coursework will be completed, for Unit 4, by the end of Term 3 and, for Unit 2, by early Term 4.  As a result, students will need to be organised and diligent with their study, as they will be completing numerous assessment tasks within a relatively short period of time.  To assist students in their organisation, SAC calendars have been provided and placed on Compass.  We also encourage families to be familiar with the assessment schedule to adequately support their child during this busy and often stressful time.  If you are concerned about your child’s progress and/or wellbeing, please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator; we are all here to help and support the students to do their best.


Senior School Information Nights

Over the coming weeks, information nights will be held to provide information about the study options for the following year.  It is at this time that information about course selection and extra curriculum material is provided.  As such, we encourage all students and their parents/guardians to attend.

Year 10 into Year 11 Information Night -Tuesday 25 July

Year 9 into Year 10 Information Night - Tuesday 1 August

Year 11 into Year 12 Information Night - Tuesday 8 August


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School 

Darling James Goes
Back to School

Scoresby Talent on Show

Congratulations to everyone involved in staging the recent Darling James goes back to School concert!


The event involved in excess of over 100 student performers from Scoresby Secondary College, Carrington Primary, Knox Park Primary and Kent Park Primary.


The Scoresby students performed magnificently for the capacity crowd which featured musicians from our college’s newly developed ‘Artist Development Program’ and ‘Year 7 Artist Discovery Program’ in addition to offerings presented by our talented dance students.


The primary school performers were equally entertaining. Carrington Primary’s Allstars Cheerleading squad dazzled the audience with their highly entertaining stunts whilst the Kent Park Primary dancers did likewise with their amazing choreographed routines from their Grade 3/4 and 5/6 dance teams. Meanwhile the vocalists from Knox Park Primary performed a beautiful vocal work on the theme of diversity.


The second half of the program featured Australian recording artist Darling James who began the set with a solo work from his recently released EP. From there on, he was joined by students from all schools who shared the stage with him at different stages to perform alongside him. It was amazing to see both Secondary students, Primary students, and Darling James on stage at the same time at various stages during the night performing collaboratively. Sometimes this included a mix of dancers, band members, choirs and lead vocalists as well as Darling James!


The evening was superbly hosted by Scoresby College Captain Frazer Spence who at one stage, entertained the audience with his cart-wheeling skills during a short technical problem pause during the second half.


A massive thank you and congratulations must go out to all staff and students responsible for preparing acts from each of the respective schools. The quality of acts and commitment shown to ensuring the success of the show was outstanding. Thank you also to all support staff and students from each of the respective schools who worked behind the scenes. Their roles were numerous and vital to making everything happen comfortably, smoothly and spectacularly.


Finally Darling James was indeed a darling. He worked tirelessly leading up to the event, including sourcing, re-recording and editing numerous tracks. Ongoing requests and demands were made over many months and he was ever so obliging.


Well done to all involved, a truly creative community collaboration. I trust it was an inspiring experience for everyone involved, working amongst an industry-education partnership that explored, shared and celebrated creative talent.


Hopefully many of us can work together and create again in the future.

Frank Martinek

Music Department

Staff Profile

Aaron Brown

Aaron  joined Scoresby Secondary College at the beginning of Term 3, as a teacher of Maths and Computing. Currently, Aaron teaches Year 10 and Year 8 Maths, along with Year 8 and Year 9 Digital Technology.

After completing secondary school, Aaron obtained his Bachelor Degree in IT, which gave him the opportunity to explore several key focus areas in the tech space, such as: big data/cloud computing; programming; web development; database management; and more. In addition, he developed a key interest in statistics, for which he gained a minor in as well. Aaron credits his developed interest in statistics to an engaging and enthusiastic lecturer in one of his first units, which paved the way for future study with a newfound confidence. He hopes to be able to inspire and replicate this in his own teaching practice.


During the final year of his degree, Aaron was involved in university-level teaching duties in the areas of computer science and IT. One of his main roles involved running ‘tutorial’ and ‘laboratory’ classes for new university students in programming. Aaron felt that this was an extremely rewarding experience, as he not only had the opportunity to teach students, but also was also able to assist with new student mentoring and orientation programs. This experience has aided Aaron in becoming interested in pastoral care at the secondary school level, ensuring that all students feel safe, supported and happy at school.

After completing his Bachelor degree, Aaron immediately completed a Master of Teaching at Monash University, specialising in Maths/Computing secondary education. As part of this course, Aaron completed two of his teacher placements at Scoresby Secondary College before applying for his current role at the college.


Rotary Tree Planting

Rotary Tree Planting Day

Being nominated to represent Scoresby Secondary College and Knox Rotary in conjunction with Knox City Council, gave us the chance to talk to several business men and women, as well as the opportunity to give a helping hand in order to expand the species of flora and fauna in the Ferny Creek Reserve area by planting  trees and shrubs for Plant A Tree Day. There was a nice barbecue to reward our efforts and the weather provided a pleasant experience.

Abbey Short


On Friday 21 July, Joel, Ben, Abbey and I had the chance to travel to Ferny Creek Reserve to participate in National Tree Planting Day for a session of planting trees and shrubs to assist in the growth of vegetation and wildlife. This particular event was focusing on the sugar gliders located in this area; by planting these trees we were allowing for the species to continue to thrive in the upper Ferntree gully area. With about 70 people attending, we planted around 1000 new trees and we were rewarded with a bbq lunch. Overall it was a fun and educational day, with great weather and scenery.

While it was a little muddy, we had a sunny and otherwise perfect day for planting trees for the Knox Rotary Club along with Knox City Council. We had the chance to talk to some business men and women, as well as provide our help to the Ferny Creek Reserve, helping the vegetation and wildlife to continue to thrive for many years to come.

Annie Glossop 


The start of our day was wet and muddy but as we arrived to Ferny Creek Reserve the sun came out and the day was brilliant. We were able to meet some representatives from businesses in the Knox region. We planted many plants that would in future help the wildlife and vegetation maintain itself in years and to help the regions Sugar Gliders population grow.

Joel Minisini 


While it was muddy due to the past few days of rain, the weather was in our favour and the sun came out making the day quite wonderful. We were able to meet and talk to representatives of business men and women within the Knox region where we planted a plethora of young plants and trees to soon provide Ferny Creek Reserve with well-deserved vegetation to maintain its beauty for many years to come.

Ben Dowler


Alpine School 

Alpine School for Leadership

Four of our Year 9 students are facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives so far! This challenge takes them away from their families, their friends and school for nearly all of Term 3.


This challenge is, of course, the Alpine School for Leadership and Gracie Harber, Zac Tarquinio, Sam Myszka and Kyla Donnelly are already at the Marlo campus, making new friends from other schools and meeting their new teachers.


They arrived at the Alpine school on Sunday 23 July with their families. Then their families were sent home but Sam, Kyla, Gracie and Zac will stay there until September, returning to School in Term 4.


 Here they will learn amazing skills and personal qualities including resilience, decision-making, independence and leadership skills. They must also complete a community based learning project while they are at the Alpine School and upon their return to Scoresby Secondary College.


From all of us here at school we wish these four Year 9 students the best of luck at Alpine School this term.


Andrea Burke

Alpine School for Leadership Coordinator

Community News


Kids Matter ( defines mindfulness as a ‘whole body/mind state of awareness that involves ‘tuning in’ to the present moment, with openness and curiosity, instead of ‘tuning out’ from experience.’  It is simply the ability to focus on the now and take time for ourselves.


Mindfulness is a type of meditation and came from Buddhist traditions of meditation.   Mindfulness is not a faith or religious practice, although it can be used in this way.  Rather, it is a psychology practice, making us aware of what is happening for us right now.


The benefits of Mindfulness enable include enabling us to slow our thoughts down, better manage panic attacks and anxiety, support us through depression and other mental health issues, and aid in recovery from illness and injury. 


Like anything, the more we practice mindfulness the better we will be at it.   To play football, for example, we need to develop our skills and train in order to perform at our best.  If we try to use mindfulness at a time of crises, without having practiced it beforehand, we are much less likely to get benefit out of it. 


I recommend the following resources in aiding us in ‘being in the now’:  This is a website and app that talks us through guided mindfulness exercises.  It is the best known and most used app, and I highly recommend it to people who are open to guided or spoken meditation.   It is also a great introduction to Mindfulness. Pause is more of a visual app that is described as ‘Tai Chi’ for your fingers and mind.  There is a cost for this app, but I highly recommend it.  The app asks you to first slowly follow a dot around the screen with your finger, then gives you free reign, alerting you if you move too quickly.  


5 Things – this is an offline exercise that I do in my office with students, as needed.  Maybe try this now.  Firstly be comfortable, then SEE 5 things.  Not a chair, but maybe a crack or a join in a chair.  A cobweb in a specific corner of a room.  Then I would ask you to HEAR 5 things – maybe your breathing, individual birds, the sound of your computer or heater.  Finally I ask you to FEEL 5 things – perhaps the sleeve on your wrist, the chair underneath you, your hair sitting on your cheek, the floor underneath your feet.  Do not rush these, but you don’t need to take a long time either.


Mindfulness is becoming more mainstream.  Some schools encourage students to practice daily.  There is a place in our community, and the effects are proven to be highly beneficial.  Can you make the time to be mindful in your busy life?


Andy Phillips

College Chaplain, Acting Head of Wellbeing

Peer Pressure


Parenting Tricky Kids


Red Faces Rotary


Knox Rotary Club


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