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25 September 2017
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Dates To Remember


Monday 9 October

Term 4 begins

Monday 16 to Friday 20 October

H2O Pledge Week

Wednesday 18 October

Year 12 Japanese Oral Examination

Thursday 19 October

VCE Music Performance Exams

Tuesday 24 October

Year 11 Ecolinc

Final day for Year 12 Classes (VCE/VCAL) 

Wednesday 25 October

Year 12 Celebration Day



Tuesday 31 October

School Council


Wednesday 1 November

Start of VCE Exams

Thursday 2 November

Student Early Finish - 1.39 pm

Monday 6 November

Student Free Day

Wednesday 8 November

VET Orientation Day

Friday 11 November

Year 11 VCAL last day

Monday 20 November

Year 11 Study Day

Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 November

Year 11 Exams

Tuesday 21 November

WEC Awards Night

Monday 27 November

Year 10 Study Day

Tuesday 28  November - Friday 1 December

Year 10 Exams

School Council

Friday 1 December

Year 11 Last Day

Year 12 (2018) Headstart

Year 12 (2017) Graduation Dinner

Monday 4 to Friday 8 December

Year 11 (2018) Headstart VCE/VCAL

Friday 8 December

Year 10 Last Day

Tuesday 12 December

Year 6-7  (2018) Orientation Day (No classes for Year 7)

Wednesday 20 December

Awards Night

Friday 22 December

Term 4 Ends







Principal's Report


New College Vision Statement

During term three this year, staff and parents have been asked to contribute to the development of a new Vision Statement. The statement reads:

A flourishing community of learners, achieving high levels of academic growth and bright futures for every student.

The purpose of the statement is to provide a clear summary of what our College stands for and what we are striving to achieve as we look to the future.

Each part of the statement contains a key part of the commitment  our College provides to every child and family.

The phrase, A flourishing community of learners indicates our commitment to ensure students develop the personal skills and life knowledge to form positive relationships, strong and healthy mind and body and meaningful endeavor in their lives.

The middle phrase, achieving high levels of academic growth expresses our commitment to ensuring that every year, every student develops increasing confidence and skill in the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy.

The final part of the statement, bright futures for every student reflects our commitment to ensuring that every student attains high quality results in one or more senior certificate courses (VCE, VCAL or VET) as this will provide them with the best chances of success in the world of work. 

At its next meeting, School Council will move to endorse  the new Vision Statement as part of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. If you would like further information about the Vision Statement or Strategic Plan please feel free to contact me via email [email protected], or School Council President, Chris Papas at [email protected] 

MSC Positive Behaviour Support

Achieving our vision starts with making sure that our College is a supportive and positive experience every day for every member of our community. Feedback from students, staff and parents indicates that this is the highest priority for the entire community. Our school must be a place where everyone feels safe, included, valued and respected.

As part of our School Review the College has formed a team including several staff, two student leaders, a School Council parent member and myself to develop a plan to  strengthen positive behaviours in our College.

Our first step is to explain to all members of our community what our College Values mean and what they look like in action. This can be seen in the Values Statement and Expectations Matrix (attached)

The Expectations Matrix will be presented to students at the start of Term Four. If we can all commit to learn and demonstrate our values and these behaviours, we will continue to grow as a community and our students will flourish and succeed.

Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

The College provides many different ways that parents can communicate with teachers, but Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews are one of the most effective because it is face-to-face and allows greater sharing and understanding. Parents can also keep track of their child's progress via Compass and email. 

Parent Opinion Survey

Results from the recent Parent Opinion Survey have just been received. All government schools are required to conduct the survey. This year 400 parents were invited to participate and 114 responses were received. The key messages from the results are that while parents believe that there is a high level of expectation that students can succeed, there needs to be greater support for positive behaviors, student motivation and parent involvement. The School Council will look at the Parent Opinion Survey results in detail at its next round of meetings and welcomes further input from parents.

School Council Update

Membership for our School Council has been increased this term and we welcome Kate Barta as a parent member and Councillor Sophie Ramsey as a community member. Sophie and Kate bring great skill and knowledge to Council and with the support of all members of our community, we are all looking forward to making significant progress in achieving our College Vision.


D. Reynolds




Assistant Principals' Report

Mr Alan Devine

Mrs Jenny Buckle

Ms Andrèe Poulter

Mrs Ruby Dhir - Acting Assistant Principal

Diversity Week

Promoting and Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week at Melton Secondary College

Each yearly calendar, Melton Secondary College host and celebrate cultural diversity week, to celebrate the diverse cultural and minority groups at school and in the wider community.  Diversity Week this year was held from 7th – 11th of August.   Our week began with an assembly to highlight the key message that we All belong, a message promoted by Melton City Council.

Sophie Ramsey highlighted that the City of Melton is inclusive of everyone and committed to creating a sense of belonging to all residents, where different cultural groups thrive by sharing and respecting each other’s differences. She also thanked Melton Secondary College for their strong support of diversity. Councilor Ken Hardy also supported the assembly.

Our Victorian Assistant Commissioner of Police, Andrew Crisp, Victoria Multicultural Commissioner Dr. Mimmie Claudine Ngum Chi Watts, Dr. Berhan Ahmed 2009 Victorian Australian of the Year also reiterated the weeks key themes of understanding, respecting, recognizing and embracing the uniqueness of different cultural communities. According to the Victorian Multicultural Commission Official website report, it reveals that Victoria is one of the most, cultural diverse societies in the world, among the fastest-growing and most diverse states in Australia.

In the above photo, on the left VMC Commissioner Dr. Mimmie waits for formal introduction to the stage by Melton Secondary College Student Leadership and School Captains. 

Mr Keith Randall – Chairperson of Western Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group reiterated our assembly support of acknowledgement to country.


VICSEG (Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups)​

As mentioned earlier Melton Secondary College organised a Diversity Week. Abraham Jongoor represented VICSEG at the School Assembly.  During the Diversity Week, Melton Secondary College VICSEG students organised a student project with consultation through school leadership team and VICSEG Program Coordinators to help raise some needed funds for refugees in affected areas around the globe, especially Syria.   VICSEG is a Not –For- Profit organisation which runs programs within different high schools and municipalities in the region to assist with student engagement and to support young people to achieve at school and reach their potential, especially those from formally refugee backgrounds and families.   VICSEG programs thrive at working with young people, parents, teachers, more importantly supported by the school leadership team with students’ projects.  During the last day of MSC Diversity Week of the 11th of August, a number of VICSEG students initiated their project of gold coin donations to support refugee families by donating donated money/funds to one of the United Nation’s humanitarian organisations.   Thanks to number of students and teachers who donated their gold coins which has come to the totally of $153.00.   


Many thanks to those who were involved the Diversity week celebration, including VICSEG.

Mr Robert Adeur Multicultural Education Aide.


Visiting the College

When visiting the college during school hours it is important that you go directly to the Main Office. Due to safety and legislative requirements no visitor is allowed to enter anywhere elsewhere on the school grounds without signing in and being accompanied with an appropriate member of staff.

Many thanks for your support and co-operation on this matter.

Crime Prevention 

It has been brought to the attention of local Police that there has been a significant influx in reports of students committing theft (shop steal) and demonstrating anti-social behaviour in and around local shopping centres. 

Store Managers and Centre Management are working with local Police to identify these students and charge them accordingly.  School Principals have met with Police and we will continue to work together to ensure that their students are not participating in these unlawful acts.

A conviction for a criminal offence, such as theft, can affect an individual’s prospects for employment, acceptance into university, obtaining a passport or even entering certain countries.  

It is requested that parents and students be advised that a zero tolerance approach will be adopted by Police to these acts. 

Sub Schools

Middle Sub School

Term 3 is a busy term for students and staff in the Middle School. Progress reports have been issued for students and we encourage you to discuss these with your students’. If you have any concerns in regards to your students’ progress please feel to contact the sub-school. Students will also be asked to reflect on their reports during Tutorial classes and to set goals for Term 3 and 4. The sub-school are also currently reviewing Semester One reports and organising meetings with students who may be at-risk.


Year 10 Formal

The Year 10 Formal was held on Friday the 25th of August at Witchmount Winery in Plumpton. It was great to see so many students, and teachers, dressed to impress on the night. Students were treated to a 3 course meal and were allowed to dance the night away on the dancefloor. We were lucky to have the musical talents of Year 12 student Peter Andrejic who kept the dancefloor pumping all night. The students were extremely well behaved and exhibited the values of Melton Secondary College.


Work Experience

Year 10 students will also be participating in the Work Experience program this term. This will start on Monday 28th of August and run for the whole week. Students who are unable to attend work experience will have an alternative program organised for them at school. Students have been preparing for work experience in their tutorial sessions. We would encourage parents to discuss work experience with their students, in particular ensuring students know the following:

  • The workplace address
  • The hours of work
  • Required uniform/clothing
  • Name of supervisor/s
  • Lunch/food arrangements

We have been asking students to contact their work places to clarify any details.


STARR Values

The college is currently focusing on the value of respect as part of the college’s STARR values. We are encouraging students to develop their understanding of the value of respect and how this can impact their learning in the classroom. This includes respect for themselves, for others and the environment. Students will receive STARR awards for demonstrating respect throughout the college.


Senior Sub School

High Achiever Profile - Tai Farr Pardoe

Achievements: High Achiever award for Studio Arts 2017; STARR award for Media 2017; STARR awards for Psychology, Business Management and Media 2016

Best subjects: Media, Psychology, Studio Arts

2017 Goal: 70+ ATAR; develop and improve on a personal level

2018 Goal: To be accepted into a Psychology and/or Arts degree course

Student’s Advice: Stay focussed, don’t overthink things, remind self to be happy and take time out for yourself.

Key VTAC dates for 2017/2018 Applications

Applications open:

9am, Monday 7 August 2017
Timely applications close:

5pm, Thursday 28 September 2017
SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) closing date:

5pm, Tuesday 10 October 2017
Scholarships closing date:

5pm, Friday 13 October 2017
Release of ATAR and VCE results:

7am, Friday 15 December 2017
Change of preference closing date (Round 1):

12pm, Wednesday 20 December 2017
Release of Round 1 offers:

Wednesday 17 January 2018

 MSC Information 

General Office 

Office hours:  8:15 am - 4:30 pm


Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours are:


Mondays:             8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Wednesdays:      3:00 to 4:00 pm


Fridays:                 8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm



Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Training (DET) does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident/insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.  The DET cannot provide advice to parents or guardians on the purchase of individual student accident policy or ambulance cover.  Insurance policies can be purchased from commercial insurers.  Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  As the DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students and staff are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.



August 100% Attendance

Congratulations to the students listed below who received a 100 percent attendance record for the month of August.  This highlights the dedication to their studies and are commitment to their own learning.  Well done!

Junior Sub School

Year 7

AGANY, Aliet

BAGULA, Junior

BANEK, Gloria



CURIC, Brooke

FALZON, Mikayla

GUNN, Kaylah


HEATH, Aodhan




TANNER, Alisha



Year 8

BIBBY, Jarrod

BONIC, Mateo





CREES, Kayley

DAWO, Beatrice

FRASER, Indiana

GARRO, Chantal

GEORGE, Alisha

HEALY, Bailey





MORGAN, Jamieson




PAULO, Phoenix

SASUK, Innocent


SMITH, bryson

SMITH, Travis




WHEELER, Vanessa

Middle Sub School

Year 9


MANAN, Karanvir

MANAN, Pawanvir

MARTIN, Hannah

MENDOZA, Alliyah


MITER, Harri

NG, Ethan

REEVE, Benjamin

SCOTT, Emily


TAFA, Jean

Year 10



BANEK, Sabir







FALZON, Kristen


FROY, Abby

GILL, Shubh


JAMES, William



PETEROS, Maverick

RAAMS, Christian

SANGAR, Lovettee


TELEA, Henry

THEO, Riley


TUNG, Isaac



VELLA, Bradley




Senior Subschool

Year 11

Josh Ah Ki

Jacob Anderson

Denise Blake

Sebastian Caiafa

Hannah Chekole

Aaron Churchman

Jade Coyle

Bol Dor

Winona Duka

Jordan Hammill

Tuna Kiir Mabok

Kristina Maglovski

Riak Malual        

Josh Miranda    

Katelyn Mitchell

Ryan Mullins     

Alain Nzitunga

Fale Paulo

Tausala Paulo

Rachelle Petersen

Shelby Rust

Jacob Spence    


Year 12

Elisara Ah Ching                                                                      Benjamin Akok

Madol Anyuat                                                                            Sharae Burton

Vince Castillon

Ron Gulatera

Wilondja Kashindi

Ethan Kelly

Nyafar Kueth

Tyson Loft

Ronila Aura Manalo

 Bethy Mazengia

Kifungulo Mwarabu

Michael Norris

 Stephie Novak

Hannah Robertson

Renzo Rodriguez

Lynette Simanu Sapolu

Hayden Smith

Eimee Soriano

Chloe Wialletton

 Alice Zoyea


College News

Multicultral Week 2017

At Melton Secondary College we recognise how diverse our community is and how many cultures are represented within our school. Adolescents are the future, and helping them grow and develop a more multicultural mindset could help future generations in accepting difference and encouraging an inclusive, safe environment. To celebrate this diversity, VCAL has been working together to organise a Multicultural Week.


Multicultural Week will be running from the sixteenth of October to the twentieth of October 2017 and has a range of activities and performances planned for the occasion; including an Umu, different foods and a range of dances, songs, performances and dress. This week will help support the idea of a more multicultural society through food and events to enable students to teach others about their background and be proud of where they have come from. This week is trying to celebrate everyone’s differences and cultures throughout the week, and how even though everyone is different we all get along and learn together.


The week will commence with an assembly Monday morning with various performances in front of junior and intermediate students. These performances include many different dances and hakas from many cultural backgrounds and countries. The groups include: A traditional African dance, Hawaii, Fiji, Samoan, Tonga and Maori. All of these dances are being performed by students at our school and have been practicing already in preparation, to ensure that everyone knows the dance and that everyone enjoys the performance. These dances will also be held during lunchtime on Tuesday (17th October), Thursday (19th October) and Friday (20th October). We invite parents to view the performance at Assembly Monday, 16th of October at 9 am.


The food during Multicultural Week is far from your ordinary canteen menu, with a group doing an Umu, a Samoan cuisine which involves both parents and students to prepare and cook a variety of meat and vegetables on a bed of hot rocks. An Umu is a traditional Samoan style of cooking food, which students and families are allowed to purchase or pre-order (through students or teachers whom are running the event). Years 8 and 9 will have an opportunity to watch how they prepare and cook the food. This is running from morning to lunch time, Tuesday the 17th of October 2017. Other food being served are Easter Biscuits that are Greek (that do not contain Easter eggs…just to let you know) but they still taste nice. The Greek name for it is Koulourakia and it is a traditional Greek recipe that is usually made for Easter Sunday but is a recipe that could be made anytime of the year really.


We hope to see everyone coming out and participating in these student led events. Most importantly we hope to see everyone appreciating and celebrating our differences together.


Kayla Henderson

Yr 11 VCAL Student

Learn a New/Existing language

We are seeking expressions of interest from students in the Melton area who may be interested in learning a language other than English on Saturday mornings. This is not part of our school language program but an opportunity for people to study a range of other languages. Some of these languages may include Hindi, Punjabi, Swahili and Dinka, Amharic, Persian and Arabic. If you are interested, please s send an email expressing your interest to the front office.

MSC Free After School Soccer Program

Melton Secondary College has a newly inaugurated soccer program called “Football Empowerment”, which runs every Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:15 to 5pm, as a free after school soccer program.  The Soccer program was recently initiated and created in partnership with the Football Empowerment program, supported by the Student Support Services (SSSO), Melton Council and MSC Leadership team to engage young people within our school with this soccer program.  The Football Empowerment program is delivered by a number of active coaches from CALD community, as Not-for- Profit organisation.  These coaches are part of group who helps in engaging young people through their soccer clinic and programs in areas such as Melton West Primary School, Sunshine and St. Albans targeting western regions. The program engages young people from diverse cultural backgrounds as mean of social cohesion and inclusive approach.

The above group photo shows a snapshot of students and their Football Empowerment coaches.  Research shows that, young people who are actively participating in an organised sports and physical activity are more likely to benefit from healthy development, growth and wellbeing.  In addition, providing an extra curriculum activities for young people promotes teamwork, networking and tolerance among their peers as they being guarded and supported by their mentors who are their coaches.  The program currently targets all year levels, but most preferably year 10's and under.


The above photos illustrate that students are following instructions from their coaches and being actively involved in their soccer clinic while working in the team and individually through the process.  There has been high number of interests so far from a number of students who would like this soccer program to continue as they progress.  All the students who are part of this program has their permission forms obtained from their parents. 


More importantly, all Football Empowerment coaches have their Working with Children Check obtained.

Chess Club News

On Friday the 18th August we hosted our second Interschool Chess Tournament for the year. Our Team Captain Ben Akok led by example, winning six of his seven games. Everyone on our team were great ambassadors for our school.


The results were:

Open Secondary Division

1st Melton Secondary College

2nd Kurunjang Secondary College


Congratulations to Ben, Aden, Payton and Lachlan who have qualified for the State Finals!


Middle Years Division

  1. Alamanda College
  2. Melton Secondary College
  3. Kurunjang Secondary College

Team MSC:

  1. Ben Akok 12C
  2. Payton Afuie 12C
  3. Aden Buhagiar 10B
  4. Lachlan Jepson 10C
  5. Jordan Culliver 9G
  6. Junior Bagula 7A
  7. Zachary Collins 7A
  8. Bailey Kershaw 7A
  9. Aodhan Heath 7A
  10. Jaxon Townsend 7A
  11. Vu Nguyen 7A

Very Proud,

Miss Damianos and Nathanael

State Chess Finals

Last Friday morning we ventured out to beautiful Brighton to try our luck at getting the coveted State Chess Final (Open Division) Cup (see picture 4)… Whilst we did not get the cup, we came back happy with the knowledge that everyone on our team put in 110%… Altogether there were 28 schools represented… Our State Finalists were: Ben Akok 12C (Team Captain), Payton Afuie 12C,   T P - 12E, Aden Buhagiar 10B and Zachary Collins 7A.

The results were:

Ist:  Melbourne High School

2nd: Mazenod College

3rd: Brighton Grammar Senior School

16th: Melton Secondary College


A big thank you to Nathanael for coaching our students (they have all grown in confidence and skill), organising the community bus and for driving us to the venue and back to school.


Miss Damianos

Japanese Sister School

Japanese Exchange Program 

On Friday the 4th August, five Japanese students along with their teacher Ms Takeda arrived at Melton Secondary College from Showa Junior High School and Ishin Primary School from the Okayama Prefecture in Japan. After their long journey from Tokyo students arrived feeling very excited but somewhat nervous about their Australian school experience. Noah Collins, Shenali Rajendran, Flynn and Dakota Chapman, Chloe Rees and Elijah Cashen were student buddies and represented our College with great pride and enthusiasm. Most of these students took their Japanese students to live with their family creating some wonderful memories and sharing exciting adventures and stories.

The Japanese visitors were given a terrific week of fun with a host of local and regional activities. The Japanese students participated in a range of incursion activities at Melton Secondary College learning about the Gold Rush with Mr Muller, attending a Year 12 and 8H’s Japanese classes and also a very delicious technology class cooking sausage rolls with Ms Cook.  One of the highlights of their experience here was being able to participate in local indigenous events including indigenous history, boomerang throwing and indigenous cultural understanding.

The Japanese visitors went to an excursion to Sovereign Hill with their buddies with Mr. Muller, Hiroka and Ms. Mori. All students enjoyed gold pounding and were excited to find some gold. They also visited Arnolds Creek Primary School  and they enjoyed making frogs in Origami.

All host families were invited to the dinner at Witchmount Restaurant.  Japanese student Yuya demonstrated his calligraphy skills, Mako and Kota played Kendama, Mika made a rose using origami paper and Takumi was very skilful in showing us his soccer ball balancing tricks. It was a bittersweet occasion with families saying their goodbyes to the Japanese students but it has been a really terrific experience for all involved.

Sister School Dinner

On Thursday 10 August hosting families, students and sister-school students attended a wonderful evening at Witchmount Restaurant to celebrate our visitors from Japan. The exchange students performed an entertaining concert and in particular a beautiful traditional dance about fishing wearing their bright costumes. Many life-long memories were made and friendships and cultural understanding were formed. Many thanks to those families, many for the second time kindly hosted students. Again, Ms Mori has led a wonderful program and we encourage all of our students to consider hosting or attending the Japanese Exchange program in future.

Diversity Day

As part of Diversity Day celebration students were asked to create a handprint that shows that we all belong and to celebrate Melton Secondary College’s diversity. The top entries were judged and awarded prizes.


Shortlisted Entries

•Chloe Radford – 7E

•Sarah Panthum – 7F

•Kyeisha-Jane Collister-Shaw – 8C

•Jean Yatte Canlas – 7F

•Ayden Robins – 7D

•Taylor Graham – 7E

•Aaron Hibbert – 8F

•Meldonna Monleh – 7C

•Gemma McPherson – 7B



Top Three

1st -  Zac Culpin 7E


2nd - Kiana Rodriguez 10C


3rd - Chloe Rees, Brooke Curic & Nateisha Beckwith -  7B

Duke of Edinburgh

The Semester Two Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh students have made a solid start to achieving their goals for their Bronze Awards.

So far this term our 19 students have been on their first adventurous journey – completing a 12km hike around the beautiful and famous Werribee Gorge. This was a great opportunity for each student to experience the great outdoors, and push their physical limits in what was a challenging hike. Their next adventure will see them journey to the CBD to complete a day of Indoor Rock Climbing.

Our students have also completed their first of three volunteering days with the Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group. This experience gave students a chance to give something back to their community – and all participated in planting and land maintenance activities under the supervision of Frances Overmars, from the Pinkerton Group.

Be sure to check future editions of the Melton Mail for updates on our students activities and progress.


Michael Kilroy

PE, Health & Outdoor Education 


Wellbeing Team

Get to know the Wellbeing Team

Amanda Xavier is the Wellbeing Coordinator and the Leader of the Doctors in Secondary Schools government initiative at Melton Secondary College. Amanda has been working in education for 10 years, 6 of those being at MSC and has had various roles within careers, wellbeing, teaching and student support.

Prior to working in education Amanda worked in residential care and drug and alcohol community organisations with disadvantaged young people.

Amanda is passionate about working with and advocating for young people and is a strong believer that emotions are the gatekeepers of the intellect therefore, positive wellbeing results in better academic outcomes.

Stacey James started at Melton Secondary College at the beginning of Term 4, 2015. She previously work in the Department of Education regional office in Horsham for over 5 years. Her role was as part of Student Support Services Team where she travelled to schools across Western Victoria as a visiting Social Worker.

Over her time working in the education setting, Stacey has developed particular skills in working with student dealing with mental health issues.

At MSC, Stacey has enjoyed working on proactive programs and education session for school staff.

Daniella Giampino has worked in secondary schools for the past 2 years as a school counsellor, starting at Melton Secondary College Term 3, 2016.

Previously Daniella worked at a youth refuge for teens aged between 16 and 24 years, and as an applied behavioural analysis therapist for children aged between 2 and 6 years. Daniella enjoys working with groups of students in proactive programs.

Daniella oversees the Indigenous students at the school, including AIME excursions and the Koori Club.

Chris Lang has worked at Melton Secondary College for the past two and a half years. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology.

He has been working with adolescents in both schools and community agencies for over twenty years in a variety of government funded programs but predominantly with young people at risk of homelessness, those in Out-of-Home care and at risk of leaving school prior to completion.

Chris has a particular interest in dealing with issues of anger and runs the RAGE and Triggers, Choices and Control programs at the school.

Nathanael Poljak is a Registered Nurse and runs the Secondary School Nursing Program which aims to reduce risk to young people and promote better health in the wider community.

The goals of the SSNP are to:

-              Play a key role in reducing negative health outcomes and risk taking behaviours among young people, including drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, eating disorders, obesity, depression, suicide and injuries.

-              Addresses prevention of ill health and problem behaviours by ensuring coordination between the school and community based health and support services.

Nathanael contributes in supporting the school community in addressing contemporary health and social issues facing young people and their families. This has included working with eSmart in cyberbullying issues, Melton council in addressing safe driving in our community, and gambling awareness issues with VRGF (Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation). Nathanael has currently worked on addressing Family Violence and Respectful Relationships in Melton SC and the community by presenting education in the classroom and in small groups within the school.

Secondary School Nurses are employed through Regional Offices of the Department, with most nurses allocated to two secondary schools.

Parenting Support Opportunity

Tired of fighting with your teen? Worried about their behaviour? Sign up now to our free online program for parents of tweens and teens!

Parents want to raise teenagers who are respectful and responsible, happy and confident. But, helping your teen navigate adolescence can be stressful and unpredictable. Researchers at The University of Queensland are excited to offer Australian parents of pre-teens and teens (aged 10-16 years) the opportunity to try a brand new online parenting program for free as part of a research trial. The program is based on the successful Triple P: Positive Parenting Program. We are looking for parents who are experiencing conflict with their teenager or have concerns about their behaviour. You will be asked to complete questionnaires to help test the effects of the program. To find out more or register for the study, visit:

Teen Triple P Online Project


Year 12 Legal Studies

County Court Excursion

Unit 4, Area of Study 2 focuses on the court processes and procedures for indictable criminal offences. This includes the role of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP), the accused and the jury if the accused enters a plea of “not guilty” in a criminal trial.

On Thursday 31st August, the Year 12 Legal Studies class visited the County Court in Melbourne to extend their understanding of the Area of Study 2.

Before visiting the Courtrooms we were very fortunate to have a Senior Solicitor from the OPP, Mark Subljak volunteer his time to talk to us for an hour about his role at the OPP, and first-hand experience of the criminal pre-trial and trial processes and procedures.  

Mark Subljak candidly discussed his career pathway into Law and current role at the OPP, Victoria’s largest criminal legal practice. Mark has spent the past twelve years at the OPP and his experience and enthusiasm in criminal law and justice was evident to us all. Mark, indeed enjoys working at the OPP, and believes it is a privilege to have the role of preparing and presenting court matters against people accused of serious crime on behalf of the Victorian community.

“All people who commit crime eventually all get caught and it is our job, on behalf of the community, to make sure they are brought before a Judge and Jury (if a plea of “Not Guilty”) and based on our presentation of the evidence can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. The victim(s) and their families as well as the community deserve to feel safe and have justice served.” Mark

Following the talk, Mark invited us into Courtroom 2, for a Plea Hearing. We sat patiently for the Judge to arrive, while the accused sat nervously in the Dock at the back of the Courtroom and the Defence Barrister and OPP Crown Prosecutor Barrister and solicitor busily sorted through their files/documents.

All our studying about the strict courtroom procedures and role of the Judge soon became our real-life experience when the Tipstaff firmly called:  “Silence and All stand as Judge Cannon enters her Courtroom.”

Complete silence and utter respect for “Your Honour” filtered the courtroom and it became apparent very quickly that Judge Cannon was in total control of her courtroom.

The accused entered a plea of guilty and at this point we assumed it would be a rather short court session, however, it triggered intense and intriguing detail of questioning by Judge Cannon. It became apparent that she was preparing to sentence the accused and wanted all the relevant evidence to assist her. Both Barristers were kept on track and warned a number of times to keep the evidence relevant. The hearing concluded with Judge Cannon explaining to the accused that he could expect a suspended sentence and would remain on bail until his sentence hearing. Judge Cannon was quick to clarify that suspended sentences have been abolished in Victoria for all offences committed on or after 1 September, 2014 and an option because the accused had committed the crime in 2011. We know she did this for the sake of our students, but thankfully they had prior knowledge of this and sat confidently and attentively throughout the hearing.

After two hours the hearing ended and we stood and bowed as Judge Cannon left her courtroom. Much to the delight of our students, the Crown Prosecutor and his solicitor addressed the students to congratulate and acknowledge their respectful conduct throughout the lengthy hearing. After removing his wig in a more relaxed setting, he passed his wig, which we learnt was made from horse’s hair around and answered questions from our students. He explained that the Crown Prosecutors are experienced criminal barristers who are appointed to work exclusively for the DPP and are allocated the most serious and complex cases. We were in awe and captivated by his presence as we had witnessed his delivery of facts and evidence to the judge and could now ask him any question that we wanted to about his job and experience as a QC Crown Prosecutor. Our students began to roll out their questions and we were enlightened by his responses.

Our experience at the County Court on the 31st August was indeed an experience of a life time. Our knowledge of Court Processes and Criminal Law proved to be motivational and an effective means of enhancing our classroom learning and curriculum.

The Year 12 Legal Studies students represented Melton Secondary College proudly and in fact told by the Tipstaff of courtroom 2 and the Crown Prosecutor that we would be welcome back anytime in Judge Cannon’s courtroom and are to be congratulated for our impeccable behaviour and insightful questions.

Congratulations Year 12 Legal Studies students for your enthusiasm, gratitude and exemplary representation of MSC.


Ms Fran Cometti



Year 10 Work Experience

Congratulations to our Year 10 students on completion of work experience at the end of August. Although nervous at the start the students learnt the importance of punctuality and reliability. These are qualities that employers state are vital to secure and maintain casual employment. Melton Secondary College would like to thank all the local employers who have given students the opportunity to experience the world of work. Congratulations also to the students who have been successful in gaining casual employment through the work experience program.


VU Careers Bus

On 11 September a team of student ambassadors attended Melton SC at lunch time to offer VCE students  advice about courses, scholarships & an explanation of the First Year university model being introduced in 2018 at Victoria university.

We hope to get on board the VU  Careers Bus again in 2018 to assist our students to plan their pathways and to promote Victoria University courses for our students.

The Prinnacle Foundation

The Pinnacle Foundation is offering Scholarships for 16-24 year old students who identify as LGBT+  and who intend to undertake full-time education in Year 12, University or TAFE next year.  The scholarship pays $3,000 for the first year of TAFE or University studies and $2,000 for subsequent years.

For 2018 Year 12 students the scholarship amount that is paid to students is $2,000!!


The scholarship is for the purpose of gaining an educational or vocational qualification in any profession, trade or the arts.


If you identify as LGBT+ and are going into year 12, TAFE or University next year, please see Maria in the Careers Room as soon as possible.

Meetings and applications for this scholarship will be kept strictly confidential.



Do any of these sound like you????

  • Are you indigenous?
  • Moving out of home to attend University or TAFE next year?
  • Identify as LGBTQI+
  • Experiencing financial hardship?
  • Work at McDonalds?
  • Was your Father/ grandfather in the Defence Force?

Please see Maria in the Career Room to make an application for a scholarship that is right for YOU!!!


Sport News

Grace Valele, Year 10, has been selected in the School Sport Victoria State 15yrs and under Netball team. It is a wonderful achievement to be selected in such a popular sport. She competes in the School Sport Australia National Championships in Adelaide in December as part of the Pacific Schools Games. State representation is not a cheap exercise and Grace would appreciate any help.



Channel 7 News Story

Recently Channel 7 news did a feature of the Humphries family – Dylan (Yr. 11), Kelly (Yr. 12 2yrs ago), Luke (Yr. 12 last yr) and their dad, Peter. They all umpire AFL every weekend at senior level and last week 3 of them umpired in the one game with Dylan doing his first senior game. It was a wonderful story about the family and how much the love the activity and doing something together.

The link to the story is:-




Motocross Championship

Ben Heaney, Yr. 10, has been competing in a state wide series over the last 4 months in Junior Motocross. At the conclusion of the series Ben has fished 2nd in the Victorian Junior Motocross Championship in the 250cc B Grade. Well done Ben.


Melton Secondary College would like to acknowledge and thank the Melton Country Club for their generous agreement to award us a grant to purchase four sets of new netball dresses to cater for all levels of our participation. These dresses are definitely needed and the girls are all very excited to hear that they just arrived. The dresses our intermediate girls team wore below are set borrowed from a community team.


Team Sports


Senior Boys Soccer – Western Region level

Def Bayside College 2-0 but in a disappointing finish we lost to Copperfield 0-2 and lost to Strathmore 0-2.

Intermediate Girls Soccer – Western Region level

Lost to Keilor Downs 0-6, lost to Strathmore 1-2, lost to Williamstown 1-2



Badminton Western Region

Inter boys – lost to Williamstown 2-4 lost to Gilson College 0-6 and lost to Buckley Park 0-6.


Squash - Victorian State Finals

 Intermediate Girls squash – Ebony Carter, Abby Froy and Alannah Spence won the State title yesterday for the 4th consecutive year.  Alannah was new to the team this year replacing State champ Amy who moved to QLD.

Junior Boys

Junior boys came 5th –Reece Kirby, Jarrod Bibby, Brodie Cochrane.

  • def Kurunjang and Gladstone Park but lost to Balwyn and McKinnon High.

Senior Girls

The team was Katie Bibby, Johnann Hunt and Amber Rea.

  • Def McKinnon College 3-0
  • Lost to Dromana 0-3, lost to William Ruthven 1-2, lost to Templestowe 1-2 and lost to Highvale College 1-2
  • Finished 5th overall in the State

Intermediate Boys

  • The team was – Rhys Lee, Will James and Logan Brett
  • Lost all their pool matches 0-3 to Melbourne High, Balwyn High, Gladstone Park and St. Arnaud. In the playoff for 9th /10th we played a different Melbourne High team but lost 0-3 to finish 10th.


Intermediate Girls Netball Western Region level

Def Keilor Downs 26-10, def Strathmore 21-20 in a terrific game, but lost to a powerful Williamstown High team 15-26. They were the 2nd best team in the Region.


Intermediate Girls Netball - Victorian Schools Championships

The Intermediate girls played in the Victorian Schools Netball Championships – qualifying day. This competition is for all schools including private and catholic schools.

Results – we defeated Catholic College Bendigo 6gls-5gls, def St. Pauls Anglican Grammar Warragul 15-1, def Bentleigh Sec 11-6, def St. Ignatius, Geelong 13-5, def Lilydale College 11-3, def Ave Maria College 7-2 and drew with Girton College 5-5.

We finished top of our pool to qualify for the Victorian finals day in 2 weeks against the best in the State amongst all schools.

The girls are pictured below in our new uniforms provided by a grant from the Melton Country Club Community Grants program.

Rugby League

Boys u/16 – Cooper Cronk Shield

  • def Point Cook 28-10, lost to Victoria University SC 10-20 but we still qualified for the semi-final as all teams in our pool had a win and loss. We finished top of our pool. The winners of each semi qualify for the State final but we lost to Sunbury Downs in a surprise result 16-26.


Gear not returned

Rugby – u/14 boys from u/14 boys’ rugby – 2 pairs of shorts MISSING – return asap. These shorts are brand NEW!!!

Melton SC Sport Facebook page

We have a facebook page dedicated to our Interschool Sport and the Athlete Development Program (ADP) participants. Please have a look and ‘like” us to keep up to date with the many outstanding achievements by our students in sport. The page name is - Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism.Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism)

Woolworths Earn and Learn 

The annual Woolworths Earn and Learn program is returning. It starts on Wednesday July 26th through to September 19th. If you shop at Woolies it would be appreciated if you could collect and send the stickers to us to collect so that we can continue to restock some of our sporting equipment. We have qualified for approx. $1000-$1500 worth of gear each year of our participation. We appreciate the community support that you have given us and hope that you will all continue this support.

General Information

Amart Sports - Melton SC has joined the community kickbacks program with Amart Sports in Woodgrove. Every time you make a purchase just mention our school and we will receive 5% of the purchase amount. If you join online you will receive a loyalty and receive discounts etc as well as already having registered our school as your preferred community kickback. We have the same arrangement with REBEL SPORTS and their Season Pass kickback.


School Sport Information  -  All information regarding School Sport information and State team selection trials can be found on the website –

Information on national events can be found at the Team Vic page on the School Sport Victoria website,, or the School Sport Australia website,

Registrations are now open to nominate to trial for a number of sports:

Swimming and Volleyball are currently open.

Their monthly bulletin is sent on the last Tuesday of every month.

You can find all the latest bulletins, on the ebulletins page of the SSV website.

Sports Dates

Wednesday September 6th – Western Ranges Athletics Carnival in Melton

Tuesday 12th September – Netball – Victorian Schoolgirls Championships Final 

Thursday September 21st – Western Region Athletics at Moonee Valley


Football Empowerment


Rock Eisteddfod Challenge Reunion


Full-On Theatre


Tuning into Teens


Teenage Holiday Program

Teenage Holiday Program  September/October 2017 will be running from 25th September 2017 till 6th October 2017.  

Customer Service Bookings open on the 13th  Wednesday September 2017 - 10:30 am Sharp!


Please don’t delay in booking as spots will fill up fast and may result  going on a waiting list. 


Melton Mail
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