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10 August 2017
2017 Issue 11
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Principal's Message

Welcome to Production week. This week on Wednesday to Friday we have three nights of our 2017 Production Calamity Jane. I am sure there will still be a few tickets at the George Jenkins Theatre. Sessions start at 7:30pm.


In a report in The Age last week  (5 August), it was suggested that our “waste management is becoming a serious problem”. In 2015-16, Victorian produced 12.8 million tonnes of waste.  At the College, we acknowledge that we can accumulate a lot of waste. At times, this rubbish is around the school rather than in the bins. Being mindful of our rubbish, this Friday 11 August we are attempting to have a rubbish-free lunch. While this is a one-off, we certainly want to reduce our waste and maybe this is something that may become a regular occurrence as we assist our students in becoming good stewards of this planet.


In reflecting on our rubbish issue, I do wonder if it has something to do with the prevailing ideology of our day. I speak, of course, of consumerism. From a young age we make meaning, create our identities and participate in life through consumerism. Think for a moment of the key celebrations of life. It is hard to get away with a celebration be it a birthday, Christmas, an engagement, Mother’s Day without buying stuff, and often much more than is needed. I would also suggest that many people buy to make themselves feel good - that is, going shopping in search of happiness when they feel down or saddened. Through advertising, we are presented a story of life. We see examples of the good life, the way things could be if we buy! As consumers, we are able to buy, use and discard! This is not the message of the Gospel. For those of us who follow Christ, our identities should not be connected with our abilities to buy, go on trips or on what we wear! Rather, our identities should come out of our relationship with our God who loves us and encourages us to live in ways that are different from those around us.  Each day, we have a marvellous opportunity to live in ways that honour God as we interact with each other and the world. As it is written:


"Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers."

Psalm 1:1-3


Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for all our fabulous production team as they perform Calamity Jane this week.


Continue to pray for the development at 97 Robinsons Road, that planning and construction would continue to progress smoothly.


Please pray for our Year 7 team as they prepare to host their 2018 Information & Open Night on Tuesday 22 August.


Pray for our Years 3/4 students and teachers as they head off to their camp soon.

From the Deputy's Desk

ESmart Cybersafety - Invitation

Bayside Christian College is pleased to be an eSmart school, actively promoting awareness and good practices in cybersafety.


Our Cybersafety Day is coming up on Wednesday 23 August.  Students from Years 5-10 will be involved in presentations from policewoman Deneen Ritchie. The presentations will also form part of the Years 9 and 10 Resiliency Day.


Parents are invited to attend the morning session. This is a wonderful opportunity to come along after dropping your child at school to hear about cybersafety and the law . Please note the date in your diary and aim to attend if you can.


Calamity Jane

Our amazing College musical is currently on this week at the George Jenkins theatre. Tickets are still available online or at the door. Please support the dedicated efforts of our cast and crew, by buying a ticket and going along. It is a great family night out, and tells a wonderful story redemption.


Rubbish-Free Lunch Day - this Friday

As a College, we are continually aware of the need to be good stewards of the world God has gifted us. We must always work to improve the way we take care of our limited resources. One way we are attempting to reduce our environmental impact is by having a Rubbish-Free Lunch Day this Friday. Please support this initiative by reducing or eliminating packaging and plastics from lunches and snacks this Friday. Lunches and drinks should come in reuseable containers that can go home again. Mrs Gaskell in the canteen is also supporting the day, by asking that Primary students put orders on a slip of paper inside a container with the payment. Secondary students are also asked to bring a container to the canteen when they make a purchase.


What does the Deputy do?

It could easily be thought that my job is that of a car park warden - certainly my continual reminders for safety in this area could lead to this belief! But my role is primarily concerned with supporting, and striving for excellence in, the area of Teaching and Learning in the College. As part of this, teachers are involved in personal projects to target areas in which they also want to strive for excellence. Each teacher is visiting and being visited by other teachers in order to observe, reflect and hone their craft of teaching. We are continually looking for ways to approach teaching and learning from a Christian worldview and to implement best practice in the classroom. We also encourage students to set goals and strive for excellence: in their learning, in the way they interact with each other and with staff, and also in their lives outside of school. This week, Secondary students are being asked to set goals and record them in their Edumate portals. Have a chat with your children and ask them what goals they are setting, then help them to strive for excellence in them.




Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal


Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Welcome to week 4 of Term 3. There is so much excitement in the air with many extra curricula events coming up.


‘Calamity Jane’ 

There have been hours and hours and hours put into the preparation for the School Production.  Earlier this week, the large truck was filled with elaborate Props and costumes and taken down to the George Jenkins Theatre.  Last week, the P-2 students had a dress rehearsal and they looked amazing.  There are three performances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, with the show starting at 7:30pm each night.  Tickets are still available so please invite family and friends to come and enjoy the show, even if your child is not actually performing.


Rubbish-Free Lunch Day

At the Primary assembly this week, the students were shown all the rubbish that was collected 

last Friday just in the Primary School.  There were four overflowing yellow lid bins plus two extra bags. 



The Primary camping program is another highlight of Term 3. Both the Years 3/4 teachers and Years 5/6 teachers are busily making arrangements for their camps.  In the second last week of term, the Year 2 students will have their sleepover and the Years 1/2 students will have their camp activity day and dinner.


Please keep referring to your ‘Dates on the Fridge’ notice that was emailed out two weeks ago. 


Striving for Excellence and Getting Along

I have had the opportunity in the last couple of weeks of visiting classrooms and seeing the students involved in a wide range of different learning activities. The teachers are working with the students on developing the mindset of ‘striving for excellence’ in all that they are doing by doing their best and persisting on tasks.  ‘Getting along’ is another area where we are assisting the students to strive for excellence.  Students will have problems in this area from time to time, but we endeavour to help them work on these skills. Please email or speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns.


Within the Bayside community, there are families that are going through different situations and it has been touching to see the meals made and care that has been shown.


Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.


May God bless you all.


Glenys Bailey

Acting Head of Primary School


Years 5/6 bike riding

Currently the students in Years 5/6 are participating in a bike education program run by Mr Klan. 

So far they have looked at correct bike riding practices, completed a bike course on the basketball courts (figure 8s, balance, stopping and starting correctly, gear changes), and also navigated the cross country track (mud puddles and all). It has been a great experience for many involved and building confidence and bike riding skills. 


Jo Piening

Years 5/6 Teacher


Currently, the boys have completed two out of three bike riding sessions, while the girls have been training for an inter-school AFL competition (this Friday they compete). The girls will do their bike ed program in the next couple of weeks. 

Years 3/4 Scientists

Years 3/4 students enjoyed participating in some science experiments as part of our

Integrated Studies unit. We have been learning about how to make predictions, observing how the properties of matter can change and discovering how God has made everyone's fingerprints different! 


Primary Art supplies

The primary art department would love donations of loose bolts, nuts, screws, nails, washers or anything similar. Please have a look in your sheds for items you could donate. We are hoping to use these in the first week in September so if donations could be brought to the front office or your Primary child's class before then it would be greatly appreciated!


Caroline DeHaan

Primary Art Teacher

Across the College

Rubbish-Free Lunch Day

This Friday 11 August we are having a Rubbish-Free Lunch Day.  If your child is having a lunch order on that day, Mrs Gaskell is happy to put their ordered food into containers provided from home.  Your child just needs to put their container in the lunch order bag.  Please see the attached flyer, which has been designed by Bella-Rose Jago and Hannah Popplestone.  It was decided not to print out  paper flyers advertising the event, as this would add to the rubbish!  Let me encourage you to work with the students to help reduce rubbish, not just this coming Friday, but everyday.


Glenys Bailey

Acting Head of Primary School


Australian Mathematics Competition

This year, Bayside Christian College had 41 Primary students from Years 3-6 and 50 Secondary students from Years 7-10 completing a 60 minute and 75 minute paper respectively in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Results and certificates will be sent to the College in early September.


Babies in HHD

As part of their study of the development of babies, Year 10 Health and Human

Development students are taking care of the needs of a virtual baby. Students learn how challenging it is to care for an infant 24/7.



Bayside Christian College Time Capsule

As part of celebrating 35 Years of Christian education at Bayside, Home Group Years 11/12B is heading up the curating of small items, photos and messages to be placed inside a time capsule that will be sealed by the end of this year. At a number of school events throughout the year, we will have a ‘station’ where students and families are able to make a contribution. We would love for each Year level at Bayside in 2017 to make a contribution.


It is hoped that the capsule will be opened in 2022 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bayside Christian College.

Year 9 travel to Parliment

Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 August saw the Year 9 students take their annual excursion into Melbourne's CBD to visit Victoria's capital buildings. This excursion affords our students the opportunity to see, touch and feel elements of our classroom learning. The students are able to reflect on humanity's attempt to establish government in relationship to God's promise that government 'shall be on His shoulders'. The excursion also provides the opportunity to examine the development of democracy and the effects of the gold rush in the political sphere, and the art and architecture of the Parliament and Treasury buildings.  


Holocaust Museum

Friday 28 July saw our year 10 students attend an excursion to the Jewish Holocaust Museum. This was a deeply moving and impactful day of learning and reflection. We had the opportunity to hear from a holocaust survivor who shared her story of growing up in Hitler's Germany and surviving the concentration camps of the Nazis' 'final solution'. 


Our afternoon was spent in a time of reflection as the students unpacked the excursion experience and how we as Christians are called to live in a world in which a Holocaust is a lived experience.


Unfortunately, photos are not allowed to be taken in the museum and we respected the request. 


Calamity Jane

Wednesday 9 August saw the first performance of this year's School Production, Calamity Jane. 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the photos of the dress rehearsal. A full story and photos will appear in the next issue.


And don't forget to get your tickets to the remaining shows!



Years 11-12 Happenings

Years 11 and 12 students have continued to engage in a variety of learning experiences over the last couple of weeks, as they learn to strive for excellence in all they do.


On Monday, students heard from a speaker who represents Ducere Global Business School. It was encouraging to hear about opportunities for students to take their ideas and turn them into something tangible that can not only make money, but make a positive difference in the world. This is certainly something we would encourage students to do no matter what area of work they enter in the future.


Last week, four of our Year 11 students attended a two day CEN Student Leadership Conference. It has been wonderful to hear how these students have been inspired to use their skills to benefit the school community. These events allow for students to learn how to listen and hear from God as they lead in their community.


Well done to all of our students who took part in the Netball and AFL Rally Days. It was great to see some very happy faces come back from these events!


It was also lovely last week to share in the

breakfast that Mr Kong and Mrs Campbell’s Home Group had organised for the Years 11/12 group. It was a cold start to the day, but the bacon and eggs soon warmed everyone up. We're all looking forward to the next one!


This Thursday, our Year 12 girls will join together to hear from the ladies in the Bayside Community about how ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ they are, and to hear some words of wisdom from those who have gone before them!


I hope you are all looking forward to coming along to the school production of Calamity Jane, as we celebrate some amazing gifts that reside in our students - both those on the stage, and those working backstage and behind the scenes. Make sure you book a ticket if you haven’t already!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Co-ordinator

A Word from our Captains

This week the leadership team has been focusing on fundraisers. We met on Tuesday with the full SRC to discuss the initiatives we feel most passionately about. It was great to get together as a representative team for the school and discuss and share ideas, and we’re excited to be announcing the cause that we will be supporting in the coming weeks.


Last week’s assembly was run by the Year 9s, focusing on the fruits of the spirit and neomorphus. Four lunchtime activities based on the MADE themes (Mission, Activity, Devotion, Encounter) ran on Friday and were a huge success, with plenty of participation. They were a great way to celebrate and experience God’s love.


It’s awesome for all of us to see one another putting our gifts to good use throughout this week with exciting events like the Years 11/12 Football and Netball Rally Days, and of course the Calamity Jane production.


The prayer walk has been running each Monday morning and is a great way to start the week with one another and with God. Our main prayer points have recently been for a renewal of motivation and drive to do our best out of respect for all He has given us, as well as healing and peace for the many people struggling through sickness at the moment. If you would like to join us you’re more than welcome to meet at the oval at 8:30 on Monday mornings, or for any prayer requests, just drop a note into the prayers box at the office.


We’re so excited to see some amazing participation throughout these coming weeks from the year levels, as we run the fundraiser and hear what the Year 7s have in stall for the community next week.


John McPherson

College Captain

CEN Student Leadership Conference

On Thursday 3 August, Annabelle, Chloe, Grace and myself went to Oasis Camp in Mt Evelyn for a Leadership Conference. It was an amazing experience to learn more about leadership and also getting to know people from different schools, as they also were not just wanting to learn more about leadership but they are also Christians. It was a two day conference and in those two days we did amazing things. Overall it was the best experience.


Shanae McGillivray - Year 11


On August 3 and 4, Chloe, Grace, Shanae and I from Year 11 attended a leadership conference at Oasis Camp Mt Evelyn, where we met with a range of leaders from other local Christian schools. During the two days we learnt about the importance of implementing our head, heart and minds in our various leadership roles, while taking part in workshops that helped expand our knowledge of organisation, how to piece together a devotion, and taking part in random public speaking. We also had a really great time meeting and connecting with other people, taking the opportunity to grow as a person, and also step out of our comfort zone.


Annabelle Hames - Year 11

HHD - Sustainable Development Goals

Last week the Units 3/4 Health and Human Development class had an inter-school excursion to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals. This was a great excursion as it encouraged us to have more discussion and collaborate more since we were with other students and teachers we hadn’t met previously. Since there are so many different goals for us to learn, this was an interesting way for us to gain an understanding and leave with study notes on all the goals we need to know.


Aelish Kelly - Year 11


Awesome, Epic, Radical OES

The Units 3/4 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class participated in a first ever alpine camp.


For three days, five students and two teachers cross-country skied (or at least attempted to) across Mount Stirling with MASSIVE hiking packs on our back full of equipment required to survive in the mountains' treacherous conditions, as well using our expert craftsmanship in an attempt to make an igloo, before finally ending the vigorous camp with a day of downhill skiing at Mount Buller to complete the full bruising of our bodies.

A huge thank you to Mr Briglia and Miss Carie who encouraged us the whole time and fed us vegetarian snags.


Brooke, Gian & Lewis - Units 3/4 OES students

Subject in Focus


Product Design and Technology

In Product Design and Technology we have had an exciting start to the term. The students have progressed in their folios to the point where they are now building their products. Each student has picked a very different design to make and it has been fantastic to see some very complicated joints being attempted. The products being built include an electric guitar, a drawing light box, an outdoor chair, a fence sculpture and a birdhouse. Each student is developing their product for a client, so it is wonderful to see their God-given gifts used in the service of others.


Daniel Briglia

Product Design & Technology Teacher


Year 12 History

This semester in Year 12 History we have continued our study of the exciting Russian Revolution, an intriguing and fascinating chapter in history! Some of our highlights have been learning about the Romanov Royal Family, the controversial figure Rasputin, and the twin revolutions of 1917. Class has involved some interesting discussion and debate about representation, political ideologies, and the qualities of a good leader!


Michael Ashcroft - Year 12

Year 12 VCAL Barista course

On Tuesday 1 August, Year 12 VCAL students went into the city to complete their barista training. This was a fantastic day, with students learning to make various styles of coffee, as well as decorating them to a professional standard!

Students were placed under high levels of pressure to simulate a busy cafe environment, with a large volume of coffees needing to be prepared in a short amount of time. It was wonderful to receive comments from the trainer about their excellent work skills. We all look forward to some fabulous coffees!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Co-ordinator

Homegroup Years 11/12C

The wonderful students in Home Group Years 11/12C have been preparing devotions to share with their younger peers. In small groups, they plan to bless the students in Years 7 and 8 this Thursday with some helpful and encouraging messages, based on what they’ve been learning in their own Home Group devotions. We enjoy our small group prayer sessions on Fridays, where we get to know each other and support each other through prayer. We also love hearing from students and teachers in our group each Wednesday - Mrs Cooper even shared some photos from when she was a student! We love gathering together to support and encourage each other to strive for excellence in all we do, as a thankful response to the work God is doing in our lives.

Words of Wisdom from the Chaplain

One of the major battles that we often face as parents is knowing the right thing to say at the right moment, especially when we are faced with an anxious teen who can increasingly become more stressed as the year progresses. In the attached article, Dr Jodi Richardson gives us some great tips in not only recognising when our teen is feeling anxious, but also what to do when this situation arises. Dr Jodi says:


“Anxiety is common and treatable, but it’s also something that can be scary and confusing. It doesn’t have to be. I’m hoping that this article helps you feel more in the know and better equipped to understand what’s happening in an anxious mind, recognise it, support your teen and seek help if needed.”


Please feel free to download and print these tips sheets for future reference.  


Happy reading,

Kathy Scott


Years 11-12 Rally Day

The Years 11 and 12 girls netball team had a successful day, winning all five games including the grand final, which was extremely tight. Our defenders Kim and Chelsea did a fantastic job, with shooters Courtney and Annabelle out-shooting each team, and our other mid court players Holly and Chloe made superb plays.


Congratulations to all the girls who played and thank you for making it an awesome last rally day for the Year 12s.


Kelcy & Mia - Year 12


The AFL Rally Day was an amazing day for the Years 11 and 12 boys. Despite the poor weather, the boys demonstrated team work throughout the entirety of the day to come away with an overall win in the grand final. It was the Year 12 boys' last Rally Day, and we sure had a great time playing inte- school sport one last time together.


Tom McLean came away with MVP. Great work boys!


Benny Cooper - Year 12



Girl’s Group

Every Tuesday at lunchtime, Kit, Katie, Emily and myself run a girls group for Years 7-11. We have a different topic each lunch. This term we are doing the fruits of the spirit. We have yummy foods, we talk and then play a game afterwards.


Shanae McGillivray - Year 11

Melbourne Market Healthy Food Workshop

The VCAL Years 11 and 12 students had some speakers come in and talk to us about how to eat in a healthy way. They told us about how they go to the Melbourne Market to set up all their food at 12am in the morning. Everyone tried different foods that they prepared to give us. They told us facts about where to keep the different foods to make them last better for longer, such as keeping apples in the fridge to make them more crunchy. Afterwards, we are currently preparing different food projects to help make a healthier community. 


Hannah Hayes & Matthew Wells - Year 11


Cybersafety Day

Save the date! You’re invited…

Important Cybersafety information


Our students in Years 5-10 will hear from a Police Officer on Wednesday 23 August about cybersafety.


There will be a strong online focus on:  

  • The law
  • Consequences
  • Acting appropriately (language/photos etc.)

The dangers and consequences of the cyber-world which our children live in is becoming more and more prevalent. Stay up to date with information so that you can be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of the cyber-world.


Parents from any area of our Bayside community are invited to be present for the first one-hour session, which will be held in G Block (Primary Gym) from 9:05am. If you are able to stay on after you bring your child to school, please join us for this session.

Calamity Jane Tickets on Sale

Tickets for Calamity Jane are now on Sale.

Performance dates are 9-11 August, 7:30pm.


Alpha Course Starting soon

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.


Hosted by Restore Family Church, here at the College on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, this is an opportunity for all to come along and explore the basics of what we believe and why.


All welcome!


Earn and Learn

Please collect your Earn and Learn stickers and

place them in the bin located in the G Block foyer. Last year we received some very valuable sports equipment for our College.


Principal's Tours - Tuesday 15 August

Do you know of a friend or family member interested in Christian education at Bayside? Why not encourage them to tour the College with our Principal, Chris Prior? Call our Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, on 5971 6709 for further details and to secure your place on a tour.

Careers Reminders

1.University and TAFE Open Days are being held during August, including the following events in the coming week:


Aug 10 - Holmesglen TAFE

Aug 12 - JMC Academy

Aug 13 - ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology)

Aug 13 - Photography Studies College 

Aug 13 - William Angliss

Aug 13 - RMIT

Aug 13 - ACU (Australian Catholic University)

Aug 13 - AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment)

Aug 15 - Chisholm TAFE


Students should visit the BCC Careers website event calendar website for information regarding other events later in August.


2. VTAC Applications are open for Year 12 VCE students seeking university entry in 2018. Please visit this website to apply and see Mrs Dawson in the Careers Office for assistance. 

35th Anniversary Reunion Day - Saturday 2 September

It is with great excitement that we look forward to celebrating our 35th Anniversary at our Reunion Day on Saturday 2 September from 10am to 2pm. It is sure to be a fabulous day, with displays, food, entertainment and more!


Please help us spread the word about the Reunion Day by letting all your Bayside acquaintances know about this special day. All friends of Bayside past and present - students, parents and teachers - are invited.

Our Anniversary Committee is also on the lookout for any Bayside-related memorabilia or old photos you may have to share at Reunion Day. We're hoping to display photos and memorabilia in rooms themed according to the respective decade, so if you have any items from the 80s, 90s or 00s such as furniture, records or CDs, clothes, posters, kitchenware and anything else you may have to add to a theme, please contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams.


PTO dates

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday 30 August, 3:45-8pm, and Thursday 31 August ,1:45-8pm. Login details will emailed to families shortly.

Resilient Kids Conference

Join author Sharon Witt and a collection of childhood specialists as they present at the second annual Resilient Kids Conference. Last year was an incredible success as we saw many parents and teachers attend this conference to obtain tools to help children and teens through difficult times.


Among the amazing presenters is adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Hugh van Cuylenburg, Kate Johnson from Spectrum Journeys, who will be speaking on supporting adolescents on the spectrum, as well as the amazing Melinda Tankard Reist. Register now for just $69 per ticket for the entire day - don't miss out.
Saturday 9 September, 9am-4pm
Crossway Centre - 2 Vision Drive, Burwood East
Speaking Topics:
• Tackling Anxiety and Mental Health Issues in Young People

• The Sexualisation of Children

• Promoting Positive Body Image in Girls

• Supporting Pre-teens and Teens on the Autism Spectrum

• Understanding and Responding to Self Harm

• Supporting the Development of a Resilient Young Person


Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is  a drama academy for children from ages 5-17 years.


Our focus is on self-development, and developing confidence and skill in verbal communication through the fun and creativity of drama!


Camp Australia Newsletter


School Banking Day is Tuesday

Commencing Term 3, Monday 14 August through to Term 4, Friday 10 November, school bankers have the chance to win exciting prizes by demonstrating regular savings behaviour with the 'Future Games' competition. See the school banking information out now for details


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