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18 August 2017
Term 3 Week 4
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


Literacy and Numeracy

At Grange we continue to focus on enabling students to achieve their personal best in English/Literacy and Mathematics/Numeracy. The explicit teaching, scaffolded learning and engaging learning activities of our teachers in English and Mathematics is demonstrated in the achievement of our students across a range of assessment practices. These include

  • Running Records in reading
  • Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading and Mathematics
  • Bright Path in Writing
  • Sight and tricky word assessments
  • Class assignments and tests
  • Teacher judgement
  • National Assessment Program, Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLaN) at years 3, 5 and 7

In Literacy and Mathematics our Senior Leaders (Carmen Fiedler and Alex Narcys) support, coach and mentor teachers in their literacy and Mathematics learning practice. Mathematics is one of the areas on our Site Improvement Plan and for the Western Adelaide Shores Partnership of preschools and schools. Our priority to improve learning and teaching in Mathematics is through-

  • A consistent and coherent pedagogy in Mathematics with a strong focus on unfamiliar problem solving.  
  • Teachers designing low floor, high ceiling engaging learning, common assessment and moderation strategies in Mathematics

In collaboration with National experts in Mathematics, Maureen Hegarty and Tierney Kennedy, the professional learning of teachers in Mathematics is guided by their evidence based practice that supports the most learning growth of our students. The key outcome is greater numbers of students achieving in high bands of NAPLaN and receiving A’s and B’s against the Mathematics curriculum standards. NAPLaN results are due to arrive at schools over the next few weeks. Students will receive their individual results and I will also share the whole-school NAPlan outcomes.


Recently the press release below from The Minister for Education, Susan Close, was made highlighting support to lift literacy and numeracy results even further. Improving the quality and capacity of every teacher to be an even better teacher is the key to achieving further growth in literacy and numeracy at Grange. This is something that we are well on track for through the team-work approach in coaching, mentoring, support and direction from our Senior Leaders and National experts in Mathematics.


Grange is certainly moving from a good school to a consistently outstanding one.


$67.5 million funding boost to accelerate student achievement

The State Government will provide a $67.5m funding boost to public school students who have been identified as needing more help to lift literacy and numeracy across the state.

Primary school students who are not achieving expected standards or growth will benefit from dedicated intervention funds provided to their school.

Under the 4 year $67.5m Literacy and Numeracy First plan, schools will use extra funds on high-impact teaching strategies to lift student achievement. Schools will use a range of evidence-based teaching strategies, including extra teachers, literacy and numeracy coaches or targeted programs. Improvement strategies will be overseen by a newly-established independent panel of education experts.

The recent NAPLaN results show there has been improvement in numeracy across all year levels in the state, but more work is needed to lift achievement to a higher level for all students in numeracy and in literacy.


The targeted funding – for students in public primary schools – is designed to lift achievement and modernise the state’s public education system to prepare young South Australians for jobs of the future.


Looking forward to seeing many of you at Games/Sports Day on Friday the 1st of September. It promises to be a great day!


Regards, Grant



Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 

[email protected]                                              









School News

Traffic Monitors



Week 5 - Term 3


Room 37 - Lily P-R, Olivia B, Jade G

 (Reserve: Evan G)


Week 6 - Term 3


Room 33 -Evan G, Imogen W, Josh C

 (Reserve: Emelie I)


Week 7 - Term 3


Room 33 -Emelie I, Xavier M, Laura S

 (Reserve: Zoe D)


Week 8 - Term 3


Room 33 -Zoe D ,Connor R, Maggie R

 (Reserve: James R)


Week 9- Term 3


Room 33 -James R, Violet M, Ethan W

 (Reserve:Kendra S)


Week 10- Term 3


Rooms 37 & 33 -Kendra S, Tiana R, Olivia N

 (Reserve: Anthony N)

Canteen Roster

Canteen volunteers are needed for Term 3. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Week 5 - Term 3


Monday -  Student Free Day


Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - HELP NEEDED

Friday -Raye R


Week 6 - Term 3


Monday -  Aymee  Lumsden


Wednesday - Sushi Day (Renee and Zina)

Thursday - HELP NEEDED

Friday -Annette D'Aloia


Week 7 - Term 3


Monday -   HELP NEEDED

Tuesday - Ilianna B

Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - School Closure for Royal Show


Week 8 - Term 3




Wednesday - Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - HELP NEEDED

Friday -Raye R


Week 9 - Term 3


Monday -  Aymee Lumsden


Wednesday -Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - HELP NEEDED



Week 10 - Term 3



Tuesday - Renae

Wednesday -Zina Spirdonoff

Thursday - HELP NEEDED

Friday - Kelly Miggie


Games Day Change of Date


Maths Corner with Mr Narcys

This week I have inserted an article from Jo Boaler about the importance of positive beliefs and messages in Maths.


Parents’ Beliefs about Math Change Their Children’s Achievement



We now know that the messages we give students can change their performance dramatically, and that students need to know that the adults in their lives believe in them. Researchers are learning that students’ ideas about their ability and potential are extremely important, much more than previously understood. As well as the messages we give students about their potential, brain research is now showing that messages students pick up from their parents about math and their parents’ relationships with math can also change students’ math learning and achievement.

In an important study researchers found that when mothers told their daughters they were not good at math in school, their daughter’s achievement declined almost immediately (Eccles & Jacobs, 1986). In a new study neuroscientists Erin Maloney and colleagues found that parents’ math anxiety reduced their children’s learning of math across grades 1 and 2, but only if parents helped their children on math homework (Maloney, Ramirez, Gunderson, Levine, & Beilock, 2015) If they did not help them on homework, the parents’ math anxiety did not detract from their children’s learning.


The parents’ math knowledge did not turn out to have any impact, only their level of math anxiety.

Both studies, again, communicate the importance of the messages students receive, as it was not math knowledge that harmed the students’ performance but the parents’ anxiety. We do not know what parents with math anxiety say to their children but it is likely they communicate the negative messages we know to be harmful, such as “math is hard” or “I was never good at math in school.” It is critical that when parents interact with children about math they communicate positive messages, saying that math is exciting and it is an open subject that anyone can learn with hard work, that it is not about being “smart” or not and that math is all around us in the world. For more parental advice on ways to help students with math see the parent page.


Teachers also need to give positive messages to students at all times. Many elementary teachers feel anxious about mathematics, usually because they themselves have been given fixed and stereotyped messages about the subject and their potential. When I taught in my online teacher/parent class that mathematics is a multidimensional subject that everyone can learn, many of the elementary teachers who took it described it as life-changing and approached mathematics differently afterward. Around 85% of elementary teachers in the United States are women, and Beilock, Gunderson, Ramirez, & Levine (2009) found something very interesting and important. The researchers found that the levels of anxiety held by women elementary teachers also predicted the achievement of the girls in their classes, but not the boys (Beilock et al., 2009). Girls look up to their female teachers and identify with them at the same time as teachers are often and sadly conveying the idea that math is hard for them or they are just not a “math person.” Many teachers try to be comforting and sympathetic about math, telling girls not to worry, that they can do well in other subjects. We now know such messages are extremely damaging.


Teachers and parents need to replace sympathetic messages such as “Don’t worry, math isn’t your thing” with positive messages such as “You can do this, I believe in you, math is an open, beautiful subject that is all about effort and hard work.”

This article contains excerpts from Jo Boaler’s new book, Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching




Challenge Corner – Have a go at one of the maths problems below.

Foundation – Year 2 – Spiders and Flies
There were 22 legs creeping across the web. How many flies? How many spiders?


Year 3 – 5 – Prison Cells
There are seventy eight prisoners in a square cell block of twelve cells. There is one prisoner in one of the cells, two in another cell, three in another, four in another and so on up to twelve prisoners in one of the cells.

The clever prison warder made it easy to check if the prisoners were all there by arranging them so there were twenty five along each wall of the prison block. How did he do it?


Year 6-7 – Jail Break

There are 100 prisoners in 100 separate locked cells. During the night each of 100 prison officers visits the cells. The first officer visits every cell. The second officer visits cells 2,4,6,... etc (every 2nd cell), the third officer visits cells 3,6,9,..etc (every third cell), the fourth officer visits every fourth cell, and so on until the 100th officer visits the 100th cell. On a visit each officer unlocks the door if it is locked or locks the door if it is unlocked. If the cell remains unlocked after all officers have completed their rounds, the prisoner can escape. In the morning, how many prisoners have escaped and why?
Hint: Look for a pattern and draw it out.





Student Thoughts

Our school is great because......................

-Of the positivity. Lily, Year 5

-Teachers are very helpful to us, especially when we struggle. They are always here to help us. Monica, Year 5

-Because I love it. Mackenzie, Foundation

-Lots of good teachers. Lucy, Year 1

-It has lots of diversity. Archie, Year 6

-It is fun. Ben, Year 7

-I make lots of good friends. Seth, Year 7

-I love all the helpful teachers and staff. Gianna, Year 5

-I love that we can peform at Wakakirri. Elyssa, Year 6

-Nice and friendly and never lets you down. Layla, Year 5

-I love the monkey bars. Jemma, Year 1

Congratulations to Royce Wong 

Royce Wong came equal 1st  for South Australian State CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP Under 12 which took place at the Chess Centre on the 20th & 21st July. Well done Royce!


Community News

Inspire Fitness

Free Inspired Week


I’m sure you’re aware I’ve been doing personal and group training for a while now but I have but I have some spots that have become available in our group sessions plus a few new sessions we’re still trying to fill. We only have 15 spots available so it will be first in first served.


We are looking for people in the western suburbs who noticed that over winter it’s been a struggle and are ready to make a change. Who want to look, feel and perform better as we move into the warmer months.


If that’s you we invite you to join our family for a 1 week FREE trial of all our group sessions! Oh yeah, being an early bird helps for most of them but even if you’re not, getting up early is simply a habit you can change whenever you like!


If you’ve just said it sounds great but I’m not up to doing burpees and running yet then you’re exactly the person we want! We’ll show you ways to make any exercise achievable so you can build confidence in yourself and actually enjoy exercise.


The following are the dates and times for our Free Inspired Week. All sessions are held at Grange Primary School in Witungga Hall.


Monday 28th August at 6.00 am

Wednesday 30th August at 6.00 am, 8.45 am and 6.00 pm

Saturday 2nd September 7.30 am


If you would like to join us please contact Ryan 

Mobile : 0433 493 444 Email: [email protected]


Kids Club at Grange Baptist Church


Autism Support Group




The next meeting of the Autism Support Group will be held on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 7 p.m. at Grange Baptist Church.  Please join us for a chat, coffee and refreshments.  We will be using this session as an opportunity to organise an Autism Workshop for the near future, so please come along and share your ideas with us on what information you would be interested in receiving.  Children are very welcome too.


Debbie Moore

Parent & Community Liaison Officer 


Sport News

4/5 Boys Basketball


On Tuesday we sent a team to the home of the Bearcats to compete in the year 4/5 Boys Basketball competition. After a day of holding the opposition to nearly no score, not losing a game and having many convincing victories, we got to the Grand Final  but were beaten narrowly. Thank you to the parents that supported this event, a special thanks to Rob Mackenzie who was integral in our school appearing at this event for the first time. 



6/7 Basketball

I had the pleasure of taking 18 students to Pasadena to compete at the 6/7 Basketball Competition on Wednesday. The Girls team won 4 of the 6 games and played some excellent team basketball to finish third for the day behind only Highgate and Littlehampton PS. Thanks to Darren Smith for taking the time away from work to be the coach of the team, we couldn't have a more qualified person for the role. Michael McManus was thrown the reigns at the very last minute and took the boys to second in their Pool behind only Eastern Fleurieu who we managed to draw with earlier in the day. With 10 boys in the team, the boys played some unselfish and exciting basketball however the most pleasing thing was seeing these boys come off the court when it was their turn and support the others without any complaints. We are very lucky to have such fantastic children representing our school community. Thanks to Michael and Jenny Rankin for their support also and all of the other parents who made the trip.



Being ideally located amongst some of the state's finest golf courses it was great to see a few entries into SAPSASA Golf this year. Jamie Carroll and Hudson Brown have progressed to the next stage of the SAPSASA Golf after brilliant performances at West Lakes Golf Course on Monday. Thanks to both both families for the support to take the boys, we appreciate your efforts and wish both boys the very best into the next round.


Bike Education

Year 4 and 5 Students


Dates to Remember

Term 3

Week 5

21/8 - Student Free Day

22/8- Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

22/8-Neighbourhood Watch Meeting 7.30pm

23/8- Assembly 9am

24/8 - Oliphant Science Competition

Crystal Investigation, Model's & Inventions, Photography and Posters Due

27/8 - Sir Oliphant Open Day at Festival Function Centre

Week 6

29/8 - Way to Go - Bike Ed for Year 5

1/9- Games Day 


Week 7

4/9 - Finance Meeting at 6.00pm

4/9 - Governing Council Executive Meeting at 7.00pm

8/9 - School Closure - Royal Show


Week 8

11/9 - School Photographs

11/9 - Governing Council Meeting 7:00pm

Week 9


Week 10

29/9 - Early Dismissal 2.05pm

1/10 - Daylight savings starts

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