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12 June 2019
Issue Fourteen
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CEO'S Report 

On the 24th of May the City LLEN celebrated reaching our SWL program targets for the year; 112 students placed. That’s more than 6 months ahead of schedule and a 120% improvement on outcomes for the same time last year.  A very big thank you to our Wendy for her hard work, perseverance and excellent relationship building skills that made this happen.


It takes time to generate the good will and trust of employers and schools. We are grateful for their confidence in us to manage and look after their students during this valuable time in their learning as they step into the world of work. Structured work experience, tailored to match the vocational learning needs of the student provides opportunities for them to grow in self-awareness, confidence, understanding of how an industry works, obtain insights into a workplace and can lead to offers of employment post school completion.  We would like to also thank our employers who are so generous and patient with many of the students we place who have a learning disability or come with other challenges, their preparedness to take these kids on is of enormous value to the students and their future hopes and aspirations.  When a student understands they can succeed in thw workplace it reinforces the value of education, trying harder and stepping out of their comfort zone, thank you so much for enabling this result.


Louise Smith 


City LLEN News

Girls in STEM & Future of Work Forum 

Girledworld have partnered with the LLEN to deliver a Girls in STEM Future of Work Forum for female high school students and their parents.


The aim of the event is to encourage girls in years 9, 10 & 11 to consider STEM and other emerging and exciting careers that can provide them with satisfying work lives, and to help girls and parents recognise that employability skills and future workplaces are changing.

Please find the link and flyer below.


Careers & Pathways Evening

On Thursday 30 May the LLEN supported St. Aloysius College in North Melbourne in facilitating a careers evening for Year 10 students and their parents. The LLEN organised a fantastic group of young  women to talk about their career journey so far and their plans for the future. Careers covered included civil engineering, event management, medical science, nursing, law, information technology, sales management, paramedic, media and communication, and education.  Andrew Smith, the LLEN School-Community Engagement officer, gave an overview of the changing nature of work to set the scene at the beginning of the evening, including the thought-provoking video “Did You Know?” A large group of parents and students thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were extremely positive in their feedback on the presentations. This was particularly evident by the number that stayed behind to continue to ask questions of the presenters. The evening will be further supported by the school’s Year 10 Careers program “The Future Me”. The LLEN will continue to support this program in Term 3 by facilitating workshops, organizing guest speakers and supporting a mock job interview program.




LLEN facilitated industry / TAFE

On Wednesday 15 May the LLEN facilitated an industry / TAFE day for students at the Victorian College for the Deaf who are currently studying  VET Bicycle Mechanical Technology. In the morning students visited Good Cycles two locations in Docklands. Students were provided with an introduction to how a social enterprise operates, an explanation of the range of programs they provide , including bicycle sales & maintenance and their partnership with Citywide. This was followed by a practical activity linked to their current VET program which saw them learning how to fit a disc brake system to a bike. After lunch in Docklands students walked to Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE). There they were introduced to the range of courses on offer, including a talk from the Disability Support Officer who explained the range of support services available. They were then given a tour of the amazing facilities provided at the Docklands campus. Students had a great day and came away with much greater knowledge of the training and career opportunities available to them in the future.



St. Aloysius College

On Tuesday 14 May the LLEN School Community Engagement Officer facilitated a workshop at St. Aloysius College for parents on the Changing World of Work and how to engage in Career Conversations with their children. Around 40 parents attended the evening. Parents were asked to reflect on their own career journey and compare it to the one their children are preparing for. Parents learnt that many young people entering the workforce today will have 5 different careers entailing 17 different jobs! The importance of thinking about a career as a lifelong journey was emphasized, including the need for continual learning. Parents were provided with a range of tools they could use at home to engage their children in a conversation about future careers. Feedback from the evening was very positive with many conversations continuing well past the conclusion of the workshop.


Flexi Schools Network 

The LLEN has facilitated two meetings this year for the new Flexi Schools Network. Meetings were held during Term 1 at St. Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre and in Term 2 at Kensington Community High School. Meetings have been well attended with representatives coming from Hester Hornbrook Academy, River Nile, Parkville College, Kensington CHS and St. Joseph’s FLC. Much sharing of knowledge and expertise has taken place with regular communication now happening between the schools. There has been extensive discussions around areas of common interest including VET, VCAL, Structured Work Placements, TAFE Tasters, Arts Based programs and joint sporting opportunities. The next meeting is on Friday 14 June at the new Hester Hornbrook Academy City Campus. Please contact Andrew Smith for any further information at

SWL News

City LLEN SWL Placements 

Have a look at all the City LLEN placements in one place and select your indsutry of choice and scroll through the placements we offer in that industry! 


Youth & Education News

Barriers to Youth Paticipation Survey & Political Participation Survey 

The Victorian Youth Congress  is inviting young people  to share their experiences and observations on how the Victorian Government can better engage with and represent young Victorians. There are two surveys to take part in:  (link: | #YouthCentralVic


Minecraft Mini Melbourne 

The Department of Education have partnered with the Metrol Tunnel Projects to create a Mini Minecraft of Melbourne. The game is designed to be educational and teaches students about the history of Melbourne but also the future as the projects are completed. 

Check it out below. 


Youth IT Programs for Semester 2, 2019.

These programs have been developed to assist young people aged 16 – 25 who are experiencing barriers to education and employment by developing essential workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and digital literacy.

Implementing programs and practices in child and family services: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of good implementation practice


Read This

How to overcome a fear of maths

"Some people have a “fixed mindset”, meaning they believe their ability to be set in stone and unable to be improved. Other people have a “growth mindset” meaning they believe their ability can change and improve over time with effort and practice."


Let them play! Kids need freedom from play restrictions to develop

"The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises play as every child’s basic right. But play is becoming extinct.


The government keeps talking about revamping VET – but is it actually doing it?

Exploring employer dissatisfaction with the VET sector versus the need to support our young people into VET education and jobs.


Preschool benefits all children, but not all children get it. Here’s what the government can do about that

Exploring the benefits of early childhood education


Let’s make it mandatory to teach respectful relationships in every Australian school

Schools play a significant role in educating young people about gender-based violence and helping change the underlying attitudes that lead to it.


We can't afford to leave Indigenous students behind as we prepare our future workforce

In 2019 the federal government released its plan to improve career education with the intention to lead the preparation of the nation’s future workforce. 


I grew up in state care. To say that university has changed my life would be an understatement

"Right now, there are around 50,000 children in state care in Australia. Of these, 60% will end up being long-term welfare dependent. 30% will experience homelessness. Around 46% of the boys will spend time in prison, and 15% of the girls will spend time as sex workers. 25% will go on to work menial jobs for the rest of their lives. Only 2.8% will make it to university."


Setting Aussie kids up for success

An Australian charity is developing a 10-year roadmap for early childhood research focused on helping vulnerable children get the best start in life.


Young women most vulnerable amid gender equality backlash

“A lot of young people believe it’s a gender-neutral issue where men and women are equally using violence, but we know from police statistics and surveys this is largely a problem of men’s violence against women,” says Anastasia Powell, researcher and author of the report.


Autism and Inclusion at Kindergarten booklet

New resource supporting the education of children with autism attending kindergartens, get your copy here


Dealing with the trauma of youth homelessness

The City LLEN congratulates Melbourne City Mission on their reinvigorated services to young homeless people, read more here


Attend This

Transition to Secondary School Forum 2019

preparing autistic students for a smooth transition into secondary school and is designed for both teachers and parents.

Mon., 24 June 2019

9:30 am – 3:30 pm AEST

2019 Melbourne Career Expo

The 18th annual Melbourne Career Expo provides an interactive platform for all Victorian's to source the knowledge they need to achieve their successful future.

Fri, 26/07/2019, 10:00 am –

Sun, 28/07/2019, 4:00 pm AEST

2019 Victorian Education Infrastructure Industry Briefing

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has rescheduled the 2019 Victorian Education Infrastructure Industry Briefing for Wednesday 12 June 2019 following the change of date for the Victorian State Budget.


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