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13 June 2019
Issue Eight
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From the Principal

FINALIST- Good Luck Batesford!
The Ultimate School Excursion

And the winner is------ yes you guessed it Rollins- Batesford!!!!

 Last week Bay 93.9 were announced the winners of this Ultimate Excursion to Live Wire Park in Lorne. Lachie Wright was interviewed on radio and now thinks he has a future as a DJ!

Congratulations to the Batesford teachers and students who made an excellent video and thank you to all the students and Parents at both campuses who spent many hours voting.

School Upgrade - Wow!!

It has been a very long time coming but we have finally managed to secure a school upgrade with major capital works happening in the very near future. Exact details are not yet known to us but we have been granted 3.46 million- yes you read it correctly!!

I received a letter from The Hon James Merlino( Minister for Education) late last week stating he was delighted to confirm that the Victorian Government has allocated $3.460 million to fund a new building program at Rollins PS. We will meet with government representatives in the next few weeks to discuss plans.

 I would like to sincerely thank everyone in our community who have worked so hard to secure this grant for our school- well done Team Rollins!

We are extremely excited about this announcement which will allow our students, staff and parents the opportunity to operate in a new and motivating environment. More details will be distributed to our community as they become available.

Senior School Sports

Congratulations to all students who braved the cold and participated in the Senior School Athletics. It was a great day despite the chill factor! A huge thank you to all the teachers and parents who volunteered to assist on the day. Without parent support we would be unable to conduct these extra curricular activities. Congratulations to Green House on their victory in the School House competition.

Many thanks to Hayley Womersley who spent a myriad of hours planning to ensure the success of this day.


Students Leaving An Excursion Early

A reminder to everyone about the new system when students are on excursions or at events. One teacher will be the nominated person (may or may not be your child’s classroom teacher) to attend to early leavers or late arrivals. Parents are asked to report to that person only and sign their child in or out. On return to school, this information will be recorded on COMPASS.

A parent who signs their child out on COMPASS must still report to the nominated person for recording purposes. This process will ensure the safety of all our students as we will have accurate data on the whereabouts of every student in real time.

Reminder To Parents

The first day of Term 3 (Monday 15th July) is a staff professional learning day. Staff will be undertaking professional learning in the area of Literacy. Kandice Bell (Senior Improvement Educational Leader- Barwon Region)will be working with staff to improve our understanding of data and elaborating on strategies to further improve literacy at Rollins. We hope selecting this day may assist some parents who wish to extend their holidays, return from holidays when the roads are less congested or align with a parent’s RDO. Students first day back will be Tuesday 16th July.


ASSEMBLY-3/4(Sharni Oliver’s Class and the other half of Daniel’s Grade) performing this week. If your child is in Daniels’s grade please ask them if they are part of the performance this week.

This week is the last assembly for Term 2 as on the last day(Friday 28th June) students finish school at 2.30pm. The first assembly for Term 3 will be on Friday 19th July. There will be one more newsletter which will hit the press on Thursday 27th June.

Principal's Pondering 

A Growth Mindset message...


Dates to Remember


Wednesday 19 - The Ridiculous Rhyme Show - whole school incursion

Friday 28  - Last Day of Term 2


Monday 15 - Curriculum Day - NO STUDENTS REQUIRED AT SCHOOL

Tuesday 16 - First day of term 3 for Rollins students

Star Of The Week

Star Of The Week

Congratulations to the following students.
Certificates will be presented at assembly.

Grade Student Achievement
Prep JK Cooper Y For trying hard with all of his work and reading this week. Keep up the great work Cooper!
Prep JT  Daniel B For showing great improvement in his reading and reading at home every night! Keep it up Daniel!
Prep ST Lachlan C For concentrating so much more on his learning. You are a superstar! Keep it up Lachlan. 
1MC Xander L For a fantastic effort counting by groups in Maths this week and persisting when challenged. Well done!
1JS Sara Ahmed For being a good role model and always showing respect
2JW Ethan G For recording some great results in his maths testing this week. Well done on a great Semester!
2PW Peyton K For showing Ambition by asking questions in Maths when she wants to find out more about something. Excellent Peyton!
34C Jake P For always being a fantastic role model to his peers. Well done Jakey!
34D Lucas R For his amazing work on his improvements during multiplication over the year. Well done you mathematician!  
34O Adem A For always persisting with challenging tasks and wanting to achieve his best. Fantastic ambition Adem!
34W Avah F For being a superstar at Batesford everyday throughout the first two terms! Keep it up teammate!
34Z Petar N For having a positive attitude all day every day. It’s contagious and makes Batesford a fun place to be. Keep up the great work!
56C Isiah O For being willing to go outside his comfort zone to explore more complex mathematical concepts.
56I Baran B For being a very reliable and dependable class helper
56S Eren O For fantastic work on his Eureka Stockade storyboard
STEM   Not Available
ART Mia W For her wonderful watercolour butterfly masterpiece
P.E. Meyah F For giving 110% at the District Cross Country and making it to the next stage. Good luck!!!
Music Maya N, Mia T, Izzy T For volunteering to pack up the ukuleles and return them to the music room after assembly

Classroom News

Indonesian Word of the Week

To help support our Indonesian program across the school, we will be doing the ‘Indonesian Word of the Week’.  It is displayed in every classroom across the school each week and used in general discussions between students and teachers. Perhaps you can then try and integrate them into your conversations at home as much as possible.

Week 7



Week 8





Nth Geelong Secondary College
Masterchef Invitational

Last week, two of our students; Ela Mulayim and Will Bradley, took part in the NGSC Masterchef Invitational. The event was created to celebrate the opening of NGSC's brand new state-of-the-art kitchens. Students with a passion for cooking were encouraged to participate.

 Ela and Will were paired up with senior Hospitality and Patisserie students and learnt new skills in a number of workshops throughout the day before competing in a ‘Mystery Box’ challenge.

 Ben Shewry, founder of Attica Restaurant, which was named in the Top 20 Restaurants in the World in 2018 was the celebrity judge. 

Ela and Will did such a wonderful job that they were awarded the inaugural winners, with each receiving a medal for their efforts and a starring role int he Geelong Addy. Congratulations again to our two budding superstar chefs.


Prep JT


From The Art Room

The art room is in need of magazines. In particular, home, garden and travel magazines. Thanks to all who make donations to the art room. Much appreciated. Mrs D.

When I grow up...

To celebrate Education Week the other week, Mrs Jaclyn Knowles with the help of some of your students created this short video on the Education Week's theme of When I grow up... 

Please view the video by clicking here (Volume may need to be turned up)

House Athletics

On Thursday the 30th of May, Grades 3-6 braved the elements and competed in our annual Athletics Carnival. Every student gave their best efforts to earn points for their House across and range of track and field events. A huge thank you to Miss Womersley for organising the event and ensuring it ran so smoothly on the day. 

Overall scores:

House Points
1st – Green – 10.44 points
2nd – Gold – 10.15 points

3rd – Red – 10.14 points

4th – Blue – 9.7 points

Individual acknowledgements:

8/9 Girls
Champion - Georgia Short
R/U -Savannah Arends
8/9 Boys
Champion – Jake Petrovski
R/U – Kade Witney
10 Girls
Champion -Juliette Baguma
R/U – Avah Fursland & Mylee Lewis
10 Boys
Champion – Noah Smith
R/U – Ezra Washington & Nour H
11 Girls
Champion – Maria Pagtolon & Meyah Fursland
R/U – Sasha Joergensen
11 Boys
Champions – Tyler Ollis, Isiah O’Keefe & Riley Lazzarich
12/13 Girls
Champion – Phoenix McCleish, Indianna Elliot & Aaliyah Posterino
12/13 Boys
Champion – Asher Mitchell & Shaun Hobbelen
R/U – Bailey Fitzgerald

Captain's Comment

This week, on Friday, the ⅚ girls in the A netball team will be playing at the Geelong Arena as part of the next round of local school sport. Good luck to all of you involved.

Great job to Batesford for winning a free excursion to Livewire Park. The Batesford crew made a great video that went on the BAY FM website.

Now onto Athletics. Well done to everyone that participated out Athletics Day, especially to GREEN HOUSE on winning it.


Kyden McCaughan

School Captain

Learning At Home

Learning at home

Parents/guardians engaged in learning play an important role in developing positive attitudes towards education for their children. It builds motivation and confidence as learners and fosters enjoyment of learning. You can help your child's learning every day, by supporting and encouraging them and being excited by their learning.

Each week we will add some ideas for your child/ren to keep them developing their literacy and numeracy skills at home or items to have a conversation about.

The Education Department has a fantastic resource available to assist your child every day. Please click the link to access the Literacy and Numeracy at home document




Explore maths everyday with your children as you walk, talk and play. See the beauty of maths everywhere! When walking, talking, looking and listening, families can explore and use mathematics every day. Introduce children to maths in the outdoors by counting steps, finding numbers and shapes and mapping your path. The possibilities are endless!

Click this link to discover more;

 An animated video of the Everyday Maths - Outdoors with captioned text is available for use.

R.E.A.C.H. (Respect, Encouragement, Ambition, Consideration and Honesty)

The school motto “REACH” demonstrates the values that form the basis of our actions throughout our entire community. 

This edition of our newsletter is focusing on Respect. The images below remind us of what respect is and what it may look like.


Other Information


Rollins Primary School recognises that every day of attendance at school contributes towards a student's learning and that maximising school attendance enhances academic outcomes.

Each newsletter the attendance rates of Rollins students will be visible for the entire community. We take attendance very seriously at Rollins PS and have a goal to have as close to 100% of student attendance as possible.

Whole school attendance year to date (YTD) % Whole school attendance past fortnight %
91.8% 88%

Percentage of students that have attended school 90% or more YTD

(90% equates to missing one day a fortnight or a week a term)

Grade Prep Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
% attendance YTD 92.7% 91.6% 93% 91.1% 92.1% 91.8% 92.2%
Whole school late attendance year to date (YTD)  Whole school late attendance past fortnight 
484 77


For more information regarding attendance please follow the link to the Education Department's Attendance Policy


We are currently collecting bread tags, bottle tops and old mobile phones at school. This not only saves these items from landfill, but helps others less fortunate than us.


Thank you to everyone for all of your bread tags so far - we have collected just over a kilogram of tags that will be delivered to Urban Upcycle, where they will be passed on and help contribute to the purchase of wheelchairs in South Africa.  Please continue to bring them in and place them in your classroom collection box.


We are also collecting bottle top lids. These lids are being turned into 3D plastic, which is then used to make prosthetic limbs for third world countries. Please place any lids you have in the box outside the office. There is also a box for any old mobile phones you no longer need or use.


If you would like to further information about these projects, please follow these links:


Bottle tops

Mobile phones


Thanks again for everyone’s support of these great causes.

School Holidays


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