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11 May 2018
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Principal's Page

Teaching and Learning

The future of our Education System has certainly been thrust into the limelight in recent times with the David Gonski's work receiving plenty of attention.  David Gonski, a leading public figure in business and philanthropy, was commissioned by the Federal Government 12 months ago to develop a report outlining his thoughts on the future direction of Education.


The report discusses "transforming the school system to assess and reward personal progress, not just standard academic benchmarks.  It challenges the Commonwealth, States and Territories to ditch their 'industrial model of schooling' in favour of a more modern and individual approach (Kozoil, M., The Age, 29/4/18).


The report goes on to discuss the need for students to focus on continuous improvement including more advanced students being 'pushed or stretched' to achieve learning levels beyond their years.  Other features of the report include greater professional development and collaboration opportunities for teachers, a more flexible senior curriculum to meet the future career aspirations of students, and developing further ways of assessing and monitoring individual student progress.


We are already measuring and reporting on student growth in the classroom.  To measure, monitor and report on student progress using a Cyclical Assessment and Reporting Model makes sense.  Importantly, we want our students to be well equipped with the necessary skills and content knowledge in order to access the quickly evolving employment and study options of the future.  21st Century Skill Development (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity) for example is vital and if the changes suggested by the Gonski Report are more widely adopted, then it can be argued that  greater opportunities can be created for these sorts of skills to be developed.


Pleasingly, the Gonski Report says that 'teachers deserve greater recognition and higher esteem' - these comments are welcomed by all those who teach.  The report has certainly got people talking about the future of our Education System and we will continue to watch with interest the public's reaction to Gonski's report.   


Open Night - 3rd May, 2018

What a night!  The 2018 Open Night was incredibly successful with hundreds of families in attendance.  Despite the change in format on the night due to our renovations with the Gymnasium - Performing Arts Complex, we were still able to provide a positive and informative experience for our guests.  Each of our Learning Domains were represented while information relating to other important aspects of the College was also shared.


We thank our hard working staff for giving up so much of their time in helping to organise and implement this important event.  We also thank our student leaders and helpers on the night who all did such a terrific job in showcasing our College.   Special mention to Elisa Pauer and Gemma McMahon (Transition Co-ordinators) - their outstanding leadership allowed for such a successful event.



Strategic Planning, 2019 - 2022

All schools are required to develop a Strategic Plan to further develop student outcomes.  Our next Strategic Plan period will be 2019 – 2022.  The process of developing a Strategic Plan is significant.  We need participation from all stakeholder groups in the development of our Plan.  This is an exciting time for the College as we develop important plans for the future. 


As part of the process, our College Community needs to complete the Pre Review Self Evaluation (PRSE) process.  Our PRSE needs to be completed by the end of Term Two.  To assist in the development of our PRSE, we will establish a Panel to get through this important work.  Together with staff, we also plan to have representation from leadership, parents from College Council and students on the Panel. 


The Panel will have a significant role to play concerning this process.  For example, the Panel will seek to view data, consider survey results and review the work from focus groups as part of its work to develop the Pre Review Self Evaluation Report.  Staff, students and families will be consulted as part of the process and the work of the Panel.  Our Panel will meet on a regular basis through Term Two to help complete the PRSE process and subsequent report.


Please note that the PRSE Report will be used by the DET assigned Reviewer in their work with our school in Term Three.  It is during this time that Draft Strategic Plan Goals for 2019 - 2022 will be established, together with the development of Strategies and Targets to help our College meet these Goals.  If families have any queries, please contact me at the College via the General Office.

Education Week - Celebrating the Arts, 20 - 26 May

Education Week is coming up soon (20 to 26/5) and the theme this year is 'Celebrating the Arts':


"Now in its 74th year, Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector.  Education Week 2018 is all about celebrating the arts and is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, and early childhood services to showcase the work they are doing for students in arts subjects including dance, drama, music, visual arts and media arts. " (from the DET website 10/5/18)."


The Arts are a very important part of our College, and we aim to recognise the Arts in some way in and around Education Week.

Value of the Week - Creativity

Our College was well represented at a recent Dance Competition at Fairhills Secondary College in Wantirna (27/4).  The students competing were:


1 st Place:

Year 10 Solo: Jack Thomson

Year 10 Duo: Jack Thomson and Skye Gommers

Year 10 Group: Jack Thomson, Skye Gommers & Hayley Salt

Year 9 Solo: Hayley Tidd

Year 9 Duo: Lani Himbury & Nicola Himbury


3rd place -

Year 8 Solo: Mia Matheas

Year 7 Duo: Tarliya Cust & Simone Roos


2nd Place-

Overall School Aggregate: Wheelers Hill Secondary College


Our students were able to do the College proud with their outstanding performances on the night.  Well done to all involved, including Abbey Novak (Dance Teacher) for organising this opportunity for our students.








Aaron Smith


Assistant Principals Report

Feedback Cycle #2

The next Feedback Report - charting your child's academic progress, Attendance, Effort and Behaviour in each subject - will be published on Friday 26th May and will be available via the Reports tab on your child's Compass dashboard. You should already have received feedback on the completed Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) that will be included in the report. The explanations on how to read the reports are attached below.

Please be aware that you can also check  on your child's progress at any time by accessing the 'Learning Task' tab on your child's dashboard. The results and feedback for each CAT undertaken in class should be available two weeks after the completion of the task. Please feel free to contact your child's teachers if you have any concerns regarding tasks, due dates or feedback.


Keeping a check on our children's online usage.

Given the continuing attention and focus upon cyber bullying within our society,  I thought I would share this excerpt from an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 23 January 2018.

Schools and parents who work in partnership will hopefully have a positive impact upon the children under our care and through our combined efforts, guide our young people, so that they can make appropriate and well informed choices in relation to their  publications within the social media arena. 

 “Parents can do more to stop cyberbullying" 

In Australia, 25 per cent of our children currently experience bullying and 33 per cent experience an online threat… When you gift that first mobile phone, you are giving a device that is beyond the development of a teen's emotional and intellectual capacity. It has the potential to weaponise words and images that can cause severe psychological harm that adults often do not see. So who has the most significant potential to make a change for the better? Parents. The eSafety Commissioner, schools and non-profit organisations continue to deliver resources to support our community but a level of naivety prevails with parents as to the responsibility that comes with a mobile device in teen hands. A "lock and block" ban on mobile devices is not the answer… As a social media strategist, here are my top five strategies all parents of teens with mobile devices should adopt to prevent cyber bullying. First, build your own knowledge-base about cyber bullying. The website of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner is a great place to start and other excellent resources are Common Sense Media and Bullying No Way. Next, establish boundaries for the misuse of the mobile device. Agree with your child what the outcome is going to be if they cross the boundaries, and then follow through. It's important to identify "go-to" people your child can approach for support. A sibling, teacher, counsellor, mother, father or an organisation offering phone support such as Kids Help Line are all good go-tos. Make sure you discuss what cyber bullying looks, sounds and feels like with your child, and then agree to a strategy with your teen if they experience cyber bullying or observe it happening. They need to know they can take action in a safe and supportive manner, so have a plan – screenshot, block and report. And once you've done all this, don't assume they will continue to adhere to the rules. Check in with your teen on a regular basis. Blaming the mobile device, social media, schools and the government is deferring your responsibility.

Lifeline: 131114.

Peter Sutton is a social media strategist advising families, schools, government, and corporations around Australia on how to use and manage social media.


Please be reminded that the state wide NAPLAN testing will take place for all students on Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 May.  All Year 7 and 9 students will sit:  

  • Language Conventions and Writing: Tuesday 15 May.
  • Reading: Wednesday 16 May.
  • Mathematics: Thursday 17 May.

Students are reminded to bring their calculators for the numeracy component on Thursday.


Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

Dates to Remember


  • Boys Netball/Girls AFL


  • Naplan Year 7 & 9 


  • Naplan Year 7 & 9
  • Monash Gallery of Art - Year 10 Photography
  • Sports Coaching Primary School Visit
  • VCE Production Intensive Rehearsa


  • Naplan Year 7 & 9
  • Year 10 EEI Poster Presentations


  • Professional Development Day 

Our College Community is advised that we have a Professional Development Day. This is a student free day.  The theme of our Professional Development Day is Numeracy, Literacy.



  • Student Attitude to School Survey - Years 7 & 8
  • Student Attitude to School Survey - Years 9 & 10


  • Cyberia 
  • VCE Production Intensive Rehearsal
  • Waverley Meadows Visit - Year 9 Community Art
  • Student Attitude to School Survey - Years 11 & 12
  • Being a Smart Consumer - Year 7F Humanities


  • Division Cross-Country
  • Meningococcal Vaccine - Year 10
  • VCE Production Intensive Rehearsal Bump In 


  • Intermediate Sport
  • VCE Production Tech Rehearsal 

Performing Arts

Dance Day 2018

This week the WHSC Annual Dance Day took place at the prestigious studios of Dance Factory in Richmond. This special event runs each year and is open to all students. It was a wonderful and unique opportunity that allowed students to immerse themselves in dance for an entire day. They work with professionals within the industry to explore a variety of dance styles, including Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary. Each workshop will provided students with the tools to expand their personal movement vocabulary and extend themselves as dancers and choreographers. This year, 38 students ranging from year 7 to year 12 participated in the day, and as described by Mikayla Harvey from Year 10, each of them gained a great deal from their experience:


"On Monday the 7th of May, we attended the 2018 WHSC Dance Day, held at the Dance Factory in Richmond and what a day it was. We started the day with a whole group 30 minute stretch and then we were separated into two groups for the classes. The three styles we got to experience were Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary which were all 60 minute classes. I speak on behalf of the whole group saying that we walked away with so much extra knowledge and got to experience some styles we wouldn’t usually try, even though we left with a few sore muscles. A huge thank you to Ms Novak for organising the whole day! "

Mikayla Harvey - 10E


VCE Theatre Studies Production - Alice in Wonderland

Come fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and follow her adventures in Wonderland!


VCE Unit 1 and 3 Theatre Studies are proud to present our class production of Lewis Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland" adapted by Anna Diacos and Genelle Lentini. This show has been planned, developed and presented by the VCE Theatre Studies class, as part of their major assessment task for the semester. All students have played an integral role in the production, from directing, designing costumes, sets, props, lighting and makeup, acting and publicity and marketing! Audience members will be part of the actions as they are transported from the WHSC Library, into the strange world of Alice's imagination. Come along and sit at the tea party with the mad characters of Wonderland and remember... we're all mad here...

28th and 29th of May at 6:30pm 

Wheelers Hill Secondary College Library

Tickets: $10

Tickets are on sale Monday 21st May, 9am. 


Visit http://trybooking.com/VTOK to book your tickets. Seats are strictly limited - so make sure you get in fast!

Performing Arts Cabaret Night 2018!

A night of music, dance and culture at the inaugural Performing Arts Cabaret evening! 

Join the VCE Music, ensemble dance and instrumental students as they present their talents to the community! 

Light refreshments will be served as you enjoy the talents of the students from Year 7 - 12. A raffle will also be available on the evening! 

Tickets available online via: trybooking.com/VTOR. Tickets are on sale Monday 21st May. Seats are limited - so make sure you get yours quick!


Year 10 Theatre Studies - Arts Centre Excursion

A day of culture, music and theatre for the 2018 Year 10 Theatre Studies class as they spent the day at Arts Centre Melbourne. Starting the morning with a tour of some of the iconic theatre spaces under The Spire, students were privileged to see behind the scene set designs, orchestra rehearsals and technicians at work in the spaces. Students were then transported back in time to see some iconic memorabilia of the Australian Music scene, via the gallery and exhibition at the Australian Music Vault.

The day concluded with a performance of a new Australian work, “Hungry Ghosts” by Melbourne Theatre Company.

These opportunities were made possible due to the college’s  connections with the wonderful education programs at Arts Centre Melbourne and the Melbourne Theatre Company.


Dance Fair 2018

This year, for the first time, students of WHSC competed in "DanceFair"; an interschool dance competition where students from all across the south east region of Melbourne choreograph and perform their own routines. We had 10 students from Year 7-10 representing the school in various categories, including solos, duos and groups. The students floored the judges and audience with their unique, entertaining and heartfelt performances and the school community couldn't be prouder of their efforts. Students took out a number of place-winnings from the event and secured 2nd place for the Overall School Aggregate for the entire competition. We congratulate all our students and give a special mention to Chloe Kourtis of Year 7, whose incredible solo was the opening act of the competition; Chloe showed unparalleled professionalism as she stood on stage for minutes on end while the sound technicians dealt with some technical difficulties. She was applauded by the audience for her nerves of steel and performed an incredible piece when the sound issues were resolved. You can catch all of our competitors perform their routines again at the upcoming Performing Arts Cabaret Evening on May 30th.

1st Place:

Year 10 Solo: Jack Thomson

Year 10 Duo: Jack Thomson and Skye Gommers

Year 10 Group: Jack Thomson, Skye Gommers & Hayley Salt

Year 9 Solo: Hayley Tidd

Year 9 Duo: Lani Himbury & Nicola Himbury


3rd place - 

Year 8 Solo:  Mia Matheas

Year 7 Duo: Tarliya Cust & Simone Roos


2nd Place- 

Overall School Aggregate: Wheelers Hill Secondary College

Creative Partnerships and Connections

Wheelers Hill Secondary College are fortunate to have established connections and partnerships with many prestigious companies and organisations across Victoria. These are only some of the organisations we have worked with for 2018, alone. We believe that all students should have access to the Arts to help them become the best that they can be. Thanks to these wonderful organisations, the possibilities to grow as creative individuals, is possible. 


Dance Crew

Last semester, we had an open call for students to become members of the WHSC Dance Crew. We currently have approximately 35 active members of the Dance Crew who meet each Tuesday lunchtime to learn new routines. The club is student-led, with students teaching students and sharing a wide-ranging skills and techniques with one another. A new routine, in a new style, with a new student leader, is started every 4 weeks. The crew began its first block under the instruction of the dynamic duo of Skye Gommers and Jack Thomson of Year 10. They taught students an incredible Hip Hop routine, choreographed to the epic song "This Is Me" from The Greatest Showman. We have kicked off Term 2 with the sensational Hayley Tidd of Year 9 leading us through a Jazz routine to Meghan Trainors "No Excuses". Any student is welcome to join Dance Crew at anytime; the Crew is based on the philosophy of fun and the love of DANCE!



Creative Arts Club - 2019

Over the next two terms, the Creative Arts club will be starting up again. The Club will run weekly sessions in the A01 Arts room, where students will be invited to assist in developing set pieces for the exciting 2018 production – ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

I would like to encourage any students to be apart of this great opportunity. This club provides students with not only a creative outlet, but also a safe and positive environment for them to socialise and be themselves. All interested students should look at the daily bulletins next week for some specific information relating to starting times and session details.



Student Awards for Term Two – Visual Arts

All of the Visual Arts Teachers at Wheelers Hill Secondary College would like to congratulate the following students on the academic achievement and effort during term two within a range of visual arts subjects.


Student Awards for Term Two – Visual Communication Design

All of the Visual Arts Teachers at Wheelers Hill Secondary College would like to congratulate the following students on the academic achievement and effort during term two within Visual Communication Design.


Ms Nicole Harris

Visual Arts Domain Leader


Robotics & Coding

In Robotics and Coding this semester we have been learning how to build and program robots using the EV3 LEGO Mindstorms sets. We will be using these to enter the annual RoboCup Junior Competition which will be held in August. The competition includes a dance, soccer and rescue division. Other students are working on projects that will involve lunch time activities/competitions between all the robots built in class and one project to teach younger students how to code. We have been working on our projects for almost a term and a half. This subject is part of the Year 9 Community Connections program which runs for a semester.

Danica 9D

Kim Hewlett 

Digital Technologies Teacher

International Students

Amazing Race in the Zoo

On Saturday 28 April, International Education Division of the Department of Education and Training organised an event called “Amazing Race in the Zoo”.  This event is for international students to build bond with host families and local students through fun activates.  Students and their host families were required to find information related to animals facts, place of origin, etc. within a required time frame.  Our international student, Amber Li, and her host family came first overall in this event.  Congratulations to Amber and her Host family, Meimei Lin, Richart Xu and their two children.  Amber and her home provider won $500 Red Balloon voucher.  Next, we should expect Amber and her host families jumping out of a plane with a parachute – perhaps soon in the future!!


Ms Jane Xing  

Internationals Student Coordinator

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Grit is the word of the week that I would like the students to start using in conversations at school and at home.

Angela Duckworth is a professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a pioneering grit researcher. She has found, in study after study, that “where talents count once, effort counts twice"  

To explain that finding, Duckworth uses this formula:



When you apply effort to talent, you develop skill. And when you apply effort to that skill, you get achievement.

In conversations I have with students, I find that they display Grit quite often but cannot explain it. Maybe the formula above can be displayed somewhere in your house to keep your child thinking about achievement.  

The Middle School Team would like to say thank-you to all the students who helped out on Open Night. As I was doing a tour it made me very happy to see so many students proud of talking about their school to the community.

Congratulations to Hayley T, Lani H, Nicola H, Mia M, Simone R, Tarlyia C, Chloe K who represented Wheelers Hill Secondary College at the Dance Fair. Please see the Performing Arts Page for all the details.



Adam Redenbach is a 14 Year old Year 9 Wheelers Hill Secondary College Student. He has been umpiring football for two years. During this time  it was noticed that he had top potential for his age and quickly became a boundary umpire for seniors and a field umpire for up to 17 year olds.

This year Adam experienced being a field umpire for Auskick kids on the MCG on Anzac Day. He will be umpiring on June the 2nd for the Dreamtime Round. Last year Adam umpired at the International Cup. He was able to umpire teams from England, USA, France, New Zealand and Pakistan.

To be at this level Adam has gone through the ranks, training twice a week for 1.50 hours. Adam has been interested in AFL which has led him to take on this area of the sport.

Middle School Leaders

Meetings are held weekly with the team and the students talk about activities that are happening and initiatives that they would like to undertake. As part of the process of becoming a Middle School Leader the students are asked to think of something that they would like to improve in the school and how they would change it. We have been slowly addressing all the ideas that have been mentioned by the students in their interviews.


Year 7

The Year 7 Cohort had the opportunity to see Brainstorm Productions - Verbal Combat. Many issues covered in the performance are relevant to the age group. Some of the conversations afterwards are just as valuable in allowing the students to process what they have just viewed.

The students also have two more sessions of Peer Support. It is good to hear the excitement of the students making their way to the group activities. The students are covering areas that the Year 10's work very hard to thoughtfully organize. 


Year 8

As part of the Personal Best program the students will be hosting a Wonderful Women High Tea. It will be an opportunity for the students to learn the process of working out and hosting an event and giving back to the community. Please keep an eye out for the details as the students will be putting in a lot of time and effort to put on this event.

Year 9

As part of the Community Connections program some of the groups have been visiting the Primary schools and are teaching the students about their area of interest. Many students learn a lot of skills such as leadership, listening and organizing.



Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


Senior School Report



All Schools Leadership Program

On Friday of last week (May 4th) I had the pleasure of attending the Presentation Evening of the All Schools Leadership Program, in which Adam Gason (Year 10) was a participant.

This program, offered by the City of Monash, ran from Monday 30th April – Friday 4th May, and involved students from a number of different Secondary schools in the Monash Area. The aim of this program was to develop students’ knowledge, skills and confidence in different areas of Leadership.

I was impressed by the students’ presentation. The participating students shared with us, the audience, some of their experiences from the week and highlighted some of the topics covered. It was great to see all the students dancing on stage together as they demonstrated the importance of the “first follower”. I would like to congratulate Adam on his valuable contributions to the week. The facilitator, Karen, said of Adam, “he really brought a lot of life and insight to the program, despite not knowing anyone else there on the first day”. I would also like to thank Monash Youth Services for making such a valuable program available to Year 10 students.




Australian Scout Medallion

Congratulations to Gabby Giulieri (Year 10) who has recently achieved her Australian Scout Medallion.

The following citation was forwarded to the College on behalf of the 1st Rowville Scout Troop:

I am writing to you to tell you about Gabby Giulieri currently Year 10 at Wheelers Hill SC, who has achieved her Australian Scout Medallion at 1st Rowville Scout Troop. This is the highest badge awarded at Scout Level by Scouts Australia. She received her Medallion at a ceremony on Saturday 5th May from Brendan Watson OAM who is Chief Commissioner of Victoria for scouts.

To achieve this award, Gabby had to work for over a year fulfilling several key badges which were Citizenship, Campcraft and an elective badge. Scouts at this level are expected to be self-motivating and are able to work independently, reporting to the adult leaders when necessary.

Some highlights for Gabby were:

  • Planning, preparing and implementing a 3 day hike in the Brisbane Ranges with a group of 5 scouts, independent of adults. Gabby had to consider accommodation, food, transport, navigation, equipment, booking with Parks Victoria and lodging the appropriate Risk Management forms.
  • Over Easter in 2017 Gabby was the Patrol Leader at a competition camp (Stradbroke Cup) where the scouts camped for 4 nights independent of adult leaders with a patrol of 4 other scouts. Gabby led the patrol in designing menus, equipment, transport, activities, shopping and packing the trailer. At the camp, the patrol, with Gabby in the lead, was responsible for setting up the campsite, cooking, welfare of the patrol and packing up at the end.
  • 1st Rowville Scout Troop runs a Youth Led, Adult Supported troop. This means that the scouts nominate, plan and run the troop with the Youth Leaders (Patrol Leaders) doing most of the work. The adults support the scouts so that they achieve their goals. This includes running their own governing body, Troop Council. This council makes decisions affecting the troop including programing, scout achievements, leadership and discipline. During Gabby’s time on Troop Council, she represented her patrol, developed leadership skills, making some very difficult, mature decisions that effected the troop.

Gabby also participated in a Leadership course and in a 10-day camp in Sydney with 10,000 other scouts from around Australia. (Jamboree)  She has camped over 70 nights during her scout career and hiked over 250kms.

She now moves on to Venturers where she hopes to achieve her Queen Scout Award.

The 1st Rowville Scout Troop and the leaders of the group are very proud of Gabby and her achievements over the last 4 years.


Alex Watson
ASL (LIC) 1st Rowville Scouts


YEAR 10 “WIRED” Performance

On Friday 27th April, Year 10 students attended a performance of “Wired” by Brainstorm Productions. The performance highlighted the causes and effects of stress and depression associated with exams, relationships and everyday life. These issues are relevant for teenagers in 2018.

Our students were very engaged in the presentation and the feedback from them was very positive. They felt that they could relate to many of the situations being highlighted by the actors.


Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader


VCE Careers Day

On last Thursday the 3rd May Year 10 students attended the VCE and Careers Expo at Caulfield racecourse. This was a part of the Futures program in which students are exploring possible career paths for their lives after school. The expo had representatives from a large range of different universities, TAFE’s and industries for students to learn about. All students took the opportunity to speak to representatives from places they were interested in and left the expo with information booklets about various institutions and industries.



After returning to school students reflected on their experience and described it as a worthwhile experience that even acted as a ‘reality check’. Most students were surprised to find out that there are so many possible career paths for them to follow. They were also excited about all the possibilities that await them and are looking forward to planning their futures. Students will use this information in addition to activities we have been doing in class to guide their Career Action Plan which will be completed in the upcoming lessons.


Other upcoming events for Futures include the mock interview programme on Wednesday 6th June. Students have been working on their job applications and will go through a formal interview process to assess their application and interview manner. This will make up their third assessment task for Semester 1 in Futures and students will also get to find out if they would have gotten the job or not.


The second rotation of work experience is scheduled for August 13th – 17th where a number of students have elected to gain experience in an industry they are considering for their future. Students are still encouraged to organise work experience for this week.


Natassia Papadopoulos
Domain Leader Futures/Community Connections 


This month on SchoolTV - Eating Disorders

This month on SchoolTV - Eating Disorders

Understanding eating disorders can be difficult for families. There are many myths around what causes an eating disorder, but it is actually diagnosed as a mental illness. Although the focus is on food, weight and shape, there is often an underlying issue being masked by the eating disorder. It is the biggest killer of any psychiatric illness for young people. It affects both males and females of any age or background.

An eating disorder is a serious and potentially life-threatening mental health illness. It can have significant physical and emotional effects. The beginning of adolescence and late teens are peak periods for kids to experience their first symptoms. Young people with eating disorders can have reductions in cognitive function, emotional changes and may even stop participating in their normal daily activities.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn what warning signs to look for and what can be done in the prevention of an eating disorder. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to this month’s edition http://whsc.vic.schooltv.me/newsletter/eating-disorders


Peter Allen & Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Middle & Senior School

Community News

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