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From the Principal

Father’s Day celebrations

Last year, the Hon Kristina Keneally spoke to a meeting of Catholic Principals on leadership and what leaders can do to avoid having to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ pass.


Part of her address included the following introduction:


In 1975 the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Roger Staubach made a desperation pass in the last 30 seconds of a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a long forward pass to his receiver Drew Pearson. The chances of an accurate pass, of Pearson catching it, and of Pearson making into the end zone without being tackled were all minimal. But there was a chance. It was a desperate act by a desperate leader in the final minutes. For Staubach, it worked. The Cowboys won 17-14.

When asked after the game how he completed the pass in such difficult circumstances, the Catholic Staubach simply said, "I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary."


A Hail Mary pass tells us about the person in charge, the one carrying the ball, and their instinctual leap of faith and final attempt at success. Will it succeed? Maybe. Possibly not. But at least there is a chance of success.


The English cricketer, Ben Stokes, played some extraordinary cricket shots to win a test match last weekend. He showed incredible skill; lots of audacity and rode his luck. It was a fairy tale ending for all but Australian supporters!


Parenting is much more than throwing miraculous passes or incredible batting skill. It is often hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding and the love of any good parent for a child is unconditional. This week we honour our fathers and remember all those whom have impacted our lives so positively. It is not always the work of miracles, but it is the work of love. Best wishes to all our Dads for Father’s Day.


Robert Henderson


Parents' Party


Roncalli Service 

Roncalli Service is John XXIII College’s Christian Service Learning Program, providing students with an opportunity to develop empathy, compassion and a sense of justice through meaningful and active citizenship. 

Year 9 students regularly volunteer for Coffee Club at Mercy Place Mont Clare aged-care home as part of the Program. During a recent visit, students organised a music session with the residents, including famous jazz musician, Ross Nicholson.


Careers and Enterprise

During Term 3 the Careers and Enterprise students have been completing the Young Entrepreneur Program. This program aims to encourage students to use their creativity and problem solving skills whilst learning about business structures and planning.  The class have had the pleasure of listening to professionals, Keegan Cameron, from AMHR Accounting and Nigel Chen-Tan from FB Rice. Keegan spoke to students about Business Structures and Tax and Nigel had an engaging presentation about Intellectual Property and small business.

Lyn Alexander

Careers and Enterprise Teacher

Tournament of the Minds (STEM)

This weekend Campbell Riley, Josh Leong, Jack Brett, Tiffany Cesare, Gabriel Kaye, Cohen Rafiq & Akash Parekh will be heading off to the Tournament of the Minds Regional round held at ECU. This year the students needed to design a machine that would collect the DNA of endangered species for future use should they become extinct.


Year 11 Biology Guest Speaker

On Thursday the Year 11 ATAR Biology class had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Joe Fontaine, Lecturer from Murdoch University. Dr. Fontaine spoke to the students about the importance of fire to an ecosystem and the nature of the Australian Serotinous biome. Included in his lecture was the effect of European settlement, and their fire regimes, on the Australian bush.

Damien Connellan
Teacher, Science

Year 11 Politics and Law Excursion

This Tuesday was the Year 11 Politics and Law Excursion. In the morning, students went to the Magistrates Court where they witnessed several video conferencing trials. Students then made their way to the District Court where they were lucky enough to witness a sentencing in action. The judge provided answers to some of the questions students had about how sentencing occurs in Australia. What factors does the court consider? How much discretion does the judicial officer have? To what extent is the discretion limited? Why is a particular penalty chosen?


In the afternoon, students visited Parliament House and got a chance to watch Question Time in the Legislative Assembly. Member for Cottesloe, Dr David Honey was kind enough to put on some light refreshments and students were given token ‘Parlia-mints’, the pun was much appreciated. A memorable excursion which students found very rewarding.


Morgan Ball

Politics & Law

Year 8 HASS – LEGO Hazards Lesson

Year 8 Humanities and Social Sciences classes have been studying different landscapes and landforms, including features of the earth’s surface such as mountains, volcanoes and the tectonic processes responsible for these features. Tectonic forces are also responsible for some of the world’s biggest geomorphic disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and more!


A couple of Year 8 classes had the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of a chosen geomorphic hazard by creating a small LEGO scene which demonstrated one aspect of their chosen hazard event, such as the cause of the hazard, impacts from the hazard, factors that influenced the impact e.g. where people chose to live/living close to coast, as well as rescue and response scenes.


A big thank you to the Junior School for lending their LEGO to the senior students to use and enjoy. Based on the outstanding level of detail and creativity in many scenes, there are a number of students who could certainly be the next LEGO Masters contestants!


Kalo Bell

Assistant Deputy Principal - Year 8

Around The Primary

Dear Parents

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful Dads, special Grandfathers or significant others for making the time to come to our Mass dedicated to Fathers this morning.


There is really nothing better than having you all at the College at the same time!  Looking out over a sea of smiling faces in the gym, enjoying their children’s company was simply magical!


To all those that could not join us, we thought of you and prayed for you too.


Special thanks to Mrs Edwards, Mrs Distante, Ms Allen, Mrs Lumley and Mrs Haydon for organising the lovely liturgy and for ensuring the Year 2’s were so well prepared.  I also take this opportunity to thank visiting Priest, Father Nino Vinciguerra for sharing his time and special words – it was a delightful way to start the day.


A big thank you to Miss Kathryn Casey and the Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students who generously cooked, served and cleaned up – all with a smile.

Many thanks to the Pre Primary Dads who got into the swing of the tabloid sports – bravo!


We hope all families have a lovely day on Sunday and that this day provides parents with some time to reflect on the special role you play in the lives of your children.


Happy Father’s Day!


Kind regards,


Antoinette De Pinto

Head of Primary


Please check the College Website for Term 3 to note all the important Primary school events for your family calendar.


Dates to Remember

Monday 2 September

Constable Care Incursion PP-Y6

Tuesday 3 September

Kindy Health Checks

Wednesday 4 September

2020 Canberra Camp Parent Information Session for Year 5 parents - MacKillop Room 9am

Thursday 5 September

Kindy Health Checks

Friday 6 September Assembly 1B & 1G - Roncalli Hall 9am



Counsellor's Corner

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all our Fathers a wonderful Fathers Day. I hope you have a moment this Sunday to be recognised for the important contribution you make to your children’s lives. Attached is an article from Parenting Ideas, written by parenting expert Michael Grose, in support of Fathers on this special day.


Anne Murphy

Primary Counsellor

Book Week

We have had an amazing two weeks celebrating Book Week and learning about how ‘Reading is Our Secret Power’.  Last Wednesday the Primary School students and staff came to school with a cape and/or mask and enjoyed shared reading out on the front lawn with comfy bean bags and a great selection of books. There was also a huge LOVE 2 READ sign with lights at the front of the school. In the Library at lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday the Year 12 Drama students performed plays and read stories to the Primary students. There were also giant board games for the students to play.

Last week the Year 3, 4 and 5 students were entertained on their trip to the Nedlands Library to meet authors Kelly Canby and Norman Jorgensen. This week Kindy, Pre Primary, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed the wonderful talents of storyteller, Rebecca Flanagan from Musical Experiences For Children.


The entries for the BOOKFACE competition have been so creative, funny and clever! Come and have a look at the display of photos in the front office or Library and I am sure you will be impressed with the amount of effort everyone put into their photos. Congratulations to every student who entered the competition! Prizes will be given to the following students for their winning photos. Well done to Pre Primary and Year 1 who had the most entries!



Giselle D’Souza, Thea Barboutis, Grace Michalka, Charlie Hulme & Harrison Byrne

Year 1

Greta Maroni, Mia Kwei, Hugo Smith, Peyton Turner & Rose O’Toole

Year 2

Felicity Bosnich & Sienna D’Alessandro

Year 3

Lewis Soares & Alexa Kailis

Year 4

Liam Burns & Lola Denton

Year 5

Gracie Byrne, Carla Chipperfield, Poppy Finucane & Ayva Baker

Year 6

Ethan Williams


Book Week 2019 has been so much fun!


Sasha Cattapan

Primary Library/Performing Arts

Star Swamp

In Year 4 we have been learning about ecosystems in our environment. This week we went on an exciting excursion to Star Swamp in North Beach, to discover more ecosystems and study new animals and plants that exist in our local environment.


To reach the swamp we walked through the bushland reserve. On the walk we discovered interesting birds living in the bushland, such as, yellow belly birds and some we already knew including parrots and kookaburras. I recorded the birds we saw, whilst Campbell took photos on his iPad to help us identify these birds when we arrived back at class.  We kept on going until we found some shelter and shade and the guides told us about different tiny animals in the environment.


To begin with, we explored different parts of the swamp and ticked of the birds that we saw in the murky water. After that, we were introduced to tiny macro invertebrates.  We were given some tools to take a look at these creatures including a magnifying glass to look closer at the invertebrates and to check their species. Then, we walked back on the Heritage trail to an undercover area to enjoy some lunch.


After lunch we returned to the swamp to complete our final activity, testing the water quality of the swamp. To test the water quality we measured the temperature, pH, salt and turbidity.  We started by testing a tap water sample so we could compare it to the swamp water. After testing the tap water, we took some water from the swamp and did the same process that we did with tap water. To make sure our results were accurate we also did a second sample from the water.


Finally, after we did our third activity, we started to walk back to the undercover area where we quickly got our bags and left to go on the bus. Year 4 loved the Star Swamp excursion and I loved looking closely at different macro-invertebrates in the swamp. 

Joshua Standen 4G


We currently learning about ecosystems. To help us learn more about this topic, we visited Star Swamp in North Beach. When we arrived at the Henderson Education Centre, we were greeted by two wonderful guides called Hannah and Naomi who guided us through the day’s activities.


It was fun to walk through and explore the swamp and complete experiments in groups about the swamp environment. We saw many fascinating creatures and learned many interesting facts. We observed our surroundings and then ticked off our sightings of creatures, such as rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos and blue tongue lizards in our study booklets. In one investigation on macro-invertebrates, we got a tray and spoons to scoop out and study bugs from the swamp water. In another activity, we tested and compared the quality of swamp water and freshwater. I found the turbidity test very interesting as you had to look through into a water sample down a long tube to view 3 squiggly lines.


We had a wonderful time and experience at Star Swamp with the teachers and parent helpers. I liked working with my group of Ali, Amelia, Angie and myself. We have learnt to encourage people to do the right thing for our environment by protecting this ecosystem and other ones too.

Eliza Owen 4B



Our First Excursion

This week the Pre Primary classes visited Floreat Forum to explore first hand everything they have been learning about communities and where our food comes from.


The students bought stamps from the Post Office and posted their own letter, they can’t wait until it arrives at home! At the Market the children learnt where the food was grown and how it is delivered to the shop, then they bought their own fruit for morning tea. They had great fun decorating their own finger bun at Bakers Delight and learnt how bread is made.  They couldn’t believe how big the mix master was and how many ovens they had! The butcher allowed the children to come behind the scenes and watch how they prepare mince and the children watched with intrigue at the big saw cutting the bones.


Michael from Just Cuts Hairdressing went out of his way to explain everything there is to know about hair and hairdressing.  Some children were lucky enough to sit in the big chair and have their hair blow waved. Source Bulk Food store allowed the children to make healthy butter which was delicious!


Finally the staff at V Burger taught the children all about making the perfect burger and chips, which the children then enjoyed their lunch, so yummy. A special surprise while the children were walking around the shopping centre was bumping into Miss De Pinto who was having a coffee and a sandwich!! To finish the excursion we visited the Library and we listened to a story before we returned to school on the bus.


The excursion was so much fun and the children learnt so much about their local community.


Mrs Alison Dillon & Mrs Chiara Bennett

Pre Primary Teachers



Talented Choirs 

The Primary school choirs, Primary Singers and Wanju Voices, directed by Mrs Catherine Haydon, have performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival over the past fortnight.  Both choirs sang in the Sacred Choral Primary Section at St Benedict’s Church, Applecross and the Primary Choral Section at the Vasto Club, Balcatta. 


The students were fine representatives of the College, singing beautifully and with great joy. The adjudicator particularly commented on their fantastic energy, and both positive and helpful feedback was provided. For most students, this was the first time singing in a choral festival session, and it was a great experience for the students to not only perform, but to see other choirs and hear some of the wonderful music being taught across Perth.  


As a result of their hard work and outstanding performance, both choirs achieved special Awards of Excellence in the Sacred Choral Primary Section. Congratulations! These awards will be presented to the College at the conclusion of the Festival.


Special thanks to Mr Johnston for his brilliant piano accompaniment and assistance during rehearsals, and to Mrs Kojundzich, Ms Cattapan, Miss Joyce, Ms Allen and Miss  De Pinto for accompanying the choirs at these events. A big thank you also to all the parents who attended the performances to support the students, your presence was much appreciated!



Sports News

Congratulations to our House Captains for Semester Two.



Luke Green

Thomas Townsend


Gregory Briede

Genevieve Price


Mark Bontempo

Ruby Verleg


Stavros Karafilakis

Mahalia Upton

St Louis

Sancia Annan

Dylan Betts


Olivia Gardner

Matthew Gillman


Steve Williams

Primary Sport Coordinator


Inspire Parent Education

Turning Anxiety to Resilience at Home

Our kids are suffering from anxiety in record numbers. One in fourteen young Australians (6.9%) aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. This is equivalent to approximately 278,000 young people. When we look at mental ill-health more generally, the numbers double to about one in seven primary school kids and one in four adolescents. Resilience levels decline as our kids get older. Fears and worries become a dead weight our kids can’t lift. Our children are enduring panic attacks, stress, and we are watching their confidence levels drop. Parents want, so badly, to help. But they often don’t know how. And sometimes their well intended attempts to help only hurt.


This presentation is suitable for parents of children of all ages.  It is designed as a specific talk for parents about what anxiety looks like, and provides simple strategies for parents to implement at home that are empirically and clinically proven, but don’t require a PhD in psychology to practice.


Can you help?

The Secondary Religious Education Department are collecting the inner tubes from glad wrap, foil and the like (no toilet rolls please).  The Year 8’s are going to make Aboriginal rain sticks as part of their curriculum.


Please hand these in to Mrs Petsos at Main Administration.



On Wednesday 21 August, John XXIII College students competed in the 2019 SunSmart School Surfing Titles at Trigg Beach. Accompanying teacher Mr Ben Hayes was thoroughly impressed with both the talent that our students displayed surfing and how well they all represented the college throughout the day.


Thank you to all students and staff for their efforts at the NAS Athletics Meet on Tuesday 27 August.  Similar to our House Carnival, we were once again blessed with perfect weather conditions. All students who attended behaved and performed extremely well. This event provides the chance for squad members to improve on distances and times from the house carnival.


The provisional ACC team will now be selected, students will be notified in homeroom and via email early next week. Athletes are asked to check the details carefully and see Miss Kononen if there are any questions or queries regarding selection.


A reminder that training is on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00am. Whilst students in the team are encouraged to attend, training is open to all students. A reminder that students need to attend the ACC carnival and a minimum of five training sessions to receive an ACC Athletics badge.



Rowing Club Fundraiser -  Last chance to ORDER!!

Support our Rowing Club Fundraiser and purchase your Weed Free Sheep Manure today! Not only will your garden love it, so will our Rowing Club. Please place you orders here  before 5 September.


Music - Week 26

Spring Soiree

The annual Spring Soiree – a celebration of the College’s large ensembles – will be held on the evening of Friday 13 September from 7:00 pm in the St Louis Sports Centre. Featuring the Concert Band, Wind Band, Chamber Orchestra, Senior Guitar Ensemble, Treble Choir and Chamber Choir, this is one of the College’s premier music events! At the Soiree, Year 12 Musicians of the College are honoured on stage to recognise their many commitments and contributions to Music at John XXIII College.


Students performing are required to attend a rehearsal at 5:30pm but, are welcome to remain on College grounds after school for a free pizza dinner. In order to accommodate dietary requirements and catering, please complete the following survey if students are requiring dinner:


Tickets for this event are free, with a gold coin donation for programs and, can be booked via the following link: 


With any questions, please contact the Music Department.

Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to the Primary Singers and Wanju Voices for being awarded awards of Excellence in their recent performances. Both choirs have worked extremely hard with Ms Haydon and Mr Johnston to prepare for their adjudication and, have performed fabulously!

Change of Date

Please note that the Year 11 Recital Night has been changed to Sunday 27 October, from 5:00pm in the GLBT.

Performance Uniform Sizing

Trousers for Performance Uniforms are now ready to be sized, for any students who have not yet done so. Please visit Ms Gratton in the Music Office to do so.


Year 11 Drama Night

Congratulations and well done to the Year 11 Drama students for their performance of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, performed in the Performing Arts Centre in a Theatre-in-the-Round staging.


Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web – performed by Years 8 and 9 students in the Roncalli Hall at 7:00pm on Thursday 19 September and Friday 20 September. Book tickets here:

Rehearsals are well underway for Years 8-9 upcoming performance of Charlotte’s Web. Get a sneak peak of our cast in rehearsals. 




Bell Shakespeare  performed ‘Just Romeo and Juliet’ for a group of about 80 Magis and Altiora students in the GBLT on Wednesday afternoon.  It was a most entertaining introduction to Shakespeare, with  audience participation very popular,  and the cast extremely enthusiastic and of course very talented.


Good luck to our Opti-MINDS and Tournament of Minds students  for  Saturday’s regional finals at Curtin and Edith Cowan Universities respectively. John XXIII Science-Engineering teams are competing at both events, whilst there is also an Opti-MINDS Language-Literature team at Curtin. Magis Year 7 option students are also currently preparing for a performance for assessment based on the third Opti-MINDS category, Social Science,  where the topic is masks.


Following the success of the three teams in the World Scholar’s Cup Global round in Sydney it is hoped to send the two older teams involving students from Years 8-10 to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in America in November. A special thank you to our 2018 Yale representatives Emily Tyson, Alex Panther and Ben Linsten for their splendid efforts assisting this year’s teams to prepare.


Magis will run the John XXIII Chess Championships starting this coming week, and there will also be opportunities for students who have not yet completed the Magis Creativity Challenge to do so. The final Magis challenge for the Year, Academic knowledge, will then be held in week 8 and 9.

World Scholar’s Cup Global round report

Jim Miller

Gifted and  Talented Program coordinator

Pathways and Transition

Year 12 Preference Night at ECU


Open Day & Events



Events for future students
Open Day Mount Lawley & WAAPA Sunday 11 August 
South West Sunday 25 August
Events for future students



Events for future students
Events for future students
Open Day Sunday 11 August  2019


Events for future students


Open Day  Peninsula Saturday 3 August
Caulfield & Clayton Sunday 4 August
Parkville Sunday 18 August


Events for future students



Further information available here:

Further information available here:

Further information available here: 

Netball Club

This is the last week of regular games for the senior teams and the final round for the Years 5 and 6 teams.  We would like to sincerely thank all the players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters who have all contributed the making the season such a success. 


We hope that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the competition.


Congratulations to Ivy Hooker and Mary Majok who both received their umpiring C Badge last weekend. 

Netball Club Wind-Ups

Primary School Wind-Up

  • Thursday 5 September 2019
  • Thomas More Exhibition Centre 
  • 3:30pm


Senior School Wind-Up

  • Tuesday 17 September 2019
  • Thomas More Exhibition Centre 
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm 


Annual General Meeting 

  • Tuesday 17 September 2019
  • Circle of Friends Cafe 
  • 6:40pm - 7:10pm 

We encourage parents to come along and see what we've been doing over the past year.  We are currently looking for the following volunteers to join our committee

  • Vice President
  • General Committee members

If you are interested in joining us and would like some information, please contact us via email



The blue and yellow bloomers are a registered part of the JTC Netball Club uniform.  For those teams that have made the finals, please ensure that you have the correct bloomers.


As it is the last game of the season, PNA understands that Parents / Teams maybe wishing to take photographs during play.  You must seek permission, however, from both teams prior to the commencement of the game.


Best of luck to all teams this weekend.

Rowing Club

Rowing Club AGM

The Annual General Meeting is on the 29 October 7:00pm in the Circle of Friends Café.  We will call for nominations to committee positions prior to this meeting.

Post season land training available

If your child is wanting to continue some training over the off season and also hang out with their rowing mates; Jerram Gibson has organised three land training sessions a week after school on a Monday (Boys), Tuesday (Girls) and Wednesday (Boys) for Rowing Students.  Your child should have all the details.

Rowing Fundraiser - Last chance to ORDER!!

Support our Rowing Club Fundraiser and purchase your Weed Free Sheep Manure today! Not only will your garden love it, so will our Rowing Club. Please place you orders here:  before 5 September. 


Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


Getting Started with Family Zone
Webinar for Beginners - 7pm, Tuesday, 3 September

Family Zone will present a demonstration of our world-leading parental controls for all John XXIII College parents.

The College has partnered with Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness services, Family Zone. As part of our contract negotiations until 2020, we have managed to secure a number of Family Zone Accounts (Family Packs) which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free for a trial period.

To get you started, this webinar that will cover everything you need to know about our world-leading parental controls, including;

  • How to install and activate Family Zone
  • How to set bedtimes, study-times and play-times
  • How to place limits on gaming and social media
  • How to view and assess your child’s apps
  • Where to get help if you need it

Webinar will take place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 3 September 2019.

Register here: 


Cyber Safety Webinar: Advanced with Family Zone
7pm, Tuesday, 10 September

If you've been using Family Zone for a while and are keen to learn more about our advanced features, then this webinar is for you!
Features, such as;

  • Locations
  • apps
  • Reports
  • Age profile Controls
  • Routine overwrites
  • Website whitelisting
  • Shared Parenting

The College has partnered with Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness services, Family Zone. As part of our contract negotiations until 2020, we have managed to secure a number of Family Zone Accounts (Family Packs) which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free for a trial period.


Webinar will take place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 10 September 2019.

Register here: 



How to be the digital mentor your child needs

Managing kids’ devices is critical for their health and wellbeing. But parents who also mentor their kids’ screen-time see the most positive outcomes.


Technology overuse is now the number-one fear of parents of teens - and mums and dads with toddlers and pre-schoolers aren’t far beyond.


And no wonder. Recent research from nonprofit Common Sense Media shows the average five-year-old now spends over two hours a day - or about 20% of their waking hours - on a screen. Tweens’ screen-time balloons to about six hours daily, while their teen-age brothers and sisters are on their devices for an average of nine hours a day. That’s over an hour longer than the typical full-time work day.


Not so long ago, an authoritarian “us versus them” approach was hailed as an effective digital parenting strategy, complete with rigid rules backed up by threats to disconnect or (the ultimate weapon) confiscate devices.


But in today’s always-connected digital landscape, there is one problem with that approach. 

It doesn’t work.


The limits of control

Or so argue many cyber experts today. Dr. Devorah Heitner, a digital parenting expert and author Screenwise, is one of them. Heitner says parents who think confining screen-time to a magic number of minutes a day are kidding themselves.


The key to ensuring our kids’ digital wellbeing, she argues, is understanding why they’re using their devices - and helping them shift their habits in more healthy directions.


Far from showing that, for example, social media “causes” depression or anxiety in young people, the research increasingly points to a complex, nuanced relationship between screens and wellbeing.

The key to ensuring our kids’ digital wellbeing is understanding why they’re using their devices - and helping them shift their habits in more healthy directions.

Oxford University researcher Amy Orben, for example, found the impact of technology use on  teen’s mental health to be much less significant than previously thought. In fact, the effect is “so small that it’s surpassed by whether a teenager wears glasses to school,” she says.


Heitner also challenges the view that screen-time alone is “destroying a generation” in the words of one controversial article that appeared in The Atlantic in 2017.


“If you hand a happy kid a phone, they’re not going to turn into an unhappy, miserable kid,” she insists - although it can “turn up the volume” on underlying issues like anxiety or ADHD.


Screen-time management 101

So what approach should parents take?


First, they do need to impose some non-negotiable time-management rules. Devices need to be banned at the dinner table, full stop, and they also need to be disconnected at bedtime, preferably an hour before sleep. In these two instances, the research is clear. 


Children need to switch off before bed to ensure good quality sleep, and to remove the temptation to “vamp” on their devices into the wee hours.


And mealtimes too need to be kept tech-free, as a way to facilitate conversation and family bonding - not to mention simple eye contact!


Managing internet use during study time is another way parents can apply sensible rules to their children’s screen-time. 


But the overall approach with the best chance of success, say experts, is mentoring.

What is mentoring?


“Mentoring is knowing the difference between Minecraft and Fortnite,” says Heitner - and considering how playing in a competitive mode (Fortnite) will have different effects compared to a collaborative mode (Minecraft). 


Mentoring means not belittling your daughter’s YouTube addiction - but understanding that the channels she follows may be discussing issues that matter to her, like body image and self-esteem. 

It means examining why your son’s love of Twitch - where he watches other people play online games - strikes you as a waste of time.


(As one boy told his parents, “When you watch sports, you’re watching another person playing a game. Why is it so different when you’re watching a person play a video game?”)


But mentoring goes beyond understanding your children’s online habits. It also involves being more proactive about introducing non-screen-based activity. Heitner is a fan of children of all ages doing more chores - starting at pre-school age. She also encourages parents to integrate more fun, screen-free family activities, whether boardgames, hobbies or outdoor activities.


Encourage them to self-regulate

But mum and dad won’t always be there to enforce their rules or reinforce their values. Ultimately what our children need to develop most is self-regulation skills. One way to do this is to ask your children to monitor their own moods after a particular online activity, whether social media or gaming. A colour chart can be a fun and easy way of doing this. 


What they discover about themselves may prove to be the most powerful screen-time control tool of all. 


Community Liturgy

On Friday 6 September the Community Mass will be prepared by students in Year 11.  Family members of Year 11 students, as well as the whole College community, are very welcome. Warmer, brighter spring mornings encourage some families to get to the College a little earlier in order to share in our joyous, user-friendly liturgy. 


Community Liturgy summary

  • Where:                 College Chapel
  • Time:                     8:00am – 8:30 am
  • When:                   every Friday in term time


… to Year 3 student, Jennalee Briede who made her first Reconciliation this week in the parish of Holy Spirit, City Beach.

GOOD NEWS for: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 14:1, 7-14

The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is a homily by Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


One of the most basic human responses to anything new is to ask, ‘What's in it for me?’ We would like to think our motives are pure and our interests are for others, but there is often a nagging voice reminding us that selfish desires are never far from the surface. That said, we all know heroic individuals who care for sick spouses or children, who go to faraway places to give those in need their time and talent or who stay at home and do the same in their local neighbourhood. That's what makes them heroic. There is nothing in it for them; they are drawn by bonds of love, faith or by a desire to create a better world.


There are at least two ways we can hear Jesus' words in today's gospel. The first is as a strong challenge about social justice.


National boundaries mean nothing to God. All people are equal in God's sight, so the banquet Jesus refers to has implications for how we share the riches with which we have been blessed with others in the world. The poor, crippled, lame and blind of our world are the majority of God's children who mainly live in the Third World. They are our brothers and sisters. At the banquet of life Christians are called to give priority to the needs of these people, not only because they have a just claim on our resources, but also because they can't do anything for us in return. They purify our motives. When we link our concern, time, talent, career, and money with these children of God, we tame that nagging question, ‘What's in it for me?’ with a firm reply, ‘Very little – except God's justice.’


A somewhat comforting angle to take on this gospel is more psychological. Many of us, when we come to God at any time, try to dress ourselves up to look better than we are! This gospel reminds us that at Christ's banquet, however, it's not the poised and perfect who are most welcome, but the vulnerable. What does this mean for us who pray and celebrate the Eucharist? That God embraces those parts of us that are in greatest need of his love and healing – where we are poor, crippled, blind and lame.


We know this it is true because if Jesus is telling us to host the poor and broken at our tables, then as the perfect host he must do exactly the same with us at this Eucharistic meal as well.


When I was a child we referred to our finest clothes as our ‘Sunday best’ and we wore them proudly to Mass. Not only did we look good, we acted the part as well. Everyone was on best behaviour for the entire parish to see. Now, I have nothing against dressing with care and behaving well at Mass; it can be a sign of our self-respect, our courtesy toward others and our devotion to God. But God cares more about what's going on inside us. We can never hide from God, especially at the Eucharist because we have been invited to be here, not as we would like to be, but as we are.


May our celebration of the Eucharist – this taste of heaven's justice – give us renewed courage to think beyond our self and national interests, and show to others the hospitality of God that has been lavished on us. May we discover that where faith is concerned, the answer to ‘What's in it for me?’ is ‘More than we can ever hope or imagine.’


© Richard Leonard



Dental health

Good oral hygiene is necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. This involves effective, mechanical removal of bacterial plaque from the teeth and from between the teeth every day.  You and your family can maintain good oral health by:

  • Brushing twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Clean in between teeth at least once a day with floss or an interdental brush.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet and limit sugar intake.
  • Regularly visit the dentist for check-ups and preventative treatment.

For more information visit:


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Source:  Australian Dental Association

College Charter Bus

John XXIII College offers Horizons West private bus services taking children to and from school. Currently we run a Southern route through Swanbourne, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, North Fremantle and East Fremantle. We are pleased to extend this service to the north (Floreat, City Beach, Wembley Downs, Scarborough, Doubleview, Woodlands) and the east (Floreat, Churchlands, Wembley, West Leederville) to allow more families the opportunity to make use of this private, safe and convenient bus service.


The service is safe and an affordable option for all primary and secondary students.


Tickets are available for purchase for $2.50 each way from the main administration reception on Mooro Drive, Mount Claremont.


To find out more information about the specific stops and times in your area please view the PDF below


Have you got the Horizon West Bus App

The Horizon West’s bus tracking app will help to revolutionise morning routines for parents and students by giving real-time bus locations across our three John XXIII College bus services.


The app is free in the App Store and Google Play. If you’re ready to simplify your mornings and get a little peace of mind at the same time, simply download the app to show the real-time location of your child’s bus on a map.


Further details are available in SEQTA.

Updated Bus Routes




Canteen Menu

Please see menu attached.


Canteen opening hours

  • Breakfast: 8:00am to 8:45am
  • Recess: 10:40am to 11:00am
  • Lunch: 12:50pm to 1:25pm

Ordering online

How to get started:

  • Visit
  • Sign up by completing the registration form
  • Receive a confirmation email with activation link
  • Activate your account and login to the website
  • Add your children and credit to your account
  • Order at your convenience (up to four weeks in advance)

How to activate your Smart Rider card:

  • Log on to your account
  • Go to the ‘Students’ tab and select the student
  • Select ‘Register Students Card’ and complete the fields

Uniform Shop

During the Term  we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Other ways to shop with us

Having difficultly getting to us during our opening hours, here are a few suggestions on how to shop with us if our hours don’t suit you:


1. Student to shop

Ask your child to come to the shop during recess or lunch time and we can help him/her with their requirements.  If you don't want to send cash or credit card details with them, then we can ring you when they have finished shopping and we can get credit card details directly from you . Or lately some students have been using their own bankcards to pay.


2.  Email

Send an email to with your order. If you are unsure of a size we can check our records to find out what size you had last time – this information can be emailed back to you.

We can then call you for credit card details.

Either pick up from the counter next time you are at school during our opening hours or ask your child to come and collect.


3. Phone call

Ring us when we are open, but please remember that if the shop is busy then we cannot take your call, in which case you will need to email a request to ring you.


4. Want more info?

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to send us an email.

Men Of John XXIII College

A Night with Timothy Ian Britten C.V.

Join Tim and the Men of John XXIII College for this memorable night.


Tim is a Senior Sergeant in the Western Australia Police. He is one of the five recipients of the Cross of Valour, Australia's highest civilian bravery decoration. He was awarded the Cross of Valour for his actions in the immediate aftermath of the 2002 Bali bombings.


He has been a Police Officer for over 22 years and has worked in a large variety of locations including a six-month deployment to East Timor as part of the Australian Federal Police peace keeping mission and ten years with the Tactical Response Group. Prior to joining the WA Police, Sergeant Britten served as an infantry solider in the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment from 1988 to 1991 followed by a further 6 years with the Army Reserves 11/28 Battalion in West Australia.


For his actions on the night of the Sari Club bombings Tim Britten was awarded the Cross of Valour on 17 October 2003, and was presented the medal by the then Governor-General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery.


Tim is an Ambassador for a number of different organisations across Australia including; Vice Patron of the Australian Bravery Association, Ambassador for Soldier On, Trustee of the ANZAC Day Trust in Western Australia and Ambassador for Blue HOPE. Come and hear what happened on that fateful night in Oct 2002 and how he balances fatherhood with so many different competing roles.


Date: Friday 6 September
Time: 6:30 -7:00pm meet for drinks. 7:00– 10:00pm.

Venue: Cambridge Bowling Club, 39 Chandler Ave West, Floreat, WA 6014

Drinks:  Purchased at the bar
Food:    Pizza and Pasta supper
Cost:     $20.00

Book here: 



Adventure Quest
Sunday 15 September 10am to 1pm

Form a team and compete in the Men of John XXIII Adventure Quest. This scavenger hunt activity merges relationship building and technology into a fun outdoor “Adventure” that will create lasting family memories, leaving you laughing and reminiscing for weeks to come. Win the bragging rights and team photo on the John XXIII College newsletter.


Using the interactive app that operates on GPS technology and image recognition functionality, families / teams will need to unlock a variety of challenges on their journey. This fun activity is a combination of scavenger hunt and amazing race, and the excitement starts all with the click of a button.


Teams will be on the edge of their seat as they answer questions, complete video and photo tasks, get hit with problem-solving activities and random on the spot challenges all in the quest to earn as many points as possible. Adventure Quest ticks all the boxes for fun and provides you with complete flexibility. So, are you ready to get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in a quest to become champions?


The Adventure Quest will start at John XXIII College and lead you on a merry chase through Fremantle and  Perth City, finishing at Kings Park Lotterywest Parklands.


Stay for a BBQ or picnic at the playground. Find the MOJTC Banner and compare trials and tribulations of the competition!


Only limited places are available so book early!

Join the John XXIII College Community and the Men of JTC for this fantastic fun day out.

  • Date: Sunday 15 September
  • Time: 10:00am till 1:00pm
  • Venue:               
    • Meet at the carpark off John XXIII Avenue, John XXIII College for “le Mans Start
    • Finish approximately 1:00pm at “Stickybeaks Café” in Kings Park.
  • App:  Registered teams will receive a login email sent to them, on the email used to register teams through the Trybooking link, one week before. Install the app and meet at the carpark ready for the start.
  • Food: Bring a BBQ to the park or take away from Stickybeaks Café and compare scores!
  • Cost: $20.00 per team of 5 people
  • Book here: 

Event 11 September

Anxious Children: Turning anxiety to resilience at home

Our kids are suffering from anxiety in record numbers. One in fourteen young Australians (6.9%) aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. This is equivalent to approximately 278,000 young people. When we look at mental ill-health more generally, the numbers double to about one in seven primary school kids and one in four adolescents. Resilience levels decline as our kids get older. Fears and worries become a dead weight our kids can’t lift. Our children are enduring panic attacks, stress, and we are watching their confidence levels drop. Parents want, so badly, to help. But they often don’t know how. And sometimes their well intended attempts to help only hurt. This presentation is designed as a specific talk for parents about what anxiety looks like, and provides simple strategies for parents to implement at home that are empirically and clinically proven, but don’t require a PhD in psychology to practice. 


Suitable for parents of primary and high school aged children.

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting
authors and speakers. He is sought after for his expertise in family life, relationships, and wellbeing and resilience; and he is the founder of ‘Happy Families’.

Dr Coulson earned his PhD in Positive Psychology. He holds an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education in the Centre for Positive Psychology, and he is a Senior Associate at the Positive Psychology Institute.


Parents' Association

Parents’ Association - 11 November 7:00pm


Thank you to all the parents and staff that attended our Term 3 Parents’ Association meeting last Wednesday. 


We are pleased to announce that the Men of John XXIII funding proposal was unanimously passed: $6,300 to support a series of MOJTC activities that will enhance the School Community by supporting social and Fathering events.


Our Term 4 meeting will be held on Monday 11 November at 7:00pm in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. This will be the 2019 AGM for the John XXIII Parents’ Association and all members are welcome to attend. It is also the meeting at which Committee positions for next year are voted on. If you would like to be involved in the Parents’ Association at a committee level, watch this space as further information about what positions are available next year will be posted in the next few weeks. 


In addition, if you have any ideas for how the Parents’ Association funds could be spent in Term 4, the Guidelines for Funding Proposal Form must be completed (you can download one from the school website, or below). Submit to . The deadline for Term 4 Funding submissions is Friday 1 November.


2019 Parents’ Association Committee


Inigo Parent Talks

Ignatian Induction Program for Parents

All John XXIII College staff and parents are given the opportunity to participate in the Ignatian Induction Program.

The modules aim to provide staff and parents with the essence of the ethos of John XXIII College. They are a great opportunity to learn about lgnatian Spirituality and meet other parents to explore spirituality within an lgnatian context.


The program consists of six independent content modules with a certificate issued upon completion of all six modules.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or phone 9383 0444.

The Effects of Screen Use on Students and Learning

Join Margaret on Wednesday 4 September, in the MacKillop Room, John XXIII College to deepen your understanding of what current research is saying about the impact of screen overuse and violent media on the brains of young people, their well-being and learning. Digital media is increasingly part of every student’s life and, indeed, the media is a powerful way of harnessing a student’s curiosity but there are risks including exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs). Find out more!


Presenter: Margaret Yoon PhD; Churchill Fellow 2007; ANU Excellence in Secondary School Teaching 2010 , International Presenter,  teacher of  Humanities and Social Sciences at John XXIII College and presenter for Teachers Training Australia. Margaret has a special interest in neuroscience research and her mission in life is to help all others grow and flourish and to lead happier and more contented lives.


MacKillop Room, John XXIII College

7:00pm to  8:30pm

Cost : $10 ( Donation unwaged)

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Further Details and registration contact Murray Graham on 9383 0444 or email


John XXIII College Alumni 

ALUMNI Events & Reunions

1st Year Class 2018 Reunion 

‘Save the Date’ 60th Reunion Loreto Claremont Class 1959

  • A lunch will be held on Thursday 17 October, 2019. 
  • To register interest or for further information, contact 
  • Liz Prendergast 0412 642 256
  • Mary Graeme 0428 338 285



10 Year Class 2009 Reunion


20 Year Class 1999 Reunion


30 Year Class 1989 Reunion


40 Year Class 1979 Reunion

  • Saturday 26 October 2019 at 7:00pm
  • Athol Hobbs Room, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club 

For further information please contact Anna Gingell, Alumni Development, on 9383 0520 or email 


50 Year Class 1969 Reunion (Loreto)

  • Saturday 9 November at 12:00pm Circle of Friends Cafe, John XXIII College
  • Monday 11 November at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club 
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