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08 August 2019
Term 3 Week 4 2019
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


7th - 9th August

Year 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill


Friday, 9th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Secondary)


Monday, 12th August

SEISS Year 9 Futsal


Friday, 16th August

SSV Disctrict Athletics (10-12yrs) or (Yr 3-6)


19th - 23rd August

Literacy (Book) Week

Book Parade NWS


Wednesday, 21st August

SEISS Year 8 Futsal


Thursday, 22nd August

NWS Book Fair Commences


Friday, 23rd August

Book Parade OC


27th - 30th August

Year 9 Rafting Camp


Tuesday, 27th August

Years 3/4 Hooptime OCP


Wednesday, 28th August

NWS Book Fair Concludes


Thursday, 29th August

SEISS Year 7 Futsal


Friday, 30th August

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (OCP)


Sunday, 1st September

Father's Day


Monday, 2nd September

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (NWS)

Years 5/6 Hooptime OCP


Wednesday, 4th September

Responsible Pet Ownership Program NWS


9th - 13th September

eSmart Week


Tuesday, 10th September

OCP Prep Orientation Day 2


Wednesday, 11th September

NWS Prep Orientation Day 2


Thursday, 12th September

R U OK? Day

Open Evening Officer

Years 5/6 Hooptime NWS


Monday, 16th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews NWS


Tuesday, 17th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews OC



Friday, 20th September

Footy Colours Day

Last Day Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

General Information

Canteen Menu
Term 3


Parent Feedback

Do you receive the Heritage College newsletter each week? We would like to hear from you.


We would like to know how you think we can improve. What do you read? What would you like to see more of? Who would you like to hear more from? What needs to go, what can we include? What format is the best for you? 


Let us know your thoughts by emailing feedback@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

Digital Technology Bytes
Week 4

Teenagers and Free Time

“Teenagers need free time to explore their own interests, be with friends or just unwind. If you and your teenage child can find free time activities to enjoy together, it can be a great way to build your relationship.” (raisingchildren.net.au) 


This is the opening line of the Raising Children article ‘Teenagers and Free Time’ and what a powerful line it is. 


The article Teenagers and Free Time gives some great advice surrounding ‘finding the balance between showing interest and ‘being in their face’. It also provides suggestions as to how you can spend time together, as well as suggestions on ‘Healthy Screen Time for Teenagers’. To find out more, read the whole article: Teenagers and Free Time


*Raising Children Website “...is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Its member organisations are the Parenting Research Centre and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute with The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health.” (healthdirect.gov.au)


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum Coordinator

PB4L Merit Awards
Week 4

Year 3/4C - Jacy 

Prep DH - Agam

Year 5W - Sienna

PB4L Report
Week 4

Identifying and acknowledging the positive behaviours that our students display everyday, is an important part of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L).


This year, staff have continued to issue Stand Tall cards to students who display the four school values in the classroom. The classroom is not the only place though that students can show the values of Excellence, Resilience, Respect and Service. Students can also be seen showing these values out of the classroom, whether that is at recess or lunch, maybe even outside of school in the community. Catching these students showing the values outside of the classroom is harder for teachers and staff to do but just as important.


That is why this year we have introduced a google form for students, that allows them to nominate their peers, who they have seen Standing Tall. These students are then acknowledged at assembly. It has been well received by students, with a large number of students to date being acknowledged by their peers for Standing Tall.


It is exciting to see this student involvement in recognising each other and the PB4L team is looking forward to seeing this continue.


Mr David Nuske

PB4L Leadership Team



Combined Campus Reports

Year 6 Transition Program 2019


Heritage College Officer campus unveils new Multi-Purpose Centre

In its 20th year, Heritage College is an integral part of the local community. Beginning in the City of Casey and expanding into Cardinia shire in 2009, Heritage College continues to develop its infrastructure in response to the growth in the area and increasing numbers of enrolments. The newest addition to the development of the Officer campus was officially unveiled in a commemorative ceremony on Tuesday, 6 August. Dignitaries and special guests were invited to attend including representatives from Architects Kneeler Design and builder, Edmanson Constructions, Heritage College Council members, and Hon. Jason Wood, MP.


The first stage release of the facility features a state of the art basketball court, shower and dressing room facilities, providing students on campus with the opportunity to hone their skills in sportsmanship in an indoor environment. Principal, Mr Sonny Aiono, said, ‘Since its construction, the Multi Purpose Centre at Officer campus has been in use by all age levels from Early Learning through to Secondary. It has proven to be a hub of activity and will house events throughout the year such as awards nights, assemblies and chapel services. Outside of school hours, it plays host to basketball clinics and other community groups.  We look forward to seeing our community enjoy the facility for many years to come’.


Thanks to our event suppliers:

  • Acacia Flowers Berwick
  • A1 Balloons

Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

ICAS 2019

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.


Heritage College will again be offering to administer these tests to students and families who choose to participate. The tests are voluntary, each incurring a cost to the family and will be scheduled on specific dates, as outlined below. If you would like your child to participate in one or more tests, please collect an enrolment form from either Campus Office and return it with payment by Friday, 16th August 2019.


More information is available on their website:  https://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/icas/about.


If you have further questions regarding registering or administration of the tests, please contact your child’s Deputy Principal.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Term 3 Gymnastics Timetable


From Narre Warren South

Brekkie Club


Book Fair Sale

26-28th August 

The annual Book Fair Sale is coming to NWS Campus Monday-Wednesday, August 26-28.  Books for all ages and interests. Includes prizes. Don't miss this event.


Congratulations Joshua P (NWS Year 6) who was selected to represent Team Vic in the School Sports Victoria (SSV) Rugby League Squad.


Joshua has been representing his state in Queensland competing in the National Tournament against all other states.


We wish Joshua all the very best in his endeavours and look forward to a full report on his return.


From the Library

Hot Chips Reward for not having any overdue library books this week and a couple of other weeks in Term 2.  Well done, Year 2K!


Bouncing the Day Away

Last Wednesday, twenty of our Upper Primary Basketball squad form Narre Warren South headed to Diamond Valley Sports stadium to play in the annual Adventist Schools Primary Basketball Competition.


The competition was of a high standard and our students competed in five games over the course of the day. Both our girls and boys teams played well, winning some, losing some and even the girls drew one game. Overall, both teams finished just out of finals contention in third place. A great effort. 


We must thank the ongoing support and expertise of Mr Smithells, who has been given time this year by supporting the teams through coaching sessions every Thursday lunch. His help on the day of competition was invaluable and the students are learning a lot through his coaching. Thank you Mr Smithells.


Mr Nigel Eales

Basketball Coordinator

Just a moment…  Let me think!

This term for the first time, thinking skills was an option for Enrichment for all Years 3-6 students. With a list of only 9 students, I was excited to have such a small group to see how I can help them develop their cognitive functions. As I waited outside my door last Friday I had three students who said: “We picked this one by accident.” It was hard not to be heartbroken but I told them that by the end of the first session their minds will be blown and changed. That’s exactly what happened. As we did a quick crash course (teachers will be going through each one a lesson at a time in all primary classrooms) in the thinking skills (cognitive functions) the three students started to see that they needed to be in this class. After week two Simarjit said, “I love this, can we do more?”


Students are learning to slow their thinking and give more thoughtful accurate responses. They are learning to focus on and collect relevant information. They are then defining the problem and planning how to solve it. This week we began an new instrument, Categorisation. They are eager to get through it and have asked to come in during lunchtime as the Enrichment time for this term won’t be enough to finish it. Check out the photos below.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 3MC Teacher

From the Officer
Primary Campus

Term 3 Dates to Remember and General Information

Welcome back to school and the start of another new term. The staff at OCP have been busily planning lessons, excursions, outings, sport events and much more for Term 3. Please take note of the dates and events that apply to your child.


Uniform Term 3:

  • Full Winter Uniform - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sport Uniform -  Tuesday and Friday

  • Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day

Traffic Light Lunch Boxes Reminder:

  • Recess: fruit, vegetables, salad, yogurt or cheese & crackers (or other ‘green’ foods)

  • Lunch: sandwich, wrap, roll (or other savoury)

  • Water Bottle: labelled with child’s name

When students have healthy ‘brain-food’ we notice that they are able to concentrate longer on learning and participate in learning without becoming tired. 


Events & Special Days in Term 3:

Reminders will be sent home closer to each date/event

  • School Banking Every Thursday

  • Gymnastics Lessons 13th & 20 August, 3rd, 10th & 17th September @ OC MPC

  • 7-9th August - Year 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill

  • 14th August - Big Dreams - Book Week Performance @ NWS Campus MPC

  • 19-23rd August - Book Week at OC

  • 23rd August - Book Parade (Dress Up Day) at OC

  • 27th August - OCP Years 3/4 Hooptime Team Competition Day

  • 30th August - Father’s Day Breakfast & Community Walk OCP

  • 2nd September - OCP Years 5/6 Hooptime Team Competition Day

  • 9-13th September - Digital ‘eSmart’ Week

  • 10th September - 2020 Prep Class - Orientation Day 2 of 4

  • 12th September - Open Evening at Officer Campus

  • 17th September - Parent/Teacher Interviews @ OC in the MPC

  • 20th September - Footy Colours Day

  • 20th September - Final Day of Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

If you know of family or friends who are interested in enrolling their child at Heritage College Officer Campus, please encourage them to make contact with the school as classes for 2020 are filling up fast already!

Oasis Camp!

The day was finally here. Tuesday, 30th July. I couldn’t wait! We were going to Oasis Camp up in Mt Evelyn, about a 45 minute drive from our school. We boarded the bus, just in time for us to leave. The whole class wanted to go on the big bus but the other class, 5/6K beat us to it, so we had to go on the other bus.


On the way, the bus driver’s GPS told us she was over the speed limit about 3 times & we all thought it was really funny. When we neared the campsite, I felt a little sleepy but I still managed to stay awake.


We got there and I started thinking about Mr and Mrs Watson. They were the reason we were here, to let us stay. Isn’t that sooo generous? How would you feel if you were invited over to a water park or something like that for a whole day?


I’ve been waiting to write about these activities for so long! I want to get straight into it, so, shall we? I take that as a yes! My group was Group A with Miss Keecher. Our first activity was the flying-fox. When it was my turn, I jumped, then I went went flying like a bird. When I got to the tires, I tried to get myself into a ball but my legs were too weak to lift up. So that’s how my nose & mouth hit the harness, with a CRASH!! It hurt sooo much!


Moving on to the next activity, the milk crate stacking. The idea was to stack as many crates as possible as you climb on it attached to a harness. I got seven crates stacked, not even close the record of twenty-one milk crates, but I still tied my best.


The next activity we did was rock climbing. It looked so easy, but it wasn’t! I was terrified! Even though I was one of the first people to climb, I was STILL TERRIFIED! I’m getting terrified just writing about it, so let’s move on.

We had hot dogs for lunch, they were some of the most delicious vegetarian hot dogs I’ve tasted. We had cookies for dessert, they were good too!


After lunch, our group headed to the reptile house. I just couldn’t wait! When we got there, the keeper told us to be very quiet because the reptiles  didn’t like loud noises. We crept in quietly. The keeper said we could roam around the building for a bit, so that’s what we did. There were many reptiles. We saw snakes, lizards and even turtles! I was extraordinary.


Next, we went on the low ropes course. It was really fun. We were in groups 3. Keira, Beatrice and I spotted Shanali, but then Miss Keecher called me out of the group to spot Tobias. When I got Tobias as my spotter, it was so fun!


Miss Keecher gathered us together to go back to the dining room. When we got back, they announced the winners for the brightest clothes. Lexie and Beatrice won! I was so happy, everyone clapped.


It was time to go back to school. I didn’t want to leave but I had to. I’ll miss Oasis camp and I hope we’ll come back soon.




From the Secondary Campus

Temporary Art at Officer

Students in Year 9/10 Art elective spent time this last week catching up on some sunshine by creating these temporary artworks. Using electrical tape and working with geometrical line drawings students worked collaboratively to achieve these larger than life pieces.


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