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16 August 2018
2018 Issue 11
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Principal's Message

In 1980, The Association for Christian Education of Frankson was formed. It was a community of parents who desired to have a Christian school to educate their children. They began with a meeting in the Reformed Church in Frankston, where the first board was formed, and the vision set. They sacrificed much to build Frankston Christian School, which opened in 1982 with 39 students. In 2018, this is now Bayside Christian College, with around 590 students from ELC to Year 12.


Those founding parents had a vision for the College with six purposes, the first of which is "Leading students into the service of God and of others as a thankful response to the work of God in Christ". So how do we do that? In classes, students are encouraged to look for ways to be grateful, to recognise the blessings we have: firstly, for just being born in Australia - where we are in the top 7% of the world's richest people; and secondly, for being able to attend a Christian school, where God is honoured and His word is central to our understanding of life and learning. Students are encouraged to respond to learning in a way that serves God and others, and demonstrates a thankful response.


Today, we look to honour our founders, and will celebrate their sacrifices and commitment at our whole school assembly on Monday.

Pioneers’ Day Assembly

You are cordially invited to attend our Pioneers’ Day assembly next Monday 20 August from 9am. This will be an annual event to honour those who have given into the life of the College, particularly those who had the vision to begin the College.


Parent Nights

On Thursday 23 August, we are pleased to partner with New Peninsula Baptist Church to sponsor renowned speaker Dr Patricia Weerakoon at 370 Craigie Rd, Mt Martha, from 7pm - see the Noticeboard for details.


Please note, there is a change of date for Dr Lalith Mendis' return. He will be with us on Monday 8 October at 7pm. This is the evening of the student free day, before classes resume for Term 4. He will be speaking on "How to Boost Brain and Study in an Age of Digital Domination", and providing strategies to combat digital addiction and overuse.


Congratulations & Farewell Mrs Turner

It is with both excitement and sadness that I announce that well-loved ELC Teacher & Assistant, Mrs Nickie Turner, will be leaving us at the end of the year to take up the role of inaugural Kinder Teacher at Chairo Christian School's Leongatha campus. Nickie has been involved in our ELC since it started in 2011, and has served our community in many other ways, including through the College Production. Congratulations Nickie - we will miss you!


Toni Steinbergs

Acting Principal


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our upcoming Pioneers' Day activities - that people would be honoured for their service to the College community.


Pray for our snow camp students - for their safe return soon.


Please pray that families would continue to apply for places at the College in 2019.


Pray for our Early Learning Centre - for the staff and students - that great relationships are being formed and fantastic learning is occurring.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

This week at the Primary Assembly, Mrs Ryan’s 5/6 Class, presented a play based on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ to help the students understand about bullying.  It is important that there is a common understanding about vocabulary surrounding bullying.


Is it Bullying?

When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that’s RUDE.

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once, that’s MEAN.

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it -even when you tell them to stop or show them that you’re upset, that’s BULLYING.


Intentional and repeated actions that hurt another person is bullying. It can take different forms: physical, verbal, non-verbal, including isolation. Students were reminded at assembly that if they experience bullying, it is not their fault and they need to tell an adult.  


At Bayside, we don’t want to dwell on these negatives but we do need to deal with them when they come up.  Students are always encouraged to look for ways to build each other up, to help others and to treat others the way they like to be treated.


In Luke 6:31 we read, "Do to others as you would have them do to you."  Let’s notice when children are doing the right thing and affirm their behaviour.


God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Years 3/4 Camp

On Monday 30 July, all of the Years 3/4 went to camp ADANAC. 


First we got our bags and hopped on the bus. It was a long trip, one hour and a half in total. When we got there we went to the gym to eat food. Next Brett gave us a tour around camp and it was so much fun. 

Some of the activities that we did on camp was canoeing, GaGa, low ropes, flying fox, camp cooking, disc golf and Bombardment.


The thing about devotions that I learned was puffing up yourself is like puffing up a balloon. Mr Elkington encouraged us to think about whether we use words to encourage people or upset them. 


My favourite parts of camp were canoeing, flying and devotions. Being in a cabin was a good way to make new friends. 

 Ruby - Year 3

1/2s Recylced Art

Years 1/2  students were asked to create an object from recycled materials that can open and close. We had fun brainstorming different objects in the community that open and close e.g. doors, washing machine, oven, lifts. This week, 1/2P was able to paint their constructions and had a fabulous time doing so. 


Caroline De Haan

Primary Art Teacher

Let's Go Fly a Kite

My Kite

Last week we got a chance to build/design and fly a kite. The kite’s design was a diamond with a small circular hole in the middle of the kite. The purpose of this was to develop a good kite design that would fly successfully. We are doing this because in integrated studies we are learning about construction.


If I got a chance to do this again I would make sure everything is secure and tight. I had an extremely awesome time making this kite and flying it. I would also recommend this to my family and friends.   

By Isabel


My Kite

Last week we got the chance to design, build and fly a kite. The purpose of this was to develop a kite and design that would fly successfully. We’re  doing this because we’re learning about construction in 5/6. Flying the kite was a magnificent experience and I had so much fun doing so. If I had to change one thing it would be to secure everything because the string began to fall off. I learnt that making a kite with three strings flows so much better. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend it.

By Aletia


Our Kite Project

Last week we had to design and build a kite. We used a large plastic bag, some very long and very strong string, we also used two poles and some sticky tape. The first thing we had to do was gather our materials. Then we laid our large plastic bag flat out on the floor. We then laid the poles in a cross shape on the bag and measured the same length on either end. We then drew the shape we wanted on the plastic bag, then we cut it out and connected the string to the kite.


The purpose of designing  and building a kite was so that we could follow the design process and to make it fly as high and as long as possible. Our’s was one of the successful designs. Our’s was also one of the first designs to get into the air.


Flying our kite was a thrilling experience but because it was so windy our kite looked like it was dancing, and it kept doing loop the loops as it got higher. It was very enjoyable flying the kites on the oval.


Flying our kite for the first time was a very interesting and exciting experience because we were getting to see whether or not our design would work. We could improve our design by adding streamers and a longer string.   

By Indiana


Kite Designing and Flying

On Thursday 9 August, 5/6D made kites because we have been focusing on the design process in class. We got to choose a partner and my partner was Mac T, and we had an amazing time making these kites.


The materials we used were rounded wooden sticks, plastic sheeting, sticky tape, scissors and last but not least a string to hold on to. Our kite design was a diamond shaped kite with our initials on it. At the end of our cutting and sticking part our kite design looked a bit rough because the cutting didn't go as expected.   


On Friday 10 August, we all walked down to the oval with our creative kites and we all ran wildly around the oval. It was a lovely time to be free and have the time of our lives and also have a break from work. Our kite was dancing and doing loop the loops in the wind. It was a wonderful and fun experience.

By April

3/4s go Tribal

The Years 3/4 classes have been working on creating their own layered cardboard tribal mask. They looked at the uses and heritage of masks and then designed and created their own. They have enjoyed putting the finishing touches to their creations by adding accents using dry pastels and lots of glittery/sparkly bits. These will be exhibited at the Art Expo next term. 

Caroline De Haan

Primary Art Teacher

Tables on stairs

Recently, Mr Lomulder had the times-tables installed on the stairs in G Block so students can count as they go up. Maths is fun!


Thank you for helping us with our times tables Mr Lomulder.


Art Construction

This term, the Years 5/6 students have been doing a unit on construction in class. In Art we are integrating with this theme and beginning a mosaic unit. The students were very keen to scrub their recycled tiles for the base of their work, and finalise their designs. Next fortnight the making can begin. Watch this space and keep an eye out for the finished product at the  Art Expo in Term 4. 

Caroline  DeHaan 

Primary Art Teacher


Commonwealth Bank Notice

School Banking day is Tuesday.

Remember, Tuesday  is School Banking day and students should bring in their weekly deposit.


For every deposit made at school, students will receive a silver Dollarmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive School Banking reward item in recognition of their regular savings habits.


School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student, as well as an Annual Contribution, which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.


If your child has lost their book, they can bring their money to school in a sealed envelope with a note on the next School Banking day. We will issue them with a replacement.


Thank you for supporting the School Banking program at Bayside Christian College . We would also like to thank the wonderful parents who volunteer as our School Banking Co-ordinators and process our banking every week.


If you would like to know more about School Banking, please ask for a 2018 School Banking program information pack from the College office or visit

Across the College

VET enrolments for 2019

During the next few weeks, Ms Dawson (VET Coordinator) will be following up Year 10 and 11 students who intent to enrol/re-enrol in VET studies in 2019. Pricing for 2019 courses should be finalised by training providers over the next two weeks. Please note that new VET enrolment forms are required for current year 11 students continuing on into the second year of their VET course - a copy of the VET enrolment form is attached below.


Get Creative!

To all the people at Bayside who are creative - which is all of you - we need your urgent help! An 'underground' magazine is waiting to be published and needs some of your creative pieces to complete it. If you are interested in submitting a piece e.g. poetry, photography, artwork, a short story or anything you have created please email it to: [email protected]. If you would like, you can submit a physical copy into a submission box located in the office. Then you might see it in print a few weeks later! Naming your work is optional, so if you want, you can remain completely anonymous. Please consider it and send us something!

Hello from the Snow!

Our snow campers arrived safely at Mt Hotham late on Sunday, making good time even though they had to put chains on the bus tyres a third of the way up the mountain.

The students got very excited when a car coming down from the mountain dropped all the snow off its roof, and a snowball fight broke out in the car park!


The conditions at Mt Hotham are amazing - the best ever on a snow camp, so the students are in for an amazing experience! They started lessons at 9am Monday morning, and everyone is having a fantastic time.


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE Coordinator

Berita Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian News

We have been studying hard in Indonesian this semester! Mainly me, learning banyak sekali (very many) new names and faces. Terima kasih (thank you) to the wonderful Bayside Christian College community for making me feel very welcome and helping me as I settle in to the role of Indonesian teacher here.


Bahasa Indonesia is a wonderful language to learn. Learning any language provides the opportunity to expand our knowledge of the fascinating world we live in. When we learn a language we are not merely learning words, we are learning new ways of looking at the world, and we gain an understanding of varying worldviews and value systems. This helps us to think about our own values and to respect differences. Learning the official language of one of our closest neighbours can open our hearts and eyes to the possibilities of building peaceful and positive relationships in our region.


This Friday 17 August, Indonesians will be celebrating Hari Kemerdekaan (Independence Day), marking the 73rd anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Indonesia. In Indonesian classes we will learn a little about this special day. It would be bagus sekali (really great) if you could look up some fun facts about this at home.


Please continue to pray for Ibu Newton and family as they welcome their little one into the world. We are all very excited about this special baby!


Kasih karunia dan damai sejahtera dari Allah, Bapa kita, dan dari Tuhan Yesus Kristus menyertai kamu. 1 Korintus 1:3


Kelly Davies

Guru Bahasa Indonesia

Science Week 2018

This year our Science Week celebrations started with our Science Assembly. Several

parent visitors joined us to see the presentation of certificates to their children for their achievements in the Big Science Competition. Our congratulations to Archer Hume (Year 8) who achieved a Credit Certificate, Michaela Curtis-Morris (Year 8), Elijah Kruiskamp (Year 9) and Jai Majek (Year 10) who achieved Distinction Certificates, and Jake Levey of Year 10 who achieved a High Distinction. Well done to all who participated in this state-wide competition.


During the assembly, senior science students spoke about the biblical worldview and science, unpacking the mysteries of chemical reactions and molecular structure within God’s marvellous creation. Thank you to Samuel Hooper, Lwendyl Anderson and Jarryd Wyatt for their efforts.


During lunch times keen students learned how to use microscopes, made slime, dissected a kidney or made solar jewellery and periscopes.


Thank you to all who came along to offer their support. Thanks to the senior secondary student helpers and the Bayside science teachers who made this year’s Science Week fun for all who participated. A special thank you to Mrs Graham who helped behind the scenes and during activities.


Sharyn Hadlow

Secondary Science Teacher

Piano Achievements

Eight piano students from Bayside sat AMEB exams from Grade 1 - Grade 6 during June and August this year. Some excellent results were achieved. Some highlights were: Annameike McDonagh (Year 4) achieved an A for her Grade 1 Piano for Leisure exam, Cory Vass (Year 7) achieved a B+ for his Grade 2 Piano for Leisure exam, and Monica Mills (Year 10) achieved a B+ for her Grade 3 Piano exam. Well done to all students who worked hard on their preparation. There will be a further ten students sitting exams in December. 

Resilience Radio


Years 11/12 Happenings

As we focus on gratefulness this Semester, it has been wonderful to have so many students and teachers engaging with the new ‘M’ Block at 97 Robinsons Road this term. VCE students have now had classes for Business, HHD, Legal, Psychology and Maths in the lovely new classrooms. VCAL students have continued to use this space on Mondays. We are truly thankful for this wonderful new building, and for those who have worked so hard to make it appear!



Many students (and teachers) have been fighting off sickness this term.  A reminder that a 90% attendance policy does apply in all subjects at Years 11-12. If your child is sick please let me know via email, as well as the office.  Students absent on the day of a SAC will be required to provide a medical certificate and  sit the SAC on the following Wednesday afternoon.


Leadership applications

College leadership applications will begin next week, with applications opening on Monday. We would encourage all Year 11 students to prayerfully consider whether this might be an area in which they can use their gifts to serve others in the College community. Students will receive information about the application process on Monday.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coodinator

Health and Wellbeing

On the subject of sickness, a quick reminder of basic tips to good health and wellbeing:

  • A good night’s sleep - studies suggest that the ideal for teens is 8 hours and 12 minutes! However, more may be needed if your child is fighting off illness.

  • A healthy diet - breakfast is vital for brain function and for providing cold-fighting nutrients.

  • Rest and relaxation - having a break is just as important as doing hard work. Breaks should include time away from technology.

  • Fresh air and exercise - we should all be participating in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day, according to the Department of Health.

  • Time with God - even VCAA (the governing body of VCE and VCAL) recognises that we are spiritual beings and need to look after our spiritual health!


Let’s endeavour to take care of ourselves and our loved ones - Spring is just around the corner!


Rachelle Cooper

Health & Human Development Teacher


A reminder to Year 12 students that VTAC applications for tertiary entry in 2019 are now open! We encourage you to complete your application by 11 September in order to ensure sufficient time for SEAS and Scholarships applications. Please see Ms Dawson for any assistance, as well as the significant resources available on the VTAC website:

Monash Pathways

Monash University is running an Information Evening regarding Pathways into their degrees. It will be held at their Caulfield campus on Thursday 23 August from 6:30 until 8:00pm (Room 104, Building G). 


To find out more or to register your spot please visit:

Subjects in focus

Visual Communication Design

In Visual Communication Design, after researching design movements of the past, students took a spin in a time machine. Being inspired by the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, De Stijl and the Bauhaus movements, we had a go at exploring the future possibilities of space travel, and what promotional advertising might look like. 


Joel Kong

Visual Communication Design Teacher



Entering our final studies, we are learning about the properties of light, specifically how complex it can be. We learned that light is a composition of all the colours in our spectrum (from red to purple) that form the 'white' light we see. We are able to see this composition of colours by bending the light through prisms. Each colour bends at different angles entering a prism, and hence our ability to see a rainbow. Pretty neat to be honest!


Jarryd Wyatt & Jacob Mahoney

Year 12 Physics Students


Unit 2 Legal Studies

This term we have been studying various types and purposes of criminal sanctions such as imprisonment, community corrections orders, drug treatment orders and fines. Students have learnt about factors affecting sentencing and have taken part in virtual ‘You Be the Judge’ activities where they have heard evidence for a variety of cases and handed down their sentences.


It has been interesting to explore current issues in the media and the ways in which these have been reported. Students are learning the importance of evaluating media articles in the light of a biblical perspective and from different points of view. For example, what seems a just sentencing outcome for a victim’s family will differ from what the offender’s family considers as just or promoting rehabilitation. We considered many complex questions. As a society, do we tend to see offenders as people that we need to lock up and remove from society, or do we see them as broken people who need rehabilitation and a second chance at life? What is the ultimate purpose of sanctions? How does God view offenders?


A recent issue reported by the media was a prisoner’s regular allowance for ‘day release’ in order to play regional football matches on Saturdays. This sparked a variety of community responses, including outrage by the family of the victim affected by this particular prisoner. The practice of ‘day release’ for such activities is now under review by the Victorian government. How will this affect the rehabilitation of these prisoners?


Sonja Campbell

Legal Studies Teacher

Coffee is coming to Bayside!


Year 12 Barista Training  9 August

On Thursday 9 August, our Year 12 VCAL students journeyed into the city for their barista training. Our trainer was Rick, who took them through the black coffees first, then the milky ones.  Students learned how to make ‘silky milk’, an important ingredient in good coffee and hot chocolates.

Students were put under pressure to make up orders in a set time-frame as they will find in a real cafe.  They also learned how to do ‘etching’ coffee art, and free-pour coffee art. It is harder than it looks!


Sampling the wares was an important part of the day, resulting in a few caffeine-fueled headaches on the way home.


This training is part of the Work Related Skills subject, and will feed into the Year 12 Cafe Business that will run out of the Trades Skills Centre.


Olivia Williams

Trades Skills Centre Coordinator / VCAL Teacher


Art Supplies Needed

Please collect wool, buttons, glad wrap tubes, tiny boxes, and all other crafty things for the Art room. Donations can be handed to Caroline De Haan or dropped into the College Office.

Sex, Gender & Jesus

Are you unclear about the latest facts and research around gender and sexuality, and how all of this intersects with a biblical Christian view of personhood? Then this is an event for you.  


Dr Patricia Weerakoon is a sexologist, speaker and author. She trained in medicine at the University of Sri Lanka, and is Honorary Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney. She is a Bible-believing Christian, married, and a straight talker.


Her passion is to present holistic and healthy sex education. This event would be suitable for parents, grandparents, and older teenagers. We advise you that the content will be clear and candid.  


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher (Primary) and Parent-Student-Teacher (Secondary) Conferences are on Wednesday 29 August 3:45-8:00pm and Thursday 30 August 1:45-8:00pm.


Login details have been emailed to all parents. If you did not receive your login details please contact Trish Longhurst or Hilary Mahoney at the College office.


Please Note: all Prep-Year 12 students will be finishing at 1:00pm on Thursday 30 August. The College buses will depart at 1:15pm and After School Care will commence at 1:00pm.


One Term’s Notice

With the end of Term 3 fast approaching, we remind families that one full term’s notice is required in writing to the Acting Principal, Mrs Toni Steinbergs, if your child is leaving Bayside Christian College at the end of this year.  The cut-off date for this notice is Friday 21 September. Failure to give notice by this date will result in you being charged a term’s fees in lieu of notice. There is a very practical reason for this,  as this is the time of the year when the College is setting budgets, classing and staffing for 2019.


We therefore seek your understanding and co-operation in this matter. 


Julie Rebbeck


Bayside Family Network Prayer Group

A reminder to all attending the prayer group to sign in and out at the College office.


Our Years 5/6 students will be doing a project shortly using wool. If you have any odd balls of wool lying around please bring them in and give them to Mrs Doherty.


Resilient Kids Conference

Attention parents, educators, chaplains and youth workers...

The third annual Resilient Kids Conference is coming up in Melbourne! We have assembled some of Australia's best experts in raising young people. This event has sold out in other states so don't miss out - Saturday 8 September.


Book your tickets today at:


Term 3 Working Bee

The only working bee for Term 3 is scheduled for Saturday 25 August from 8am-12pm. A reminder that parents are to complete eight hours at working bees this year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150.

Disruption to Seaford Station Northern Bus Stop

Works to remove the Seaford Road level crossing and boom gates are well underway, however, during this process increased traffic congestion around the area is causing lengthy delays, with redirections planned to our Northern Ventura college bus.


Over the next 6-8 weeks, the Northern bus will not utilise the Seaford Station stop either in the morning or afternoon. This disruption will not impact any of our regular bus pass users, nor cause any change to times on the AM or PM route schedule.


Please speak with Mrs Rebbeck in the College office if you require more details about this.

Pioneers' Day 2018

Our inaugural Pioneers' Day will be celebrated on Monday 20 August with a special assembly and morning tea from 9am. All current and former friends of the College are invited to attend.


Uniform Updates

Uniform Shop

College uniform items are no longer for sale at our previous supplier, Hip Pocket Mornington. We anticipate the new shop, run by Dobsons at the College, will be in about a week's time.


Second Hand Uniform

The College second hand uniform shop is no longer accepting second hand items to sell on behalf of families.


Families wishing to sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use our new official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group: 


The second hand uniform shop will continue to operate in room ELC12 until the end of Term 3 2018 on Monday afternoons from 3:20-3:40pm. Any items remaining after this time will be returned to families.


Entertainment Books

2018-19 Melbourne Entertainment Books can be purchased online:

A portion of each book sold through the Bayside Christian College Entertainment Book page comes to the College for fundraising.


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