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20 December 2018
Issue Fourteen
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Principal's Post 

From Mr Phillips


As 2019 at Ringwood Secondary College comes to a close, there is always much to celebrate.

It is useful for each of us to think about how we can craft new experiences and learning opportunities that will invite young people and adults to be more curious than certain about themselves, one another, and the wider world? In my view, this is the next challenge for secondary schooling and enabling young people to thrive. We can no longer arrive at a point of certainty about the world and one’s place in it.


2018 Results

Once again, we can be delighted with the successes of our students and these were heartily celebrated on Tuesday evening. The efforts and achievements of so many are reflected in these results and are reported in this edition of our newsletter. Judging by the significant and varied achievements of our students across curricular and co-curricular fields, we continue to build our school spirit through the House system and our College virtues of wisdom, courage, respect and creativity.


I would particularly like to congratulate our VCE Dux Kevin Hong (98.75) on his outstanding year. Kevin has participated fully in the life of the College. His leadership as a Prefect and his performances as a musician, have added enormously to his stunning list of achievements of which he, his family and our community can be very proud.


The Class of 2018 has tackled the considerable challenge of the VCE and VCAL with similar energy, passion and commitment as every other year 12 class during my twenty one years as principal. As I indicated last night, they have been rewarded for their hard work in a variety of ways. Whilst some students may be disappointed, many are delighted, with their achievements. We also know that with continuing support that the pathways for next year beyond school provide many options. Many students attained ATAR scores in the 90s (including 7 over 95)and 80s, but there are equally stories of those who overcame significant challenges including health issues and personal hardship to achieve at high levels. They are equally celebrated. Our median all study score of just over 30 was an improvement on the previous year and indicates that many students have performed well across the full range of studies that we are able to offer at Ringwood.


Current Student Numbers

We have 1625 students enrolled for 2019, including 293 students who will be commencing with us in Year 7. These students enjoyed a highly successful orientation day and we look forward to welcoming our newest group of students at the beginning of next year.



At this time of year, we traditionally say farewell to a range of staff who are either moving on to opportunities in other schools, concluding replacement contracts, going on extended leave or retiring.  

Those leaving us are Anne Craigie who is retiring, Bonnie Wu and Hernan Alonso Balwyn HS, David Clements promoted to Learning Specialist at Vermont SC, Suzy Doods Tintern, Nicole Perry whose contract is finishing and our Indonesian Language Assistant Vera Sumanta. We thank each person for their contribution to Ringwood and wish them well in their future positions. We will introduce our new staff at the commencement of term 1 2018.


Start up arrangements for 2019

Year 12 commences with a symposium day at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Campus on Thursday January 31. Year 7 also commence on the same day. Students in Years 8 to 11 commence on Friday February 1, 2019. The College office will be open for business on Wednesday January 30, 2019. All staff will participating in PD on Tuesday January 29, hosted by the Minister for Education and the Maaroondah Plus 10 schools initiative.


In 2019, the construction of the new senior school centre will be another significant undertaking for our College community.


I would like to extend best wishes for Christmas and New Year and a happy summer holiday season to all members of our College community and I look forward to another productive and positive year in 2019.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos


The 2018 year has ended and what a year it has been!


Overall the big data sets reveal that our VCE median and NAPLAN results have improved due to the concerted and consistent efforts of staff to collaborate, innovate and set high standards. Students too are meeting the challenge and often exceeding expectations in a range of curricular and co-curricular programs.


The small data highlights the individual attainments of students and equally we take note of these and provide guidance and expertise for continued improvement. The focus on student voice and agency will sharpen in 2019 and it will be exciting to see this area develop. Life at Ringwood Secondary College offers plenty of opportunities to participate, excel, enjoy, learn and grow. With a new building program in the works and a considered effort in providing a high standard of education for students, 2019 is shaping up to be another super year.


Happy holidays and may the summer break be enjoyable for everyone.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut




Our Year 12 students received their results earlier in the week and there were some excellent outcomes amongst this year’s class of 2018. All of the awards were presented at last night’s College Presentation Night and it was a fitting end to what has been another, amazing successful year at Ringwood Secondary College. Congratulations to Kevin Hong, our Dux for this year.


The College would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who put in their personal best. Pathways and new horizons will open up for all of them. For all our students it was always about the journey. The class of 2018 will be remembered fondly for their warmth, good humour and service to others. The ‘soft’ skills of emotional intelligence, positive relationships, teamwork and connectedness was a highlight of their character.


We would also like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of all our teachers for their input in guiding our Year 12s over their secondary schooling.


To our Year 12 cohort of 2019, the journey awaits……


To all our students from Years 7-11, well done in all your personal achievements - the summer break will give you all the opportunity to reflect on things you did well and opportunities to reflect on improving your learning journey. A growth mindset and practice, practice and more practice is the message for all our students.


Stay curious.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison


With another year nearly completed and Christmas upon us, it is a perfect time for reflection on the past but most importantly planning for the future.


This weeks professional learning for our staff was focussed on improvement and building of positive relationships. We were very fortunate to have Justin Robinson (Director of the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School) deliver an energising professional learning session on ‘Understanding and Managing Teacher Stress’. The focus was on values. Values that help connect us to a wider view of our lives and guide us through life. This is best encapsulated in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”


Next year, our College aims to continue to involve parents in practical positive psychology together with our educators and external organisations, so we can learn, live and embed the evidence based strategies for flourishing together.  With the ’Plus 10 Schools’ project developing and gaining momentum, the first day in 2019 will be a collective professional learning day for 22 Maroondah Schools. The ‘Live It’ day will be held at Melbourne Convention Centre where we will listen to Chris Helder, the keynote speaker focus on positive relationships. Chris is a best-selling author and keynote speaker on mastering the power of mindsets, genuine communication and influence.  


I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our hardworking staff for their wonderful work this year. They are inspirational, energetic and provide our college with a wealth of knowledge and forward momentum. I hope they enjoy a well-deserved rest.


Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday full of love and joy and appreciate this very special time with your family and friends.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal




Successful Evening

A wonderful evening celebrating the success of so many students.

Enjoy the Photos


Symphony Orchestra

Procession of the Nobles

Here Be Dragon’s by Gary Gackstatter



Ciara Lumsden and Ben Holland


Sports Awards

Years 7- 11

Presented by Ms R Boutsikakis & Ms K Usher, Sport Co-ordinators

Year 7:  

Summer Doyle, Ryan Egan, Hao Geng, Ella Hose, Remy Maclean, Abbey Whitaker

Year 8: 

Mia Busch, Cade Cavanagh, Thomas Dellow, Lucy Fairhurst, Alexandra Gibson, Luke Jenkins, Sienna Koh, Tegan Mcinerney, Lachlan Newey, Jemima Wilson

Year 9:  

Zali Beck, Charlie Collins, Ruby D'Arcy, Nicholas Day, Tiffany Hayes, Olivia Henry, Chloe Olsen, Keeley Sherar

Year 10:

Tarni Cavanagh, Caitlin Dellow, Jasmin Hass, Charlie Martin, William Mchardy, Jack Stelfox, Matilda Wilson

Year 11:

Georgi Clarke, Declan Lamb, Madison Mauchline, Harry Norman, Amber Shearn, Lachlan               Shield


State Finalists

State Medal winners: 

Rebecca Battersby, Zali Beck, Mia Busch, Cade Cavanagh, Tarni Cavanagh, Caitlin Dellow, Jasmin Hass, Tiffany Hayes, Olivia Henry, Ella Hose, Siennah Koh, Ciara Lumsden, Harry Norman, Chloe Olsen, Samantha Olsen, Jemima Wilson, Annelise Buttress, Alexandra Gibson


SSV Academic and Sporting Medal: 

Tarni Cavanagh


Pierre de Coubertin Award

Harry Norman, Year 12


Hazel Hirons Memorial Prize

Presented by Mr V Hirons and Mr B Hirons

Samantha Olsen, Year 12


Musical Item

Kevin Hong

Sonatina by Joseph Horovitz 1st Movt

for clarinet and piano


Creative Arts Awards Years 7-11

Performing Arts Prefects, Susan Rash & Dylan Smith

and Visual Arts Prefect, Lily Joslin-Boyce


Years 7- 11

Year 7:    

Betty Geng, Jenny Tha Chin Par, Jackson Smith, Myra Whitby, Kelvin Chen,
Lauren Brewster

Year 8:    

Charlotte Jackson, Shaun Yu, Hannah Walne, Lacey Shattock, Aidan Maher, Emma Hanly

Year 9:    

Hannah Peake, Julia Rooney-Watson, Patrick Wallace, Elizabeth Brooks, Charlie Lodge, Bryn Jacka, Nick Zhang

Year 10:  

Jasmine Lacy, James Barr, Callum Rigg, Caitlin Dellow, Xinyi Zhou, Jackson Mangold

Year 11:  

Lachlan Watson, Elise Bergmann (Year 10), Melanie Arthur, Michael Syme, Sam Philp, Nick Graham


The Graeme Hildebrand Scholarship

Presented by Mrs L. Higgs

Henry Miles, Peri Hine & Jamie Garcia


Science Award of Excellence

The Science Faculty Medal recognises the top achieving student in each year level

Year 7 :            Amelie Winter

Year 8 :            Shion Kim

Year 9 :            Samuel Rhodes

Year 10:           Sara Tabikh


Science Competition

Year 7:     Kelvin Chen, Declan Guscott, Archie Jacka, Amelie Winter

Year 8:     Nathan Agathe, Cade Cavanagh, Natalie Chan, Sulakshana Kumar

Year 12:   Dean Stevens


Trajan Scientific & Medical Awards for Science & Technology

Presented by Rick Barber, Trajan Scientific & Medical

Matilda Wilson Year 10 & Year 10 Marc Coxhill


 Australian Mathematics Competition 2018

Year 7 :            Kelvin Chen

Year 8 :            Cade Cavanagh

Year 9 :            Brynn Jacka

Year 10:           Jack Downard

Year 11 :          Alexander Jackson & Mark Reynolds

Year 12:           Dean Stevens


Awards presented at Valedictory Evening

Caltex Allrounder Award

Ciara Lumsden Year 12


The Deakin Shield Award

Rebecca Battersby Year 12


PCTA Award 

Amber Stelfox Year 12


Fiddes Family Award

Chloe Horrabin Year 12


ADF Long Tan Leadership Award

Georgia Read Year 12


House Co-ordinator Awards Year 7-11

Year 7:   

Jesse Macleod, Alysa Kimpton, Noah Philp, Hayden Dawson

 Year 8:   

Lucy Fairhurst, Zoe Fretter, Caelum Smith, Emma Hanly   

Year 9:   

Hau Deih Mang Hatzaw, Charlotte Whelan, Lucy Philp, Cassidy Sinclair  

Year 10: 

Madison Groves-Berry, Kate Hine, Elise Bergmann, Taylah De Montignie

Year 11: 

Kayla Jenkins, Fraya Jordan, Ronan Meng, Madeleine Leigh


Presentation of House Champions Cup 2018 - Jackman


Musical Item

Ben Holland

Variations on Carnival of Venice by Briccialdi for flute and piano


The R.S.L. Scholarships

Presented by Geoff Coghlan, Ringwood RSL

Ella Ogden Year 8 & Kate Hine Year 10


Australian Defence Force Award

Alannah Simpson Year 10


Heritage & Alumni Scholarships

Larissa Wrigley Year 10 & Tarni Cavanagh Year 10

Neff Family Scholarship

Presented by Ed Neff

Eh Doh Doh Htoo & Lal Lian Zar Hualngo – Year 10

Tracy Bawitlung & Lal Din Thar Ram Lawt – Year 11

Samuel Thi Hlum, Year 12


Mazda Student Leadership Award

Alice D’Arcy Year 11



Lachlan Griffith Year 12


The Hocking Family Award

Mitchell Hart Year 11


The Deakin Shield Award

Presented by Michael Sukkar

Michael Syme Year 11

Jasmine Lacy Year 10


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Matilda Wilson Year 10         


Monash Scholars Program

Marc Coxhill & Martina Tan Year 10


Dux of Year Level 7—11

Presented by  Mr M Phillips

Year 7:

Hao Geng and Amelie Winter

Year 8:

Aidan Maher

Year 9:

Julia Rooney-Watson

Year 10:

Elise Bergmann, Jasmine Lacy and Grace Veenman

Year 11:

May Luo


Year 11 — VCE Units 3 & 4 Subject Award

Moksh Dave          Further Maths

Ianthe Volbrecht    Physical Education

Hannah Turnbull    Product Design &


Mark Reynolds       Biology


Guest Speech: 

Sharon Rogers, College Council President

Ringwood Training Excellence Award

Vet – IT                     

Oscar Stammers & Nicholas Sheehy

Vet – Automotive       

Jack Sherwood

Vet – Engineering      

Jake Smith, Clayton Wright & Kyle Furssedonn


The Joan Mentz Award

Lauren Clements Year 12


VCE Baccalaureate
Rebecca Battersby, Angus Green, Ben Holland, Si Yu Hong, Ciara Lumsden, Wan Ching Pak, Tze Syn Tang, Samuel Thi Hlum, Xiuqi Tian, Hoang Lan Trinh, Christy Tsui, Songdi Wang


High Achievers VCE 2018

Lesley Convery, Kasy Fennell, Ben Holland, Si Yu  (Kevin) Hong, Lily Joslin-Boyle, Ciara Lumsden, Molly Owens, Wan Ching Pak, Alexandra Rogers, Joshua Searle, Dean Stevens, Tze Syn Tang, Samuel Thi Hlum, Hoang Lan Trinh, Christy Tsui, Swetha Vasudevan


Dux  2018:

Si Yu  (Kevin) Hong


Academic Awards 7-11

Junior School

Year 7: 

Olivia Baud, Chloe Biggs, Dhiya Billimoria, Kiana Bongers, Lauren Brewster, Victoria Charlton,Jia Ern Choong, Annika Curtis, Lara Farley, Summer Featherston, Hao Geng, Niharika Harne, Olivia Heinen, Ella Hose, Archie Jacka, Daniel Jackson, Natasha James, Remy MacLean, Jesse MacLeod, Dzina Maksimenko, Shaun McHardy, Talia Olsen, Sophie Park, Noah Philp, Keiley Preston, Abbey Rennick, Charlotte Serre, Alyssa Solidaga, Jenny Tha Chin Par, Cathy Thieu, Lemise Thornton, Ellie Tilden, Dinali Tirikawala, Amber Truong, Zimo Wang, Amelia Wildie, Amelie Winter, Lily Woodland, Millah Wright, Jacob Wu


Year 8: 

Margaret Anderson, Kaitlyn Antrobus, Kaila Bergmann, Lachlan Bosomworth, Hayley Butler, Alexia Davie, Caitlin Dowding, Lucy Fairhurst, Johanna Feeney, Alexandra Gibson, Emma Hanly, Brooke Humphreys, Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Jackson, Isabel Kenworthy, Shion Kim, Sienna Koh, Kumsol Lee, Maeve Leonard, Abby Lymn, Aidan Maher, Lachlan Moroney, Ella Ogden, Shehani Paliyaralalage Don, Brigid Parkinson, Benjamin Paton, Abigail Roberts, Lacey Shattock, Callan Shearn, Rose Sherwood, Sienna Sleigh, Elley Steenhuizen, Jessica Suares, Erin Timmer, Cherry Tsui, Annabelle Veenman, Nghi Dong Vo, Ella Weir, Amelie Williamson


Middle School

Year 9: 

James Allsop, Zali Beck, Stevie-Rose Bell, Mia Bovill, Taylor Boyles, Elizabeth Brooks,
Hayley Brown, Mia Brown, Holli Budd, Htoo Pway Doe Soe Bwint, Joshua Clements, Flynn Commins, Scarlett Cuthbert, Ruby D'Arcy, Audrey Goodman, Caitlin Graham, Jada Gunstone, Olivia Henry, Siya Jawa, Isuri Jayasinghe, Tamara Johnson, Natalija Kitanovic, K'Baw Lwe, Alyssa-Rae Macdonald, Soraya Maclean, Tara Mcpherson, Emily Nancarrow, Parnian Nejatbakhsh, Lachlan O'Donnell, Tia Olsen, Kate O'Meara, India Phillips, Lucy Philp, Klay Po, Megan Rennick, Jayde Reynolds, Julia Rooney-Watson, Kate Rotow, Jennifer Sobierajski, Gabrielle Thatcher, Daniel Watson, Emilie Young


Year 10: 

Tahlia Antrobus, Elise Bergmann, Cooper Bonetti, Catherine Buckingham, Alana Couper, Sian Cribb, Caitlin Dellow, Jack Downard, Stephanie Droscher, Chloe Emmerich, Sarah Flanagan, Tahlia Fraser ,Nicholas Freeman, Jamie Garcia, Kate Hine, Peri Hine, Jasmine Lacy, Rhian Lumsden, Charlie Martin, Charlotte McLean, Caitlin Moore, Abigail Ngo, Amelia O'Connor, Ellie Preston, Alana Purcell, Madeline Schubert, Nidhi Sobron, Sara Tabikh, Emily Vains, Grace Veenman, Shan Wang, Matilda Wilson


Senior School

Year 11: 

Hoo Fai Cai, Alice D'Arcy, Moksh Dave, Damon Delaney, Yanzhen Gu, Skye Hagland, Jiahuan He, Astrid Hickey, Alexander Jackson, Dylan Kane, Lana Lee, Lorenzo Louw, Jia Ying Luo, Campbell McNamara, Jade Nuttall, Stella Parkinson, Amelia Phillips, Samuel Philp, Ankit Rawat, Mark Reynolds, Olivia Ricci, Jamie Seeber, Amber Shearn, Emma Van Dijk, Ianthe Volbrecht, Lachlan Watson         


Musical Item

Junior Production Cast

Medley from ‘The Cast of Elf Jr’


From the Office

RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

During this publication’s past six issues you were introduced to the latest project by the RSC Heritage and Alumni Group to bring this Work Futures Expo 2019 to students and their parents.  One of many projects undertaken since this group was formed back in 1991, after arson destroyed school buildings, many records and documents.  Fortunately, the college was re-built, not pulled down as feared.


It was Gerry Robinson, AP, with his great love of college history, who gathered a small committee of six past students to launch a Fire Appeal to raise funds to help re-build.  Just a couple of years later this group prepared for the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the college in 1994. To mark the occasion, significant features were designed by Gerry and his team.  A Green Historical Book carries personal reflections of RHS: a Recipe Book recognised staff contributions and a time capsule marked features of education at the college.


This committee became the Heritage Group which met regularly to prepare for the College’s 50th Anniversary in 2004.  Also, Gerry’s idea for the Halls became reality:  Sport in 1998, Arts in 1999; Science in 2011.  An archive group of Year 10 students was formed in 1998.  Gerry Robinson, a tireless worker, also exhibited great creativity.  He retired in 2002 leaving a legacy of activities and a recorded history of students who were achievers and laid down the framework for the current Heritage committee.


In 2003, his work was continued by Mrs Jenny Ward, AP who convened regular meetings leading up to the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary – a significant event in College history.   School records, achievements and photographs were collated into a bound publication, “Ringwood Recalls”.  Sub-groups formed to locate as many past students as they could.  Many original students were ‘found’ and attended the Dinner Dance and other celebration activities.  The archives gained more photographs and memorabilia of school history from students who offered personal items to be copied or given to the college. Terry Kane, as college archivist, was instrumental in this process. Several quilts attest to a pictorial record of engagement over the decades.


Following those celebrations some of the ‘original’ students, joined the Heritage Group bringing a wide variety of skills to assist the college.  A Heritage hall was created to recognise community and educational endeavour. The committee set up mock interviews for students about to leave college, talks to Year 10 students discussing transitions from school to first jobs, and in 2015 a scholarship fund was set up, with donations from college members.  These scholarships were to allow some students who achieved good results to continue to VCE at the college.


With the 60th _ Diamond Anniversary of the college looming, Jenny Ward wanted to commemorate this milestone by suggesting something more visible to everyone at the college - a permanent display.  Her idea was for bollards, which we believe to be unique, becoming reality in 2014 at the commencement of the 60th Anniversary celebrations, where politicians and local community members attended their unveiling.


A name change recently to “RSC Heritage and Alumni Group” shows inclusiveness to all former students and college others over those sixty-plus years.  This Work Expo project is supported by the current committee which includes ex-teachers, who bring their knowledge to make this Work Futures Expo a success in 2019.


For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at



Brentford Squares Soccer Club

Brentford Squares Soccer Club are currently seeing players to tryout for the 2019 season.


We are a men’s team that plays Sunday mornings in the MCSA league from February to September 2019. We will be holding practise games over the summer. Please contact Shannon for involvement and further details on 0433048040.



As we come to the end of another busy school year, I would like to thank those parents and guardians who have utilised Compass to check and manage their child / children’s attendance in a timely and efficient manner throughout the year.


Attendance management is a partnership between parents and the school and works best when both parties are invested in the wellbeing of students and are willing to work together to achieve the best outcomes for the school community in general, and the students in particular.


Remember that the attendance line – 9845 7519 operates 24/7 so a message related to any attendance matters can be left at any time. 

Please ensure that you leave -  all the details in relation to the absence


Government Guidelines         

For your information I have included below the Government Policy on Attendance which I hope will give parents and guardians are better understanding of what the requirements are in relation to reporting absences.


Students are expected to attend normal school hours every day of each term. An exemption should be sought if the attendance expectation is reduced for a particular child. A principal or regional director (depending on the circumstances) authorise an exemption and provide written approval for student attendance to be exempt or reduced to less than full time.


For absences where there is no exemption in place, the parent/guardian should provide an explanation on each occasion and the school will determine if the explanation provided is a reasonable excuse for the purposes of the parent meeting their responsibilities under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.




Kay Priestly


Around the School

BMX Open State Titles

Jake took part in the BMX Victorian Open State Titles in Warrnambool on the 17th-18th November.



We were very proud that he made the Finals in his class - 15 Boys - the first time he has done so in 6 years of competing (always in a large, tough class).  He came away with a V8 plate which means he is the 8th best in Victoria in his age group.  In Victoria, the State Titles are ‘open’ - which often means Jake will be competing against interstate riders as well.  Of the top 8 riders in Jake's class, 4 of them were actually from interstate.

Facilities report

The last few weeks have proven to be very busy at the school. We are currently sanding back the gymnasium to enable new line marking and re-varnishing.

This along with the new padding and glass backboards will provide a vastly improved stadium for the school community to enjoy. The front fence now has most panels installed and is looking great. A lick of paint has freshened up an office in Wellbeing and we are looking forward to several large jobs over summer holidays including the restumping of woodwork rooms, painting of rooms 702 and 700 and carpeting of Auto and room 702.  Recently an additional handrail was installed beside the Auto stairs to improve safety for the many staff and students using the building. Preparation for next year’s capital works is well under way with feedback being sought on initial plans, surveyors mapping out the site and other contractors preparing reports. Very exciting.


Other recent works include installation of a new hot water service for rooms 1-10, commercial dishwasher for Food Technology, repairs to the Science corridor roof, and landscaping the RT Hill St garden.


A big thank-you to all the facilities staff, cleaners and facilities committee for the work undertaken throughout 2018.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

From the Chaplain

Gifts that keep on giving:

I’m always challenged by Christmas when I see the frenzy of shoppers race around the car park like dodgem cars, followed by the chaos inside as people speed through Eastland trying to hunt down those last minute gifts.  Lines always seem to be busy and stores seem to run out of that one item you badly wanted, which of course will be restocked the day after you need it.  


The Year 12 alternative to schoolies students and I were really challenged last week on our camp about the difference between empathy and sympathy.  By definition, sympathy is to take pity at someone’s misfortune. We were challenged, however, to think about an empathetic response, that is one where you take the time to think about the persons perspective. The challenge with empathy is that it can take more time but it’s worth it because it goes a lot deeper for both ourselves and the recipient. I was thinking about this in relation to Christmas.  


Whilst giving presents isn't necessarily a sympathetic response to our friends and family it can often be a quick response and one that can end up more of a chore.  Then I was thinking of my own personal challenge for Christmas and that was to be more empathetic to the person who stole the car park I had been waiting for, or to the person who jumped the line in front of me and what about that family member who I struggle to speak to as they share about how their year has been. I wonder what that may add for me this Christmas as I attempt to share in the real gifts of Christmas, gifts of Joy, of Love and of Peace! 


Trusting your Christmas is one of challenge and happiness and look forward to catching up and hearing some of the stories in the New Year!!


Adam Bryant

Chaplain(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 

Year 10 Formal

The Year 10 Formal was held at Linley Estate on a balmy evening on Monday 10 December. The students gathered in the grounds, finding their friends and exchanging wide-eyed compliments as parents, proud as punch looked on taking the odd sneaky snap, trying not to embarrass their young man or woman.


The formal is important for the Year 10's as they get a chance to dress up, have a 3-course meal and a sing and dance with their friends to celebrate a year of hard work and to farewell those on alternative pathways for 2019.

As we parted the curtains to let the students into the ballroom, their eyes lit up and the mood was set for a fabulous evening. Their attitudes matched their outfits as they ate their meals, piled into the photo booth and hit the dancefloor.

I would like to thank Kate Hine and the Formal Committee for volunteering their time to make decisions and organise their cohort prior to the event, and to all the staff that volunteered their evening to supervise the event and let their hair down on the dancefloor. All of us Middle School staff will miss this wonderful cohort and wish them all the best for 2019.


Mrs. Jacqui Godfrey

Middle School Mabo House Coordinator


Please read the upcoming Careers Information

Helen Doherty

Careers Coordinator

Australian Supermodel of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Lacey Shattock, Ringwood Secondary’s Year 8 student for qualifying as a finalist in the Australian Supermodel of the Year (ASOTY) Teen Division modelling competition.

Earlier this year Lacey competed in Miss Fashion Week Australia’s National modelling competition, where she won Miss Fashion Week Australia (Teen u 15yrs) so progressing to Australian Supermodel of the Year seemed to be a natural progression for her.


As part of her participation in the ASOTY competition, Lacey is proudly supporting CanTeen, raising awareness and funding for 12-25yr olds with cancer in their worlds, whether it’s their own or a friend or family member.

If you are interested in helping sponsor Lacey’s journey you can do so by contacting her directly at or donating to CanTeen at


The ASOTY finals take place in Bali in 2019.

Opportunities for our Graduates

For our graduating year 12s and anyone wanting to give back please consider Volunteering.


When you volunteer, you not only gain skills and knowledge, you give back to the community. Opportunities are available in areas such as emergency services, education, social justice, environment, heritage and culture, and sport and recreation.


Time commitments vary too. You can either volunteer full-time, part-time, occasional, or just the one-off.  These are just some of the volunteering opportunities available. You'll need to follow the links provided for more information and to register interest.


Ms Sharlene (Charlie) Hetherington

Girls in STEM

The 2018 Superhack was a competition at Melbourne University over the weekend of 1st & 2nd Dec,  where four year 10/11 girls used previous and newly learned knowledge of I.T. and programming, in order to use Arduino software to manipulate a Zumo Robot.


We met our mentors on day 1 who were there to help us learn all we needed to know for the competition on day 2. Day 1 consisted of a presentation from the woman running the competition then followed by several hours of explanations, learning and coding.


Day 2 was the big competition; four and a half hours were given to us to complete the task which was to save a civilian from being trapped in a burning room. The weekend was a really fun way to conclude the school year and brought four girls who would not necessarily interact together to overcome a challenge.


Emily Vains

Junior School

Whats in the News:

Student Focus on Sport:

Tyrese Pomponio Year 8

Tyrese of Year 8 was interviewed by our Sports Captains Cade Cavanagh and Jemima Wilson on his AFL pathway this year. Here is the interview:


C: Who do you play for?

T: I play for Heathmont Jets


J: What position do you play?

 T: Midfield


C: How long have you been playing for

T:8 years so, since I was 6



J: What is the program you have been selected for

T: The Hawthorn Football Club’s Next Gen Program


J: What was the selection process

T: It’s a skill/ability based, multicultural program so because of my Aboriginal background, I was eligible for the program and then probably on my skill and ability.


C: What do you do in the program

T: It’s great, there is training and development to improve skills and I will get to play a game against the Richmond next gen team. It will also be good to get my name out in the football world.


C: Where do you want to get to with your football

T: I really want to play AFL one day


J: How do you think this program help you get there 

T: It's connected to Eastern rangers so they have my name down as hawks next gen player so I will hopefully get selected to eastern rangers where I can be picked for the draft. Fingers crossed!!!

We wish Tyrese all the very best in his football endeavours and hopefully one day we will see him playing at the MCG!


Cade Cavanagh, Jemima Wilson and special guest Tyrese Pomponio


Bounce- Community Project

Recently, the year 8s were involved in a community project for the Hope City Mission. To do this, we fundraised within small groups and then bought gift according to the likes of a person in the local community. We learnt about some of the young people when members of the Hope City Mission told us that these young people in the community have no one in their life who will give them a gift or think of them at this time of year. Personally, as well as the cohort, found this activity very rewarding as it felt like I was going to make someone happy and give them a chance to enjoy their Christmas as it is such a special time of year but it can also be a difficult time for some people, not just for financial reasons but also emotional reasons. I think many people would benefit from doing something like this. You get to help someone in need and spread the Christmas spirit.


Jess Suares

Year 8 Wellbeing Captain


Year 7 Orientation Day

On Tuesday 11th of December we welcomed 288 new year 7s into the College for their first day of secondary school at Orientation Day. It was an action packed day with an informative assembly, getting to know you activities with their brand new class and a yummy pizza lunch together. The day finished with a taste of the musical instruments and performance from the junior production crew and also the band tour crew. The students left happy and excited to be starting in 2019. We thank the staff who volunteered to help out on the day, the year 7 ambassadors and leaders who assisted classes and participated in the activities as well as the year 12 prefects of 2019 who began building partnerships with junior school students. We look forward to welcoming back our new year 7s in 2019 on the 31st of January for their first official day of year 7.


Junior School in 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming our year 8s back in 2019 on the 1st of February. We have worked hard on creating classlists for next year and have taken a number of factors into consideration such as learning support, teacher recommendations and what we know as co-ordinators. We appreciate your support and understanding of the process and inform you that class placements will remain as they stand. Students will find their class and timetable on compass shortly before school returns in 2019.


Students were instructed to remove the contents of their locker prior to Tuesday 11th of December. Any student who has left their lock on their locker and belongings inside will have it removed and it will be available for pick up on the first day back next year from the junior school office. Lockers are now being cleaned and re distributed for 2019.



I would also like to thank the Junior School team for their assistance this year; Marissa Lee (Frazer), Jessica Friend (Freeman), Faith Stepniewski (Jackman) and Kim Watson (Mabo). The team have worked tirelessly throughout the year, it is always a tough and busy job but their ongoing support of programs and students of the junior school is unwavering and it is greatly appreciated. We all look forward to working together as the Junior School team in 2019.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all (parents/guardians) for supporting us in the management of students in the Junior School. It has been a busy year and it’s always rewarding to see how far they have come when we get to the end of the year. Whilst the students work hard at it, we know parents are working hard in the background and working to support us in our partnership of the students’ learning journey. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday period and we are looking forward to working with our Junior School students and families in 2019.


Anna Urbano

Junior Sub School Leader


Performing Arts 

Junior Production ELF 2018

The Ringwood Secondary College Junior Production of Elf Jr has been a massive team effort!

We are particularly grateful for the assistance of the senior students who have given up their own time to assist and mentor their younger peers. Whether it be in auditions, tech, make-up, choreography or vocal assistance, the additional expertise has been highly valued.

Once again Extra pArts have been amazing at this busy time of year. Led by the amazing Karen Carden and Denise Rash, the team has banded together and created and coordinated so many costumes in record time. We are so grateful for the support of so many parents and guardians.

Of course, none of this happens without the voluntary spirit of the huge team of teachers who have chosen to give up their time for something that they value and believe in (just like Santa!)


As we have come to expect from our Junior Productions, Elf Jr has been a genuinely collaborative, team effort.

We hope this performance brings some ‘sparkle’ into your day, keeps you feeling ‘jolly’ about life, puts a ‘twinkle’ in your eye and leaves you ‘jingley’ for the rest of the holidays!


lYREBIRD Awards 2018

We were excited to attend the Lyrebird Awards on Sunday. CONGRATULATIONS to the performers who were acknowledged for their amazing performances in The Addams Family at Ringwood Secondary College

Best Ensemble Male Performance - Youth Production Musical - Eli Alonaritis
Best Comedic Performance - Youth Production Musical - Susan Rash
Best Actor - Youth Production Musical - Michael Syme


2019 - Its SPAMALOT!

We are beyond excited to finally announce SPAMALOT as our 2019 production! 

Time to look on the bright side of life! 


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts

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