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22 June 2018
Issue Seven
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Principal's Post 

From the Principal

Where has the term gone? We are now in the final few weeks and finalising assessments and reports for semester 1. The commencement of VCE Unit 2 and 4 studies has already occurred and our year 10 students are preparing for either work experience or Central Australia next week. Term 3 resumes on Monday July 16 and I look forward to welcoming everyone back, recharged and refreshed for the second half of the year.


Earlier this week we welcomed our Education Minister and the Deputy Premier, Mr James Merlino back to Ringwood Secondary College.

He interacted with students, staff and Council members and to outline the plans for the next stage of works at the college. The student leaders provided him with an impressive overview of the facilities and explained how they were being effectively used by students for their learning.

What a great result our students achieved in the recent cross country championships in both team and individual events. Check out the details in the sports section.


We are also saying farewell to Anna Benson who has accepted a leadership position at Katherine High School in the Northern Territory. We will miss Anna’s leadership across Wellbeing and Careers and in the Duke of Edinburgh program. Best wishes Anna.


If you haven't yet had the chance please visit our Ringwood Secondary College Facebook page. It provides daily updates of current College activities for your interest and information.


Micheal Phillips




Assistant Principals

From Mrs Allison

Helping Young People Flourish in Life

Maroondah Voice hosted an evening recently to explore youth mental health and community wellbeing. The nights conversation targeted all sectors of the local community parents, grandparents and significant ‘others’ of young people in Maroondah young people, aged 10-25 years who wished to learn more about mental health.


The featured presenters were: Prof Patrick McGorry, AO a world leading researcher in youth mental health from the University of Melbourne. Dr Peggy Kern. Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Psychology, the University of Melbourne, Joshua Baker a local Sporting Identity and Peter Feeney, Chairman of Communities of Wellbeing. Alongside these identities was Phoebe Roach, a Ringwood Secondary College Year 11 student, who participated as a member of the Q & A session. Phoebe is proactive member of the City of Maroondah Youth Services, in her role as the leader of the Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT).


Thank you and farewell to Anna Benson

Anna Benson has been a proactive teacher at Ringwood Secondary College for many years, and recently has decided to pursue teaching outside of Victoria. In her role as Lead Teacher for Positive Education and Pathways, Anna has implemented, supported and encouraged many programs at our College. Her energy and persistent drive is evident in projects she has worked on such as: installation of the ‘Virtues’ bollards, the paintings displayed in the library, of significant females, and her ongoing support for the Mental Health Carnival which was voted the best Community Event in the City of Maroondah. We wish her well in her new school.


I wish the students and staff a safe and restful holiday break, and encourage parents to enjoy time with their children.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Stathatos

As we head towards the final days of the semester it is important for all of us to engage in activities that energise and re vitalise us. The focus we have had on wellbeing has enhanced our understanding of the need to take time for ourselves, to be mindful of our own mental health and to have a healthy diet not just on holidays but every day.


We hope that everyone in the community looks after themselves and for students especially, to rest, sleep and break free from the normal routine of the day.


Student reports will contain further information than previous years with feedback from the  Learning Tasks to be visible on reports. Reports will be published on Compass at 2pm on the last day of term.


The Curriculum Committee is finalising the subject offerings for 2019 and Heads of Sub schools will make this information available in the online student handbooks a few weeks into Term 3.

Over the past fortnight I have been on an internship at Nossal High School as part of a leadership course. I thank Agatha Fedrizzi and Jackie Quenette for stepping into the Assistant Principal role over this time.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


From Mr Barut


The youngest members of our school community have completed six months of secondary school! Fantastic achievement! Feedback from the Junior School team is that all students have forged friendships, acquaintances and a real awareness of the work that is required to do well and flourish in a secondary environment. No one asks students to do more than their personal best and RSC has a deep and rich history, with its teaching and learning offerings and its extracurricular programs, to challenge all our students to achieve their personal best. Reports will be posted on Compass next week for all parents to peruse and this is an important part of the learning journey – focus on learning growth. Whilst all the tasks are on Compass, with continuous feedback throughout the semester, the reports will provide an overview of values and attitudes to learning – important aspects of the development of the whole student.

Next Friday, the last day of term, the Year 7s will travel to Doncaster for a House Trivia Challenge and pizza lunch….what a way to finish the term!

Good luck to all our students and thank you in advance for the Junior School team in their hard work in making this event happen.

The Year 8 cohort continue to thrive and establish themselves in a positive way into our school community.


Thank you to the parents who attended our second Open Morning coffee meet and greet. Parents had an opportunity to see the school at work, and catch up with the little ones – there were some embarrassed students! It’s okay, that’s your job as parents! Well done to the Junior School for availing themselves and especially to Ms Kim Watson for organising the event.



Our Year 10s have just completed their mid semester exams for the first time…what a fantastic learning experience for them. They are to be congratulated for the way they took on the challenge of the occasion, their exemplary behaviour throughout and their attention to being in the right place at the right time! Thank you to the Middle School team for all their hard work during the examination period, notwithstanding our excellent staff who have to mark all the exams! Well done! Work experience is happening in the last week of term and a taste of adult working life awaits – good luck to all our students.

Early next term, all our Middle School students will be invited to select courses and pathways for 2019 and beyond. Of course, we seek the support of parents during this important time and there will be several information evenings that outline the process and the timeline will be posted on Compass in due course.


And, tomorrow morning at the spritely time of 4.45 am, 115 Year 10 students and 13 dedicated staff are trekking off to Central! What an adventure. We wish them all the best and no doubt, they will be back, buzzing with excitement and memories, about this epic trip. Good luck to all and Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!



The impending break allows all to recharge and hit the ground running for the next term….revitalised, refreshed and rejuvenated. Putting aside the lame alliteration, the two week break can also be a trap for some of our senior school students, especially those undertaking Year 12. I can hear some of the commentary now:

  1. ‘I’m going to sleep till midday!’
  2. ‘I’m going to shop until I drop!’
  3. ‘I’m going to do as many shifts as I can to save for schoolies!’
  4. ‘I’m doing Foxtel, footy and focaccias!’


In fact, there are a plethora of activities that our senior students will have time for, and this is to be encouraged, but the advice is based around not forgetting one’s studies and maintaining a routine.


Research has shown that the body and the brain enjoy the consistency of pattern. Thus, the advice from many experts, including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, is to keep those waking and sleeping hours almost the same. At a minimum, students must undertake to do at least three hours of homework per day, during the term break. Please assist your sons/daughters in this area by gently asking them about their plans and perhaps assisting them with their organisational health. As such, the noble pursuits listed above will be able to be fulfilled without guilt or regret.


One week before the mid term break.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Facilities Report:

The countdown is on for another busy upcoming holiday period. During the term 2 break we hope to replace the hall upper roof, lay carpet in the VCE study centre and several adjoining rooms, paint the rooms and replace table tops. Recently we had a small but successful working bee and many thanks to the committee members for coming along and assisting. Last week, two audits were conducted to check on both the College’s Essential Services and the condition of buildings. Pleasingly, the Essential Services audit, that covers a range of vital safety measures including fire extinguishers and hydrants was very positive.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Congratulations to Michael Phillips, OAM Recipient

On behalf of College Council and the entire school community, I would like to give our warmest congratulations to our College Principal, Michael Phillips, on his recent inclusion in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for 2018, as a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal. This prestigious award is given to Michael for his outstanding service to secondary education and in September he will receive his OAM at the investiture ceremony at Government House. With 21 years of service as Principal of RSC and with memberships and contributions across the Education Sector, Michael is a most deserving recipient and we share in his pride and joy at this appointment. 


This achievement reminds us that exceptional service can and does get noticed and that the teaching profession produces people, like our College Principal, who love what they do and who make a difference in our school communities. Teaching students and leading a school community, informs, affects, guides and influences others in positive and far reaching ways and it is wonderful to see Michael's dedication and passion acknowledged with this OAM. Michael's extensive experience, knowledge and skill, and his collaborative and forward thinking approach add enormous value to our College and all of us in the RSC community are the beneficiaries of his style of leadership.


Michael, we are thrilled for you at the announcement of your OAM and once again, CONGRATULATIONS from the students, staff, parents and College Council at RSC. 



Sharon Rogers

College Council President

From School Council

It has been quite a diverse week for School Council this week.


It began with the unique opportunity to entertain James Merlino, the Minister for Education. He went on a tour of our new junior school building, led by two of our star Year 7 students, Chloe Biggs and Noah Philp. The Minister expressed how impressed he was with our new space. He commented highly on what the school was able to achieve along with all the great things he witnessed on the day. 


Our midweek council meeting saw lots of robust conversations being held around new policies and the exciting news of what the next stage of development may look like.


The school is at the stage of engaging with architects, with the view of beginning the next stage of our building projects as soon as possible.


There was also discussion around the new Facebook page and looking to make a bigger footprint in our social media profile. 


Further to this was discussion about the new roof that will be going on the hall, along with some new LED lighting for our gym and servicing of the gym equipment.


The week concluded with some of the council members responding to an invite to the Respectful Relationships launch of the colleges inspiring Women collage of paintings, which was unveiled in the Library.  This was a great night celebrating women’s achievements in all different facets of life, as well as a wonderful opportunity to connect with staff. 


Other celebrations of the week included the installation of the school virtue pillars, which are located just outside the new Junior school building.


Adam Bryant 

College Council Member

RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

In the previous article on the Work Futures EXPO 2019, the term Job Clusters was introduced.  It seems appropriate now to explain briefly, what employment skills these job clusters require.  Each cluster has general job specifications for the work identified within the cluster.  This summary is brief, showing the skills range within the clusters.  See contact details at end for details on the Foundation for Young Australians documents.


The Generators-  

require a high level of interpersonal interaction in retail, sales, hospitality and entertainment. 

Examples: sales reps; retail supervisors; café, bank and hotel managers; interpreters and airline ground crew.


The Artisans-  

require manual skills related to construction, production, maintenance or technical customer service.  

Examples: machinery operators, landscape gardeners, electricians, farm workers, plumbers and carpenters.


The Carers-  

work to improve the physical and mental health, or well-being of others, including medical and care and personal support services. 

Examples: doctors, nurses, social and childcare workers, fitness instructors, counsellors and beauty therapists.


The Coordinators- 

involves repetitive admin and behind-the-scenes (back of house) process and service tasks.  Examples: bookkeepers, printers, fast-food cooks, bus drivers, furniture removalists, law clerks, receptionists and car park attendants.


The Designers-  

will be deploying skills and knowledge of science, mathematics and design to construct or engineer products or buildings.  

Example: architects, electrical and industrial engineers, clothing pattern makers, food technologists, building inspectors, product testers, geologists and draftspersons.


The Informers- 

involves professionals providing information, education or business services.

Examples: primary and secondary school teachers, economists, intelligence officers, accountants, policy analysts, solicitors, organisational psychologists, museum curators and HR advisers.


The Technologists- 

require skilled understanding and manipulation of digital technology.                      Examples: programmers, software engineers, database administrators, web designers and ICT business analysts.


This is just an outline of the skill sets required for each range of jobs, giving examples of where jobs fit in.

For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at


Barry Ring

RSC Heritage and Alumni Group

Lost Property

There are many school jackets without names and other lost items including watches and Fitbits

In Lost Property.

There will be a clean out of all unclaimed items at the end of term. (Donated to wellbeing/charity).
Lost Property is open before and after school and at Recess (NOT lunch time).

Please check all clothing and personal items are clearly named.

Named items are always returned to students via email notifications to collect or Duty Students.


Suzanne Hill

Ringwood Training Open Night

Come along and see what we have to offer.


2018 'The Addams Family' Tickets

A reminder to make sure you purchase your tickets for The Addams Family Senior Production for 2018 via


You won't want to miss out!


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts



Start Date Semester 2:  Thursday 26th July (week 2)


This Group is for any student in years 7 -10

Day: Thursday afternoons  (Except School Holidays and Public Holidays)

Room: 209

Time: 3.15-4.15PM   (snack provided)

Cost: $100.00  (Term 3 and Term 4)

Participating students receive assistance from selected Senior School students in areas including individual subjects, time management & organisation skills.

Please find attached information. If you are interested in your child attending, please complete the attached consent/payment form and return together with payment to the Office.
Forms are also available from the Administration Office.

If you have any further questions, please email Eddie D'Alfonso: ed'

Greatest Shave Event

Hey Everyone!

This coming Thursday the 28th of June some very brave students, led by Brodie Challis, have decided to shave their hair off in honor of the World’s Greatest Shave. This in order to raise some funds to help the Leukemia Foundation to continue its fight against cancer.


What you need to know about the day

On the day students have been permitted to wear hats or have crazy hair! We ask that students taking part in wearing head accessories or having crazy hair bring a gold coin donation in order to help our fundraising efforts.


Heads will be shaved on the Quadrangle at lunch and if anyone else wishes to partake and shave their head please email our Chaplains Adam Bryant or Gail Ackroyd to get a permission form. Forms will be needed to be signed and handed back to Adam or Gail before the 27th of June in order to participate.


Also on the day we will be selling some baked goods for purchase and funds will go towards the Leukemia Foundation.


We hope as much of the school as possible can get involved in the day! Let’s help shave Australia!


Lachlan Griffith - Chaplaincy prefect

and the Social Justice Team.


Direct line for attendance messages 24 hours a day - 9845 7519


Parents should notify the school for any of the following reasons:


  • Late to school  a note where possible will avoid an unapproved absence being recorded
  • Illness  please advise if you think the absence will be longer than normal
  • Holidays at least 2 weeks before the start of the holiday
  • Family reasons please enter a reason and contact the school if assistance is required

For any other reason where the student is not attending school on a regular basis



The school does encourage parents/ guardians to regularly view their child’s attendance on Compass and if appropriate enter absences or approve absences themselves online, keeping in mind that the school will need to know in some circumstances if the absence is likely to have an impact on  a student’s education and learning either in the short or long term.


This is particularly important for students doing VCE as they must maintain an attendance percentage of at least 90% across all subjects.


For your information I have included below the Department’s policy which outlines the requirements in relation to student attendance:


Students are expected to attend normal school hours every day of each term. An exemption should be sought if the attendance expectation is reduced for a particular child. A principal or regional director (depending on the circumstances) authorise an exemption and provide written approval for student attendance to be exempt or reduced to less than full time.

For absences where there is no exemption in place, the parent/guardian should provide an explanation on each occasion and the school will determine if the explanation provided is a reasonable excuse for the purposes of the parent meeting their responsibilities under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.


Kay Priestly


From the Chaplain

This is the Greatest Show … World Cup Soccer is here. I love big sporting events but some of the ‘acting’ that seems to happen in the midst of soccer, even though it makes for a great vine, can be a bit much to handle sometimes. It pushes my justice buttons. Justice in sport is definitely a point of passion for me and sometimes my response is not exactly the right one but a bigger question how do I go with my reactions to seemingly unjust things in real life? 


When someone pushes in on my driving down the highway or my child talks back to me, how do I respond?  Do I respond with anger or do I respond with patience, giving the benefit of the doubt, showing empathy.  Maybe they pushed in because they needed to turn soon? Maybe our child is talking back because they have had a bad day?  Often our reactions can be to protect ourselves from something or someone emotional but what are we protecting ourselves from?  Can we be the better person in these circumstances and reduce our anger levels?  Could we try something different?  It doesn't matter how mad I am for someone flopping in the soccer I cannot change the result but in real life I can make a difference. What kind of difference are you going to make? 


Happy watching this world cup!!


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

Junior School

News from Junior School


To ensure the ongoing safety of the College site, it is a requirement that all visitors report to the General Office, sign into the Compass Kiosk and await their appointment in the reception area. We request that parents refrain from approaching offices or classes unless this sign-in process has been undertaken and the relevant personnel have been notified of your attendance.


It is important to remember that our Co-ordination Team in the Junior School are teachers as well as Year Level Leaders, and our day is scheduled with our own classes, yard duties and staff and faculty meetings, as well as with supporting students of the Junior School. We do welcome your communication and questions – however, we ask that you take this into consideration when contacting us. If you wish to get in contact directly with a member of the Junior School Team, the best way to is via email, through the Compass Portal, or telephone on 9870 2002, and our team will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.



The Year 7s and 8s have been working through their SEPEP season in PE with great success. The sportsmanship and team spirit demonstrated by the students throughout this self-directed Round Robin unit were of extremely high quality. The PE staff would like to thank the Junior students for their enthusiastic involvement and congratulate all teams on their completion of this unit.


Our Year 8 students viewed a live performance of Cyberia which explored the negative consequences of cyberbullying. This experience generated a lot of reflection and dialogue amongst the cohort and we hope that the ideas in the performance resonate with our students for years to come. RSC is a school dedicated to respect, tolerance and social responsibility, and we could not be prouder to see our students uphold these values throughout – and beyond – their time with us.

As we round the bend for the final stretch of Term 2, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the RSC Community a happy and safe break. A reminder to all students to behave responsibly in the community and to take care of one another.


Marissa Lee

Frazer House Junior Coordinator





Middle School

Term 2 Update

As we near the end of Term 2, the Middle School Team would like to wish all students a successful end to the term and a safe and enjoyable break over the holidays.  Good luck to the students and staff who embark on the Central Australia Trip, we know you have an unbelievable experience!  For the Year 10 students not attending this trip, we hope you learn many new skills and enjoy your work experience placements in the final week of term.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Year 10 Exams

The Year 10 students have recently completed their first experience of sitting subject exams at the college.  The behaviour students displayed throughout all of their exams was great and we hope students will receive some excellent results.

Students should now have a better understanding of how to best prepare for exams.  We hope students have been able to identify their own effective study and revision strategies, along with and the amount of study required to achieve pleasing results.


Alyce Bailey

Mabo House Coordinator

(Middle School)


Year 9 InterGREAT

During InterGREAT this term we have focussed on ‘Self in the Community’. Students have gained an appreciation of Community and its importance to a healthy society. They have heard from various organisations including YouthWorx, The Salvation Army and Interchange Outer East. In their major assignment students made a documentary about someone who makes a difference in their community. In recent weeks, there has also been a focus on Volunteering. I was astounded by the number of our students already performing volunteer roles with many more enthusiastic about joining in.


Over the past two weeks all of our Year 9s have participated in the InterGREAT Community Engagement Program, striving to make a difference and contribute to their local community.


InterGREAT staff established partnerships with organisations in the Maroondah area to develop ten community projects. Students elected to participate in a community project that interested them. Students, staff and community members all agree that each project was successful and had enormous benefits for all involved.


I have been overwhelmed by the empathy and sense of community responsibility shown by so many of our students.


Virginia Watson

interGREAT Program Coordinator


Student reflections from each of the Community Engagement projects:


Heathmont East Primary School

Our Community Engagement group visited Heathmont Primary School (HEPS) where we helped students across all different year levels and assisted them with their literacy. The first week I helped out the grade 6 students. At first, I found it challenging because they were much older than everyone else in the school and I didn’t know how to approach them. But by the middle of the lesson all the students around me were asking questions and learning about my experience at high school. I was glad I was able to tell them it wasn’t as scary as what it seemed. The second week I was assigned to the foundation students which I was very excited about. I really loved working with the kids and hearing about all the experiences they have had and the things they love to do. Here I was reading with the kids and helping them put words together with pictures. By the end of my time at HEPS I felt so honoured to of been able to make a difference in the little kids learning in our community and to also give back to the community because we were there one day, so it’s great to pass on some of our knowledge.

Ruby D’Arcy


Ringwood Historical Society Community involvement

In our group, we walked around East Ringwood and Ringwood looking for sites of Historical Significance.  We took photos of houses and then dated them using the ‘What house is that’ booklet. We were looking for pre-and post-war homes. We identified many houses in some streets and no houses in others.  We enjoyed walking around the Ringwood area and getting to see more of the area we live in.  A bonus was we got to go to the shops and identify any historically significant buildings at small strip shops; a hot chocolate hit the spot and kept us warm and energised to keep observing.  We all had fun exploring the local area. 

Sam, Mitch, Dylan & Arun











Irabina Autism Services

On June 5th and 12th, my Community Engagement group travelled to Irabina Autism Services. Our focus was to help out in and around the gardens. We achieved tremendous amounts as we removed weeds, planted plants and improved the garden making a safer environment for both children and plants. I believe this experience benefitted both us and the Irabina Autism Services as we were able to help them in the sensory garden and the other gardens around the Autism Service while we got an opportunity to volunteer in a place that really benefitted from our help.  

Stevie-Rose Bell


Regis Aged Care

On the 5th and 12th of June a group of year nine students walked to Regis Aged Care for our InterGREAT Community Engagement Project. Regis aged Care is a nursing home which looks after elderly people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We all got to experience what it is like to know someone who is suffering from memory loss. The elderly really appreciated the communication and talking to them put a smile on their faces which pulled on our heart strings. For us personally, we talked to Sheila who was suffering from dementia. The interaction between the residents and students was great to witness and both thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Tamara Johnson and Emilie Young


Knit For Peace

On Tuesday 5th and 12th of June a group of dedicated and hardworking year 9 students got together to learn to knit, through the help of Knit For Peace volunteers and anyone in the group with previous knowledge on knitting. We each knitted different, coloured squares and eventually sewed them together to create blankets for the homeless and covers for trees around the school. Walking away from this experience we have some new friendships, an extended knowledge of knitting and knowing that we have helped others in the community who are underprivileged. We want to thank Miss Lim and Mr Sorensen for helping us over these two days.

Megan Rennick and Erin Wynne


Lionsbrae Aged Care

On the 5th and 12th of June, everyone in the year nine level was offered an opportunity to participate in the InterGREAT community service program. Twenty-five of us chose to visit the residents at Lionsbrae Aged Care. When we arrived, Trish, one of the carers, led us into a large room, where several residents were relaxing. We engaged in conversation with many of the residents, over games like Scrabble and Headbanz, asking them about their day and learning about their lives within the facility. Trish then invited several of us to visit residents still in their rooms, which is where we met David and Rhoda. They were both very open and easy to approach, willing to share about their families and their lives before their residency at Lionsbrae. It was interesting learning about their lives, as well as listening to the advice they had to give about completing school. We said goodbye to David and Rhoda, and sat down to play Scrabble with Shirley and Rosie, both of whom had a keen eye for words. When it came to pack up, we said goodbye to all the residents, who thanked us for coming and spending time with them. Rosie laughed and said, “Aww, do you have to go?” as we stood to leave the room, and everyone applauded as we walked away. As we made our way back to the school, we discussed all the fun and awkward encounters we’d had, but we all agreed that our visit to Lionsbrae Aged Care was a great experience.

Audrey Goodman & Jayde Reynolds


IT Clinic

Our Community Engagement program involved running an Information Technology Clinic at school for senior citizens living in Maroondah. We taught them about the technology of this generation, including learning about iPads, MacBooks and phones.  The Year 9 students got a chance to interact and communicate with members of a different generation and answer any questions they had about their technology. The seniors had the opportunity to ask anything they wanted and needed to know and were able to take the information with them to use in the future. Senior citizen Graeme left both sessions overjoyed with his education on his iPad, and how to use EBay. Each person had come in with different intentions and came out happy with their new knowledge and skills on the topic. Most of the clients came in with questions already planned out and others entered the room ready to learn from the students. Overall, it was successful and all of the clients went home knowing they are educated on the topic of technology. The students found the experience rewarding and enjoyed the time we spent with older members of our community.



Great Ryrie Primary School

On the 5th and 12th of June, a group of year nine students had the opportunity to volunteer at Great Ryrie Primary School. During our time there we got to help out in the class rooms, put up displays, meet students and teachers, and even play with some dogs. It was an awesome chance to use our strengths to help out in a community we are not usually involved in, and it has helped us learn to be more patient and caring towards people around us. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would do it all over again.

Hannah Peake 9I


Bedford Park Community Garden

Our group made their way down to Bedford Park Community Garden to help plant and grow an amazing garden that will help bring the community of Ringwood together. They started by weeding the little gardens that had already been made then started planting the herbs that pair with the orchard trees. Some people gave them the mulch while others dug the holes for the plants to go in. At the end of the session the year nine students had made a difference by helping the community of Ringwood make their very own Community Garden!

India Phillips, Tia & India R


Your DNA

Let me tell you about one of the most heart-warming environments I’ve ever been a part of.  For two weeks, on Tuesdays, all year 9 students took a journey of helpfulness and learning during the first two periods of the day, whether it was gardening with autistic children or teaching the elderly how to navigate modern technology. For me it was walking for almost half an hour to the Eastern Volunteers building in Ringwood to participate in a Tuesday drama class run by Your DNA for people who have disabilities. The reason I had picked this activity was because I find that we take what we have for granted and I wanted to see how people with disabilities see the world, and as a matter of fact, they don’t see it much different than us if not with more fun and laughs. This was such an amazing experience because the group we got to work with were such a delight and full of smiles. We got loud and rowdy while playing one of their games called ‘what are you doing?’, this is where you go around in a circle asking everyone what they’re doing and every time you get asked what you’re doing you have to choose an action for that person to do. We had karate, cake baking, gardening, napping and even flute playing! The next game we played was a game of mirroring where we got into partners and had to mirror the arm movements of our partner, this was a chance for us to really make a connection with someone and I’m sure I can say that most of us did. By the time we had to leave, there were hugs and sad faces. We will never forget the memories we made and the people we met because it was truly something to remember forever.

Mieke Hansen, 9G


Your DNA

My group went to Your DNA, which is a community based creative arts organisation committed to developing the lives of people of all abilities varying in ages through programs including drama, TV, film, animation, musical theatre, creative writing, instrumental music, photography, painting and drawing.


I chose to participate in this program because I have a cousin who has down syndrome and he is one of the best people I know and he always makes me smile. He also is very heavily involved in a program called emotion21 which is a dance school for kids and adults with disabilities which I help out at sometimes and I absolutely love it. So, when I heard that the school was offering students to participate in this program I was very excited to take part.


I enjoyed meeting everyone and creating special bonds with some of them. They were so charismatic, funny, happy and overall great people to be around. If I got the opportunity to take part in something like this again I would absolutely do it and I would encourage everyone to take part.


We took part in their Tuesday morning class at the Eastern Volunteers Facility. Once we’d arrived we all sat in a circle and introduced ourselves by saying our name, favourite character, footy team, favourite food, hobbies or favourite movie or TV show. After introducing ourselves we played some fun and interactive games including the what are you doing game where you would get told an action by someone and you would have to present that action. The mirror game where one person would lead and one person would follow the actions that the leader would portray, some of the students were very funny and cracked up laughing when you would copy them.


Overall, I loved the experience and I’m very grateful to meet these wonderful people.

Rachael Allan


Around the School

Indonesian News

Congratulations to our four students, 

Klay Po, Leigh Smith, Summer Croft and Isaac Thatcher who attended the State Final of the Sayembara Lisan Indonesian speaking competition at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre on Saturday the 2nd of June.


I am thrilled to announce that Year 11 student Isaac Thatcher won a Highly Commended Award for this competition which will be presented at the annual Indonesian awards night held at The University of Melbourne. 


Congratulations once again to all students who took part in this competition in 2018.




Jessica Lundie

LOTE Convenor

Careers News

Read up on all the Career News at the College as well as Open Day Information.

Helen Doherty

Careers Cordinator

Music Report

Thank you to the RSC Music Community for all their efforts over a busy and productive Term 2. From Jazz night, Generations in Jazz, Victorian Schools Music Festival for Strings to our school based concerts, our students and staff have presented some fine performances and have been great ambassadors for our school.


Our Senior Concert last night was a great success. Sadly, we also formally farewelled our wonderful bass teacher, Neil Jowsey. Neil commenced teaching at RSC in 1994 and has produced many fine bassists over that period of time, many studying bass at VCE level, some going on the study at tertiary level as well as being selected for Super Bands at Generations in Jazz. On behalf of the music staff and students, we sincerely thank Neil for all that he has contributed towards the program over the years and wish him all the best for his retirement and the future. Next term we have Ms Jo To joining us as the new bass teacher. Ms To is also a very accomplished bassist/ teacher and we look forward to her working with our students soon.


Stage Bands and Choir Day Camps over the holidays are up on Compass. Consent and payment is due this coming Thursday 28 June.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


Year 8 Badminton

On Tuesday 12th June 2 girls and 2 boys teams headed to Kilsyth stadium for Badminton.

For many it was their first time playing competitively. All teams performed admirably with every player showing improvement over the day. Both girls and boys teams came second in their respective pools with the A girls missing out on the final game to a strong Norwood team.

As always I was proud to take out students who represented our school with great sportspersonship on display. 


Mrs Clarke

(Teacher in Charge)

On the 4th June, nine Year 12 students ventured out to Dandenong Basketball Stadium to play in their final Zone Basketball Tournament for their Secondary School career.


Dallas scored the girls to victory, as they finished the day undefeated. Sarah was instrumental in her commentary, never knowing how far through the game we were; Felicity continued to stick up for the team against the refs even when we were 40 points up; Caitlin, our smallest player, smashed the rebounds; Jacinta couldn't warm up despite the time she spent on the court; Emma was our leading goal scorer; Georgia J was instrumental despite her reluctance to take off her jacket and get on the court; Georgia, our leading tall, took to the court with grace and decorum; and Bella continued to challenge herself as she made every one of her left handed layups (she is a righty).


The team will go through to Regional in Term 3.


Anna Benson


2018 Region Cross Country

Well done to all our students that competed at the Region Cross Country on Tuesday the 19th of June. The conditions were tough. It was freezing on the day and the heavy mist made it difficult to see the runners as they progressed around the course.  Our students put in an amazing performance and we achieved some excellent results.

Thank you to all our students and their parents, it’s always a big effort to come out on a pupil free day, but we certainly appreciate it and all students should be really proud of their efforts on the day.

Results on the day:


1st   17-20 Yr Boys - Harry Norman

3rd   14 Yr Boys - Angus Norman

3rd   13Yr Boys - Thomas Dellow




17-20 Yr Girls – Sam Olsen, Ciara Lumsden, Rebecca Battersby, Amber Shearn.


14 Yr Girls – Mia Busch, Olivia Henry, Sienna Koh, Jemima Wilson, Lucy Fairhurst.


14Yr Boys – Angus Norman, Jhye Smith, Heath Murphy, Lachlan Newey.


17-20 Yr Boys – Harry Norman, Declan Lamb, Jonathan Murphy, Lachlan Shield.

Good Luck to the following students who will be competing at the State Cross Country on Thursday the 19th of July.


Jack Stelfox, Ruby D’Arcy, Sam Olsen, Ciara Lumsden, Rebecca Battersby, Amber Shearn, Mia Busch, Olivia Henry, Sienna Koh, Jemima Wilson, Lucy Fairhurst, Angus Norman, Harry Norman.


Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport



Students celebrate IDAHOBIT Day

May 17 was IDAHOBIT Day -  International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia.  To celebrate this day a group of students held an amazing cake baking competition at lunchtime.  The cakes were judged by our leading teachers. There were 12 fantastic cakes made by students from year 7-12. The three outstanding winners received hoyts vouchers and rainbow cookie cutter trophies.  


Georgia Read, Year 12


Upcoming programs, forums etc

Box Hill TAFE Mid year VCAL: Information sessions at:


SAFEMinds at EACH Ringwood:

headspace Knox will be presenting a FREE sessions for parents to learn about early detection and support for young people through SAFEMinds mental health training currently being introduced for families and schools across Victoria. Tuesday 26th June 6.30-8.30pm. See attached flyer for more info.


EACH Boronia: ‘Your Voice Training’

for young people aged between 16-25. Young people get the opportunity to develop skills to build their voice in the community including public speaking and communication, project planning, story telling, community change making and more. See attached flyer for more info.


Youth Mental health Forum

on Wednesday 13th June at 6.30pm “Helping young people flourish in life”. Professor Patrick McGorry will be presenting. Forum is free. To book a ticket check out the attached flyer for more info.


Child Safety Toolkit: Created by Moores and Our Community as part of their shared commitment to promoting child safety and helping non for profit organisations ensure compliance with the complex web of legislation in this area.

Sarah Cullen
Maroondah SFYS Coordinator

Community Notices

Mindfulness Meditation Course

This course offers a wonderful opportunity to retreat from the stresses of everyday life to rejuvenate the body and mind through learning and practicing the principles and techniques of mindfulness meditation, so as to live with a greater sense of ease, inner peace and calm.

The course is suitable for beginners and the more advanced and will include meditation and discussion.


Obstacle and Ninja Warrior Training

'The Compound' is opening an indoor Obstacle and Ninja Warrior training venue 1st July in Ringwood. Suitable for all fitness and experience levels. 

For more information head to our website

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