Photo: Focused on achievement: on the Junior Music Camp

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12 June 2018
Issue Ten
For your diary
From the Principal
Progress check: your child's learning
Exam week for Years 10-11
The future of learning
Curiosity at work: City School 
Parent forum: Talking the talk
Sports News
A little help: making a difference
Careers News
Library News
Event alert: Design show
Music Camp 2018
Next week: Mid Year Music
Opportunity: Magazine team
Opportunity: a week as an international ambassador
Homestays: can you help?
Night sky viewing
Community notices
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For your diary

Key dates

Wednesday 13 June                    GAT exam - Senior Students.

                                                             No 10-12 classes

Wednesday 13 June                    Year 7 Fun Day

Wednesday 13 June                    Parent Forum: Talking the Talk

14 & 27  June                                  Production rehearsal

15 - 22 June                                     Year 10 & 11 Exams

Monday 18 June                            Night Sky Viewing

18 & 19 June                                    Mid Year Music Concert Series

19 & 26 June                                    Year 8 Respect Program 8I - 8L

20 & 28 June                                   International Students Debate

Thursday 21 June                         DAV Competition 4

Thursday 21 June                         City School Presentations


Monday 25 June                            Exam Feedback week 

Monday 25 June                            Night Sky Viewing

25 June - 8 July                              International Student Reporting trip

Tuesday 26 June                           Year 11 Career Day RMIT

Tuesday 26 June                           Vocal Soiree

Wednesday 27 June                    Design Show

Thursday 28 June                         Year 11&12 Winter Solstice

Friday 29 June                                Reports published

Friday 29 June                                End of Term 2pm Dismissal




Photo: Sue Harrap celebrating with Bookmark and Poetry Competition winners

From the Principal

Photo: Sue Harrap celebrating with Bookmark and Poetry Competition winners

I hope the long weekend has provided some rest and time out in the brisk sunshine.


This week we welcome back Kevin Hoole,  Assistant Principal. Kevin has been enjoying six months of long service leave, where he undertook a trip of a lifetime. We are all looking forward to having him back on deck.


As the semester draws to a close it is a great opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our school community. It seems hard to believe I have been here for almost six months. Throughout that time I have been truly impressed by the collaborative efforts of students, staff and families to ensure engaging and vibrant learning is our daily focus.


Over the past month I had the pleasure of being involved in the celebrations of the Book Club, acknowledging the work of the contributors in the Poetry Competition and the Book Mark Competition, being indulged by the VCAL students in their efforts to raise funds for the Cancer Council with the Biggest Morning Tea and serenaded by the VCE Music students at the Soiree. I have met with the Year 12 Leadership group to discuss their progress on their various projects: including the up-coming Winter Solstice; the Green Team’s beeswax wraps campaign; and other philanthropic endeavours. The Year 9s from the School for Student Leadership also met with me to discuss their plans for an outdoor cinema experience later in the year. The Art Club are putting the finishing touches on their latest art installation, which will soon be displayed near the Canteen for all to appreciate.


Initial applications for Year 7 2019 have now been submitted. We have again had very strong interest from families wishing to join our school and are currently working through the applications in accordance with the Department of Education guidelines. 


As the end of semester fast approaches the school continues to be a flurry of activity.


This week we have all 460 students who are studying a Unit 3 and 4 VCE subject sitting the General Achievement Test (GAT). It is vital that students do their best in this important exam. The senior team will be very busy ensuring that the test runs smoothly for our students.


Also, on Wednesday, we have the Year 7 Fun Day which will allow Connect groups to enjoy some time away from their classes, participating in fun activities ranging from laser tag, rock climbing to movies and a whole lot more. Thank you to Audra Keane, Zac Healey and Georgia Townley, as well as all of the Connect Tutors for all of their work to organise the various events. 


On Thursday, a group of us are attending the Global Learning Awards ceremony, where Northcote High School is a finalist in two categories. Hopefully in the final newsletter for the term I will be announcing a win.


The Year 10 & 11 exams commence on Friday this week. We are expecting all students to make their best efforts to demonstrate their learning throughout the past semester.


Next week we have the midyear Music Concerts. I hope you have penned in at least one night to see the fantastic performances of the music students at the Clocktower in Moonee Ponds. If the performances at the VCE Soiree held on Thursday 7 June are anything to go by, it will be a stellar evening. At the soiree, I had pleasure of listening to all things from Bach through to Jimmy Hendrix and modern recorder music called ‘Meditation’. Congratulations to Julian Perry and his 3 VCE classes for their performances. It was a fabulous opportunity for them to gain valuable experience and feedback to assist in their preparations for the end of year performance components.


Preparations are well underway and moving into overdrive for the VCE Offshore Conference in Xian, China, which takes place in the first week of the holidays. Northcote High is hosting it this year, and Nick Murphy is doing a fabulous job of organising it. There are ten of us attending the conference to present and share our expertise.


And finally, have you noticed the netball courts? They are looking like netball courts!! Thankfully the weather has been nice to us and the concrete has been poured without interruption.


Until next time,

Sue Harrap

Progress check: your child's learning

CATs and SACs, Feedback, Reports and Exams

At this point in the Semester it is good idea to stay informed about the progress your child is making in their classes, and to make sure they are on track for success.  Year 10 and 11 exams are coming up from June 15 and all students will have assessment to complete before the end of Semester (June 29). 


The best  way to do this is by checking their assessment feedback through myNorthcoteHigh. All subjects should now have feedback on at least one completed assessment task and in many cases there may be two Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) or SACs available with completed feedback. If there is only one it would be a good idea to check myNorthcoteHigh at least once a week or keep an eye on your email for a notification of recently released feedback. 


With the last round of Learning Behaviour Reports recently released via Compass this is an opportunity to have conversations with your child about their learning before their exams or before the semester finishes. 


Thank you for partnering with us and if you have any issues logging in or navigating myNorthcoteHigh please contact Kate Gibbings at [email protected]

Exam week for Years 10-11

Exams for Year 10 and 11 students commence 15 June

Semester 1 exam week for Year 10 and 11 students runs from June 15 - June 22. Most subjects at Years 10 and 11, including some vertical (Year 9 & 10) subjects, will have exams in this period, with some exceptions for practical, performance or folio-based subjects.  Year 9s who are undertaking subjects with exams are expected to sit the exam with the rest of their class. In addition, some Year 9s will undertake 'exams' in their class time during the next few weeks.  The timetable, arrangements and expectations for exam week have been communicated to students via the sub-schools.


We run exams at Years 10 and 11 to help prepare students for the experience of higher-stakes Year 12 and tertiary level exams. The exam period gives students the opportunity to practice and develop their revision and study habits; to learn how to plan for an extended period of independent study; and how to manage their time and effort strategically in exam conditions. It is a chance for students to experiment with a variety of strategies and techniques to find out what works best for them.  They have been provided with some excellent tips and advice for this in their Elevate Study Skills seminars, and through the Connect program. Further general advice can also be found in the front of the student planner.  


This period is a good opportunity to engage your child in a discussion about their study habits. What worked for you at school or university may - or may not - work for them!  As a conversation starter, a useful resource is this article from LaTrobe University.  Another quick read with some reliable tips can be found here.  


Exam feedback is also important: this gives students the opportunity to reflect on the process, and to identify, with the help of their teacher, their areas of strength and improvement. This will occur in the final week of term (June 25-29), when students will be back in their regular classes.  As well as the exam feedback, these classes will be an opportunity for completing final pieces of assessment and learning tasks, reflecting on the 'big question' of the course, and giving feedback to their teachers around course structure and requirements.

Photo: Milla, Rebekah, Peter, Kylie, Tom, Kitt at the Future Work Summit

The future of learning

Photo: Milla, Rebekah, Peter, Kylie, Tom, Kitt at the Future Work Summit

Future Work Summit inspires Northcote's STEM and Liberal Arts programs

On Wednesday  May 30, a group of staff and students spent the day at the Future Work Summit at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Let me tell you, it was insightful on every level!  It is truly amazing to ponder the future of work and consider what that means for our curriculum at Northcote High School. Our thinking was confirmed and challenged in many ways.


Speakers included Sally-Ann Williams from Google, Sarah Moran from Geek Girl Academy, pollies from opposing sides Craig Laundy and Ed Husic, Tim Reed from MYOB, and Monica Parker from Hatch Analytics.  There was also a young persons panel discussing what lies “Above and Beyond School”.   


We learned about the importance of technical and disciplinary skills as well as the importance of what they called ‘soft skills’ (we call these enterprise or transferable skills) like teamwork, leadership and time-management.  We learned that our students will face a career jungle gym not a career ladder and to navigate this they will need to be a ‘learn it all’ not a ‘know it all’.  Our students will benefit from being consultative, empathetic and okay with failure.  While the future of work is hard to define, the skills that will be needed seemed clear.  It was interesting that collaboration was talked about in every keynote and on every panel.  In the plenary, two cool guys in dapper jackets summed it up nicely, "Collaboration trumps genius.”


So how will the future of work impact our children and how can teachers prepare them for this?  How might schools change and what core values will ground us for this disruption?  


The emphasis on a STEM and Liberal Arts education invigorates learning at NHS. Peter Murphy and I work collaboratively because we know that the skills of design thinking and computational science cannot flourish without the skills of creativity, critical reflection or collaboration. These skills, as well as those identified above are what’s required for problem based learning and project work that already feature in many of our curriculum areas and informally through our student led clubs. It’s this combination of technical skills with human skills that will give our students the confidence to contribute positively to their communities.  


At the end of the day, we all agreed that our Northcote Model, with its emphasis on student agency and choice, is a step in the right direction.  As we continue to refine and develop the Model, we look forward to nurturing interdisciplinary skills and capabilities more explicitly. 


We owe a very warm thank you to Steven Spangher, Lina Del Testa and Calum Friend for inviting us to attend the Future Work Summit.  Steven and Lina are a part of our NHS community and have contributed to our school by challenging our thinking and supporting our learning programs.  


Future STEM and Liberal Arts projects on our calendar include:

Philosophy in Schools (Year 7 and 8 ACE); Slam Poetry Incursion (Year 8), the building of a NHS Podcasting Channel (Year 9); City School presentation night; the Spaghetti Machine Challenge at Melbourne University and the Prime Minister's Science Award.  


If you are a parent working in the field of STEM or Liberal Arts and think you could contribute to our education program we would love to hear from you.  Contact:  Rebekah Keenan Mount [email protected] or Peter Murphy [email protected]


Rebekah Keenan Mount

Liberal Arts Leader and Head of English

Curiosity at work: City School 

Year 9 City School Presentations

In the last newsletter,  we brought you news of Year 9 City School, a one-semester English course which all Year 9 students undertake. City School develops students' critical thinking, collaborative and investigative skills, at the same time as honing their real-world communication abilities. Throughout the semester, students have been working in small teams to investigate an issue, conducting firsthand research through interviews and surveys, as well as developing an historical and contextual understanding of their topic.

The course culminates in a live presentation of the group's research and findings. Families of this semester's City School participants, as well as any other interested parents and students, are invited to attend these presentations on June 21.

Parent forum: Talking the talk

Free information evening for parents

Sex, sexuality & respectful relationships presentation for Parents & Carers of Northcote High School Students.


Explore conversations you need to be having with young people about:

  • Healthy, Respectful and Fulfilling Relationships
  • Sexual Decision Making and Consent
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health - Contraception, STI’s
  • Same Sex Attraction and Diversity
  • Sexual Expression and Pleasure
  • Social Media and Pornography


When:                      Wednesday 13th June, 7.30-9pm

Where:                    Northcote High School
Cost:                        Free – Book Here:
Who:                        All interested Parents and Carers from Northcote High School
                                  (Not suitable for students to attend)


Photo: Divisional Cross Country

Sports News

Photo: Divisional Cross Country

Moving up the ranks: Division Athletics and Cross Country

On May 29 we had around 70 students compete in the Division Athletics. We had a lot of success with many of our students moving through to the Regional Athletics which is in September. We had a great day on the track. Thank you to our students who were competing,  our student helpers and staff who helped make this day such an all round success.


After our very successful School Cross Country, ten students from each age group qualified for the Division Cross Country on June 1.  The event started and finished at Reservoir High School, with the course following Darebin Creek. 

With a team of around 60 students our school was definitely well represented, with many of our students taking the top positions. The next round for our Cross Country team will be held at Bundoora Park on June 20. This year we are lucky enough have experienced distance runner Mr Bartholomew taking cross country training sessions on the park on Thursday mornings.  We will add all Regional Team members to training sessions on Compass. This is not compulsory:  just a great opportunity for further training!

Year 8 Badminton

Well done to our Yr 8 Boys Badminton team who competed in the Divisional competition on June 5.  The boys moved through the day playing some very competitive games, winning all their matches before lunch.  The final match was the decider between Northcote and Thornbury,  as both schools had 3 wins each.  Thornbury came out strong and although our team played some good competitive rallies they just couldn’t match Thornbury and were defeated.


Coming Up:

June 14 : Yr 8 Divisonal Football and Netball

June 20 : Yr 8 Divisional Soccer, Regional Cross Country

Photo: Mia, Phoebe and Emily receive a certificate of appreciation for their generosity

A little help: making a difference

Photo: Mia, Phoebe and Emily receive a certificate of appreciation for their generosity

Recognition for social enterprise

Three of our students were recognised by the Salvation Army for their very generous donations for children in crisis. Mia, Phoebe and Emily have started their own social enterprise in order to make a difference in children’s lives. They have done this largely on their own with some assistance form Mr O’Shaughnessy. The girls are now part of a program to help them develop their social enterprise skills and networks called Youth for Causes. They are continuing their great work and would like you to hear more about it.


Hi we are Mia, Phoebe and Emily and we run a social enterprise called a little help that uses 100% of its profits to provide brand new backpacks full of essentials to children in crisis. This includes children in women’s refuge camps, children entering foster care and children affected by abuse. Most children that enter foster care or have to leave home in an emergency don't have time to pack any of their belongings which can be very upsetting for a child because they have to enter a new place with nothing that is theirs, this is what we want to change. The backpacks contain; clothes, underwear, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, toys, teddy bears, water, pyjamas, a jumper, nappies, wet wipes, deodorant, sanitary pads, tissues etc, depending on the age of the child. We have raised over $2,000 and received $2,000 worth of product donations. We have worked closely with the Moonee Ponds police and the Salvation Army (Crossroads Foundation) to deliver these packs to the children. We are now also working with the YMCA Youth For Causes to create a product to sell to provide us with a sustainable income to raise funds for the backpacks. 


We are all born with the ability to make a difference, we should never waste it.


You can assist the project at

Or contact them on email: [email protected]

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

The future of study and work

Career conversations with students often revolve around the rapidly changing nature of study and work. Whilst the fear of automation “taking all the jobs” can make the future look scary, the reality is far more complex – and reassuring. Yes, the jobs that are dull, dirty and dangerous will almost certainly be automated – but this has been happening since humans started inventing machines to make life easier. The jobs that can NOT be replaced by robots are those which require the human touch. Current labour market data strongly suggests that the health industry, aged care and early childhood will continue to experience growth. Despite rumours to the contrary, our manufacturing and construction industries are also thriving, although the nature of work in these industries is changing rapidly. One thing is certain – we all need to be better at manipulating computer technology in more creative ways.  


Our young people need skills and experience suited to the jobs of the future, not the past, and research conducted by The Foundation for Young Australians emphasises that young people need to be digitally literate, financially savvy, innovative and adaptable, so they are able to navigate the increasingly complex careers of the future. These skills go by numerous different names, such as “enterprise” and “employability”, but the key is that they are transferrable across different jobs and crucial to success in any industry. They include:

  • Communication skills
  • Effective relationship building
  • Team work
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Digital literacy
  • Financial literacy

Students can build up these skills from a young age by engaging in a range of activities such as co-curricular activities both in and out of the school, community or volunteer work, part time jobs and work experience, working through problems both at home and at school, design thinking in classes.

To find out more, read the Foundation for Young Australians’ reports on “The New Work Smarts” and “The New Work Mindset”.   

When is an ATAR not an ATAR?

Over the last few years, there has been a great deal of discussion around the usefulness of the ATAR as a measure of a young person’s suitability for tertiary study. Increasingly, universities have been using programs such as La Trobe’s “Aspire” program and ACU’s “Community Achievers’ Program” to identify students who have been making a difference in the lives of others, and to reward them in the selection process for courses by lowering the ATAR requirement and/or providing other benefits, such as study programs, mentoring opportunities, etc.


This week, ANU announced that they will also change their application procedures, and that from next year, academic achievement on its own will no longer be enough to gain entry. Students need to demonstrate that they have taken time out to assist others in the community in some meaningful way. There is a nifty little “calculator” on their website that lets you assess whether you are the kind of person they are looking for. And remember that helping others has been proven to have tangible benefits for the well-being and skills of the giver as well as the receiver, so making time for community or volunteer work is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.


To learn more about programs that look beyond your ATAR, follow the links below. Please note that these programs are open now, and close much earlier than VTAC dates.

ACU CAP program:


La Trobe Aspire Program:




Melbourne Polytechnic Information Sessions

The best way to find out whether a specific course and institution will be a good match for you is to visit them. Melbourne Polytechnic is hosting a range of Information and Enrolment sessions over the next month, and they have a huge selection of vocational courses suited to every interest area. There’s no obligation to sign up, and you will get to speak to staff, as well as inspect the rooms and facilities while you are there. Sign up via the link below:


My Melbourne Future


The University of Melbourne's annual My Melbourne Future course information evenings are running between 5-27 June. These events are an opportunity to chat face-to-face with University of Melbourne staff about your future!


12 sessions will be running, covering courses in:

  • Arts
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • Biomedicine
  • Commerce
  • Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Fine Arts
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Music
  • Science


The University of Melbourne team would like to invite Year 11 and 12 students to spend A Day at Melbourne this July to explore their passions and discover pathways to their dream careers.


On the day students and their parents will have the opportunity to attend a range of interesting lectures hosted by our inspiring academics, hone in on core study areas of interest, experience all aspects of university life and have their questions answered about studying with Melbourne. 

Save the date:
Friday 13 July
9.30am - 2.30pm (registration opens at 8.30am)

The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

For a snapshot of what's in store and to register your interest in this event, simply forward the event page available here.

Interested in a career in the hotel industry?

This year’s Global Career Hotel Experience for Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in learning more about the hotel industry will take place on 1st July 2018 at The Grand Hyatt Melbourne Register here 


Applications to The Hotel School’s Early Entry Program Now Open

This is a GREAT opportunity for all Year 12 students who are interested in studying a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management in 2019

Why You Should Apply:

  • We look for potential. Not at your ATAR scores;
  • Study at Australia's Top Hotel Management School (Ranked #38 among the World's Top Universities that specialise in the subject of Hospitality Management Course*);
  • Take advantage of The Hotel School's unique industry connections;
  • Get job-ready with our Award-winning Work-Integrated-Learning professional development programs.

Find out more via this link

Australian Defense Force Gap Year 2019

Gap Year is a unique opportunity for students to try out a career in Navy, Army or Air Force and get a feel for a military life without committing for a longer period. 


In 2019 there are 14 roles to choose from ranging from admin to supply, and even artillery. Places are filling fast - click here for more information 

Inside Monash Seminars 

Get the inside story of what it’s really like to study at Monash. You’ll hear from a current student, a past student and an academic. All seminars start at 6.30pm. See their website for more information:

ACU university experience day

Registrations are now open for our University Experience day. This free event is to help students in years 10, 11 or 12 get a taste of life at ACU and to try out our degrees. We’ll be offering workshops in arts, business, education, health and lots more.

On the day students will be able to:

  • participate in two hands-on workshops to sample a degree of their choice
  • meet ACU staff and current students
  • get a feel for the local ACU campus
  • learn about industries and careers
  • hear helpful tips on preparing for university
  • enjoy the entertainment and fun campus atmosphere

To register for the University Experience day at our Melbourne Campus, click here.

To register for the University Experience day at our Ballarat Campus, click here.

Library News

Study Hall 12-22 June

There will be Study Hall conditions for years 10, 11 and 12 students in the Library during lunch time from 12 – 22 June.


Study Hall means the senior students will have exclusive access to the library for quiet study time for the first 45 minutes of lunch, to prepare for exams and complete SACs and assignments.


The library will open for the last 15 minutes of lunch for all other year levels to access resources and printing/copying.  Arrangements have been made to accommodate the lunch time clubs in other rooms: please see library staff for details. 


Student Research Skills pages on myNorthcoteHigh

With CATs and SACs in full swing a number of classes have been visiting the Library for Research Skills training. Further support for this area is also available on the myNorthcoteHigh research and study skills page created by the library staff. On this page, students can learn how to:

  • Find information using the web, the John Cain library and more
  • Identify and select credible information 
  • Develop study skills
  • Acknowledge sources to avoid plagiarism and adhere to copyright requirements
  • Reference sources correctly using APA and Harvard examples  

The pages include a ‘Basics’ section with an overview of research skills, as well as more detailed topic pages to support students as they progress through school. The pages are available at

Event alert: Design show

Northcote High School Design Show

Join us on Wednesday 27th June, from 5 - 8pm for Northcote High School's Design Show. On display in the Design Hub will be work from all of Semester 1's Design students.


Music Camp 2018

An immersion in music

96 instrumental music students from Years 7-9 recently spent three days immersed in music and performance at Lake Dewar Lodge in Myriong. The annual Junior Music Camp was again a great success, giving bands and ensembles a chance to bond, rehearse and learn with and from each other.  Friendships flourished and musical skills and confidence grew. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour at the Mid-Year Music Concerts coming up on June 18-19 (see the article in this newsletter). 




Next week: Mid Year Music

Mid-year Music Concerts - get your tickets now!

Escape the winter blues with the Mid-Year Music Concert series. Come and enjoy our ensembles and bands over two special nights at the Clocktower Centre in Moonee Ponds. Starting time 7pm.


Tickets can be purchased online @
or by telephone: 9243 9191

Opportunity: Magazine team

Ripples seeks budding journalists, photographers and all-round wizards

Interested in publishing, writing, or photography? Love NHS and want to contribute to our school community? Need a cool co-curricular to bulk up your resume?


If you answered yes to any of the above, Ripples wants you!


Ripples, the NHS school magazine, is looking for student team members. We need writers, editors, photographers, and general organisational and communications wizards, who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to an ongoing project. The culmination of this work will be the 2018 issue of Ripples!


Come along to M9 at lunchtime on Wednesday 27 June if you think a role on the Ripples team may be for you!


If you can’t wait until the meeting and want more information now, track down Young in the Design staffroom, or email [email protected]

Photo: Students at Baotou Foreign Languages School

Opportunity: a week as an international ambassador

Photo: Students at Baotou Foreign Languages School

One week PAID homestays July 30- August 5, 2018

As you may be aware, Northcote High School is the first government school to operate an off-shore VCE program, in China. This program is just one part of our global outlook and engagement, which provides myriad learning opportunities for both students and staff.  As part of the program,  for one week during Term 3 2018, Northcote High will host 15 senior students from Baotou Foreign Languages School. The visitors will be hosted as students in the school for the week. They are all studying VCE in their hometown and their visit to Australia is part of a two week summer holiday program.


We need families willing to host a student (male or female) in their home for one week. Families are paid $350 for each student hosted, and it is a great opportunity to share cultures and experiences with our international partners.


If you are interested or you want more information, please contact Nick Murphy ([email protected]) or 9488 2342


In Summary:

  • Students are aged about 17
  • They are studying the VCE Unit 1-2 at their Chinese school and intend to study at University in Australia
  • Their English level is moderate to good but most have not been to Australia.

Your obligation over the week is:

  • to provide 3 healthy meals a day
  • to provide them with their own room for the week with access to a bathroom, laundry facilities, internet, etc
  • to include them in any normal family activities during that time.

NHS provides:

  • a school based education program
  • extra English lessons
  • some extra curricula activities
  • airport collection and delivery
  • Myki card for the week

Photo: Welcome Breakfast for Year 10 International Students

Homestays: can you help?

Photo: Welcome Breakfast for Year 10 International Students

Full Boarding Homestay Families Are Sought for International Students at Northcote High School

For new international student arrivals in late June, 2018:

Northcote High School seeks quality homestays from our local community, to help care for new international student arrivals to start English language course in semester two (new students to arrive in Melbourne in late June. They will be year 10 age of students; these international students will continue their year 10 and VCE study with us for the next 3 years. They are mainly from Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand.


Hosting International Students can bring a rich cross cultural experience and opportunity for families. Many local families already on board with Northcote High School Homestay Program over the years have enjoyed and benefited from the diverse cultural and language exchange experience, especially when they have school age children at home. The reverse experience for our International Students is very much part of their overseas study journey.


 If you have a spare room and are willing to take care of a young international student please contact the International Student Office 9488 2334 (or General Office 9488 2300 or email [email protected]) for more information.


Full boarding homestay fees are $320 per week (tax free), which covers a fully furnished room, 3 healthy meals daily, laundry, household bills (including internet). Students are responsible for their own transport.


Jocelyn Hill                                           Ms Lixia Wang

Assistant Principal                             International Student Program Director

Northcote High School                    Northcote High School

Photo: Saturn

Night sky viewing

Photo: Saturn

Night sky viewing with our Telescope

Our terrific telescope will be set up in the courtyard near D21 on

  • Monday 18th June 7.00pm to 8.00pm*
  • Monday 25th June 7.00pm to 8.00pm*

Students, teachers and families all welcome.


Bring your cameras, phones and ipads to take some ‘out of this world’ photos. For more information please see Ms Hutchens.


*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.

Community notices

MADA Creativity Roadshow

Join students and staff from Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) for a workshop on creativity.


At our workshop you’ll experience some of the processes we use to creatively engage with the world, and see how we contribute to its culture and help solve some of its challenges. Whether you’re interested in art, design or architecture – or all three – you’ll enjoy the chance to engage in creative making and thinking and see just how exciting a future in these creative areas can be.


Where:            Northcote High School, DESIGN HUB
When:              Monday 25 June 2018, 4-6pm


Year 11 & 12 Students welcome - registration is required to attend.


Support the Year 8 20% Project - Audrey and Mila

For our 20% Project we are collecting donations of LEGO and Duplo to send to the We Care Nauru foundation. This organisation will then send care packages to the kids at the Nauru detention centre. This event will happen from 4 - 14 June. Donate at the 7-10 Sub-school office.


Audrey Zohrab and Mila Lawson

Girls in STEM - girledworld summit

Good Education Group is excited to announce that we have partnered with girledworld. We aim to get more girls into start-up, entrepreneurship and STEM careers.

As part of this invaluable partnership, we would like to invite STEM-enthusiast students of ACS members to the girledworld WOW Summit.

The girledworld WOW Summit is a great way for students to meet and learn from inspiring female role models, uncover the job opportunities of tomorrow and start goal setting with the new World Of Work front of mind.


girledworld World of Work Summit 2018
Saturday 16 June – Sunday 17 June
RMIT University
Building 80
Swanston Street

Designed for Year 9 – 12 Australian secondary school girls

Saturday 16 June 2018, 9.00am - 5.30pm
Day one will see hundreds of high school girls exposed to a powerful network of inspiring female industry leaders, STEM champions and career role models across a massive day of World Shaping, Future Facing and Work Ready career education keynotes, presentations and skill-building interactive sessions.  All attendees will receive a Certificate of Critical Thinking to add to their resume.
Sunday 17 June 2018, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Day two is a hands-on day of business building!

Led by a dynamic, hand-picked squad of industry specialists, innovation coaches, entrepreneurs and university experts, our young female change-makers will work together across a day of Design Thinking modules to unpack complex problems and work up start-up solutions to three real-world challenges.
All attendees for the Sunday program will receive a free copy of Australia’s number one career planning tool, The Good Careers Guide, and a Micro-Credential in Design Thinking to add to their resume.
Please note: Attending students do not need to be accompanied by teachers/adults. This event is fully supervised, and staffed by girledworld team and volunteers from girledworld, RMIT and our partner organisations.

Readings Teen Advisory Board

We’re currently looking for a new intake of teenagers (aged 14 -19) to join our advisory board starting in July 2018.


The Readings Teen Advisory Board is a volunteer group of teenagers that meet once a month to chat about recent and forthcoming young adult books, write blog posts and short reviews, learn about careers in the book industry, and provide feedback to Readings staff members on a range of subjects. The board meet on the third Monday of each month at 4.30pm in Carlton. 


To apply, please tell us why you would like to take part, the types of books you like to read, and why you love visiting bookshops. Your application should be a single page document of no more than 500 words, in either Word or PDF format, addressing the points above and including your name, age and contact details. Send it to [email protected] by 5pm, Friday 15 June, 2018.

Boys U15 soccer players wanted 
FC Birrarung - Princes Park, Parkville


Blue Light Disco


School holiday Sports Camps


Want to improve your cricket over winter?

Westgarth Baseball Club are looking for girls and boys to join their junior u13 to u17 baseball teams for the winter competition.

  • Games on Saturday mornings
  • Training at Merri Park Diamond, St Georges Road, Northcote (next to high school) at 4:30 on Wednesday


Northcote High School Newsletter
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