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20 March 2019
Issue Four
Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember 

Please also refer to the Compass Calendar


Thursday 21st - Casual Clothes Day

                                  - Icy Pole Day

Friday 22nd - Interschool Sport - Yr 6

                           - School Tour 9:30am

Thursday 28th - Captains & Convicts Year 4

Friday 29th - Interschool Sport - Yr 6



Tuesday 2nd - House Cross Country 

Wednesday 3rd - Pyjama Day Dress

                                    - School Tour 9:30am

Thursday 4th  -  Cultural Infusion  - Foundation

                                - Year 3 'First People' Expo 

Friday 5th - Interschool Sport - Yr 6

            - End of Term 1 Dismissed at 2:30pm


Tuesday 23rd - Term 2 Commences


Friday 26th - Term 2 Lightning Premiership Yr 6



Wednesday 1st - Science Discovery - Yr 3

Friday 3rd - Whole School Photos TBC

Monday 6th - Yr6 Camp Departs  

Friday 10th - Yr 6 Camp Return 


Monday 20th  -  Click Against Hate - Yr 6

Thursday 23rd - Positive Relationships Yr 3-6

Monday 27th  -  Mad About Science - Yr 1



Thursday 6th  -  Sovereign Hill - yr 5


Friday 28th - End of Term 2 School Dismissed at 2:30pm



Monday 15th - Term 3 Commences



Thursday 15th - Yr 3 Departs TBC

Friday 16th - Yr 3 Camp Returns TBC



Friday 20th - End of Term 3 School Dismissed at 2:30pm



Monday 7th - Term 4 Commences

Tuesday 29th - Yr 4 Camp Departs TBC

Thursday 31st - Yr 4 Camp Returns TBC






Friday 20th - End of Term 4 School Dismissed at 1:30pm

2019 School Payments Payment Plan Dates

If you have signed up to a payment plan for the 2019 School Payments the dates of your automatically deducted installments are below. Please mark them in your diary. Dates are also be in the Compass Calendar. 


Should any payments fail to be processed, you will receive an email from Compass. Please contact the office should this occur to have the issue rectified. It is the card holders responsibility to ensure any changes to card details are updated with the office to avoid missed or unprocessed installments. 

  • 14th December 2018
  • 1st February 2019
  • 15th March 2019
  • 25th April 2019
  • 7th June 2019 

2019 Term Dates

TERM 1  -  29th January to 5th April

*Tuesday 29th January is a Curriculum Day - students in Year 1-6 will commence school for 2018 on Wednesday 30th January. Foundation students will commence on Thursday 31st January.*

TERM 2  -  23rd April to 28th June

TERM 3  -  15th July to 20th September

TERM 4  -  7th October to 20th December


Term 1, 2 and 3 students are dismissed early at 2:30pm on the last day of each term.  Term 4 students are dismissed at 1:30pm on the last day.  The After School Care Program will open early on these days.


2019 Curriculum Days 

  • Tuesday 29th January
  • Monday 13th May

2019 Public Holidays

Monday 11th March - Labour Day

Friday 19th April - Good Friday

Monday 22nd April - Easter Monday 

Thursday 25th April - ANZAC Day

Monday 10th June - Queens Birthday

Tuesday 5th November - Melbourne Cup


School Council Meetings

2019 School Council Meeting will be held in the staff room at  7:00pm.  

  • April - no meeting
  • May - Wednesday 15th
  • June - Wednesday 19th
  • July - no meeting
  • August - Wednesday 21st
  • September - Wednesday 18th
  • October - Wednesday 23rd
  • November - Wednesday 20th 
  • December - TBC

2020 Enrolment Tours

School tours are conducted by the Principal or Assistant Principal at 9:30am and run for approximately one hour. 

Please register for the tour at the Front Office on the day.

  • Friday 22nd March
  • Wednesday 3rd April

Student Absences - Parent Procedures

Is your child going to be...

Absent all day?   

Parent approval entered into compass by 9:15am (this can also be done in advance) OR phone the school office on 9578 1327 and leave a message on option # 1.


Arriving late? 

When you arrive to school, the student must be signed IN at the school office by the parent/carer prior to going to class.


Leaving early?

Parent/Carer must sign the student OUT at the school office prior to picking them up from class


*Automated text messages are now sent daily to parents of all students who have been marked absent without parent approval.


PLEASE NOTE - Students must be signed in or out by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 years. 

Students are not permitted to sign themselves in/out of school. 

Parent Contact Information

Have your contact details changed? If so please let the office know in writing so we can update our records. This includes changes to emergency contacts or additional numbers to call if needed.

School Communication Channels


Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540


[email protected]



COMPASS Parent Portal


Do you have the free Compass App yet? If not - go to your Applications Store on your smart phone and download today! Apple and Android versions available.  Make sure you have you r Pop notifications activated.


Lunch Order Menu


Medication at School Form

If your child requires medication to be administered during school hours, please complete this form and hand it to the Front Office with the required medication.


Our Vision

We believe:

  • All children should be stimulated, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning.
  • The school environment must have a safe and nurturing quality which allows all children the opportunity to learn.
  • The school community promotes and values diversity in interests, beliefs and perspectives.             
  • Students can be effective global citizens with a sense of belonging and responsibility to our world.

Our Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best

The Ormond Team 2019

Principal  -  Kerri McLeod

Assistant Principal   - Lorrie Dell

Executive Committee

Kerri McLeod

Lorrie Dell,

Sally Berryman

Courtney Mason


Jacinda Hocking

Lorraine Bell

Laura Cecil

Year 1 & 2

Effie Liarakos

Elani Gibney

Laura Bainbridge

Sally Berryman - Learning Specialist

Amelia Delaney

Year 3 

Marika Evans

Jade Zajonc

Kim Stewart

Jack Capicchiano 

Year 4

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Dorothy Markou

Year 5 

Courtney Mason - Learning Specialist

Melisa Kah

Michael Pannam

Year 6 

Sandra Johnson 

Mary Thanos

Simon Brown

Specialist Teachers

MEmma Milliken - PE /Sport

Helen Kupfer & Helene Ioannou - Visual Arts

Anna Park - Korean Language

Margot Hudson - Performing Arts 

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

 Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report 

From the Principal...

Term One is certainly flying by and as I visit classrooms, I can see how well students have settled in to the school year. The staff have commented on how quickly the children have transitioned to their new levels and how well they are progressing with their learning.


There have been a number of incursions and excursions happening at different levels and as we head in to the final weeks of the term, we have casual clothes day to support the P&F Easter Raffle and the SRC are running a PJ’s Day to support homelessness/children in foster care on Wednesday April 3rd.

The staff and students are all looking forward to our school cross country in the final week as well.


AGM – School Council

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members of school council who took up positions after the AGM - Michelle Gilmore, Renee Le Mar and Jo Feather. 

We also need to say farewell to two members of school council who have contributed so much to the school, particularly in association with buildings and grounds. Thank you to Kylie Cockle and Ben Clark for everything you have done for OPS. Both parents have organized working bees, helped to improve the school environment and been involved in more recent capital works discussions. I have truly appreciated their input and dedication.


Safety Online

We encourage parents to co-view, co-play, ask questions about the games and apps they are using, and let them know you are there to support them if they are upset or uncomfortable about anything they see online.


Five top tips to help limit your child’s exposure to harmful content online:

1. Engage in your child’s online activities – ask what apps, sites and games they are using and make sure they are age-appropriate

2. Use parental controls on devices to help limit what your child is exposed to

3. Let them know not everything they see online is real or true.

4. Help them report and block upsetting content they see on social media sites or apps.

5. Let them know they can come to you about anything upsetting they see online, and contact Kids Helpline if they need further support.


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Ormond PS along with 2300 other schools committed to take a stand in reducing the incidence of bullying, whether inside the school gate or online. Last week, teachers across every level in our school delivered dedicated learning sessions using the resources from bullyingnoway.gov.au. Thank you to families at OPS for your support in extending this teaching at home.


Home Learning

  • Please keep encouraging your children to read at home. It is extremely important to listen to your children read aloud at various times, so you can hear whether they are reading for meaning or just reading for reading’s sake.
  • Ensuring they use correct phrasing, punctuation, pronounce words correctly and predict what might happen in a book are just a few of the strategies you as a parent can look out for.
  • Modelling good reading habits to your children is also a must as they can clearly hear and see how a book should be read. Take the time to read to them, make it a routine and see the results!

Contact Details

Have your contact details changed? We have already tried to phone parents and emergency contacts only to find that the phone number is no longer valid. It is absolutely vital that we can contact parents/carers at all times. Please let us know if any details have changed as soon as possible.


Finally, I would like to thank a number of students who have come to me to present ideas and improvements for the school. This is very timely after our whole school review and with capital works commencing mid-year. The voice of the students is paramount to ensure we all continue to make Ormond PS the best it can be. I am a very big advocate for student voice and agency!


Kerri McLeod



Out of School Hours

Autumn/April School Holiday Program

The School holiday Program will commence Monday 8th April to Thursday 18th.

The holiday program booking forms are available below, on Compass or directly from the Program.


Please read the booking information before submitting your school holiday program and if you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy and have not used the Out of School Hours program in the past week or your have not verified your child’s attendance in the program for 2019.


Please confirm your child’s enrolment details on Centrelinks My/Gov app or website .

Before & After School Cancellation

If your child is absent from school or will not be attending Before & After School. You must inform the service, via the program diary or by leaving a message on the 24 hours message bank.  The OSHC Program Office is attended from 7.30am to 6.00pm Mon to Fri, (office closed between 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Phone: 9578 5826


End of Term Celebration

On the last day of term Friday 5th April the program will provide care from 2.30pm to support the early school finishing time. The program will close at the usual time at 6.00pm. To celebrate the end of the term the program will have an afternoon tea party. Parents of children attending on the last day term, please check the party food donation list on the sign out table.



Thank you to Luca in Year 4 & his mum Ximena, for their generous donation of Hamma beads and supplies. I also like to thank Kuehn family for their donation of toys & art craft supplies.


Your donations are greatly appreciated. We are in search of Tommy battery operated trains to fit on a 2.5cm wide wheel track. This train set gave endless hours of enjoyment we have plently of track we just need working trains. We would appreciate a train donation or information where this train can purchase.


After School Care Activities

Wednesday 20th       Cooking

Thursday 21st             Pet Rocks

Friday 22nd                   Rock Snowmen

Monday 25th               Masks

Tuesday 26th               Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Wednesday 27th       Cooking

Thursday 28th             Cardboard Tube Superhero

Friday 29th                    Cooking 

Monday 1st April       Peg Monster

Tuesday 2nd                  Cardboard Creations

Wednesday 3rd           Cooking

Thursday 4th                 Window Paint Art

Friday 5th                       End of Term Party


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Whole School News

Icy Pole Day

Thursday 28th March will be the final Icy pole Day until Term 4. 

Lost Property

We are asking the whole school community to please take a little extra care and responsibility with their items, to try and limit the amount of items ending up in the Lost Property cupboard. 


The cupboard is filling up to capacity quicker than ever before and although our parents (who volunteer their valuable time) maintain the cupboard on a regular basis, they are having to spend more and more time trying to identify the owners of the items in able to return them. 


To help make the task faster and easier for our volunteers, please ensure

-  ALL uniform items

 -  ALL lunchboxes/snack containers/water bottles

-  ALL book bags/library bag/bike helmets

are clearly labelled with your child's full name. 


Any uniform items that are not named are removed from lost property and added to the second hand uniform supply for the next sale. Any unlabeled non-uniform items will be donated to a local op-shop if they are not collected within a fortnight.


If you have purchased any secondhand items, please ensure that you remove/cross out the previous owner's name and your child's name is then clearly written. 


If you wish to donate any outgrown uniform items to secondhand uniform sale, please cross out your child's name on the item/s and give them to Brodie at the front office - please do not put them in the Lost Property cupboard. 


We appreciate the assistance of parents and students to make this ongoing task easier. 

If you wish to assist Lost Property or Secondhand uniform please email Brodie in the office and she will pass on your details. 

Easter Raffle & Casual Clothes Day

Thursday 21st March will be a casual clothes day for the students but instead of a gold coin donation, we are asking students to donate an Easter treat (e.g. Easter egg). These donations will be made up into hampers and used as prizes for our raffle. Raffle tickets and further information will be sent home with students on this day. We would love for families to please sell as many tickets as they they can. 

The raffle will be drawn at school assembly on the last day of Term 1, Friday 5th April. 


SRC Pyjama Day

 Wednesday 3rd April students may come to school wearing their pyjamas for ‘Pyjama Day’.


Students however, must wear their normal shoes - no slippers or thongs.


National Pyjama Day is celebrated in July to raise awareness for children in foster care however, we will be raising awareness earlier


No donations is required. 


Library News

Scholastic Book Club orders/payments are due by Friday 22nd March 2019. Payments are to be made directly to Scholastic using the payment options on the brochure. Ormond Primary School does not collect any payments. 


Payments are to be made directly to Scholastic using the payment options on the brochure. No late orders will be accepted to ensure delivery by the end of the school year. If your orders are for Christmas and you do not want your children to see, please contact the office to arrange a parent pick up. 

Bullying - NO WAY!

Last Friday 15th March was the National Day against Bullying and Violence. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness against bullying and what can be done to stop it. Bullying can happen in the playground or sometimes online. It is any ongoing behaviour that intends to upset another person. It is not a one-off event.


Across Australia, many students report bullying every few weeks. In most of these cases, there are students who see these things happen but do not speak up and let someone know. This is something that needs to change.


If you feel like you are being bullied or if you have spotted bullying you need to speak up and let an adult know what you are feeling or have seen. This will put to a stop to this behaviour.

Remember to always treat others how you would like to be treated and follow our Ormond values.



Charlie & Kevin

 Multimedia Captains and Mr Capicchiano


Foundation News

As the end of term approaches we are so impressed with how far the children have come already. By the end of the term we would have learnt half of our letters and have been practising making words with these. As mentioned at the parent information night a good link to assist helping your child read at home is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsl_sf4DoRoIt used various mentioned strategies as sent home in satchels.


With our words of the week out next 2 focus words are LEG and BED with new letters L, G, B and D being introduced. When we reach the word ‘bed’ children may find it difficult to distinguish between the lowercase b and d. Please see attached a couple of ideas that we use to help them remember the difference.

In mathematics we continue to practice making, counting and writing numbers to 20 and for some children beyond 20. This is fundamental practice that will soon be used to begin place value, and addition and subtraction, when we count on and back. We will also be exploring shapes as a non-number strand and discussing where we can see shapes in everyday life and the features of common shapes including sides and corners.


Last week we also started the Perceptual Motor Program. P.M.P is a sequential development program that aims to develop children’s perceptions and understandings of themselves and the world around them. We will be doing this over the next 3 week with the assistance of year 6 helpers to help work with small groups of students. PMPs main outcomes are; eye/hand/ foot coordination, balance, fitness and eye tracking. Thank you to Emma Milliken for her organisation and set up of this program for the foundation students.


Year 1 News

The Year One students have settled well into their classes and are demonstrating enthusiasm for their learning.


In Inquiry, our Term 1 topic is ‘Past and Present Family Life’. Students have been investigating the similarities and differences of past and present school life, toys and technology.


In English, students have been focusing on spelling the short vowel sounds and using capital letters and full stops appropriately. They have written ‘Sizzling Starts’ using onomatopoeia and the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when and why) and are learning how to structure a recount.


In Maths, students have been investigating place value of two digit and some three digit numbers. They have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and expanding numbers to represent each digits’ value. The children have also really enjoyed learning about shapes, using lots of hands on tasks.


Reminder to parents to please fill in the reading logs throughout the week and to keep lunchboxes nut free

Year 5 News

This term the Year 5 students have been developing their narrative skills creating some engaging and riveting pieces of work. Here are just some snippets of their wonderful work.


“I slowly crept open the book and glared at the first page like a hawk, then I realised that there were no words on the pages. I kept turning and turning the pages and still not one single word or picture. I shut the book in a blink of an eye and dropped it on the floor. I began to creep towards it to pick it up but then it started to glow. I got frightened and threw my stuffed animal at the book, when I picked it up I said “This book really is magical!” – Talya L


“The day it all started was the first weekend in March where the leaves were starting to turn a fiery orange and golden brown with a pleasant light breeze keeping the hair out of our faces. As we ran down the lane we were birds. Free. Unstoppable. Nothing holding us back. Our minds free of worry we climbed into the boat and moved the oars but suddenly the boat jolted, it started to move, it started to lift to fly. We pinched each other and grimaced in pain. Nope, not dreaming. Alice let out a giggle and as you should know giggles are contagious. Soon we were rolling round the boat in side-splitting laughter.” – Sasha H


“What’s that?” Raffy asks herself, walking up to the golden shiny thing she sees. She picks it up and a tall man pops out of it. “A ghost, leave me alone. I’m sorry I picked up your home but please don’t hurt me”, Raffy yells to the man. “I’m not a ghost, I’m a genie and I’m here to grant you three wishes” the genie replies. “Umm… OK sure” a confused Raffy spluttered. “Well go on, what are they” asks the Genie. So Raffy thinks hard. “Well I won’t my brother Mason to come home and I want to go back home now” said Raffy. “Your wishes are being granted right now, goodbye fellow wisher” as the Genie went back into the bottle” – Lucinda L


“Today’s aircraft is a Boeing 777. The captain for this six hour journey is Captain Shah. He’s been in love with aviation for his whole life. Flight 370 takes off on runway 24. Just as Malaysian Airlines reaches the border, Kaula Lumpur Air Traffic Control tells MH370 “Switch radio frequency to Ho Chi Min City.” Captain Shah replies “Good evening MH370.” At this point all contact is lost. MH370 has vanished.” – Elliot C

Year 6 Young Leaders Day

On the 18th of March all of the Ormond captains went to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre for National Leaders Day. There were four speakers which included Cal Wilson, a comedian, Tim Diamond, an organiser of Cotton On Foundation, Leisel Jones, an olympic swimmer and Holly Ferling a professional cricket player. We travelled to the venue on the train and we all had a great time. All of the speakers had a different message but all of them inspired us to be better leaders. Leisel Jones encouraged us to set crazy goals and then break them down into small achievable goals =. Cal Wilson believes to always say yes to new opportunities and to always be up for trying new things. Overall the whole day was very inspiring and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Written by Ashton and Georgia 

PE & Sport News

House Cross Country

The whole school Cross Country will be on Tuesday April 2nd this year. Foundation to Year 2 students will be running in the morning around the oval at the school. The Year 3 - 6 students will be running at Wattle Grove Reserve, as Allnutt Park cannot be used for this event due to a water mould outbreak.


More information is on Compass about both events. Consent requirements are in place for Year 3-6 students.


Emma Milliken

PE Teacher, Sports Coordinator

Parents, Friends & Community 


Year 5 Class Reps Needed

We are looking for volunteers from Parents/Carers for Class Reps for all the Year 5 classes. It is not a difficult role and will require a very small amount of time.  It is basically just sending a few emails here and there and helping organise one event per year.  As yet we don't have anyone so we would appreciate anyone that can assist.  Please email me at: [email protected]



Easter Raffle - Casual Clothes Day

On Thursday 21 March  (TOMORROW) students can come to school in casual clothes! Instead of a gold coin donation, students are asked to bring an Easter treat or item (e.g. Easter egg, egg basket, Easter book).


Donations will be made up into hampers as prizes for the Easter raffle. The eldest child from each family will be given raffle tickets to sell (and accompanying instructions) by their classroom teacher on the Casual Clothes Day. 


Raffle winners will be announced at assembly on the last day of term (Friday 5 April). 


We hope you can support this fundraiser.


Please let the Foundation class reps know if you have any queries via [email protected]

Annual General Meeting

It was wonderful to see several new faces at the P&F AGM. Thank you for bringing great suggestions and offering to help out. If you couldn’t make the AGM, it doesn’t mean you can’t join future meetings to bring your ideas, enthusiasm or curiosity to the table.

Our meetings are relaxed and enjoyable. Being a part of P&F is a great way to connect with and contribute to your school community, while making new friends. 


The next P&F meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd April at 7.30 in the staff room.




Do you have a question, suggestion, offer of help?

There is no need to wait for an invitation to contribute, as you can always contact P&F via our central email address.


Simply write to [email protected]

Community Events & Adverts

Disclaimer:  Community Events & Adverts that appear in this newsletter are paid advertisements  or are deemed a Community announcement. Ormond Primary School is not affiliated with these organisations.

Ormond Primary School
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