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04 April 2019
2019 Issue 5
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Principal's Message

Never Give Up

Romans 5:3

We also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance.


It is something of a shock that I find myself at the end of my first term at Bayside Christian College. Although the past three months have been busy, they have been most enjoyable. Although I am still working toward consistently putting names to faces correctly, I am getting a little better as each day comes and goes.


One of the things that I quickly discovered, and have consistently reinforced, is that the College is full of the most amazing young people. The students have not only been incredibly welcoming, they have also been kind, generous and forgiving of me as I have settled into the College. The same is also true of the staff, and you the parents.


As a newcomer to Bayside I have been asking myself “What is it that makes the College such a great place to be?” The answer I have discovered is attitude. What has struck me is the attitude of students, staff and parents; an attitude of hope that drives them to look ahead and never give up, even if they are doing it tough.


One of the great examples of this “never give up” attitude is Thomas Edison. "According to a

1961 Reader’s Digest article by Edison’s son Charles, Edison calmly walked over to him as he watched the fire destroy his dad’s work. In a childlike voice, Edison told his 24-year-old son, “Go get your mother and all her friends. They’ll never see a fire like this again.” When Charles objected, Edison said, “It’s all right. We’ve just got rid of a lot of rubbish.” Later, at the scene of the blaze, Edison was quoted in The New York Times as saying, “Although I am over 67 years old, I’ll start all over again tomorrow.” He told the reporter that he was exhausted from remaining at the scene until the chaos was under control, but he stuck to his word and immediately began rebuilding the next morning without firing any of his employees.”

[Credit to: Thomas Edison Muckers: “Thomas Edison’s Reaction To His Factory Burning Down Shows Why He Was So Successful”, Richard Feloni, 9 May 2014]


It is wonderful to be in a community that recognises that with each new day, we have the opportunity to start afresh - no matter the circumstances. We are a community that allows the Lord to show them how to salvage hope from despair in the knowledge that great joy lies ahead.


With Term 1 coming to a close the hope and joy of Term 2 is equally upon us. I am looking forward to journeying with you into Term 2 and all that it holds in store for us. In the meantime thank you for a great Term 1 and enjoy the break.


Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Pray in thanks for all the wonderful learning opportunities and experiences we've enjoyed as a community in Term 1.


Pray for rest and safety for College families as we head into the holidays.


Please pray for the many teachers who will be spending the holidays studying to improve their understanding of Christian education, that the Lord would sustain and encourage them.


Pray for our wonderful production team of students, staff and parents as they step up preparations for their performances in May.

From the Deputy's Desk

The Greatest Love

As we focus on love this week, let us be reminded of the greatest love. Whitney Houston's soulful tune tells us that it is about learning to love ourselves, but the deep truth of the Bible says it is more than that - the "Golden Rule" of Matthew 7:12 tells us to "do for others as you would have them do for you."


So in the context of love - what does it mean to love others, the way we want to be loved?

John 15: 13 says: "No one has greater love [nor stronger commitment] than to lay down his own life for his friends."


The truth of this love is found in the Easter story of the sacrifice of Jesus, who laid down his life to pay the atoning price for our sins.

But if we are to express love at Bayside, surely we don't expect our students to die for one another - right? Right! The point is that true love requires sacrifice. It is putting aside what we want, to fulfil someone else's need; it is deciding not to put our own desires first, but to first serve another; and it is a daily decision.


I pray that, as you go into the Easter break, the message of Jesus' love will fill your hearts with hope, and that as you return to next term, that his love will inspire you to action in sharing that with others.


Student lateness

Secondary Homeroom commences at 8:45am, and Primary school at 8:55am each morning.

One day last week, 40 students were late to school. This ties up the office staff as they assist students with signing in, and interrupts the start of the day as teachers share important information, devotions and prayer. Late students also often miss the start of the first lesson when key information for learning success is shared.


Please be on time for school.


Last day of term this Friday 5 April

Term 1 concludes this Friday at 2:30pm. Supervision in the yard will be until 2:50pm, then all students who have not been collected will be called to the office (Primary) or tables at A block (Secondary) to await collection.


Free Dress Friday

Students are permitted to wear free dress on Friday, with a gold coin donation being collected. Primary donations will go to the Monash Children's Hospital and Secondary donations to the Thailand mission trip team for the Chang Mai Mission.


God bless,


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

As we approach the end of term, it is timely to reflect on some of the daily observations that can be made about our Primary students. Our Prep students are now confidently finding their way around their areas of the school and returning to their classrooms at the end of play times. They can sit and listen for longer periods of time and are learning to look after their belongings.


Walking past the Years 3-6 classrooms, students can be observed reading silently or completing a reading quiz as part of the Accelerated Reading program. There has been a high expectation communicated to our students that improvement happens when reading occurs every day, both at home and at school.


In the Years 1-2 classrooms, students are learning to write on the dotted third lines, manipulating numbers, reading more involved texts and using their imaginations when writing stories.


While holidays bring a change to routine and a chance for some relaxation, students are encouraged to keep reading! Perhaps as a family, you could read through the Easter story together and talk about God’s love and sacrifice for each of us.


May God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Year 4/5A Head North

Year 4/5A Students went to visit our North Campus to see a working vegetable garden last Friday. 


They took a look at the Trades Skills Centre, visited our new science building and even had time to play a tune in N Block.


They had so much fun!


Tammie Chester

Year 4/5A Teacher



Years 1/2 Out & About!

The Years 1/2 students were super excited to visit the George Pentland Botanic Gardens on Friday 22 March. As you can see from the photos, they had a lot of fun together, and learnt heaps to complement their Integrated Studies unit on Mapping.



Years 3/4 Artwork

The beautiful Years 3/4 murals are now displayed in G block - pop in and have a look! 


TV Comedian Visits BCC

Last Thursday 28 March, Years 5/6 students had a visit from Australia's greatest impersonator and comedian, Ben Price. Ben entertained the

students with his vast array of character voices and celebrity impersonations as part of their Integrated Studies unit on Leadership. Ben Price is well known for his appearances on Australia's Got Talent, The Morning Show and Today.


During the after performance, Ben shared his testimony and encouraged the Years 5/6 students to think about what it means to be a leader and role model at Bayside Christian College.


Chris Elkington

Years 5/6 Teacher

District Athletics

On Friday 29 March, a number of our Years 3-6 students went off to Ballam Park Athletic Track to compete against other Primary Schools in many athletics events.


All our Baysiders put in an amazing effort. There were lots of ribbons, lots of smiles and lots of team spirit and sportsmanship!


Well done, Bayside! 



Speech Writing in Years 5/6 

Today’s children, tomorrow's future:

Did you know that over 400 million people across the world do not have access to medical treatment when it is needed? These very same people face the threat of diseases, many of which could be prevented with vaccines. Most illnesses are vaccine preventable. Every day healthcare workers and managers go to training sessions to listen to boring lectures, drink their tea and coffee and don’t have any care in the world about why they are actually there. This makes me angry for the following reasons; there is not enough medical treatment in some developing countries, and it’s here where people become too sick to go to school and children are dying every day thanks to dirty water and millions of diseases. You are probably wondering, what we can do to help?

As I make this speech right now, in this moment, there are people (especially children) dying of diseases that could have been prevented before today, before now if only they had access to medical treatment. Every year, over 13 million children under the age of 5 years die from illnesses which could have been avoided or treated. This is why immunisations are so important in countries such as; Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. In the following five countries children are dying thanks to not being able to have immunisations; India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and Ethiopia. These countries represent over 6 million of the children deaths each year. Can you imagine trying to protect yourself from germs and not succeeding?

Some children in Africa are becoming too sick to go to school and when the children don’t go to school they don’t get an education and when they can’t get an education they can’t get a job and no jobs means heaps of poverty. By poverty I don’t just mean no food every couple of days, I mean dirty water, no homes, no food, no school, no medication and no immunisations. When poverty begun well let's just say it never just started to happen it has been around since the start. Thanks to the greed in most of these countries, people now are so poor they can’t even afford food let alone immunisations.


About 1.5 million children are dying of vaccine preventable diseases each year. Living in developing countries makes it harder to get medical treatment. When there isn’t enough medical treatment it becomes expensive and most people who need treatment/medical attention can’t afford it. As I said before, 1.5 million children die each year that’s one every 20 seconds. Would you be able to live through having a family member or friend die?


If you are a negative person then you will be thinking who cares if 13 million children die each year; it’s not like I can do anything about it. Well, you are wrong for each and every person can make a difference even if it’s nothing big, you can still change the world, one person at a time. Maybe if we were to stop and instead of thinking I can’t, think, I can, instead of thinking it’s not possible think what if. When people take on a different perspective, what would the world be like today? What if I could change the world? This is the question we should all be asking ourselves, more often. For what we do now is what affects the children of tomorrow's future.


Indiana - Year 6

Across the College

Updates on North Campus

The North Campus is looking amazing. Many new improvements have been made this term: a basketball half court, footpaths to, from and around the current buildings, and some new outdoor seating.

It has been such a blessing to see the students and staff enjoying this new exciting growth for Bayside Christian College.

SEISS Swimming

We had a very successful day at the SEISS Inter-School Swimming Carnival last Tuesday, with Bayside backing up last year’s achievement and again winning the title!

Our team of about 35 students were fantastic, not just with their race results, but particularly in the way that they conducted themselves throughout the day - they did the College proud.

Aside from our team’s overall performance, Caitlin Buchanan also won the award for best female swimmer in Year 8, Cory Vass won overall for Year 8 boys, Jack McDonald won the Year 9 boys award, and Tomomi Masuko won the open girls award - four champions in a great team!


Dan, Olivia and I were most impressed with all aspects of the team’s efforts.


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE Teacher


RUN4BIBLES is a fundraising opportunity for all students at Bayside Christian College.


HOW IT WORKS: Students ask people to sponsor them to run in the Whole School Cross

Country - held at the College on Thursday 2 May. All the donations are handed to Mrs Longhurst at the office. All the funds raised go to RUN4BIBLES, who buy Bibles and discipleship booklets to give to students in South African public schools. Over 200,000 students have already been impacted by reading about the love of God. Being involved in RUN4BIBLES means that you will be sharing with these South African students the amazing things God does. Let's try and raise as much money as we can! 


Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher


Download additional sponsorship form here

Street Art in Years 9/10

In the Years 9/10 Street Art elective, students have been exploring the technique of stencilling in Term 1.

Using fabric ink and a silk screen, students have produced their own t-shirt designs using stencils they created. It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm in learning a new skill, and their willingness to assist each other in the printmaking process. 


Chay Williamson

Secondary Art Teacher

In just a few weeks' time, we will see our 2019 College musical production of 'Beauty & the Beast Jr' come to life on the stage of the George Jenkins Theatre at Monash University, Frankston. 



Food for Those in Need

In Food Tech classes last week, all the Years 7 &

8 students prepared meals for homeless and other people in need from the Frankston North area. The students were able to make just over 70 frozen meals that will now be available to support the community. Well done! 

Andy Lancaster

Food Technology Teacher

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 students are reminded to be working toward securing their Work Experience placement over the April school holidays, keeping in mind that Work Experience week is 24-28 June (last week of Term 2).


Spare placement forms can be found below:


Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Industry Experience Day

AIE are inviting Years 10-12 students to their April Industry Experience Day on Wednesday 17 April from 10:00am-4:00 pm.


AIE's Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry and will be able to get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools.


The sessions are run by industry professionals who have worked on blockbuster games and films. Everything is provided for students to participate in the hands-on workshops and all will be using the same software that is used in the industry. You can register here

Japanese Students say Goodbye

The Japanese Exchange student program finished this week and I want to thank all the Bayside Christian College staff, children and families for welcoming Tomomi and Yoji from Kinjo High School, Tokyo, Japan. The aim of the program run by AIIU (Australian Institute of International Understanding) is to provide the students with a cultural and educational home-stay experience through immersion in Australian classes, conversation practice and shared activities.

Both Tomomi and Yoji were very nervous about meeting their host families, but after a short period of adjustment, they soon settled in to their new families and school-life.


Program highlights included the Year 10 camp and Outdoor Ed camp, where the students participated in many first-time experiences like kayaking, snorkelling, cooking on a camp-stove, abseiling and rock-climbing. They also participated in the College Swimming Carnival and Rally Day. 


Year 6 invited the students into their classroom for demonstrations of traditional Japanese toys and pastimes like origami. The Year 6 students then challenged themselves to make increasingly smaller paper cranes!


We also spent time in the ELC, interacting and helping the Bayside students. This was a relaxing and rewarding way for the students to practice their English conversation skills. 


Our active English lessons were often held out of the school. We visited Moonlit Sanctuary, where my students delighted in hand-feeding the Australian animals and Tomomi was even brave enough to hold a huge python! The Dandenong Market was also a wonderful opportunity for them to chat with Australians of many different cultures. They also snapped up many souvenirs to take home to family and friends. 


Another memorable experience was our visit to the strawberry farm, where they spent a whole hour picking only the best strawberries to present to their host families for a treat - with chocolate dipping sauce! Our final outing was to Baxter Retirement Village where Tomomi played the piano beautifully for the enraptured residents. After this, both students participated in a gentle exercise class with the residents.


As well as all these fantastic experiences their wonderful host families have shown them some of our most popular tourist spots: Philip Island’s little penguins, the MCG, Melbourne city and Healesville Sanctuary, as well as the beach, shopping centres, church, local sports events and festivals.


Both Tomomi and Yoji have shown great courage in facing new challenges, sometimes daily, and they are to be commended for their effort during the program. We wish them a safe trip home and all the best for their future studies in English. They will have many happy memories of their time here upon which to reflect.


Zina Ferrarin

Group Coordinator

Farewell to Japanese Students - Tomomi and Yoji

This term the Year 10 cohort have had the pleasure of Tomomi Masuko and Yoji Okumura joining their classes.


Tomomi and Yoji have proved themselves to be friendly and willing participants in classroom activities, extra-curricular activities and in the school yard.

On Monday, the Year 10 students busily prepared V block for their farewell luncheon. The Year 10 Food Technology students prepared delicious savoury pinwheels, nibbles and sweet treats for the students to enjoy.


Mr Manning presented Tomomi and Yoji with gifts from Bayside Christian College to Kinjo High School. Aaron and Kate, our SRC leaders, gave the farewell speeches, and Zina Ferrarin presented Tomomi and Yoji with their certificates for participating in the exchange.


Tomomi and Yoji both spoke at length about their time at the College and of the time spent with their host families. Tomomi was hosted by Mr and Mrs Mathews, and spoke fondly of her interaction with the family. Yoji was hosted by Ms Cloherty, and he was particularly grateful for the time spent with the family and for their travels to various sights around the state.


Thanks to all those who contributed to a very happy time of farewell. Tomomi and Yoji both expressed a desire to return to Australia in the future.


Sharyn Hadlow

Years 9/10 Coordinator

Years 11/12 Happenings

Finishing well in Years 11-12

It seems like yesterday that we were heading off to Years 11-12 camp at the start of the year! It has been a full term and one that we, as a teaching team, have loved sharing with our students on North Campus.


As we head to the Easter break, we encourage students to take the time to reflect on what this season is about - to remember the ultimate sacrifice that was made so that we can all experience God’s love and forgiveness. This is a powerful time for us to consider how we live our lives, how we interact with others, and the joy that we can live with every day in response to God’s gift.


It has been exciting to see the basketball court finished this week, and to have our beautiful

Science building officially opened. New drink fountains have gone in, pathways concreted and more landscaping is taking place. Over the holidays, new seating will go in, and a giant chess board as well as four square will be completed. Feel free to come and visit next term! Students have been instrumental in providing ideas for the land, and it is a pleasure to work with them in this. Please continue to pray for this place as planning for future developments continues.


Students in VCE are half way through their Unit 1 or 3, and are working well. It is important to continue to encourage them to stay on top of their study and homework, and to manage their time well.


It is wonderful to be hearing the students’ building anticipation for the Beauty & the Beast Jr production in May. There are many Years 11-12 students involved in this, and it is great to see the connections being created across year levels through this event. If you have not already done so, make sure you book tickets and support the students of Bayside in this amazing display of their gifts and abilities.


The Community Market will take place this Thursday, with all of our Years 11-12 students working together to provide opportunities for people to connect, as well as to raise funds for a range of charities. Thank you for your support in this - we hope you have the chance to meet some new people and to have a chat to students about their charities.


A reminder that the cafe is now open on select days, and that eftpos is available. We’d love to see you there in Term 2.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator

High Tea

On Thursday 21 March, all our lovely Years 11-12 young ladies gathered together in the TSC cafe for a high tea. This was an opportunity to

remind them of the amazing potential they all have, and the call that God has on their lives. We shared Proverbs 31 and talked about the importance of following God's leading in everything. The girls created a mural of encouragement to go into N block to encourage their peers. Thank you to Karissa Gaskell who kindly supplied all the beautiful food for this occasion.


Lara Curtis-Morris & Rachelle Cooper

Captains' Report

“WE DID IT GUYS! We made it through this ‘wonderful’ term! wooo hoooo!” (Sam Simpson)


With one term done and only three to go, we want to congratulate all students and teachers for their incredible tenacity and effort throughout the term. The Year 11 Biology students have embarked on their camp to Little Dessert. We pray that their trip was safe as well as both fun and educational.


We would also like to commend the outstanding effort of all Bayside students who competed at the recent swimming carnival, as they celebrated yet another consecutive overall win for Bayside.


Preparations for the Bayside 2019 production of ‘Beauty & the Beast Jr’ is well underway, with our amazing cast and crew working consistently and diligently in preparation for opening night in week 3 of next term. We highly encourage everybody to purchase tickets as soon as possible, as the show is expected to be a sell out! We all look forward to seeing all of your familiar faces in the audience.


Our Year 11/12 students have also been eagerly preparing for the upcoming Community Market on Thursday. We encourage everyone to come down and have a look at all the amazing products our VCE Business Management and VCAL students have been creating. All proceeds will be donated to various charity organisations.


We request prayer for these upcoming school holidays; for all those going away, and for those at home conscientiously studying, that this study break would be used effectively by all students. It truly has been a wonderful term, and we look forward to seeing everybody relaxed, revitalised, and ready for the commencement of Term 2!


Ellen Bond & Matthew Dumicich

School Captains

(and ghost writer Sam Simpson!)

Year 12 PE

Recently in the Year 12 PE class we had the opportunity to attend Monash University to participate in a biomechanics and energy systems education session. One of the areas we looked at was the biomechanics of the baseball pitch. Lachlan Vass was the volunteer to participate in this activity.


First, without any instruction, he was filmed while pitching the ball. Then we looked at a professional baseballer pitching the ball. We then analysed the professional's technique by using the biomechanical principles that we have been studying. After studying his technique, as a group we came up with a few areas for Lachlan to practise. Lachlan then got up and had another go at pitching the baseball with the new information he had learned. By doing this, Lachlan was able to successfully improve his technique and therefore his skill in pitching a baseball.


VCAL PDS - Year 12

In Personal Development Skills the students have been refining their problem-solving skills through using the 'Solutions Fluency 6Ds Framework', and applying it in a small scale way through planning and debriefing an afternoon of entertainment for residents of the Ebeneezer Village in Langwarrin. This has been run in conjunction with the Year 11 students.

The process of 6Ds is: Define (the problem/event), Discover (what else you need to know to work through the situation), Dream (what could be amazing), Design (how the program/event will run/look), Deliver (the plan according to the design) and Debrief (what went well? What could be improved? What was terrible?). Through using critical thinking and reflecting, students are able to continuously improve the design phase to increase the success of the deliver phase. These skills develop leadership, decision-making and negotiation in the moment, responsibility and accountability as students learn in the 'doing'.


The learnings from these activities are being employed as the Year 12s fully plan and run the VCAL camp next term.


Olivia Williams

VCAL Teacher

Year 11 VCAL Literacy

The Year 11 students have been writing children’s books as part of their narrative work in Literacy. This week, they presented their stories to some tough critics! Our incredibly insightful Years 1-2 and 3-4 students critiqued the stories, making suggestions for improvement and providing feedback. Students will now take this feedback and work on completing wonderful stories that bring messages of hope. We look forward to going back to the Primary classes with final products!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator

Welcome Visitors

It was a wonderful surprise this week to have a group of visitors from Ebenezer Village come

to support our VCAL students in the cafe. VCAL students have been visiting Ebenezer Village, and the residents were keen to come and experience the Bayside cafe. It was great to receive feedback from them afterwards.

Bayside Students Taken to Court

On 19 March, Legal Studies students visited the Supreme and County courts. The day began with a tour around the Supreme Court, where students learnt about the types of cases heard,

as well as the roles of court personnel. A mock trial was a highlight as students role-played a scenario of a murder trial. We then experienced Justice Hollingworth delivering a sentence for a murder trial, outlining in detail the reasons for her decision, including aggravating and mitigating factors. Students also visited the Supreme Court Library, with its rich history and beautiful architecture. After lunch we visited the County Court, where students were able to meet a judge and ask questions - the judge was impressed by the quality of questions asked! At the end of the day, we were taken to another courtroom where a drug trial was taking place, and the prosecution delivered its opening address. Evidence was presented to the jury, including via a television screen. We were very fortunate to have had such rich experiences on the day, with two very interesting cases to learn from.


Sonja Campbell

VCE Legal Studies Teacher

OES Visit the Grampians

On Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 March, the VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies class camped at the Grampians National Park. It was an amazing camp and here are some comments from a few who attended:


My favourite part of OES camp was when the wild kangaroos were so close to us that we could pat them at our campsite on the last night. Another amazing part was watching everyone face there fears with rocking climbing and abseiling. Jacinta


My best memory is rock-climbing. I’ve never done it before camp. I don’t feel scared when I go up but I feel scared when I get down. I hurt my hand when I was rock-climbing. I think I will wear gloves next time but I had fun. I want to play again. Tomomi (Japanese student)

OES camp was an amazing experience for not only me but many others. I made so many new friends and got to explore the amazing Grampians National Park. I was involved in many activities such as rock climbing and abseiling. It was such a thrilling experience and I can't wait for the next camp! Hannah


Important Dates

Last Day Term 1 - Friday 5 April - Free Dress Day and 2:30pm finish

Staff work day - Tuesday 23 April

Students return - Wednesday 24 April - full winter uniform

ANZAC day - Thursday 25 April

Beauty & the Beast - 8-10 May

School Photo Day - Tuesday 21 May

2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels for 2020.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We are soon to commence Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews.


Current ELC4 students are guaranteed an ongoing enrolment at the College - you do not need to lodge a separate Prep application form.


The deadline for ELC 2020 applications is 30 June 2019, including for siblings. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck via email or call 5971 6709.



During the upcoming school holidays, the Dobsons uniform shop will be open at the following times:

  • Thursday 11 April, 10am-2pm
  • Wednesday 24 April (first day back to school), 8:15-11:15am.

Normal trading hours - Mondays (8:30–11:30am) and Thursdays (1:30–4:30pm) - resume Monday 29 April.


Second hand uniform can be sourced through the College Facebook group.


A reminder that full winter uniform, including ties for Secondary students, is to be worn from the first day of Term 2 - there is no changeover period.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Bayside Christian College offers affordable instrumental lessons. Our specialist music tutors enhance our College music program by offering private and group lessons in piano, guitar, vocals and drums.  


Please check out the College website for more information and to sign up for enriching music tuition. 

Footpath Petition

Please drop by College reception before the end of Term 1 to sign our petition to Frankston City Council: "to work with relevant state transport agencies to expedite the design and construction of the shared use path between the Peninsula Link and Frankston-Baxter Trails alongside Robinsons Road, Langwarrin South."


This is an important "missing link" in the local trail network, which is desperately needed to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of the College, including our own students. 

Open Day - Sat 4 May

Open Day is the perfect opportunity to invite friends to check out the College, or even to take a look around yourself!


We are always on the lookout for parent helpers - if interested, please contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams.

Pioneers' Day 2019 - Save the Date!


Camp Australia Newsletter



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