Photo: 2020 IS THE YEAR OF DISCOVERY. EVERY PERSON FLOURISHING AND KNOWN. Respectfully acknowledging the original custodians of this land in the City of Greater Dandenong, The Wurundjeri people.

St. Anthony's School

07 February 2020
Issue One

Our vision is to integrate life and the Catholic Faith through the inclusive and holistic development of students.

In partnership with the wider community, students will strive for excellence and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that ensure lifelong learning, empowering them to contribute to the global community.


High Expectations:

Respect Yourself; Respect Others; Respect Your School

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Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Message from the Principal

Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.


'And suddenly you know. It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.' (Meister Eckhart)

Here we are at the very beginning again, ready for the journey ahead. Refreshed and optomistic and yet somehow bolstered by the lessons of yesterday and last year driving us forward. The magic of new beginnings is exciting for all of us and so many of us have just experienced various wonderful new beginnings.


For our new Preps who have so positively and joyfully settled into the newness of school, we are so proud of you.  We look forward to supporting you to grow and flourish.


For our Year 6 leaders who have walked through our doors with a confident sense of purpose, ready to lead by example our 'high expectations' and spreading the message of welcome that is the St Anthony's way. We thank you.


For the staff members who have left us to begin new journeys and set new goals, we wish you the most heartfelt blessings as you begin with new people and build new partnerships. We wont forget you.


For our Year 6 graduates who began their new journey at their respective secondary schools and colleges, you were in our thoughts all week as we constantly wonder how you are going. We will always be with you. 


For our new staff members who have joined the team this year who have so confidently stepped into the rhythms and structures of our days and have also started building relationships with our learners, we welcome you.


For all of our new families who start anew, the prospect of first time at school can be daunting and even frightening, the letting go and the wondering what our babies are doing all day without us. We are here for you and we support you and we will look after you children as part of our own school family.


In the darkness and despair of what we know as Black summer comes the promise of new hope and new beginnings.  We already see this hope shared throughout Australia through the community spirit. The love and care that has been out-poured to those in need after the devastating bushfires that continue to ravage the country is immense. As a community and with student voice leading, we will contribute to the bushfire relief together.


I borrow the words of another Principal who recently wrote to his families. They express the perfect sentiment;


"...if we genuinely consider this notion of  a new beginning for a moment, we will come to the realisation that it is in the simplicity of the rising sun, and the new day that it gifts us, that we have the opportunity to learn and to advance confidently in the direction of our dreams. It is in the newness of this day, of every new day, that we find our positivity, we allow the past to gently fall behind us and we truly live out the values that define our unique school." 


It has been pure joy for me to see everyone already enjoying their new friends, teachers and their new spaces with such wonder and awe. I am enjoying the beginning of my third year as the Principal of this outstanding school. Thank you to many of you who have already met with me to discuss your children, your fees and your ideas. I look forward to making time for many more of you in the months ahead.


'The beginning is the most important part of the work.' (Plato)

I warmly welcome you all to the beginning of this new school year. We go forth bravely to navigate the new terrain with great hope, faith and sense of purpose in our Year of Discovery.


Have a wonderful weekend. As always go gently and if you have any feedback or ideas we always want to hear them.

God Bless,





Patrika Rowley

Important announcements

A very warm welcome

We welcome twp new members to the St Anthony's education team.  Joining the Learning Support Educators are Joanne Folino and Audrey Liwidjaja. We hope your first 2 weeks have been wonderful.

New Equipment at St Anthony's

We are very excited to share with you all the arrival of a lot of new equipment at St Anthony's. Our new technology is thanks to our Capital Levy which enables us to upgrade and ensure the best resources for our students. Thanks to all of our families who are enabling this through the payment of fees. We look forward to using this as we busily get everything set up.

Air quality and preventatives for students with asthma


Over the summer break, Melbourne and its surrounding regional areas experienced a number of days of poor air quality, primarily due to the bushfires burning in East Gippsland and Southern NSW.

It is possible that we will experience further days of poor air quality over the next few weeks. This may pose a risk to those people that suffer from respiratory disorders.

As a precautionary measure, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if your child has Asthma please ensure that, as per usual, the School is supplied with the following:

* A current Asthma Plan uploaded and handed into the school office - It is recommended to renew these annually with your GP

* Medication required - Ventolin, Preventer etc

* A Spacer

Younger children should give the Asthma Kit, clearly labelled with their name, to their teacher to be kept in the first aid room where we keep a clear student plan.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is a worldwide event that raises awareness about online safety and encourages everyone to help create a better internet. 


Australia’s eSafety Commissioner is encouraging parents to mark the day by starting family conversations about online safety.  


Find out how to start the chat about online safety with your child, by exploring eSafety’s great range of advice and resources at


New Library Concept ready for stage one of the Master plan

We are excited to share the first stage of the Masterplan with you. Just one of the results that our Capital fee in 2020 will bring...


Nuts at school

Please try to avoid food products with nuts especially if the product comes wrapped in plastic. We have several students with nut allergies so sending in nut free lunches is always preferred.

Nude Food - please do not send any plastic!

St Anthony’s wishes to remind families that we are committed to being a nude food school. The Student leaders and children are passionate about no plastic waste. So far in 2020 our Preps are showing the best understanding of this.

What does this mean?

In an effort to cut down on waste and encourage an attitude of care for our environment (including in our canteen this year), we ask that pre- packaged, wrapped foods are not brought to school ie. no packets of chips/popcorn; no packaged yoghurt; no glad wrap, etc. (beeswax wraps are a good alternative so are individually named smaller containers).

Lunch boxes with smaller recyclable containers are recommended. Your child will require a ‘fruit snack’ which will be eaten in class mid-morning. A small separate container is recommended and rather than a large item such as a whole apple we suggest sliced fruit, grapes, berries, carrot sticks, etc which can be easily handled and consumed while working.

At first recess break, children have something decent to eat. Most students enjoy a roll / wrap/ sandwich or small salad or rice/noodle in a thermos.
At second break more snacks are consumed. Snacks include more fruit/vegetables, a savoury muffin, popcorn, yoghurt ( all in recyclable containers please).

Lunch boxes that clearly help a young student recognise foods for different breaks are recommended. Please remember we have a number of students with nut allergies and ask that nuts ( including peanut butter and nut bars) are not brought to school.

Please label all lunch boxes and smaller containers clearly. Please label drink bottles. Students may bring water only to school.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support to help us be an authentic nude food environment.

Parent information sharing sessions

Dear Parents,

Parent information sharing sessions will be held on:
Tuesday 11th February from 2.00pm-5.30pm and again from 6.00pm-7.30pm.
Wednesday 12th February from 3.30-5.00pm.

Interviews are strictly 10 minutes and spaces are limited. The purpose of these interviews is to get to know you, your child and your hopes and dreams for your child’s learning in 2020. If you require more time with a particular teacher, please arrange a separate meeting by telephoning the school on 95460044.

1. Enter your details
2. Select the teachers you wish to see
3. Select the appointment times that suit your family best.

When you click FINISH your selected bookings will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive your email, please check your junk-mail, or enter the event code again and check your email address spelling. Update your details if email address is incorrect.

DO NOT DELETE the email you receive. Keep it somewhere safe. You may need to refer back to it at a later date.

be sent home.

Bookings must be finalised by Monday 10th February at 4pm

If you need to view, cancel, change or print your bookings:

● Click on the link in the confirmation email you received after you made your bookings
● OR return to and enter the code and the email address
you used when making your bookings.

Every day counts - School Attendance

Each day of school missed makes a difference,
with the effect on learning accumulating over time. From an early age, if children are taught that they need to 'show up' for school and make a
commitment, this positive mentality aids academic and career success and brings benefits in adulthood.




If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the school office on 95460044 by 9.00am.  Alternatively, you can email the school to notify of your child’s absence at, or log the absence via the link on the website.

If we do not receive notification of an absence by 9.30am we are required under regulations to message you at home or work to follow up the absence. Please notify the school of all absences. Please note that prolonged absences without notification will be followed up. Many days absent from school does impact on student learning and programs designed to support students.


Come and join us today - A place where young minds are set alight! Spread the news if you know anyone looking to enrol for 2021!!!!


We welcome you to be part of our Catholic community where multi-faith and multicultural people enrich learning. A Catholic School's purpose ensures learning is an adventure of discovery, possibilities and friendship where young minds are set alight. 



Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

The Kids Helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.

CSEF 2020

Below is the criteria used to determine a student’s eligibility for the CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund)

To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student must:

On the first day of Term one or on the first day of Term two;

· Be a holder of a Veterans Affairs gold Card or be an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card holder (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) holder, OR

· Be a temporary foster parent

If you have a healthcare/pensioner card and have not already submitted your CSEF form, please collect one from the offer and return it as soon as possible.

Parents who only receive a Carer Allowance on behalf of a child, or any other benefit or allowance not income tested by Centrelink, are not eligible for the CSEF. For more information visit

School Fees


The payment of school fees is crucial to the running of the school. We

appreciate your ongoing commitment to this. Please ensure that your

payment is factored into your budget. There are many options for payment of fees and a 10% discount if paid in full by March 6.



Fee statements were sent home last week. Direct Debit and Credit card payments commence on February 21.

If you need to make any changes to your Direct Debit or Credit Card

payment details please collect a form from the school office as soon as possible. Please make sure you update any credit card expiry date details when needed. Thank you to the many families who have already met with me this year.


Parking and Safety

Parking and Safety

A reminder to all parents that the gate from Alfred St is not an access point for pick up or drop off for St. Anthony’s children. We ask that all St. Anthony’s families please use the Buckley St. access or enter on foot from Alfred St. via the gate to the school oval. This is more important than ever as now the

Alfred St. ELC requires access and the safety of all ELC families and staff is our priority.

Please follow the car park arrows and rules to ensure everyone’s safety at school drop off and pick up from Buckley St.


Back Gate

Many parents still cross the road at the drop off zone as cars are coming and going in Alfred St.


Parents  need to be an example and walk down to use the crossing provided and observe all safety rules. Our children come first inside and outside the gates.

All this makes for a very dangerous drop off zone.  


School gates open at 8.20am - children must be supervised up until gates open please.

Learning spaces open at 8.30am

Classes begin at 8.50am

School concludes at 3.20pm and all students need to be picked up promptly.


We thank you for your support in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff.

Back to school announcements

Term 1 Important information - previously shared last week via DOJO

Please take note of the following to ensure a smooth start to the year

Students should arrive every morning at their learning space/classroom by 8.30am in full school uniform including black school shoes and school hat. Summer uniform may be worn in Terms 1 and 4. Sports shoes may be worn on sports days only. Please see level newsletters for your sport day.


Prep students began their school year on Friday 31st January. Parents should proceed to the Prep
learning space/classroom, with school bag, hat and lunch box, by 8.30am. The area outside the
Prep spaces has seating and is an ideal spot to sit and chat to other parents while you wait for
the students to be dismissed. Or alternatively the Community Hub is located on the other sie of the Prep space where you can make a cuppa and chat with other parents.


All students are required to have a clearly named school hat which must be worn outside at all
times throughout the year when the UV rating deems necessary.


Key School personnel for 2020
If you have any queries regarding your son/daughter your first point of contact is always their
Classroom teacher. By way of introduction each teacher will make contact with the parents of
the students in their care within the first two weeks.
Other key contacts for the year are:
Mrs Patrika Rowley: Principal
Mr James Gow: Deputy Principal and Student Wellbeing Leader
Mrs Glennis Kerr: Learning and Teaching Leader/Coach and Mentor
Ms. Morgan Scorer: Prep Strategic Pedagogical Educational Leader
Ms. Alison Gracie: Year 1/2 Strategic Pedagogical Educational Leader
Ms. Jodie Bawden: Year 3/4 Strategic Pedagogical Educational Leader
Mrs. Ashlee Doyle: Year 5/6 Strategic Pedagogical Educational Leader
Mrs Susan Kubiak: Diversity and supported students Leader

Community Hub
St Anthony’s is a community Hub school. We have two Hub leaders who you can contact at any
time if you require assistance or connections with any services that could benefit your family.
You can access playgroup through the Hub, Adult education, driving classes and much more. The
parent room in 2020 is located in the Hub which is the portable buildings attached to the
playground. More information about Hub hours will be shared via our first newsletter.
Community Hub Leaders: Mrs Deb Vivian and Mrs Lisa Occhietti


Updates and information
Dojo is the primary source of all information for parents. Families new to the School will be
informed of their login and password details for Dojo once school commences. For returning
families those details will remain unchanged from 2019. Parents are encouraged to check Dojo
as teachers regularly submit feedback on learning tasks, learning habits and events. The school
website is also an excellent source of information and is updated on a weekly basis. All key dates
and located there. The school newsletter is mailed electronically via Dojo every fortnight
starting in week 2.


Canteen in 2020
Please be advised that the canteen will operate on Thursdays and Fridays only in 2020. This
means lunch sales and lunch orders. Please provide your child with a packed nude food lunch on
all other days. We encourage nude food only and water only. No plastic packets or plastic
wrapped foods please.


Sport/Physical Education
Sport along with other specialist subjects begins Week 2. Sport lessons are of 50 minutes
duration. Please see your level newsletter for the correct day to wear runners. Any queries
regarding sport should be directed to:
Ms Emily Prato 9546 0044 (


Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese Language and culture
All specialist subjects are of 50 minutes duration and students have these rotations every week.
During this time, classroom teachers collaboratively plan together and use data to inform the
learning plans for the following week. Any queries regarding specialist subjects should be
directed to the specialist teachers.

Getting to know you conversations/evenings
Getting to know you evenings (information sharing) allow parents the opportunity to make a 10
minute appointment with their child’s teacher early in Term 1. Parents are encouraged to avail
themselves of this opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher/s and to highlight any specific
learning needs that their son or daughter may have and to tell your child’s new teacher all about
your child’s hopes and dreams for their learning. Please see the link shared via dojo to secure your appointment via interviews online. Notes with booking instructions were sent home on Tuesday.
The dates for these evenings are:
Tuesday 11th 
February (2.00pm – 7.30pm learning spaces)

Wednesday 12th February (3.30pm-5.00pm learning spaces)


Three-way Learning conversations (Parent /Teacher /Student Discussions)
A discussion with students, their parents and teacher is held in late Term 2 and is scheduled to
take place on the following dates:
Tuesday 16th June (2.00pm – 7.30pm) Learning spaces

Wednesday 17th June (3.45pm-5.00pm) Learning spaces


Prep year 6 Welcome buddy BBQ
On Tuesday 18th February from 5.30pm-6.30pm the Prep and 5/6 team will be hosting a
Welcome BBQ in the school grounds. Invitations will be sent out very soon.


2020 Camps
All year 3/4 and 5/6 students will be attending a camp during 2020 as per our outdoor education
Policy. The overnight 3/4 camp is designed to be close by so that children can become used to
staying away in preparation for 5/6 camp. The dates are as follows:
Year 3/4 Thursday 27th February – Friday 28th February : Taskworks, Mulgrave

Year 5/6 Wednesday 21st October – Friday 23rd October : Camp Rumbug, Foster

There will be a breakfast and activity morning organised later in the year for P-2 students which
will enable them to gain independence and prepare for camp away from school in the
middle and senior years.
Please note that camps are a compulsory part of our curriculum. Should your child be unable to
attend, you will need to put in a written request for an exemption to Mrs Patrika Rowley
( 30 days prior to the camp departure date.

Reporting absences
Student absences should be directed to the Absentee link via the website. This provides one
point of contact for parents to use to notify the School of student absences for all children for
both School and sport. Parents can also ring 95460044 at any time and leave a message or email Please provide your child’s name and year level. All
students are to be signed in at the office if they arrive late to school with a note from a parent
explaining the reason they are late. If a student needs to depart early, they must be signed out
by a parent/guardian at the office.
We encourage parents not to take their son/daughter out of school during term time.
However if this is unavoidable, a written notification of leave greater than three days must be
addressed to the Principal and Class teacher. Should the absence be any longer than ten days
this needs to be approved by the Principal.


Uniform expectations
It is expected that all students will present themselves in full and correct school uniform at all
times. All uniform pieces can be purchased from the uniform ship which is open every Monday
and Friday from 8.30am-9.00am.
We ask parents to be attentive to the following matters relating to student appearance:
● Girls' summer dress must be worn with white socks and black shoes only not tights or
● On non-sport days black school shoes should be worn, on sport days runners may be worn.
● All hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back neatly.
● Any hair ribbons or scrunchies should be the school blue or maroon. No coloured clips, or
hairbands other than those of school colours.
● Jewellery should be limited to a watch and for girls, and one pair of simple gold/silver studs
or sleepers in the lower earlobe.


Mobile phones
Students are not encouraged to have a phone at school. If there are exceptional circumstances
that require a student to have a phone at school the phone must be handed in to their teacher
at the beginning of each day and collected at the conclusion of the day.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Patrika Rowley

Important Term 1 Dates

Please follow this link to view all dates via our school website

For all upcoming important dates/events click here


Tuesday Early Finish


Prep 2020 dates for January and February



Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In praise of ...

Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In Praise of

Thanks again to Nithin and family for caring for our chickens and our farm garden during the holidays- they’ve done a great job. Everything is healthy and growing beautifully. The sunflowers are peeking over to the school grounds and there are vegetables ripe to pick. We have loved picking zucchini, tomato, cucumber and many tasty treats this week. We are very grateful for this family's commitment to our garden during the holidays.

Photo: “Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.” Saint Anthony of Padua

Learning Space Update

Photo: “Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.” Saint Anthony of Padua

First Week of Prep!

We are very proud of our newest students who this week have become 'our students'. Your child, our student. We look forward to being a very important part of their learning journey alongside you, their parents. Together lets make the Prep year the best possible start to school life.


Photo: 'Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Religious Education News

Photo: 'Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

RE Update


Learning and Teaching Update

Learning and Teaching

Welcome back to all of our families, students and a very heartfelt welcome to our new students and families. We assure you of our support and care as you settle into our school community in the next few weeks.  


We are at the beginning of what promises to be a year that will help each of us to flourish through learning and discovery. It has been such a pleasure to be in the Prep space to witness the sense of inquiry from the youngest people in our school this week. Their positive attitude, bravery, willingness to take risks, navigate their emotions through the school day and ability to reach out to each other in friendship is something so admirable and such an inspiration for all of us at school. They have made us laugh with their innocent comments and I have enjoyed watching them engage with each other and the resources in the room. 


As we begin this year of discovery for us here at St Anthony’s, we will all be on a learning journey that will see us grow in every possible way. We will celebrate our learning and growth, learn from our mistakes and discover more about ourselves and our world everyday. We welcome all our families to be part of this journey and encourage your participation in every aspect of our school life. 

I am always available on email should you like to contact me.


Kindest regards

Glennis Kerr

Teaching & Learning Leader


Faith Based Inquiry: The Year of Discovery

Faith Based Inquiry: The Year of Discovery

2020 is the year of Discovery at St Anthony’s Primary School. An opportunity for students to
delve deeper into their learning, search for truth and explore the unknown, themselves and
the world around them. In Faith Based Inquiry students will be provided the opportunity to
develop their knowledge of Religion, Science and the Humanities in relationship with the
Catholic Tradition and the Catholic Social Teachings. By working through the Design Thinking
Process students will explore their topics through immersion and provocation, investigate
new ideas and put their learning into practice by designing, creating and sharing with
others. In doing this, students continue to build a culture of learning together through
dialogue, collaboration and shared ideas. Our hope is that through Faith Based Inquiry, our
students will continue to develop the skills they need to become lifelong learners, embrace
difference and diversity and make an impact in our world.

Stephanie Webb

Leader of RE & Inquiry

Family Engagement in Learning News

Family Engagement in Learning News

Upcoming Secondary School Expo in Term 1. Please stay tuned for this great event.


Good afternoon parents and families,

My name is Deana Portia and I am the Leader of Community and Family Engagement at St. Anthony’s for 2020. 

My role is to support teachers in creating strong partnerships with parents to support student learning and to discover new and different ways that families can be engaged in their child’s learning. 

If you have any suggestions, feedback etc about family engagement in learning please feel free to contact me on ClassDojo or we can make a suitable time to meet in person and have a chat. Your ideas and feedback is greatly valued and appreciated.

I am looking forward to working with all St. Anthony’s families in many different ways this year!

Miss Deana Portia


Visual Arts News

Visual Arts Term 1


CEO  Creative Arts Exhibition 2020

Dear Families,

We are very proud of our four exhibiting artists who will represent St Anthony’s School at the Creative Arts Exhibition 2020!


Congratulations to:

Jadon Pham, Margaret Kuany, Sheoli Dissanyaka, Han Nguyen


Date and Times

16th – 20st March:    9:00am – 3:30pm

21st March:   12:00pm – 4:00pm




Catholic Leadership Centre (Celtic Hall)

576 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

Wellbeing Update

Wellbeing Welcome to 2020

A big warm welcome to all families for 2020. I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer break. I spent most of my time watching cricket, drinking coffee and spending time with my family.  If you ever have any questions about Student Wellbeing at St Anthony's please feel free to speak to me in the office or email me


Below are some tips provided by the Department of Education about settling into school, especially Junior School students. 


Saying goodbye

At first, you might like to stay for a while until your child feels secure at school. When your child has settled into school, a short and reassuring goodbye encourages independence. Let them know who will pick them up at the end of the day.


Picking up children at the end of the day

When school finishes each day, your child’s class will gather at a regular place. Your child’s teacher will wait with the children. Make sure your child and their teacher know who will be collecting them each afternoon. Children can get upset if the person picking them up comes late. Check with their teacher about the best time to arrive in the afternoon and where to stand.


Keep routines

Prep children can get very tired at night because they are doing so many new and exciting things. For this reason it helps if you keep routines like bath time, meals and reading routines as regular as possible. It’s important to leave time for your child to play and get a good night’s sleep each night.



Alfred Street ELC

Alfred Street ELC Update

The year has just begun and the ELC is bursting with energy! This year we have increased our numbers to 44 and we are at full capacity! We are offering 15hrs to both our four year olds (Green Group) and our 3 year olds (Blue Group), and we are the only sessional kinder in the Greater City of Dandenong doing so!  We have completed all of our intake interviews and our 4yo children have started full sessions, with our 3yo children beginning full sessions on Monday after a short staggered start that has helped them transition into kinder. Due to our increase in numbers, Bibi has stepped up to be our Activity Group Leader, and we are currently with the support of ECMS reviewing applications for our Certificate 3 position.

Throughout this term we will be concentrating on forming strong relationships and bonds with all of the children, helping them to settle into kinder and getting to know each child individually.  We are all so excited to see how the year will unfold. Even though we are full this year, we would love to see you and show you around our beautiful kindergarten and are already accepting enrolments for 2021.



The ELC Team

                                                                                Bibi, Janet and Mary                                     



What's on in the Community Hub?

What's on?

All classes and playgroup are returning the week beginning February 10.

This week will also see our Road Safety/Licence Program begin.  This program aims to assist women in the community become safe and lawful road users by providing important theory and some driving lessons.

We have also opened the new “parent room” as part of the Community Hub space.  Please come over and visit.  Relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.


Thank you KLC

Thank you to Keysborough Learning Centre for providing many of our classes.


For more information contact Community Hub Leaders at St Anthony’s School, Debbie and Lisa on 9546 0044


St Anthony’s Community Hub is open everyday.  Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and relax.

Conversational English Language Classes

Our English language class will aim to improve your English language skills for everyday use…


· at the shops

· at school

· at the doctors

· at work and more…




St Anthony’s Community Hub

This class will be delivered FREE by Keysborough Learning Centre

Computer Classes

Computer Classes for Beginners

Keysborough Learning Centre will be providing this class for FREE

Wednesday 1pm—3.00pm

St Anthony’s School

(Adult Computer Room)

Seniors Get Computer Savvy

Keysborough Learning Centre will be providing this class for FREE

Tuesday 9.30-11.30

St Anthony’s Community Hub


Unfortunately no children allowed in these classes

St Anthony’s Playgroup

For children 0-5 years and their parents/carers.

Come and enjoy the fun!

Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am

Thursday 9.30am-11.30am

Bring a piece of fruit to share

St Anthony’s Community Hub


English Classes

English Classes

· Learn about Australian society, ie culture & customs

· Prepare for employment opportunities and further education

· Rights and responsibilities in the workplace

· Computer, Ms Word, Internet and email

· Develop literacy and numeracy skills to help everyday & work life

· Develop personal skills and self esteem

· Understand pathways available

Friday 9.30am-1.30pm

St Anthony’s Community Hub

Unfortunately no children allowed in these classes

This class is FREE


Community Garden News

Community Garden News

Thanks again to Nithin and family for caring for our chickens during the holidays- they’ve done a great job. Summer is in full swing in our community garden, our zucchinis, beans and cucumbers are growing fast and the first tomatoes are just starting to ripen: Grade 3/4 students enjoyed tasting some of the different veggies today.


Joanna Temme

School Food Garden Educator


Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

Parish News

Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

Where oh where did January go?

We often speak of January as being a lovely month to complete the odd jobs around the garden, tidying up filing cabinets etc. (I think I'm showing my age with a filing cabinet). Many people have been saying the same thing, I haven't achieved much in January as I had hoped. Whatever we have achieved is a bonus, perhaps the gift of January is that the majority of people are doing different things, at a different pace. I hope the gift has been something of a Fallow time, found in our Scriptures, as a period of rest and renewal. This year the last week of January certainly highlighted the return to work for many. Parish life has returned with our School community back. Welcome to all our staff, students and families - we hope this New Year will hold many Blessings for you and all who are part of our Education system. We welcome all those who are here for their first time - staff, students and their families. A special welcome to our preps. I had a stroll through the Resurrection refurbishment, just opened for the start of the year. It looks very nice. This week we have been drawn back into our Parish meetings, On Tuesday (Resurrection) and Thursday (St Anthony's), our Religious Education Teams (RE) met in preparation for our First Eucharist program which starts this week. Thank you to Marj and Suzan who will coordinate our Sacramental program. To our Religious Education Team, thank you for what you are about to do for those families celebrating the Sacraments. Wednesday night at Resurrection was the PPC, (Parish Pastoral Council) and we talked much about Parish policy etc. On Tuesday the lunch we had at St Anthony's was to welcome both Maria Jones (whose birthday it was) and Suzan Gerreyn, who both have now officially started in their new roles here at St Anthony's. We welcome you both with much joy and hope for this year. Blessings to you both. Martin and I then had a lengthy meeting discussing many things for this year. Martin suggested we change the weekend that we celebrate Wedding Anniversaries, currently being celebrated on the last weekend of each month. This is often the weekend that we Priests have changed Parishes to celebrate Masses with our communities. We will now celebrate Wedding Anniversary on the first weekend of each month. So this weekend we will celebrate all those who will celebrate their anniversaries in February . We hope and pray that February will be a gentle month for all of Australia. May this week bring you many blessings Martin, Vicki and Brian

Euchrist Programs 2020

Eucharist Sacramental Programs (RES and STA) Our Eucharist programs for 2020 will be commencing shortly at both Resurrection and St Anthony's. If you have not submitted an enrolment form for your child please contact the Parish URGENTLY – 97015899 for Resurrection and 9546 8276 for St. Anthony's. Also, all families who have registered were sent an email regarding the program. If you have not received this email please contact the Parish office. Thank you.

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Community Announcements


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