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08 March 2018
Term 1 Week 6 2018
Dates to Remember
General Information
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Dates to Remember


Monday, 12th March

Labour Day



13th - 16th March

Year 10 Camp


Tuesday, 13th March

SEISS Swimming Carnival (backup 19th March)


Thursday, 15th March

ASV Years 1-3 Combined Sports Day


Monday, 19th March

Year 8 SEISS Basketball


20th - 25th March

Year 11 Avondale Camp


21st - 23rd March

Year 8 Camp


Thursday, 22nd March 

Harmony Day NWS


Monday, 26th March

National Leaders Day

Year 7 SEISS Basketball


Tuesday, 27th March

Parent/Teacher Interviews

S -v- S Challenge


Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day

General Information

Canteen Return

Please note the canteen will remain closed until further notice.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thank you.

Primary PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Nyanyout

Year 2/3C - Anthony Castillo

Year 4/5N - 

Prep DH - Hosea T

Year 1WV - Evie for Respect

Year 3MC - Nandani for Respect

Year 4CJ - Emanuel

Year 4/5W - Kenna Tuffa

Year 5RJ - Mathias for Resilience

Year 6E - Matthias

Reflect Respect

Two weeks ago it was House Athletics. Narre Warren South Campus and Officer Primary Campus both attended this event. During the day lots of students showed sportsmanship and all of the four core values of our school. In some races, a couple of people fell, but got back up again, even if it meant a small cut or a big bruise, everyone was determined to keep going. But above all, everyone showed respect to others and enjoyed the day. No one made fun of those who came last in races, instead they encouraged one another. Being respectful means to think about others and to show the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” - Matthew 7:12. So an acronym you can use to remember how to be respectful is ‘JOY’ - Jesus, Others and then Yourself. Thank you and God bless. Milko 


What does it take to be the best you can be? I would like to remind our school community that our school’s PB4L values, and in particular, respect, goes a long way towards building a persons character to be more like Jesus. With the love of Jesus, and the power of our school values in your life, you can grown in your journey with Jesus. Consider the lives of some of our greatest Christian missionaries: George Muller, Gladys Aylward, Lottie Moon, these are just a few names that show us what it means to respect and care for those in need. Let us keep Jesus as a focal point in our lives. God Bless. Ruvesh 

Drum Lessons

The Drum House - one on one private drum lessons (located in Officer).  All ages welcome, whether you're 1 or 100!


If you're seeking music lessons for your kids, now is the time to start!  Music lessons are so important for their mental and physical developmental skills. It encourages creativity and an appreciation for how important music is.


Prices are as follows:

$40 - 60 minute lesson

$30 - 40 minute lesson

$25 - 30 minute lesson

$20 - Kids 25 minute lesson (5 years and under)


For more information please contact Jamie on 0427 030 006.


Thank you.

Pakenham Church Service

Pakenham SDA Church was blessed last week to have Heritage College take their church service on 24th February.  Students who attend Pakenham Church weekly were excited to have their Principal, Mr Aiono, and other staff come visit and take part.


Members participated in praise and worship songs with actions that made us all feel like we were in a Heritage chapel program. Eden from P/1W, Lauren from 4/5NV, Valerie from 2/3C and Tadiwa from Year 11 all shared why they love Heritage College. Tadiwa who has been at Heritage since Year 3 pointed out that he felt like he is at an advantage completing his VCE at Heritage as smaller classes means he has more teacher one-on-one time.


Janine Smilek shared that as a mum of two boys, she has been happy with her decision to send them to Heritage as she can see Jesus at our school. Leah from Year 12 praised God through a special item sharing her love and gift of singing. Eden from Year 7 shared the children’s story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and challenged the children to “Stand Tall” when they see someone being left out or bullied.


Mr Aiono continued the “Stand Tall” theme by challenging the congregation to stand tall in the smaller things in life so that we are then prepared to stand tall when it counts. Pakenham members are excited to have Heritage return later this year when our College Chaplain, Mr Lagi, will take the service.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Teacher and Pakenham Church Elder

Lunch bags for sale

We have a few of these insulated lunch bags for sale at the NWS Office for $5.  Limited stock.


Please pop in if you are interested in purchasing one.


Thank you.

End of Term Finish

The last day of term is Wednesday, 28th March.  School will finish at 12:50pm.


Thank you.

Schools Sports Victoria (SSV) Swimming Carnival

16 students from Heritage College attended the SSV Swimming Carnival on Monday and represented their school with outstanding team spirit.


Students participated in a range of events including: Freestyle relays, 50m Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. Well done to all students for participating at this level of competition! Also, well done to Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn who both placed third in their event!


Well done Heritage SSV swimming team!

Mrs Kim Nuske

Attending Teacher

News From the Art Room

Heritage College Artists have been very busy working on various projects throughout this term.


Level Foundation have been learning to identify and use geometrical shapes to help draw body form and embellish their drawing by using watercolours.

Year 1 have been learning about identity through Art and self-portraits.  Students have been designing and making a soft-sculpture of themselves, creating facial features while observing face proportion guidelines and using paper patterns to make clothing.

Year 2K have been creating a collage based on 'The Past'. This Unit of work is a direct result of the Inquiry Unit undertaken in Year 2K. Students have observed historical photos of the local area and used this as an inspiration to create a layered collage.

Years 2/3C and 3MC have completed an amazing self-portrait in a different setting than usual. This time students have explored what they look like when they are under water. The results have been amazing.

Years 4/5 have been exploring how to manipulate art materials to achieve the desired effect. 'Space Cadets' is the title of our current Art project. Students have been experimenting with smearing oil pastels and paint spraying techniques to create a galaxy landscape.

To coincide with the Year 6 trip to Canberra, students have completed an Australian Prime Minister charcoal portrait. Students have been experimenting with obtaining different tone by using charcoal and kneadable eraser to create lighter tones or highlights.

Mrs Yolanda Horne

Art Teacher

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 2 is here and have been distributed to students. This will be the chance to order before the holiday.  All cash orders need to be handed to the Office latest by March 16th, 2018 so that the books can be delivered before the holiday. Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au

ICAS Tests

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.


Heritage College will again be offering to administer these tests to students and families who choose to participate. The tests are voluntary, each incurring a cost to the family and will be scheduled on specific dates, as outlined below. If you would like your child to participate in one or more tests, please request a payment form from Tam (NWS) or Venitta (OC) and pay the associated costs.


More information is available on their website:  https://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/icas/about.


2018 ICAS Dates and Prices

If you have further questions regarding registering or administration of the tests, please contact your child’s Deputy Principal.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Mini Fundraiser
School Years Journal

Please collect your order form from either Office.


Thank you.

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 6

iParent - Inappropriate Content

“Wondering how you can protect your children from online content that could be harmful to them?  Find answers to the top questions parents have about how to protect children from harmful online content, including pornography, self-harm sites and violent videos and games.”


Link to webpage and iParent Course


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator



Swimming Lessons


Easter Performance


School Holiday Program


Living Well Pop-Up Bookstore


From Narre Warren South

Coles Sports for Schools


Year 3MC Report

Year 3MC students have been learning to take pride in their work to show excellence. The display board at the back of the class gives students the chance to show how well they are working.  At the moment you can come and view the students pictures on the fall of Jericho.


We also have a class teddy, Penny the caterpillar, that gets to spend a week with a student. The whole class enjoys listening to what adventures they have had each Thursday.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 3MC Teacher

Fitness Friday

We work really hard in our Fitness Friday - Enrichment group. No really, we do:)

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Clean Up Australia Day

During the morning of Friday, 2nd March, the students of our Narre Warren South Campus, demonstrated the value of Service by participating in our Clean Up Australia Day program.  Our Prep class buddied up with our Years 5/6 students to clean up the wetlands nearby to the school. Mr Waldrip and Mrs Capon’s Years 4/5 students worked hard to collect as much rubbish as they could find in the park next door, while Mrs Millien and her Year 3 class cleaned up the pathway next to the bottom fence along the oval.  Our wonderful Year 1/2 students scoured our school grounds for rubbish, making sure our campus was sparkly clean.


It was wonderful to see enthusiasm and participation from all students as they worked together to give to the surrounding community and environment.  Together the students collected quite a lot of rubbish, as you can see in the pictures below. However, Ms Robertson noticed that the pile of rubbish was smaller than it had been in the past, which was encouraging.  Perhaps our students and our community members are being more respectful of the parks and school grounds by putting their rubbish in the bin. Well done to all our “Super Cleaner Students” for setting a great example of Service and Respect in our clean up day.  

Mrs Jo Capon

Year 4CJ Teacher

Deputy Principal Primary

Year 1WV Report

We have been learning about Place Value! We have had so much fun using paddle pop sticks to show tens and ones.

Miss Alicia Wold

Year 1WV Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Year 8 Adventure Camp


Watch this space...

Students to have a new voice at Officer campus. It’s worth considering these questions to see if you are the type of student we are looking for.

● Have you ever wished that things could be different?
● Would you like to see things change at the College?
● Wouldn't it be great if there was a place that you could discuss what matters to you and your friends?


Roll up, roll up!


Heritage College will be starting an SRC (Student Representative Council) on the Secondary Campus in Term 2.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Secondary SRC Coordinator

VCAL Update

The VCAL students are continuing to start 2018 with many varied projects, a very practical way of placing theory into practise.


These are some of the projects:

  • Designing and building of a bird netting structure over the whole fruit orchard. (the birds are eating too much fruit).
  • Covering the VCAL picnic area, that includes a fire pit and two bench seats, (built last year) with small coloured stones. So that the Primary and ELC classes can use this area too.
  • Building a pump shed/water fountain for our dam, to aerate the water during summer.
  • Finish off the refurbishment of room 12. Painting of walls and ceiling, kitchen, splash-back tiles around the sink, two couches and coverings, library and different ‘Stand Tall’ wall paintings.
  • Finishing off the basketball court seating. 
  • Soft fill covering for the outside gym, plus a low balance beam structure.
  • Beautifying the gardens around the campus. 
  • New stairs for the outside area north side of the Home Economics Kitchen room. (extra over the retaining wall)
  • Plus many odd jobs to help our school community.

All of these projects while completing theory days, TAFE Certificate 2 & 3, and one day per week work experience.


Many pictures to come.


Mr Terry Rogers

VCAL Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Fishing Tips!

On Thursday, 1st March, Year 2/3C had the opportunity to try out their fishing skills at the school dam.


We have been doing a maths investigation about fishing; and though it was fun making our own rods and catching paper clip fish to measure and add up, we just had to try the real thing.


Thank you to Adolfo (Theo's grandpa) for making it all possible. Like most of my fishing trips, we didn't quite catch anything, but great times were had nevertheless. 


Mr Darrell Chang

Year 2/3C Teacher

Clean Up Day

On Friday 2nd of March, students at OCP went rubbish hunting around the school grounds. They worked hard to look for rubbish in all sorts of places and showed outstanding teamwork! Thank you to our parent volunteers who attended and helped in cleaning up our school environment. Well done team!

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

From the ELC

ELC Update

The ELC has been keeping busy the last couple of weeks. We went on an excursion to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, where we saw Australian plants, had a splash in the flowing stream and experimented by tracking leaves through the currents.

Our literacy exposure has been continuing with the letter W, which tied in well with our learning about worm farms and what worms actually eat. The children have been excited about saving their food scraps to feed our worms and have shown great interest in making sure the correct items go into the different bins.

Numeracy made its way into our playdough table, as the children made the different numbers of apples to put on their apple tree. Once the playdough was done, we moved onto smaller sequins and beads, which required a greater amount of manipulation.

For encounters we learnt about Samuel; how he listened and was a very helpful person. There were many opportunities for the children to ‘help’ at kinder. Some washed dishes, swept the leaves in the outdoor area or helped wipe tables for morning tea. The current story is Abram shares with Lot, where there are many lessons to be learnt about sharing and not always needing to have the best items to be happy.

A first for the ELC is the shuttle bus that is now operating from the NWS-Officer campus in the mornings. This has enabled some new friends to join us and we are beginning to grow as God showers his blessings upon us.

We hope to continue to grow with God’s plan for our humble ELC.


Miss Ness

ELC Teacher

Vacation Care

With holidays just around the corner, the OSHC club at Heritage College Officer is inviting you to join our FUN filled Vacation Care Program!


To make a booking, please visit the Officer or Narre Warren South Offices to collect your enrolment form. 


Open 5 days Mon-Fri not including public holidays.

Sessions start on 29th March (closed for Easter public holidays)


Extra INFO: 

Contact: OHSC Coordinator/ Rebecca Kareroa

Phone: 5943 2900 (option 3)

Email: elcadmin@heritagecollege.com.au

Fees: $85 per day

Opening hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm

CCB and CCR Entitlements available.


Look out for our Vacation Care program coming soon...

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