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27 March 2018
Issue Four
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Important Diary Dates

2018 Term Dates

Term 2: 16 April to 21 June

Term 3: 16 July to 21 September

Term 4: 8 October to 12 December

Important Diary Dates for 2018

Wednesday 28 March

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)

Term 1 concludes for students


Thursday 29 March

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Friday 30 March

Good Friday


Monday 16 April

Term 2 commences


Wednesday 25 April



Monday 11 June

Queen's Birthday Holiday


Thursday 21 June

Term 2 concludes for students


Friday 22 June

Report Writing Day (no students)


Monday 16 July

Term 3 commences


Tuesday 7 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)


Thursday 16 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)


Friday 17 August

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Friday 21 September

Term 3 ends


Monday 8 October

Term 4 commences


Monday 5 November

Mid Term Break


Tuesday 6 November

Melbourne Cup Day Holiday


Friday 23 November

Report Writing Day (no students)


Monday 10 December

Presentation Night (Years 3-12)


Wednesday 12 December

Term 4 ends













Principal's Message









                    Mrs Josie Crisara


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16


'What a wonderful gift of salvation'. This was the theme in our Easter Services this week. At this special time in the Christian calendar we remember the sacrifice given to us and recall just how much God loves us all. This verse from the Bible summarises God’s relationship with humanity and the way of salvation.


So at this Easter time, we should stop and reflect on the many ways in which God loves each of us and to be thankful for this.  We should reflect on what is it that we have done for others and what sacrifices we are prepared to make. In this Holy week from the events of Palm Sunday, to the betrayal on Holy Thursday, the crucifixation on Good Friday and the resurrection on Easter Sunday there is a story to reinforce with our children of love.


I wish all families a blessed Easter time and pray students keep safe over the Term 1 holidays.


Last week at Assembly, I spoke of how Kindness changes lives and used the song, “This is me” from the musical, The Greatest Showman, to highlight the importance of acceptance and how every act of kindness can be a significant influence on people. The lyrics of the refrain highlight that accepting one’s self and accepting others for who they are no matter what race or ethnicity, body type, young and old makes the world a better place to be. This personal strength and resilience needs to be developed in our young people.


“When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I'm meant to be, this is me
Look out 'cause here I come
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum
I'm not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me”


Congratulations to the following students:

  • Angus M (Year 10) - gets the opportunity to do work experience with the Hume Mayor
  • Aleyna U (Year 12) - receiving the Victorian Bar Foundation – Student Achievement Award
  • Jack W (Year 9) - winner of the Australian Under 15 High Jump title


We say farewell to Mrs Mardy Kerr, who retires at the end of this term.  Mrs Kerr joined the College in 2000 as our Head of Library. She saw the growth of the Library from the tiny space which was a classroom to the great facility it is today. Mrs Kerr introduced exciting Library programs with a strong focus on having young people love reading. We wish her well for the future.

Deputy Principal








      Mr Kim Forward

Canteen On-line Ordering

On-line lunch orders can be made for Prep to Year 6 students (delivery to classroom) and now also for Year 7 to Year 12 students (pick-up from the Canteen). Parents create an account at: Make child’s order, select their class for Prep to Year 6 or select “Senior School” for Years 7 to 12. We encourage you to use this service to be sure what your child eats for lunch and also to assist the canteen with their day’s workload.

Canteen Drinks

Several parents have expressed concern about the sale of “slushies” in the canteen; this is understandable given the recent media coverage about the sugar content of slushies/slurpees in well-known takeaway food outlets. I have done some research and calculations which show that the Aitken slushies have much less sugar content than commercial slurpees (7/11 or McDonalds), less sugar than common soft drinks such as Coke and Solo, and in fact less than the “healthier” soft drinks in the canteen. The brand of slushie recommended as the healthiest choice for school canteens in New South Wales has much more sugar than the Aitken ones. We periodically review the canteen menu with Metro Canteens and this will be done again soon. Choice and nutrition are both important factors in these discussions.


Car registration numbers reported as displaying inconsiderate or unacceptable behaviour on the Aitken internal roadways recently have been:

  • Excessive Speed: MAROKI, 1FS-1SS, SWG-448
  • At crossing or stop sign: DKO-14H and 1IE-30N
  • Overtaking the traffic queue: XGL-915

Term 2 Mid-year Holidays

Parents are reminded that the Aitken College mid-year holiday period now commences a week before the Victorian government school holidays; in previous years Aitken finished the holidays a week after these schools. Aitken dates for 2018 are: Term 2 ends Thursday 21 June, Term 3 commences Monday 16 July.

Parents & Friends 

Moonlight Movie Night

Thank you to all the students and family members that supported our first ever Aitken College Moonlight Movie Night on Friday 16 March. The weather was balmy and it was a great success with over 250 attending and the trivia movie warm up quiz was a winner.


Coming Up

  • Pre-loved Uniform Sale – Wednesday 28 March from 3.00pm – 6.00pm in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre Foyer. See attached flyer.
  • Trivia Night - Next term kicks off with our Trivia Night on Friday 20 April. Please see attached flyer for further information.

If you have never been to a Trivia Night, then you must come and have a laugh with other parents and friends. We will be putting together full and part tables, so it does not matter if you do not know anyone else, just put your name down and we will get in touch and put you on one of our Parents & Friends Association team tables. Just about everyone walks away with a prize on the night and it is so much fun!

Raffle Prize Donations

We do still need more items for our raffle prizes including donations from local businesses who, if they donate, will be included in our advertising signage on the night. If you have any items, new and in excellent condition, that you would like to donate, then please bring them into the main Reception.

Ms Kathryn McKenzie

Parents & Friends Association - Vice President










                    Mr David Murphy

As we approach the end of first term, it is time for Brookhill students to look back on the year so far, take stock of what they have achieved and set themselves goals for the term ahead.

House Swimming Carnival

In first term, the Senior School represented itself with distinction at the House Swimming carnival. Staff were very impressed with the cooperative and friendly atmosphere and positive interaction between staff and students.


Study Skills Seminars

On the academic side, all Brookhill students have participated in Study Skills seminars provided by Elevate Education. This program is now well established at Aitken College; staff and students are in agreement that the work done by the presenters from Elevate has been of great benefit to all participants. Ideas raised in these seminars will be followed up at school through the Lifeskills and study class program as a part of the College’s commitment to improving all aspects of academic performance. Now is an important time for goal setting, as students still have plenty of time to take steps towards achieving their goals. I would like to take this opportunity to remind Year 11 and Year 12 students of the following advice contained in the Student Elevation seminar:

  • To exist, a goal must be written down. You do not have to show anyone, but you must write it down.
  • You are not likely to exceed your goals; whilst setting goals is the first step in achievement, setting them too low can limit your progress. Make sure your goals are realistic, but be ambitious: if you need an ATAR of 80 to get into your course, set your goal at 85 or 86 and work towards this.
  • Once you set a goal, break it down by identifying the things you must achieve along the way. An overall goal should be broken down into sub-goals; each of these can be achieved through practical tasks and activities. An overall academic goal should be de-constructed to identify marks needed on each task; this, in turn, can become completion of specific homework tasks, meetings with teachers, identification and rectification of weak areas.




VCAL Community Activities

Over the course of the year, the VCAL students are involved in numerous community activities, both local and in the wider municipality. In the Work-Related Skills strand, the students develop employability skills, knowledge and personal attitudes valued within the community and work environments as a preparation for employment. The key employability skills include: communication, team work, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising, learning, self-management and the use of technology.


Recently, the VCAL students held a BBQ fundraiser. The students had a personal interest in raising funds for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and worked hard planning, organising and preparing for the fundraising event.

Mrs Jenny Lilley

VCAL Coordinator










                 Mrs Francis Scuderi

Parent Teacher Interviews

If you did not make it to this week’s Parent Teacher Interviews the second round will be taking place on Wednesday 28 March from 3.30pm to 8.00pm. There might still be opportunities to meet with your child’s teachers and bookings are made through the parent portal. The interviews give you the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to have a quick chat about their progress. After the interviews, it is a good idea to discuss what was said with your child and what the next step should be.

Year 8 Medieval Day

Last week the Year 8 students had fun exploring medieval days. The students rotated through various groups and explored costumes, armour, weapons, games etc. that were used during medieval times. This all-day activity was enjoyed by the students and was a great learning experience.


Year 9 Start Smart Program

The Year 9 students took part in the Start Smart Program, a financial literacy program that is designed to get students thinking about savings and part-time work. This raised lots of interest and questions.

Year 9 Respect Ourselves Day

The Year 9 students also had the Respect Ourselves Day, a program run by the school that looks at things like:

  1. Discussing the myths teenagers have about what other teenagers are doing.
  2. Stress and Anxiety: What causes stress/anxiety and some practical ways to deal with and lessen anxiety.
  3. Social Media: The addictive nature and “fakeness” of social media.
  4. Sexualisation: Looking at the sexualisation from a young age and the impact this might have on how young people behave today. 

The program hopes to get students thinking about their teenage years and how to navigate through them. Students were placed in all girl or all boy groups so that they felt comfortable talking or asking questions. Hopefully, students came away from this day feeling more empowered and confident that others are just like them and are feeling like them.  

End of Term

The school term ends on Wednesday 28 March. Thursday 29 March is a Professional Learning Day and students are not required at school. Term 2 commences on Monday 16 April.

Winter Uniform

Next term students should be in their winter uniform. Please use the holiday time to check that uniforms still fit correctly and are altered if needed. Parkas can only be worn over the blazer to and from school.

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and a wonderful break.









   Ms Karen McArdle

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the first term – it feels like we just started! However, in saying that, as I look back over this term, I know that much has been achieved. The children have settled well into their class and the learning experience. Units of work have been undertaken and completed, students have progressed with their learning and skill development, new friends have been made and teachers are busy with plans for the next term!

Thank You

I would like to thank the children for all of their hard work this term, whether it be in the classroom, on the stage or sporting arena, or in the playground, as they learn to play together, compromise, negotiate and show respect, care and compassion. I would also like to thank our wonderful Cumberland parents. Your continued support of the school and its staff as they strive to provide and care for the children, and work to improving the educational outcomes for them is truly appreciated.

Parent Teacher Meetings

The first round of meetings was held and were well attended. The next round is on Wednesday 28 March. We hope that parents found the meetings informative and they now have a good understanding of their child’s strengths and areas for improvement. The teachers have a wealth of information, so make sure you seek their advice if problems arise with your child’s learning.

Helping with Homework Evening

This night saw many parents hearing from the curriculum coordinators for Years P-6 talk about:

  • the ways in which learning can be supported at home
  • how to help their child with their reading
  • the curriculum areas and what will be covered in each year level.

A number of parents that I spoke to are interested in attending sessions targeted towards their specific area in which they are struggling to assist their children. If you have an area of learning you would like staff to create a session for and think other parents would be interested, please email me your ideas.


For those who cannot make it to our assemblies, I thought I would let you know of some changes we have made this year. Our goal is to have the assemblies run by the Year 6 Captains, providing them the opportunity to develop and practise their leadership skills.


The Cumberland Captains host the assemblies, while the students sit in their house groups, under the leadership of the House Captains. The Sports Captains speak on the upcoming sporting activities and events taking place, as well as report the results from last Friday’s contest. The Arts Captains will be arranging for students to perform, while the Community and Environmental Captains will be running special events to raise both awareness and funds for various causes.

ACE Card

The House Competition for ACE card points is hotly contested, and reinforces the values we hold dearly at this school: respect, kindness, team-work and cooperation, effort and perseverance, and excellence. House flags are held proudly at assembly and positioned according to each week’s points tally, helping students to set goals for achieving ACE cards.

Theme - 'To Be the Best Version of Ourselves'

Our theme for the year is ‘To Be the Best Version of Ourselves’. This theme enables us to introduce a number of sub-themes such as being respectful to everyone and accepting the differences amongst us. At last week’s assembly, Mrs Crisara showed the film-clip from The Greatest Showman, featuring the song, ‘This is Me’. The song reinforces the need to embrace our differences.


Early Predictors of School Success

Dr Rebecca Collins, a leading Australian educational psychology researcher, recently wrote in the Australian Teacher Magazine that ‘students with well-developed and adaptive social and emotional behaviours are more likely to excel in school’. The University of New South Wales, in partnership with the University of Sydney, undertook a two-part study of over 150,000 NSW kindergarten students and found that adaptive social and emotional behaviours correlate with better results in school years later. The children’s cooperative, socially responsible, helpful, anxious and aggressive-disruptive behaviours were assessed. They found that:

  • Children who were higher in cooperative, socially responsible and helpful were more likely to achieve better results in Years 3 and 5.
  • Children with high levels of aggressive-disruptive behaviours tended to achieve lower results.
  • Children who were anxious had less obvious outcomes but often achieved slightly lower school results - possibly because their anxiety makes socialisation more difficult.

This research adds to a growing body of evidence that children’s social and emotional behaviours are ‘powerful predictors’ of later outcomes; making it essential that social and emotional skills and behaviours be taught from a very early age.

Happy Easter

I wish Cumberland families a happy, healthy and safe Easter.










  Ms Kerrie Neophytou

Fairview Easter Prayer

Dear Jesus


Be with us this day as we gather to bring Your Easter blessing upon Fairview.


Bless each one of us as we enter Holy Week, as this brings us Your everlasting love.


Bless our friendships as we become a family of friends, and we always remember your commitment to us all.


Bless our learning as we learn more of Your sacrifice, for us all.


Bless our family as we share Your life and the Resurrection.


Bless each person who enters our school that they may share in the joy and happiness that comes from You at Easter.


We ask this, through You Jesus. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

Happy Easter

As we near Holy Week, may the love of our Lord bring you all peace and many blessings. Wishing you all a Happy Easter and safe holiday!

A Conversation with Year 1 Students

S: Student    Ms N: Ms Neophytou


S1: We went to Yarrabee (Yesterday World), it was great! Lots of squealing and excitement.

S2: They didn’t have any Wi-Fi

S3: They didn’t have any iPads, they had nothing in the olden days

S1: They wrote on blackboards

S3: Ms Neophytou did you have Wi-Fi when you were little?

Ms N: No I didn’t

A surprised look and silence amongst the students

S2: An iPad?

Ms N: No iPad

S1: What did you do?

Ms N: I played with my brothers.

S2: I play with my brother, we play Minecraft together.

Ms N: Do you play together every day?

S2: No

Silence again…

S3: Were you bored when you were little in the olden days?

Ms N: When I was a little girl it wasn’t the olden days. But I was never bored, we always had something fun to do.

S1: What was your favourite game?

Ms N: I loved playing board games with my brother, I’d make crafts with my mum, make mobiles with my dad, once we made a wind chime with seashells. We would ride our bikes, play football and cricket.  Lots of playing together. We were never bored.

S3: I get bored

S2: So do I, on Saturdays and Sundays, but then I play on the iPad

S4: Me too

Ms N: What did you like about the excursion? What games were fun?

S3: Sack race, playing with the hoops

S2: Lots of things to do outside, but we got a bit dusty and dirty.

Ms N: That’s OK, it is important to run and play outside

S3: Will you bring in one of the games you played when you were little?

Ms N: Of course, I will bring in my ”Jacks”.

Another surprised look!


During this conversation, I had to remind myself that I was not educated in the 19th century, but the 20th century and the needs of all children whichever era they are born, are the same, the need to play and be active. A great deal of change has occurred in our world, the need to be tech savvy, to update our skill base and to stay in tune with what comes up next, is essential. Please ensure all gadget time is supervised, however children playing outdoors in our backyard is free-range!


Harmony, Love and Peace

“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life; it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge and the joy of growth.” Mitsugi Saotome



Our focus on the Fruit of Spirit this term has had a strong impact on how we relate with each other. Many conversations and modelling on how we integrate to be part of a community has occurred. The children have shared their joy and love with each other; focusing on harmony and happy relationships!

Chapel and Assembly

It is wonderful to see many parents and grandparents attending our weekly Assembly and Chapel services. This is an integral part of the College’s Christian program. The attendance at our Easter service was also very pleasing and we are grateful for our community support and engagement in Fairview.





Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) - Term 1 2018 Applications

Do you have an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card / Pension Concession Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card? The Victorian Government has established a Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) to provide payments to eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. An amount of $125.00 per year will be paid for eligible Primary school students, with $225.00 per year paid for eligible Secondary school students. Payments will go directly to the school account and be tied to the student. If you have not applied for 2018, application forms may be obtained from the College or downloaded from and must be lodged at the school by Friday 22 June 2018.  Eligibility criteria apply. For more details please refer to

Mr Petar Gajic

Finance Manager


Year 12 Students' Lifeskills Classes

We have very much enjoyed our time with the Year 12 students in their Lifeskills classes. Students have been shown how to research course options in more detail so they are able to make more informed decisions.  For those not yet sure about their pathways, post Aitken, we have revisited the ‘myfuture’ website so that they can undertake further career exploration and research. It is fascinating to learn about the wide variety of options students are contemplating pursuing post Year 12. For the remainder of the year we will be working with the students to devise a pathway they are interested in and hopefully excited about, with in-built safety nets.    


A reminder that students need to have a Tax File Number if they plan to enrol in a course of study at university or TAFE, or take up employment in 2019.

Careers News

Career News Issue 4 is now available and includes information about a Visual Art Portfolio Preparation workshop, the ‘Inside Monash’ seminar series, the ‘My Melbourne Future’ events, a career in Marine Science, Paralegal and Law degrees in Victoria, a career in Policing, the Deakin ‘Step on Campus’ school holiday event, the ADF Gap Year, a career in Forensic Medicine seminar, “A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator", Becoming a Chartered Accountant, Health Science and Nutrition and Dietetics courses in Victoria and much more.

Contact Details

The Careers office is staffed most days except when we are at meetings or professional development seminars.  Please contact us on 9333 1866 or email: [email protected]

Mrs Clare Borg & Ms Rae Gibbs

Careers Counsellors

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Captains’ Concert

There is much excitement surrounding the upcoming 'Performing Arts Captains’ Concert'. Entry is by donation which will raise funds for Headspace Craigieburn. Teenage Mental Health issues have been given greater prevalence in the media, and this organisation is instrumental in supporting students from Aitken College and the surrounding areas. Door prizes will also be awarded. The Captains, Caitlin C and Caitlyn R have put together a varied program featuring singing, instrumental music, comedy and dance. The concert, which starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27 March is open to all.

College Middle School Play

Tickets for this year’s Middle School production, 'The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe' will be available from the start of next term. The cast of 30 students will breathe life into this classic C.S. Lewis story, the first and best known in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia is a land of talking animals and mythical creatures, where the White Witch has ruled for 100 years of deep winter. Following a wartime evacuation, four English children are relocated to a large, old country house where a magical wardrobe in a spare room leads them to this amazing world. There are two performances, Thursday 3 May at 7.30pm and Friday 4 May at 3.30pm. Tickets are $16.50 adults, $11.00 students/children or a family of four for $55.00 (plus booking fees).

VCE Theatre Studies Play

Tickets for the VCE Theatre Studies play, 'The Boat' by Chris Dickins, will also be on sale at the start of next term. Support of this major assessment task is vital to the VCE results of our students. There will be three performances starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 17 May, Friday 18 May at 3.30pm and finally Saturday 19 May at 7.30pm. The play is actually made up of four short stories revolving around the central prop of a boat and spanning nearly 100 years. It touches on the lasting legacy of a grandfather to his grandson, loss of a young life, survival during times of war and what happens when a group of hippies practice their freedom of expression in a conservative country town. Like Middle School Play, tickets are $16.50 adults, $11.00 students/children or a family of four for $55.00 (plus booking fees). Go to

College Musical

A reminder to parents that cast and band involved in this year’s musical will be attending camp during the second week of the holidays. The group will depart Aitken College at 8.00am on Wednesday 11 April and return around 3.30pm on Friday 13 April. The opportunity for intensive rehearsal and the social aspect it brings to the cast is invaluable in the preparation each year.

Mr Michael Cooper

Director of Performing Arts 

Physical Education

School Sports Victoria Year 7 Summer Sports Day

The year of sports has already begun. On Tuesday 28 February, students from Year 7 represented Aitken College in School Sports Victoria Woodlands Division. They competed against a number of different schools within the Hume City Council. The results from the day are below.

All teams participated well and enjoyed a beautiful summer’s day out at sports. Unfortunately, competition was tough on this day and none of the teams progressed through. Students and parents can keep up to date with the latest information, sports dates and rules, via the School Sports Victoria website

Mrs Natalie McNamara

Secondary Interschool Sports Coordinator

School Sports Victoria Year 8 Summer Sports Day

On Wednesday 7 March, students from Year 8 represented Aitken College in the School Sports Victoria Woodlands Division. They competed against a number of different schools within the Hume City Council. The results from the day are below.

A very successful day out for the Year 8 students with four of the teams progressing through to the Northern Metropolitan Regionals on the below dates.

  • Girls Softball - Wednesday 2 May
  • Girls Tennis - Wednesday 2 May
  • Boys Volleyball - Tuesday 30 October

Congratulations to all teams for participating. Students and parents can keep up to date with the latest information, sports dates and rules, via the School Sports Victoria website

Mrs Natalie McNamara

Secondary Interschool Sports Coordinator

House Swimming

The House Swimming carnivals were held in quick succession this year. Fortunately, the weather was perfect each day. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the students, to the staff who helped run the program and the students who participated. We would like to give a special mention to Mrs Lilley and the VCAL class who helped at the Cumberland carnival. They did a fantastic job helping competitors around the water, as well as the soccer and novelty pool. Below are the overall results from the day.



Overall Cumberland Champions

  • MALE - Marlee H
  • FEMALE - Georgia A


Overall Dunhelen Champions

  • MALE - Jack W
  • FEMALE - Niamh W


Overall Brookhill Champions

  • MALE - Derek W
  • FEMALE - Ashley G

Congratulations to everyone who participated.


Mrs Emma Dowling & Mrs Julie Wachter

House Sports Coordinators

House Cross Country

Students competing in the House Cross Country completed a 2km course around the school, which included a trip around the farmhouse. Congratulations to the following students.

Mrs Emma Dowling & Mrs Julie Wachter

House Sports Coordinators

SSV Swimming - Woodlands Division Championships

Our swim team consisting of 51 students from Years 7-12, successfully took out the overall champions in the Woodlands Division of School Sports Victoia swimming which were held at the Broadmeadow’s Pool on Wednesday 14 March. Of those 51 students, 41 students now go on to the Northern Metropolitan Regional district championship which will be held at Greensborough Watermarc pool on Wednesday 28 March. There were some outstanding results achieved by some students. In particular:


Under 13 Girls

NIAMH W - 1st in 200M Freestyle, 100M Freestyle, 50M Backstroke. Niamh is also a part of two relays (medley relay & freestyle relay) which also came 1st and proceed to the district level. Niamh was also given the under 13 girls champion.


Under 13 Boys

SEBASTIAN    M - 1st in   200 IM, 50M Backstroke, 50M Freestyle, 50M Butterfly. Sebastian is also a part of two relays (medley relay & freestyle relay) which also came 1st and proceed to the district level.


Under 16 Boys

ANTONIO C - 1st in   200 IM Freestyle, 50M Breastroke, 50M Freestyle.  Antonio is also a part of two relays (medley relay & freestyle relay) which also came 1st and proceed to the district level. Antonio was also given the under 16 boys champion.


DEREK W - 1st in 100M Backstroke, 50M Backstroke. Derek is also a part of two relays (medley relay & freestyle relay) which also came 1st and proceed to the district level.


The relay teams did exceptionally well with quite a few proceeding to the next level. Once again, the team of Antonio C, Blake C, Phong P and Derek W smashed the under 16 relay time. The “awesome foursome" have been together since Year 7 and are keen to do better than 3rd place in the State Finals in 2018. Well done to these boys!

Other results:

Aitken College won overall in the following age group divisions:

  • Junior boys and girls, Intermediate boys and girls and senior boys.
  • David N won overall under 15 champions
  • Hamish H won overall under 17 champions
  • Lachlan W won overall under 20 champions

Overall, a magnificent team effort by all. Good luck to all who are competing in the NMR district on Wednesday 28 March. I would also like to thank our SSV coordinators, Mrs Natalie McNamara and Mr Dean Taylor and also Mrs Julie Wachter who helped on the day and provided great enthusiasm to our team. Go Aitken!

Mrs Chris Pocervina

Head of  Faculty PE/Health &

Swim Coach

Australian National Under 15 High Jump Champion

Congratulations to Jack W in Year 9 who went to Sydney to compete in the Australian Junior Athletics Championships. With an impressive jump of 1.78m, Jack secured his win with a personal best. We would like to congratulate Jack on this awesome effort and representing Aitken College with pride. We look forward to seeing Jack in the future representing his country and who knows maybe the Olympics and world championships! Great work Jack, we are very proud! Jack will also be in the Hume Leader as a feature article for his achievements.

Mrs Chris  Pocervina

Head of  Faculty PE/Health

Business Directory

Mortgage Choice

A free service to find the best mortgage to suit you. We also provide an extensive Financial Planning Service for your needs.

Contact details: Chris Howitt

Address: PO Box 2139, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 4370

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Email: [email protected]



The Gut Detective

I offer naturopathic consultations by appointment only, utilising my extensive pharmacist and herbalist knowledge. I treat conditions such as thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, auto-immune disorders, migraines, weight issues, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, chronic pain, fertility issues, infections, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, stress related issues and more. BOOK ONLINE at:

Contact details: Alida Deligeorges

Address: Unit 1 / 6 Hotham Road, Niddrie 3042

Telephone: 1800 962 020


Vision Complete Optometrists

Family owned optometry practice specialising in children’s vision and contact lenses. We also offer the latest in spectacle lenses, technology and frame fashion.

Contact details: Amir Shenouda

Address: 2 Theresa Street, Tullamarine 3043

Telephone:  9335 5775

Mobile: 0413 000 192

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Splash Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating – interior, exterior, residential and commercial.

Contact details: Shayne McDonall

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Hany Amin Maths Tutor

Is Maths too hard? Do you need help with your Maths homework? Would you like someone to extend your mathematical knowledge? Do you need help setting a strong mathematical foundation for VCE? Just give me a call and through my passion, experience and teaching techniques you will achieve great results.

Contact details: Hany Amin

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Email: Hany_abdalla[email protected]

Enviroblinds Melbourne

At Enviroblinds Melbourne we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality, custom made products including roller blinds, curtains, shutters and external shading systems. Enviroblinds impressive selection of curtains, blinds and shutters will make a perfect addition to your home.

Contact details: Alan

Mobile: 0474 071 717

Email: [email protected]



Lincoln Cleaning

All domestic and commercial cleaning. Specialising in carpet and rug steam cleaning, window washing, driveways and patios. Please contact us for a free quote.

Contact details: Eileen or Lupco Arsovski

Mobile: 0412 119 168 or 0404 799 780

Email: [email protected]

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Kelly Club Newsletter

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Holiday Program

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Community Activities

Hume Tennis - Active Holiday Program Easter Holidays 2018

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ABC Me is putting together an exciting new show for the channel called ‘My Family Dinner’ focusing on a family’s culture, heritage and the food they eat. We are looking for students that have a big interest in food and how it is celebrated in their family! Each episode will follow one student and their family as they source, prepare and enjoy a meal together. We would love to hear from you so get in touch with ABC Me team via [email protected]. Filming is soon! So make sure you contact us as soon as possible.


Aitken College Newsletter
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