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19 March 2020
Issue Five

Wellbeing is our priority

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Principal's News


We pledge to help bring humanity together in a common purpose to help slow the spread of this virus enough to allow hospitals to cope and a vaccine to be developed, and to strive to ensure that this crisis brings out the best in us. To each do our part, we pledge to:


STOP THE VIRUS - at our doorstep, by washing our hands regularly, avoiding unnecessary close contact with others, staying home when we feel unwell and seeking medical advice early.


PROTECT THE VULNERABLE - by offering love and assistance to those who need it most, and supporting humane policies to keep them safe.


SPREAD WISDOM - by sharing reliable, factual information with friends and family, and countering voices of fear and demonization with love and connection.


This crisis will mean that, for one of the few times in human history, many of us will have to stay home. Such social isolation could be the perfect breeding ground for fear and hatred to take hold of us. Or, if we choose to meet this adversity with love and determination, we could make it an unprecedented moment for humanity to come together as one. To care for each other, to be there for each other. We now have a common purpose, a common cause. Let's rise to it.


The above stunning pledge was sent to me by the Chair of our Board, Lisa Jones. On Tuesday night as the staff gathered (1.5m apart) we collectively read this pledge and encouraged each other to 'rise to it.'


We encourage all families to share this pledge with their family and various networks during these trying times. 


It was also wonderful to see this 'pledge' in action earlier in the week as one of our parents, Jo Stanley,  did letter drops in the neighbourhood, encouraging families to look out and after one another during these times. In particular, those that may be in isolation. 


This beautiful initiative represented in the photo above was started by Melissa Pascoe (LSO) from our staff.  Melissa thought that some staff may be short with various daily items or essentials around the house and brought in bag for the staff to share. We are blessed to have such thoughtful staff actioning the above 'pledge.' 

Thanks Mrs Pepper for her very thoughtful gesture.  Apples fresh from her orchard in Hastings. Yet to be proven, but worth a try. 


Dear Families,


Whilst all staff are well-prepared in the event of a potential extended closure, it remains very much ‘business as usual' as the students embrace another full academic program delivered by their classroom and specialist teachers. In spite of some minor adjustments to our larger gatherings within the community and ‘more’ regular hand washing routines throughout the school, we commend the students and staff for not missing a beat and keeping things as ‘normal’ as can be under the circumstances. 


Acknowledged by many members of our community during these uncertain times,  we have remained measured and calm, first and foremost, for our students and families. In particular, families have greatly appreciated the quality and thoughtfulness of the reassuring communication currently being delivered. To that end, we could not be more proud of the collective response and leadership of our staff who continue to set this impressive tone. Be assured, the children have looked to the adults within our community to remain composed.  As a result, the students have been adaptable, flexible, faultless and highly responsive to the sometimes daily changes to programming and adjustments where required to typical routines. 


We also sincerely thank our families who have welcomed and supported these well-considered adjustments and measures put in place. In all instances we have proudly placed the well-being of all members of our community at the forefront of any decision. A notable decision last week was the postponement of the highly anticipated Year 6 trip to Canberra. Despite the initial disappointment from the students (although many had suspected the impending outcome), their exceptional manner upon delivery of the decision affirmed their growing maturity as our most senior student leaders and role models. These students continue to send a strong message to our students, as they readily adapt and accept these necessary changes, ‘for the time being.’

Like most, they are just getting along with the business of school life, albeit with the healthy inclusion of regular hand washing and improved hygienic practices.  


In light of all the above, we are also grateful that some families have chosen to keep their ill or potentially at risk children home for a period of time.  Quarantine remains in place for any person who shows symptoms related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we thank families for this cautious approach in recent days. 


Often working behind the scenes and perhaps not always noticed for their efforts; we simply could not have had a better team to manage much of our communication streams during this period.  We thank Claire Tobin and Sarah Nugent for their exemplary leadership in rolling out a very clear and sensible (reassuring) strategy for our community. In addition, they have been so well supported by the various curriculum leaders, who continue to do a significant amount of work in preparation, should we be forced to close in the coming days. We are ready! 



Staffing News

Although we suspect the news has already filtered through our community, we ask that you please keep Mr Culpepper and his fiancée, Rachel,  in your thoughts, as their much anticipated wedding plans have been cancelled due the newly imposed travel restrictions.


As many of our families and children have been inquiring about Mrs Tobin's wellbeing in recent days; we wish to advise and reassure she is doing wonderfully well despite working from home. Claire is expecting her first child in the coming weeks so we are taking a sensible approach over this period.  Dearly missed, we hope to get the opportunity to see her before she officially starts her leave in early Term 2.  In light of this arrangement we are making the most of this opportunity and trialling conference calls to check in each day.  Mrs Tobin is still contactable via her email 


Don't forget to read the School Captain News, where they profile our amazing new staff. 

Happy St Patrick's Day! How wonderful to celebrate this special day with  our two fabulous Irish staff members this week. We managed a wee bit of Irish dancing Year 1 and some leprechaun hunting in Year 5. We hope you had a beaut day, Miss Shanahan and Miss Barry


Various COVID-19 COMMS

St Joseph’s is committed to ensuring that learning remains available to our students in the event of a school closure as part of all students’ entitlement to access the Victorian curriculum. As mentioned in previous communication, the teachers have prepared learning tasks that give opportunities to revise and practice previously learned skills and knowledge from the Victorian Curriculum. Over the past couple of days we have localised resources for supporting our students should they be required to work at home over the coming days.

15th March - COVID - 19 UPDATE Comms to families 

16th March - Remote School Preparation Comms



  • Friday November 6 - Grandparent's Day
  • Saturday November 7 - Colour Fun Day & Community Celebration
  • All assemblies and large gatherings cancelled until further notice.

Australian Catholic Magazine

The Australian Catholic Magazine is now digital, so we won't be sending home the hard copies anymore. To access the full magazine, including the locked sections of the website, each person needs to register. This can be found top right on the Australian Catholics website just under the Facebook and Twitter icons. Alternatively you can use this link to go directly to the page:

All staff and students (families) can create an account using an email address on the school domain:

Once signed up you will receive an email to verify your account. After that you will simply need to login to the website to access any locked articles or resources

The Herd (Intergenerational Learning Centre) 

Please refer to 'The Herd Intergenerational Learning Centre' page.  This amazing initiative is being driven by Anna Glumac, a former teacher at St Joseph's. Whilst we dearly miss Anna in our community, she continues to inspire. 


Justin 'The Little Coffee Van'

Justin will be on site tomorrow (Friday 20th March) for your regular coffee/hot chocolate needs. Please note that, in the current climate, card is the preferred method of payment. He is happy to use clean/freshly washed reusable cups. See you at the coffee van! 

Little Gems

We recently had a phone call from an elderly member of the public who left a message saying that she had been on the public bus and she was very impressed with some of our students.  She said how the students helped her get an unobstructed clearway off the bus by stowing their bags thoughtfully out of her way. They also pressed the button for her and she commented how well they were looking after each other.  She wanted to leave positive feedback as she said often people only report negative behaviour. So, to whoever the students were, congratulations on your wonderful caring behaviour.


Seraphine E. (2N) discovering a butterfly although, probably more accurately, the butterfly was discovering her!

More amazing work in Signora Butera's Italian classes.



Please refer to Miss Dillon's 'Education in Faith' page, regarding an update on dates for the sacramental program e.g. Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. 


I'm immensely proud of our staff,


Simon Collis



Deputy Principal News

Teacher Feedback at St Joseph’s

At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves on our strong commitment to teaching and learning as we know that effective teaching is the single biggest determinant of student improvement. In order to ensure a positive impact on student learning the following practices are in place for all teaching staff:


Professional Learning Teams (PLTs)

These weekly meetings support all staff to reflect upon data, highlight and share success stories, participate in consistent teacher judgement of student work samples, and lead and participate in professional development.


Peer Observations

Peer observations are about teachers observing each others’ practice and learning from one another. It aims to support the sharing of best practice and build awareness about the impact of one's own teaching.



Open, straightforward, in-person coaching is conducted throughout the year and is an effective way for teachers to receive immediate feedback and advice on specific classroom practices. Our staff work closely with a trained coach to set and monitor goals that improve teaching practice.


With these structures in place, teachers are given plentiful opportunities to reflect on their teaching practice, observe each other and receive ongoing feedback. This in turn improves teaching practice and also outcomes for  all our students.


Sarah Nugent

Deputy Principal 

Student Wellbeing

Positive Parenting In Times Of Crisis

As public conversations around Coronavirus (COVID-19) increase, children may worry about themselves, their family and friends getting ill. Parents, family members, school staff, and other trusted adults can play an important role in helping children make sense of what they hear in a way that is honest, accurate, and minimizes anxiety or fear.


Below is an article from Michael Grose (Parenting Ideas) that will help you support your little ones during these unprecedented times. He was also featured on 'The Project' (Ch.10) last night (Wednesday March 18). Find the segment by clicking this link


Stay safe, everyone. 

Claire Tobin

Deputy Principal/Student Wellbeing

Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic.
By Michael Grose. 

If you’re like me, the news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has your head spinning and your heart pumping. That’s only natural as life as we know it has taken a seismic shift in recent days.


International travel bans, cancellation of sporting and cultural events, shopping frenzies and talk of school closures continue to dominate the airwaves. Terms such as social distancing, self-isolation and social lockdowns have entered our vocabularies and may soon become part of our daily lives.


Coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on our daily lives, and will probably do so for some time. While keeping ourselves and children healthy and safe is our main concern, it’s also essential to address the anxieties of children and young people during these changing times. Here are some ideas to help inform, reassure and keep children and young people safe.


Build on what your children know

Children and young people have already been exposed to a great deal of information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) through media, digital means and direct social contact. Their understanding will vary depending on their age and also the quality of their information sources so you probably will need to help kids process what they already know. 


Casual conversations with teenagers and older children can be useful ways to glean their understanding. You could ask questions like “What are you hearing about Coronavirus? Is there anything you’re not sure about?” Younger primary age children may need a more direct approach with parents addressing their specific concerns without giving too much information that can overwhelm them.


Check your own thoughts and feelings

Check your own frame of mind and emotions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) before talking to kids. Most children are astute mood detectives and they’ll gauge their safety by the way you communicate with them. If you tell a child, “You’ve got to wash your hands or you’ll get infected,” you are communicating your own anxieties, making it difficult for them to maintain a healthy state of mind. Have a think about how you can frame your instructions and their importance in a way that doesn’t heighten your child’s anxieties.


Stay informed

It’s difficult to work out fact from fiction, correct from incorrect, information from exaggeration when the news is changing so fast. However you need to educate yourself about the virus itself, including how it’s transmitted and how to stay safe. Get information from trustworthy sources such as The Australian Government Health Department website and the current federal government Coronavirus (COVID-19) information media campaign.


Answer questions truthfully

It’s important that parents and teachers answer children’s questions honestly in age-appropriate ways and within context of what is happening at the given time. If their sport or hobby has been temporarily cancelled empathise with their concerns, while helping them maintain a sense of perspective.


Initiate positive action

One way to reduce anxiety and allay children’s fears is to involve them in planning and preparation for their personal and group safety. Positive activities such as maintenance of personal hygiene, greeting people with an elbow tap and getting plenty of sleep can help restore a sense of control, that is so important for their wellbeing.


Find refuge in rituals

Regular rituals such as mealtimes, bedtime stories and regular one-on-one time provide both an anchor to normality and a sense of connection for kids at times of change. Consider reconstituting favoured family rituals at this time if they have lapsed due to lack of time, or lifestyle frenzy.


Look outwards

In difficult times there is a tendency to look inwards, which is a natural protective strategy. The alternative is to establish a sense of connection and community spirit by focusing on generosity and togetherness. Help children see past their own needs and look for ways to assist others whether it’s shopping for an elderly neighbour, helping a younger sibling occupy themselves, or planning an indoor movie night for the whole family.


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents many practical challenges to parents and other important adults in the lives of kids. Staying calm, keeping informed, and adjusting our own habits are just some of the challenges we face. However a significant challenge is one of personal leadership. That is, during these difficult times we need to be civil to each other, look out for each other and be mindful of the common good in everything we do. In this, we can all take a significant lead.

Education in Faith 

Sacramental Program

Dear Parents,


We ask that you keep all Sacramental dates in your diaries for this year. We will continue to update you as we receive information and correspondence from the Catholic Education Office regarding COVID-19. Please check weekly emails from your child's classroom teacher for further updates.  


Warm regards, 

Elly Dillon

Religious Education Leader

St Joseph's Feast Day

A Prayer to St Joseph

St Joseph,

You were receptive to God working in your life.
Help us by your prayers at this time of trial.
You kept Jesus and Mary under your watchful care:
may your prayers assist our local Church to respond to those in need.
You taught the Christ Child your trade and prayers:
help us to follow his example of love.
You were part of God’s plan for all humanity:
assist us to be vigilant and responsible this day.
You spent your life in service:
may we be mindful of others, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, caring for them in these difficult days.
You trusted in the clear primacy of God over all history and every situation: help us to grow in faith and pray to the Father, Thy will be done.


What our Year 1 children know about St Joseph:

  • St Joseph was a carpenter

  • He was a kind person and looked after Jesus

  • He was Mary’s husband

  • He was Jesus’ Father

  • Jesus spent lots of time with Joseph in his workshop

  • We celebrate his feast day on the 19th of March each year

Holy Week

Holy Week is a very important time in our Church. Traditionally we have gathered as a school community to acknowledge these holy days. In line with government regulations, liturgies will now be held in classrooms where each of the important days of Holy Week will be explored. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to attend.

Junior School News

Healthy Me, Healthy We

In the Junior School, our Topic unit is called 'Healthy Me, Healthy We'. We have been learning how to stay safe and healthy at school. We have been learning about the following:

  • How rules help us stay safe and healthy.
  • The police, ambulance and the fire brigade help to keep our community safe.
  • We can eat healthy food to keep our bodies and minds healthy.
  • We can play games outside that are safe.
  • We can wash our hands before eating to reduce germs spreading.

On Monday 2nd March, Police Officers from Caulfield Station came to speak to our Year Prep, One and Two children about how we can make positive choices to keep ourselves and others safe. We all got to sit in the squad car and sound the siren!


This is what our children had to say about the visit:

  •  "I learnt that our Mums and Dads shouldn't be on their phone while they drive." Emma S, Prep N
  •  "I learnt that they work at Caulfield South Station. It's close to my house." James B, Prep B
  • "I liked going in the police car because I got to put on the sirens." Matthew D, Year 1D
  • "It's always been my dream to be a Police Officer. They have cool tools and always protect people. I like meeting people and making friends; that's what the Police do." Hamish P, 1C
  • "I learnt that sometimes when you do something wrong, the Police tell you not to do it again." Aliya F, 2N
  • "I learnt that we have rules to follow to keep us safe and healthy" Ombeline L, Year 2M



Literacy News

S. P. E. L. L. A. T. H . O. N

The word is out, at the end of April  St Joseph’s will be holding a Spellathon!  


The Year 6  Literacy Leaders,  Mrs Martin & Miss Cauchi are preparing for this very exciting event in Week 3 of Term 2. More information, sponsorship forms and spelling words will come home over the coming days.  Just watch as the excitement builds to fever pitch - will any students be brave enough to take on the teachers? (Spoiler alert) All money raised from this event will be used to purchase Literacy Resources.


How does the Spellathon work?

Each student in the school will receive a list of 20 words to learn. The Preps will have  10 words on their list.  The higher up the school, the more challenging the words.  Students will have plenty of time to learn the words before the actual Spellathon day on Thursday 30th of April. The children will be seeking sponsorship for the Spellathon.

The teachers will be promoting this as a fun and stress free event.  On the day of the Spellathon, each class teacher will test their class and record the number of words correctly spelt on the Sponsorship Form.  This will then go home with the spelling test sheet so that the money can be tallied up, collected and brought back to school. Students will NOT be spelling the words aloud, in front of their peers.


As an incentive, there will be a prize for the class that raises the most money as well as a prize for the student who raises the most money in each class.  Please encourage your child to embrace this event and learn their spelling words!  


If there are any questions about the Spellathon please talk to your child’s teacher.  We all look forward to our second Spellathon at St Joseph’s and hope that everyone has a lot of fun with it.


Kind Regards,

P-6 Literacy Leaders

Christabel Martin, Alannah Cauchi

Sports Report

Hockey Clinic

Last week we had Luke, Sienna & Tess from the MCC hockey club visit our Year 3-6 students to run a skills clinic. This week, they taught out Year 1 & 2 students.


It was a fabulous opportunity for our students to have a try at a new sport. 


One of our parents, Vince Stranges, is the very passionate Chairman of the junior club and it was through Vince that we were able to offer this opportunity to our students. 


If your child is interested in giving hockey a go please visit the MCC hockey club website.


School Captain News

New Staff Member Interviews

We have been busy interviewing the new teachers at St Joseph's! We hope they have had a happy start here and love our school as much as we do. 


Miss Shanahan - Grade 5: I was a teacher for 7 years before I moved to Australia. I moved here from Ireland in July. I love it here so far. Everyone at St Joseph's is so welcoming, the parents and students are really nice. I love to travel and catch up with my friends on weekends. I had a great first athletics day and I enjoyed beating the Grade 6s. I grew up in Ireland in a small village with an extremely small primary school, there were only 4 students in my class. I miss my 2 sisters and my parents back in Ireland but I’m loving every minute here.


Miss Absalom  - Music teacher: I was born and raised in Melbourne and grew up in Mont Albert North with my family. I have a  brother and a sister. I have taught at some other schools including Loyola College in Watsonia and St Bernard's Primary School in East Coburg. I became a music teacher because being a music teacher is the best job in the world and it’s a privilege to be involved in the process of forming young people and helping them develop, but in particular the skills of creativity, persistence and courage. In my spare time I am an opera singer. I feel very lucky to be able to teach and perform, as they bring me joy, challenge and satisfaction. I also like to be with my husband as much as possible. He is my favourite person and I love spending time together with him.


Mrs Dowling - Grade 4: I feel so lucky to be a part of this community. The students, teachers and parents have been very welcoming and I am really enjoying my time here. I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and have worked at two other schools, as a teacher and LSO. Before teaching I was a nanny and worked in events. I have a passion for student wellbeing and love helping children with their friendships. When I am not at school you will find me at the park with my dog, watching my husband play cricket, doing pilates, relaxing at home or shopping! I am looking forward to my journey here at St Joseph’s. 

Miss Nelligan - Grade 2: The year has been wonderful and everyone is so welcoming, supportive and friendly. I used to teach in St Kevin's in Ormond, where there were very few children. I am South Australian and was raised in a small rural town. My family were farmers and I’m one of 6. I used to be a nanny/babysitter which means I had a great connection with kids. I was a student at University SA for 4 years studying teaching. I always wanted to be a teacher and I have loved every moment of pursuing my dream.  


Miss Barry - Year 1 and Year 5: I have loved the year so far and seeing all the students mature that I have worked with previously. I am originally from Dublin Ireland and I can’t wait to go back and to visit for my brother's wedding, and also see my brother, sisters and my 9 nieces and nephews. My hobbies are going to the gym and I enjoy reading. Also I have set myself a challenge to read 50 books this year.  I can’t wait to continue on the school year and other years at St Joseph's. 

Miss Molfese - LSO: I spent three years working at Port Melbourne Primary School. I have a ten year old daughter called Lolita. I love reading books and travelling the world. It has been the most exciting and inspirational start to a year for me. The thing I love most about St Joseph's is how the community has been so welcoming and all the parents are wonderful. I look forward to staying at  St Joseph's. 

St Joseph’s Athletics Day

St Joseph’s Athletics Day by Ronan and Harry

Athletics Day was held on Friday the 28th of February at Sandringham Athletics Track. All Prep to Year 6 kids had loads of fun practising all the skills we have learned in sport. At the start of the day, our Year 6 Athletic Leaders helped everyone get warmed up with fun activities. All kids got to participate in lots of different athletic events. We also participated in fun events like the chicken throw, shuttle relay and teacup relay.  After all the events the Year 6s versed the teachers in a dress up race - sadly we lost. It was great to get the support from some parents and even grandparents. We really enjoy this day, and look forward to it every year.


After this day, some very lucky Years 3 to 6 children get the chance to go through to districts and compete against other schools. The students chosen were those who placed first or second in events such as long jump, hurdles, 100 metre sprint and shot put.


Everyone had lots of fun supporting each other and competing, it was great to see so many people have a go. Thank you to Mrs Howell, the 12, Year 6 Athletics Day leaders and the four De La Salle boys who gave Mr Hartney a good run! Everyone helped make the Athletics Day a wonderful day.

P&F Report

The P&F acknowledge this is a difficult time for many of our families. 

Several are struggling with closed workplaces and cancellations.  

Our aim now is to support our families and the broader school community.


If you have any suggestions on how we can help your family or the community – please get in touch at


Small businesses, restaurants and shops need our help if they’re going to survive this unprecedented crisis.  Local small businesses need us to rally around them - we’re all in this together!


Do you run a local business?  We would love to give you a shout out. 

Send an email to and we will promote your business or services.  Please see our advertising page today for local business adverts.


Don’t forget to get your Easter Raffle Tickets! There are 14 delicious prizes to be won – check them out in the atrium! Tickets are $2 each, or 10 for $15 (apologies for any confusion in the class emails). Simply print out the attached form, fill in the tickets and return with the correct money in a clearly marked envelope to the office. Entries close Wednesday 25 March. The raffle will be drawn on the last day of Term 1. Good luck!



Mark Friday November 6 in your diary for Grandparent's Day and Saturday November 7 for Colour Fun Day & Community celebration.



The Herd (Intergenerational Learning Centre) 

To the wonderful St Joseph’s community,


Officially leaving classroom teaching, and subsequently a wider family, was never something I had considered. I always felt so fulfilled by the opportunity to make a difference and to be part of such an incredible community of families and colleagues. But exactly 850 days ago, my sister and I watched a documentary that has completely changed the course of our careers. The documentary offered an intimate glimpse into life inside an intergenerational care centre in Seattle. At this achingly beautiful place, an aged care home, shares the same roof as a child care centre. We were so moved by the documentary that the very next day, we began a journey to bring this model of intergenerational care to Australia.


A big motivational factor was, and remains to be, our beautiful Grandma, who spent the last year of her life in residential aged care. The move into residential aged care was, understandably, very hard on her, and we know that she would have received an enormous amount of joy if she had the opportunity to interact with young children every day. Our project is for her, and for all of the people we love, who might end up living the last years of their life in residential aged care.


In the early days, it was challenging to explain to people just how important, worthwhile and valuable this concept is, given that intergenerational care is so new to Australia. We were so excited when ABC screened the impact series, ’Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’, as it has raised the profile of intergenerational care and enabled Australians to see that this concept is so desperately needed in our aged care homes. There have been hundreds of evenings where night has given way to morning, and all the while, we have been awake, eagerly writing grants, policies, emails to members of parliament and banks… fuelled by a fire in our bellies and a hope for a better future. There have been bucket loads of moments where we’ve burst into fits of laughter. But there have been equally as many moments where we’ve felt a heaviness in our hearts following knock backs and roadblocks that seemed unconquerable.


And, finally we’re just about here. Our project is SO close to coming to fruition. We have partnered with a wonderful aged care home in the Mornington Peninsula, but fairly significant capital works (in the area of $900,000) are required to enable the not-for profit aged care home to build an early learning space that can be enjoyed by hundreds of little ones and residents in years to come. We are therefore working tirelessly to raise the $70,000 more that is needed to construct this space, and would be enormously grateful for any help with this. Helping might involve: - making a donation, big or small, to our campaign below; - learning more about us by watching our video through the link in order to spread our message and mission; or - sharing information about us on your socials, in conversations or with any businesses you may know. This is an all-or-nothing campaign, so pledges won’t be collected unless we reach our target! 40% of aged care residents have no visitors. Together, we can make them feel seen and valued.


With so much love and gratitude,

Anna Glumac & Fiona Glumac

P: 0490 103 602

P: 0407 874 093


OSHClub Vacation Care

Dear Parents, 


We are happy to say that Vacation Care will still be running this holiday, however we will not be running the excursions due to the Coronavirus (COVID -19). 


We have fun activities planned for your child to enjoy this holidays from Slime, Lego, Cooking and lots more. 


Please use the link to book in and to view the program for vacation care


Hope to see you for some fun these holidays,

Siobhan & Bec   


Community News

Wanted - School Crossing Supervisors

Glen Eira City Council is currently recruiting relief school crossing supervisors. We are looking for people who are willing to travel across the whole of the municipality, have their own transport and have availability to be called on at short notice in the mornings and in the afternoons. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, enjoy working with people, be reliable and hardworking.

If you are interested in applying for the role, visit

For further information, contact School Crossing Business Support Officer Sandra on 9524 3333 or email

Bentleigh United Cobras FC

Community sport organisations such as Bentleigh United Cobras play an important role in the creation and delivery of social and community health outcomes in local communities globally.  Their club is non-profit, voluntary based and they  have a primary mandate to provide recreational and competitive sport services to their families/members.

See the attached flyer 


CBC Enrolment Information

Please see the attached flyers regarding the upcoming CBC Open Day as well as information regarding the innovative educational journey they are undertaking from 2021 and beyond.



Gourmet Meals 

Your Private Chef caterers (our Kolembus family)  have created a range of fresh and frozen meals for anyone in our community who cannot leave home or are having a tough time getting food or who just doesn't have the time to cook right now.

Below is their link.


use promo code FREEDel2020 for free delivery to Elsternwick/ Caulfield areas


Immerse Drama Workshop



Creative Music


School Holiday Cartoon Camps



See below the Kick-A-Football Term 1 after school program.


Dates to Remember


Tuesday 24th 

School Board - 6:30pm


Friday  27th

Easter Raffle 

End of Term 1 - 1:00pm


Friday April 10th

Good Friday


Sunday April 12th

Easter Sunday


Monday 13th  

Easter Monday


Tuesday 14th

Term 2 Begins


Friday  17th 

District Soccer Lightning Premiership

(For select students in Years 5 and 6)


Saturday 18th

Working Bee - 9am -12pm


Tuesday 21st

Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop - 6:30pm


Wednesday 22nd

P&F Meeting - 7:30pm


Friday 24th 

Uniform Shop (P&F) 


Tuesday 28th

Year 3 Reconciliation Parent/Child Workshop -  6:30pm 


Friday 1st

Mother’s Day Stall


Saturday 2nd

Year 6 Confirmation Commitment Mass - 6:30pm


Sunday 3rd

Year 6 Confirmation Commitment Mass - 10:30am


Tuesday 5th

School Board - 6.30pm


Friday 8th

Mother’s Day Breakfast and Assembly - 7:00am in the atrium


Thursday 14th

Confirmation Retreat Day


Friday 15th

District Cross Country - Years 3-6


Wednesday 20th - 22nd

Year 5 Camp Rumbug


Thursday 21st

Sacrament of Confirmation - 7pm


Friday 22nd

Cake Stall - 3:15pm


Tuesday 26th

Beachside Cross Country-  For select Years 3-6 students


Wednesday 27th - June 3rd

Reconciliation Week


Monday 1st - 12th

Year 5/6 swimming program over 8 days


Tuesday  2nd

Year 3 Reconciliation - 6:30pm at St Joseph’s Church


Friday 5th

School Closure


Monday  15th - 25th

Year 3/4 swimming program over 8 days


Tuesday  16th

School Board - 6:30pm

Thursday 18th

Netball Lightning Premiership


Friday 19th

Football Lightning Premiership


Friday 26th 

End of Term 2 - 1:00pm


Monday July 13th

Term 3 begins


Friday July 17th

NAIDOC Week Celebrations


Wednesday July 22nd

P&F Meeting - 7:30pm


Wednesday July 29th

Parent/teacher interviews 2:30-8:00pm


Thursday July 30th

Parent/teacher interviews - 3:30-6:00pm


Friday July 31st

Cake Stall


Tuesday 4th

School Board - 6.30pm


Friday August 14th

District Athletics Carnival - For select students in Years 3-6


Thursday August 20th

Art Show - 5:30pm -7:30pm


Friday August 21st

School Closure


Monday August 24th 

Book Week ‘Curious Creatures and Wild Minds’ 

Celebrated all week at school


Friday August 28th

Father’s Day stall


Thursday 3rd

Beachside Athletics Carnival - For select students in Years 3-6


Friday  4th

Father’s Day Breakfast and Assembly - 7:00am in Atrium

Hooptime for Years 5/6


Tuesday 8th

Year 4 Eucharist Parent/Child Workshop - 6:30pm


Sunday 13th 

First Eucharist Commitment Mass - 10:30am


Tuesday 15th

Zoo Snooze Camp - 3C

School Board -  6:30pm




Wednesday 16th

Zoo Snooze Camp - 3A


Friday 18th

End of Term 3 Mass - 12:00pm

End of Term 3 - 1:00pm


Monday 5th

Term 4 begins


Friday 9th

Year 4 Eucharist Retreat Day

World Teacher’s Day lunch 

Uniform shop


Saturday 10th

Working Bee - 9am - 12pm


Wednesday 14th

P&F Meeting


Friday 16th

Cake Stall - 3:15pm


Sunday 18th 

Year 4D First Eucharist Mass - 10:30am


Wednesday 31st

2021 Prep Parent Night - 7:00pm


Sunday  25th

Year 4H First Eucharist Mass  - 10:30am


Wednesday 28th

2021 Prep Orientation #1 - 9:30am 


Friday 30th

Italian Day


Monday 2nd

School Closure


Wednesday 4th

2021 Prep Orientation #2 - 9:30am

School Board - 6:30pm


Friday November 6th

Grandparent's Day


Saturday November 7th

Colour Fun & Community Day


Wednesday 11th

2021 Prep Orientation #3 - 9:30am 


Wednesday  18th 

P&F AGM - 7:30pm


Friday  27th

Orientation for Years 1-6 - 9:00am - 1:00pm


Wednesday 2nd

P&F and School Board Drinks - 6:30pm 


Friday 4th

School Closure


Monday 7th - 9th

Year 4 Camp Wyuna


Friday 11th

End of Year Mass - 12:00pm

End of Year BBQ and picnic - 3:30pm - 7:00pm


Tuesday 15th

Year 6 Graduation Mass & Dinner - 6:00pm - 9:30pm


Thursday 17th

Last day of school for students

End of Term 4 - 1:00pm


Friday  18th

Last day for staff

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