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21 July 2017
Issue Eleven
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Principal News

Parents, Students and Friends

Welcome back everyone to another school term. Term Three is the final academic term for our Year 12 students and they will soon commence their HSC Trials. All year groups have now had feedback with all reports for years 7-10 emailed home over the holidays. Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are planned for Tuesday 1st August from 4-7pm in the Marcellin Hall and parents can book appointments on the SOBS website Semester One Awards assemblies will also take place on our hall on the same day. Please note the year groupings. I wish to trial this arrangement and invite any feedback. I am aware that grouping students in these year combinations allows possibilities for parents and relatives to attend one session and for more siblings to be together.

Semester One Award Ceremonies -  Tuesday 1st August

Year 8 & 10 - 10:10am (Lesson 2)

Years 7 & 9 - 1.05pm (Lesson 4)

Congratulations to the Student Wellbeing Team for organising a successful “Stessdown Day”. Having students as peer mentors that are trying to encourage other students to look after  their mental and emotional health  is a very powerful and positive message. Research from Mission Australia indicates mental health is such an important issue across all age groups and experiences of mental illness can have profound impacts on the wellbeing of young people.


The prevalence of probable serious mental illness among young people had continued to increase over the past few years. Mission Australia’s 2016 Report, which is a longitudinal study into the Health and Wellbeing of Youth in Australia mentions, “Schools work hard to provide mental health and wellbeing supports to their students and we already expect a lot of them, but they are the universal access point for young people. More could be done to provide evidence based early intervention and prevention programs with adequate funding and resourcing.” The report also found that young people seek help reluctantly. The problems that concern them most are: depression, coping with stress, body image and school or study problems. Those with higher levels of risk of mental health problems are more likely to seek help from the internet, suggesting that stigma and fear of being judged continue to inhibit help-seeking. Our Student Wellbeing Team are a great example of how we are providing support in this area. Further into this Newsletter is a feature on today’s efforts.

As many parents are aware Griffith City Council are closely monitoring traffic congestion along Macarthur St in the afternoon. Our discussions with them include requests made to parents to delay their arrival until after 3:30 or not block off the Macarthur St when there are no more car spaces within our grounds. Our belief is that parents must take responsibility for any illegal traffic breaches and that Council and the police are within their jurisdiction to enforce the law.  You have been warned!


Whilst Griffith ‘s community production of the musical Wicked ended a couple of weeks ago, it must be stated that the talent of Marian Catholic College staff and students went a long way to it being so successful. Congratulations to all of you for giving such a gift in your talents to all of us who attended over the 11 shows.

Here is a list of members within our College who were involved, Staff-Mr Hillam, Mr Segrave, Mr Neville, Mr Martin (MCC Cleaner), Miss Suidgeest, Ms Calabria. Students– Jack Martin, Megan Beecher, Taylah Williams, Anastasia Comarin, Branavan Thevashangar, Harry Laurent, Teneeka Andreazza, Elisabeth Trimboli, Jemma Rovere, Winter Rosengreen, Lauren Salvestro, Ex-students-Jay Zanesco, Simon Cox, Jeremiah Rizzeri, Shalisa Ippoliti, Elena Turunen and Connor Close. There were also a number of parents of students and ex-students in the cast and crew as well!

Peace and Best Wishes




Welcome back to Term 3 at Marian Catholic College


On Sunday the 9th of July, Sacred Heart Parish, Griffith celebrated their Parish Feast Day with the annual Festa and Mass.  Students from Marian Catholic College volunteered their services to assist at the mass and to serve lunch to 300 parishioners.  I wish to acknowledge and thank the following students for their time and assistance for this important event in the Sacred Heart Parish Community:

Alexis McMaster

Joshua Zarrins

Isabelle Eldridge

Talissa Cerato

Bruno De Lucchi

Allira Aventi

Joshua Feltracco

Antonio De Marco



Our MCC Transition Program with the Year 6 students of St Mary’s Yoogali and St Patrick’s Griffith is in full progress.

Last Term our future 2018 Year 7 students arrived at MCC to complete a two-hour learning sequence focusing on making inferences. Teachers, Mrs Belinda McKellar, Mrs Brittany Crofts, Mrs Tonetta Iannelli and the Year 6 teachers from St Mary’s and St Pat’s, team-taught to provide the students with an authentic experience of collaborative, inquiry learning in the secondary school setting.  Feedback from the students and the Year 6 teachers detailed that the experience was extremely enjoyable and that the students are looking forward to the next session of the Transition Program at MCC.

Session Two of the program is scheduled for Monday August 7th and Thursday August 10th.  This session will continue to focus on the comprehension strategy of making inferences through exploring historical inquiry of ancient artifacts and archelogy, and through investigating science with experimentation activities and skills.


Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Process at
Marian Catholic College for 2018 Year 11 students

Our Year 10 students have commenced the process of exploring career options and further educational opportunities and pathways for their initial decisions around their subject selections for Stage 6, 2018. The following events for the subject selection process are available to our students and their parents and carers to help inform final decisions.

Overview of Subject Selection Process for Stage 6 2018
Careers Sessions

Dates to be confirmed – Each class to attend with Betsy for a lesson in the library

Monday 24 July 2017

  • Period 1 – RE2 ARO, RE3 RCO

Thursday 27 July 2017

  • Period 1 – RE 4 NSC
  • Period 4 – RE1 IMA, RE 5 KCE

Sessions with Careers Advisor using the UAC guide.

Compact Industry Tours - Bridging the Gap Program

Tuesday 25 July

Industry focused areas are Agriculture/Agribusiness, Manufacturing/Metals, Automotive, Aged Care & Allied Health Services and Tourism/Hospitality.


Tours will be limited to small groups of approximately 20/25 and target interested students from Years 10-12.

Academic Pastoral Care Sessions

Wednesday 26 July and Wednesday 9 August 2017

Sessions relating to Career selection using Job Jump or UAC guide

iDay Decision Making Day for Year 10- Ideas and Information about Stage 6 

Wednesday 2 August

L1 – All Year 10 in the Hall for Decision Making Talk and overview of BOS requirements & UAC Guide (TIA, BFA)

P2 – 3 –Group A (2:HSIE, English; 3: CA, TAS) – Marra Marra

Group  B (2: PDH, Religion; 3: Science, Maths) – L3 and L4

P4 – VET and School Based Apprenticeships in Hall (JBE, BFA, NCO (CSO), Compact Rep, TIA)

Thursday 3 August

P2 – 3   Group B (2:HSIE, English; 3: CA, TAS) – Marra Marra

Group  A (2: PDH, Religion; 3: Science, Maths) – L3 and L4

P4 -        Online subject selection (10 mins) in Hall

Students will be divided into two groups

In terms of promoting Academic Pastoral Care and the role of the Homeroom Teacher as a learning mentor the groups will be divided as follows:-

Group A 10.1 – 10.3 

Group B 10.4 to 10.6

Groups will swap.

Students will be moving around in Homeroom classes with their Homeroom Teachers.

Year 11 2018 Information Evening for Students and Parents

Thursday 3 August 2017, Commencing 7pm at the Hall

On Thursday, students will be given their subject selection form.

Information is provided to parents by the Principal and Assistant Principal.

On Thursday Evening, Each KLA will set up a “stall” in the Hall, where parents can wander around briefly and ask questions after the Information Evening.

Careers Interviews for Subject Selection

Monday to Wednesday, 7- 9th August 2017

Compact Community Career Information Evening

Tuesday 8th August 2017 – 5.30pm-7.30pm, Griffith Regional Theatre

A whole of community Career Information Q and A Evening

Year 10 Interview Day for Subject Selections

Friday 11 August 2017

All students and parents will attend an interview regarding subject selection which they will book on SOBs.

Coordinators will have a student achievement profile available during the interview and will record any important details and issues to follow up.


Year 11 Subject Selections for 2018 Final Due Date

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Please call the office to make an appointment to see any of the teaching staff, Mrs Betsy Farrugia, our Careers Advisor, Mrs Jo-Anne Benten, our VET KLA Leader or myself to discuss any questions in relation to your child’s career opportunities and subject selection preferences.


Year 7-10 Award Ceremonies – Tuesday August 1

Years 8 and 10 - Lesson 2 and Years 7 and 9 – Lesson 4


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences – Tuesday August 1

Years 7-10, commencing at 3.45pm in the Hall


Year 8 into 10 Elective Subject Selection Information Sessions – Thursday August 17


Year 8 into 10 Elective Subject Selection Information Evening

Thursday August 17


Maths Week Activities – Week 2


National Science Week Activities – Week 5


National Science Week Family Extravaganza and BBQ

Friday, August 18 at MCC Grounds, commencing 5.30pm


History Week Activities – Week 8


The staff at MCC are looking forward to another great term of learning experiences and opportunities at Marian Catholic College.


Mrs Tonetta Iannelli

Assistant Principal (Acting)

Director of Pastoral Care

The Marian Way

The Marian Way Story of the week is back in Term 3 and we are starting of by shinning a light on the efforts of a group of students in their roles in our community. Congratulations to all involved in the Griffith Air Force Cadets program and their efforts mentioned below. You are our proud example of the Marian Way.

The Griffith Air Force Cadets 340 Squadron consisting of MCC students:

Stephanie Bertoldo (recruit), Joseph Nehme(recruit) and cadets, Lachlan Ridley, Isabelle Eldridge, Teneeka Andreazza, Nayani Navaneethan and Samuel Ryan. Decided to conduct "attitude adjustment" fines which are issued on an honour system for various discipline breeches, ie; not wearing hat outside, dirty boots etc. The raised funds of this system were then donated to a local charity of their choice. $108.20 was raised and this was donated to ‘Fijian Fixin’- Lindsay Flack and his family who are helping poverty in Fiji. You can see further details of his charity work on the go fund me page:…

Well done guys, the College community is very proud of your efforts and thought it deserved a mention.


Firstly, a warm welcome back to everyone in the College Community. It has been great start to Term 3, full of energy and enthusiasm from what must have been a well needed holiday for all! It is great to be back and as Director of Pastoral Care (acting). I plan to continue on with the many positives of last term and planning on new focuses for the term ahead. This newsletter will see the return of the Marian Way segment that promotes good news stories of people within the MCC community showing us the way. Please remember to pass on any stories that we can highlight here in the newsletter to promote a positive ethos around the College. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind students to start the term on the right foot and ensure that they make an extra effort to meet and maintain the College expectations this term. This includes the wearing of the correct uniform, the correct wearing of jewelry, a clean appearance with appropriate facial hair and hopefully some students found time in the holidays to apply shoe polish on their school shoes that were looking fairly desperate at the end of last term.

We continue to promote a sense of pride here at the College and this is definitely growing throughout the majority of the cohort. We intend to foster this with new opportunities and encourage families to sit down and discuss with their children how they are getting involved with MCC this term. The writing, homework, games, art, coding, public speaking & chess clubs (to name a few) have all started again and looking forward to seeing new faces being involved.

At our student briefing we reminded the students of upcoming events and today we saw ‘Stress Down Day’ as a huge success and credit to those who put their hands up to be involved. This was coordinated by Mrs Hone who is vital to our Pastoral Team here at MCC. Yet another example of how students can show their pride. They were also told that due to rubbish on the oval increasing last term that it would return to the original rules of no food in this area. This means students are asked to stay in the year areas to finish their lunch before making their way to play up on the oval. In addition, maintenance work will be conducted on our Technics block and clear directions were given to students to adhere to the barricades and be mindful and respectful to contract workers present on College grounds during this time.

Our combined leadership meetings this term will also focus on improving our Academic and Pastoral Care programs as they continue to grow in success and importance here at MCC. Year leaders worked with KLA coordinators to identify a focus for the four sessions that will be run this term. These sessions will be communicated through the newsletter as they are completed.

In the future, plans to have an Information Technology safety night regarding aiding parents in promoting the safe use of social networks and online activity for their children is underway and a date will be released soon. This should be in the next newsletter so watch this space. In summary, it has been a fantastic start and great to be back in what is a thriving College. Looking forward to the rest of the term and feel free to provide feedback and constructive criticism to ensure the positive growth of MCC. You can contact me through [email protected]

Kind Regards and God bless,

Heath Neville

Director of Pastoral Care (Acting)

Calendar and Canteen

Calendar of Events


Canteen Roster


College News

Prayers Please



We keep in our prayers the families of  Mr Neville, grandfather of Mr Heath Neville , Mr Sergi  father of Maria Sergi , Mr Foscarini , grandfather of Isabella Salmon and Matthew Scremin & Marian HSC Presiding Officer Kate Norris who's father recently  who passed away this week.


We also pray for  any families in our community who have lost loved ones or are suffering illnesses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.




Pastoral Care


Stress Down Day is a fun and easy initiative to reduce stress and raise vital funds for Lifeline.

Research shows that 90% of Australians need to stress less - with 74% of people reported being stressed from work. 

Year 11 Well Being Committee conducted workshops for Year 7 to destigmatise Mental Health and look at reducing stress and anxiety.

Total funds raised today were $875.00.  Great work MCC!


Sue Hone
Pastoral Care



Parish Chaplain

Lord Jesus,

I thank You for my life and for all the good qualities You have gifted me with. I thank You for friendships, family life and for so many 
opportunities to grow.

I thank You for inviting me to walk closely with You and to continue to proclaim and deepen what You stand for; love, justice and peace.
Thank You for living with me through your Holy Spirit and encouraging, loving, forgiving, healing and empowering me.

Touch my heart and renew me with Your 
presence. Fill me with joy. Continue to mould and nurture me, so that I will never be afraid to respond to the needs of others and Your world, and turn to You in times of 
difficulty and distress.

I trust You with my past life, my present 
situation and with my future.
Today I decide again to accept You and You alone as my God.
I truly desire to know You better.


Year 10 News

Year 10 Metal Work

Year 10 Metal work have been working hard on their sculptures over the last 15 weeks.  Take a look at the wonderful talent of these students


Year 10 Mock Trial Interviews

Members of Griffith Rotary Avanti gave up their time to conduct mock interviews for all Year 10 students. This opportunity gave the students a chance to experience what it is like to be in a real job interview and build some confidence. In addition, it provides some assistance in thinking about possible  future careers  and subject selection for Years 11 & 12


Mrs Farrugia



Maths News


The College will celebrate Mathematics Week from July 24-28 . As in the previous years, the whole week is full of different activities that will provide opportunities for each student to enjoy the many applications of Mathematics in their daily lives. Each student is encouraged to enter at least one of the activities set for the week.

The theme for this year’s Maths Week is : Mathematics is Fun!

Some activities lined up for the celebration include the traditional Bake a cake/cupcake contest, Family Homework Sheet and the Song and Poem Contest. We will also have a Treasure Hunt during lunch time and a Brain Teaser competition at the beginning of each Maths lessons. We will have the Maths Problem Solving Challenge for all Years 7-10 classes in the hall where each group of each year level will compete. The group that will generate the most number of points will win the competition.

Also this week, the Australian Mathematics Competition will take place on Thursday, Periods 3 and 4. There are 25 multiple choice questions, each requiring a single answer, followed by 5 questions requiring whole number answers. The questions get harder as you work through the paper: you do not have to attempt every question but you can always try! NO CALCULATORS are allowed. You need to bring only a B or 2B pencil and an eraser.



Maths Coordinator


MCC Celebrated Naidoc Day on Friday 30 June





HSC Drama Trial Night


Liturgy News



Year 7 - 2018 Enrolling Now


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