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19 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
Dates to Remember
Acting Principal Report Mr Chris Grimmer
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Primary News
Secondary News
Community News
Merbein P10 College
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Dates to Remember


20th - Friday

Last day of Term 3

Earlier dismissal time of 2.30pm

OSHC finishes at 5pm

Footy Colours/Casual Dress Day


7th - Monday

First Day of Term 4

25th - Friday

Year 2 Sleepover


7th - Thursday

Grandparents Day 


Year 5-6 Lake Cullulleraine Camp

18th - Monday

P-6 Sink or Swim Incursion

19th & 20th

Whole School Variety Nights


2nd - Monday

Pupil Free Day

4th - Wednesday

Prep Practice 9.00am-1.30pm

6th - Friday

Year 10 Graduation

Year 10 Last Day

10th - Tuesday

Prep Practice 9.00am-3.12pm

Year 7 Orientation Day

11th - Wednesday

Year 7 Orientation Day

16th - Monday

Awards Night

20th - Friday

Last day of Term 4

2020 Term Dates

Term 1: 29/01/20 - 29/03/20

Teachers start back on 28/01/20

Term 2: 14/04/20 - 26/06/20 

Term 3: 13/07/20 - 18/09/20

Term 4: 05/10/20 – 18/12/20

Acting Principal Report
Mr Chris Grimmer

End of Term

Tomorrow, Friday 20th September is the last day of Term 3.  Students will be dismissed at the earlier time of 2.30pm.  The school buses will also run an hour earlier than usual and OSHC will finish at 5pm tomorrow.  Thank you to students, staff and community for making this such a successful term.  I wish all our staff, students and families a very safe and happy break.  School will resume for Term 4 on Monday, 7th October.

Next term will be another extremely busy time at Merbein P-10 College with our whole school review beginning in the second week of term, Outdoor Education camp, Grade 2 activity day and sleepover, Advance camp, Primary grandparents and special friends day, 5/6 camp, Variety Night, Prep practice, Year 9 camp and Awards night, just to name a few!! Please keep an eye on the school calendar so that you are aware of the activities that directly concern you and your children and feel free to contact the school if you have any questions relating to the various activities next term.

Buslink Sunraysia

On the last day of this school term, Friday 20th September 2019, the Victorian afternoon School Bus runs will commence one hour earlier than a regular school day.  

  • The NSW bus will depart at the normal time of 3.00pm.

NB: All public service routes will continue to run at their normal times as per the current timetable.

Any student that would normally catch connecting buses will be required to make their own arrangements.

Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thanks to all those students and parents who were able to make it to the interview evening that was held in the Blue Building from 4-7pm last night. Successful schooling is all about positive partnerships between school and families so it was great to see those relationships strengthened last night.

Parent Opinion Survey

This week we received the results from the recent parent opinion survey which was sent out to 150 randomly selected families. I would like to thank those families who took the time to complete the survey and provide us with valuable feedback relating to our school’s strengths and areas for improvement.

It was extremely pleasing to note that;

  • 86% of families responded positively to the statement – I am satisfied with the education my child receives from this school, 11% responded neutrally and only 2% responded negatively.
  • 89% responded positively to the school pride and confidence section, 9% neutral and 2% negatively.
  • 90% of families responded positively to the statement – My child feels safe at school, 7% neutral and 3% negatively.

Two way communication and feedback relating to student learning are two areas that we need to continue to work on and strengthen across the school according to our parent responses this year.


Reminder - Final Student Free Day for 2019

School Council has approved Monday 2nd December as the final student free day for 2019. Staff will be working on School Wide Positive Behaviours, Professional Learning Communities, School Review feedback and 2020 planning on this day.

General News

Buslink Sunraysia

On the last day of this school term, Friday 20th September 2019, the Victorian afternoon School Bus runs will commence one hour earlier than a regular school day.  

  • The NSW bus will depart at the normal time of 3.00pm.

NB: All public service routes will continue to run at their normal times as per the current timetable.

Any student that would normally catch connecting buses will be required to make their own arrangements.

End of Term Dismissal Time

Dismissal for the end of term tomorrow, Friday 20th September is 2.30pm.  Please see article regarding Buslink Sunraysia bus times.

Student of the Month

The Student of the Month assembly for September will be held tomorrow, Friday 20th September in the gym at 10.10am.   All welcome.

Footy Colours Day

Friday 20th September is Footy Colours Day.  For the last day of Term 3 you can come dressed in your favourite team's colours.  Please bring a gold coin for SRC.

School Magazine Orders

K. Fetherston

The Annual School Magazine must be pre-ordered.  Please pay the $15 per copy at the school front office to secure your copy.  It will include both Primary and Secondary content.

School Bank Account

BSB - 063 714

Bank Acc Number – 10060535

Account Name - Merbein P-10 College Official Account


Uniform Shop

School uniforms can be purchased from the school’s main office between the hours of 8.45am and 4pm during the school week.  If these hours are inconvenient for you, please ring the school to make an alternate arrangement.

Weekly Newsletter Emailed

The school distributes a weekly school newsletter every Thursday to families via email.  With our new inewsletter you can now receive the weekly newsletter on your mobile phone if you have the school COMPASS App installed on your phone.  Please give us feedback on our new Newsletter system and let us know what you think.  If you have not received the newsletter by email, please notify the school to either of the following email addresses: or, with the subject Newsletter Email, so this can be rectified.

Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 who would like to take home a printed copy of the newsletter each week, can collect one from the main office every Thursday at 3.15pm.

Breakfast Club

The Merbein & District Community Bank is financially supporting the Breakfast Program.  Foodbank Victoria also supports the breakfast program with donations of food.  The following organisations provide volunteers to assist with the program;  the Board & Staff of the Merbein & District Community Bank, Merbein Development Association, Merbein Lions Club, and Merbein Uniting Church.  Merbein P-10 College parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.  The Breakfast Program is held in the school cafeteria.  All students are welcome to come along between 8.00am and 8.45am each morning if they would like a FREE tasty breakfast to kick-start their days learning.

If you have time to volunteer for this community service from 8-8.45am on school days, please contact the school, we would love to hear from you.  Please note that volunteers will need a Working with Children’s Check.


Student Absences

If your child is away from school, please notify the school before 10am in the morning.  A text message will be automatically sent to your phone after this time if your child is not at school and the school has not been notified.  The school can be notified of absences by phone or by sending an email to the following email address:

Primary News

No Hat No Play

From the start of term 4 all primary students are required to wear a hat out in the yard at recess and lunch times.  We have a policy that is No Hat No Play.  If you need to purchase a hat for your child you can do so at the main office.

Student of the Month

The Student of the Month assembly for September will be held tomorrow, Friday 20th September in the gym at 10.10am.   All welcome.

Head Lice

Parents are advised that there has been another report of head lice in the Green Learning Centre.

Head checks will take place throughout this week so please check your child’s head and treat if there is evidence of head lice or eggs.

Information sheets on the treatment can be obtained from Heather at Primary Reception.


Please make sure all library books are returned by the end of the term.  Our Merbein P-10 books for take home reading also need to be returned please.

Woolworths Discovery Garden - Pots of Fun


Students in the Year 2/3 unit are looking at Healthy Eating in Term 4.  We would love to have each of our 63 students have their own Woolworths Discovery Garden - Pots of Fun pot to grow seeds in.  If you could send your pots to school, we would greatly appreciate it.  We will have a box in the 2/3 area near the teachers’ staffroom. 

Investigations in the Holidays


Year 2/3 students will be sent home with some investigations regarding Celebrations in our community to complete over the holidays.  Could parents please remind them that the work is due back on Monday of the first week?  We hope that it is a fun activity for them.

Prep/One Activity Day


Last Thursday Prep/One students enjoyed a picnic lunch and play at Park for Play, a visit to Lifestyle Plus and some activities at school. Prep students went home at 5pm and grade one students made their own healthy wraps for tea and went home at 6:30pm. Awesome day and lots of fun!

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) Posters

The expected behaviours for Year P-3 students.


The expected behaviours for Year 4-6 students.


Walk to School

M. Downes

Walk to School starts next term for the month of October.  All students are encouraged to walk or ride to school.  Even if you have to drive your children, you could park your car further down the street and 'Walk to School’.  More info to come.


Year 5-6 Lake Cullulleraine Camp

The Year 5-6 camp dates have been changed to 13th-15th November.  An Expression of Interest form has been sent home to families.  Please check that your child's note has been returned.  A deposit of $50 is required to be paid before the end of this term, 20th September to secure a place on the camp for your child.

Year 2-3 'Extraordinary Explorers' Gala

W. Finn

Thanks to the families who supported our Extraordinary Explorers Gala on Tuesday.  The students learnt a lot in readiness for their presentation.  We are very proud of the way they conducted themselves and how they shared what they have learnt in their own creative ways.

Year 2 Sleepover

W. Finn

The Year 2 Excursion/Sleepover will be held on 25th October.  Details will be sent home early next term.

Primary Awards- Green Assembly


Primary Technology Awards


Year P-1 News

J. Atkinson

The Year Prep-1 students have been busy creating their Mildura Show entries.  Students used their imagination to decorate a peg or a jar.  If you are going to the Mildura Show this year make sure you go check out the student art display section where our students' work will be showcased.

Plastic Lid Collection

W. Finn

Did you know that plastic lids from drink bottles – milk, soft drink, water, etc.  can be recycled to make prosthetic hands?  Jurell in Prep is hoping to receive a prosthetic hand very soon.  He would love to send lots of lids to the company to make more for other children.  Can you please send clean plastic lids to school?  There is a collection box in the office of the Green Learning Centre.  Thanks

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

 Cheryll Hodge is our school’s OSHC coordinator and can be contacted on 0428 258035 if you have any queries.

A reminder for parents that OSHC finishes at 5pm next Friday 20th September as it's the last day of term.



Library News

Please ensure your child returns their books each week and brings a waterproof Library Bag for their Library books on the following days.

Year 4-6 students have Library on Mondays

Year P-2 students have library on Thursdays

Year 2-3A students have library on Mondays

Year 2-3B students have library on Tuesdays

Year 2-3C students have library on Thursdays

Green Building Awards

Reminder that  students in Years Prep-3 receive awards at a weekly assembly every Friday at 2.50pm.  Families are welcome to attend these assemblies held in the Green Building. 

There will not be an assembly this week as we have an all school Student of the Month assembly.

Merbein Community Bank School Student Banking Program

If you wish your child to participate in this program, please send your child’s bankbook along to the Green Building Office every Thursday morning. The Bank will collect and process your child’s banking and then drop the bank book back to school before the end of the school day.


Primary Uniform Jacket

J. Hunyadi

Primary students are able to purchase a polar fleece lined Jacket with a water repellent microfibre outer shell.  It has elastic cuffs and an internal zip pocket.  It is available in size 4 – 16 and has the school logo embroidered on it. Cost is $40.00 per jacket.  

Secondary News

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)

The expected behaviours for Year 7-10 students.


China Exchange Report

S. Johnson

The China exchange group has spent the last three days at our sister city in Dali Yunnan Provence experiencing the local cuisine and school classes. 

Students enjoyed a class of calligraphy on Monday morning followed by a trip to the Number 8 primary school, celebrating our visit with song and dance.

Our trip will continue into the first week of the school holidays including a trip to Xi’an on the bullet train and Beijing and China’s Great Wall.

Day Out on Country Excursion

Students from Merbein P10 College had an up close look at the critters at Walpolla Island as part of a National Waterbug Blitz event hosted by Mallee Catchment Management Authority.  The students also learnt about the indigenous cultural artefacts all along the Murray River and the floodplain, examining scar trees, midderns, hearths and boundary trees.

Year 10 - The University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

C. Blackie  

Applications are now open for The University of Melbourne's Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program. In recent years, several Merbein P-10 students have been accepted into this program which aims to support students to prepare for tertiary education and offers preferential entry to the University of  Melbourne courses.  Learning Centre Leaders will approach selected students about making an application, however all eligible students are welcome to apply. To find out more about the KLD Young Scholars Program, visit

Community News


An Under 8’s Competition is starting up within the Summer Season at the Basketball Stadium, Mildura.

For more information phone  50232241 between 10am and 3pm or send an email to

Held Thursday 19th September from 6-7.30pm, Mildura Grand 7th Street.



Mildura Bowls Club

176 Cureton Ave, Mildura

4.30pm - 5.30pm

September 25th, October 2,9,16,23+30

Register at



U14 Girls Cricket Competition

For girls aged 14 and under who are interested in an Under 14 girls competition to commence this season and underpin the already successful womens competition. The format would mirror the current J2 format and be played on Sunday mornings.  Contact your local club or the Sunraysia Cricket Association.

Merbein Bush Playgroup

Held at the Merbein Common on Tuesdays from 9.30-11am.  Provides parents and children the opportunity to run, jump, explore and learn in a natural bush setting no matter the weather.  Call Claire and Ofa for more information 0437077689.  Transport is available.



 For more information visit

For U10-U18s.  For more information contact Josh Lee on 0427024610.

Registration online at  Checkout the facebook page Mildura  District Little Athletics Centre.  For more information contact Steve Eriandson on phone 0427233504.

Mildura Bowls Club will be conducting 'Roll Up' for U18 people from 4.30pm – 5.30pm on September 25th, October 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th.





Library Holiday Program



To participate in the Youth Services School Holiday Program you must be aged between 12 and 16 years old, live or attend a school within the Mildura Rural City Council municipality.

Complete, pay and submit a School Holiday Enrolment Form which you can collect from the school office.

Good Sports Award

Enter the 2019 Good Sports Awards and win cash for your club!

The Good Sports Awards are the ultimate trophy for any Good Sports club, paying tribute to the heart and soul of community sporting clubs – no matter their size or sporting code.  That’s why Mallee Sports Assembly is encouraging all our clubs who are part of the Good Sports program to enter the awards.

Nominations open on August 28. Prizes for each category are between $500 and $1000.

The eight categories are:

• Good Sports Club of the Year

  • • Good Sports Club Champion of the Year
  • • Good Sports Healthy Eating Club of the Year (NSW, QLD + TAS only)
  • • Good Sports Healthy Minds Club of the Year (TAS only)
  • • nib foundation Good Sports Junior Club of the Year
  • • Good Sports Tackling Illegal Drugs Club of the Year
  • • Good Sports Rookie Club of the Year
  • • NEW Good Sports Safe Transport Club of the Year

The Good Sports Awards recognise the strong clubs and dedicated people who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

Good Sports clubs that role-model healthy behaviours are leaders in their community and play an important role in reducing and preventing harms from alcohol and other drugs creating healthier, family friendly clubs where everyone is welcome.

The Awards shine the spotlight on success, celebrate the volunteers who are the backbone of Good Sports clubs and provide winning clubs with the recognition they deserve, helping attract new members and even more community support.

Entering is easy and you may even qualify to enter multiple categories – share your club’s story for a chance to win. Nominations for the 2019 Good Sports Awards close on September 30 2019.

For more information visit


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