07 November 2019
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From the Principal

REMEMBRANCE DAY - Monday 11th November

Pledge of Remembrance
“Australian soldiers – hear this pledge – your flag flies in the sun
And now we take a minute to remember what you’ve done
When you went away to battle, you were proud as proud can be
And you did it for your country, yes, you flew the flag for me
Now we live our life with freedom when we work and when we play
For that, my heart says ‘Thank you’ on this very special day
And as we go, we take the words that sing Australia’s song
“I am young and I am worthy, I am brave and I am strong
In the face of any challenge, I will strive to rise above
I deserve this opportunity to live, to learn, to love
I can truly make a difference; my path is up to me
And this is my commitment – be the best that I can be.”


Dear Families,

I hope that all families enjoyed the Melbourne Cup public holiday.  A timely break for many as we prepare to launch into the ‘busyness’ of November and December. 
I hope that you managed to back a winner in the Cup on Tuesday!

Welcome 2020 Foundation Families and Children! 

Our 2020 Foundation children gathered this morning as they experienced their first experience of ‘school life’ at the first of four transition sessions.

Foundation 2020 Transition Session 2 
The 2nd of the four Foundation Transition Sessions will be held next Thursday 14th November, 9.00pm-10.30am.  

Additional Sessions will be held on:

Foundation Transition Session 3 - Wednesday 20th November

Foundation Transition Session 4 - Tuesday 26th November

All sessions run from 9am-10.30am 

Foundation 2020 Families  -  Wednesday 13th November (7pm-8pm)

Making a Successful Transition into Foundation - Carley McGauran - Psychologist

We are delighted to inform parents that we have booked Carley McGauran to host a workshop for our 2020 Foundation families with a focus on providing a successful and happy Transition to Foundation for children and families.   Carley has 15 years experience as a psychologist in the community and private sector.  Carley works with both children and adults as well as families.  
Many of our parents heard Carley speak at the 2018 Cyber Safety evening last year when she co-hosted the evening with Marty McGauran.  The feedback from this forum was highly positive which encouraged us to book Carley again as a means of further supporting our families.


Year Foundation to Year 2 Swimming Program - A reminder for your diaries
Term 4 Swimming Program

Our Swimming Program commences on Monday 25th November for all Foundation to Year 2 children.  The program is a 9 day program, the same structure as previous years.   The program concludes on Thursday 5th December.   As advised in the 2019 school fee structure, the cost of the swimming program is $110 and is included on your school account. Please make this payment by 15th November.

Family Partnerships - Student  Human Development Education Workshops

We are offering Human Development Workshops for families of Year 3 to 6 students on Monday 25th November.  

The workshops will be held for:
Year 3 & 4 - (6pm-7pm) and Year 5 & 6  (7.15pm-8.15pm) 
at St. Andrew's Primary School - Conference Room

It is our aim to support families to provide an educational approach to family based discussions on Human Development Education.  We aim to:

  • Supporting your child’s level of comfort in discussing ‘Human Development’ related content
  • Maintaining an open dialogue between school and parents about ‘Human Development’ education programs
  • Providing opportunities for positive and supportive learning conversations at home
  • Provide the opportunity for parents to bring into the conversation their own personal family perspective.  

Presentations are sensitive to and respectful of the values and beliefs of parents/carers and families and provide an excellent opportunity for family discussion about human sexuality and respectful relationships.
Parents of Year 3 to 6 students will have further details distributed to them via the CareMonkey App.
For further information on this session you can email our Student Wellbeing Leader Katherine Bedford at

School Literacy/Numeracy Testing 

Parents please note that in the coming week’s staff will be released to work one to one with children to complete the necessary curriculum testing.  This testing fulfils the requirements for our data collection and for the end of year reporting process. This assessment data is also passed on to the 2020 teacher to inform their practice and provide a starting point to each child’s individual learning journey. 


Term 1      Tuesday 28 January (Staff only)  – Friday 27 March 

                    All Students commence Thursday 30 January

Term 2      Tuesday 14 April – Friday 26 June

Term 3      Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September

Term 4      Monday 5 October – Tuesday 15th December 

                     Students conclude 

                     Friday 18 December - Staff conclude

                     Staff conclude

Are you aware of families looking to enrol at St Andrew’s?

We continue our planning for the 2020 school year, and as advertised above, have our New Families evening scheduled within the next month.  We ask parents to advise any prospective enrolments to St Andrew’s to make contact with the school at the earliest possible opportunity so as to secure a place at the school and assist with our transition procedures. 

Working Bee - Saturday 9th November (8.30am-10.30am)

Parents please be aware that the next Working Bee has been scheduled for Saturday 9th November. 
Details of the Working Bee have been distributed via the Skoolbag App. 

Term 4 Summer Uniform & ‘No Hat - No Play’

We alert parents that children can make the transition to summer uniform at the beginning of Term 4. We also remind parents that term 4 has a ‘No Hat – No Play’ Sunsmart Policy.   
As a SunSmart registered school all children will have access to Sunscreen. 

Students Departures/Future Numbers

If your children (Grade Prep-5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2020 we ask that you notify us through the CareMonkey form as previously distributed. This information is essential as we plan for 2020 class structures.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates -

Thu 7th -   2020 Foundation Transition Session 1 - 9.00-10.30am 
Fri 8th -      School Assembly  - 2.30pm
Sat 9th -    Term 4 Working Bee 8.30am-10.30am 
Mon 11th -  Remembrance Day 

Tues 12th - Parents & Friends meeting 2pm-3pm

Wed 13th -  Foundation Parent Transition Evening with guest psychologist, Carley McGauran 

Thur 14th - 2020 Foundation Transition Session 2 - 9.00-10.30am
Fri 15th - P & F School Disco

Wed 20th - 2020 Foundation Transition Session 3 - 9.00-10.30am

                       Education Board Meeting - 7.00 pm

Sat 23rd - P & F Vision Portraits Fundraiser

Mon 25th - Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program commences

Tues 26th -  2020 Foundation Book Collection - 9-10.30am

                         Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion - Foundation

                        About Real Life - Year 3 & 4 - 6-7pm

                        About Real Life - Year 5 & 6 - 7.15-8.15pm

Fri 29th - St Andrew's Feast Day - Whole School Mass - 11.45am

                    School Assembly - 2.30pm

Sat 30th    St Andrew's Feast Day Mass - 6.00pm



Mr Paul Wakeling



Staff Professional Learning

School Closure Day - Staff Professional Learning (CEMSIS analysis)

The staff gathered to collaboratively analyse, reflect and discuss the Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Survey (CEMSIS) data.  The CEMSIS is a key data source for informing the work happening in schools and is purposely built for directing school improvement within a Catholic context.

In the spheres of Leadership and Management, Faith in Education, Teaching and Learning, Wellbeing and Community, the staff analysed and reflected upon the staff, student and parent data to respond to the following;
What does the data tell us? 
What progress did we make towards our improvement focus in 2019?
What other things do we need to consider?
What are our early ideas for School Improvement in 2020?

Once the staff had completed and shared insights from the data, they collaboratively worked together to formulate the school’s Annual Action Plan for 2020.  This provides a clear direction for the year ahead with collective ownership from all staff.

We thank the staff for their active participation and dedication towards school improvement at St Andrew’s School.


Around the Classrooms

Year 1/2P

The students in Years One and Two have been very busy over the last few weeks in all areas of the curriculum. 

In Maths, the students have been having lots of fun with multiplication by creating arrays using lego and then sharing them with their families on SeeSaw. They then made bright and colourful array cities to display in the classroom.

In English, our focus has been on procedural writing. The children have been exposed to many different procedural texts in our reading sessions and have enjoyed creating their own procedural pieces during writing. They are currently publishing their latest writing piece on google slides.

Our classrooms have been full of noise, mess and teamwork as the students work together to create a building of their own. It is wonderful to see the students work in a cooperative manner where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas in a group to achieve a set goal.

Advent and Christmas has come early this year.

In Religion, the students have been learning about the qualities of Mary and why God chose her to be Jesus’ mother. They have been exploring times in their lives when they had to wait and hope for something special and compare this with  the Advent and Christmas story. 

We are all looking forward to enjoying our last few weeks together in Years One and Two.


Mrs Louise Pickering - Year 1/2P teacher

Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program

Monday 25th November and concluding on Thursday 5th December


As part of our Physical Education Programme, swimming lessons will be conducted for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students in Term 4.  

The 40 minute lesson will be held each day over 9 days at the Clayton Aquatics & Health Club.

As the programme is part of the Physical Education curriculum all children are expected to participate in the Swimming Programme.  Any child who does not swim in the programme must have a doctor's certificate, and will stay at school and complete school work as usual.

If parents could please open the link to fill out information on the students swimming ability. This is organised directly by the pool to help ensure that students are placed into the correct level.  

The costs of the swimming lesson is $110 and is included on your school account.  Payment is appreciated by  15th November . Please ensure that your child's medical and contacts are up to date and you have replied to the acceptance letter on CareMonkey.


11.00 - 11.40am

FJ  & FA

11.40 - 12.20pm FP & 1/2G
12.20 -  1.00pm 1/2DW & 1/2P
   1.00 - 1.40pm 1/2C & 1/2S


Thank you St. Andrew's
For Joining Our Salesian Kid Program


Sacred Heart Girls College Uniform for sale

Size 14 Sacred Heart Girls College winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75
Call Marie 0403 699 003

Student Reports

Student Reports

Dear Parent,
This semester the student reports will again be distributed through the Nforma parent portal which was setup  in Semester One. Student reports are one of the valuable links between school and home to allow you to gain an insight of how your child is progressing with their learning at St Andrew’s.
The reports will be accessible from the Parent Portal from Wednesday December 11th at 4.00pm
The online portal has many advantages which include:
-    Easy access to your student’s archived reports from 2018
-    Accessible on multiple devices
-    Environmentally friendlier than printed reports
Forgotten passwords: If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'forgotten password' link. Please note that your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must include at least one non alpha-numeric character, e.g. *, - / or similar. 

If you have requested a password reset and the email does not appear, please look in your junk/spam folder for an email from

If you still have trouble accessing your child’s report you are encouraged to contact one of the below staff for assistance:
Michael McDonough –
Callum Mills –

BEST Awards

Week 5


School Office News

Primary School Wear has moved!




Primary School Wear Uniform Price List


Sacred Heart Girls College Uniform for sale

Size 14 Sacred Heart Girls College winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75
Call Marie 0403 699 003

School Disco


Parents and Friends

Dear Families,

Get ready to boogie on the dance floor!

Our popular annual School Disco is on next week,  

Friday 15th November in the School Hall.


We have two dedicated session times: 
Junior – Foundation to Year 2 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Senior – Year 3 to Year 6 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Gold coin entry at the door. Food and drinks will be for sale throughout the evening and children are encouraged to bring their labelled water bottles. 

Children can choose their favourite songs for the disco at:  Find our school (St Andrew’s PS Junior or Senior Disco) and fill in the details!

School Disco RSVP slips will be distributed out to classes end of this week.  Please return RSVP slips by Wednesday 12th November to their classroom teacher for catering purposes


P&F Committee Feedback Survey

Thank you so much to our parents and families who already responded to our P&F Committee Feedback Survey. If you haven’t had the chance, it only takes a few minutes to complete the anonymous survey via:

The survey closes Friday 7th November. We value your thoughts and feedback which will greatly assist in shaping the work that we do now and in the future. We shall review and summarise key highlights in our upcoming P&F newsletter.

Term 4 Activities

  • P&F Meeting – Tuesday November 12th 2pm, Conference room
  • School Disco – Friday November 15th 5:30pm – 8:00pm, School Hall
  • Vision Portraits – Saturday November 23rd, St Andrew’s Primary School
  • Social Morning Tea – Friday December 13th 8:45am – 9:30pm, Staff room (We will be organising an afternoon tea soon. Dates TBC shortly and will be outside in the beautiful warmer weather!)

Vision Portraits - 
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Help St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South raise funds this year and book your $15 family photo today! Include your whole family or just the kids in the session. Book now to secure your place.

Your shoot will take place at St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Your $15 includes your photo session and a 10" x 13" portrait of your choice with frame. There is a $1 booking fee.

$15 of your booking fee is fundraised for St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Booking link:
Use the password fundraise2019 to gain access.

Once in the home page,  scroll down and select St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South  You will then be able to make your booking time.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Open each Monday from 2.45 - 3.10pm.  All items are $5.00

Donations to the second hand shop can be left at the Office.

P & F Reach and Connection

If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, you can join our casual Parent & Friends email registry of helpers.  Please email us your interest at
We will add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.


Leanne Ngo
St Andrew’s P & F President



School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster

Fri  8 November


Mon 11 November Benilda
Tue  12 November Benilda
Wed 13  November Benilda
Thur 14 November Benilda


Canteen Role Description October, 2019.pdf
School Canteen Staffing for 2020.pdf
CHELTENHAM -NEW Store Flyer 2018.pdf
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