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07 June 2019
Issue Six
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Principal's Post 

Michael Phillips

On Wednesday June 19th, the College is hosting a Work Futures Expo from 5pm to 9pm. It is modelled on the research of the Foundation for Young Australians- “New Work Mindset” which identifies 7 key job clusters that will provide young people with the skills that are essential in defining future occupations.

The program has been coordinated by our Heritage and Alumni group with the support of the Bendigo Bank Foundation and includes a broad range of organisations and keynote speakers who will be presenting. Please view the attached flyer for further details. 

All students from years 9 to 12 are encouraged to attend and participate. In particular Year 10 students should prioritise this event as part of their work experience schedule.

In order to assist with the organisation of the Expo please register via the TryBooking link:

In just over a fortnight over 120 Year 10 students are venturing on the annual Trek to Central Australia and the Top End. The middle school team led by Ms Krisi Friedli have done a superb job in preparing students for this trip. In a busy time for our Year 10 cohort, work experience preparations are now almost finalised. The careers team have assisted Ms Sharlene Hetherington in coordinating placements for over 260 students.

Next Wednesday June 12th the annual GAT test will be held for all students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 VCE study. There are no scheduled VCE classes on this day and students will then be stepping into unit 2 and 4 studies, for the remainder of the year.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

Eleni Stathatos

Education week

With the theme of celebrating careers and pathways, the staff in the Careers Department provided a series of activities to engage the students and have them thinking in earnest of their future pathways. Thank you to all involved.

Thank you to the members of the PCTA who contributed to the Staff Thank You Morning Tea which was enjoyed by current staff and members of the Heritage and Alumni Committee. We recognised Annette Niven, one of our staff members for her 45 years of service to public education -  a magnificent effort!

Annette will be honoured at a Department of Education and Training ceremony this month.


Sharing programs- Marryatville High School, South Australia

We were privileged to be selected by a like school in another state to be a host for 4 leaders who are looking at their own school improvement in line with their school review.

The four staff from Marryatville High School in South Australia were interested in a range of our programs and especially transition from Grade 6 to Year 7, as South Australian schools are moving to incorporate Year 7 students as part of high school rather than primary. The staff particularly liked our Positive Learning Behaviours and BOUNCE program.



Staff at Ringwood Secondary College had a professional learning session with the digital team from REALM and were delighted to discover that one of the presenters was an ex-student who remembered vividly, and drew humorously on his experiences as a student at the College. The Eastern Regional Libraries provide an amazing resource for our students and we are developing further steps to engage students and develop their love of reading. 

Education State School Conference

Leading Learning for Excellence

It was terrific to spend two days in the city as part of a week long conference which aims to keep at the forefront of everything we do, a high quality education for our students. The theme of this year’s conference - Leading Learning for Excellence - drove the message that the progress in our leadership will help achieve excellence for all our students.

The Department of Education and Training is committed to provide the support necessary for schools to produce and recognise the best quality teaching and learning.


Professional Learning

You are never too old to learn and I had a lovely afternoon this past fortnight when I was awarded a Certificate of Principal Preparation (Victoria) from Monash University. As a graduate of the program I have increased my knowledge and skills about school leadership which I practise every day and support the urgency to lift outcomes for our students.

I hope to be a positive role model for anyone aspiring to be a leader, no matter what age, and especially to girls.


End of Semester

The end of Semester 1 is quickly approaching and students are in the midst of revising for exams and tests, fulfilling homework and class requirements and completing the reflections on their learning. Reports will be made available through Compass on the last day of term.

Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

Kyle Simkin

Whilst it has only been two weeks since the last edition of the newsletter was published, a lot of exciting things have been occurring in and out of the classroom.


Year 7 students are nearing the end of their first semester at secondary school, a great achievement which they will celebrate with the Trivia Day on the last day of term at the Manningham Centre. Please ensure consent has been given for this activity on Compass and contact Voula Margellis via email if your child has any specific dietary requirements for the day. Year 7 students have already signed up for tables for the day, for what will no doubt be a fantastic trivia battle.


NAPLAN testing was completed at the end of Week 5 and gave Year 7 and Year 9 students a chance to complete examinations under conditions similar to those they will face in Year 10 and VCE. A number of the teachers who supervised the tests commented that students behaved very well during the testing period and it was obvious the majority of students were attempting to complete the tasks to the best of their ability.


Year 8 students all participated in a Wellbeing Day excursion during Week 5, held at EV’s in Croydon. The feedback from students was that it was a very enjoyable day, with a wide variety of activities, whilst teachers noted that students were engaged and very willing to participate in the tasks. Staff were also impressed that almost all students had a Myki card topped up and ready to go for the day! Year 8 are undertaking a Commerce unit across their Mathematics, English, Language, Science and Geography classes in the final two weeks of term. This unit consists of three modules investigating Work and Work futures, Government and Democracy and Law Making, with many students covering some of these important topics for the first time at secondary school level.


Year 9 students commence their community engagement project this coming week, which aim to make a positive difference to the lives of various groups within the local area. Over the course of the project, students will be working in teams on projects including assisting in a local aged care home and at local primary schools, knitting for those in need, working in community gardens, and teaching technology skills to members of the community who will visit Ringwood Secondary College. In previous years, both community members and the students involved have all indicated that the experience was a very positive one, and we look forward to seeing and hearing about the fantastic achievements that will occur during the program.


Year 10 students are about to embark on an extremely busy period, with their exams commencing next week. Following this, the whole year level undertakes Work Experience in Week 9, whilst in Week 10 half of the year level sets off on the Central Australia trip while the remaining students complete a second week of Work experience. The exam period should enable students to demonstrate the progress they have made this semester and assist teachers as they plan for the remainder of the year, whilst Work Experience and the Central Trip should give students a great insight into the world beyond Ringwood Secondary College and the opportunities that exist for them beyond the classroom.


Year 11 students commence their exams this coming week and all students completing a Unit 3 and 4 subject will also complete the GAT on June 12th either in the Hall, Library or 500’s. Details are available for students near the VCE office. It’s also a very busy time for assessment for Year 11 and 12, across a number of subjects and students are encouraged to revise thoroughly and use the skills they have developed in their earlier Elevate sessions to help prepare them for these tasks. With only three weeks of term left, there is a relatively short time until they can hopefully take a well deceived break during the July school holidays.



A reminder that students should all be in Winter uniform, the key details of which are:

  • Winter skirt should be worn instead of the summer dress. The white blouse can be worn with the winter skirt
  • Black tights or white socks may be worn with the winter skirt. If wearing socks with tights these socks should be black.
  • A tie needs to be worn with either the short or long sleeved white shirt

No hoodies should be worn to school at any time, with only college jumpers and jackets allowed.

Kyle Simkin

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

Winter is Here

The coldest part of the year has arrived but that hasn’t dampened our spirits in the Junior School. Our Year 7s are busy signing up for their end of term celebration which is the annual House Trivia. On Friday the 28th of June, students will be bused to the Manningham Function Centre at recess where they will enjoy a pizza lunch and a highly entertaining Trivia competition to celebrate the end of the term. Students will compete in their house groups and they can earn extra points by decorating their table in their house colours. At the end of the event, students will be returned to school in time for the earlier end-of-term  dismissal at 2.30pm.


Last week our Year 7s enjoyed a live performance of ‘Verbal Combat’ by Brainstorm Productions. This show addressed cyberbullying, digital reputation and the anti-social behaviours that can result from spending too much time online. Feedback suggested that students were quite engaged and learned some good strategies for positive decision making about their use of social media and digital technologies.


The Year 8s have also been busy this term. At the end of May they travelled to Evs in Croydon to take part in a day of Wellbeing activities with the focus on building healthy relationships. You can read about their experience in the Wellbeing section of this newsletter. During their Bounce lesson last week, Year 8s also participated in an Elevate session on time management. This is their second Study Skills workshop which is designed to teach students how to work consistently and complete larger tasks. The presenters offered strategies to help students break bigger tasks down into manageable amounts of work and showed them how to prioritise their work and use time effectively.


As we near the end of Semester One it is timely to remind students and parents that teachers will soon be finalising their assessments and writing mid-semester reports. It is really important that all Learning Tasks are up to date so that students have the best opportunity to fully demonstrate their learning and achieve their potential.


Please note that we have noticed a few issues creeping in with regards to uniform so just want to reiterate the following:

  • Hoodies are not acceptable even with a parent note
  • White tops can be worn under school uniform so long as they are not visible at all (this includes sleeves, collar and below the hemline).
  • Socks must be plain white all through the year unless a student is wearing black tights, at which time they can wear black socks.


As always we are excited to acknowledge the achievements of some of our Junior School students both within the College and outside. We are so proud of our Year 7 students who competed in the Da Vinci Decathlon a few weeks ago and achieved some outstanding results. Their staff mentor, Annette Niven will provide a full report of those involved, but on behalf of the Junior School team – well done! We also want to recognise Aimon Dowling in 7J who has been selected for the Australian Little League Championships in June. We wish him all the very best.


Please remember that on the last day of term all RSC students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.


Kim Watson

Junior School Coordinator


Around the School

Year 7 History

For the first term and to now, I have really enjoyed myself in History. I have learnt so many things I have never heard of like carbon dating and stratigraphy. Right now, we are learning about the Gods of Greece. In this project so far, I have learnt so much about the myths and legends that the Greeks believed in. The oral presentation I did on Chronos has increased my confidence. I’ve always looked forward to History; I am very excited to learn much more.

Benjamin Fambawl, 7G

Since being at Ringwood Secondary College, I have really enjoyed studying History. I have already learnt so many interesting facts. We’ve been working on our Oral Presentations on Greek Gods. I chose Poseidon, and he is the god of the sea! He had two other brothers named Hades and Zeus. Hades was evil and the God of the Underworld. While Zeus was like an angel and was the God of sky.

We’ve also learnt about BC (Before Christ), BCE (Before Common Era), AD (Anno Domini) and CE (Common Era). 

Ötzi (frozen ice man) was killed or starved to death. He was found accidentally by hikers that took a shortcut down the Ötztal Alps in September 1991. The hikers decided to call him Ötzi Man because he was found in the Ötzal Alps. I look forward to learning lots more this year.

Aniika Porter, 7G


Jess Robinson

History Teacher

Social Justice Group – Yr 12 VCAL

Congratulations to Phoebe, Ilesha, Ariah and Jonny from Yr 12 VCAL who raised $130 for Act for Kids as part of the Social Justice Group run by Gail Ackroyd from the Wellbeing team.

Act for Kids is an Australian charity which helps prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. The sausage sizzle and drinks fundraiser was a huge success and the students showed excellent teamwork, planning and organisation skills.

Voula Margellis

VCAL Teacher

Extension Programs at RSC

Year 7 Da Vinci Decathlon:  Fantastic Results!

On Monday, 20th May, our two Da Vinci teams of 16 Year 7 students met at Ringwood station on a rainy morning at 7.30am to make their way to the challenging Da Vinci Decathlon held at Camberwell Grammar. Students competed in an academic inter-school gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with events/challenges in 10 academic disciplines. This was the first of the regional events held in Melbourne, and 19 teams had entered, mainly from private schools. Students had to work in their teams to complete a number of highly challenging tasks:

Session 1: Science, English, Art & Poetry, and Ideation

Session 2: Maths, Cartography, and Creative Producers

Session 3: General Knowledge, Code Breaking, and Engineering


Our teams:

Da Vinci Team 1: Kynan Waite & Taylor Wake 7A, Sam McPherson 7F, Isabella Burdan, Joy Jayanthan & Jaime Wall 7I, Amelia Harper & Jurin Yoon 7K.

Da Vinci Team 2:  Angeline Saju 7D, Ankita Patel, Isobel Ritter, Alvin Taylor, Isaac Yau & Nina Zou 7I, Adelaide A’Hearn & Imogene Prince 7L.


Da Vinci Team 1: Gained 1st place in the English Task; and had their poetry task read out to the entire audience. Fantastic effort!

Da Vinci Team 2: Gained 1st place in the Science Task; and also gained 2nd place in the Ideation Task (solve real world problem relating to Bushfires). Fantastic achievement!


The students were an absolute delight to work with during several training sessions, and were brilliant ambassadors for the College, working together in the spirit of the Da Vinci Challenge. Congratulations!


Ms Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator





We continue to march towards the commencement of the new Senior School with much anticipation. Works are already well underway for the new Middle School Office(see photos) and in the upcoming holidays a stunning Careers Centre will be constructed in the current VCE Study Centre. Cisco/IT rooms will be moving into the RT building and again, preparations are well underway. Another very exciting project we hope to complete over the school holidays is an extension of the Automotive Mezzanine area. This project in planning significantly increases the storage capacity of the building.  As mentioned in the following summary, we are also installing several air conditioners and projectors around the College.

  • Installation of 6 Split A/C systems in the Science building
  • Installation of 11 new projectors around the school
  • Construction of Middle School Office
  • Construction of Careers Office
  • Set up of IT/Cisco labs


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


REL8 Wellbeing Days

Throughout Week 5 of Term 2 all of the Year 8 students had the opportunity to participate in REL8 Wellbeing Days. These days focussed on the wellbeing of students, incorporating the dimensions of Health and Wellbeing – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social. The day was spent at EV’s Youth Centre in Croydon and Aqua Hub. Students were grouped in their Houses – Mabo, Jackman, Frazer and Freeman where they were able to make new connections with peers. The sessions included a boot camp run by Vitality FITT, a session run by Legal Aid, another from Maroondah Youth Services and one from Better Place Australia. Below are some reflections from Year 8 students.


“During the Year 8 Wellbeing day we went to Aqua Hub where we attended a boot camp run by a lovely lady, Alicia. First of all we warmed up by playing a fun game where we had to bear crawl grab a ball and throw it in the bucket it was a race between all our teams. Secondly, we did a circuit of activities like skipping, weights, star jumps, push ups, squats, burpees and mountain climbing exercises we had to do each exercise for 35 seconds with a 25 second cool down. My favourite thing to do was the basketball throw and I also enjoyed it when some of the teachers joined in. Going into this boot camp I thought it wouldn’t be fun at all and I thought it would be hard but I had a lot of fun and it gave me a lot of energy and put me in a good mood even though the next day my arms were really sore from the weights.”

Madison Studzinsky (8A)

“I had a really great time on the day all the activities provided were great! I can’t say anything for improvements because it was great.”

Riley Lobert (8A)


“During the Rel8 Wellbeing day be attended a seminar called Legal Aid. During that seminar the presenter talked about sexting and what’s is legal and not legal. We learnt about the law side of things and what we could and couldn’t do if somebody sent us an inappropriate photo. We learnt that if somebody sends us an inappropriate photo, under no circumstances are we allowed to share that photo, that would be illegal. The presenter also talked about what we could do and who we could see if somebody illegally sent us an inappropriate photo. She talked about counselling and therapeutic help. The seminar was very informative.”

Isabelle Wood (8C)


“Also during the wellbeing day we had a very special visit from the Maroondah team who came to talk to us about a positive mindset and how to think of the best in a bad situation. First when we came into the room we had to brainstorm words about positive feelings like excitement, grateful and stuff like that. After that we stood up and they said a few situations and then we had to move to either positive feelings or negative feelings so if he said ‘no more school’ some people moved to negative feelings if they loved school and it would make them said without school and then the others moved to positive because they didn’t like school. After that we got a chocolate and we held it and closed our eyes and thought about memories that have chocolate in it. After a few minutes of thinking we got to eat it slowing and taste how good it was. Then we had to fill in this sheet how we felt about the whole thing. Over all it was a very fun and interesting.”

Sophie Gill (8A)


“I liked the session about the positive emotions. It was laid back and the instructors were fun and looked like they generally enjoyed their session.”

Jaz McNeill (8A)

Alyce Bailey | Positive Education & Pathways Leader | Ringwood SC 

Sulley's Scare Floor Movie

Are you ready for a fun night in?!

Maroondah City Council Youth Services is hosting a winter, indoor, immersive cinema event - “Sulley’s Scare Floor” screening the classic movie Monsters Inc.!

It is on Friday June 14th - 6:30pm at EV’s Youth Centre (212 Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon).

Join in the fun for activities, snacks and a costume competition! Dress up as your favourite PIXAR character!! Beanbags, sleeping bags, cushions and blankets are encouraged to get extra snug!


Tickets can be purchased here:


All online ticket purchases come with a FREE popcorn voucher at the event 😊.

 If you have any further questions please get in touch, and there is a facebook event here:


Amy Corcoran
Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator

Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA)

We are excited to announce that the Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA) are recruiting for young people aged 15-25 to take part!


Through MYWA, a group of young people work in partnership with Council to:

  • Advocate for Maroondah’s young people,
  • Contribute to Council strategies and plans and
  • Provide advice to Council to ensure that young people are effectively engaged on matters that affect them and their communities.

 MYWA provides young people with genuine opportunities to develop and apply their leadership and professional work skills, and use their strengths and skills to help their community.

Anyone aged 15-25 are able to apply, and the Advocates are reimbursed for their time. The MYWA team meet on the last Wednesday of the month in Ringwood and the commitment is 1 year until July 2019, with the possibility of extension.


Applications close Sunday 23rd June and places are limited. All applicants will receive an interview.


For more information please see the attached flyer - applications can be made via our website:


Amy Corcoran
Community and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services | MYSPN Coordinator

Positive Family Relationships in a Digital Age



Karralyka Theatre Presents


Tone & Trim Zone
Fitness for Women


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