18 July 2019
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From the Principal

Dear Families,  

We welcome all families to a new semester of learning.  We hope that many of our families had the opportunity to take some days off to relax and to recharge the batteries for the second half of the year.  It was terrific to welcome back our children on Monday and to see them happy, healthy and ready for the term ahead. 



Social Media Presence - Twitter & Facebook

We are excited to advise parents that from week 3, term 3 the school will be implementing an active approach on social media.   As of the week beginning 29th July we will be posting regularly to the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter. At a later stage we will look to access Instagram as a third platform. 

This social media presence will provide us with the opportunity to more actively, and on a more timely basis, share the experiences and learning of our children.   These experiences might include the highlights of the Friday assembly, images of Book Week activities, images of Footy Colours Day, learning within regular classroom activities etc. 

We aim to build a greater social media presence to further develop our online presence with current families, along with prospective parents looking to enrol at St Andrew’s school.   We will be posting to these sites 3 to 4 times a week various forms of school news, student learning and school events in the form of images, videos and educational articles.  Posts will also include information from the Education Board, Parents and Friends Committee and Parish.  We would naturally encourage parents to follow, like and review the school’s media presence.  

We wish to assure parents that when using images or videos we will not be using student names on any of the social media sites.   

Social Media Permission Form Distributed 

Parents will receive a Permission Form on Caremonkey where parents will advise the school as to whether their children’s work and or images can be posted on social media.    Naturally children who do not have permission to have images posted online will either have their image pixelated/blurred so that they cannot be recognised or will not have work samples published to these forums. 

Staff Leave

We have a number of staff on leave for the beginning of Term 3.   Parents of these respective classes should have received a letter late in Term 2 advising of each staff members leave period and the replacement teachers.  
Mrs Daniela Dal Santo will be taking a period of two weeks Long Service Leave for the first two weeks of Term 3, Monday 15th, July through to Friday 26th, July. Michele Caspersz will be teaching the children throughout Daniela’s time of leave.
Mrs Jasminka Jalsovec will be taking a period of 5 weeks Long Service Leave for the first week of Term 3, Monday 15th, July through to Friday 16th, August.   Jasminka will be taking leave to enjoy a well deserved holiday.   Ashleigh Sneddon will be teaching the children throughout Jasminka’s time of leave.
Mrs Liana Caligiuri will be taking a period of 2 weeks Long Service Leave for the first week of Term 3, Monday 15th, July through to Friday 26th, July.   Silvia DeFilippis will be teaching the children throughout Liana’s time of leave.
Mrs Netty Howe will be taking a period of three weeks leave for the period of Monday 15th, July through to Friday 2nd, August. Jenny Stewart will be teaching the children throughout Netty’s time of leave.

The four teachers employed to fill the positions of staff on leave have all been employed at St Andrew’s throughout the year.  We are building a partnership with a bank of ‘Emergency Teacher’s’ with the aim for them to become familiar with our school practices and procedures and to develop a positive working relationship with our students.  Familiarity with ‘emergency teachers’ will hopefully assist children at times when staff are absent for sick leave days, professional development days or extended periods of leave.  

New Water Fountains

Our children were most excited on Monday to discover 3 new drinking fountains placed around the school site.  The fountains have been placed near the junior playground on the back oval, at the vegetable garden near the steps at the back oval and at the front of the school between the school administration building and the church.   This provides greater access to drinking water for our children throughout the school site.   

Thank You Parents and Friends Committee!

We thank the Parents and Friends Committee for their sponsorship of the drinking fountains.  Members of the committee confirmed the fountains as a fundraising target from mid 2018. It is rewarding for all to see the planning and fundraising implemented as a positive addition to our school by the children.
Thank You Greg! 
Our thanks to Greg LaFontaine, school maintenance supervisor, for his role in sourcing the water fountains and for coordinating the installation of the fountains throughout the holidays.  We are most appreciative for the manner in which Greg has the school site maintained and presented in such an outstanding manner.  

Thank You from the Students of St. Andrew's

On behalf of St.Andrews students, we would like to thank the P&F for generously organizing three new drinking stations. We thank you for this great update to our school. The drink fountains will be fantastic in term 3 and 4 for summer. It will keep us hydrated when we play interschool sport.

Regards- School Leaders - Jaida, Liam, Atika and Patrick



Wednesday 24th July - Canteen - No Recess or Lunch Service 

We advise families that the Canteen will be closed on Wednesday 24th July.   Nancy will be taking time away on family leave. 

Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys (CEMSIS): 
(2nd-20th September 2019)

Throughout each year, we pause to listen to our students, families and staff to gauge how our learning community is travelling. This feedback is invaluable to our progress as effective school communities and is backed by evidence-based research and best practices.
One of the more important formal ways we engage and gather data is through CEMSIS, the Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys.
CEMSIS is a set of surveys that have been built specifically for Catholic Schools in Melbourne by Learning Services teams at Catholic Education Melbourne in partnership with researchers at Learning First and in wide consultation with Principals in our schools.
In 2019, students, families and staff are invited to participate in CEMSIS using our brand new, secure and purpose-built online platform. The online platform is where our school leaders will access the summary reports that visualise the results of the student, family and staff surveys.
The CEMSIS survey platform is operated by an independent supplier, ORIMA Research Pty Ltd. The platform meets with the very high security and privacy standards for handling student and school data. 
Students at our school will be provided with supervised sessions where teachers are on hand to help and answer any questions. Families and staff can complete the survey anytime over the three-week window throughout September via an emailed link and password. Feedback from last year’s pilot trials indicate many surveys were done across a range of mobile devices and different web browsers. Schools will be providing more information about CEMSIS throughout Term 2 and 3 via newsletters and social media.
Our community’s opinions are critical to understanding how our school is performing – CEMSIS is a key data source for guiding the ongoing work to improve our school.
All participation is invited, welcomed and 100% voluntary. The surveys are not a test; they are an inclusive way to feed the work we are already doing to improve our school. Everyone has the right to refuse to participate, or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey. Please notify the school if your child does not wish to participate.
If you would like more information, please contact the school.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

School Closure Days

To be advised


Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates - 

Fri 19th -       Class Mass 3/4TK
Tue 23rd -     Education Board Meeting
Wed 24th -     No Canteen Service today 
                           Cath Ed Melb (CEM) - Leadership Team 360 Degree                                               Feedback Workshop - Mr Wakeling, Mrs Johnston, Mr                                           McDonough, Mr Mills, Mrs Palombi

                            Class Mass - 1/2S
Thu 25th -     (CEM) Curriculum Leadership Workshop - Mr Wakeling, Mrs                               Johnston, Mr McDonough, Mr Mills, Mrs Palombi
                           Class Mass 1/2DW
Fri 26th -         School Assembly 2.30pm 
                           (CEM) Leadership Development Workshop - Mr                                                        McDonough,  Mrs Palombi
Thu 1st -         Celebrating 100 Days of Foundation
Thu 8th -        Whole School Mass - Mary Mackillop Mass 
Sat 10th -       Working Bee (8.30am-10.30am)
Mon 12th -     School Book Fair (Mon-Thu)
Tue 13th/Wed 14th -     Senior School District Athletics
Thu 15th -      Assumption Mass 
Sat 17th -       Year 3 & 4 Level Mass 6pm 
Mon 19th -     Celebrating Book Week - ‘Reading is my Secret Power’ 
Mon 19th -     Year 5 & 6 Swimming Program 
Mon 26th -    Foundation & Mike Larkin & Channel 10 Weather Report                                     onsite 

Mr Paul Wakeling



Around the Classrooms


Welcome back to Term 3 in FP!
This week we have begun a Literacy unit on fairy tales. We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and have enjoyed finding lots of words to describe the characters in the books we read.  

In Maths we are learning about mass and have had lots of fun comparing objects in our classroom using our arms to estimate, and sets of scales to check which things are heavier and lighter.

Our Inquiry topic this term is Diversity: Australia’s changing face. In this topic we will explore our own personal and family stories, and learn about the diversity that makes St Andrew’s and Australia great. 


In Religion we are now looking at stories from the Old Testament to learn about God’s love for all of His great family.
It’s sure to be a busy term!


Mr David Preston - FP Class teacher




Italian Poster Competition

Please click on link for more information


Scholastic DINO-MITE Book Fair

Dear Parents and Families:

Great News! St. Andrews is having its bi-annual Book Fair next month: Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th &

Thursday 15th August.

Reading for pleasure unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are. Here’s what you can do to help children develop stronger reading skills and a love for reading:

•    Set the example. Let children see you read.
•    Have a collection of books in your home. Update this collection routinely to keep up with changing tastes and reading skills.
•    Support our school’s Book Fair. Allow your children to choose their own books to read. 


The theme of our Scholastic Book Fair is Dino-Mite, where we hope you will Stomp, Chomp, and Read! It’s a fun reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. Please make plans to visit our Book Fair and be involved in shaping your child’s reading habits.
More details later about the book fair times where you will be able to purchase great books for children to follow.

For now please place these dates in your diary so you won’t forget.

Become a Book Fair Volunteer!
We need your help before and after school and during lunch time to make sure our Fair is a great success.

If you are able to spare some time during these dates, please contact Sonia in the Library or leave your details with the Office – any assistance is greatly appreciated!

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school.

Hope to see you all there!

Sonia Turco
Library Technician

Book Fair Volunteers

We need your help before and after school and during lunch time to make sure our Fair is a great success.

If you are able to spare some time during these dates, please contact Sonia in the Library or leave your details with the Office – any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Student Wellbeing

What is positive psychology?

Traditionally in psychology, the focus has been on treating mental illness.  Although, this is critically important for those facing these difficulties, it does not give a complete picture of all aspects of mental health.  

Positive Psychology is a new wave of psychology that shifts away from the healing pathology of the individual, to the promotion of well-being, life satisfaction and flourishing.  Martin Seligman, one of the key founders of positive psychology, further developed a common language for the flourishing or ‘good life’, by describing the presence of five different components known as the acronym PERMA.

Living life down the good end of the mental health and wellbeing continuum according to PERMA, involves the inclusion of;

Positive psychology is not just about being happy all of the time. Life can be incredibly hard sometimes, and disappointments and challenges are inevitable. However, scientific research has shown that there are some strategies and skills we can use to enhance the positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment in our lives, as well as navigate the challenges of life more successfully and enjoy life despite adversities. 


Positive Psychology Tip 1: Start a ‘What went well today?

(WWW Routine)

When we think about negative events, we can lose perspective and be stuck in a cycle of not very useful emotions.  Start a family routine during meal time or after school that involves each member of your family sharing three things that went well in their day.  Starting with the ‘good’ will bring about positive emotions, which may translate into other areas of family life.   


Katherine Bedford - Student Wellbeing

School Office News

Term 3 -What's On In Sport


School Fees

Each family will be soon receiving their Term 3 school statement.  They will be sent home with the eldest child.

Secondary School Information

St. James - Term 3 Open Days


OLSH College Open Morning


Sacred Heart Girls'College

Remaining Open Mornings for 2019 


Dimboola presented by Salesian College & Sacred Heart College 

For tickets please click on link - 


School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster


Term 3  

Fri 19 July

Volunteer Needed
Mon 23 July Volunteer Needed
Tues 24 July Volunteer Needed
Thur 26 July Angela Koupouzos


Activity Programs

Creative Music


Kelly Sports 

Kelly Sports gives children the opportunity to learn a range of fundamental skills used in the sports. For more information click on the link.


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