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14 May 2019
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Dates to Remember


Tuesday 14th 

L3-L5 Naplan Testing


Wednesday 15th

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10 pm Library (Selected Students)

L3 - L5 Naplan Testing

School Council Meeting 7pm


Thursday 16th

Foundation 2020 Information Night 

L3 - L5 Naplan Testing


Friday 17th 

L6 - L7 Applications to Secondary School Due


Saturday 18th

Parents & Friends Election Day BBQ & Cake Stall


Monday 20th 

Whole School Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Education Week Open Evening - Classes open 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

L3-L6 Cyber Safety Workshops


Wednesday 22nd 

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10 pm Gallery (Selected Students)


Thursday 23rd

Education Week Open Morning - Classes open 9:15 am to 11:00 am


Monday 27th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 29th

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10pm Gallery (Selected Students)


May 30th

Foundation Peter Puppy PJ Party


Monday 3rd

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L6 Camp "The Summit" Departs  (3rd-7th June)


Tuesday 4th 

L5 Taskworks Excursion


Wednesday 5th 

L5 STEM Incursion

Parents & Friends Meeting 7:30 pm - All Welcome

Thursday 6th

L5 Coach Approach Incursion


Friday 7th 

L6 Camp "The Summit" Returns


Monday 10th 

Queens Birthday Public Holiday - Students do not attend school


Tuesday 11th 

Student Free Day - Students not to attend school


Wednesday 12th

L3 & 4 Skylab Incursion


Thursday 13th 

L3 & 4 Astronomy For The People Session 7:30 pm 


Friday 14th

Winter Interschool Sports


Monday 17th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L1 & 2 Swimming Program Commences  (17th -27th)


Wednesday 19th

L5 & 6 Science Club Commences 1:10 pm Library (Selected Students)

School Council Meeting 7:00 pm


Friday 21st

Winter Interschool Sports

Reports available on Sentral Parent Portal from 3:30 pm


Monday 24th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 25th 

3 Way Conferences; Teacher, Parent & Student

Parents & Friends Cup Cake Day


Thursday 27th

Parent Teacher Interviews


Friday 28th June

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 1 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Principal's Report

National Walk or Ride to School Day

A reminder that it is National Walk to School Day this Friday- so try and park away from the school, walk or ride and use our valuable crossings. Don’t forget to say hello to our friendly crossing supervisors! Smart kids are active kids.


Cyber Safety Project Workshops

If you are concerned about your child being safe online now and in the future (and who isn’t?). The upcoming parent session is on Monday 20th May. Then stay on for our Open Evening from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Our students have been attending highly engaging workshops about being safe online by the Cyber Safety Project.

District Cross Country

Congratulations to the members of our school team from level 4 to 6 students representing Rangeview. Our school came an overall second and it was particularly noted how well our competitors behaved and showed a high level of sportsmanship. Well done to the students who qualify for the next level of competition. Look out for the sports report by our House leaders. Thanks Mr Sacchetta who was busy on the day with organisation for this event. Many thanks to support from staff and classes training for cross country.


NAPLAN (National Assessment of Literacy and Numeracy)

Preparations for NAPLAN are under way.  Students in Level 3 and Level 5 are preparing for NAPLAN (National Assessment Program of Literacy and Numeracy). This preparation is a regular part of the daily instruction in the classroom and will include the types of questions they may encounter in the test. I acknowledge the importance of this national assessment and I suggest that if parents have any concerns about this assessment they speak to their child’s classroom teacher.


The schedule for NAPLAN is:

Tuesday, 14th May – Writing and Language Conventions

Wednesday 15th May - Reading

Thursday, 16th May - Numeracy

On the day, it is advisable for students to be well rested and on time at school, as in most cases the testing will take place before recess. For further information please refer to the website:


Class Ambassadors Meeting last Wednesday

Thank you to all the parents who have given time to be a class ambassador and/or be involved in our Parents and Friends.


The parents attending the meeting had an opportunity to give feedback on the proposed Capital Expenditure list. The list has a number of projects that fundraising, savings and grants can contribute to. P&F representatives caught us up on the events for this term during the meeting as well. I spoke about the introduction of student led conferences for the June mid-year reporting process.


Mother’s Day Stall

Thanks to the parents involved in the organisation of the annual Mother’s Day stall last Friday. Many students were able to shop for that special gift for that significant adult in their lives.


Foundation 2020 Information Nightthis Thursday, 16th May 7:00 pm-8:30 pm and Tours

Planning is well underway for 2020 Foundation with weekly tours and information packs in the local preschools and day care centres. Families appreciate the opportunity to see the school in action with students with staff engaged in their learning and parent involvement evident throughout.


The Foundation 2020 Information evening is geared to foundation students starting school in 2020. A range of topics, including the curriculum program, specialist programs, enrolment process, preparation for school and more will be discussed. A light supper will conclude the evening.

Please RSVP on 9874 6381 as soon as possible. Childcare is offered.


2019 Education Week - Monday 20th to Friday 24th May

Open Evening will be held on Monday 20th May 6:00 pm -7:30 pm and Open Morning on Thursday, 23rd May 9:00 am -11:00 am (school tour for prospective 2020 Foundation families leaving the office at 9:15 am). There is an opportunity for parents to attend a cyber safety information session before the open evening begins.


The open sessions provide families with the opportunity to see the school in action. There will be many performances and displays to view including the Author’s Corner in the library and the whole school STEM focus.





We are surging ahead in our second term of 2019 and there are so many wonderful programs and activities happening across the school. We have launched the Wheel of Favours this week which is a new playground activity for all of the students. This wonderful structure was donated by the Lyons Club and repainted by our fabulous art teacher Ms Geilings! All of the 24 grades in the school last year designed an activity that students can perform in the playground which helps to build one of the 24 character strengths. The 24 Character Strengths are; Creativity, Curiosity, Judgement, Love of Learning, Perspective, Bravery, Perseverance, honesty, Zest, Love, Kindness, Social Intelligence, Teamwork, Fairness, Leadership, Forgiveness, Humility, Prudence, Self-regulation, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Gratitude, Hope, Humour and Spirituality. Students can spin the Wheel of Favours when they are out at playtimes and then complete the action they land on. It will be wonderful to see students use this activity and grow character while having fun!



Be an Upstander

For the next two weeks we will be supporting students to participate in the #ihaveyourback Poster Competition. This Bullystoppers initiative is open to students from all grades and involves the student creating a poster with the theme #ihaveyourback. The winning poster will be printed and given to all schools in the State. While it can be hard to see someone being bullied, it’s even harder to be the person being bullied. We can all do something help. We can all be upstanders. 


There are lots of ways you can be an upstander. You can distract the bully or ask the person being bullied if they want to sit with you. You can ask them if they are ok and if there’s anything you can do to help; like talking to a teacher or another adult at school that you trust. You can decide not to laugh or smile when you see someone being bullied. If you feel safe, tell the person doing the bullying that their behaviour isn’t okay. 


  • Your poster will be printed and displayed in schools across the state.
  • You’ll win a $200 voucher from your choice of JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sport or Eckersley’s Art and Craft.
  • Your school will win a $2,500 voucher from Eckersley’s Art and Craft.


Your p​oster: 

  • needs to promote upstander behaviour and the theme #ihaveyourback
  • needs to be A3 sized
  • needs a 1cm white border at the top and sides of the poster and a 3cm white border at the bottom  
  • can not contain any images larger than A6 (105mm x 148mm).


Posters must be handed in to the office by Thursday 23rd May.


First Aid Room


Student of the Week


L5&6 2019 Production

Dear Parent/Guardian of Level 5 &6 students,


The production “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits” is well underway with weekly drama, singing and choreography rehearsals.  The students are excited and looking forward to their performances on the below dates at Aquinas College, Ringwood.

  • Tuesday 27th August – Cast 1 (5/6H, 5/6O and 5/6WM)
  • Wednesday 28th August – Cast 2 (5/6E and 5/6N)


With a production as large as this, we require many helpers to assist us and therefore we are planning a number of working bees.  The first of these will be Monday 20th May from 8.30 am.  This will be an “under the school” exploration to see what we have from previous years.  Please meet at the bike shed.  Further Working Bee dates will be advised ASAP.


The majority of the working bees will take place in the art room.  No experience is required – just an art smock if painting.  We do not expect everyone to attend all of the Working Bees, but if you could help even at just one we would be very grateful.  Alternatively, you could take a project home to work on.

We require assistance for the following projects:

  • Sewing
    • Sewers (costumes e.g. harem pants, tops, waistcoats, cloak etc)
    • Accessory making (sewing/crafting sequins, head dresses etc)
    • 2 – part camel costume (head for one student and body for another)
    • Monkey costume
  • Props
    • Art/craft making of props
    • Sourcing of particular items
    • Set making (Cave of Wonders)
  • Rehearsals
    • Tuesdays for dialogue run throughs (you don’t have to sign up for every week)
    • Thursdays for dance/choreography run throughs (you don’t have to sign up for every week)


This year we are utilising Volunteer Sign-Up.  Please follow the link below to sign up.

As we get closer to the production performances, please keep an eye out for emails requesting other help.


With thanks,


Production Committee

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Rangeview Primary will again be involved in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Between 1 May and 25 June 2019 Rangeview families are asked to place any stickers they collect from shopping at Woolworths into the Earn and Learn boxes located at Brentford Square and Forest Hill Chase Woolworths, OSHC office or outside the school office.

The Earn and Learn program has seen over 15,000 schools and early learning centres across Australia receive over 300,000 pieces of equipment for science and technology, maths, arts and more. 

 Let’s stick together and make this one the biggest yet.



Walk Safely to School Day

FRIDAY, 17 MAY 2019

Well it’s that time of year again when our school seriously starts talking about walking!

Not only is walking a wonderful way to get you where you want to be, but it also gets your health – and

your child’s health on the right track too. So that’s why this year our school is participating in National Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 17 May 2019.


Walk Safely to School Day asks that we all consider our transport habits and try to incorporate more walking as part of a healthy, active way to get around. And although walking all the way to school isn’t realistic for many of us, it’s quite easy to figure out how you can build a walk into your family’s daily routine.


You can teach your child the healthy habit of walking more by:

- Walking with them the whole way to school

- If they get the bus or train, walk past your usual stop and get on at the next stop

- If you have to drive, park the car a few blocks away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Regular exercise like walking with your child not only helps them (and you!) beat chronic problems like

obesity, heart disease, behavioural and mental health issues and diabetes. It also gives you a great

opportunity to teach your child safe ways to behave around roads and traffic.


Remember, Active Kids are Healthy Kids so get planning your own Walk Safely to School Day journey for

Friday 17 May 2019!


For more information, visit



Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

Election Day BBQ - Saturday 18th May - 8:30 - 3:00 pm

We are hoping to make this day a success and to do this we need your help. You can help in 3 ways:


Entertainment Books

Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters.


Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus

offers you can use right away!







Families are welcome to visit the Second Hand Uniform Shop on

Tuesday mornings between 8:45 to 9:15 am or

Fortnightly from 28th March on 

Thursdays between 9:00 to 9:20 am to purchase second hand items.







Visual Art

The Enchanted Tree.

Progress So Far

Over the last few weeks, students that have expressed a desire to help with the design of the enchanted tree have got together for several meetings. We have discussed a design brief with ideas and constraints. Students have studied the tree trunk and then drawn up their designs. These are now on display in the Art room.


At our next meeting, students have displayed their drawings, looked at common features and ideas they wanted included. From this the final tree was designed.


Last week we met with Paul McGowan our maintenance man, to discuss our plan and see what could be done. Paul has an engineer’s background, so it will be great having him on board with the project.

A timeline has now been written with the tree hopefully finished by the end of term three.

We plan to build and erect the roof first. Keep your eye out for progress!!


If there are any parents keen to assist or provide any materials please come and see me.


S Van der Toorren.

Visual Art Teacher.


Science Club

Dimensions in the Universe


Science Club has launched back into the universe (not the Marvel Universe) for Term 2. A keen bunch of trainee astrophysicists blasted off from the Rangeview library on a quest to explore dimensions in our universe.


They contemplated the possibility of parallel universes, took ants for a walk, discussed the Big Bang and created a shape that is a part of both our universe and the Marvel Universe (a Mobius strip was mentioned in Avengers: Endgame).  These young scientists finished their first session wondering whether they might the first astrophysicist to discover a wormhole when they grow up.


Science Club is run by parent volunteers in Terms 2 & 3 for a limited number of Level 5 and 6 students.


Julie, Emma, Jasna, Kyla, Sally, Mel and Heather.



Flora & Fauna

A few words from..........

In Flora and Fauna we did cooking. We made zucchini slices, bean stir fry and cucumber salad. They were all delicious.

By Siddarth


3L picked olives and beans in the garden. We picked them for the class to eat. Every day I would watch the olives. I had lots of fun.

By Clara


Last week on Tuesday I did cooking in Flora and Fauna and we made 3 things. One thing we made was zucchini slice and another thing was bean stir fry. The last thing we made was a cucumber salad.

By Maeve


On Tuesday we picked olives and beans. We picked two tubs of olives and one tub of beans.

By Leo


We were collecting beans Flora and Fauna we collected about one tub of them. I found lots of big ones, all the girls were collecting beans and all the boys were collecting olives. Then we switched.

By Molly


This is us picking olives and beans. It was so fun!!

By Hugo  


In Flora and Fauna we picked beans down at the vegie patch we picked a couple hundred of beans. We had to pick the beans in a certain way and only when they were ripe. It’s ripe when they’re yellow.

By Fiona



Happy Birthday to You!



The children have settled in nicely within their classrooms and with their specialist teachers. The Foundation students were especially happy to see all their friends from other Foundation classes, as well as their Buddies.


Community News

As part of our eSmart learning, the students attended a workshop this week organised by the Cyber Safety Project to learn how to use the internet safely. We hope that conversations around cyber safety continue at home.



Wow! What an exciting day we had at Myuna Farm, Foundation’s first ever excursion. The students milked a goat, enjoyed a pony ride and a tractor ride along the boardwalk. They learned about the different animals on the farm and what they produce for us to eat. Thank you to the parent helpers on the day as without you, the day would not be able to run as smoothly.


All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.



Level 1/2


Level 1&2 had a fantastic time during the “Learning by Doing” woodwork incursion during week 4. Students learnt how to safely use tools such as a saw and hammer. Using a variety of materials students created their very own car. Thank you to Mrs Joyce for organising the engaging incursion. The incursion was a great introduction to our STEM inquiry this term, where students will need to build their own vehicle that moves. It would be amazing if you could start collecting STEM materials from home for use in the classroom in coming weeks (small cardboard boxes, plastic containers etc).

Level 1/2 Team



Level 3/4 

On Tuesday the 7th of May Level 4 went to Scienceworks as part of our Force and Friction & Earth and Space science unit, it was a fantastic day enjoyed by all that attended. A special thank you to the parents that came on the day we appreciate the great support.

Level 4 team
Mitchell Clark, Karen Hastie, Anju Mehta



Level 5/6 







Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


The View
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