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08 November 2018
Issue Thirty-four
 Principal's Report
  Senior Years and Wellbeing 
Myrniong and ELC
Middle Years 
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 Principal's Report

The living owe it to those who can no longer speak to tell their story for them.

This Sunday 11 November 2018, we commemorate Remembrance Day.

At 11am, it will be one hundred years since the guns fell silent and the hostilities ceased on the battlefields of France and Belgium and an armistice came into effect.  World War I was over after four years of unimaginable destruction. It became known as The Great War for never before had the world seen such bloodshed. 62,000 Australian men died along with a further 12 million people across the globe.

The following year, in 1919, King George V issued a proclamation to the Commonwealth that all locomotives must cease so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead.

So this weekend, I encourage you to pause and to remember the sacrifice of those who died or otherwise suffered in conflict in WWI and in the conflicts since, so that we could live in freedom.  We remain forever grateful.  

Dr Andrew Hirst

Senior Years and Wellbeing 


Further to my previous plea for support in ensuring our uniform is maintained to the high standards we have come to expect, I am writing again to enlist your help with some minor uniform matters that still need be resolved.

While overall, students are endeavoring to look smart, some aspects of the uniform such as the length of girls’ summer dresses still need attention. Our current expectations are that dress length should sit on or below the knee. This has some practical implications as girls move around the school as well as looking smarter and neater. If you or your child is having difficulty in adjusting the length of the uniform or obtaining a new dress please contact us and we can arrange assistance.

Pastoral Care News
Study Skills

A study skills session was organized by Mrs Simkin for all our Year 10 and 11 students on Monday. This was aimed at supporting our senior years students in preparing for their end of year examinations. Our Year 10s also have a study skills component on the Learning Leadership certificate. They need to show Mrs Simkin that they have been able to implement a piece of her advice from this session.  As part of her presentation, Mrs Simkin asked some of our experienced teachers what frustrates them the most with student learning.  Here is a snapshot of their responses:

  • Having to follow up incomplete homework at a VCE Level.
  • Saying you have not done your work because you were too busy doing another subject; students need to be able to balance out all subjects.
  • For English and Lit – NOT reading texts prior to the year (even during the year).  It places the student at such a disadvantage.
  • Not taking notes during discussion, not annotating books etc and expecting to remember key ideas later on.
  • Other issue is distraction of computers – flicking between screens and not engaging – such a waste of time and frustrating for the teacher – we know!
  • When students ask me to help them in the library after school and they haven’t even attempted any of the questions beforehand on their own.

Students were challenged to start their organisation for examinations now! A number of learning tools were presented including mind maps and flow charts. Mrs Simkin reminded students of just how generous many of our staff are at offering extra support at lunchtime and after school. The importance of asking for help was also emphasised, especially if a student feels like they are not coping.

A copy of the presentation has been emailed to all students and placed on SIMON.

Kristen Waldron

Myrniong and ELC

Blessing of the Pets

On Wednesday, Reverend Angie Griffin visited the Junior School to conduct the annual ‘Blessing of the Pets’. A multitude of different animals were brought up to be blessed by Reverend Angie.  Thanks to the Junior School parents who assisted on the morning with transporting the animals.

School Jumpers and Junior School Students

A reminder that if Junior School students opt to wear a jumper on cold mornings over a summer shirt, they must remove this by recess.  This is a courtesy extended to our younger students.  If they wish to wear their school jumper for the day, they must wear a shirt and tie.  

Orientation Day

Next Thursday, November 15th, the Junior School will hold Orientation Day for Prep to Year Six students. Classes will be conducted by the 2019 teachers.  The focus for the day is for the students to get to know their new classmates, teachers, routines and expectations.  A number of students new to College will be joining us.  Some classes will be in existing classrooms for the day.  Next year, all classes, with the exception of Year Six, will be housed in new locations.

Gymnastics Success

Congratulations to Chloe and Skye Headlam who travelled to Geelong last weekend for the Victorian Gymnastics Championships.  The girls returned with a plethora of medals, including several gold medals.  A great effort - well done Chloe and Skye!

Synthetic Surface

Wednesday November 7th saw the commencement of the surfacing of the undercover shelter area by Tiger Turf.  The company was responsible for the Neil MacLean Hockey Field at our Senior Campus.  When completed, the area will be used for recess/lunch games and P.E. lessons.  The area will feature four-square markings and a large chess board.  There will be some disruption to the playground during the construction phase.

Stephen Nelson

Middle Years 

Developing strong study habits and getting organised.

Earlier in the year, our Year 7-9 students participated in Study Skills Sessions run by Elevate. There were some pertinent points that need revisiting as we approach the end of the year. We recommend that students memorise notes throughout the year, rather than just in the lead up to the exams. This allows the notes to be committed to memory so that recall is easy under exam conditions.

Effective study habits mean studying smarter. This can be learned and can improve your ability to better retain information. These habits include approaching study;

  • Study with the right attitude, choosing the right environment, minimizing distractions, setting a realistic schedule, and employing memory games, among others

Here is a short list of the main points from the Elevate seminars that will be useful for all students in the lead up to the exams. The note taking steps are recommended;

  1. Write the notes in a specific revision notebook. Buy a new notebook this week.
    Review notes within minutes of writing them.
    Review the same notes 24 hours later.
    Review the same notes twice a week.
  2. These revision steps only take 5-10 minutes each day.
  3. When memorising new material, students are encouraged to;

Turn phones off.
Work in a low noise environment.
Have no interruptions.
Sit at a desk.
Short sessions are better - 10 minutes on/10 minutes off.
Don’t multitask – you can’t have full attention on what you are doing.

  1. Note Taking
    Notes are often too long.
    Use your own words.
    Use trigger headings.
    Use colour to highlight notes.
    Make mind maps.

Next Tuesday, 13th November is World Kindness Day. Daniel Goleman said we are wired for kindness. This is a wonderful quote, and I encourage you to be kind and generous this week.

Julia Winter Cooke

From the Business Office

Department of Education and Training 2018 Student Residential Address Collection

Jason Bourke

Business Manager

Dates to Remember

Friday 9 November

Wellbeing Hub Meeting

Glenelg Division Tennis

Kanga 8's Cricket - Year 5 & 6 students

Saturday 10 November

Dimboola and Horsham Regatta

Sunday 11 November

Dimboola and Horsham Regatta

Monday 12 November

Year 8 Camp (12 Nov - 16 Nov)

Wednesday 14 November

Senior School House Afternoon

Year 6 & 7 2019 Boarding Trial (5.30pm) (14 Nov - 16 Nov)

Halogen Young Leaders' Day - Middle Years Captains

Thursday 15 November

Orientation Day Prep - Year 7 (2019)

Glenelg Division Triathlon

Saturday 17 November

Melbourne Head of River - 1st Girls & 1st Boys crews

Thursday 22 November

AMEB Exams

Friday 23 November

White Ribbon Day

Year 10 & 11 examinations (23 Nov - 30 Nov)

Saturday 24 November

Head of the Yarra

Thursday 29 November

Parents and Friends; Association Meeting (6.30 - 8.00pm)

Friday 30 November

AMEB Exams

Coaches BBQ (5.00pm-6.30pm)

Monday 3 December

Step Up  programme for Years 10 & 11 (3 Dec - 11 Dec)

Year 7 - 9 examinations (3 Dec - 7 Dec)

Tuesday 4 December

ELC - Year 2 Nativity Service 10.15am

Wednesday 5 December

Year 10 First Aid Training

Friday 7 December

Junior School Speech Day - 12pm

Saturday 8 December

Hamilton/Nestles Regatta

Sunday 9 December

Hamilton/Nestles Regatta

Tuesday 11 December

Junior School Class Parties

Christmas Service (7.30pm)

Wednesday 12 December

Old Fashioned Sports

Final Assembly (2.45pm)

End of Term 3.30pm

Designated Travel Day for International students

Friday 14 December

Staff finish

Monday 17 December

VCE Results available to students

Friday 21 December

Office closes, 4.00pm


We have been so proud to see our Year 12 boarders working hard and taking on their final VCE examinations. We wish them all the best of luck and are saddened to know that our time with them is coming to an end. They have been managing the demands and stress extremely well and still managing a smile and a laugh. I haven’t witnessed any major breakdowns as yet but we have had a freak neck injury due to excess study.


We have enjoyed hosting two Year 9 trial boarders this week and we’re looking forward to them joining us on a full-time basis next year. As always, I’ve been extremely impressed with the kindness and compassion our current boarders display in looking after and teaching them about the College and boarding environment.

There were lots of boarders in on Tuesday and it was great to come together to watch the Melbourne Cup together. A big thank you to Gail for organising the boarders’ sweep. 


There will be a boarders’ bus heading to Casterton for the Resilience Project on Thursday night. Last year we took boarding staff and this year have opened it up to our students as well. I found last year’s messages around gratitude, empathy and mindfulness very relevant and I look forward to hearing another wonderful presentation.

Alex Smith


Student News

Well done to Alannah Sander and Hannah Russell who competed in the All Schools’ Athletics Championships in Melbourne last weekend. Alannah ran a PB in the 100m with a time of 13.19 and came 11th overall.  She also came 9th in her 200m heat and just missed out on finals with a PB of 27.79.

Hannah competed in the 400m and ran a PB in her heat coming sixth but didn’t progress to the final.

This is a very strong competition and congratulations to the girls for their dedication to training with our athletics coach Rohan Garfoot over a 5-week period in the lead up.

Last week was a very successful one for our female athletes of the school with the following girls nominated for the various categories of the Hamilton Sportswoman of the Year awards. It was also a successful night for some of them as you can see. We are very proud of their achievements.

  • Gracie Austin, Claudia Roberts, Nyah Bester, Amy Boland, Maddy Rowe (won the Team of the Year)
  • Imogen Mills (won the Foundation Members Award)
  • Chloe Andersen
  • Phoebe Russell
  • Isabelle Musson
  • Georgie Hodgetts
  • Georgie Farrugia
  • Bel Michelmore
  • Niamh Jones

GD Tennis and Triathlon

The next week sees our Year 7-10 students given the opportunity to compete in the annual Glenelg Division Tennis (Friday 9th November in Hamilton) and Triathlon (Thursday 15th in Portland) events. Results will be published in future editions.

Leigh Alexander

Parents and Friends

Christmas Cakes

Christmas cakes are made, wrapped and ready to buy.  Huge thanks to everyone who has been involved with the making of them this year.  Cakes are now on sale at Senior School Reception, Myrniong Reception, Tosca Browns and The Roxburgh. 


Attached is an Order Form if you want to have some cakes put aside for you. Last year we sold out so please don't leave buying your cakes till the last minute.

Jane Evans


Careers Newsletters

Louise Manifold

School Information 

Tuckshop Specials for the Week

Monday 12th – Chicken Wrap ($5.00)

Tuesday 13th – Nachos ($5.00)

Wednesday 14th – Thai Chicken Salad

Thursday 15th – Beef Burger

Friday 16th – Fried Rice

Riana Beardsall


Western District Interschool Equestrian Competition

The Western District Interschool Equestrian Championships was held on Sunday 4th November. The event brought competitors from all over the Western District to compete in the primary and secondary sections of Dressage, Jumping Equitation, Handymount and Rider Classes. This event is now an official Equestrian Australia Interschool Qualifying event.


Thank you to all the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Parents who so kindly volunteered in their various roles throughout the day. The team effort of our parents was integral to the success of the event. Thank you also to Cherie White and Linda Archer for their assistance with scoring and organising the event and also to our expert judges, Lynn and Barry Roycroft, Andrea Reidel Carisson and Lizzie Ridsdale, for their expertise and efforts in judging all sections of the competition.


Many of our students enthusiastically participated in the day and assisted in running the event when required also. Thank you to Jorgia Farrugia, Sophie Paton, Zoe Weinberg, Olivia Biggs, Airlie Treloar, Airlie Bowes, Lily Egger, Lily Young, Indeya Talay, Annabel Hetherington, Jack Addinsall and Tara Sullivan who all showed such great sportsmanship, leadership and initiative throughout this event.


Congratulations to Sophie Paton who placed first overall in the Year 5 & 6 age group, and placed 3rd overall as an individual champion. Jack Addinsall placed equal second overall in the Year 7 & 8 age group and Airlie Treloar placed 2nd overall in the Year 9 & 12 age group. Airlie Treloar also placed 4th overall as the individual champion.


The Hamilton and Alexandra College has won the school team trophy for the last 16 years; however, this year The Hamilton and Alexandra College team placed a very close 2nd to Ballarat Clarendon College! Congratulations to the three riders who contributed to this placing – Sophie Paton, Airlie Treloar and Indeya Tallay! Casterton Primary School were the third best school team on the day!


Congratulations to all riders! Thank you to everyone for making this very special event on The Hamilton and Alexandra College calendar so very successful. The full list of results are attached and also featured on the event secretary website.


Andrea Reidel-Carrison will be conducting two more dressage clinics during Term 4. Please find the flyer attached to this email and promptly send your entries in to secure your place before the end of Thursday 8th November!

howjumping Championship! An outstanding effort.Sophie Paton (year 6) placed 7th overall out of 35 competitors!! A fabulous achievement.Our community greatly appreciates regular updates of results of competition and the achievements of our students in their Equestrian sport! Please make sure you email me at [email protected] or let Georgia Hodgetts, our Equestrian Captain, know what you have been doing and include as many photos as you like so that we can all celebrate and promote equestrian sport, your efforts and accomplishments for 2018.

Please make sure you join our THAC Equestrian Facebook page for regular updates and photos of all our Equestrian endeavours. Updates and entry forms for competitions are also posted on this page so make sure you keep up to date!

For updates, news, Calendar, entry forms, results and more GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series:

Equestrian Victoria:

Please note any horses who are regularly coming to and from the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre must be up to date with vaccinations for Tetanus and Strangles and records of these will be maintained to ensure the biosecurity of the centre. You must also notify the Director of Horsemanship immediately if your horse has been in or originated from Queensland or Northern New South Wales. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Amanda Te Boekhorst

Connecting with the Community

Hamilton Little Athletics Flyer


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