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30 November 2018
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Quick Dates

Week 1, Term 1, 2019

Monday 28 January

AUSTRALIA DAY Public Holiday


Wednesday 30 January

Years 7 and 11 Students commence


Thursday 31 January

All Students commence

Deputy Principal
Student Development

What a lovely final week we have had!


Welcoming the 2019 Year 7s and their parents has been wonderful, and we hope our future Mount Alvernians are as excited as we are to have them as part of our community. I have been particularly impressed with the manner in which the majority of our Year 10 girls  (and some Year 9s)  took on the role of ‘big sister’.  For Year 10 this is an opportunity for leadership and they did not disappoint. They delighted in the chance to show off their school and make their Year 7 ‘little sisters’ feel welcomed and enthusiastic for their arrival in 2019.

On Friday, the majority of Years 7 , 8, and 9 took advantage of the chance to party with friends in their end-of-year celebration at Splash. For Year 10, the social was a major highlight. The first of its kind for Mount Alvernia, it is certain to become embedded as a tradition in the years ahead.  The enjoyment is evident in the collection of photographs or comments that await inside the final edition of Parents’ Corner for 2018.

It would be remiss of me not to thank all the students for making 2018 another wonderful year at Mount Alvernia. The calibre of our girls is a reflection of the families from which they come, and I pay tribute to the way in which parents work with us to enable your daughters to walk the Franciscan  journey with dignity.

I wish every member of our community a safe and Holy Christmas and a New Year that brings with it the joys and rewards of determination, integrity, and faith.


God bless, and see you in 2019!

Annette Butterworth


Year 7 & 8 Pastoral Guardians

The saying, ‘All good things must come to an end’, was realised this week when I met with the Year 8 students for our last assembly on Wednesday. In this assembly, also known as a Handover Ceremony, students were able to reflect on their last two years in Francis School, and they set some plans for ensuring their time in the Clare School is fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding. In my presentation to the students, I spoke about footsteps being the legacy of a journey. Footsteps tell the stories of courage and challenge as the girls have pursued their set goals. Additionally, the footsteps imprinted in their hearts and minds are lasting legacies from those special relationships formed between friends, teachers, and coaches, and that these special relationships have contributed to immense personal growth. The photos on this page of Year 8s having so much fun on their last day of school show this! And, finally, each girl has left a footstep upon others and, when actions and words have been based on the Franciscan values, these footprints will have allowed others to flourish. Thank you to the Year 8s of 2018, who have left their footprints on me: a spirit of fun, adaptability, determination, and their capacity to care for others and their world.  


Thank you, parents, for the footprints you have left on me, as we have worked together to support your girls through challenge and celebration. I feel blessed to have been part of your daughter's journey and I wish her the very best as she continues her schooling and life journey. 


Finally, Merry Christmas to you and your families. May the holiday season be filled with and peace, joy, and  laughter as you come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus with the special people in your lives.


Best wishes for safe travels and a Happy New Year.


Jeni Barlow

Year 8 Pastoral Guardian 


This year brought about much opportunity, engagement, and challenge for our girls. We hope you have a wonderful and restful holiday. We are looking forward to seeing the girls again in 2019.


Alison Ward

Year 7 Pastoral Guardian


Year 9 Pastoral Guardian

News from Year 9

Today Year 9 students ended this amazing year with a Celebration Day at Splash. Girls and teachers enjoyed fun in the sun and keeping cool in the pool. Pictures of this fun-filled day are below.

Recently Year 9 Clare School Leaders for 2019 were announced.  Congratulations to the following girls for being selected for a position – Alana Tweddell, Sneha Reju, Charlotte Russell, Rhianna Janas, Laila Powell, and Samantha Maguire.  The preparation that went into these speeches was of a high standard and all girls should be proud of their effort. I look forward to the dedication and initiative of these girls next year as they lead Clare School.

Thank you to all Year 9 girls for a successful year.  I would like to give you and your family best wishes for a wonderful and happy Christmas and a well deserved break.  Looking forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for Year 10 in 2019.

Teena Christofis

Year 9 Pastoral Guardian


Year 10 Pastoral Guardian

News from Year 10

Last night was the Year 10 Social, a brand new Mount Alvernia tradition, celebrating the end of the year as a group and their transition from Clare School into Elizabeth Hayes School to become seniors. The girls wholeheartedly embraced all of the activities and were completely immersed in the experience, as was clearly evident in the wide array of outfits and their commitment to singing and dancing until the final moments of the evening. The photos below are testament to the fun and excitement they experienced; it was truly a pleasure to witness their ability to fully embrace the value of joy and love. I have loved being Pastoral Guardian of this group - they are a truly amazing group of young women.


“The social was really well organised and it was good to see so many girls who had told me that they didn’t want to go to the social actually having fun. The best part of the night was embarrassing the guests into playing for the iconic Ultimate Human Crown.”

                                                                                                                                    Evelyn B

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas with your families.


Therese Dooley

Year 10 Pastoral Guardian

Year 11 Pastoral Guardian

I would like to wish parents and caregivers a safe, happy, and holy Christmas and holiday season.


I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution of each Year 11 student to 2018; thank you for your energy, passion, and enthusiasm. It has been a privilege to witness the joy that comes from watching and supporting your daughters grow in maturity over the year. From the spirit of presence witnessed as the girls sat their final examinations, to their generosity and support of our Christmas Hampers. The journey this year at times has been crooked, unexpected, and somewhat beautiful - exactly the way it should be - but always in the presence of God. So, as we prepare for Christ to come this Christmas, may we inspire our daughters to think of others and encourage them to reflect and give thanks to the many blessings in their lives.

Merry Christmas, and I look forward to 2019.

Bridget Piper

Year 11 Pastoral Guardian


Year 12 Pastoral Guardian

News from Year 12

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Your daughters are now on their adult journey after graduation, and I wish them happy futures and the entry into dream courses of study and careers. It is always so interesting to talk with our young women during the year about their plans for the future and, in the New Year, to hear the direction they have finally chosen.


2018 has been a wonderful year and, as I said at Graduation events, I will miss their cheerfulness, energy, and spirit. I am happy that the Year 12s ended well, as was our expectation, with the final week of graduation activities being joyous and memorable.  Evolution Day was a special, calm day of reflection on the journey so far and the journey ahead.  On this day, the girls were privileged to meet alumni from over the years who shared their life experiences and words of advice.  Special and moving moments were at the time your daughters individually read the sacred letters you had written, so I hope your daughter has given you the letter she wrote for you. The evening Mass and Graduation event was a proud occasion for you and your families, followed by a delightful supper under the stars meeting other parents.  It truly was a week of celebrations, finishing with the Home Room breakfasts and sad yet excited farewells, climaxing with the Final Assembly.


I will always remember this year’s joyous Final Assembly with 158 excited, flower-bedecked, dancing girls excitedly entering the San Damiano Centre to celebrate their graduation in front of all staff and students on the final morning of their schooling at the College. In this ceremony, the formal handing on of College banners and extinguishing of the College candles marked the end of our captains’ 2018 responsibility and the charge for 2019 captains to continue to lead and serve the College. Finally, after being called by name, the moment had arrived for the guard of honour by Little Sisters, traditional graduation hat throw on the oval, last chant, and final exit through the guards of honour of all year levels. Congratulations, parents, caregivers, and guardians on your graduation at this important part of your daughter’s life. 


I look forward to hearing how your daughter is in her future so please keep in touch. I wish you and your family a  blessed Christmas and a safe holiday season. 

Mrs Karen Farrow

Year 12 Pastoral Guardian


Christmas Hamper Appeal

Can You Help?

We are still in need of some volunteer students and parents to help deliver our SVDP Christmas hampers on Monday 10 December, from 1.00pm until around 3.00pm.


Are you able to help?  There is no obligation to stay for the whole time - any amount of time you can give will be much appreciated.

Everyone is to meet here at the College at 1.00pm between C and F blocks.

Counsellors' Corner

Dear Parents

Congratulations on making it through another school year.

I would firstly like to say, after completing my first semester, how wonderful it has been meeting your beautiful daughters.  I am always struck by their resilience and friendliness, and their willingness to be the best they can.

Part of developing as a person is to accept change.  Again the Counselling Department is about to undergo more change.  We are very sad to say goodbye to Tania Henry.  For the short period of time I have been fortunate enough to work with Tania, she has certainly lived up to the reputation she previously built working as a Counsellor at Mount Alvernia.  She has been a delight to work with, and this is certainly mirrored in all her interactions with the Mount Alvernia girls.  She will be missed terribly, but we wish her all the best for the next phase of her journey as a school counsellor in Western Australia. Thank you so much, Tania, for your support and commitment to the wellbeing of our girls.

As the year draws to a close, I wish you a relaxing break and wonderful times shared with your precious families.  Holidays are a great time to connect with our children, encouraging independence, promoting trust, and above all having fun together.


As teenagers, our girls will be seeking more independence; with this comes elements of trust which can be a source of stress for everyone involved.  Even though our teenagers seek out more times with their friends, they still need us as parents to be available to listen and help them navigate the tricky times, whether this be friendship concerns or assistance to make the right choices.  In order to foster independence safely, we as parents need to set clear firm boundaries so both parent and child understand what is expected and allowed.  When expectations are clear, we are less likely to run into conflict as our children know what to expect.  This is particularly relevant on holidays when our children want to spend more time with friends and are engaged more frequently in social media.


Consider creating activities which allow your child to earn trust.  These could be allowing your teenager small outings with friends that you are comfortable with, or allowing your children to stay at home for progressively longer periods of time while you run errands, or take some self care time for yourself. These small increments will help in developing mutual trust.  Developing trust and independence will improve your teenager’s responsibility.  When encouraging responsibility, we need to acknowledge that young people will make mistakes (as long as they are safe and supported).  Allow them to do things on their own; if negative consequences arise they will learn and develop from these.


Above all, keep communicating, talk about your concerns and encourage your children to talk to you.


Have a wonderful and safe break.  I look forward to assisting your girls in navigating their way through 2019.


You will find more information regarding the above at


If you have any concerns about how your daughter is coping with any of the things discussed in today’s article, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Liz Marley on [email protected] or on 3357 6000.

Liz Marlay


Family Christmas Carols


La Cucina

A Big Thank You

To all of our generous volunteers

we wish you a wonderful break with your families

and look forward to working with you again in 2019

Community Notices

Flipside Circus: Summer School Holiday Workshops

Entertaining your kids at home all summer can be a tricky business. Enrol them in one of our Summer School Holiday Workshops – and leave the tricks to us!

For the youngest little circus stars, we have play-based classes that introduce them to the circus in a fun, nurturing way. For older kids from age 6 and up, we have 1, 3 and 5-day circus workshops that cover a range of tricks and skills including trapeze, juggling, mini-tramp, hula hoop and more. Plus, a show opportunity to show off their new skills for friends and family at the end of the workshop.

More info:

Meaanjin Markets


Free Back to School Health Checks for Kids


Invitation to past students of Geebung C&K Kindergarten

Lorraine Douglas has been a teacher and Director at Geebung C&K Kindergarten for over twenty years. To celebrate such a wonderful career and to thank Lorraine for her unwavering commitment to the education of our children, we would like to invite past and present families and students to write a ‘Letter for Lorraine’. Letters sharing Kindy experiences and saying thank you can be addressed to:

Letters to Lorraine

PO Box 27, Geebung Qld 4034

Or emailed to: [email protected]

Letters received by 10 December will be presented to her at the end of the term (13 December 2018)

Enquiries can be directed to Sarah 0400 062 552 or Jen 0439 811 778

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