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15 November 2018
2018 Issue 16
Acting Principal's Message
Primary News
Across the College
Years 11/12 Happenings
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Acting Principal's Message

Fear of Change

The last weeks of school are often times when we are more aware of impending changes for the following year. Our Year 6s have tried new electives this week ready for Year 7, and lots of ELC to Prep visits have been underway. In a few weeks, Primary students will meet their new teacher.


Change abounds: for some of our graduating students it is a new job or the hunt for one; for others it is finding out whether they were accepted into their course of choice at university or elsewhere. Our Secondary students often wonder about who their teachers for next year will be, and some are selecting subjects or pathways.


Sometimes, change fills people with fear, often of the unknown. Fortunately, we have a God who never changes, and we can look to him for our security and strength in every circumstance. Hebrews 13:8 tells us, He “is the same yesterday and today and forever”. Transitions are a normal part of life, and we should encourage resilience by remembering that while change is constant, we can look to the author and perfecter of our faith, who will be there to lead us through transitions.


Primary Teachers 2019

Last newsletter, I shared a few changes in the Primary teams. Please see the class teachers below:

Prep-2 Learning Team - Coordinator: Mrs Donna Martin

Prep - Miss Jennie Taylor

Prep/1 - Mrs Donna Martin

Years 1/2 - Mrs Jo Moore (Team Leader), Miss Josie Hopkins, Mr Jordan Partridge

Support teachers: Mrs Madura Nadarajah and Mrs Anna Lam

Years 3-6 Learning Team - Coordinator: Miss Sara Wright

Years 3/4: Mrs Karen Hooper (Team Leader), Mrs Maree Coates, Mrs Donna Doherty

Support teacher: Mrs Kerri Bernon

Years 4/5: Mrs Tammie Chester

Years 5/6: Ms Sara Wright, Mr Chris Elkington, Mrs Fiona Ryan

Support teacher: Mr Russell Svigos.


Please note that, while this information is correct at the time of writing, changes in enrolments may lead to changes in the assigned teacher for classes. The teachers work diligently to create class lists based on a range of factors such as friendships, student learning needs and class composition. We believe we have an amazing group of teachers and respectfully advise that we are unable to consider requests for a particular teacher.


Honouring our Founders

I would like to take this opportunity to honour Ria van Niekerk who passed away recently. Her husband, Johannes van Niekerk, was the founding College Board Chair. We pay our respects to the family and honour their legacy of establishing Bayside Christian College, which continues to partner with families in Christian education, as its founders intended.


Please pray for the family and friends who grieve the loss of their loved one.


Thanksgiving Service to Celebrate the Life of Ria Van Niekerk - Langwarrin Christian Reformed Church, cnr Cranbourne & Warrandyte Roads, Langwarrin - Friday 16 November at 2pm.


God bless,


Toni Steinbergs

Acting Principal


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for the children in our Early Learning Centre, as they prepare for their end of year celebrations.


Pray for our Primary students, that the Lord would sustain them in the last weeks of Term 4.


Please pray for our Secondary students while they complete assessments or exams, and celebrate successes for the year.


Pray for our graduating students as they complete their final exams, enter the workforce or anticipate university entry.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary


During the Prep Transition morning held on Wednesday 14 November, the new Preps for 2019 were involved in a variety of activities as they develop their relationships with the Prep teachers, and become familiar with the classroom. At the other end of the Primary School, the Year 6 students have been involved in ‘Elective Taster Sessions', where they had the opportunity to experience some different subjects on offer to them in Year 7. Change can be exciting and also a time of anxiety for some. These intentional transition sessions are planned to help students adjust to change. On Monday 3 December, all of the 2019 Primary Students will be involved in transition sessions where they will spend the morning with their teacher and meet the other students in their class for next year.  


Primary Dance

The Primary Dance will be held on Monday 3 December from 5:00-6:30pm.  Permission notices for this event will be sent out next week.



In readiness for 2019, the booklists for those students in Years 3-6 have been sent home. If for any reason your child has not brought home his/her booklist, please contact the class teacher.


Rubbish Free Day

Rubbish Free Day for Term 4 will be held on Friday 23 November. Please help your child to bring their food with no wrappers. It is also a great habit to develop for each school day.


Primary Volunteer Afternoon Tea

The Primary Volunteer Afternoon Tea will be held on Wednesday 28 November at 2:45pm. Invitations will be sent out shortly. The Primary staff really appreciate all the ways that parents and carers support the school.



At the Primary Assembly this week, the students were reminded that they are to wear a school sunhat for all outdoor activities in Terms 1 and 4. If your child’s hat is lost or in a state of disrepair, please replace it.


Primary Celebration Evening

Primary Celebration Evening will be held on Thursday 6 December from 7:00-9:00pm. All Primary students are expected to be at this special assembly. More information about this event will be communicated soon.


May you feel God’s peace surrounding you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Years 5/6 Scientists

Years 5/6 students were fascinated by their own scientific efforts when exploring the different densities of sugary solutions. It was strongly advised that although tempting, colourful liquids in test tubes should never be ingested!


Russell Svigos

Years 5/6 Teacher


Flopsy Visits Prep M

Flopsy is a mammal. He is warm blooded and has soft fur. The children enjoyed having a pat and learning about what bunnies eat. We watched s funny video of Mr Dawson making the bunny hutch. The Prep students will be going to the Moonlit Sanctuary next week where they will encounter other mammals as well as reptiles and birds. 


ELC Reunion 12 December


Across the College

Volleyball & Badminton Rally Days

Year 7 

On Thursday 8 November, selected Year 7 students had the opportunity to compete in a

Volleyball Rally Day. It was a great opportunity to have a healthy competition and learn new skills with new people. After four rounds of competitive playing, the girls’ team had won three games and was through to finals. The boys unfortunately missed out on the finals.


After a close final Bayside returned to school with the runners up title. Congratulations to both teams who participated and gave it their best, amazing effort.


Jasmine Gleed - Year  7


Girls Badminton

On Thursday 8 November, selected Years 7 and 8 students played in a Volleyball and Badminton Rally Day. The Year 7 Badminton team (Lily and I) walked onto the court not expecting to win a game - we were just happy to have some fun learning to play. To our surprise, we won the first three games and lost the fourth game 45 to 21.


Despite the outcome of the last game, we still managed to make it into the final. While previously losing to the team in the qualifying rounds, we won the final by 17 points. Overall it was a great day and we can’t wait to play again next year!


Bella-Rose Jago - Year 7


Year 8 Girls Volleyball

Year 8 girls volleyball was really fun. We didn’t win but overall it was a good experience and a fun day. We all enjoyed ourselves and showed good sportsmanship,


There were two Year 8 badminton teams. One came second by a very close score; the other team came fourth and had a lot of fun too. 


Lily Whiteside - Year 8


Year 8 Boys

On Thursday 8 November, the Years 7 and 8  studnets had a Volleyball and Badminton Rally

Day. The Year 8s had a magnificent time and enjoyed each other's company. We performed outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship. The scores for the Year 8 volleyball team were 1-3 not in our favour, and the Year 8 badminton team were 2-2. Both teams didn’t make it to the finals or win anything, but, we all had an exceptional day out.


Christopher Nassar - Year 8 

Community Group - Dance

Last Monday 12 November, our Secondary students met in their Community Groups, and our Dance group showed off some of their giftings as well as having some fun!


Year 9 OES Three-Day Camp

Recently the Year 9 OES class had the wonderful opportunity to go on a three-day adventure. We started with a two-day hike in the beautiful Brisbane Ranges, and then picked up the pace with a day of mountain bike riding in the epic You Yangs. It was wonderful to be out with the students appreciating God's glorious creation. 

It was fantastic to see the students constantly encouraging one another and working as a team. Also a huge thank you to Shelly Akester and Paul Unwin for coming along and giving up their time to help.


Dan Briglia

Year 9 OES Teacher

Year 7/2019 Elective Taster Sessions

This week our 2019 Year 7 students participated in some Elective Taster Sessions. Both our current Bayside students and our new in 2019 students visited each of the elective classrooms for an instruction and practical example of what they can expect as a Year 7 student.


Careers News

This new Australian Government publication provides useful information about study options beyond school, including pathways to further study and government help available for tuition fees e.g. HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP. It's a very valuable resource for parents and students who are preparing for life after Year 12, especially those who are new to the Australian education system.

Download your free copy here:


Planet Ark Funding

Bayside was successful in another Planet Ark grant to supply 1500 native trees with tree guards. These will be planted over the next few months on the North Campus.


Mountain Bike Track Progress

It is very exciting to report that the work on the Primary mountain bike track on the North

Campus is almost complete, with work now turning towards the Secondary track. It is very exciting to have the first few classes using this wonderful resource. God has truly blessed us with this amazing opportunity.  

Christmas Community Market

Our Year 11 students and Year 10 VCAL students will be presenting the final Bayside Community Market on Thursday 29 November. We also have some parents, staff and younger students in the College who will be joining us with stalls.

There will be food, entertainment, craft activities for the children and gifts to buy for Christmas. Make the most of this community afternoon to get prepared for Christmas, as well as support the various charities the students’ businesses donate profits to, and to catch up with the Bayside community.

A TEAR "Useful Gifts"

A TEAR 'Useful Gifts' stall will again be running at the Christmas market this year. Please consider this as you plan your Christmas shopping. It's a great way to raise awareness of the impact we can have in the lives of others less fortunate. 


If you'd like to browse the range of cards online, or purchase e-cards, you can do so at

Years 11/12 Happenings

At this time of year, we have so much to be thankful for, as we reflect on what has happened throughout the year, and how God has walked with us during both the challenges and the joys.


For our Year 12 VCE students, there has been opportunity to rejoice and be thankful as their exams draw to a close. It has been lovely to see some very happy and relieved faces coming out of these exams, but also to hear students excited about what they were able to write on their papers. Please continue to uphold them in prayer as they finish exams next week. We look forward to celebrating with them all at Valedictory on Monday 26 November.


Year 11 VCE students complete their exams this week. It is important to remind students throughout this time that exams form only part of their learning, and that their value and purpose is not defined by their results, but by their identity in Christ. As we work hard and truly give of our best in all that we do, we are then able to relax knowing that we have given our all and that our trust is in God.


It has been wonderful to be a part of the Year 11 VCAL Assessment panel this week, and to listen to these students share what they have learnt throughout the Semester, reflecting on their strengths as well as ways they can grow and improve their learning in the future. I hope that all our students are engaging in this process of reflection as they prepare for next year.


On Monday evening, 19 November, we will have our Year 11 social. A huge thank you to the amazing Coral Vass and Karissa Gaskell who have created this event together with a wonderful committee. Please make sure you book your tickets!


Tuesday 20 November marks the first day of Rollover. All students are required to attend all their classes throughout Rollover to ensure that they have all the information and preparation needed for a successful start to 2019.


I look forward to seeing many of you at our final Bayside Community Market - with a touch of Christmas - on Thursday 29 November.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator

A healthy & Developed World - This is the Goal

Health and Human Development unpacks the current state of health and wellbeing in ourselves, our neighbours, our nation and our world. We explore why it’s in this state and how we can work towards restoring it according to God’s purposes.


And...for the Units 3/4 class, we have finished these studies!


Students walked out of their exam this week beaming with happiness; both because the exam was ‘good’, and because it was time to celebrate all the work they had put in over the past two years.


Here’s some snaps of them at ‘Southside Social’ munching on healthy (?) treats!

Congratulations to the eight Year 11 students who completed this new Year 12 Study Design subject - I’m very proud of you. I pray you will use what you have learned to help yourselves and others live a healthy and fulfilled life.


Jeremiah 29:11: "‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’"


Rachelle Cooper

VCE HHD Teacher


Examining Examination Fascination

Samuel Taylor Coleridge regarded poetry as ‘the best words in the best order’. Literature students in Years 11 and 12 have been preparing for and completing their exams, while seated in alphabetical order.


It has been great to witness students collaborating with one another, pausing, and pursuing understanding with diligence in this period. God is with us always, and in everything we can seek to honour Him. In essay writing, there is an opportunity to demonstrate radical compassion where one might usually find ‘criticism’. To essay write, ‘to test’ oneself, can also be an opportunity to foreground eternal value.


Sam Waldron

VCE Literature Teacher

Remembering our Diggers

History teacher Peter Bakker and two of our VCE Units 1&2 History students partook in a special Remembrance Day ceremony at Scotch College.


As part of their display, our very talented Katie Newton  provided the 'Diggers Quilt', which was admired by all. The quilt is on display in the College reception and well worth dropping in to see.

During the day Peter also met with Major General Professor Jeffrey V Rosenfeld AC OBE KStJ who has served on seven deployments with the ADF in places like Rwanda, East Timor, Bougainville, and the Solomon Islands.


Chris and Matthew - both Year 11 - did a great job helping out on the  photographic display area, and really got a lot out of the speech presentations, as well as experiencing some of the rich history behind the buildings of Scotch College.

VCAL Happenings

Students have undertaken their Assessment Panel interviews this week, and it has been a privilege to be reminded of the variety of tasks and initiatives they have completed as they reflect. The panel interviews allow students to display their personal learning and collaborative strengths, while also serving as a time for students to identify areas they could further develop. Though the process serves naturally as preparation for job interviews, it has been encouraging to witness the wider self reflective skills of the students.


Sam Waldron

Secondary Teacher

Year 11 Social



Fees for 2019

The 2019 Fees Schedule has now been published.

You will notice a few changes including a simplified structure and a greater discount for paying earlier. One significant change is that we are moving towards a ‘term in advance’ for payment of fees. This means that, for many people, payments will start in mid-December instead of January. We hope that the future payment break from October through to mid-December will in future make it easier for parents to budget for the end of the year.


Transition plans for 2019 fee structure

We understand this transition will be difficult for some families, especially with the short notice and Christmas expenses. We are putting transition plans in place for families that will not be able to adjust immediately, including those who are on current payment plans that go beyond 30 November 2018. Please contact Helen Spink (5971-6711) if you would also like a transition plan.


Please note some other areas affected by the simplified fee structure that will be reflected in your Individual Fee Statement distributed in mid-November. These include:

  • Year 9 (2019) students who have purchased Chromebooks – we will adjust the fees to reflect the Chromebook rental component that you do not need to pay.
  • Students who do not attend their Year level camp based on a medical certificate.


Uniform Shop Summer Openings


Parent Partnership Forum

On Thursday 18 October, an excited crowd of College parents, staff and Association members joined together to share a meal and share around some key upcoming College changes at our ‘Partnership Forum’. Links to videos explaining the content of the presentations from the night, and the speakers’ notes/slides can be found below.




Cyber Safety




Canteen News


Music Showcase Evenings for Semester 2

This semester, Bayside Christian College is again having two Music Showcase Evenings due to an abundance of musical talent, which is too much for just one evening! Therefore, students in the Primary School will be performing on Wednesday 21 November, and students in the Secondary School will be performing on Thursday 22 November. Both concerts will start at 6:30pm sharp in the Primary Gym, with the aim of finishing before 8:30pm. Students are encouraged to dress up in performance attire.


At both evenings we will be appreciating and celebrating all the soloists and small ensembles which we are blessed to have at Bayside Christian College. We would love you to come along to one or both evenings to support and encourage the students as they share the hard work they have put in this semester. 


Hope to see you there!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Bayside Family Network

Coming up:


Wednesday 21 November - Final BFN Carers and Parents Morning Tea/Workshop. 

Starts 9am with coffee etc. Finishes by 10am. 


We will be looking at what, if any, benefits there are to having Family Meeting Times.


Wednesday 28 November - 7pm

A Parent Workshop evening discussing practical ways to protect your children online. We will be looking at the dangers of internet p*rn and how soon we should be talking about it with our children. See advertisement, below:

The night will finish with a light supper, an opportunity to buy resources, as well as question and answer time with the speaker Emily Bickerton. 


Parenting Insights

Going to Secondary School is both exciting and scary for many kids. There’s excitement about new friends, teachers and ventures, but this can be overshadowed by anxiety and stress.

Michael Grose has written an excellent article for parents on helping children with the transition from Primary to Secondary that I think you will find a great help for those who are at this stage of life - see attached.

Kathy Scott

College Chaplain

Host a Japanese Student in 2019


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