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08 June 2017
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Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Last year we submitted a Building Master Plan and applied for funding through Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM). We have been busy this year submitting additional information to CEM and local politicians to enhance our chances of receiving funding. Last Monday we (Donna McMaster, Cameron Sinclair, Deb Butcher & Pauline Semmens) met with

Nick Wakeling (Liberal Shadow Minister for Education), Margaret Fitzherbert (Liberal Member for the Southern Region) and Bernadene Voss (Mayor-City of Port Phillip). We showed  them our Master Plan and discussed the needs of our school. They were all very receptive and we look forward to further dialogue and assistance with our potential project. Members of the Building Committee visited ORBIT Architects, where Chris Goss (father of Isaac Yr 2 &  Caleb Prep 2018) generously prepared a VR (Virtual Reality) concept of the Master Plan. We plan on showing this to CEM staff, politicians and other stakeholders  as an engagement tool  for our project. We thank Chris and the Building Committee members for their generosity of time. 


Movie/Disco Night

The Movie/Disco Night had a wonderful turn out with over 200 children attending.  All reports back to me have been that it was a resounding success and much fun was had by all.  These evenings are only made possible by the parents and staff who give of their time.  There were over 40 parents who made the evening a success.  A big thank you to those that stayed the entire evening, those who braved the cold to man the gates and crossing, for protecting the stage and disco equipment and for cleaning up at the end of the evening.  Thank you to Danielle Gerecke and Amy Burns who gave up their Friday evening with their families to be in attendance.

2016 Annual Report

Each year it is a requirement for school's to publish an annual report outlining their achievements and future directions. The report is restricted to activities that occurred in 2016. Below is a copy of what I wrote and for the full report go to our school website or the following link:


In 2016, I was fortunate to join Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School after having spent the previous five years as Principal of St James P.S., Brighton. Each school is different and has its own strengths and areas to be developed. It has been an enjoyable experience working with the stakeholders of Galilee to work out our future direction and implement a cycle of change and improvement.

At the beginning of 2016, it was important to survey the landscape and gather thoughts on Galilee from the students, staff, parents, local community and Catholic Education Melbourne. It became evident that at Galilee there was a number of strengths to build upon. Together we embarked upon a time of implementing change with a focus on building our community and improving student learning.

Below I have listed a summary (more details in the remainder of the report) of some of our successful change initiatives introduced in 2016:

  • Communication through the development of a new newsletter format, weekly assemblies, website, electronic signage, updating security hardware and processes, new evacuation procedures, parent and staff calendars, use of Caremonkey, information evenings for parents and detailed transition program for Preps.
  • Student learning through a focus on data collection and analysis (student results), staff attendance at Catholic Education professional learning Networks, introduction of Levelled Literacy Intervention, modernising ICT infrastructure and purchasing of over 150 devices (Chromebooks).
  • Community-building with all stakeholders through the introduction of The Events Committee (organisation of parental events), the Dads Of Galilee (including regular meetings and Father/Child Camp) and the active participation of the School Education Board who assisted with a range of initiatives. We researched and completed a camp program for 2016 and beyond, leading to a variety of opportunities for students to increase their independence, resilience and leadership. Galilee is unique as it is Melbourne’s only regional Catholic Primary School with many families living in a variety of locations, making parent participation at school more critical in the building of our community.
  • To build a staff culture of collaboration that allows us to better cater for the needs of our students through the establishment of teams, meeting protocols and role descriptions. This led to a review of our leadership model for both the staff and students at Galilee, to be implemented from 2017.
  • The Building Committee made a significant contribution with the development of a Master Plan that was submitted as part of a funding application to Catholic Education Melbourne (we’ll be notified towards the end of 2017 if we have been successful). The process took six months, which included formal opportunities for a contribution from our community. I thank the members for their expertise, dedication and hard work.

I would like to thank Fr Hugh Brown and Fr Julian Messina; the wonderful students led by our School Captains (Adam & Sarah); the School Education Board, led by Donna McMaster (Chairperson); the hard-working staff, including Julianne Price (Deputy Principal); and the dedicated parents led by Sally Callan (President) of the Events Committee and Paul Mapley (D.O.G.S.). I would also like to welcome the incoming Deputy Principals, Mrs Danielle Gerecke and Mrs Amy Burns who bring many skills that will benefit Galilee.


I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together for our students in 2017 and beyond.

Simon Millar – 2016 Principal of Galilee Regional Catholic

Student Led Conferences

The PTO site is now open to take bookings for the Student-Led Conferences scheduled for Monday 26th June, 2pm - 7.30pm and Wednesday 28th June, 2pm - 5pm.

Please ensure you book a time to meet your child's teacher. To log in and retrieve your PIN, you must use the email address the correspondence was sent to (titled 'Galilee Student Led Conferences').


We welcome back Miss Casey and Mrs Ford next week from Long Service Leave. Thank you Mrs Reilly (Year 2C) and Mrs Walker (Year 5F) for their care and expertise with our students. Mr Martello will be away on Long Service Leave for the last three weeks of term and be replaced for Italian/ICT by Mr Hill who is a regular replacement teacher at Galilee.

Music Soirees

We look forward to our upcoming Music Soirees from 5pm till approximately 7:30pm in the Hall on Tuesday June 20 (Drums & Vocal) and Wednesday June 21 (Violin, Keyboard & Guitar). Students who participate in our instrumental program will participate and receive a program from Anita closer to the event/s.

We thank Anita for her coordination and the other instrumental teachers for their involvement.


Peace and Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 2  April 19 - June 30

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 


Fri 9  School closure day

Mon 12  Queen's Birthday Public Holiday  

Tue 13  SEB Meeting

Fri 16  Dendy Football (selected students)

Mon 19  Year 3 Parent Morning tea

Tue 20  Drums and Vocals Soiree 5pm - 7pm

Wed 21  Violin, Keyboard and Guitar Soiree 5pm - 7pm

Mon 26  Students finish 1.30pm - Student Led Conferences 2pm - 7.30pm

Wed 28  Student Conferences 2pm - 5pm

Fri 30  End of Term Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul 9.30am

Term 2 concludes at 1.30pm

School Closure Dates

Friday June 9

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates

First Eucharist Dates - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's Port Melbourne

  • Sacrament of First Eucharist - Saturday 17th June at 6pm - at Our Lady of Mount Carmel 


Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith and Parent Information Night

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am

Public Holidays

12 Jun   Queen's Birthday
29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day


Wednesdays 2.40pm

June 14  Prep F & Year 5

June 21  Sport 

Second Hand Uniform

Next week, the shop will be open on Thursday 15th June 08.40-09.00  and closed on Friday 16th June.

Open Fridays 8.40-8.55am & afternoons are available by appointment (3.30-3.40pm) please sms Kate on 0419 384 471 to arrange.

Located in Prep Building

Clean uniform donations appreciated

Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only


Education in Faith

Sacrament of First Eucharist

Congratulations to our Year 4 students who made the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Sunday the 4th June at Ss. Peter and Paul in South Melbourne. It was a beautiful celebration. The students were very well prepared and excited about marking their faith journey with this important step of initiation into the Church community. We could not be more proud of our Year 4 students and wish them every blessing as they endeavor to to live a Eucharistic life.  Thank you to Fr. Julian and Fr. Dean for preparing the students and making the Sacrament a special occasion for them. 

We look forward to celebrating with the rest of the Year 4 students on June 17th at Our Lady of Mount Carmel as they receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist for the first time. We wish these students every blessing as they continue to prepare for the opportunity to receive such a special gift from God.

First Eucharist Reflection Day at Galilee

On Monday 26th May students from Year 4 and the Parish who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist gathered in the Galilee School Hall for a Reflection Day. Students participated in a range of hands on activities that were linked to their learning. Students made scones and linked it to their learning about the Last Supper and the Mass. Students performed a play of the Good Samaritan and linked it to their learning of living Eucharistically and students learned more about the signs and symbols used during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. After recess students participated in the Parish Mass and returned to the hall for a Question and Answer session with Fr. Dean. In the afternoon students created beautiful artworks that helped to decorate the Church during Sunday's celebration. 

The day was a success thanks to Mrs. Burns, Ms. Giles, Mrs Grillo and Fr. Dean who organised and facilitated the day. 


Galilee Social Justice Leaders want your help to CAN Hunger

This winter Galilee will be fundraising to CAN Hunger. We will be helping those in need by collecting non-perishable foods such as canned food. Any donations can be placed into the boxes in each classroom. Each week your Social Justice Leader will collect the cans that you have donated. We are going to keep a tally of the number of cans each class has brought in. We will share the results at assembly. We hope that this keeps you motivated.

What: Galilee Canned Food Drive

When: Monday 5th June - Friday 30th June

Where: Place non-perishable food in the box in your classroom

Why: To help those in need

Who: We would like everyone to give what they can


On the last day of term we will be celebrating The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a whole school by going to Mass. The Feast of the Sacred Heart celebrates the love of Christ for all mankind. The  Mass will mark the final day to bring in cans.

Leadership and Management

Horizons of Hope

Horizons of Hope is the new education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Horizons of Hope draws on evidence-based research to respond to the current challenges within our education context, including the introduction of new curriculum and the challenge of enhancing Catholic identity within our schools.


The Horizons of Hope framework supports Catholic school communities to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning, and enhancing Catholic identity in our schools.


The framework is a living document that will be added to over coming months and years with examples of practice from schools, as well as additional strategy statements in the areas of Leadership, Wellbeing, Diversity, and Religious Education.


Through Horizons of Hope we commit together to achieving the highest standards possible for each learner, using data, research and evidence to ensure maximum progress and growth in each student’s learning. In today’s globalised environment, young people must be versatile learners, who develop not only new knowledge and skills, but also new literacies, dispositions and cultural awareness. Learning within this context, and in dialogue with the Catholic tradition, offers all of us opportunities; not only to understand others, but ourselves, our identity and our faith more deeply. Despite today’s context posing many great challenges, the mission and message of Jesus instils a hope and possibility for each person. Learning brings forth this hope – a hope that is based on the experience of God’s love and care for all. Pope Francis stated recently that through Catholic education we celebrate all the opportunities which enable young people to embrace the hope of a better world with greater possibilities. It is this Horizon of Hope which propels us forward.


Stephen Elder

Executive Director

Catholic Education Melbourne


School Closure Day

Tomorrow is a school closure day. While the students are enjoying an extra long weekend, the staff will gather together to begin work on the School Review. On this day staff at Galilee will be reflecting on the work that has occurred over the past four years and use school data to inform the next four years. Maree Holmes, Andrea Kershaw and Margaret Waldeck from Catholic Education Melbourne will be facilitating much of the day.

Uniform Update

We have noticed a marked improvement in the uniform being worn correctly this term. In previous correspondence, we have indicated that the school shorts can be worn as part of the Winter Uniform. New mid-length socks from PSW are now available and must be worn with the shorts as from the beginning of Term Three. 

Below is the Galilee Uniform Policy which can be found on the school's website:


Emergency Procedure

I would like to thank all the students and staff of Galilee for their participation in a recent practice Lockdown situation. The lockdown took place after two "strangers" (these strangers being Tegan and Mr Coaley) were noticed by a staff member walking around the school. All the students did a fantastic job during the lockdown session. 


As a school, we are required to practice events like these once a term, so we are prepared in the event of a real emergency. Sometimes, it is necessary to practice an event without the students, and sometimes staff, being aware of the drill. In this instance, staff were informed that a lockdown would take place on the day but were not given a specific time. 


In Term 3, all staff will be provided Emergency Warden Training by our Emergency Training Company, Dynamiq. Our third practice emergency scenario, a whole school evacuation, will then be performed in the following days.


I would like to thank the entire Galilee Community for their support in this matter. If you have any queries, concerns or comments you would like to raise, please feel free to email [email protected]


Joss Coaley

Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Parent Communication

If your child is unable to participate in a school-based activity (i.e. sport lessons) due to illness or injury, please communicate in written form, to the class and/or relevant teacher/s. Putting it in writing, as opposed to being verbal, better allows the school to cater for your child's needs.

Learning and Teaching

Maths at home

Geometry Treasure Hunt Oh no!


Someone has taken the polygons from the maths books and hidden them in the environment. It’s your job to find the polygons or shapes!


You need to use the following apps to complete this challenge:


Follow these instructions:

1. Look for polygons (3-6) shapes (P-2) around you. You can search inside, outside, at home, at school, or anywhere!

2. Ask Mum or Dad if you can use an iPad or iPhone to photograph the polygons/shapes. 

3. Now use the Explain Everything App on your iPad/iPhone to help see the polygons/shapes you have found. You need to trace over the polygon/shapes, and explain everything you know about the particular shape. For example, what is it's name, and what do you know about it? (Think about properties such as it's sides, angles, diagonals, and symmetry)

4. Include the following reflection questions in your Explain Everything presentation:

• How many polygons/shapes did you find?

• Were there any you didn’t find?

• How do you know?

• Were any of your polygons irregular? (seniors students)

• Were any of your polygons tessellating? (senior students)


Ask your teacher if you can share your work with them.

Number Intervention    

Congratulations to John Paul (3R) and Claire (3C) for their awards for exceptional effort and improvement in Maths! 

Violet (3R) and Kaavya (4G) completed these evaluations of their work in Number Intervention this semester:

At the end of this term, the eight children with whom I have been working will complete their intensive Number Intervention programme.  I am very proud of the achievements of each of them and look forward to continuing working with them once a week next term, as they continue to grow in confidence and love of Maths within their classroom settings.


In Semester Two this year, the training I am completing in Number Intervention involves working with students from Years One and Two.  I look forward to working with the teachers and children from the Junior School to identify areas of need and increase levels of achievement in Maths!


Below are some ideas that you can use with your children at home to develop a strong basis for Number.  In each newsletter, I will include a progression of activities – with daily practice, counting and patterns should become automatic.  Here’s to helping our kids grow in confidence in Maths!        



  • Count forwards and backwards by ones, tens and hundreds to 1000 and beyond.
  • Write some of the number sequences, forwards and backwards. You can write them in a ladder (Start at the bottom for forwards sequences and at the top for backwards sequences.)



  • Continue to use buttons, blocks, shells or other objects to partition the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9:  Practise until the combinations for each are automatic!
  • Dice game to practice combinations to 10 (or 9, 8, 7, etc): Throw a die.  Your child must read the die and then say the number which makes it up to 10 (or 9 or 8, etc).  eg:  Throw a 6 with the die.  The child reads the die and says the complement to 10:  “6 and 4 make 10”. Have your child write out the combinations as sums (6+4=10).  (Using a 10-sided die is a great way to play this game, though a 6-sided die will do!) 

Jane Ferris

[email protected]

The Victorian Curriculum

This year all school across Victoria have implemented the Victorian Curriculum. 

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out a single, coherent and comprehensive set of content descriptions and associated achievement standards to enable teachers to plan, monitor, assess and report on the learning achievement of every student.

The new curriculum includes a strong focus on the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy and on personal and social skills, thinking skills and new areas of learning such as computational thinking.

At Galilee we are integrating STEAM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics into our inquiry units.

The new Digital Technologies curriculum has been taught in ICT lessons and in the classroom where many of our students have been involved in learning about coding. 

The reports that will be emailed home to families soon will reflect the achievement of students against the new Victorian Curriculum. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum please visit the following website:

  • VCAA – Victorian Curriculum

Student Wellbeing


There are times in our lives that we experience times of stress or anxiety.

Here are some helpful tips given to us last year by our Guest Speaker Georgina Manning from the Peaceful Kids Program.

Some classes have introduced Mindful Meditation into their daily routine.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to:

  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Allow connection with the self and values
  • Bring a sense of peacefulness and clarity
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Develop self-acceptance and confidence
  • Bring emotional balance and stability
  • Decrease worrying thoughts
  • Allow compassion and empathy to grow
  • Help to view experiences positively
  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Improve physical symptoms
  • Improve sleep
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Dramatically improve concentration and memory

You may like to practise this simple meditation with your family at home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any enquiries or concerns.

Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928

email: [email protected]



eLearning News

Thank You Year 2!

I wanted to thank the students of 2C and 2R who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last few weeks. We have explored a number of different eLearning activities, from researching pictures that fit with our work on Google to exploring the meaning of our email address (


It was amazing to see what the Year 2 students already knew, which just shows what an important part of our lives technology has become. We learnt together and had some fun while doing so.


Thank you to Mrs. Reid and Miss Casey for letting me work with your wonderful children and I look forward to working with them again later in the year!


Grade 3 Projects

We are now moving on to Grade 3 and I am excited to be working with the students of 3C and 3R! Before the end of term, we are going to be exploring Google Drive as well as working on our touch typing skills. At the beginning of next term, we will be using strategies to research information that we could use in our writing pieces. 

ICT Policies

It has been a very long road, but we are just waiting for the final few policies to be returned. If your child has not yet returned their ICT Policy, I will be providing their classroom teacher with a final copy that I am hoping will be signed during the Student-Led Conferences at the end of term.


If you would like to discuss any part of the ICT policy, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected], or contact me at the school to arrange a meeting time.

Looking Ahead To Term 3...

We have two very exciting ICT events being held next term; our eLearning Day and our Cyber Safety Day. More information will be announced at the beginning of Term 3, with an important competition that anyone can enter! Stay tuned for all the details.


Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader

School Community

Book Covering

A big thank you to Kate Kelsey for helping to cover new and donated books. There are still more to get out onto the shelves so if anyone else is able to cover some books, Mr Martello and I would greatly appreciate your help.


Student Fundraising

Congratulations to the following students from Year 3R who raised $420.50 for the Port Phillip Special School: Bonnie, Claudia, Amity & Isabela. 

This is a fabulous social justice initiative and congratulations to our students for your contribution.

XSPROFIX - Portable Expresso Machine

XSPROFIX - Portable Expresso Machine

Galilee staff member, Helen Rochecouste is launching a Kickstarter project with her family. They have cleverly invented a world-first portable expresso machine that boils water using Nespresso coffee capsules, that can be taken anywhere. If you are interested in registering to purchase one, check out the following link:

Thank you to Helen for the donation of a machine to Galilee.


Lanyard Amnesty

We asking for the safe return of our visitor lanyards. Many have gone missing and we promise to keep your identity confidential if you return them to the office.

Violin Teacher

Unfortunately, our current violin teacher will not be returning next term.

If anyone knows a violin teacher who would be interested in applying and would able to teach students one day a week at Galilee, please see Wendy or Tegan.

Open Morning Survey

Thank you to the families who found the time to complete the survey. We had an outstanding response, as well as some wonderful feedback that has been shared with the staff. Open Mornings is just one way we are connecting home and school life. In the next newsletter, we will provide the community with some of the results. Again, we thank those families for your valued responses.


Holly and Brighid 


Student Reports

Year 6H STEAM Experiment

Year 6H completed a STEAM challenge last week with the focus of Designing an earthquake proof house using only toothpicks and marshmallows.

We had to build our houses in teams and make sure it would withstand an 'earthquake' - Miss Hart and Miss Dhar (6H's Pre-Service Teacher) shaking the container and tapping it at the bottom. 

We recorded our findings on our iPads and discussed any further questions we had.

Wish us luck as we start to build our community!


'Play Recount'  by Rosie and Roxy, 2017 Visual Art Leaders


We went to see the Van Gogh exhibition!


It was full of colour and beautiful doors…

For the last time, Roxy! We're not putting in that door!

We’ll see about that…

Anyway, to get to the venue (NGV) we had to catch a tram! We all had our Mykis at hand and were ready to tap on!

When we got there, we ate our snack and put our bags in the cloakroom. We were joined by the year fives who, unfortunately, had to walk there.

We got into our groups, and we each got an activity booklet. We had to look for different Van Gogh paintings and write when they were painted, the name of the painting and what season it belong to.

To get to Van Gogh, we had to go through another room with a bunch of statues. 

And then we lined up to get into Van Gogh!

The Video: Oh, a you mean the one about his life and how he was really depressed?

Interesting way of putting it, but that's the one. Then we saw some Japanese prints!

Oh, those ones! 

So majestic.

The, after a treacherous journey including beautiful doors, statues and myki cards…

It only took us half an hour, Roxy!

Shh, I'm getting to the good part! We found the massive word, ‘AUTUMN’!

It was VERY busy. Everyone charged in and started looking for the paintings. But I was looking at the paintings. Studying their beauty.

Calm down, we’ve still got a bit to go and you weren’t the only one thinking they were cool.

Enough about that! We found some cool paintings in Autumn, including ‘Shepard and his Flock’ and ‘Still Life with Apples and Pumpkins’.

It was hard to put the names on our sheets.

Still Life with Apples and Pumpkins

Then we went to Winter!

It wasn't as chilly as I expected!

Stop with the puns Roxy!... #stoproxyspuns2017

Some paintings included ‘Winter Life is Well’ and Vase with Honesty’.

Winter Life is Well

Next we got to Spring. There were so many beautiful paintings but sadly we have no pictures.

Regrets. I was too busy looking at the paintings to take photos!

Finally we got to Summer, which included my favourite painting, ‘Wheatfield with Cypress’. So beautiful... Picture time!

Then our Van Gogh adventure was over!

We went to Queen Victoria Gardens eat lunch. Then we boarded the tram and went back to school!


It was so much fun, don't you think, Roxy?

Yes, it was so good! The paintings were amazing and everything was majestic! Thank-you Mrs Orr!

That's it for the Van Gogh blog!


Year 2 News!

In Year 2 we have been doing persuasive writing. We made paper bag animals and had to write a persuasive piece to convince the zoo keepers that our animals should be allowed to stay in the zoo.


Why I think my piranha should be allowed in the zoo

Mr and Mrs Zookeeper, I think my piranha should be allowed to be in your zoo because they are interesting to look at.


Firstly, they are colourful to look at. Their sharp teeth are very interesting to look at.


Secondly, the children and families would want to feed them. When you feed them they get into a big group and move around fast to tear it up.


Finally, they can show their gills to the customers.


To sum up, I think my piranha will be fantastic in your zoo because they are very fierce to look at.

By Luca B


Why I think my cat should be allowed in the zoo

Mr and Mrs Zookeeper, I think my cat should be allowed to be in your zoo.


Firstly, I think my cat should be allowed in your zoo because they’re fun to play with. Children can roll cotton for them.


Secondly, I think my cat should be allowed in your zoo because they are colourful. They can be all sorts of colours: grey, white, ginger and black.


Finally, I think my cat should be allowed in your zoo because they can have food and rest. They are so cute when they rest.


To sum up, I think cats should be allowed at the zoo because they are cute and fluffy.

By Sienna K

Cross Country

It was the 19th of May and we were on our to way to Dendy Cross Country. We went on the bus and everyone was chatting and people were really nervous about going to represent our school in Cross Country. When we got out of the bus we felt the wind in our faces and when we touched the grass it felt thick and wet. We saw the big hills and the dirty path we had to run on and we knew this was going to be a hard race.


The first race was the 9-10 girls and everyone was jumping around and people’s hearts were pounding as they got ready for the race. Then a high pitched noise went and everyone knew it was the whistle and off they went. When they were about halfway through the race the announcer called the 9-10 boys to the starting line and you could see on everyone’s faces that they were nervous.


All the 9-10 boys went up to the starting line and when all the boys had got there they blew the whistle again and off we went. The first thing you had to get over was a huge and steep hill. That hill slowed some people down, then everyone was following a thin dirt track that ran through the middle of the green grass. It then came to a tight turn as we were jogging. We could hear the cheers in the background behind us. Lots of people were falling over because of the slippery track that we were jogging on. When we could see the finish line we gave it all we had. The Galilee students were cheering all of us on.


Shortly after that, the 11 girls came to race and then the 11 boys went off to race. Both of the 11 boys and girls did very well. After both of the 11 boys and girls, the 12-13 girls went to the starting line to race. They did very well and then it was the last race of the day! The 12-13 boys went to the starting line and then they started to run. Near the end they were sprinting and they were very happy about completing the hard race.


Then it was presentation time and everyone was listening to where their school came. There was 10 schools competing at the Dendy Cross Country race and we were listening very carefully to what the results were. First they did the percentage, and our school had a percentage of 21 and we came 4th. Then they did the overall scores and we came 4th again with 30 points. We were all very proud of attending the Dendy Cross Country and  everyone tried their best.



Alex C. and Jordan Z. 4G

Local Connections



In a fun workshop for 2 – 5 year olds with arts educator Emma Barnes, you will conduct scientific, colourful experiments using bubbles, eye droppers and ice. Enjoy getting a little bit messy as you experiment with different household materials, watercolour paint and food dye.


Sunday, August 13 2017. 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM



Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, Melbourne, VIC, 3000


Environment and nature


$16 per child


03 9664 7900

[email protected]


Wheelchair access

In a fun workshop for 2 – 5 year olds with arts educator Emma Barnes, you will conduct scientific, colourful experiments using bubbles, eye droppers and ice. Enjoy getting a little bit messy as you experiment with different household materials, watercolour paint and food dye.

You will create chemical reactions and watch in wonder as colours mix and become a swirling rainbow – then find out how it all works!

Contact details:

Amy Turton


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03 9664 7902

Mobile: 0413 047 995



Join Ben Z of Fizzics Education for the Liquid Nitrogen Show at Frankston Library.


Saturday, August 12 2017. 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


Frankston Library

60 Playne Street, Frankston, VIC, 3199




03 9784 1020

[email protected]

Social Media:



Join Ben Z of Fizzics Education for the Liquid Nitrogen Show at Frankston Library. “We can make your ice-cream instantly using liquid nitrogen!” says Ben.

Contact details:

Susan Bentley

Frankston City Libraries

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03 9784 1020

See more at:


Lunch Order 2017.pdf