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28 October 2019
Issue Nine
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Principal News

Principal News

Hello Brookside!


Words cannot begin to describe how honoured and fortunate I feel to be the newly appointed Principal at Brookside P-9 College. Over the past week I have had the opportunity to learn about the school from leadership, staff, parents, and students, and I am excited by the relentless commitment to education that I have perceived in each and every person.


I have worked in the field of education for seventeen years, in a variety of schools and position. My most recent experience was at Springside P-9 College, where I served as an Assistant Principal and Year 9 Maths teacher. Throughout these experiences I have held firmly to the belief that our moral purpose as educators is to develop students in a holistic manner, ensuring that both student wellbeing and achievement are at the forefront of every decision that we make.


I bring this dedication and my skills as an educational leader to Brookside, and aim to work alongside staff, students and parents to continue to build upon the successes of the college. I believe that by working together we can continue our mission to ‘empower every learner to fulfil their potential and positively shape the future’.
















Prep Breakfast


It was wonderful to see so many students and staff in their pyjamas at the Prep Breakfast on Friday 18th of October. The students were super excited to eat their breakfast together, and showed a fantastic level of independence when buttering their own toast (and creatively combining ingredients like margarine, vegemite and jam!). A huge thank you to the Prep Team for organising this event, and to all of the staff who gave their time to join in and help out.



Congratulations Frank Mazza!


A huge congratulations to Year 9 student Frank Mazza, who broke the state record for Javelin and came in first in the long jump event at the State Athletics Competition on Friday 18th of October. We are all very proud of his achievements!



Kind regards,

Violeta Dellidis



School Council President News

SCP News

Dear Brookside Community,


At October’s School Council meeting we welcomed our new Principal Violeta Dellidis! 

We were pleased to approve the below items:

  • Classroom painting for over the summer school holidays
  • Summerfest Disco - 12 December
  • Year 9 end of year activities

Stay tuned for further information later in the term on the above.


Kind regards

Rachel Morgan

Brookside P-9 College

School Council President

Prep-2 Sector

Prep News

Preps Visit to the Caroline Springs Library and Gallery


On Wednesday the 18th of September, all of the four prep classes walked to the Caroline Springs Library to see a special exhibition of works by the Australian author Alison Lester. Each class received a copy of Alison Lester’s book “Are We There Yet?” to keep. The teachers read the book to their class before the visit.

“Are We There Yet?” is a story about a family who travel around Australia for a year. The book introduces students to many Australian states and iconic Australian landmarks such as Uluru, Sydney Harbour, The Opera House and son on.

At the Library, the preps heard all about Alison Lester and enjoyed the Gallery tour. They  participated in colouring, singing and storytelling.

Prep Breakfast

Last Friday the prep grades participated in the Prep Breakfast. This activity is part of the school camping program and apart from being lots of fun it encourages students to become more independent at having breakfast and dressing themselves. The students came to school in their pyjamas at 8 o’clock and enjoyed rice bubbles or cornflakes, toast with vegemite or jam and juice.

Lots of teachers came to help make and serve the breakfast and it was a great success!

Prep D students wrote some interesting sentences about Prep Breakfast:

I liked the prep breakfast because they let me have breakfast. I had lots of fun at the breakfast. I liked when we got to eat the toast. -Bianca Prep D

I liked when we got to run outside. It was the best. I loved it. We got to have corn flakes and toast. -Bnan Prep D

I liked the prep breakfast and it was fun. Teachers were dressed up also. -Ryan Prep D


Prep Team

Year 2 News

In Reading so far this term we have been learning about analysing books that we read. We have looked at the text and the illustrations and noticed how they make the book interesting. We are practising how to identify what analysing is, how to identify the features of a text to assist us to analyse it and learning to describe the genre of a text.


The authors we have studied so far include Nick Bland, Anthony Browne and Aaron Blabey.


Paige 2F My favourite book was Pig The Grub because of the expressions on the character’s faces.


Dane 2F I like how Nick Bland makes his books interesting by having the bear do funny things.


Nathan 2F Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas was a funny book because the eyes on the characters always told us how they were feeling.


In Writing the students have been finishing off learning about writing Poetry. They have been concentrating on using vocabulary to make their poems creative and have had the opportunity to write shape, acrostic and simile poems.


Students are continuing to learn about all types of measurement in Numeracy, in particular length, capacity and mass.


Play based learning this term is all about Healthy Living. Students have recreated the food pyramid, painted themselves doing a healthy activity and designed a presentation about a fruit of their choice informing others of its benefits. This term we have the Market Fresh incursion and our visit to Ceres to support this learning.


The Year 2 Team

Year 3-6 Sector

Year 4 News


In grade 4 reading we have been learning about critiquing and we were being movie critics. We are now learning to put an answer into a sentence and putting some of the question in it so we know what we are answering without looking at the question. There are 4 types of questions called Right There, Think and Search, On My Own and Author and Me. It isn’t too difficult, we understand what to do.



In writing, we have been learning about Information Reports on countries in Africa and South America, before we chose a country we learnt about 4 different ones and choose which one we are interested in the most.

Then we made better subheadings and put them in a book and put sticky notes in the book answering the questions.



In maths, we have been learning to take away using the algorithm and now we get questions and have to figure out if we use + or – because it doesn’t tell us. We are having lots of fun doing this.



In PBL we have been learning how to make some things in Minecraft to help us understand how to make a liveable island. We have also been learning what climate means, such as tropical, arid and continental.

By Daria and Holly 4C


Year 4 Team

Year 5 News

The Year 5’s have settled well into Term 4, our ‘Sun Smart’ hat term. As part of our new PBL unit on ‘Data and Decision Making’, students went for a walking excursion to Caroline Springs Town Centre to have a look at the different businesses.


During this unit, students will be engaged in economics and business as they work in groups to develop a business plan that they will present to the Melton City Council.

During Week 2, the Caroline Springs Police visited our school to talk to the students about Cyber Safety followed by an evening information session for parents conducted by the Police.


This term, we will continue with the sports program for the Grade 5 students. We have introduced some new sports such as Lacrosse, Speedball (Football), Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Hockey and Boot Camp. These sports will be organised and facilitated by the classroom teachers and will continue throughout the term on a rotational basis.

In Reading, students are learning to analyse and synthesise a text. In Writing, we have commenced with ‘Information texts’. Students are writing information reports using the features of non-fiction texts. In Geometry, the focus is on Angles, Shape and Transformation.


We look forward to sharing more information with you in our upcoming newsletters.


Year 5 Team

Year 7-9 Sector

Year 7 News

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a good break and are ready for Term 4!


On Monday 21 October, Year 7 students had their second dosage of the HPC vaccine. All went very smoothly. Well done to a very brave cohort!


At the end of this term students will have their Semester Exams which is a celebration of all their effort throughout Terms 3 and 4.


Students are currently studying the theme of Identity in English, they will be writing memoirs and poetry about their past, present and future. In History, students have created their own driving question about an ancient civilization of their choice, whereby students will analyse a source and present their final product to the public. In Math, students are studying transformation.


As part of the PE curriculum, students will complete a 3-week swimming programme during practical classes during weeks 6, 7 and 8 of Term 4.

This programme will focus on water safety which links directly to the assessment for Term 4. Students will learn types of safe entries, how to perform rescue techniques and which techniques are suitable for the condition of the person being rescued.

Payment and consent is now available via Compass or may be done at the front office and closes Monday 4 November.


Students are currently studying Body Image in Health this term, focusing on the driving question, “How can we encourage young people to love themselves for who they are?” Students have already shown great interest in the topic and are passionate to make change!

This term we are offering a range of clubs for students in Years 7-9 to enjoy during allocated lunchtimes across the week, they include;

  • Gaming Club
  • Art Club
  • Study Club
  • K-Pop Club
  • Running Club (before school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in preparation for the Colour Fun Run)

On behalf of teachers and students I’d like to congratulate to our Girls Basketball team and the Boys Tennis team on making it through to the Metropolitan Western Region Competition. Both teams have been working tirelessly in preparation for the big event. Well done! Wishing you the best of luck.


Keep up the great work Year 7s!                                   Ms Casha- Year 7 Coordinator


Kitchen and Garden News


Our lovely chickens have been busy free ranging and scratching in the grassy patch next to the coup. In return, we are getting plenty of consistently large eggs for the cooking programs. Some of our students have enjoyed helping with rounding the girls up at the end of the day whilst others are enthusiastically keeping an eye on the girls during lunch and recess breaks.

In the garden, we got our hands dirty and our muscles working by moving the soil from the disused beds behind the houses into the large new bed located next to House One. For now, we have one full bed planted with zucchinis, the others will be filled in the coming weeks and hopefully planted with some of our Woolworth’s Discovery Garden seedlings collected by our Brookside families.

Have you been past to check out the SAKG wall display created using the Woolworths Discovery Garden decorations? It certainly is now colourful and inviting kitchen space for our Year 3 students to enjoy.


The students are continuing to work on their kitchen skills making bread rolls and soups whilst learning to identify a range of herbs and vegetables harvested from the garden.

It’s also great to see our regular parent volunteers enjoying learning new recipes and techniques whilst helping our Year 3 students cook some delicious food.



What students from 3D had to say about our cooking in Week 3

Today we used onion, capsicum, broccoli, spring onion and pumpkin to make a Pumpkin Stir fry. Bhagya


To make the egg noodles, we used flour, bi-carbonate soda, eggs and corn flour. First we mixed the ingredients together to make a dough, then we put it through the pasta machine to make a thin sheet then we cut the sheet into noodles. Celina.

Our group prepared the veggies first, then we cracked the eggs and fried them to make an omelette. Then we stir fried the vegetables and added the rice and Asian sauces to make Nasi Goreng. Anika




Until next time, happy cooking and gardening!



Health & PE

Health & P.E News

The end of Term 3 saw Footy Colours Day come to Brookside College. Students dressed up in their teams colours and celebrated together with a parade. The parade was a great event to bring the Bookside College together for an enjoyable morning.

Students showed their passion for their team by walking around with AFL, NRL, Soccer and other sports on display.

A huge thank you to the teachers that dressed up and came to support the event and all the students that dressed up.

Lunch time saw competitions ran across the school with a colour in competition, Longest Kick, Shoot for the basketball ring and cross bar challenge which were popular amongst the students. Thanks to the teachers who ran those events and the local businesses that supported us with some prizes.


HoL Programs

HoL Cafe News

The Hands on learning kids have been working hard around the school this term. With the success of the cupcakes for R U Ok day on Sept 12th, the Café students have been cooking up a storm; trying new menu items and getting back into the swing of term four.

As many would know, our very own Seral Fehmi left our dear school for greener pastures in term three, which left an amazing opportunity for Gretel Van Wyngaarden to step into the role. Gretel has been amazing throughout the transition and has settled in well. We are excited to welcome her and look forward to a great journey ahead.

We are all very excited with how the Café Garden is coming along. HoL Trade have been working extremely hard to clean up the area, removing the weeds, fill in the soil, lay down hay, plant fruit trees and make the garden as beautiful as can be. In the last two weeks of term three, some of  the café students planted seeds and seedlings. They were excited to come back in term four, to the beginnings of an amazing crop of plants. Within the coming weeks, HoL students will be harvesting a variety of lettuce and herbs, which they will produce into some tantalising meals.

Term 4 will be an exciting time, the café students are preparing for some of the up-coming catering events such as the teacher appreciation lunch, Summerfest and the organising of the HoL end of year celebration. All the students from Trade and Tech have been working hard on their personal projects, getting them ready to showcase to their parents and teachers at their showcase in November.



HOL  Cafe Team.

Administration News

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:00pm

(Closed during school holidays)


Telephone: 7379 1555



UNIFORM BUY, SWAP, SELL: Wednesday 27 Nov 2019


Parents and Carers of Brookside College students are invited to a Uniform Buy, Swap and Sell between 3:20 - 4 pm on Wednesday 27 November 2019 in the college gym.


What happens at the event? Tables are set up in a semi-circle. Sellers display their uniform on the table and people wishing to purchase come and look.



Please keep in mind:

     *Current Brookside College uniform only

     *Cash sales only (bring some change)

     *Adults buying/selling uniform (not students)

     *Prices will be set by the seller

  *Brookside College are providing the venue only and take no responsibility for transactions.


Any questions please contact Brookside College.


Other places to buy/sell uniform & books: (Creekside/Brookside/ Springside College Uniform Buy, Swap And Sell)


Please be aware these links are not run by Brookside College, but are available for parents to access for their needs.

School Library News

Thank you to all of the Brookside Community members who supported our annual Book Fair fundraiser this year. Thanks to your generosity and love of books, we were able to raise over $2000.00 in book products for the library! This is a great achievement and we hope to make it even bigger in 2020.


Thank you again for your support, Library Staff.

Camps and excursions  

We are continually trying to improve the way we organise and communicate events to the Brookside community.


Part of this process is to ensure that Parents/Carers are given sufficient time to provide payment and consent for upcoming excursions and incursions.


The safety of our students is paramount and having these processes in place helps ensure that we have all of our bases covered when students leave the College under our care.


Community Partnerships



School Canteen

Please find attached the new updated Canteen price list.



Free Classes


Farmers Market


Term Dates 2019


January 29 2019 - April 5 2019


April 23 2019 - June 28 2019


July 15 2019 - September 20 2019


October 7 2019 - December 20 2019

Health Centre

Health Centre News

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Spring is here and hay fever season has arrived with a vengeance. I am getting lots of students coming to the health centre with hay fever symptoms ( itchy, Sore, swollen, red eyes)

I cannot assist them if medication is not available for them at school. Cold compress is not enough to relieve itchiness and discomfort.

If your child suffers from hay fever please provide the school with antihistamines either tablets or eye drops.


The course of action taking if your child does not have medication at school and does not want to go back to class. Will be a call from school for someone to collect them. To avoid disruption to your working day please download the medication authority in compass or collect a medication authority from reception. Any medication provided by families for their child at school, needs to have a medication authority for staff to dose your child when they need it.


School does not provide any medication for students.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to call health centre and speak to one of the first aid officers.


Kind regards

Health centre Team

Fact Sheets


Student Wellbeing 

Wellbeing News


This year, on Thursday 12th September of 2019, R U Ok? Day was celebrated at Brookside College. It is a day of spreading awareness about mental health and well-being. R U OK? Day is celebrated nationally and is dedicated to reminding everyone to ask, “Are you okay?”  

To promote awareness at Brookside, the staff and students were asked to wear a splash of the colour yellow.



This year the Wellbeing Team organised a big day of activities to engage students and staff in the promotion of asking “R U Ok?” The staff was served breakfast by the wellbeing team and other staff members. Burgers for lunch were also served by the In-Church Group and afternoon-tea was provided by the HOL Team as well as other staff members who volunteered to bring food. 


During lunchtime, the students and staff were asked to place a thumb print on a large mural promoting a “thumbs-ups for mental health awareness”. A ‘Mates Corner’ was also set up as a space wherein students can have ‘R U Ok?’ conversations with their friends.



Students were provided with giveaways such as badges, stickers, temporary tattoos, wristbands, bananas and many more! Planetshakers and BATYR (mental health organization) were also present throughout the day doing mental health activities and talks with the students from various year levels.



This year’s ‘R U Ok? Day’ was a very enjoyable day that was received well by the staff and students. We’re very grateful to those who have made a contribution and helped in the preparation of this big event!


The Brookside Wellbeing Team


Attendance Office

Attendance Office Hours


Direct line: 7379 1556

Did you know that absences can be entered directly into Compass by Parents/Carers? This is our preferred method of communication, however Parents/Carers can also call our direct line to discuss attendance issues or report a student absence (preferably before 8.50am).


Students arriving LATE or DEPARTING early MUST report to the Attendance Office.



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