Photo: Some of our BHHS staff dressed up for Book Week

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20 September 2019
Issue Three

We strive for higher things

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Photo: Our Year 12 Class of 2019

Principal Team News

Photo: Our Year 12 Class of 2019

Term 3 has been filled with many exciting events, achievements and a strong focus on the core work of all schools -  to continue to improve the teaching and learning opportunities at Box Hill High School and ensure that all students maximise the opportunities that the school has to offer.

Singapore Visitors

On Thursday 19 September, we were delighted to host ten visitors from Singapore, who were secondary school teachers and middle level leaders from a range of different schools.  All of them were most impressed with our school, staff and students and really enjoyed their visit. They were keen to hear about our work at Box Hill High School and we had an interesting discussion regarding some of the challenges facing teachers and students and both systems.


Visit from Paul Hamer MP

The Honourable Paul Hamer MP is our local state member here in Box Hill and he is keen to develop a stronger relationship with our school community.


He visited the school on Tuesday  17th September  to meet with the Principal team and School Captains. We discussed the key issues facing our school at the moment - enrolment demand especially in relation to the continued development in Box Hill and the facilities needed to support that. We also discussed the need for maintenance funding to continue to improve our current facilities, to support the great work in our classrooms. Paul has reassured us that he will support and advocate for improved learning facilities.  Paul is an engineer with a strong interest in STEM.

Subject Selection

This is a crucial term in terms of decision making. Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 make subject selections for the senior years of schooling. These choices can have a great influence on their future pathways and many factors are considered during this process including career aspirations, individual strengths and academic achievement. Students are encouraged to choose a program that matches their interest and also allows for flexibility in future choices. Thank you to all students and parents for attending the VCE EXPO and engaging so enthusiastically in this process.

Student Achievements

Once again our students excelled in many areas including sport, music competitions as well as the annual MUNA (Model United Nations assembly) competition. Our RoboCup team also took home the top prize this year. All of the details are featured in the pages of this edition of our newsletter. We congratulate these students and thank all the staff who give up so many hours to coach, support and supervise these events outside of school hours.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Thanks to all the parents and students who attended our Parent Teacher interviews this term. It was a lovely evening and a great opportunity for parents, staff and students to meet and discuss how we can best support students to continue to grow and achieve in their learning. We encourage all parents to continue to support students by discussing what they are are learning, and checking Compass regularly for any required work and assessment information.

Countdown begins for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students are working very hard at the moment and we are all very impressed with their commitment to their studies and continued support of their peers. Students will participate in a range of school based support programs including revision lectures and practice exams (during the school holidays). It is important that students take the opportunity to kick-start their revision from this program – a truly effective revision program can make a significant impact on the final score.

Through these support programs students can improve their skills in:

  • Fixing mistakes - identify exactly what they are doing wrong on mock exams and practice papers, and ensure these mistakes are not made in the examination room.
  • Allocation of time – ensure preparation is completed in advance to prevent last minute cramming.
  • Improve exam room techniques - Including stress management, planning, and time allocation and how to tailor a succinct, focused answer.

On a lighter note, students had a stress buster breakfast two weeks ago, socialising over waffles, croissants and hot chocolate. It was a lovely way to start the day and appreciated by all.

School Data

The school has received two important data sets - Attitudes to School Survey data as well as the NAPLAN data. Both data sets are a snapshot and are used in conjunction with other school data sets such as teacher judgments, student focus groups as well as internal assessments to analyse how we are travelling this year. We will spend some time examining this to determine our strength areas and also some areas that we need to analyse further and work towards improving.


As you are aware, our school has a designated neighbourhood boundary as well as an enrolment cap of 1200 students.  As a result we have unfortunately not been able to accommodate siblings from outside our zone for 2020. We are working towards a resolution with the region and have provided them with all of the details regarding this issue. We are awaiting a decision and will communicate with relevant families as soon as we have more information.

Respectful Relationships and Digital Technology

One of our key goals at school is to develop the whole child and ensure that students have the resilience, confidence and courage to step out into the world as happy and healthy young people. A large part of this is about developing and maintaining respectful relationships with others.


We live in a digital world and students have access to a range of technology which can at times be used unwisely. The school has very clear policies in relation to this inappropriate use of technology and there are consequences that apply for any student who breaches this code of conduct. We ask that all parents to please be vigilant regarding your child’s use of technology.


We want all members of our school community to feel safe and valued and be treated with respect.

Reports Review

Over the past 18 months, we have been reviewing both interim and semester reporting. This evaluation has included a number of focus groups and surveys with families, students, and staff at each of the major stages. As the review of semester reports comes to a close, we would love to hear family feedback on specific visuals and graphs which are being considered for 2020. Any input is greatly appreciated and will help shape final decisions. If you would like to have your say, please follow this link or paste this URL into your browser:

Finally, I will be on Long Service Leave for the start of Term 4 (four weeks).  Theresa Iacopino will be Acting Principal in my absence. I wish you all a very good term break and look forward to seeing you at the final school events including the Valedictory and Presentation Night in Term 4.


 - Ms Losh Pillay


Dates to Remember

September 2019

20 September - last day of Term 3

26 - 27 September - Year 12 Revision lectures

30 September to 4 October - Year 12 Practice Exams

October 2019

7 October - first day of Term 4

16 October - Year 9 Citizenship Presentation Evening

21 October - last day of Year 12 classes

21-22 October - Year 12 Sleepover

30 October - Year 12 Exams begin

November 2019

4 November - Student Free Day

5 November - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 November - Year 11 Exams begin

20 November - School Council meeting

21 November - Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

25 November - Year 10 Exams begin

26 November - Junior Music Evening

28 November - Transition Evening for Year 7 2020

December 2019

2 December - Student Free Day

3 December - Year 7 Night of the Notables

4 December - Year 9 Celebration Day

4 December - VCE Units 1 & 2 Transition Day

5 December - Year 10 Exam Feedback Day

6 December - last day of formal class program

6 December - Year 10 Celebration Day

9-13 December - End of Year Activities Week

10 December - Year 7 Transition Day

11 December - School Council meeting

16 December - Presentation Evening


At Box Hill High we place a strong emphasis on the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. We strive to provide a broad level of support and engagement which helps enable our young people to feel that school is a safe place. This year our school-based Wellbeing Team has consisted of Neil Hamley, Colin Osborn, Lisa Smith and Felicity Shiel­-Jones. 

Our Wellbeing team is always available to counsel and encourage our students. It has been great this year to have a new system of two Engagement Leaders in both the Junior and Senior schools, who do an amazing job. Our Year Level Coordinators are on the front line, supporting students with day to day issues that cause frustration or stress for students. 

Throughout the year we have been able to help organise and run several specialised programs and activities which are designed to engage students with various wellbeing themes. These have included: 


•    MAT program which is a school focused youth service, funded by the City of Whitehorse.
•    National RUOK? Day.
•    Year 9 Youth Forum on positive mental health.
•     'THANOS' ( theme week, which included lunchtime activities to celebrate the value of friendships).
•    All Year 10 students completed the Mental Health First Aid course.
•    Lunchtime and after school clubs and activities.


Next term we will be moving into a brand new Wellbeing Centre which is about to start construction. This will greatly increase our ability to support our students in a more welcoming and purpose built environment. This is very exciting for our team and we can't wait to settle in to this new space. 


- Mr Neil Hamley

Wellbeing Coordinator


Watch the RUOK 'How to be a Good Mate' video.


Every year on the 12th of September is RUOK Day. This is a day dedicated to suicide prevention and awareness where everyone comes together to see if their mates are doing well and check whether they need someone to talk to.


This year, several teachers, the Year 11 Leaders and the Year 12 Prefects took initiatives to support and raise awareness about this issue. The whole school, including teachers were encouraged to add a splash of yellow colour to their uniform/outfit to show their support towards the event. Many students wore bright yellow socks, scrunchies, scarves and beanies and were all encouraged to ask their friends or anyone they knew whether they were okay and needed a friend to talk to.


During Recess and Lunch, the Year 11 and 12 Prefects handed out yellow and orange ribbons, tennis balls and fruit to the students around the school and helped run an activity for the student body. Most students added a touch of yellow to their uniforms and some teachers went the extra mile to look daringly bright and colourful with their bold outfits.

The day itself was a huge success and was a fun and unique experience for all students and teachers. It was very satisfying to overhear students going up to others and asking them whether they were okay and listening to their problems and supporting them. At the end, it was an exciting and enjoyable event that helped several students and even teachers open up about their feelings and feel supported through the school community.


- Roshni, 11A

Photo: Junior Students participating in RUOK? Day activities

Junior Team Report

Photo: Junior Students participating in RUOK? Day activities

This term students chose their subjects for next year, started signing up for the end of year program and participated in year level events. These events have included year level assemblies, educational theatre performances exploring bullying and social media, ‘RUOK?’ day and guest speakers sharing stories on resilience.


Congratulations to all the students involved in extra-curricular activities throughout the term such as musical performances, Debating, RoboCup, District athletics, Chess tournaments, the Chinese Speaking competition and the Australian Mathematics competition. 


Thank you to all the parents who attended Parent-Teacher interviews and spoke with staff about their children's progress this year. 


The Junior team looks forward to continuing to work with students to find their strengths and achieve their potential. 


The Junior Team 

- Ms Anderson, Ms Wilkinson, Mr McGlade, Mr Rees, Ms Muston and Ms Fuller. 


A student account of the educational theatre show ‘Flipside’ performed for the Year 8 cohort. 

The Flipside presentation was an informative and engaging method of teaching us the perils of the digital world. Not only did we learn the danger of the digital world, but we also learned how we should conduct ourselves online.


We were taught that everything we do online is recorded in a database. However, the primary concept of the presentation was to be cautious in what we post on social media platforms.


The plot begins with a person posting a girl singing a song on YouTube. When suddenly one day, the person receives a threat that he must erase everything he has done to humiliate the girl. From there, he works tirelessly to erase all traces of the post.


The difficulty of this is that he could erase all the things he posted, but he has no control of what other people could have done with his post. People could share and save that post forever. This was the main problem, which he could not have prevented. 


From this lesson, the main character learned that before he posts anything about someone else, he must obtain their permission. Even if you think the post may be harmless, it could hurt another individual.


Overall, the presentation was a stimulating method to teach us the importance of consent in the digital world. 


- Rakshan RS, 8H 

Photo: BHHS team at Evatt Model UN Diplomacy Competition

Senior Team Report

Photo: BHHS team at Evatt Model UN Diplomacy Competition

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of Term 3! This is undoubtedly one of the busiest times for the Year 12 students. They are finishing up their last SACs for Unit 4, starting to look ahead to the exams and they are also counting down to their final day of high school. 


At the Year 12 assembly earlier this term, Lisa Smith, one of our school counsellors, spoke to Year 12 students about the importance of getting enough sleep, of eating well and exercising to maintain a strong mental state during the stressful exam period. We urge parents to support students in sustaining healthy habits over this period.


As always, there have been plenty of other things happening aside from SACs and Outcomes. A number of students in the Senior School have been participating in public speaking events such as the Evatt Model UN competition, the Rotary Model UN competition and Chinese Debating. We congratulate Thomas White and Rose Hensher of Year 11, who participated in the Rotary National Model UN competition in Canberra and were awarded the Peace Prize.


Our Chinese Debating team – Muller Peng and Jim Hanning of Year 10 and Siheon Dong of Year 11 - also deserve our congratulations as they were awarded the popularity award during a recent Chinese debating competition.   

We also congratulate Rose Hensher for recently winning the Debating Victoria Swannie Award in the Camberwell region of the Debating Association of Victoria and for having her essay on Public Housing shortlisted for the Melbourne University John Button Prize. She also recently participated in a week long camp for the Tasmanian Youth Parliament where she participated in seven days of debating bills as deputy leader of the opposition. It’s clearly been a busy couple of months for Rose!


Michael Zhao, Bernhard Andersson and Mckinley Keys also recently competed in Sydney for the Progcomp finals after competing against 200 teams to reach the finals. We are excited to announce that they came 2nd in Australia in this highly competitive and prestigious problem solving and coding competition. See more information as well as a photo in our Student Achievements section.


Our Senior Boys Netball team recently competed in the State Netball Championships and walked away the winners. Well done to this team of absolute champions – Joshua Black, Wesley Harding, Hamish Harding, Kieren Hubber, Eden Hunt, Joshua May, Conor Ryan-Simmons, Jamie Simpson and Jack Smith!  


Lastly, Hannah Li of Year 12 was the recipient of the 2019 John Marsden and Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in the Fiction category, which had over 450 entrants. This is an outstanding achievement from a very talented writer! 

Read an excerpt and link to the full piece below.



The steady hum of the electric lights overhead stutters, and the train station is cast briefly into full darkness, the lull of night settling wary and uneasy over the railways. Overhead, the trees are silent.


I moved here after you died.


It’s a little seaside town, flanking the edges of wide cliffs overhanging the ocean. There’s an air of cautiousness to the way these buildings were built, with a delicacy that seem to suggest the intention of pearly white walls and rosy cottage roofs. The kind of thing you loved.


The reality is somewhat different. The greyed paint and dark tiles appear to sink into the earth, as though they’re huddling together against the sheer matt cliffs, hiding.


Oh, and the birds here, they keep dying. It’s a morbid little detail, isn’t it? But maybe you’d appreciate it, the little clawed and winged beasts to keep you company wherever you are. 

Read the rest of Hannah's winning fiction piece.



See our Students Achievements section, for an article on Ting Tang of Year 11, who also won a prize in a competition for International Students at this year's Melbourne Writer's Festival.


On Wednesday 28th of August, our school captain Thomas Yakubowksi and vice-captain Ananya Sehgal participated in a School Captain’s tour of Parliament House. The honourable Bruce Atkinson MLC extended this invitation to school captains from local schools in the area. It was a fascinating tour of Parliament House and Tom and Ananya were introduced to a multitude of MPs. 

There are several events coming up, particularly for Year 12 students, such as Year 12 Sleepover, Final Assembly and Valedictory. We will post more information about these events on Compass so please keep your eye on the newsfeed.  


Year 10 and 11 students will shortly begin the process for applying for leadership positions such as House Captains, Year 11 Leaders and Prefects. These are important positions for ensuring students have a strong voice in many of the issues and events at school that directly impact them and we wish all students intending to stand for a position the best of luck with the application process.  

September/October School Holiday Practice Exams  

VCE Practice exams will be held for all Unit 3/4 subjects in the second week of the school holidays. A timetable for these exams is available on Compass. Students are expected to attend all their practice exams.  


These exams are important preparation for the VCAA exams beginning at the end of October. Retrieval practice (repeated testing of information) plays an important role in consolidating learning and improves long term retention of learning so even if your child tells you they are not prepared, please ensure they attend and give each practice exam their best shot. The feedback provided on these exams will also allow students to tailor their revision to where it is most needed.  


The Year 12 Centre will be available for quiet study most days during the practice exam period; however, we will update Compass daily to let students know if it will be closed. Students sitting two exams on one day will likely have an hour’s break between exams and should ensure they bring food and drink. 

As always, please get in contact with us with any queries you have. We will endeavour to respond promptly!  


- Ms Siegrid Fischer  

Senior Engagement Leader – VCE  

On behalf of the Senior Team  

Photo: BHHS RoboCup Team

Student Achievements

Photo: BHHS RoboCup Team

Love & Melbourne: Ting Tang

Part of this year's Melbourne Writer's Festival, the 2019 Love & Melbourne’ storytelling competition, was open to international students living and studying in Victoria. They were invited to write, film, photograph or draw something that represented their love of Melbourne and submit entries for judging. Congratulations to our very own Ting Tang, of Year 11, who won the overall high school category.


Hi, everyone! I am Ting Tang, an international student in Year 11 at our school.


Love & Melbourne Storytelling Competition was held by both Study Melbourne and Melbourne Writers Festival, and it was open to international students living and studying in Victoria. I participated in this competition and wrote a story called 'Alone but not lonely' It was based on my own experience and true feelings from an amazing day boating with my homestay family.


Since It was one of the most creative and inspiring stories chosen by the judge, it was shortlisted on the official website with the other four wonderful stories in the high school category. And last night, the winners of this storytelling competition were announced at an event of Melbourne Writers Festival. I was the overall winner of the High School category!


The judge believed that my story created an emotional resonance and acknowledged it was an impressive effort. You can read my story below .


From this wonderful experience, I really enjoyed sharing stories and feelings with an audience and I am honoured that other people may read my story. I would love to continue writing in the future and hope to publish more stories.


- Ting Tang, 11O


Alone but not lonely

By Ting Tang


‘Do you guys want to go on the boat with us this weekend?’ Ant, my homestay mum, asked enthusiastically.


‘Can we? Would that be convenient for you?’ I asked cautiously. I didn’t know whether it would be appropriate or not that two boarding students go and join a family event like this.


‘No problem at all! We really want you to come and have fun if you have time’ Ant said with a big, encouraging smile. We nodded shyly. Then Ant told us what to take and assured us that everything would be great.


Next morning when we got on the boat, Ant took a container out, which was full of cut-up fruit she had prepared that morning – watermelons, rockmelons and grapes. She left them at the rear of the boat and told us to eat whenever we wanted.


As Sam was driving the boat, Ant talked with us, introducing the landmarks here and telling stories of their previous boat tours.


Later that day, we stopped our boat near Dromana beach to swim, snorkel and sunbath. We took out the bouncy ball we had brought and Sam and Ant joined us. Sam demonstrated one excellent throw with a triumphant smile and then taught us how to exert forces to let the ball bounce. We divided into two groups and threw the ball towards each other. We cheered each other and laughed at each other.


This reminded me of my childhood. I used to play Frisbee with my parents on the lawn when I was little. I was always amused by my mum’s funny movements when she tried her best to get the Frisbee but fell over. I always marvelled at my father’s proficiency at throwing that small green Frisbee. It was one of my most precious feelings and memories and on that day they reappeared again. I felt like I went back to the past, to those carefree days with my family, to just enjoy this wonderful moment.


Truly, my homestay parents had given me the feeling of family since they treated me as a part of their family.


After we all got tired from playing with the bouncy ball, we went back to the boat to have a rest. We took out the food container from the insulated bag. The cut-up fruit inside still maintained a hint of coolness from the fridge. Fresh fruit on a hot day made me feel alive again from the exhaustion. Ant was so considerate to us that she prepared everything well, from every detail of daily life. This really brought me into thinking of my mum.


As I was gazing at the sea level far away, in a daze, I decided that I sincerely love the city of Melbourne.

People in Melbourne, especially my homestay, gave me the feeling of home. These caring people made me, an international student who was here alone, not lonely anymore.


That is why I love Melbourne.



See our Senior Team Report for an article on Hannah Li, who won the Fiction Prize as part of The 2019 John Marsden & Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers, which is also part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Hannah's work was chosen out of over 450 entrants. An outstanding achievement!

Our ProgComp Pros

In Term 3, five Box Hill High School teams participated in the UNSW ProgComp, the most prestigious team programming competition in Australia.


We had some excellent results, including a Credit, a Distinction and, most impressively, a team that qualified for the final in Sydney (consisting of the top 8 teams in Australia). The members of that team – Year 12 students Bernhard Andersson, McKinley Keys and Michael Zhao – had also made the final in 2018, finishing fourth.

This year they improved once again, finishing an incredible second overall. This performance caps off an outstanding run for the boys, who have all been part of the National Informatics program for a number of years and consistently achieved strong results in coding competitions.  


When asked about their favourite aspect of competing in these competitions, the students mentioned that “working collaboratively through challenging scenarios” and “meeting similar students from around Australia” were highlights. Additionally, they spoke highly of the experience they’ve gained, with their “ability to solve problems” and “finding ways to communicate the validity of solutions” being two aspects that they believe will help them in their post-school years. 

An incredible achievement, well done! 


- Mr Eugene Roizman

Learning Leader, Digital & Data

MUNA Peace Prize Winners!

From the 16th to the 18th of August, we represented Egypt at the National Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) Competition in Canberra with the support of Rotary District 9810 and the Rotary Club of Forest Hill.


On the first day of the conference, instead of attending a tour at Old Parliament, we had the amazing privilege of meeting the Deputy Head of the Egyptian mission in Australia, Ms. Aliaa Abouelnaga, at the Egyptian Embassy. This was a truly unique experience and we were able to gain some very deep insights into the Egyptian nation and mindset. We used these insights in the following days of debates.


Following fierce negotiation with other teams about what topics we should cover over the weekend, everyone settled upon six resolutions (laws from the UN) that we should debate, those being Korea, migration, climate change, space, Venezuela, and journalistic freedoms. We had the amazing opportunity to debate all of these topics in the House of Representatives at the Old Parliament House, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.


On the Saturday night, we all enjoyed a formal dinner, where we got to socialise with each other, our personal guests, Rotarians from around the country, and Fred Smith, a diplomat and musician in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) who served in Afghanistan and Bougainville. The stories he told us were really heartfelt, and we very much appreciated his presence.


By the end of the weekend, after very rigorous debate, six prizes were handed out, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, as well as two honourable mentions, and the prestigious Totenhofer Peace Prize, that was given to the team that most promoted world peace.

We are so pleased to announce that as Egypt, representing the Rotary Club of Forest Hill, Rotary District 9810, and Box Hill High School, we won the Peace Prize, and will keep the perpetual trophy until next year.

We hope that we have made Rotary and the MUNA committee proud, and are so thankful for all the support that we got to be part of this. It was among the best experiences of our lives, and we will never forget everything that Rotary has done to get us here.


- Thomas White & Rose Hensher

Swannie Award Winner - Rose Hensher

This year, in the Debating Association Victoria competition, Box Hill High School was proudly represented by eight different teams spanning from year 7 to year 12 students. Some senior students also coached younger teams, lending their expertise and support.


Not only did students enjoy the challenges presented and develop their skills, but this year Rose Hensher received an esteemed Swannie Award for the B Grade Camberwell division. This award is given to the speaker in each region and grade, who has the highest average speaker score.


Congratulations Rose! 



- Ms Siegrid Fischer

Engagement Leader, Senior School

RoboCup Champions

RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events for young students. It is an international effort and played in 30 countries around the world. Its purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. 


The competition encompasses not only engineering and IT skills, but extends right across a school curriculum. It also addresses social development by encouraging sportsmanship, sharing, teamwork, understanding of differences between individuals and nations, cooperation and organisational skills. 


The Victorian State Competition was run on 30th August at the Showgrounds and the BHHS team did very well, with all teams progressing through to the Nationals, which will be held during the upcoming school holidays. Following are the results:

Secondary Rescue

3rd Place - 'ZTreausure2'

Caryn Low, 9X

Lucy Wu, 9Z


Open Rescue

2nd Place and Best Robot Design - 'Pi in Disguise'

Parsa Babadi, 11X

Liam Brennan, 11X


3rd Place - 'Overclocked'

Joshua Broeksteeg, 9X

Rupert Troedel, 9X

Danil Yahnov, 9Z


Congratulations to all our RoboCup participants!

Photo: Our 2019 House Captains

Student Leadership

Photo: Our 2019 House Captains

House Captains

Traditionally, there are no sports carnivals in Term 3, but the House Captains kept house spirit alive in Term 3 by organising and hosting new competitions which included the first ever Karaoke, Wii sports, and Numbers & Letters tournaments. Students from every house and year level came together to enjoy the activities, cheer on the talents of their peers, and win house points! Well done to everyone who participated and cheered on their house!

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC’s major undertaking this year has been to update some of the older artwork around the school. After conducting comprehensive surveys, it was agreed that some of the decorative features in the staircase and around locker bays is no longer representative of the current school community. SRC representatives have worked diligently to communicate with students, staff, and artists to organise plans for the installation of new art features to be completed by the end of the year.

Careers Update

The speed with which Term 3 commences and ends, always catches me by surprise. This term, students in Years 9 to 11 have focused on conversations about subject selections, pathways and options, to support their decision making as they begin to transition from 2019 to 2020.


Students in Year 12, have attended their one-on-one interview with Careers, to discuss tertiary courses and to submit their VTAC applications. I would like to congratulate all students, for attending appointments well prepared; arriving punctually and for sharing their goals, dreams, aspirations and challenges, with me. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Year 12 journey.


Some important dates and information follows. Happy reading.

The Careers team wish all students and families, a safe and relaxing break.


- Ms Thea Kamvissis and Ms Janine Frank

Year 12 Students

Reminder - VTAC Registration Fee Now Due

The VTAC registration one–off fee of $39 is NOW payable. Please finalise before the beginning of term 4. This fee can only be paid from student VTAC accounts. Preferences can be changed at any time, in student VTAC accounts, without incurring any additional charges. Any student who has yet to create an account and apply, please do so by September 27th, to avoid paying late fees.


Important VTAC Deadlines – for 2020 Course Applications

Applications are now open.

Close – Monday 30th September at 5pm.

SEAS Applications

Open - Monday 5th August at 9am.

Close – October 11th at 5pm.

Scholarship Applications

Open – August 5th at 9am.

Close – October 11th at 5pm.

Change of Preferences

Close – 14th December at 4pm for December 2019 offer.

Close – 20 December 2019 at 4pm for 2020 offers.


Important Reminder for students wishing to pursue Fine Arts

These courses will need to be added to the VTAC preferences list by Mon 30th Sep at 5pm and any additional essential requirements attended to.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

Year 11 Students

High achieving students in Year 11 who are interested in including Extension units to their VCE in 2020, please find the University links below. (Note: Approval from Box Hill High for eligibility to include extension studies, is required before enrolling.)


Latrobe University-VCE Plus

University Of Melbourne- Extension Program

Deakin University- Accelerate


Monash University has advised that they will discontinue their Extension Studies Program at the end of 2019, due to declining student interest over the past few years.


The Maths Association Of Victoria is hosting revision lectures in Glen Waverley for Mathematical Methods/Further Mathematics/Specialist Mathematics on September 22nd . Interested students should register here.

All VCE Students

Deakin Information Evenings

Dance, drama, photography and visual arts.

Date/Time: Thurs 19th Sep, 5:30 – 7pm.

Where: Burwood Campus

Cost: Free



Monash University Campus Tours

Tours will be held during the upcoming school holidays. They will commence at 10am and run for approximately 1.5 hours, with an opportunity to see the on-campus accommodation at Clayton and Peninsula.

For more information see and to book visit: 

To tour the allied health facilities at Peninsula Campus specifically, a tour will be running on Thursday 3rd October at 11am. To register visit:  


The Maths Association Of Victoria is hosting revision lectures in Glen Waverley for Mathematical Methods/Further Mathematics/Specialist Mathematics on September 22nd. Interested students Register here


You can meet University of Melbourne staff and students at remaining ‘Meet Melbourne’ sessions in September, to find out more and to register visit:

Year 10 and 11 Students

Monash Peninsula Experience Day  - Save the Date!

Thurs 28th November

This event is a valuable session on resilience building. There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided. A link to register will be released soon.

Remaining Open Days


Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Students who choose to take up an opportunity to do some of their university study overseas get the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, study at an overseas university, and really get to engage with students and lecturers at those institutions.  An added bonus of many study abroad programs is that students get to study for one or two semesters at these overseas partner institutions and earn credit towards their degrees.

Find out more about the Study Abroad programs offered by browsing the following links.


Australian Catholic University

Exchange and Study Abroad

Charles Sturt University

CSU Global

Deakin University

Student Exchange

Federation University

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

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Scholarships to Study Abroad

Looking to study abroad but worried about the costs? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, some by individual universities, and others by external funding organizations and charitable enterprises.


The Top Universities website is an excellent resource to learn more about what scholarships are on offer.  Students can search for region-specific scholarships or country-specific scholarships.  Students can even search for subject-specific scholarships.


Students are encouraged to browse Top Universities - Study Abroad Scholarships  

Applying for Scholarships

Have you often stumbled across the word ‘scholarship’ and thought either it was just more paperwork to complete or that you may not be eligible? Well to help, here is an overview on the different types of scholarships available and where to find them.


A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. They are awarded for many reasons and subsequently based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the scholarship award.


There is a wide range of institutional access and equity scholarships, such as those to support students with financial disadvantage, difficult circumstances and the need to relocate for study.

Scholarships are offered by many different organisations. The places to search for scholarships are:

  • VTAC - Access and equity scholarships, Indigenous Commonwealth scholarships and Academic Merit scholarships.
  • Directly at institutions.
  • Government, community and business organisations.  For example, those administered by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Follow this link: . The Department of Education and Training administers over 200 different student scholarship awards annually.

Depending on the type of scholarship you apply for, will determine what paperwork and evidence you will need to provide. Some categories require you to complete a written response, a statement of support or financial evidence. You can find out what is required by looking at the demonstration scholarships application before you apply.


VTAC scholarship applications close on the 11th of October at 5pm. It is important you diarise this and make note of the appropriate paperwork you will need to prepare and provide. Remember, you will never know if you don’t apply! Good luck.

Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership

Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership with Swinburne University is a unique program aimed at developing the next generation of leaders within the sports industry. 


Swinburne University and Richmond Football Club teamed up in 2016 to establish the Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership, where Swinburne students are enrolled in a Diploma of Sports Development/Diploma of Leadership and Management.


The program includes –

  • Guaranteed Pathways to University: Students keen on all types of sport, not only AFL, are encouraged to consider undertaking this 1-year program.  On successful completion, students can progress to a Swinburne University degree - Business, Exercise & Sport Science, Education and Health Science – with up to one year’s credit into these degrees also provided.
  • Placement and Employment Opportunities: Participating students will have employment and placement opportunities with the Richmond Football Club, its subsidiary company Aligned Leisure, and businesses in the RISL Sports Industry Network. 
  • Outstanding Student Experience: There is a focus on growing a student’s character, resilience and confidence so graduates are match fit, work ready and life ready!  Students also have the opportunity to attend international trips and gain extra qualifications including First Aid, ASCA Strength & Conditioning, Mental Health First Aid, ASADA Level 1 & 2, Sport Australia Coaching and Level 1 AFL.
  • Athletic Development: Students complete practical sessions each day and train in a high- performance environment with access to state of the art facilities and coaching.


Students will also have regular presentation by guest speakers, industry experts, and formal ambassadors as part of the program.

To find out more, students are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming
Open Days at the Richmond Football Club, Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval. The next Melbourne-based date is Wednesday 9 October – 7.00pm.



- Ms Thea Kamvissis and Ms Janine Frank

Careers Team

English Domain

The English faculty hit the ground running with the VCE Expo and continued the pace throughout the term as we rounded out Unit 4 for the Year 12 students! The expo was a great success, with speciality English teachers giving up their time to talk to future Year 10 and 11 students about which English would be best suited to their interests and abilities. There were many questions on the night with students interested in learning how VCE Literature and English Language differed from the 7-10 and VCE English they were familiar with.  


In Senior news, students were given the opportunity to attend Incursion events to reinvigorate their studies and motivation as they head towards the final exam. These included: 

  1. Guest lecturer Dr Louisa Willoughby from Monash University sharing her expertise with the Year 12 English Language class.

  1. Complete Works Theatre Company performance of The Penelopiad and Photograph 51 comparative elements.

The dedicated Year 12 team also gave up their time to run both timed writing sessions and practice exams after school, which many dedicated students attended in order to begin practising exam writing strategies in the lead up to October.  

In Junior news, students in Year 9 had a special guest speaker session organised by the wonderful library team in alignment with book week. Students heard  from Abdi Aden as he shared some of his own experiences of resilience after escaping war in Somalia as a teenager, arriving in Australia as a 15-year-old with no English, no family and no right to remain in Australia. This was a great opportunity for students to see resilience in action and be inspired to always keep trying. Here is what students had to say after the session: 


“I though Abdi was approachable: friendly and funny. He explained his trauma in a way that was comfortable, not heavy or grief filled, which I thought really showed his resilience.” 
– Jack 9F 

“He was inspirational. How he survived in life was really impressive.” – Marissa 9F

“I felt I could relate to some of his experiences, like coming to Australia and having to learn English” – Rakshit 9F
“I liked how he carried himself, especially after all he has been through” 

– Vi 9F

“It was educational and inspiration. He found the right balance between teaching you something but still making it inspirational” 

– Ali and Ivy 9F

Year 8 Gratitude Poetry

 Reading is our Legacy


To read is to lose yourself, 

To lose yourself is to read. 


We read to fill our minds with wonder. 

We read to find a world of knowledge. 


Stories were crafted by humans, 

Made for us by talented minds. 


Books are there to transport our minds. 

Books give us a whole world in our hand. 


We read for that which has interested us, 

We read for what learning has done to us. 


A book is like a river, it’s hard to keep up, 

But when you do the thrill has you. 


Though we think it may be small, 

A book can make a world of difference. 


To bond with our kids, and to feed our,  

Imagination a book is what we need.


We lend, borrow, buy and steal, 

For curiosity has bested us. 


A book is like a vast sea of knowledge, 

And while we ride we become enlightened. 


It can be wielded by many but so, 

few can use its knowledge to do battle. 


It tells us tales of vast lands, kingdoms, 

And adventures, beyond our time. 


We might be trapped in an unpleasant place but, 

when we read we can escape to a far of place. 


A book is a portal beyond our world in which we seek. 


- Serena 8G

Year 9 Resilience and Responsibility Writing

The Woman with the Rainbow Hair 


A mixture is being applied to my hair. The smell is overpowering, making my nose singe and my eyes water. My scalp is stinging slightly, which is worrying, but I push the thought away. 

But soon enough, my chair is being swivelled around and it’s bright and shocking. My hair is bold, beautiful and colourful. I can see all the colours of the rainbow in my hair. All reflecting the happiness you feel when you see a rainbow, all the surprise and wonder. I’m not quite sure what I expected, but it was not this, not truly this.


My hair isn’t the only thing that has changed though. My eyes, they almost twinkle and I have a broad smile. Most importantly though, I don’t feel myself critique and judge my appearance. I don’t feel the lingering doubt in my mind anymore. I don’t feel afraid to stand up to my mother and show her my hair. 

                                                              Now, I feel like me. 


My mother looks at me, her eyes wide staring at my hair, her mouth agape. I haven’t seen her in months, but she looks the same, she acts the same – I’m not sure what I expected. She seems like she’s frozen, hands pressed to her sides and tension lining her body. I open my mouth to say something but she cuts me off - 

“What have you done? I haven’t seen you in months yet you come back to show me this? ” she whispers. Her hands slacken as she says this, her body relaxing into a hunch – which is so unlike my mother. Her always-perfect appearance, her need to control mine too. Her gaze settles to anywhere but me.  

“I did what I wanted to.” I say slowly but firmly. She flinches at this. Mother looks back at me staring intently into my eyes. “I don’t regret it.” I whisper almost inaudibly. She tenses at that, her jaw clenching and she takes a deep breath in.  

“Do what you want, but don’t come back.” She says deathly calm, not a tremor even audible in her voice. My breath hitches as soon as she says it and it feels like a punch in my stomach.  I see her eyes harden as she breaks our eye contact, she turns away swiftly, hair spinning with her movement. I stare as her heels click on the floor as she walks away.  

                                                              I smile as the door clicks shut. 
- Megan 9Y

Photo: German Poetry Competition Winners

Language Domain

Photo: German Poetry Competition Winners

Success at the Regional Finals of the 2019 German Poetry Competition 

In Terms 2 and 3, a number of German students in Years 7-9 prepared for their participation in the Regional Finals of the German Poetry Competition. Each year, students select one of four prescribed German poems, memorise it and practise reciting it in their best German pronunciation with the help of German teachers and German assistants. Whilst the students volunteer to participate, the annual German Poetry Competition has a long-standing tradition at Box Hill High School. On Tuesday 6 August 2019, Ms Nathan accompanied a group of six students to the regional finals at Ainsley Park Primary School. All students scored very highly in their individual categories and should be congratulated on their outstanding success.

The results were as follows: 

Year 7 

Sujayani Sinha 

1st Place 

Year 8 

Suhani Bedi 

1st Place 

Year 8 

Erin Collins 

Honorary Mention 

Year 9 

Nina Boyce 

1st Place 

Year 9 

Ramitha Ramanan 

2nd Place 

Year 9 

Tiana Deichsel 

3rd Place 

Chinese First Language Debating Team

This year, Box Hill High school welcomed their most prized success for the Chinese First Language Debating Team. As a 'rookie' in Debating, I mostly entertained a playful attitude when I became a member of the Debating team, not thinking to take anything seriously.

Yet, as the members and I stayed up late for meetings and discussions, we gradually got to know each other, and the bond between us became vigorous. We transformed from reserved to outgoing, from the 'I-don’t-even-wanna-be-here' students to the team mates that now share inside jokes. It was kind of like 'The Breakfast Club' or the cliché in other high school dramas: we started as a group of strangers, then somehow we were able to embrace each other's differences to come together, work together, fight together to achieve a shared goal. It was this togetherness, that was so mesmerising to me, that held us together despite the many setbacks we faced.


However, it was also our hard work that made our defeat even more unbearable. Though following that downfall, came a very pleasant surprise which was us winning The Most Popular Team award.  Here, I have to thank the passion and support that our school mates demonstrated, which enabled our team to gain such success. Overall, this inspiring experience would surely be a radiant star in our high school lives and would never lose its colour. 


- Rachel   10E

German Careers Day at Melbourne University

On the 18th of July, the year 10 German classes went on an excursion to Melbourne University to participate in the German Careers Day. The excursion aimed to show students the different careers learning German could offer. 

The day started off with an introduction, giving an explanation about different careers German could provide. We heard stories from people about what learning German did for them and their careers, and how it could help us with our lives. They were very interesting and provided insights on different scholarships we could apply for, or where we could go. 


Afterwards students could choose from a number of different workshops where the relevance of German was showcased. I participated in workshops about Immunology and the Master of Teaching degree. The Medical speech was interesting, the session explained about different German careers in the medical field and we watched a video on how the Malaria parasite hijacks the body. The story about German language helping careers was also interesting and gave me insights on different advantages from learning German. 


Afterwards, we had lunch and were able to walk around and ask teachers other questions.  


Overall, it was a good experience, and showed everyone many different careers learning German can open. I think learning a language is a great experience, and it gives many advantages in different careers. It allows for broader pathways to choose from, and many different opportunities.


- Noah 10Y 

2019 German Model United Nation Assembly

On 21 June 2019, Max Reina Henriksen, Thomas White (myself) and Elliot Starkey went to the German Model UN run in conjunction between the Goethe Institute and the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA).


UNAA is an amazing organisation that runs many events, and one of their flagship events is the second language Model UN Conferences. For weeks beforehand, with the help of Ms Kühn and other students such as Kate Pengelly, we prepared for the debate, and made sure we understood our points, and knew how to articulate them in German. Our resolution (like a law from the United Nations) was all around the idea of sustainable communities, and how we should help support these kinds of communities. This involved themes around clean energy, education, healthcare, and sustainable development.

On the day, after a complicated travel plan, we arrived at the venue where we met many other teams from different schools. We spent the greater part of the day discussing the resolution, talking about how we wanted to change it, and questioning each other’s position, sometimes including some moments of controversy.


As Denmark, we spoke against the resolution, arguing that it wasn’t different to the Paris Agreement, and offered no concrete action, and to battle issues such as resource shortage and climate change, concrete action is required. Because of this position, we proposed an amendment (change) that included financial distributions from more developed to less developed countries. T


his passed, and overall we had a very successful time at the conference. It was a lot of fun, and a really good experience for all of our German, and we would highly recommend it for anyone thinking of doing it next year.  


- Thomas 11Z 


Congratulations to Thomas White on receiving on of this year’s prestigious SAGSE Scholarships! He will be heading to Germany for a 10 week stay at the end of the year. 

PASCH Project ‘Mit Bauhaus um die PASCH-Welt'

On Friday, 9 August 2019 Year 9 German students participated in a workshop with German architect Steffen Welsch as part of the PASCH Project ‘Mit Bauhaus um die PASCH-Welt'.

This project celebrates the 100th anniversary of the famous Bauhaus art movement, which had a strong influence on modern art and found expression in artworks ranging from painting and graphics to architecture and interior design.


Steffen Welsch introduced students to the principles of the Bauhaus movement and guided them through applying them in their own individual art work. Students created postcard in the Bauhaus design and wrote short texts introducing themselves in German. The postcards will be distributed to other PASCH students participating in the project and hopefully spark an ongoing exchange between students. 

PASCH Scholarships for a German Language Course in Germany 

In January this year, we were lucky enough to partake in a German Language Course at the Goethe- Institut Frankfurt. The course was made up of over 50 students from 8 different countries, including passionate German students from Brazil, Columbia, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Australia. Based in a Hostel close to the city’s center, the trip was both a great opportunity to participate in intensive German Language classes as well as experience what life in Germany can be like.   

Throughout our three week stay, we met so many new people and had the chance to do a lot of interesting and fun activities. From Ice Skating and laser tag to visiting the Marburg Schloss(castle), taking tours in German and enjoying free time in the city, we were never short of things to do. As well as the fun to be had, students also had the opportunity to complete various projects such as producing music videos to iconic German songs, or sitting our 'Fit in Deutsch' exams. These opportunities as well as the chance to speak German each day were extremely helpful to pushing our German skills and immersing ourselves in German culture.  


Saying goodbye at the end of the trip was the hardest part, having made so many new connections with people we would never have otherwise met. It was a time neither of us will forget, and something that we strongly recommend to any Junior German students at Box Hill High School. 


- Scott 10Y & Kate 10Z 



The 2019 Winners of the PASCH scholarship are Jasmine Chapman and Ramitha Ramanan. 

They will be going to Germany in January 2020. 



- Ms Jana Kühn 

Health & Physical Education

Our Year 12 PE students got an insight into the elite sporting world on this excursion as students toured the famous Punt Road Oval as guests of the Richmond Football Club. The tour included Richmond’s training facilities, meeting rooms and Maurice Rioli Hall, where AFL players spend the majority of their working hours.

Sitting in the Match Day Review Room, in the chairs where players such as Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin sit to watch their game day footage, we observed a presentation from Swinburne University on the RISL (Richmond  Institute of Sports Leadership) pathway, which is a Graduate Diploma in Sport Development and Leadership, completed entirely within an elite sporting facility. With four time Olympian Lydia Lassila and Richmond FC CEO Brendon Gale as lecturers of the course, it presented as an excellent tertiary study option.  


Following the tour, our students completed an elite training session, conducted by current RISL students. This is included a High Intensity Interval Training session within an altitude chamber. Oxygen at street level was 21%, whereas it was reduced to 14% within the chamber, replicating the conditions at 3000m above sea level, higher than any point in Australia. This certainly made our students work up a sweat, but they were able to take full advantage of the ice baths to assist with their cool down processes.


This was an incredible experience that linked to our current studies in Unit 4 AOS 2 PE 'How is training implemented effectively to improve fitness'. Thank you to the Richmond Football Club, Swinburne University and the RISL Program for providing us with an outstanding and memorable excursion. 


- Ms Jessica Goodwin

Health & Physical Education Domain Leader

Photo: BHHS Sustainable Garden

Science Domain

Photo: BHHS Sustainable Garden

Some of the highlights in Science this semester have been the Girls in Physics day at The University of Melbourne, the ICAS Science Assessment for Year 7 & 8 students, and the work that is going on in the garden here at BHHS.  

Girls in Physics day – The University of Melbourne 

I recently went on an excursion for Physics where we went to Melbourne Uni and listened to two talks about the moon, saw a science show, and toured the laboratories. We were able to see talks about the moon before the general public. We learnt about how the moon affects the tides, and how it was formed. The science show was really cool, and they asked for an audience volunteer and put her on a swivel-chair to demonstrate angular momentum, as well as showing us some gyroscopes and how they work. After lunch, we got to go on a tour of the laboratories. That was probably my favourite part of the entire day - we saw someone working to make a quantum computer, and someone trying to detect dark matter. It was the first time I’d ever had the chance to do something like that, and it was really cool.


- Rachel (10X) 

BHHS Sustainable Garden Program (Year 10 Science & Duke of Ed) 

At the start of the year a program was commenced to rejuvenate the school's garden.  The objective was to develop a practical space to support student learning in a range of subject areas. 

As part of this process the garden was redesigned by creating a series of garden rooms with walls to maximise vertical growing space. This has allowed over 20 fruit trees, perennial edible shrubs and vines to be planted within the garden. These plants include Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Oranges, Paw Paw, Grape and Kiwi Berry vines. The plants were specifically selected to ensure fruit would be available most months of the year and could be eaten directly from the tree by students visiting the garden. 


Most recently, annual crops have been planted by students in Year 10 Science and the Duke of Ed program. The crops selected are mainly heirloom varieties that are no longer produced commercially which allows students to see beyond the narrow selection of varieties offered by the major supermarkets.  In 2020 the aim is to harvest 500kg of fruit and vegetables from the garden for the school community. 


Thank you to Mr Paul Smart for his extensive and energetic work on this exciting initiative.


- Mr Lachlan Tantau

Science Domain Leader

Photo: An example of our new laser cutter's work

Cutting Through

Photo: An example of our new laser cutter's work

It was with much excitement that in Week 8 of this term, our new laser cutter was officially unveiled. A special morning tea was put on by FET for our Principal Team and the FET and Visual Arts teachers.  The acquisition of the Laser cutter was a combined initiative between the Arts and Technology Domains.



A Laser Cutter is a device which uses a laser to cut out and etch on to materials with incredibly accurate precision, using designs created on the computer. The school’s new cutter is capable of cutting designs out of a range of materials such as paper, fabric, perspex and wood up to a thickness typically around 3mm.


The applications of this kind of technology are endless. Already, Systems students are using it to create solar cars parts and guitars. My year 10 VCD class will soon be making scale models of flat packable furniture on it. Beyond that, we look forward to senior art students using it to further their creative expression.


I would like to thank everyone involved in make this all happen - Losh Pillay for supporting our grand idea and James Chew and Steve Perry for investigating the options for the right laser cutter for our school. And finally, Indy Jagger and Neil Couper for helping to get the machine installed and operational.


We cannot wait to see what our student will produce with the laser cutter next.


- Mr James Taylor

Arts Domain Leader


Photo: BHHS DoE students at the local AMES (Adult Multicultural Education Services)

Duke of Edinburgh Program

Photo: BHHS DoE students at the local AMES (Adult Multicultural Education Services)

The Duke of Edinburgh Award 

This year we have five classes of Year 10 students working towards completing the Silver level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Undertaking this level of the award requires the completion of four components: Skill, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. For the Skill, Service and Physical Recreation components, students divide the amount of time they focus on each area. Two areas they focus on for six months and one area they focus on for 12 months. Students develop goals that challenge them in these areas and work towards achieving them throughout the year. At the end of the year, students will participate in an Adventurous Journey where they will be putting all their knowledge and skills learnt throughout the year to work while canoeing on the Murray River.  


Term 3 
This term students have continued developing their knowledge and skills in preparation for the end of year camp and making progress with the different aspects of their award.  
All students have completed their Level 2 First Aid qualifications. This is a great skill to have as most students begin entering the workforce and for general knowledge when faced in possible First aid scenarios.  

Students visited the local AMES (Adult Multicultural Education Services) for multiple weeks. In small groups, students were able to assist AMES students in learning English and developing their IT skills. The AMES students loved having us visit and really progressed in their learning with the assistance from the Duke of Ed students.  

One afternoon, groups went to the Ruffey Lake Disc Golf course. Students were able to explore the area and try out a new sport.  

Gear store visits to outdoor adventure stores in Ringwood were a good opportunity for students to gain knowledge about a variety of different equipment and clothing that will be necessary for the end of year camp. Students researched specific topics and will be reporting back to the class at the end of the term.  

You may notice the school garden has had some work done to it recently, our students spent a couple of afternoons assisting Mr Smart transport soil, plants and clean up the area. We are looking forward to seeing the end result! 

Students continued improving their cooking skills on the trangias. This time, students worked in small groups to create a fusion meal from two different cultures. We had some great creations that tasted amazing, and some other original ideas that were very interesting. It is great to see the students become more confident using the trangias and developing their skills.  

Next term, students will be completing a Mental Health First Aid course, participating in whole day activities of canoeing and METEC (learn to drive skills), more practice cooking and getting ready for the camp. We look forward to seeing the students finish off the year and move towards finishing their award.  


- Ms Eleanor Smith  
Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator  

ACE Program

ACE-ing Term 3!

ACE is a Year 10 program, designed for students to move outside the traditional school curriculum through a variety of activities that allow the students to ‘Achieve, Challenge and Experience’.  These experiences are specifically designed to challenge students mentally and physically, while developing initiative, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills. 


This term’s theme included Mental and Physical Health, and also incorporated some Community Experiences too.  Students participated in a Mental Health First Aid course which prepares the students to look for symptoms of poor mental health within themselves and in others around them.  It demonstrated how to seek help for themselves, and how to encourage others to seek help.  Students all received a certificate on completion of this component.  The different community experiences included visits to The Intersection Urban Seed, The Big Issue in the city, as well as a Family Planning session at school, which focused on Sexual Education.  Whether it was hearing the powerful statistics and stories from some of the homeless in Melbourne, or being educated on the law and safety in sexual education, students gained a lot of knowledge and insight. 

During Term 3, the students also commenced their Multimedia assessment.  This group project is a major outcome for the students, which gives them the opportunity to highlight and show their time and experience spent in ACE over the year.  Each group gets to choose how they wish to present their project, whether it be in the form of a documentary, interview, montage or video.  


Term 4 will allow the students more time to work on their Multimedia Presentations, along with more fun activities outside of the school, in the community. 


- Ms Samantha Woollard  

 ACE Program Co-ordinator 

End of Year Program

Our End of Year Program will run from Monday 9th – Friday 13th December 2019. The program has been designed to provide students with the opportunity to embrace new experiences and build collaborative partnerships with other students.  


The following events are running in 2019.  

  • Echuca Horse Riding Camp 

  • Port Fairy Surf and Sea Camp 

  • Tennis Workshop 

  • Games Workshop 

  • Designer Toy Workshop 

  • Photography Workshop 

  • Production Workshop (for students who are a part of the 2019 production) 

  • Year Level Activities 

Compass Events for payments will be available by the end of Term 3 based on student preferences. Payments are due by 11th October, with balance payments for the two camps due by 4th November. 


More detailed information of the students’ allocated event will be provided early next term. 


I hope everyone has a wonderful time on the program! 


- Ms Gemma Anderson 

Junior School Engagement Leader 

Photo: Our BHHS Library team celebrating Book Week 2019

Library News

Photo: Our BHHS Library team celebrating Book Week 2019

Book Week Celebrations – Reading is my Secret Power

Quizzes, fancy dress, a guest speaker and a morning tea were just some of the ways that we celebrated this year’s Book Week theme, 'Reading is my Secret Power'.


To begin our week-long celebrations we welcomed inspirational guest speaker Abdi Aden. Abdi came into school to present to all Year 9 students whose pastoral focus for the year is Resilience. Abdi’s presentation focused on telling his refugee story, overcoming hardship and appreciating and valuing yourself. Supporting the Term 3 English curriculum area of study on Autobiographies, Abdi’s presentation emphasised some of his life messages including:

  • Goals are achievable if you work hard. Sometimes it may feel like you did not reach your goal. However, you did,  it was just that your goal changed.
  • Never judge yourself by your failures. They are the speed humps on your journey to success. They are warning signs that are telling you to slow down and learn what you may have done wrong.
  • Never hide who you are; be proud of your tribe, clan or where you have come from. I am proud to be from Somalia and to have been a refugee. To be a refugee is not a bad word. This is just a word which describes your circumstances at that time, and it has made me the person I am today.

After the presentation, students were asked to reflect and describe how his story may affect their future actions.


I will value my life far more and be more grateful for everything that I have. To hear about his struggle and compare that to my own living conditions, I am suddenly very grateful for not just my family and the people that are around me and care about me but also just for having a roof over my head, food to eat and water to drink.


Living in a developed country such as Australia it is very easy to take these things for granted, but to hear about Abdi’s story reminded me of how much these things actually need to be valued and properly cherished.


Being grateful isn’t the only thing that Abdi’s story has taught me. It has also made me see the challenges that inevitably arise in life a little differently. Instead of thinking about how horrible things are and how they are going to be, I will instead choose to think about how much there could be for me to gain and earn from such a challenge.


Abdi’s outlook on life is based on being positive and loving yourself, which, in our modern day society where – particularly as a teenager – being self-deprecating is almost embedded in our nature, is a very important thing to keep in mind.”


Quizzes were continued all week and students were encouraged to guess the books that were nominated for the Annual Children’s Book Council Awards, and remember some popular superheroes.


Finally, to cap off the end of our fabulous celebrations, we held a Free Dress Day and a Morning Tea. Eighty students were invited to a special morning tea to acknowledge their passion and dedication to reading. Among those 80 were our top five borrowers in the school who were awarded a $30 gift voucher – kindly donated to us from Lilydale Books. Congratulations to Julia Baillie, Shekina Jawahar, Imogen Steele, Sherlyn Tang, and Aurelia Thian-De Wind.


Our Premium Borrowers were each awarded a brand new book: Annabel Mack, Mike He, Peter Xu, Kate Hong, Sophia Choy, Lucy Noonan, Suha Shahzad, Tilda Horobin, Arabella Steele & Zoha Shahzad. Students were happy to enjoy the delicious party food, celebrating with their English teachers and the Principal Team who helped distribute awards.


Our Free Dress day encouraged students to celebrate their favourite books, and while many students chose to be Muggles, Harry Potter and his friends, including Hagrid & Minerva McGonagall made an appearance as did Mr Wolf from The Bad Guys and Wonder Women.


Thank you to all staff and students at Box Hill High School for helping us to celebrate Book Week in 2019. Collectively we raised over $600 for Room to Read, a charity that aims to transform the lives of millions of children throughout Asia and Africa by improving literacy and gender equality in education.


Investigating new library systems for us to showcase and manage the library and communicate effectively with our users, was our focus during Term 2. We conducted student forums, attended presentations and Roadshows and presented our findings to senior management. We are delighted to announce that at the start of Term 3 we switched over to the new library system, Accessit.


With an attractive interface and an interactive user experience on the web app, students will love engaging with the online library catalogue. They can manage their own library experience, and best of all, they only need one login to reach everything.  Accessit One Search enables users to search across multiple online content providers simultaneously and seamlessly. They can reach far more curated, scholarly material with a single search. While we are still working on integrating the new system and setting it up, students have started to appreciate its benefits, logging in with their Compass details.


- Ms Kylie Pearson and Ms Dee McQueen

Library Team


2019 Whitehorse Division Track & Field – 27th of August 

Box Hill High students achieved excellent results at the 2019 Whitehorse Division Track & Field Championship. Thirteen Division records fell on the day and 9 of the new records belong to Box Hill High students!

Congratulations to the following students, our new record holders: 

M 16Yr 110m Hurdles - Jeremy Shum (16.59) 
F 13Yr 800m - Tanasha Santosh (2:29.69) 
M 15Yr 800m - Will Marshall (2:12.84) 
F 20Yr 800m - Jessica Ng (2:31.69) 
F 20Yr 1500m - Jessica Ng (5:20.25) 
M 16Yr 400m - Matt Dougan (53.86) 
M 14Yr Triple Jump - Fraser Truscott (11.67) 
M 14Yr High Jump - Fraser Truscott (1.85) 
F 16Yr 4x100m Relay Box Hill HS (55.54) 
The success didn't stop there, as we also had the following students crowned as their Age Group Champions: 
Tanasha Santosh: F 13Yr Champion with 30 points in 3 events 
Ana Helena Pereira: F 15Yr Champion with 46 points in 5 events 
Jacob Allison: M 15Yr Champion with 38 points in 4 events 
Jeremy Shum: M 16Yr Champion with 40 points in 4 events 
Angus Reddy: M 17Yr Champion with 30 points in 3 events 
Finally, our team has qualified for 51 events at the Eastern Metrolpolitan Region (EMR) Track & Field Championship coming up on the 11th of October, good luck to all competitors!  

Regional & State Cross Country Championship 

This term saw both the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals (EMR) and State Cross Country Championship take place. We had 33 students participate at the EMR Cross Country Final at Yarra Glenn and then had 5 students qualify to attend the State Championship, please find the State Results below. Congratulations to all competitors.  

Tanasha Santosh: DNF 

Lily Hart: 13th 

Zane Garrett: 52nd  

Jessica Ng: 6th 

Anna Cerins: 16th  

Year 8 Soccer Results – 20th of June 

Our Year 8 students braved the rain yesterday in what was truly some English weather for the Year 8 Soccer Tournament. Despite finishing second and fourth in the boys and girls competition for the day, a great time was had by all! Results below: 
Year 8 Boys A Team 
2 Wins, 1 Loss 
Goal Kickers: O. Lavale 7, E. Kotsanlee 4, A. Chobisa 2, M. Tom-Moses, F. Truscott, Y. Abeykoon, K. Cook,  
Year 8 Girls A Team 
0 Wins, 3 Losses 
Goal Kickers: S. Sayadi 2, I. Ketharanathan 

Senior Boys Netball Regional Champions – 29th of July 

Well done to the Year 8 boys and Senior Boys Netball team who played in the EMR Finals. 

The Year 8 boys only just lost out against Highvale in the Semi Final - let's aim to get a solid win next year! 

The Senior Boys had an easy win in the Grand Final against Camberwell High and will be going through to the State Finals on the 2nd of September! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the boys will take out a State Championship for the Year 12's last year of school sports! 

SSA Swimming Championship – 31st of July 

The School Sport Australia Swimming National Championship was held this term, where Box Hill High student Blake Crichton made the final in both the 50m and 100m Butterfly. He finished 9th in 50 and 6th in the 100, setting a new personal best in both races. Congratulations Blake!  

Senior Boys Netball Make History – 2nd of September 

The year was 2010: 

Kesha's 'Tik Tok' was #1 on the charts, One Direction was just being formed on UK X Factor, Julia Gillard became the 27th Australian Prime Minister and Box Hill High School were State Champions. 


It's been almost a decade, but Box Hill High School are once again State Champs! Congratulations to the Senior Boys Netball who romped home in the State Final to bring home the championship for our school. 

After finishing as the Winner of Pool A, having only dropped one game to Bendigo Senior, the team dispatched Marian College back to Ararat in the first Semi Final, winning 25-15. This set up a State Final between a thus far unbeaten McKinnon and our Box Hill High boys. We jumped out of the gates early, leading by 12-3 at halftime and held on to our lead in the second half to come home with a 20-11 victory. Congratulations team, we as a school are so proud of you! 


Team Members: Josh Blake, Hamish Harding, Wes Harding, Kieren Hubber, Eden Hunt, Josh May, Connor Ryan-Simmons, Jamie Simpson, Jack Smith 

Coach: Lisa Pearson Assistants: Kobe Cook & Mack Keighran 


We are committed to providing academic excellence and catering for the individual needs of students through both our traditional and innovative programs. The curriculum is challenging and flexible. Students are encouraged to be the best they can be in a stimulating and competitive environment. 

Application from Primary Schools - Year 7 2020

During Term 3 and Term 4, we will examine and process applications for enrolments as per the guidelines provided by the Department of Education and Training (DET), with additional information being provided in September and October. We look forward to greeting our Year 7 2020 students at transition events which are planned for Term 4.

Applications for Year 8-12 2020

Students who are interested in enrolment for Years 8-12 in 2020 are advised to review the enrolment criteria and process that is published on our school website at the commencement of Term 4 2019

Our School Zone

Please be aware that a 'designated neighbourhood boundary' has been allocated by the Regional Director. The demand for enrolment often exceeds the number of places available. The Regional Director has restricted the enrolment and the school has an enrolment ceiling of 1200 students. To view additional enrolment information, a link to the 2019 DET map and a list of related enrolment documents, please refer to our school website.

New School Zone Tool - from 2020

The DET has introduced a new digital map called The link hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones for 2020 onwards.  Information on this site will be updated each year in preparation for the Year 6 to 7 transition period.

If you have a question about school zones call the VSBA Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email

Priority Order

Students will be enrolled according to the DET regulations, which stipulate the following criteria in order of priority.

Where there is insufficient accommodation at a school for all students who seek entry, students must be considered for enrolled in the following priority order:

  1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
  2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  3. Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school.
  4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds. 

Tours and Open Evening for 2021

Our annual Open Evening will take place during Term 1 of 2020, giving prospective students and their parents, the opportunity to tour the school and to hear additional information about enrolment and our Gifted and Academic Potential Program (GAPP). Event details and tour bookings will be made available on our website during Term 1 2020.

- Ms Dianne Trengove

Enrolment Officer

School Information

Box Hill High School

Address: 1180 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128

Phone: 03 9877 1177



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Staff Contacts

Principal Team

Ms Losh Pillay  - Principal

Ms Theresa Iacopino - Assistant Principal

Ms Kellie Ind - Acting Assistant Principal

Mr Neil Davis - Assistant Principal (currently on leave)



Junior Engagement Leaders

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Year Level Coordinators

Year 7 Coordinator – Mr Ryan McGlade –

Year 8 Coordinator – Mr Nicholas Rees -

Year 9 Coordinator – Ms Anna Muston –


Junior School Support and Attendance - Fiona Fuller

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Senior Engagement Leaders
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Year Level Coordinators  

Year 10 Coordinator – Paul Rogers -
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Year 12 Coordinator – Julio Acebron –


Senior School Support and Attendance - Sonia Francis

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GAPP/SEAL Coordinator - Ms Jessica Goodwin


Student Welfare Coordinators - Student Engagement

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Enrolment Administration Support - Ms Dianne Trengove

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School Uniforms

Our uniforms are supplied by PSW in Kew East, and they can be purchased either online or in-store. The most recent price list and other information is available on our website under the Parents/Uniforms tabs.

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