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08 August 2019
Issue Twenty-four
Upcoming Events
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Religious Education Exploring the Church in 5/6FA
Gardening Club
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Upcoming Events

Term 3


8th-9th  School Closure Days- Staff  Professional Learning - Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August  Assumption Mass @ 9.00am

30th August   Fathers Day Breakfast

19th September   School Concert

20th September   Last day of Term. School ends at 1:30pm

Term 4

7th October  Students Return

9th October   Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October   Whole School Mass @ 9.00am

25th October   Confirmation

30th October   1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November   Student-Led Conferences

5th December   Community Carols

10th December   Year 6 Graduation

11th December  End of Year Mass

12th December  End of Year Celebration Day

16th December   Last Day of School (students)



Principal's News



Dear Families

It's been wonderful to see students exploring aspects of Science over the opening weeks of this term. Last week Curriculum Overviews were published in our newsletter which outline the overall learning focii for each learning area. We encourage you to ask your children what they are learning in class, and as always speak their classroom teacher if are learning in class. 


Year 5 Students hoping to attend Catholic Secondary schools in 2021

If your child is in Year 5 and hoping to attend a Catholic Secondary school in Year 7(starting in 2021) applications need to be sent into the schools this term. Please do not leave visiting or applying to Catholic Secondary schools until Grade 6 as some schools(such as Academy, Santa Maria and CBC) have reached capacity in recent years. See the dates below for details.


Catholic Secondary School Enrolment dates

Term 3, 23 August 2019  Applications for Year 5 students commencing Year 7 in 2021 close

Term 4, 25 October 2019  Offers posted to prospective applicants for Year 7 in 2021

Term 4, 8 November 2019  Final Date for families to accept offer made by school


Masterplanning for a growing Richmond


Richmond has been identified as a growth corridor, with the number of school-aged students expected to grow by 50 percent over the next 10-15 years. Trinity will be undertaking a consultation process with our families and community over Term 3 and 4 to develop a Masterplan which will allow for increasing enrolments but maintain our beautiful yard space and quiet play areas and gardens, and our community feel. There will be more information to come in future newsletters on how to contribute to the conversation on the future (physical) shape of our school.  

Xavier Scholarship Announced


It was wonderful to host Brendan Fraser who is the current (Acting) head of Xavier College, Kew who visited Trinity to award the Xavier Scholarship on Friday afternoon.  Brendan was very moved by the welcome he receieved at assembly and by the students, staff and parents he met whilst visiting our school. Brendan addressed the assembly and announced that the Xavier Bursary would awarded to Philip in Year 6. Congratulations to Philip and a big thanks to Brendan and Xavier for their continued support for our students. 

School Closed Tomorrow and Friday

As posted in previous newsletters, just a reminder that the school will be closed tomorrow and Friday. 

Congratulations Vicki

Finally a big (and sad!) congratulations to Vicki Gualano who will be leaving Trinity to accept a role at Xavier College, Kew as Reading Recovery teacher. It is a wonderful opportunity for Vicki and we are delighted for her that this opportunity has arisen. Our community will greatly miss her welcoming smile and great warmth in her role as Family Engagement Leader. We wish her every success in her new role. Thanks to Antonella Tsakmakis who has accepted the appointment of Family Engagement Leader for the remainder of 2019. 


Have a great week everyone!





Religious Education
Exploring the Church in 5/6FA


During the beginning of Term 3, Grade 5/6FA have been learning about the structure of the Catholic Church. We watched a short video that explained how the Catholic Church began with Jesus and the Apostles to its current structure.We learnt about the Pope and his title as the Bishop of Rome and that he is not a ruler but a server of the people. It was also interesting to learn that there is a level of stages a priest has to go through before he can become a Pope. During the second half of the term we will be comparing other religions to see how they are the same or different to the Catholic Church.

Below are comments by some 56FA children about what they found interesting about learning about the structure of the Catholic Church


It was interesting to learn about the roles the Apostles played in the Catholic Church -Serah
It was interesting to learn about the different levels of the Catholic Church - Debbie

It was interesting to learn about the role Jesus played in the Catholic Church -Lincoln 

It was interesting to learn about the role the Cardinals play in electing a Pope in the Catholic Church - Thao-Anh 

Gardening Club

Winter Gardening


The children in Gardening Club have been excited to get back to gardening this term.  
During the holidays we finally had our water tank and garden shed installed.  Check them out.  They are located near the junior school quiet area - close to the library.
Apart from this, gardening continues to keep the enthusiasts involved.  This week we picked a lot of parsley and soon our broccoli will be ready to cultivate.

Australian Maths Competition

Maths Competition

On Thursday 1st of August, 36 students from Years 3 to 6 participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. This is a national competition which the students completed here at Trinity.


Congratulations to the following students who chose to challenge and extend themselves by participating in this competition…


Year 3/4  An, Edom, Mailys, Michelle, Estelle, Prytha, Marina, Nathan, Kevin, Oscar, Lavenia, Juno, Kathy, Adelia and Matilda

Year 5 /6   Yashwanth, Serah, Will, Debbie, Lincoln, Leonardo, Thao-Anh, Imogen, Phuong, Corbin, Victor, Philip, Daniel, Philiana, Tomasz, Oscar, Kasey, Andy, Justin, Andy and Finn


Annabelle Marinelli

Numeracy Leader

Student Leadership 

Social Emotional Learning Awards

These awards are awarded when students have demonstrated great social-emotional learning, a highly valued part of our school learning community.


Week 2

Prep/1 AP   Jayden

Prep/1 LO   Maica

1/2 RM         Douglas

1/2UR           Dhieu

3/4 HT         n/a

3/4 GT          James

4/5 TR          Abol

5/6 MG        Adeng & Martin

5/6 FA          Oscar

Music           Marina

Art                 Anthony Vo


Week 3

Prep/1 AP   Vinhson

Prep/1 LO   Kuek

1/2 RM         Andy

1/2UR           Austin

3/4 HT          Marina

3/4 GT          Lena

4/5 TR          Ethan

5/6 MG         Kenny

5/6 FA          Julieanna

Music           Leonardo

Art                 Katarina

Sport            Lincoln

Mandarin    Victor


Ignatian Award

The Ignatian Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated behaviour that reflects our Ignatian Values. Our Ignatian value for Term 4 is Community. The Ignatian Award this week is awarded to  Oscar in 5/6FA. Congratulations Oscar!

EXTEND After Care

Extend Update


Richmond Community Announcements

Richmond Community Learning Center 


Martial Arts in Richmond Open Day


Richmond Scout Group


Simonds College


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