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22 August 2019
Issue 25
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2019 Calendar

August 2019

Thurs 22/08

Cobaw Athletics (selected students)

Wed 28/08

Dental Screening Service Visit - Day 1 of 3

PFA meeting, 7.30 pm

Fri 30/08

PFA - Fathers Day Brekky

September 2019

Mon 02/09

Carlsruhe campus rotation - CU2 and CU3

Wed 04/09

Dental Screening Service Visit - Day 2 of 3

Mon 09/09

Indigenous Whole School Incursion 12-3.30 pm

School Council 7 pm

We 11/09

Dental Screening Service Visit -  Day 3 of 3

Thur 12/09

Foundation - Renegades incursion 11.30 - 1.30 pm

Fri 13/09

Senior Unit - Travel Expo

Mon 16/09

Division Athletics, Bendigo (selected students)


Year 3 Camp - 18.09 to 20.09

FOOTY COLOURS DAY (gold coin donation)



Mon 07/10

Term 4 starts 

Wed 09/10

Foundation Unit - Western Water incursion

Canteen Roster


Fri 23.8 - Nyssa.   Another helper 9-10 am is ideal

Wed 28.8 - Racheal.  Another helper 9-10 am is ideal

Fri 30.8 - Linda.  Another helper 9-10 am is ideal

Remember it's only Wednesday, Thursday or Friday,  9-12.30 pm, you receive a free lunch and your child(ren) receive a free icy pole.

School Term Dates

Term 2019 2020
1 - 28.01.20 - 27.03.20
2 - 14.04.20 - 26.06.20
3 15.07.19 - 20.09.19 13.07.20 - 18.09.20
4 07.10.19 - 20.12.19 05.10.20 - 18.12.20

2019 Pupil Free Days

  • Monday 4th November

2019 Camp Dates

Year 2 - 16-17 October

Year 3 - 18-20 September

Year 4 - 4-6  December 

Year 5 - 27-29 November

From the Principal, Diana Ellis

Attendance Strategy

At Woodend Primary we are currently looking at implementing further strategies to improve school attendance and punctuality. Although we have seen an improvement with the strategies we have implemented this year, our data still says we are performing worse than other schools in our area and also in the region, in regards to attendance.


Why going to school is important

Research tells us that going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day. Attending and participating in school will help your child develop:

  • important skills and knowledge to help them learn
  • social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience and team work.

Children who attend school every day and complete year 12 have:

  • better health
  • better job opportunities
  • higher income across their lives.

There is no safe number of days for missing school. Each day a student misses puts them behind.


Our expectations

Of course we expect your child to be kept at home when they are ill but we expect appointments (where possible) to be made outside of school.

Whilst we recommend family holidays to be taken during school holidays we do understand that not all parents get their holidays that align with those times.

Absences that are not acceptable and will not be approved are days off for shopping, birthday or because a child doesn’t want to participate in an event ie Lapathon.

Our school programs and activities are all encompassing and students do not get to pick and choose.


We will continue to monitor attendance data each day and parents will be contacted for unexplained absences. We will also work with parents to provide support with management of getting their children to school.

Our revised policy will be communicated in the new few weeks once is it endorsed by School Council.


Yesterday we ran our annual Lapathon. It was highly successful thanks to the kind weather and the detailed planning from Ms Mann and the office staff. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the many parents that helped with the barbecue and also for all of those who came along to cheer our students on or participate in the event with their children.

The new course was a hit, and of course a big thank you to the church for letting us use their grounds). And of course the bubbles were a big hit.

Tug of War

To complete our Lapathon Day we have our Tug of War event. Each of the classes within unit levels get to compete against one another and then Year 6 students compete against the teachers. It was great fun apart from the fact that the teachers lost again. One of our particularly insightful younger students suggested that maybe if all of the teachers did the Lapathon they would be fitter and have a better chance of success (hmmm, out of the mouth of babes).


Senior Unit Presentations

This week students from our senior Unit have courageously delivered a comprehensive presentation to parents from across our school, to explain about all of the programs and activities that occur in the Senior Unit and our focus on developing leaders and Inquiry Learning.  We are particularly proud of our programs, the quality teachers and the achievements of our students across all areas of the curriculum and also the work they are involved in within our community.


Cobaw Interschool Athletics Carnival

Today a bus load of our students have gone to Bendigo to participate in the Cobaw Interschool Athletics Carnival. This event is hosted by our school for all of the schools in the Macedon Ranges. It is a huge event and requires a lot of logistical organisation for Mrs. Connell. We have no doubt that our students will perform at their best and with exemplary sportsmanship.

Carlsruhe Fair

Although our Fair is not until November 30, behind the scenes the organisation is well underway. Yesterday we put up all of our advertising posters around the school and before long you will see the evolving larger scale marketing ideas.


Last night I had the privilege of working with 14 talented and engaged parents who have stepped up to be part of our Carlsruhe Fair Committee. A number of the parents have taken on important roles such as Marketing, budget, stall holders etc while others are a much appreciated support crew.


The Carlsruhe Fair is our biggest fundraising event and requires a huge amount of work to get it off the ground and financial support in the way of sponsorship. Often is is difficult to keep asking local businesses when they are approached regularly by many of our community groups. So we are putting out a call for your help.


We know that many of the parents in our communities work for large multi-national companies and we are hoping you might be able to approach your work for some donations or sponsorship. This would be greatly appreciated. If you can help in any way, please contact myself (the Principal) at school or Anita Mason from the Carlsruhe Fair Committee. (Anita 0407 409 575, anitajmason@gmail.com)

Book Week

Around the classes this week, the students have participated in a lot of fun and engaging activities related to the short listed books. One of the favourite books in the senior school was Shaun Tan’s book Cicada. During a session in Mr. Condon’s class, the students were communicating some deeper level thinking about inferred messages in the text and illustrations.

In Mrs. Megg’s Year 3 class they have shared their activities with me including:

  • Reading the 5 short-listed books and completing an individual critique of each book. 
  • Completing a "Super Book Report" (see display in hallway) of our favourite short listed book. 
  • Entering a bookmark competition. 
  • Getting together as a Year 3 unit and doing buddy reading with someone from another class focusing on our fluency and expression 

Reading with the Year 5/6 students.

Writing their own realistic fictions about a celebration from around the world. These pieces are going to be published, with the hope of reading them to the younger students.


The Junior School Council would like to thank all students who entered this term’s Book Week Bookmark Competition. The selection process was extremely difficult as there were so many exceptional entries. The winners will be announced at this Friday’s assembly. Each winner will be presented with a certificate and a prize pack. The overall school winner will have their bookmark professionally made and this bookmark will be available in the library.


The Junior School Council would like to thank everyone for their support this year. We aim to run events which raise money for projects at the school (as suggested and voted on by the students) and events to raise money for a cause. The last event ‘Dress up as your Favourite Movie character’ raised $368.95 to contribute to the painting of games and activities on the netball court for all students to use. Our next event will be the Footy Colours Day, raising money for kids with cancer.


On the last Wednesday of this term (Wednesday the 18th of September), we will be celebrating our annual Footy Colour’s Day. On this day, students are invited to wear their favourite footy colours for a gold coin donation. All money raised goes to support kids with cancer. Students will be able to order a Footy Lunch Pack from the canteen (QKR ordering will open closer to the date) and at lunchtime there will be a ‘longest kick’ competition. Junior School Council will announce the winner of the longest kick and the amount of money the students have raised to help support kids with cancer, at the final assembly of the term.

Celebrating Book Week

It has been a big week at Woodend Primary School this week as we participated in activities over the week for Book Week.

The students were involved in reading the nominated Book Council books for their age group, reviewing their favourite books and competing in a competition to design a bookmark. The winning bookmarks will be professionally printed and available for use by students across the school. The winning designers will be awarded a certificate at assembly this Friday.

We have had Year 6 students read stories to students across the school which has also been exciting.

Book Week ends with teachers performing Guest Reading time in different classes across the school on Friday. The students are looking forward to seeing who their Guest Reader will be.

Thank you to the Junior School Council members and Miss Geer, who worked hard during the week to judge the bookmark competition and prepare the certificates for assembly. Thanks to all the Guest Readers and to the students who completed book reviews and entered the bookmark competition. Last of all a big thank you to Susan in the library who organised the Children Book Council Books and the Bookmark competition.

Debbie Thompson

Literacy Leader


Dear Parents

The weather gods certainly smiled on us yesterday and the good weather enabled us to hold our annual Lapathon.

This year we tried a new route and it worked very well. Thanks to Melissa Clark for letting us use the church yard.

The students set a cracking pace from the outset with many running lap after lap. Everyone did lots of laps either running or walking.  Well done.

A big thank you to all the parents and friends who came along to support the students. Good to see so many joining in as well.

Another big thank you to Jenny and her helpers who worked on our BBQ lunch. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to the School Captains who helped set out the course and blew bubbles along the way and of course, thanks to all the teachers who encouraged their students throughout the Lapathon and thank you to Mr Spilsted and Mr Condon for running our Tug-O-War competition.


Now is the time to collect sponsorship money and return it to school. We have lots of great prizes to give away. This can be paid on Qkr or in cash.  We are hoping to raise lots of money this year, all of which will go towards buying new equipment and supporting school programs.

  • Pictures of the event are on the Principals page.

Thanks for supporting WPS, your help is greatly appreciated

From the Office

Dental Screening – Free Service for Years Foundation, 1 & 2 students

EXTENSION FOR RETURN OF PERMISSION FORMS – We have been granted an extension of time for parents to return dental screening permission forms. ACT NOW!

Copies of the Info pack and application form can be found in Compass/School Documentation/Forms or are available from the school office. Phone 5427 2455 or email woodend.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Students will be screened progressively over 3 Wednesdays commencing 28th August.

Any questions regarding this service should be directed to the provider, Sunbury Community Health Dental Clinic on (03) 9744 4455 or email sharonr@sunburychc.org.au.

Are you staying or leaving….?

Please let the office know if your child/ren WILL NOT be returning To Woodend Primary School in 2020. Planning of class structures and staffing for next year is based on student enrolment and your help to ensure we have correct numbers is appreciated.

Email: woodend.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Foundation enrolments for 2020 are now due

Please contact the school (Ph: 5427 2455) for an enrolment pack or to register for our final 2019 School Tour to be held on Tuesday 3rd September, 9.30am or 2.30pm.

Medical Alert

It has been brought to the schools attention that some parents in various classes have found it necessary to treat their child for head lice.


Please carry out a thorough check of your children’s hair for any signs of lice or nits and carry out the relevant treatment if necessary.

Payment Methods for School Activities


Senior Unit

Senior Unit Parent Information Session

On Monday and  Wednesday, parents of the younger students came to the SU1’s classroom to listen to a few students speak about what the Senior Unit get up to. They spoke about five different sections; learning, technology, sports, self and community. All parents are welcome to come along to our classroom to see what we do and if you missed out this year, there’s always next year. ~ Mariella  

Senior Unit Guest Readers

This week a few of our year 5’s & 6’s started reading to different classes around the school including MU7 & JU2. Jess from SU2 read a book from author ‘Andy Griffiths’, and Laura from SU1 read a book from author ‘Freya Blackwood’. We really enjoyed reading to the classes this week and hope to do it again soon!  ~Laura

Carlsruhe Annexe


It’s been another busy week at Carlsruhe. The students all had a great time participating in the whole school Lapathon. Everyone put in a great effort and beat their goals for how many laps they could complete. They also thoroughly enjoyed the Tug of War competition in the afternoon. A huge thank you to Miss Mann for organising the event and making the entire day run smoothly.

Term 3 Project

Last week the students were given their Term 3 Projects. This will be completed at home and will be due in the early weeks of Term 4. Each child will be required to present it to their class on a PowerPoint display. For this students will make a comparison between Australia and a country in Africa or South America. A slideshow and word document informing the students of the layout and requirements of each slide should be on each of the students Netbooks, that they can follow step by step. An overview has also been sent out on Compass to inform parents of the requirements as well.

Final Move

Next week will be the final week for CU2 at the Main Campus and the final week for CU1 at the Carlsruhe Campus. Similar to the previous moves throughout the year, the students will have the opportunity to collect all of their stationary and resources and move them out on the bus next week.

An email will also be sent out to parents of CU2 and CU3 where they can select the weekends they wish to take care of the guinea pigs, feed the chickens and water our vegetable garden. Can parents please contact Mr Spilsted via email about any weekends they are unavailable.

Carlsruhe Teachers

Ann Ireland, Nathan Spilsted and Mark Condon

Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

Up, down, and all around!

The Year 1 and 2 team have been learning all about natural and man-made changes that have occurred and are occurring still. The unit involves careful observations of our constantly changing world. The Sun rises and sets and the sky reflects many different hues over a day. The children are learning that everything we know about the environment began by observing it. This includes environmental modelling, space exploration and city planning, which all rely on careful observations of the land and sky.


MU5 were fortunate to have 2 guest speakers who have seen considerable changes in Woodend over the time they have spent in our community. Mercedes’ mother, Colleen, has been living in Woodend for 12 years. She was able to tell us information about changes to the population, traffic and the shops. Lacie’s mother, Kelly, grew up in Woodend and was also able to speak with her parents about the changes they have seen over their time here too. Did you know that Quarry Road used to be the main street? Kelly was also able to tell us about the many changes she has seen at Woodend Primary School since she was a student. There used to be a play fort where our classroom is now!


Through this unit and our guest speakers, the students have been learning about questioning and interviewing skills. They have learnt about open and closed questions and worked towards developing good questions for their guests. If there are any other community members who would like to speak with our Year 1/2 classes about changes they have seen, they would be greatly welcomed.


Year 3

What a fabulous day we had yesterday! Congratulations to all Year 3 students for competing in the Lapathon. We were so impressed with the perseverance shown by students and how responsible they were caring for younger students. Well done everyone!

This week we have been busy celebrating Diwali as part of our Celebrations around the World. Diwali is also called the Festival of the Lights and is celebrated in India. Check out some of our great artwork below!

As part of our Book Week celebrations, each class read all 5 short-listed books for 2019 and then voted on our favourites and completed a “Super Book Report”. On Tuesday, all Year 3’s came together for a buddy reading session, sharing our reading with students from a different grade. We are excited to see who our guest readers will be on Friday!

Following our Money unit in Maths, we are encouraging families to practise making change (using coins) in the real world. If you have an opportunity to encourage and help your child to give change, it would be a great way to connect learning between school and home. 


  • Students will be bringing home a copy of the Confidential Student Information Form for camp this week. This form needs to be filled out and returned to your classroom teachers as soon as possible. The final payment for camp is due by the 30th of August. 


Miss Geer, Mrs Meggs and Miss Radz

Foundation Unit


This week the students in Foundation have been celebrating Book Week. We have read all the books from the shortlisted picture story books that have been nominated by the Childrens’ Book Council. We voted on our favourite book and were excited to go to the Library on Monday and find out which book was the winner. Cheers went up when we heard  the winner was ‘Tricky’s Bad Day’.

The students spent time writing a book review for their favourite book nominee and gave great reasons for their choices.


The highlight for the week was designing a bookmark to enter in the whole school competition. The winning design will be printed by Susan in the Library as a bookmark for the whole school to use. We can’t wait for assembly on Friday to see who the winner is.


On Thursday and Friday we had students from year six read to us as guest readers. The Foundation students like seeing their buddies in this role.


Education Support Team


This week in Education Support, students continue to focus on producing specific speech sounds in everyday conversations using a range of techniques. The main focus for some students this week has been producing the correct “r” sound and “sh” sound, within words. 


Students have also been learning to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds to create meaning (words) along with identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words.



Student Awards & Achievements

Students of the Week - 16th August Assembly

JU1 - Taylor

For listening to instructions carefully and carrying out tasks successfully.

JU2 - All of JU2

For being so kind and helpful to Mrs Mills in her last week. Thank you!

MU1 - Alex

For being a respectful and responsible learner who leads by example.

MU2 - Rhys

For choosing a good learning spot on the mat all week. Well Done!

MU3 - Charlie

For using all his maths knowledge to understand division word problems and writing number sentences to match.

MU4 - Rohan

For accurately using talking marks in his news article 'Lamb Causes Chaos'!

MU5 - Oscar

For being a great classmate with positive words for all.

MU6 - Charlotte

For her persistence and outstanding problem solving skills when calculating change in our Money unit.

MU7 - Saffron

Showing dedication towards editing and revising of her Fractured Fairy Tale. Excellent work Saffron.

MU8 - Isabelle

For her persistence when working out change in Maths. Keep it up!

CU1 - Euan

For always showing respect when listening and sharing his ideas or working with others during class time or our Jobs program.

CU2 - Ben

For making great improvements in his Fractions and Decimals tests in Maths. Great job!

CU3 - Harry

For his enthusiastic approach to all things mathematical, keep up the fantastic work!

SU1 - Rose

For displaying our 'Be a Learner' value by making an impressive letter to her Japanese pen pal. You Rock!!

SU2 -Otto

For a big improvement in his attitude and behaviour. Keep up the great work!

SU3 - Sophie

For showing all of our school values consistently and being an asset to the Senior Unit. You go girl!

Artists of the Week

Artists work is on display outside the art room, library and in the office foyer, please stop by for a look at the great work.


Year 6 students created wonderful models of dragons.  After modelling the dragon with dough, they painted and decorated them and placed the dragons on a pedestal.

Terrific work Year 6.   All the Year 6 students displayed their dragons at assembly.

Our Special Artists are:  Rowan, Sarsha, Tessa, Tom, Jake, Finn, Georgia, Isabella, Ginger, Amelie, John & Sophie.


This is an art work called 'Winter'.  It was created by Ayden, Ian, Tom, Paddy and Hibiki who took part in a collaborative art session with Miss Mann.


Classes of the Week

French - JU2

For their cheerful willingness to speak in French.

Art - JU1

For all doing their very best and creating terrific artwork.


Gardening Group


No news this week.

Gardening Group Sessions:


Where:   Woodend Community Children’s Garden
When: 12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required to run lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club
  2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parent’s gardening session/Environment Leader senior students
BYO: Bring your enthusiasm and desire to join in (No gardening know-how or equipment required).  Please wear gumboots and weather appropriate clothing. Pre-school age children are welcome too
Sign In: Please sign in at the Office before gardening

Gardening Group Facilitator

Nicole Middleton - 0418 233 366


Canteen Roster - August

Fri 23.8 - Nyssa.   Another helper 9-10 am is ideal

Wed 28.8 - Racheal.  Another helper 9-10 am is ideal

Fri 30.8 - Linda.  Another helper 9-10 am is ideal


  • A huge thank you to the following carers who helped with Lapathon duties yesterday: Carole, Lisa, Michelle, Nyssa, Louise, Brook, Nadine, Alex, Kirrilie, Kellie, Tracey and Emilo.
  • A huge thanks to John, Michael and Julia who helped all day with the BBQ and preparation.
  • There are spots to fill on the normal canteen roster.  Evan an hour in the morning would help immensely.
  • Please contact me ASAP on 0411 558 557 should you be able to help in canteen.  Remember, there's a free lunch for you and a free icy-pole for your child(ren)....not to mention the many laughs and the smile you put on your child's face.
  • Footy Day Lunch Packs will be available on Wednesday 18th September.  More information to follow.
  • If Qkr is not working before you leave home in the morning, please pack some food just in case. We suggest ordering the night before, just in case QKR is super-busy in the morning.


Please update details on QKR and lunch bags.

  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on QKR or their lunch might go missing.
  • Make sure you've chosen the correct day for the lunch order.
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading QKR.

Jenni Rossi

Canteen Manager


Library News

Book Week

We have a new Library helper, and now mascot, Aaron the Amazing Secret Power Reading Dog, which is a very long name, but it suits him. Also Wonder Woman, the awesome librarian visited during the week and left me her cape to wear whenever the mood takes me, so that is great. The Bookmark competition winner will be announced at tomorrow’s assembly, so printing of the masterpiece will be put into production so it can be available in the Library in the next few weeks.


Library Session Times

  • Option A: check your classroom day/time for returning books.
  • Option B: tub outside the library door so books can be returned at any time.  
Library Sessions Mon Tues Wed
9.50 am - 10.15 am SU1 CU2 MU2
10.15 am – 10.40 am SU2 MU5 MU1
11.10 am – 11.35 am SU3 MU7 MU4
11.35 am – 12.00 pm   MU8 MU3
12.00 pm – 12.35 pm   MU6  
1.50 pm – 2.15 pm JU2    
2.40 pm – 3.05 pm JU1    
3.05 pm – 3.30 pm CU1 CU3  


Susan Machell

PFA News

The Carlsruhe Fair

The Carlsruhe Fair is on Saturday, 30th November and planning is well under way. We have lots of generous parents taking part - thank you! 


If you think you could volunteer a small amount of time to coordinate these activities for our kids, can you please give me a call or email me?


The next Fair meeting will be Wednesday 18th September 1st August, 7.30 pm at The Vic Hotel. Everyone is welcome!

Anita - Mob: 0407 409 575, anitajmason@gmail.com


We are planning a plant stall at the Country Fair on the 30th November.

Can you donate or propagate?

Donations needed now and much appreciated

  • Pots, potting mix, cuttings, seeds and seedlings

Donations required one week before the Fair

  • Plants, plants, plants!
  • Vegetable seedlings, herbs, ground-covers, flowering plants, succulents etc etc. 
  • Pick up can be arranged if required.

If you would like to donate or help out in any way please contact Katie Martin on 0481167223 or kmoroney100@yahoo.com

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great fair!


Need inspiration to get started?


Parents And Friends - Fundraising Activities for 2019

Term 3

Father's Day Breakfast - Friday 30 August

Term 4

Carlsruhe Country Fair - Saturday 30th November

Christmas Raffle

Danni Findlay


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

  • Zoey, Jessica, Atticus, Alexis

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

  • Isabelle, Cruz, Jessica, Teagan, Catherine

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

Term 3 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 3 - Arctic Fluffy Owl Keyring & Arctic Scratch Art Cards


School Banking

TOKENS - WPS  utilises the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Portal to track tokens, so no longer issue physical tokens. I will notify students when they are eligible to redeem a reward. 


  • Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom
  • Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

1. Online

Visit commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

2. In branch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.


If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

Uniform Shop / Lost Property

Name Stamp for clothing

I have a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        https://stamptastic.co.uk/

Lost property

  • Lost property is located outside the uniform shop door. 
  • Named items will be returned to the classroom. 
  • Unnamed items will be placed here until end of term, then they are donated to charity. 
  • Please stop by from time to check and see whether any items belong to you.

Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Uniform Shop opening times are:

  • Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am
  • Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop

Community News

Woodend Fire Brigade - Junior Brigade




Macedon Ranges Shire Council


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

When relationships go wrong for girls

Girlhood relationships are so important, yet they can be both wonderful and awful in the same week. A friendship fallout hurts, but children need to know that arguing doesn’t have to be the end of the friendship. Developmentally, some squabbling is vital because it helps kids learn about respectful conflict resolution. Here's how parents can help at these difficult times:

Listen to their story
When inevitable conflict arises, girls can often get caught in a ‘rumination loop’ replaying the scene over in their minds, like a song stuck on repeat, which makes things feel catastrophic. As a girl's brain is still learning how to interpret some responses, she may be misinterpreting a friend’s words or signals. If this is the case, ask her to look for evidence to support her interpretation. Suggest your daughter talks to her friend privately in an assertive way. Help her plan the conversation beforehand, starting with ‘I’ words, which encourage her to own her feelings. She could say, ‘I felt let down when ...’ Model apologies at home. Help her think of ways to say, ‘I’m sorry. Can we fix this?’

Discuss the shifting nature of friendships
Relationships don't always last. As girls grow their tastes and interests change. They want to explore the possibilities of new people and activities. This often leads to hurt when one girl is not ready for a shift.

Parents can help by explaining that changes in friendships are a part of growing up (although never an excuse for meanness). Rather than simply dismissing a girls’ feelings as silly, acknowledge the hurt and gently reassure her there are many new, interesting people she will meet.

Expand her village
Ensure your daughter has friends in a few settings - a neighbour, a team mate, a family friend. They can provide a different connection and helps girls realise they are not alone.

Discuss toxic friendships
Most girls will experience the pain of interacting with a toxic ‘friend’ during their school years. This type of interaction is called relational aggression and serves to damage a person’s sense of social place. For instance, a girl may appear to be friendly but she may use passive-aggressive strategies such as gossip, ostracism and online exclusion. These actions can be very confusing, leading to feelings of shame and loneliness.

When not given healthy ways to express their pain, girls can often internalise their emotions in unhealthy ways like such as through self-harm, anxiety, eating disorders and self- loathing.

Allow her to express hurt
Allow your daughter the chance to process pain, vent or cry when they are hurting. Adults may not be able to change a toxic person’s behaviour, but shouldn’t underestimate the power of listening and being available. Don't assume that you know what your daughter needs. Rather ask, “What do you need from me in this situation?”  When a relationship problem escalates it may need to be taken to the school for further intervention.

Provide growth opportunities
Help your daughter develop the skills for developing healthy friendships. Explicitly teach your daughter to think about what compassion, kindness and empathy look like in a friend and helps her recognise what it means to be a good friend herself.

Helping girls manage friendship issues can be exhausting so parent self-care becomes a priority during these times. Girls benefit enormously from having a caring, emotionally healthy adult in their lives who can support them and help them process their thoughts and emotions when peer relationships turn sour.

School Information

Whole School Assembly

Every Friday at 3pm in the school hall

Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

Tuesdays       8.45 am - 9.15 am

Thursdays     3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Woodend Primary School Newsletter
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Adult AMF Connect_Parent Resource List.pdf
Adult AMF Connect_Cyber Issues.pdf
2019 Canteen Menu as at 30.1.19.pdf
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Uniform Order Form.pdf
Qkr - Uniform Shop Orders - HOW TO....pdf