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26 July 2019
Issue Eight
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Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

The past fortnight has seen us launch into Term 3 with gusto, as students and teachers continue working together in classroom environments and in co-curricular activities to further student learning. The line of sight for our Year 12 students is the end of year examinations and the number of weeks left in the school year before they begin is shrinking! Students are working steadily to complete set work and revise. Equally, all students are engaged in their learning and are focusing on their learning tasks to clarify their knowledge and skills. The importance of being present at school, being active in the learning environment and responding to feedback for improvement is crucial.


The Victorian Government’s improvement agenda is always present in the working lives of staff and teachers have had multiple opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills through the professional learning programs on offer. The Communities of Practice organises teachers into groups who diagnose student learning needs and address them through an improvement model and by identifying professional learning needs to support their expertise. This work is currently happening at the college. Equally there is a primary/secondary school initiative which focuses on a particular method of practice and seeks to understand how it is approached in both settings and what is useful about similar and different approaches. This activity is also engaging staff. Today, five schools in the Maroondah Secondary Schools Partnership participated in a professional learning day at Norwood Secondary College in its fabulous new gymnasium. Norwood Secondary College, Bayswater Secondary College, Heathmont College, Melba College and Ringwood Secondary College staff attended professional learning around Student Voice, Agency and Engagement and learnt so much, not only form the key note speaker and workshop presenters, but also from the panel of students who represented all schools and who gave voice to their experiences of learning while articulating how they would like their voice to be heard for improved engagement. A summary of the program is below:

Student Voice, Building Agency and Engagement -  Key note Greg Mitchell

How engaged are students in your school? Student Voice plays an integral role in how we engage students in the ownership of their learning environment and community. This keynote details how we can use Student Voice to get insights into their learning, through to taking active roles in creating positive school culture, resolving conflict, mentoring others and having more academic autonomy.

Workshop A

Strategies for Student Engagement - Greg Mitchell

This highly practical hands on workshop will follow on from Session 1, addressing in detail student voice strategies for engagement in the classroom.


Workshop B

Student Voice within a T&L instructional model - Kerrie Dowsley

This workshop will explore how, at St Albans Secondary College, we have worked alongside students to further develop and embed our instructional model, and to improve and monitor our impact in teaching and learning. We will outline the significant role our Student Learning Action Team has played in driving this improvement.


Workshop C

Student Agency in STEM - Dr Linda McIver

STEM skills are increasingly vital in the real world. In this presentation I will demonstrate a Data Science approach to STEM that uses real datasets and authentic projects to show students that they can do STEM, and that it is a vital tool for understanding, and even changing the world. Data Science can be used right across the curriculum, with examples such as History, Geography, English, Maths, and Science. Whether you play with existing visualisations like those at gapminder, use simple spreadsheet skills, or write your own code, you have the skills to use real datasets in your subject. Using Data Science to teach STEM gives kids the tools to create change.


Workshop D

Student Agency in the classroom - Narelle Wood

This session is a hands-on workshop exploring the different ways to develop student voice and agency within the classroom. It includes strategies for negotiating the curriculum with students, as well as strategies to enhance classroom dialogue with students, focussing on the what, how and why of students’ learning.

Q&A Student Panel – 2 Student Voice members from your school

  • What does Student Voice look like in your school now?
  • What would you like Student Voice to look like in your school in the future, when it is fully implemented?

The Maroondah Secondary School Partnership professional learning day was successful in its aim to bring awareness to all staff the importance of student voice and to work towards improving it.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


From Mr Barut

Welcome back to all our students and families.


I am sure that the mid year break gave everyone an opportunity to recharge and refocus on what needs to be completed for the rest of the year.


This term is very, very busy, notwithstanding the importance of the teaching and learning program, but, indeed, the plethora of activities that our students are involved in.


The ongoing message of everyone working as a partnership to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our students is more important than ever. To build on curriculum sequences, to focus on learning growth and for all to continue the ‘busyness’ of life at our college.


This newsletter is adorned with pictures of our Middle School Academic Award recipient afternoon, where nearly 100 students across Years 9 and 10 were acknowledged for their excellent academic achievements thus far. Their commitment to their studies, their learning behaviours both in and out of class all point to success – congratulations to all of you!


Next week, it will be the Junior School’s turn, as we celebrate our exemplary academic achievers in Years 7 and 8.


On another note, subject selection for 2020 is upon us – students from Year 10 onwards will be focussing on honing their subject selections, as their learning interests are piqued by curriculum offerings.


There will be several information nights coming up, so please keep an eye on Compass, as these nights unfold in the next few weeks.



James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Welcome back!

Despite the cold weather, all students have been keen to catch up with each other and are settling well into study for this semester. This is a very important time of the year for students, especially senior students, to reflect on their semester one performance and to focus on developing strategies for improved effort and attitude to study. Parent teacher interviews will be held on August 28th. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet with teachers and discuss their son/daughter’s progress.


Roadside safety

It is very important for everyone to understand that crossing roads, especially busy roads like Great Ryrie St and Bedford Road, require careful monitoring of traffic flow. Students, please use designated crossings or select safe places to cross roads. Parents, could you please reinforce correct roadside procedures, including both drop off or pick up arrangements, to help ensure the ongoing safety for all.


Performing Arts

  • Spamalot Musical Production Camp

The musical production camp held last week reflected high energy from all students and staff. It was a culmination of long hours of hard work since early this year resulting in great teamwork and collaboration. I extend my gratitude and thank all music, drama, dance and other attending staff, for their keen dedication. I strongly encourage you to purchase tickets to the show before they sell out!

  • Talent Quest

On Wednesday lunch time, many students braved the welcoming crowd to showcase their hidden performing arts talents. The event was well organised by the prefects overseen by a staff judging panel. It was very pleasing to observe students ‘having a go’ and being well supported by each other.



Congratulations to Harry Norman (Year 12) for winning his age group, in the recent Cross-country championships. Harry has always represented Ringwood Secondary College in a fine manner and is a credit to himself. Well done Harry!


Positive language

Within our college School Strategic Plan (SSP) and the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) achievement goals, including wellbeing goals, are detailed. One emphasis is on positive language and its use, both explicitly and implicitly supported by recent research which reflects that the practice of positive language builds emotional resonance in relationships, increases connectivity and develops self-efficacy.


Maslow’s ’hierarchy of needs’ states that in order for child to self-actualise they need to experience a sense of belonging and esteem. Therefore, building confidence in children is very important, as this is the key for coping with difficult situations and problems in life.

Through the use of positive language, a child’s self-efficacy will develop and improve their ability to build positive relationships. Children can be easily encouraged or dispirited, so the focus on a child’s strengths rather than their weaknesses is highly desirable.


Lea Waters, PhD, in her recently released book ‘The Strength Switch’, encourages parents to ‘flick the strength switch’ to build resilience, self-esteem and optimism in children. Waters, states that a positive approach enhances self-esteem and energy in children and teenagers through discovering their strengths and talents and through using positive emotions as the resource. Bringing out the best in children, through positive language, will also assist each person to become the best version of ourselves.


I have included a checklist from Lea’s website you may find helpful.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

Middle School

Term 3 News

Welcome back to the beginning of Term 3.  Students have begun studying different elective subjects and the transition process in the form of selecting elective and course preferences for 2020 is upon us.  Hopefully students and parents have already begun having discussions around possible subjects’ students will undertake next year in the very near future.


There are a number of key dates upcoming, so please refer to the list below to ensure students and parents are aware of these and other important information.


Tues. 30th July:           Year 9 into 10 ACE Parent Information

                                           Session  (6:30pm)

Tues. 30th July:           Year 9 into 10 Parent Information Session  (7pm)

Tues. 6th August:        Year 8 into 9 Parent Information Session  (7pm)

Fri. 9th August:           ‘Expression of Interest’ to undertake a

                                           VCE Unit 1&2 subject  in Year 10 form is due.


I hope students are enjoying their new subjects and working hard to reach their full potential across all of their studies.


Middle School Awards


The Middle School Awards afternoon was held on Wednesday 24th of July.  It was a celebration of the efforts, hard work and accomplishments of students throughout first Semester.  It was pleasing to see many students qualify to receive these awards, and we encourage this level of commitment towards their studies for the remainder of 2019.

We appreciate all the efforts from staff, students and parents who were there to support the students, not only on the day, but for their ongoing support all throughout Semester One.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Friday June 21. 0600 hours.

124 tired but excited students arrived at school to board the buses to take us to the airport to start our Central Australia trip. 13 tired and apprehensive teachers came along for the ride too!


We spent 11 days discovering the Northern Territory, visiting amazing places such as Yulara, where we watched the sun set over Uluru and visited Kata Tjuta. And where the Blue Bus left Nurse Kerrie behind!


Some of the fantastic sights we visited included: Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, the School of the Air, Purple House, Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Mt Gillen, Western MacDonnell Ranges, Ti Tree Outback Store, Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek, Daly Waters, Mataranka Hot Springs, Katherine (which included a visit from Ms Benson!), Katherine Gorge, Jabiru, Kakadu National Park, Yellow Waters Lagoon, Nourlangie Rock, Ubirr Rock, Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River, Darwin, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Mindil Sunset Market and Litchfield National Park where we visited Wangi Falls for a swim.

Memories were made, new friendships were forged and we all returned a little more tired than we left! We climbed mountains, swam with crocodiles, sang (sometimes in tune, sometimes out of tune but always The Veronicas!) and learned that New Zealand is not Japan!


A huge thank you to the 124 students who attended and were, more times than I can remember, congratulated by members of the public, on their behaviour, their manners and their consideration of others. It truly was a memorable trip.


Leah Pritchard

2019 Central Staff


Around the School

It’s been an exciting time on the facilities front as the commencement of the new Senior School building gets closer by the day.

In preparation for the works we have:

  • Constructed a new Careers Centre including 2 adjoining offices
  • Constructed a Middle School Coordinators’ office
  • Refurbished the old Junior School Coordinators’ office
  • Relocated Cisco/IT to the upstairs rooms of RT
  • New room signage
  • New cameras/TV/Recording system in Food Studies
  • Repairs administration carpark
  • Installation -motorised stage screen

In addition, a major Automotive Mezzanine Floor extension is nearing completion. Valuable equipment from the soon to be demolished 100s block is also being relocated. Enjoy the photos.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Study Group - Semester 2

The study group is running again Sem 2 and will be commencing on Wed 24 Jul. The Study Group sessions are designed to help Students from year 7 to 10 to receive extra assistance to help with organization and study skills and to develop productive work habits.  

The session times will be held after school on each Wednesday between 3:15 and 4:15 from 24 July until 13 Nov.
An application form is attached for your convenience.
The 15 sessions will cost $100


Eddie D'Alfonso
Study Group co-ordinator

RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

Our first Work Futures Expo was a very successful event, despite Melbourne’s chilly winter evening.  Those people and families who attended were able to listen to, and talk with, managers, directors, owners and senior staff members of local businesses and companies who were willing to share their information and answer any questions.  Most organisations provided information handouts.  Among the presenters representing their organisations were students from earlier years of Ringwood Secondary College, which was pleasing to see and I hope will inspire other students to further education.  One of the Keynote Speakers, Thomas King, was also a student from RSC.


Many people attended to hear the speeches given by our two Keynote speakers who each gave accounts of their lives, how they developed to their current work. They spoke on how they were driven by causes that took them forward and how that aligned with current students finding similar opportunities for future employment.  They were very impressive, interesting and topical and we thank them for being key parts of our expo event.


I also take this opportunity to thank all those who helped from within the college, the Jazz Combo and their teacher for the music in the hall, the Middle and Senior School Leaders, School Council and the PCTA members.  Also to the Media teachers and the staff who prepared flyers and other media related items to assist with the promotion of this event and the parents who shared their time to assist this committee during the expo.  A special thank you to the Student Leaders and Prefects who took on responsible roles during the evening ranging from welcoming our guests, ushering in the hall, handing our programmes and working on the Help Desk.  All of these functions I consider to be “front line” tasks and I was pleased to see students in those roles.  Thank you one and all for that help.


Feedback from presenters and student families was very encouraging, along with some thoughtful suggestions which this committee will consider for future events.


Barry Ring

Convenor, Heritage and Alumni Group

Yr 8 Commerce Unit

The last 2 weeks of Term 2 saw all year 8 students participate in an integrated Commerce unit. The unit, which consisted of three modules, examined key curriculum requirements under the Victorian Curriculum including: Work and work futures, Government and democracy and Laws and citizens.

It was exciting to see students consider the changing nature of our world and identify the key skills needed to prepare for an increasingly complex work environment. Students were able to complete a personality test, identifying their core strengths and career opportunities. Feel free to ask them what skills they identified and how many different careers they are likely to have over their working lives.


Many students were unaware that Australia is a Constitutional democracy and that Australians rejected the proposal to become a republic in a referendum held in 1999. These concepts were explored in the Government and democracy module. Whilst unpacking the Australian Constitution was challenging at the end of a long term, teachers were impressed with students’ ability to grapple with what it means to live in a democratic society and the rules which govern our system of government.


The Laws and citizens module provided students with an opportunity to understand how values influence our laws and the ways in which individuals can influence changes in our criminal and civil laws. The parliamentary role play, which enabled students to debate the merits of banning homework and vote for or against this proposed ‘law’ was enthusiastically embraced by students.


Congratulations to 8D for winning the finale class challenge by demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of key information covered over the two weeks.


Thank you to all year 8 teachers who delivered the Commerce Unit and a special thank you to my colleagues from the Commerce team – Gemma Bishop, Anthony Del Sureto and Helen Doherty who helped me create the unit.



Deb Wilkins

Head of Commerce, Civics and Citizenship

Year 8 Commerce Unit
A review of our Commerce Unit

The Year 8 Commerce Unit focused on the changing of jobs and professions over time, benefits of work, why we work, what jobs would best suit us, how the Government works, why we have laws and the Australian constitution. We looked at these topics during our core subjects over the span of two weeks at the end of term 2.


During the Commerce Unit we did such activities as a role play, where we re-enacted the passing of a parliamentary bill, made brochures that explained the changing of jobs overtime and how technology affects jobs, creating posters about democracy, discussing work conditions overseas as well as discussing the steps taken to pass a bill to become a law, what a republic is and how our country is run.


This unit was beneficial to us, as well as enjoyable because it gave us, the students, the opportunity to look forward, understand and prepare for what life could possibly look like in different fields of work. It also allowed us to see what electives we would desire to choose next year to work towards a goal that complements our talents and interests. 


Over the two weeks we were able to broaden our knowledge of the economy, government and politics, which will allow us to use our votes in elections and referendums wisely, as well as understand how our work can impact our country, lives and future.


Overall, the Commerce Unit was very informative and beneficial for the futures of the year 8 students. We had a great time and found the information we received was quite interesting and very well presented. Thank you to all the teachers who had a part in organising this for us.



By Clancy Cooke 8J

Zoe Lanyon 8J

And Ruby-Rose Davies 8J

VET Taster Courses at Ranger TEC Aug 6.


Careers News

Please read the upcoming information on Careers:




We always knew it would be a difficult task for our beginners up against more experienced and hard hitting opponents from Balwyn and East Doncaster. East Doncaster even had a coach with international experience. 

I set our players the goal of winning at least 5 points in each game, which we far exceeded , even winning a game against Balwyn.


We say goodbye and thanks for your many years of participation to our Year 12 players Georgi, Maddy and Richard and hope that all the students that have represented us in badminton have become better players from this experience but more importantly have enjoyed having a go


State Cross Country News

Harry Norman – 17-20 Yr Boys State Champion!

Sienna Koh, Mia Busch, Jemima Wilson, Olivia Henry – 15 Yr Girls State Team Champions!!


A great day was had yesterday at the State Cross Country Championships at Bundoora Park. We had twelve students representing Ringwood and I would like to congratulate all of them for their fantastic performances. The talent on display at State events is incredible and for students to compete amongst over 100 of the top performers in the state for their age group is an amazing effort.

Outstanding performances included our winning 15 Yr girls team. They went back to back after winning last year. An impressive performance with all runners coming in the top twenty. Sienna placing 7th overall, Mia 15th, Jemima 18th and Olivia 20th. Congratulations girls.


Harry Norman’s performance in the 17-20 Yr old boys race was also amazing to watch. We talk about elite performances and Harry’s was exactly that. With his characteristic smooth and relaxed running style he made the 5km look effortless.  Covering the distance in a time of 15:08 to place first. Congratulations Harry. Another brilliant performance.


Our other results included: 12/13 Yr girls Ciara Willey 25th, 14Yr Boys Thomas Dellow 28th, 15 Yr Boys Angus Norman 7th and Jhye Smith 70th, 16 Yr Girls Ruby D’Arcy 42nd and 16 Yr Boys Riley Doyle 48th.




Music and Performing Arts 



Not long now till Spamalot hits the Ringwood stage! Don’t forget to book your tickets at


Here is a little taster of what you will be missing if you don't get your tickets! So book them TODAY!




Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts

Music News

Instrumental Music has hit the ground running for Term 3 with day camps prior to the commencement of term and masterclasses held over the past 2 weeks, not to mention performances at the Middle School awards and Junior School Awards. Next week, we commence the Victorian Schools Music Festival with the Junior Concert Band performing after school on Wednesday 31 July at Hawthorn Town Hall.


Dates for Victorian School Music Festival are as follows:

Junior Concert Band, Wednesday 31 August, 3.15 - 7.00pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Junior Choir, Wednesday 7 August, 12pm – 4.05pm, The One Centre, Blackburn


Senior Choir, Thursday 8 August, 7.30 – 9.45pm, The One Centre, Blackburn


Intermediate Stage Band, Monday 12 August, 7.30 – 10.30pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Senior Stage Band, Tuesday 13 August, 7.30 – 10pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Junior Stage Band, Thursday 15 August, 8.30 – 2pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Training Stage Band, Friday 16 August, 8.20am – 2pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Symphonic Band, Tuesday 27 August, 7.15 – 10.30pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Intermediate Concert Band, Wednesday 28 August, 8.25am – 1.35pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Please check COMPASS for further details.


Parents, friends are most welcome to attend performances and all events are free. The festival will be streamed live on for parents and supporters who are unable to attend the event.


Our Senior Choir will be performing at the School Sports Australia Diving Championships this Sunday 28 July at Aquanation.


All ensembles are also preparing for the Royal South Street Competitions, with most returning to a renovated Her Majesty’s Theatre. Our choirs will still be performing at the Founders Theatre, Federation University, St Helen’s Campus which is just south of Ballarat.


Dates for performances are as follows:

Junior Choir and Senior Choir, Tuesday 27 August


Training Strings and Intermediate Strings, Friday 30 August


Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra, Saturday 31 August


Training Band and Junior Concert Band, Monday 2 September


Intermediate Concert Band, Tuesday 3 September


Jazz Combo, Wednesday 4 September


Training Stage and Junior Stage Bands, Thursday 5 September


Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands, Friday 6 September


Symphonic Band, Saturday, 7 September.


Events will be up on COMPASS soon.


On a sad note, we recently received news of the passing of a former Instrumental Music teacher here during the 1990’s, Mr Neil Berry. Any past students who would like to pass condolences and share memories with his family, please contact us in the PAC office and we will gladly pass on contact details.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the music program, especially during this busy term!


Janine Pero

Director of Music



Eastern Volunteers Workshops

Please see attached workshops offered by Eastern Volunteers in July-December. Of note is the Introduction to Being a Board or Committee Member, free training that might help to faciliate some young people to be part of committees and boards.

Having young people represent on committees is a great way to upskill young people and get their voices heard,

Amy Corcoran
ommunity and Online Engagement Officer - Youth and Children's Services

MYSPN Coordinator

Art Therapy Program

We have an amazing Art Therapy Program in Term 3. It has a focus on working through and expressing feelings of anxiety in creative ways.


It’s a closed group running between Tuesday the 6th of August and Tuesday the 10th of September. Participants need to be available for all 6 weeks of the program.


No art skills required but a willingness to try art therapy a must J


Email Lucy on or me on

Upcoming Workshops





St Mark Dental Clinic

Local dental clinic which offers bulk billing for children aged 2-17:


Mud Makers Trail

I am a local ceramic artist/potter. I have joined together with 5 other studios to make a Mud Makers Trail for the Australian Ceramics Open Studio which will be held on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of August 2019.

This would be a great opportunity for any students, staff and the whole school community, who are interested in ceramics and the arts to visit working studios and talk with artists about ceramics..


Alli Duckworth

Clay Sisters

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