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09 August 2019
Issue Nine
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Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

Last Sunday the readings spoke of the Parable of the Rich Fool, found in Luke 12: 13-21. There are many lessons in this piece of scripture, but when we are asked to give freely so we will grow all the richer, the point is clear; we are blessed by God, so we can, in turn, “abound in every good work” and be a blessing in the lives of others. In a world that seems at times to have gone a little mad, we are charged with ensuring that our students maintain hope in their lives and that their reflection of that hope is mirrored in their actions; “…in every good work”.


This week the students of Killester certainly displayed how they could be a blessing to others in their work with Joey’s Van, serving meals to those less advantaged than themselves. Year 10s have been volunteering their time to work with Year 6 students, Year 9s are undertaking many community service activities within SCIP (School Community Involvement Program), and within the Family Learning Centre the English Language program continues to support those with English as a second language. Year 12 students have been standing out on very chilly mornings, offering a free breakfast to other students and the Mpowering Girls Program has seen younger girls having important conversations with older girls and welfare staff. The further reflection of “Hospitality – welcoming all” has also been seen in the Years 7 and 8 parents joining staff for a morning tea. Indeed, when we give freely so we will grow all the richer.

Many of our staff have been a blessing in the lives of their colleagues, as two of them farewelled their mothers in very moving celebrations of their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lucy Collins (Food Tech) and Michel Kennedy (Year 7 SDL) who both lost their mothers last weekend.


Many of our staff have given generously of their time to coach the SESG teams this week: Mrs Campion, Mrs Luecke, Ms Edwards, Mrs Sadler and Ms Cronin. Of particular mention are the efforts of Ms Neville, who coached the aerobics teams over many hours of practice sessions and achieved amazing results: Year 7 team 1st place, Years 9 and 10 2nd place, Years 8-12 3rd place and Years 9-12 5th place. Ms Neville introduced this new sport into the College only two years ago, and every time they have come home with medals – congratulations to everyone involved.


Pope Francis also reminds us to “… encourage the generosity which is typical of the young and help them to work actively in building a better world. Youth do not solely need material things. Above all, they need to have those non-material values which are the spiritual heart of a people ... spirituality, generosity, solidarity, perseverance, fraternity, and joy”. May we all be a blessing in the lives of others and grow richer by giving freely.


Best wishes

Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development



Lead me this day, Lord,
to live fully in the present moment
and enjoy all that is good around me.
May all that is life-giving remind me of your life and love
that surround me now.

Latest News and Reminders

The Week Ahead - Science Week

Monday 12th August

School Tours 9.00am - 9.45am

Year 10 Volunteers to St Joseph's Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 13th August

Yr 7 Maths 'AMSI' Workshop P1-4

Yr 10 St Thomas Caribbean Rollerama P1-2

Yr 12 VCE PE to Scoop Fitness P3-4

Wednesday 14th August

Yr 12 PD Day - Incursion

Thursday 15th August

Yr 9 Shrine of Remembrance Excursion - All Day

Yr 10 Road Safety Incursion P3-4 (refer link below for further

SESG Junior Sport 3.30pm-4.15pm

From the Finance Office

Parents of Year 12 Students

As your daughters finish much earlier than the other students, please be aware that unless you have an approved instalment plan (that will finish in November) all fees are to be paid by the end of October.  If there is any difficulty in making payment, we are always here to help. Please contact the College without delay to arrange a meeting with the Business Manager to discuss payment options.


We still have some outstanding VET fees and Term 3 Bus fees. Please forward payment now. A reminder for those that have automatic fee instalment arrangements. If your bank details or Credit Card expiry date changes, please let us know immediately.

Out and About.....

Subject Selections

The selection of subjects for 2020 has now closed. It has been a very smooth process this year. Now begins the discussions regarding 2020 and beyond.


Multicultural Dinner Saturday 14th September

This promises to be a wonderful night. Log into for your free tickets.  BYO drinks and glasses please. Free entertainment and smorgasbord of food from around the world - in Kennedy Hall from 7.00pm.


Next week is a busy one for excursions, with Year 10s visiting various places of worship on Wednesday and the Year 12 Personal Development day on the same day. On Thursday the Year 9s will visit the Shrine of Remembrance. It will also be Science Week, with wonderful activities and guest speakers planned for throughout the week. The inter-school sports competitions will also continue for junior and intermediates. We wish them well.


Class of 1989 Reunion



The Class of 1989 held their 30 Year Reunion at Killester College over the weekend. The ladies had a lovely time catching up and telling stories about their time at Killester and were excited that Sister Helen their Principal came along as well. All were in awe of how much the school had changed and what wonderful facilities our students have today. 


Year 10 PD Day



On Wednesday August 7th, the Year 10s had their PD (Personal Development) Day. The theme was Risk Taking and Decision Making, and we did many activities involving just that. We began the day with a small introduction, where Mrs Luecke explained how the day would run and we also got the chance to sing a beautiful, melodic welcoming song that Mrs Luecke introduced to us from her days back in her Youth group. It was a wonderful experience, not only because the song was deep and meaningful but because it brought us together as a year level to be able to sing as one.


The morning was one filled with learning all about how our brain develops and why teenagers are more likely to make risky decisions and act more on emotion than logic. We worked in homerooms to brainstorm, debate and educate one another. It was interesting to see things from new perspectives and hear differing opinions. We then had a guest speaker, named Xaviar Diaz from Warner education. He educated us about the dangers of teen alcohol consumption and regrets that it could bring. He was a fun addition to the day, making us laugh with his engaging comedy skits while also communicating an important message.


Our next activity took place in the hall and involved a lot of equipment. We separated into small groups of seven and had to work in our groups to complete a variety of sporting activities, which required us to work and communicate as a team in order to obtain as many points as possible. The activity was called the “Mini Olympics” and fittingly ended in three groups coming in first, second and third place. This showed us that healthy decisions with exercise can be fun as well.


Finally we ended the day with a liturgy involving many girls from different religions coming up to light a candle or incense, and saying prayers in their languages. It was a spiritual experience to be able to hear these, not because we could understand what they were saying, but because we could appreciate the sacredness and intimacy in sharing our prayers.


A big thank you to all of our homeroom teachers and our Year Level Coordinator Mrs Luecke for their time, effort and wisdom not only throughout the day but the year as well.


Alicia Hereford and Anna Shyju

Upcoming Events


HEPE and Sport

Year 9 Karate Kick Start


The Year 9s have had a karate kick start into Term 3. In PE this term we have had the wonderful Joe come in to teach us a few moves of self defense. Before jumping and punching into the moves we were first taught about awareness, as awareness is the key to being safe. If you are aware of your surroundings you will be able to escape a situation where you could be in danger. As well as awareness, we were able to learn many self defense moves. This included how to physically remove ourselves from being held and able to fight back, allowing you more time to get away from danger. During this time we were able to embrace our inner ‘karate kid’ and give it a go, which was really fun. Learning the proper techniques and practicing these moves with other girls in our class was an experience we won’t forget. We learnt that if we want to succeed when being attacked you have to work hard! The Year 9s would like to thank Joe for preparing us for unsafe situations which we will hopefully never be in.


Erica Dixon-Mason, Year 9 St Emilie

Maths, Science and STEM

2019 Science Week

Killester will be celebrating National Science Week next week with the following events: 

1. Daily Science Quiz (Open to all students) - Two prizes will be given out each day.      Check your email first thing every morning next week and ENTER!

 2. SCINEMA - International Science Film Festival 

DateMonday to Friday (12th - 16th August)

TimeAll Lunchtime with free lollies!!!

Venue: Reading Room in the Library

You can vote your favourite film for the 2019 SCINEMA People’s Choice prize.  Just go online      ( to cast your vote and go in the draw to win a Drone !! 

So, bring your lunch, sit back, relax and enjoy the movies at lunchtime!

3. 500-piece jigsaw puzzles of the Periodic Table, Body systems and other science theme

DateMonday to Friday (12th - 16th August)

TimeAll Lunchtime

Venue: Library

4. Talks by two female scientists from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health on stroke and stroke rehabilitation and human sleep and circadian dysfunction in both stroke and healthy populations 

Date: Thursday, 15th August   

TimePeriod 1 

 Venue: Science Discovery Centre

5. Profession Bunsen Science Show: 'Chemistry Secrets Revealed'

Date: Friday, 16th August

TimePeriod 1 - Year 7, Period 4 - Year 8, Period 6 - Year 9

Venue: Kennedy Hall


Performing Arts

Monash Youth Music Festival

The Swing Sisters/ Year 7 Choir are competing at the Monash Youth Music Festival - middle choir section on Monday 19th August. The girls took home first place in this competition last year and are preparing keenly to perform as well as they can in 2019. The performance is scheduled after 4.00pm at Huntingtower School, 77 Waimarie Drive, Mt Waverley. Parents are most welcome to join us. There is an entrance fee to see the competition. The girls will travel by school bus to and from Killester. If anyone has not replied via Edsmart can they do so quickly please.

Essentially Ellington Music Festival

The Killester Stage Band is once again performing at the Essentially Ellington Festival on Sunday 18th August. The girls are scheduled to play at 4.00pm at Xavier College, 135 Barkers Road, Kew. This non-competitive festival was set up by Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra over 30 years ago in New York. It has now expanded to all parts of the globe and the girls will be lucky enough to have a half hour tutorial with Vincent Gardner - lead trombone player with the LCJO and/or Jerome Jennings - drummer for Bassist Christian Macbride. The girls have to perform at least one original Duke Ellington piece in their performance. This is challenging for the girls as this music comes from almost one century before them so they really have to change the way they listen and play as an ensemble to try and capture the style. They are quickly finding that it is great fun to play!

AMEB Piano

Congratulations to Lyn Thao Nguyen who recently completed her Grade 6 piano exam at the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board). Lyn received an 'A', which is an excellent result. Lyn is taught by Anita Marcou here at Killester. Students are very welcome to attempt exams at the AMEB or we also have an internal exam that they can complete here at Killester. Any girl can ask their instrumental teacher about doing one. The level of playing is steadily improving across the whole music department and exams can be a great way to focus on practice routines and developing great technique. See Mr Hickey if you have any further queries.


Year 10 Italian Day Out Excursion


On Friday 19th of  July 2019, the Year 10 Italian students went on an excursion, organised by the Victorian Association Teachers of Italian, to the Catholic Leadership Centre, to learn more about why they should continue studying Italian during VCE. The students had to partake in a variety of rotating workshops such as a Kahoot of the Italian language and culture,  as well as music, film and drama activities. We worked in groups with many other schools and listened to many guest speakers talk to us about their experiences of learning Italian at high school and in university. We learnt that Italian took students and the teachers to many places and opened up many new opportunities for them. A highlight of the day was the drama performance in which everyone participated. We learned a new Italian game that enhanced our drama skills as well as enhanced our pronunciation in the Italian language. Going to this “Italian Day Out” was a real eye-opener for why we should continue to learn Italian and all the benefits it has and gave us an opportunity to meet other Year 10 students that were in the same position as us. We would like to thank our Italian teachers for allowing us to participate in this Italian excursion.


Natalie Abeyratne, Ebony Angelopoulos, Ashley Bassy, Parneet Grewal

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