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27 August 2019
Issue Eight
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Key Dates


Thursday 29th August

Radio Club 7am – 10:45am


Music Gala Concert 6:30pm


Friday 30th August

Year 10 Road Smart in Classroom Session Periods 1 & 2


Monday 2nd September

Melbourne Writers Festival Excursion


Tuesday 3rd September

Melbourne Writers Festival Excursion


Wednesday 4th September

Year 7 2020 Welcome Afternoon 4:30pm


Thursday 5th September

Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y. Program Excursion


Tuesday 10th September – Friday 13th September

Year 11 Ski Camp


Thursday 12th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular Mass Choir Rehearsal


Year 10 Philosophy Rain Room Art Installation Excursion


Friday 13th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular Mass Choir Rehearsal


Year 7B Parliament Role Play Excursion


Saturday 14th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular 1pm & 6:30pm


Monday 16th September

Beachside Track & Field


Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th September

Year 10 Camp


7A, 7B, 7C & 7F Camp


Monday 16th – Friday 20th September

Year 10 Work Experience


Wednesday 18th September

Year 11 Geography Fieldwork Excursion


Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th September

7D, 7E & 7G Camp


Thursday 19th September

Parent Teacher Interviews Years 8 – 10 2:30pm – 7:15pm

All students dismissed at 2pm

2nd Hand Uniform Sale


Friday 20th September

Last Day Term 3

All students dismissed at 2:30pm


Saturday 21st – Saturday 28th September

New Caledonia Trip


Monday 23rd – Friday 27th August

Year 12 Practice Exams

From the Principal

Label FrancEducation Accrediation

We are delighted to have received a further period of accreditation from the French Government for our outstanding French Immersion Program through the Label FrancEducation SEAL.  This network is now composed of 395 schools in 59 countries and provides a bilingual education to 142,000 students.

Growing Up Online - Susan McLean Presentation To Parents & Carers - Not To Be Missed

Tuesday 8th October 6:30pm in our PAC 

Book tickets:


Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of Cybersafety and young people. She is a mother of three and was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety and young people. She took her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 and since then she has conducted extensive research and has completed advanced training in this area in both the USA and UK and is a sought after presenter and advisor to schools, elite sporting bodies such as the AFL, GP’s, and both State and Federal Governments. She is a member of the National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB)Cybersafety Committee and is afforded ‘expert’ status on the Safer Internet Programme Data Base. She is also a member of the Australian Government's Cybersafety working group and a published author. Her book 'Sext's Texts & Selfies', is the definitive parents' guide to helping their children stay safe online.


Growing up Online: An informative and entertaining session for parents and carers is delivered with Susan's famous 'no nonsense' approach & will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of:-

  • What are kids doing online – the popular social networking sites and apps. What they are, what are the legal ages to use them & why these rules should be obeyed. The difference between an 'online friend' and a 'stranger'.
  • Online Grooming – what is it and when/how does it occur? What are the warning signs & what to do if you suspect this is happening to your child.
  • Cyberbullying - what it is, where it happens, what it looks like, how to prevent and what to do if it occurs. Also the legal consequences and the possible criminal charges.
  • ‘Sexting’ – the taking and sending of explicit images...what are the REAL consequences. (Primary school kids too).
  • Potential dangers and safety tips – how to assist the children in your care to stay safe online via parental controls and restriction passcodes.
  • Learn the lingo…….be able to converse with your children in the language of cyberspace.
  • Be confident in setting rules and boundaries around internet use in the home. It's OK to say NO!
  • The session will conclude with time for Q's. Susan also provides a range of useful handouts and information about where to go to access further up to date information.

The Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2019 – Made Of Stars

Saturday 14th September 1pm & 6.30pm at Hisense Arena

We are really excited that our school has again been accepted to participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular.  This program, managed by the Department of Education and Training, helps to develop each student’s performance skills, discipline, perseverance, cooperation and confidence under the training of industry professionals.


I am very grateful to Laura Baker-Goldsmith and Zamarah Morley for the all the work and extra hours, including their weekend, to ensure students have access to these wonderful extra-curricular activities.


Congratulations to the fourteen students have been selected to sing in the 1200 voice Mass Choir.


Year 7: Odelia Ashkar, Nina Gibbs, Alma-Mia Marret, Ananya Sreejith Chandroth, Ola Aftanas and Patrick Cruden

Year 8: Lihee Ashkar, Orleanna Murray de Brossard, Harriet Rowsell, Rudi Hudson, Diksha Padmakumar

Year 10: Alannah De Jesus, Gauri Gupta, Lottie Hudson


Congratulations to Ben Matthews and Yvette Lipovetsky who successfully auditioned for the Spectacular Performing Arts Special Choir.


I am very proud of all students involved and appreciative of the work of our performing arts and instrumental music teachers.  I am looking forward to the production. 


To purchase tickets, visit or phone Ticketek on 132 849

Oval Redevelopment

We are currently in the process of developing plans to redevelop our oval, which is very exciting.  We have employed an experienced project manager who has met with Nick, myself and all of the PE staff regarding the redevelopment.   


The scope of works would include the oval and surrounding green area adjacent to Neerim and Booran Roads which requires landscaping.  In broad terms we are considering:

  • a synthetic turf to the main playing area including drainage, line marking for sports, goals, goal nets and possible running track.  The size could be enlarged, reshaping the embankment on the south side
  • construction of an amphitheatre type facility on the embankment
  • landscaping the area to the south of the playing field including resurfacing, soft landscaping and improving the current structures in the area


The first step will be for a land surveyor to do a full survey of the area.  This allows plenty of time for consultation with staff and students.  The PE staff will be able to explain the project to their students and gather feedback directly.  If you would like to provide any feedback or suggest places that may be useful for us to visit please let me know by contacting the general office by telephone or email.

Mobile Phone Policy

Below is an extract from our Mobile Phone Policy – the full policy is on the school website.  Parents and carers are asked to support the college in the implementation of the policy.


Glen Eira College understands that students may bring a mobile phone to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school or to extra-curricular activities.


While at school, in the buildings or outside on the grounds, at anytime prior to the end of the school day phones must be:

  • switched off and locked securely in the student’s locker.

After the end of the school day (after 3.07pm) students may access their phones as long as they are not in the school building.


Mobile phones must not be used:

  • while at school, in the buildings or outside on the grounds, at anytime prior to the end of the school day
  • to send inappropriate, harassing or threatening messages or phone calls
  • to engage in inappropriate social media use including cyber bullying
  • to capture video or images of people, including students, teachers and members of the school community without their permission
  • to capture video or images in the school toilets, changing rooms and gym

Students who use their mobile phone in breach of this policy will have their phone confiscated and stored securely at the General Office.

Parents and students needing to communicate with each other during the day can do so through the General Office.


Sheereen Kindler


From the Assistant Principals

School Photos

An additional round of school photos has been arranged for Friday 30th August.  This will mean any new students (or students who were absent earlier in the year) can have their photo taken.


Siblings who were unable to have their group photo captured at the start of the year will also be able to sit for their portrait.


Order forms have been sent home with students.  If you have not received one, please contact the front office.  Online orders must be made by 8am on photography day.  To order online enter your personal Order and ID Numbers found on your order form and go to  You do not need to return the order form if you order online.  To complete a manual order, please collect a Sibling Order Form from the office or download it from the SchoolPix website. Complete your order form and return it with payment to school on photography day.


Students who have previously had their photo taken do not need to re-sit. 

Mobile Phones

Glen Eira College understands that students may bring a mobile phone to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school or to extra-curricular activities.


While at school, in the buildings or outside on the grounds, at any time prior to the end of the school day phones must be switched off and locked securely in the student’s locker. After the end of the school day (after 3.07pm) students may access their phones as long as they are not in the school building.


Students who use their mobile phone in breach of this policy will have their phone confiscated and stored securely at the General Office. Parents and students needing to communicate with each other during the day can do so through the General Office.

Interschool Sport

Term 3 sport started WITH A BANG on Monday 5th August when the Intermediate Basketball, Table tennis, Hockey and Futsal teams competed. All students in Years 9 and 10 were invited to participate in these sports and I am delighted with reports of exceptional behaviour from all students who were involved.  This has become a hallmark of how GEC students compete and something that is noticed by other players, coaches and umpires. Congratulations to our Girls Futsal team who won the Beachside Division Championship. 


Congratulations to Ms Naomi Zander and the following players:

  • Gabi Voges
  • Steffi Delimitrou
  • Ysabelle Panaligan
  • Cherry Teddu
  • Mekkhala Kongsawang
  • Amy-Lee Sobotka
  • Tess Keogh


Beachside Division Athletics will be held at Duncan MacKinnon on Monday 16th September. Please ensure that if your child is participating in sport that they arrive to school on time, in correct uniform and have food and water supply for the day.

Winter Uniform

Our uniform seeks to contribute to enhance the profile and identity of the school and its students within the wider community.  Our students continue to represent the college with pride and distinction whenever they are wearing our uniform. 


The official school uniform is to be worn in its entirety as described in the college’s uniform policy, which is available on our website.  Not only must the uniform be worn each school day, but students must also wear it from the time they leave home until he/she returns home.  Additional jumpers, beanies or jackets are not part of the school uniform and must not be worn whilst students are travelling to or from school. 


I ask for your assistance in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform at all times. A uniform dress code reinforces a pride in your own appearance and in your school.

In order that our school continues to be held in high esteem, we ask that you support the College by ensuring that all students have the correct college uniform and that it is maintained in good condition and worn each day of the school week. Please contact the wellbeing team if you are finding it difficult to afford uniform items.  They are only too happy to be of assistance.


Aaron Petersen

Assistant Principal

Junior School Highlights

Year 7 Highlights

The last few weeks have been very busy for Year 7 with incursions. Last week The Glen Eira City Council was promoting inclusivity for students and people in the community with a disability. This was addressed by having people from the community with disabilities talk to students about how they are treated. This was a great opportunity for them to see how others’ lives are different from their own, how we should treat people with disabilities and how our words and actions affect them.


Last week was Science Week in which our Year 7s took advantage of all the exciting experiments that were planned. Lynn Cheong, Ruby Bryant, Poppy Dry and Alyana Burns from 7E had a hair raising experience while doing so.



Thursday was their Launch to the Future incursion, an act filled theatrical presentation using sketches, comedy and high energy to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This is a great way for students to broaden their future aspirations.


There are so many opportunities that students can take advantage of. Khai Tschuemperlin and Nina Gibbs from 7B attended a Model United Nations Conference around space in Bacchus Marsh on Friday.


Last Semester Year 7 had Health classes and this Semester they have Food Technology; these are elective subjects from Year 10. This week in Food Technology students were taught how to use an oven safely, making scones. Here are some pictures of their efforts.



Sue Rio and Daniel Lake

Year 7 Coordinators

Year 9 Highlights

As always, the Year 9s have been busy with subject selections and investigating their future pathways. In addition to this this, there have been quite a few individual successes from the Year 9 cohort:


An outstanding achievement by the Year 9 students in the 2019 Australian Geography Competition with both Troy Gogle and Nat Cosgrave finishing in the top 1%. Also, well done to all Year 9 students who received a high distinction, distinction or credit.


Congratulations to Jett Wheildon who recently finished 3rd in the under 17s Australian and Oceania Biathlon Championship. 


Well done to Koosha Kayani and George Sempelidis for placing 2nd out of 33 teams at the Melbourne Regional RoboCop Rescue competition.


A special mention to Jasmine Korkou whose acting skills and final auditions have landed her a place in a renowned acting school.


Congratulations to Haddi El Shorbagy who will be competing in the junior National Athletics Competition for javelin, discus and shot-put.


And good luck to Tess Keogh, who will are representing Victoria in Brisbane for the National Womens Indoor Cricket Competition. 


And finally a few words from the Year 9 students who are currently attending Alpine School:


'It has been an awesome journey so far up here, I feel like a person here, there is no social media which makes everyone be themselves. The teachers up here are great!'

Jett Wheildon


'Everything up here at Alpine is going great. We’ve all settled in nicely and we’re enjoying the fresh snow (especially skiing in it during free time!).'

Kate Stamp and Jasmyn Roberts


Brenton Hale

Year 9 Coordinator

From the Junior School Captains

It’s amazing how eventful the start of Semester 2 at GEC has been; it’s as if we never even had a break! A quick thank-you to all the school clubs, helping break the monotony that schoolwork can become sometimes.


One of the most exciting annual whole school activities for the year literally ‘kick’ started with the Futsal competition beginning. The competition, held in the gym, not only brings warmth to cold winter lunches but also excitement as you are playing with, or cheering on, your fellow peers. It is currently neck and neck, and we are all waiting with anticipation to see who will win the tournament. 


On 12th August 2019 GEC’s brand new sensory garden opened. We had the Oakleigh MP Steve Dimopoulos join us in the opening ceremony to cut the ribbon. The garden will be used by the wellbeing team for the rest of the year, before eventually being open to the rest of the school at a later date. The brand new garden even has barbecues! 


Our Year 8 and 9 students have also just finished interschool sport, which is a fun way to get out of school grounds and get active with your friends. We’ve had success with many teams all year round as our school continues to get more competitive in sporting events each year. In a few weeks’ time, we will participate in the division athletics carnival. Hopefully, many students will come back wearing ribbons and progress through to the regional competition next term. Year 7 students will be going off to Interschool Sport next week, and we wish all the teams good luck for the competition.


At the start of a new semester, students may be overwhelmed with school work. For all students reading this, here’s some tips: You should study in short bursts of 30 minutes, with breaks in between. This will keep your mind active and ready to learn. When trying to remember something, put a little creative spin on it. Flashcards are a great resource; don’t underestimate their power! If your locker or desk at home are getting a bit messy, it’s advised to tidy them up; though you likely won’t consciously acknowledge a stack of scrap paper or an empty cup on your desk, your mind does so subconsciously. A tidy workspace makes a tidy mind.


On 1st August, all junior school students competed in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Congratulations to all students for their participation and effort. 


Last week was Science Week at GEC, a week celebrating science with fun experiments during lunchtimes. This year, Science Week’s theme was “Destination: Moon,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon on July the 20th, 1969. There were a lot of physics and astronomy-based experiments, such as the origami rockets and a paper aeroplane competition. 



Thanks to the organisers of the Year 9 Program, students will be learning about business and setting up market stalls in a few weeks, with all profits going towards St Vincent de Paul, to help feed and comfort people without a home. We would like to congratulate all students on their effort throughout the semester so far, and wish them good luck for any endeavour they may wish to make.


Haddi El Shorbagy and Sebastian Buley-Delanty

Junior School Captains

Senior School News

Year 12

Term 3 is when much of the Senior School focus is on next year. Many of the senior students have been visiting various University and TAFE campuses on weekends for open days. It is an exciting time for Year 12 students with starting the process for tertiary applications for next year. The Year 12 students have now begun the process of registering and entering their 2020 course preferences through VTAC. Each student should book a meeting with Heather Palm to ensure this is done correctly and is fully completed before the closing dates.


Along with planning for next year the students need to maintain a balance with the SAC and coursework required for their Unit 4 classes. All teachers are expecting to complete content for their classes before the end of term. The rest of this term will be extremely busy completing the remaining SACs and also beginning the exam revision process.


All Year 12 students will be required to sit practice exams during the first week of the upcoming school holidays. These exams are a vital part of the students’ preparation. The first set of practice exams that cover content encompassing an entire year's learning can give the students a real insight into their level of readiness.

Year 11

Many of our Year 11 students have also been attending open days at a variety of tertiary institutions during the first few weeks of this term. We have almost completed the first part of the course counselling process. We are in the process now of interviewing the students who requested a course counselling interview. While our focus has been on next year, students have been getting stuck into Unit 2. Most subjects have had their first SAC by now and students need to continue to ensure they are prepared well for all of their classes. Students who do not satisfactorily complete a SAC are required to sit a SAC redemption after school on a Tuesday. Once students start requiring SAC redemptions it is hard to get out of that cycle as it takes away from the preparation required for other SACs.


Year 11 students are also looking forward to the ski camp coming up on the 10th September. Hopefully there will be plenty of snow around when we get there; the recent weather seems to be helping out with that. A reminder to parents of students attending to continue to complete payments for the camp.

Year 10

Year 10 students should have all completed their course counselling interviews by now. Students who have not done this should see Heather Palm in the Senior School office as soon as possible to book an interview. Any student that has not put in their subject selection form for 2020 should do so ASAP.  We will be using the information on these forms to advise us on which subjects should run next year.


We would also like to remind Year 10 families of the arrangements for the final week of term. During the final week some students will be at the Surf camp in Anglesea. All students that do not attend camp are required to organise work experience for the week. The work experience program is designed to provide a glimpse into working life and possible career paths. Any students that have not yet found a work placement need to do this quickly. Please get paperwork in to Heather Palm for processing ASAP.


It is the expectation of the school that all students will participate in one of the 2 activities. Any students wishing to attend camp that are not currently on the list need to see me in the Senior School office and discuss this. We do have limited vacancies but this needs to be confirmed soon. Any students having trouble finding work experience placements should come and see me for ideas.

Course Counselling

Subject forms for Years 10-12 in 2020 should all be in by now (please hurry up with any that are not). The next part of the process requires us looking at numbers and working out how many classes of each subject are required. We will be speaking with students who have chosen classes that will not run and confirming their alternate subjects, as well as confirming enhancement subjects for those entering Year 10. Once this process is complete we will block the subjects and follow up with students with class clashes. We hope to have subjects confirmed later in the term.

Key Dates

Monday 23rd September - Friday 27th September: Practice Exams

Monday 30th September: VTAC course application closes at 5.00pm (but late applications will be processed at a higher cost)

Friday 11th October: VTAC SEAS and Scholarship applications close at 5.00pm

Monday 21st October: Last day of classes for Year 12 students (students in class until the end of day)

Tuesday 22nd October: Year 12 Celebration Day

Monday 7th October - Tuesday 29th October: VCAA Oral Examinations

Wednesday 30th October - Wednesday 20th November: VCAA Written Examinations

Wednesday 20th November: Year 12 Valedictory


Jeff Micallef

Senior School Leader

Science News

Year 11 Psychology

Year 11 psychology students performed an eye dissection to examine the anatomy of a cow’s eye. This engaging practical provided a hands-on learning experience allowing students to use their prior knowledge to identify and label the structures of the eye. This was a valuable lesson full of excitement and enthusiasm.


Delanka Peiris

Year 11 Psychology Teacher



Engineering Workshop

During the holidays, we attended a Monash Engineering workshop over the course of 3 days run by experts across a range of engineering disciplines. 


In the “Civil Engineering” workshop, we designed, built and tested small scale bridges made from spaghetti and glue. Once completed the bridges were load tested to failure. The bridge with the highest strength-to-weight ratio won.


In the “Materials Science and Engineering” workshop, we learnt how new materials are being developed and how they will change our world.


In the “Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering” workshop we learnt what resources we will consume in our lifetime and how renewable energy can make an impact on our future. We created a wind turbine which generated wind energy.


In the “Chemical Engineering” workshop we explored the physical and chemical wonders which power the chemical industries that make everything from hair gel to shoe polish and a whole lot in between.


In the “Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering” workshop we observed motorsports, unmanned aerial systems and bipedal robot demonstrations. We learnt how engineers harness the power of fire! We made a glider, drove a Formula-SAE race simulator, commanded a walking robot and took part in a pit stop challenge.


In the “Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering” workshop we constructed our very own electrical gadgets to take home. 


Overall, we learnt about the different types and fields of engineering and we hope to pursue engineering as a profession as the program offered many varied possibilities. We encourage all students to bring up the courage and take a step towards learning more about science engineering so that they may consider another career option.


Ines Gotmaker and Jay Trickey

Year 8C

Science Week

National Science Week, 2019, has blasted off into the stratosphere! The theme this year was ‘Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science’, as 2019 also marks fifty years since Neil Armstrong’s famous first step. We celebrated Science Week hugely at Glen Eira College, to encourage students to think creatively, innovatively, and continue to extend their interest in STEM. 


“This theme,” National Science Week says, “is a way for teachers and their students to discover past missions to the Moon and space programs that have solved some of the seemingly unsolvable problems—and current and future space programs, operations and missions.”


Glen Eira College ran a series of lunchtime events spanning the whole week. The program began on Monday with two exciting activities - science-themed anime (run by the Anime Club) and an Oreo moon phases challenge in room 108. Students were able to watch an anime series based around science, while others were hard at work creating sugary masterpieces. For the challenge, students were handed a sheet of paper depicting the phases of the moon and four Oreo biscuits. To successfully finish the task, the Oreos had to be scraped and sculpted, then placed on their corresponding picture and photographed. The artworks were quickly eaten once the challenge was complete!


The next activity, run on Tuesday, was a movie viewing in room 6, which highlighted some famous conspiracy theories and the people behind them. Students explored different aspects of the moon landing and which ones may have been faked. They delved deeper about the USA vs Soviet Union space race.


On Wednesday, a paper plane competition saw students’ creations take to the air as aerodynamics lessons combined with paper folding skill and competitive spirit.



Thursday lunchtime saw an origami workshop unfold in room 107, with students making colourful models of origami rockets and space shuttles. Students could choose to keep the models or donate them to be made into an origami mobile.



Year 7 also attended an incursion called “Launch to the Future! - A STEM Story”, described by National Science Week as “an exciting, fact filled, science sketch comedy presentation that focuses on how space programs and lunar science propel us into the future using STEM!”. The show focused around four main themes - ‘space science helps solve the unsolvable’, ‘innovation drives technology’, ‘space engineering helps design new solutions’, and ‘maths helps to drive the future’. The Year 7 students enjoyed the presentation, which was hands-on and engaging, as the presenters involved everyone in a fun, fact-filled experience.


We couldn’t let science week pass without potentially blowing something up, so on Friday we watched Metho Rockets and how they demonstrate Newton’s Laws. The Robotics Club also showcased how students have built and programmed a robot to autonomously navigate a course, including avoiding obstacles, going over rough surfaces, climbing up ramps. We could relate this to robots sent to outer space.



Wow! National Science Week 2019 was filled with awesome, engaging activities for all. The students learned about science as a human endeavour, and how to think outside of the box utilising their STEM skills. National Science Week has opened up our students to a whole new range of scientific possibilities.


Nina Gibbs and Harshitha Meenakshisundaram

Year 7B


Languages Corner

Crepes for Change Visit

On Wednesday 14th August, Crepes for Change, a non-profit organisation came to our school. The crepe truck had lovely treats for everyone. Soon enough, everyone was lining up for a taste of French crepe.  And it was all for a good cause: ending youth homelessness.


Cedric Chamontin

Head of Languages



French Revolution – Year 12 History students and Year 8 French 1st language students team up together!

On the last day of term 2, Year 8 French 1st language students had a combined lesson with the Year 12 History class. Both classes have been studying the French Revolution during the term. The Year 8s have been studying the French Revolution in History (following the French curriculum) and shared some of their content knowledge with the Year 12s. The Year 8s made posters with information on important people of the Revolution and the Year 12s had to guess their identity by answering some questions and they also had a vocabulary quiz. The Year 12s thought it was very “cute” to have the Year 8s in their class. The lesson ended with the Year 8s guiding the Year 12s to sing “La Marseillaise”!


Loveena Narayanen 

Learning Specialist Staff Development & French Teacher



Library Corner

We have reached the halfway point in term 3 and GEC students have been tackling their revision and studies in earnest. This is a good time to remind students of the importance of correct referencing and attribution of information sources. There is an online tool available via the Library’s catalogue ( which makes this task much easier. The SLASA ORG (School Library Association of SA Online Referencing Generator) contains many templates for a variety of information sources, from database journals to YouTube clips to personal interviews, and also features examples of in-text citations.


On a lighter note, we welcomed Science Week followed by Book Week. Once again Ms Megan Gatt curated a splendid display - on this occasion focusing on all things pertaining to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings. Three authors were invited to share their stories with students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Scot Gardner launched celebrations on Monday morning, engaging the Year 8 cohort with “A Day at the Office” for a writer. News of our other guests will follow in the next College Newsletter. Library Monitors organised and ran Book Week lunchtime activities such as puzzles and quizzes with prizes and treats on offer and are to be commended for their hard work.



Seventeen students have completed The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge - ten students in 7B, three students in 7C and one student each representing 8D, 8E, 8G and 9B. It’s not too late to log in and start the Challenge - follow the links on the Library’s Web OPAC page: Please see Library staff should you need your log in details.


More students are signing up as members of Book Club and our fortnightly meetings attract between 24 to 30 regulars. One recent student recommendation was Robert Muchamore’s The Recruit - the first in the action-packed  Cherub series. Check out this and other great reads in your College Library - and don’t forget the great range of eBooks and audiobooks available through the College’s ePlatform.



Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

The library is open at Recess to Year 12 students and Library Monitors only

Lunchtime opening from 1:00pm onwards (Closed to general access during the fortnightly Book Club meetings)


Homework Help:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school, 3:15pm to 4:30pm


Sherri Michael

College Librarian

Around the College

Year 7 Fractions – Fun Project

At the end of term 2, all Year 7s completed a Fractions Project which involved them baking different desserts that required fractions of one or more ingredients in the recipe.  They also had to convert the recipe for 20 people in class.  Students worked on this project with great enthusiasm.  They all brought their baked food to share with the class.  Some groups also presented a creative video of them baking their dessert while some created posters with the photos of them baking their dessert with the recipe.


Arivu Kumaran

Year 7 Maths Teacher



Making Reading Fun for All

During week 3 of term 3, 8A and 8E were fortunate to experience ‘Starbooks’ in our English class. ‘Starbooks’ was incorporated in our English lessons as a way of launching the Wide Reading Program for semester two.  Ms Maniatis our English teacher, had employed the services of the library staff to hand pick a selection of novels from a variety of genres.  The aim of the program was to have the opportunity to read books that we normally may not have selected for ourselves.

It was evident that Ms Maniatis had been planning this for some time because the effort that went into it clearly showed this.  We were given an invitation to attend first, days prior and on the day, we were greeted by a waitress, (Ms Maniatis) who escorted us to our tables.  On each table was a selection of books representing a particular genre. We were required to select a novel, read the blurb, view the front cover and then read some pages of the novel and decide whether it was a book we wanted to read in full.  We rotated to different tables to experience other genres too.


Not only did we enjoy the reading aspect of Starbooks but the atmosphere Ms Maniatis created was pure genius and undeniably, the best experience of Year 8 to date. She had recreated the room to look like a Starbucks cafe.  Each student was given starbooks currency which they could use at the cafe to purchase a hot drink and sweet treats. Our classmates enjoyed it and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a fun activity.


Maxime Eysseric & Raphael Lazarus

Year 8A

Australian Geography Competition

Our Year 9 Geography students tested their geographical skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia in the 2019 Australian Geography Competition.


Over 73,500 students from 792 schools across Australia entered the Australian Geography Competition.


We have a number of student geographers at our school who performed to a very high level in the Competition this year.

Congratulations to the following students:


Top 1%

Nathaniel Cosgrave 9E

Troy Gogle 9E


High Distinction

Dashiel Bricknall 9A

Alexine Dubois 9B

Emily McLenaghan 9A

William Wang 9F



Caitlin Blair 9B

Kian Kelly 9B

Tess Keogh 9B

Darcy Messenger 9D

Alvin Phan 9E

Pahuldeep Singh 9E

Luis Tanag 9B



Sebastian Buley-Delanty 9F

William Fasham 9A

Jasmyn Roberts 9B

Alicia Scott 9C

Corey Tusak 9D

Esperanza Wilson 9C


Melanie Mattsson

Head of Humanities

Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion

On 29th July, Year 11 Legal Studies students attended the Moorabbin Justice Centre, where the Magistrates Court operates, to further our understandings of the judicial processes that are undertaken in the state of Victoria. The cohort got to experience many different cases from across the legal spectrum such as criminal cases involving driving offences and assault, family violence intervention orders and matters in the Children’s Court division.


We were also fortunate enough to be briefed by legal personnel including a Magistrate, Police Officer and Public Prosecutor. Hearing these cases gave us invaluable knowledge that we can now apply to support the content that we are being taught.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the excursion to the Magistrates Court as it furthered my passion for law and gave me the opportunity to witness live cases which was a great, exciting and an informative experience.


Noah Loven

Year 11

Intermediate Girls Futsal

The intermediate girls Futsal team blitzed their pool at interschool sport on Monday 5th August.  The team, consisting of Gabi Voges, Steffi Delimitrou, Ysabelle Panaligan, Cherry Teddu, Mekkhala Kongsawang, Tess Keogh and Amy-Lee Sobotka in goals, beat Elwood, Albert Park and Yavneh B in their pool to progress to the finals against Yavneh A side.  A gruelling first half saw the girls equalise with a goal to see scores tied at 1-1, but a second goal late in the second half saw them win the day 2-1. 


Naomi Zander

English Teacher

Robotics Club

Congratulations to Koosha (9F) and George (9E)

Disaster has struck! The city is in ruins! Time is running out to rescue the survivors!  A rescue capsule has been dropped for one survivor to clamber into, but the whole area is surrounded by a toxic spill that the first responders cannot get through. Their only chance to rescue the victim is to send in an autonomous robot to move the capsule outside the toxic spill. Fortunately, they have Koosha, George and their robot, Pashmam, on their side.


On Saturday, August 3rd, Koosha and George entered the RoboCup Junior Rescue Melbourne Regional robotics competition and finished 2nd out of 33 secondary teams. To carry out the mission Pashmam had to be prepared to navigate a course that included obstacles, uneven surfaces, narrow gates, inclines and intersections. It then had to enter the toxic spill, find and control the rescue capsule in order to remove it from the toxic spill. All of this needed to be done without human interference.


At the end of this month they will be entering Pashmam in the Victorian State RoboCup Junior competition where there will be joined by over 60 secondary teams and more than 650 students from around Victoria competing in not only Rescue, but also robot Soccer and an On-Stage robot dance competition.


Pashmam rescuing the victim


Koosha getting ready to send Pashmam on its rescue mission


David Ebert

Head of Digital Technology

International Student Highlights

International Student Public Speaking Competition

On 15th August in the evening Queenie Phan of Year 10 and Mingye Guo of Year 11 represented Glen Eira College at the International Student Public Speaking Competition at Northcote High School. Both of them did a very good job and gave a very remarkable speech.  They were very confident and inspired. Well done! Mingye and Queenie.



Pizza Lunch

All ISP students had a pizza lunch on 16th August 2019. They all enjoyed it very much. After lunch Nhat Nguyen, Khai Tran and Ian Lim of Year 12 gave very good speeches.



Nhat said Year 11 and Year 12 are very different from the previous years and suggested they take all SACs seriously and make good use of the private study time in the library.


 Khai advised to plan the study efficiently and keep yourselves healthy to cope the challenges of VCE.


Ian mentioned he speaks many kinds of languages, which helps him to make more friends with different backgrounds and suggested  the schoolmates stepping out of their comfort zone and making more friends and try new things to be engaged in a new country.


Tara Fang

International Student Coordinator

Performing Arts News

Instrumental Music Gala Concert

The GEC Instrumental Music Department is having our 2019 Annual Gala Concert to showcase the work of all our Instrumental Music students. The evening will be a showcase of large ensembles, small groups and solos from across our Woodwind, Brass, Strings, Guitar, Percussion, Vocal and Piano programs. This is a celebration of a big year of music at the College, with a diverse range of instruments and styles of music played by students from Years 7-11.


DATE: Thursday 29th August 

TIME: 6:30pm 

VENUE: GEC Performing Arts Centre Theatre

COST: Free entry - Optional gold coin donation to the Music Department to purchase new instruments gratefully accepted.


Book your free tickets online via Trybooking:



Victorian State School Spectacular - Mass Choir Rehearsal 2

On Wednesday 22nd August, the students and staff involved in the Mass Choir for this year’s Victorian State School Spectacular spent our whole day in rehearsal for the big performance day. When we arrived at Melbourne Town Hall, it was clear that the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. Today was the day we were not only going to keep on perfecting our songs, but also learn our dance moves for the Mass Choir! We even had cameras and reporters from the Herald Sun and Channel 7 News to photograph and film the rehearsal. To add to the excitement, all of the principal and backing vocalists were there which helped all of our prior rehearsals and practice fall into place.


We started off with our first song (which is actually part of the finale!) “September”, originally by Earth Wind and Fire. After rehearsing the vocal parts, we started learning all of our dancing. All of our students particularly liked the ending dance move of this song, which was a very signature disco move. Tune in to Channel 7 when the performance airs to see what it is! After learning many more dance moves and taking a few massive group photos, we finally finished our rehearsal at 3pm and left very tired but excited for our next big rehearsals later this term at Melbourne Arena!



There are only two whole cast rehearsals left until our two performances on the 14th September. With our school rehearsals happening every week on a Wednesday lunch time; we are all doing our part to help make the performances memorable. 


Zamarah Morley and Laura Baker-Goldsmith

Music Teachers

SEVR Regional Junior Bandfest

The SEVR (South-East Victorian Region) have selected GEC to host one of this year’s Junior Bandfests next term on Wednesday 30th October. The purpose of these events is to give students from government schools in our region the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a large concert band setting and to work with different conductors and instrumentalists. Rehearsals are planned for the morning session and a performance (which may be a live performance and an audio recording) for the afternoon session. The recording will be made available to students as a memento of the day. 


Junior Bandfests are aimed at brass, woodwind and percussion students who have been learning their instrument for approximately one to two years. 



Upcoming Dates

29/8 - Instrumental Music Gala Concert 6.30pm

12-13/9 - VSSS whole cast rehearsals at Melbourne Arena

14/9 - VSSS performances x2

30/10 - SEVR Junior Bandfest (hosted by GEC)


Laura Baker-Goldsmith

Head of Performing Arts

Staff Development Desk

Professional Learning Teams

The 2nd Semester started with our teachers working in their Professional Learning Teams. Teachers have designated times on their meeting schedule to work in their teams to research, brainstorm, trial and share various teaching practices. The main areas of focus are:

Differentiation, Traits of writing, SEAL and Year 9 Program.

Snapshot PDs

Every Wednesday for 15 minutes after school, a volunteer teacher shares a teaching practice and strategy that is working well in their classes. These sessions are growing in popularity as they are short, sharp and practical. Teachers go away with ideas that they can try in their classes the next day if they want to! Thank you to all teachers who present and attend the snapshot PDs.


Loveena Narayanen

Learning Specialist Staff Development & French Teacher

From the Office

Update Your Information

Have you recently changed, or are about to change, address, home, mobile or work phone number or email address? Please remember to ring the College on 9571 7838 or update your details on Xuno to keep us informed.

Student Absences

Student absences should be reported to the school on the day of the absence. Parents are reminded that the College has a designated telephone line for notification of student absence – 9571 4178.


There is also an absence proforma in the student planner that parents can complete for the student to return to the General Office on their return to school.

Early Leavers

If your child needs to leave school early you are required to provide a signed note for them to show their year level coordinator and bring down to the General Office when they sign out. Students are not permitted to leave the school early without signing out at the General Office.


This newsletter is emailed home to all families three times per term. If you have any items of interest to the college community or would like to advertise your business, please contact Penny Marks on 9571 7838.

Parent Payments

The College is committed to providing the broadest possible educational opportunities to prepare our students for life-long learning and success in their chosen field. Most funding for the College comes from the Government. However the amount allocated is insufficient for us to provide the type of education expected by the College community and required in today’s complex world.  Thus we seek parent support with regards to the payment of the Consumable Materials and Service charges. These are used during the school year for the direct and immediate benefit of each student. Monthly statements are sent out to families where there are outstanding fees.


Parents may make payments in instalments, and are provided with several methods of making payment including, cash, cheque, BPay, EFTPOS, Centrepay and XUNO Events. Parents experiencing financial hardship are able to enter into confidential payment arrangements by contacting the nominated parent payment contact person, the School Business Manager (Gabrielle Darvell) on 9571 7838 or

XUNO – APP available for all platforms

The new look XUNO APP has been launched and we encourage you to start using it. Download the APP from the Apple store or the Google Play Store.


You can login using your XUNO login details and use the school code f3ci5b.



Please send through any feedback on


Gabrielle Darvell

Business Manager


Glen Eira Parents Association Meetings

  • Saturday 31st August: 11am at Aaron & Co Café, 572 Glen Huntly Road west of Kooyong Rd
  • Thursday 10th October: Anabella Pizza and Pasta, 1141 Glenhuntly Rd just west of Glen Huntly Station, 7.30 for meeting and coffee or dessert or come from 6.30 to share a meal first
  • GECPA end of year dinner: Thursday 14th November, Theio Theo Greek restaurant  5 Waverley Rd Malvern East, 6:30pm start


Come along and help us plan a movie night (we have a tentative plan for Sunday 20th October – see below), and other activities - all GEC parents and guardians welcome – a great chance to meet some school families and help the school.  


Our meetings are friendly and informal, and your level of involvement is up to you.  If you are interested in being involved, want to come to any of our meetings or are not already receiving our emails, please send an email to Volunteers are welcome even if you can only help occasionally in a small way.


Eliza and Jelena


Welcome to 2020 Year 7 Families - Wednesday 4th September 4.15pm

We would welcome current school parents from the GECPA to be there to give a friendly greeting to new school families.

2nd Hand Uniform Stall

The stall on Thursday 22nd August was popular, with families securing handy bargain uniforms. We raised $320.00 for the school. A big thank you to parent and staff helpers.


GECPA is planning another sale of second hand uniforms on Thursday 19th September 5pm - 6pm during the Year 8, 9 & 10 Parent Teacher Interviews. Please donate your unwanted uniform items to the office by Friday 30th August. This is a donation to the school - families will not receive any payment for their items.  


Please ensure that all items are in reasonable condition and have been washed and dried before you bring them in. Please note that we cannot sell items that are no longer part of the college uniform, such as polar fleece jackets or the older-style all grey sports tops (sports tops in the current style - with red sleeves- are very welcome).

Helpers needed to set up the stall at 4.30 - please RSVP by sending an email to

Movie Sunday night – 20th October, Ride like a girl – Elsternwick Classic

Save the date details in next newsletters.

The story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Director: Rachel Griffiths, Writers: Andrew Knight (screenplay), Elise McCredie (screenplay) Stars: Teresa Palmer, Sam Neill, Sullivan Stapleton



Entertainment Book

The fundraising Entertainment book is available at the school office or digital memberships.
Please help our fundraising efforts by buying an Entertainment Membership from us. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do - helping our fundraising at the same time!



With the newer Digital Membership (having a copy on your phone), you'll use it even more – especially with the brilliant ‘Near Me’ feature.  You simply hit the 'Near Me' tab to see what deals are around you anywhere, anytime! AND you can download it onto your child/s phones for them to take advantage of the offers too! Many families save from $550 - $1000+ per year with their membership. It really is brilliant value for just $70.


Weekly walk and talk  

We have a social walking group which meets once a week to walk and chat for an hour.  We meet on Tuesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7:45pm at the corner of Crosbie and Murrumbeena Roads at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve. So that we can keep in contact, we have set up a messaging group on Whatsapp. To join the group, just email us your name and phone number.  (If you don't already have Whatsapp installed on your smartphone, you will need to do that first -it's very easy to install and to use). send an email to if you want to walk with us.

Glen Eira Council Teen School Holiday Program 

Spring holidays- open to young people aged 12 to 18 years, who live, work or study in Glen Eira.
Activities include Royal Melbourne Show, AFL Themed Sports Day + BBQ, Scienceworks + Ferry ride, Bounce INC, Movies + Arcade Gaming and Escape Rooms!

Bookings open 9am – Monday 2 and close 5pm - Friday 13 September or until sold out.
Places are limited and will fill up fast! 

Parent Information Night Sharon Witt - the girl guru!

Wednesday 28 August 2019 at 7:00pm Glen Eira Town Hall – Auditorium Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield. During this thought provoking and highly informative workshop, Sharon will discuss the key issues she sees our tween (7- 13 year olds) girls face daily and provide practical parenting strategies.

Join #YouthVoice

The #YouthVoice program offers a platform for the youth of Glen Eira to promote issues and topics that are important to young people.

‘Youth Voice welcomed me with open arms and throughout the time I have been a part of the team, I have learnt so much, matured and grown as an individual whilst meeting people from all backgrounds with  various values and opinions that opened my mind. It’s the best program for passionate teens seeking a fun, laid back activity’.  Youth Voice Participant, Talia Feeman

If you have a passion for film, journalism, social media or youth issues, come and join the team. 

Youth Voice meets Thursdays from 4:00pm - 5:30pm at the Youth Information Centre, 86 Robert Street Bentleigh.

Glen Eira Pride

A social support group for young people aged 14 – 18 who are questioning or identify as LGBTIQA+. Glen Eira Pride is seeking participants to help us develop and relaunch the program with a focus on advocating for youth LGBTIQA+ issues, planning inclusive and diverse social events and creating connections with other like-minded young people in Glen Eira.


Cathy McNaughton


Community News / Advertisements




Youth Art Exhibition Glen Eira

Call for students drawings, graphic art, paintings, crafts, photos textiles and sculptures by Friday 20th September

The Youth Art Exhibition is a chance to display your artwork in an exciting display open to family, friends and the wider community; And to see the amazing talents of other young artists in the City of Glen Eira. 

Prizes Artists will be in the running to win Westfield gift cards up to the value of $200 in each category.

Entrant categories

  • Primary (five–12 years)
  • Secondary (13–18 years)
  • Senior (19–25 years).

Exhibition Thursday 3 to Sunday 27 October, Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Weekends, 1pm to 5pm.
Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Glen Eira Town Hall, Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

Winners presentation night -Thursday 10 October 7pm to 8pm.
Voting will be held for the People’s Choice Award between 7pm to 7.20pm. Followed by winners announcements.

To enter contact Youth Services  9524 3676

GEC College News
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