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08 August 2018
Issue Ten
Nations of Origin
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Nations of Origin

Successful week for players

Cowra sent two rugby league teams to the annual PCYC Nations of Origin 7 a side tournament held at Raymond Terrace during the last week of the school holidays.  Representing the Wiradjuri Ochres, both the girls and boys teams progressed further than any previous forays in what was a very successful tournament. 


The boys won all of their pool matches and progressed to the Cup knockout section of the tournament where they went down in their opening finals match.
The girls went through to the Plate with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw in their pool matches.  The side then won two knockout matches to progress to the Final against Awabakal where they put in another impressive performance against girls who play in a regular rugby league competition going down by a converted try.



All students represented themselves, their town and their Nation with pride. 
Many thanks to PCYC Senior Constables Janine Robinson and Peter Holmes, Casey Brien, Megan Burns and Bron and Damien Johnson for their assistance during the three days.


Students involved were:
Boys:  Josh Pokoney, Jaylan Simpson, Andrew Cutmore, Ky Johnson, Aeryc Sansum, Zach Pollard, Blake Williams, Hayden Mullins, Jack Harper, Matt Prescott and Sonny Eastwood.
Girls:  Chelsea Apps, Caitlyn Boswell, Madeline Roe, Jayarna Pattinson-McGrath, Lowanna Murray, Nakiesha Williams, Brooke Graham, Tayah Burns and Ruby Frazer.


Principal's Report

Principal's Report

The ability to choose subjects to study is an exciting time for students and parents, but it can also lead to some trepidation.  Last Tuesday we held our Subject Selection information evening to help with these decisions.  We started with Year 8 students and parents hearing information about the twenty-one elective subjects we offer to our Stage 5 students.  The message was very clear, that these offer an opportunity to explore interests in greater detail and develop more in depth related skills and knowledge to a much greater depth.  With our Year 10 students looking towards Senior studies, the process becomes far more serious.  With forty-two school delivered courses plus a multitude of courses offered by TAFE, the choices become quite complex.  The evening was an opportunity for students and parents to explore the implications of subject choices for future career aspirations, university and TAFE study and personal satisfaction.  With subject experts available from all school faculties, plus representatives from University and TAFE present, there were plenty of opportunities to discuss all the options.


On Wednesday 1 August Cowra High hosted an Industry Breakfast.  This was an event to inform to inform local industry of the advantages of becoming involved in a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBATs).  It was very pleasing to see representatives from a broad spectrum of industries ranging from disability services to mechanical trades.  The advantages of a SBAT to both the students and employer are huge.  Completing recognized industry training while the student completes their HSC was a concept that was new to some, while others were quite experienced.  I was particularly pleased by the positive response from those present.  I hope to see more students and employers take up these opportunities in the future.  If you have a child moving into Year 11 in 2019 who might be interested, please direct them to our Careers Advisor Mrs Williams.  Thank you to Ms Gresty and our Hospitality students for their excellent catering for the breakfast.


I want to wish our Bill Turner Soccer team the best of luck in their next round of the competition.  They will be playing in Albury on Wednesday as one of the final 16 boys’ teams from over 400 from across Australia.  I think all can agree, regardless of Wednesday’s outcome they have gotten to a level they can be rightly proud of reaching.


Displaying the diversity of Cowra High students, Wednesday night 8 August provides you with the opportunity to experience our talented dancers at the premier of the 2019 Syncronicity.  Anyone who has attended a past evening of Dance with Cowra High students will be aware that you will be in for an outstanding evening of Dance.  Come along to the Civic Centre on Wednesday evening.  All proceeds will go directly to supporting our Dance and Drama students attending the NSW Schools Spectacular.


Have a great fortnight


Charles Gauci


PBL Winners

Congratulations to our students for their continual efforts with respect and responsibility.  Thank you to our sponsors for their  continual support.  The students really appreciate it!!



Please click on the link below and view the wonderful video of NAIDOC Day put together by Miss Vaughan.  Enjoy!!



What's happening in Careers

Industry Breakfast

On Wednesday 1 August our Hospitality students lead by Ms Gresty, catered to a group of local business people for the first Industry Breakfast.  Ham and cheese croissants, bacon and egg rolls and banana bread accompanied by orange juice and coffee, expertly made by Lillee Felton, were on offer.


Kristy Milligan, Regional SBAT Coordinator, gave a short talk on what a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship could mean to an employer and student.  Kristy and Troy Kelly are the Regional SBAT Coordinators for the Cowra area and details can be found on the  pamphlet below.

Congratulations go to the students Isabella Russell, Breanna Moss, Paige Nestor, Belinda Mitchell and Lillee Felton for their preparation of a delicious breakfast and to Ms Gresty, Mrs Williams and Mrs Rowston for the organisation of the morning.


We hope to see our local business people who attended again next year and invite those who were unable to attend and wish to enquire about SBAT's to contact Careers Adviser Prue Williams for more information.


You are invited to.......


HSIE Sydney Excursion

Interesting places visited by classes

On Wednesday 25 July and Thursday 26 July students from Year 11 Society & Culture and Year 12 Geography travelled to Sydney as part of their course work.  Year 12 Geography were completing field work at Cronulla Beach and they were able to apply their geography skills in a real world setting. The Year 11 Society and Culture class were learning about the multiculturalism in Australia.  They attended lectures on migrant experiences in Australia at the Sydney Jewish Museum, learnt internet skills at the State Library and were exposed to multiculturalism at Chinatown and Paddy's Markets.


Shakespeare Performances

English opportunity

Cowra High has been given a fabulous opportunity for our students to view the Shakespearean plays that we have been studying in class.  Young Actors Australia will be coming to Cowra High School on Tuesday 7 August at 2pm.  They will present to us Romeo + Juliet and Macbeth, both plays which we study in English in years 9 and 10.  Shakespeare is designed to be performed, not read and so opportunities like this are priceless!  Please ensure you get your notes and $10 back to the office ASAP.


Community News

Quiz night


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