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23 February 2018
Issue Two
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Principal's Messages

Sleep Issues

I have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of students who have been reporting that they are tired at school.  This is across all of the grade levels at school.  For young children, in their first few years of school, the start of the school year can be quite tiring and draining.  Having to concentrate in a classroom and then run around madly with their friends at lunch time can really take its toll on a small child.  Add to that the fact that our first few weeks at school are at the hottest part of the year and you have the recipe for a tired, grumpy child.


If you have a tired young child here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure that your bedtime routine can run as smoothly as possible.

  • Do keep your routine as consistent as possible.  Keep your activities in the same order for roughly the same amount of time. For example, bath then dinner then story then lights out.
  • Don’t have screen time for at least an hour before bedtime.  This includes television, ipads and phones.
  • Do read your child a story and then leave.  The bedtime story gives them time to settle and then it is time for you to leave.
  • Don’t be drawn into arguments.  Redirect back to bed, give consequences for not staying in bed and follow through.
  • Do make sure all adults in the house are consistent with the approach to bedtime.

Please make sure that you stick to an early regular bedtime for these children as it will make all the difference to their behaviour and their academic success.  Children who don’t have regular bed times are more likely to have behavioural issues than children who have a regular bedtime routine.  Researchers think inconsistent bedtimes probably affect young children like jet lag.


The biggest issue for older children and sleep is technology.  Again, do not let them have access to any technology for the hour before bedtime.  Under no circumstances let them go to their beds with phones, ipads or laptops!  You are setting them up for a life time of sleep issues and a horrible day at school the next day.  Not to mention the roll on effect of when that preteen has to come home to you.


In short, put in the effort to reinforce and be consistent with bedtimes and you and your child will be better off for it.

Principal’s Reading Challenge

I want every child to love reading.  With a love of reading, no matter what the topic, the world of knowledge is wide open for the child to take in information, gain a new perspective and increase their ability to take part in and make a change in their own world.  There is something available for everyone’s tastes in the school library and I would like to see students access it more often.


To help make this happen and also to increase the amount that students are reading, we are having a Principal’s Reading Challenge over the next 10 weeks.  Here is how it works;


Prep to Year 2The Reading Challenge is very simple for students in Prep to Year Two.  For every book they read, they get a ticket in the prize draw.  If they read a book from Mr Barath’s favourite book list then they get two tickets.  The more tickets the student has in the draw, the greater their chance of winning.


Year 3 to Year 6For upper school students, every fifty pages read gets them a ticket in the draw.  If the book is on Mr Barath’s favourite book list then every fifty pages read is worth two tickets in the draw.  Again, the more the student reads the greater chance they have of winning a major prize.


Students submit their reading form when it has been filled or at the end of the contest.  When a form is completed it is placed in the white notes box in the office and the student is given a new form.  Mr Barath will go through them each day and enter the tickets into the draw.  As a bonus, each week on assembly Mr Barath will draw a ticket out from the box to give a new book away.


First prize for each section is a $50 voucher from Towers Toys and there will be runner up prizes as well.  All students who enter at least one sheet will also receive a small prize.


Below are Mr Barath’s Favourite Books List for Prep to Year Two


Authors – Pamela Allen, Mem Fox, Allison Lester, Dr Seuss, Colin Thiele, Michael Salmon, Aaron Blabey


Series – Mr Men and Little Miss Books, Aussie Nibbles, Solo Readers, Early Readers


Single Books – Max by Marc Martin, Gilbert by Colin Thompson and Chris Mould, Edward’s Magic Paintbox – Helen Leach, Mrs Wilkinson’s chooks – Leone Peguero, Wanted : The Perfect Pet, Dirty Dave the Bushranger- Roland Harvey & Nette Hilton, Hoot – Jane Hissey, Mr Chicken Goes to Paris – Leigh Hobbs, The Duck Catcher – Moses Aaron, One Blue Sock – Emily Ballou, Belonging – Jeannie Baker, The Cat Wants Custard – P. Crumble, The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate – Joy Cowley, Badly Drawn Dog – Emma Dodson, Mozzie and Midge – Doug Macleod & Sandy Okalyi, Hunting Dragons – Bruce Whatley, Harry Highpants – Tony Wilson, Let’s Find Fred – Steven Lenton, The Very Cranky Bear – Nick Bland.


Below are Mr Barath’s Favourite Books List for Year Three to Year Six


Authors – Paul Jennings, Morris Gleitzmann, Roald Dahl, Anh Do, David Walliams


Series – The Bad Guys – Harry Potter – Narnia – Artemis Fowl – Diary of a Minecraft Zombie – Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Horrible Histories – Aussie Chomps – Aussie Bites – Big Nate – Geronimo Stilton – Paddington – How To Train Your Dragon – The Famous Five – Boyz Rule – Rainbow Magic 


Single Books – The Hobbit – A Wrinkle in Time – Five Children & It – Dragon Rider 

Parents and School

I know that a number of people have been inquiring when our first P&C meeting will be held and are keen to come along and get involved.  As soon as the P&C books have been audited by an independent accountant we will be able to hold our inaugural meeting.  The books are with the accountant right now and as soon as they are returned we will let everyone know when that meeting will be.  At this point in time, I expect that to be in the next two to three weeks.


Until then there are a number of ways that you could be involved in school life if you are interested.

  • Mrs Sharon Beveridge, our chaplain has Thursday morning coffee for parents to come and chat and even whip up a Boomerang Bag or two to replace plastic bags that will no longer be available from mid year this year at the supermarkets.
  • Have you checked with your classroom teacher if they would like a hand with jobs in the classroom?  Sometimes an extra set of hands for reading groups or art is greatly appreciated.
  • We are looking at some options for a breakfast program this term. If you are keen to be involved please come and see me and/or come to our first P&C meeting.

Come on in and we will find something for you to be involved in, if you have the time.


Just as a reminder, if you are dropping items off for students (such as lunch, hats, shoes etc) or want to speak with a teacher between 9am – 3pm we ask that you come to the office and not go straight to the classroom.  Also, all parents/caregivers need to come to the office and sign in if they are helping in a classroom after 9am for the safety of students.  It is important that the office knows who is on the school premises. 

Jelly Bean Bonanza

Don’t forget about the guess the Jelly Beans in the Jar on Miss Kaylene’s front desk raising money for Shave For A Cure.  50 cents a ticket and a very large supply of Jelly Beans could be all yours!

Clean Up Australia Day

Next Friday afternoon, between 2pm and 2.45pm students at Charters Towers Central State School will be taking part in Clean Up Australia Day.  Prep to Year 4 will be cleaning up inside the school grounds and Years Five and Six will be cleaning up around the outside perimeter of the school.  If you would like to come along and help then please come to the hall at 1:50pm ready to join in the fun.  Younger siblings are welcome as long as they are supervised by an adult.

School Photographs

School photographs will take place next Friday the 2nd March.  It would be appreciated if students could come to school on the day in their uniform, with neat hair and closed in shoes.

Upcoming Events


Monday 26 - Parade 2:30pm in the Hall

Monday 26 - Tuckshop

Tuesday 27 - School Banking

Tuesday 27 - Netball/League Trials

Wednesday 28 - Tuckshop

Wednesday 28 - Rugby League Training 3:00pm - 4:00pm on the Oval


Thursday 1 - Netball/League Trials

Friday 2 - School Photos

Friday 2 - Clean Up Australia Day

Monday 5 - Parade 2:30pm in the Hall

Monday 5 - Tuckshop

Tuesday 6 - School Banking

Tuesday 6 - Arts Council

SWPBL Expectations


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