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16 February 2018
Issue Two
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Important Dates


Wednesday 28th - 29th: Year 9 OEd Bike Camp


Friday 2nd: Senior Summer Sport (1)

Tuesday 6th: School Photos

Thursday 8th: Senior Summer Sport (2)

Monday 12th: Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 13th - 15th: Unit 3 OEd Surf Camp

Wednesday 14th- 15th: Year 9 OEd Surf Camp

Thursday 15th: School Council

Friday 23rd: Harmony Day

Monday 26 - Weds March 28 – Regional Music Camp at Beechworth

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th: Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday 30th: Good Friday


Wednesday 25th:  Anzac Day Holiday

Thursday 26th: School Council


Wednesday 2nd: Curriculum Day  (Student free day)

                                    Eastbank Concert – Marimba Ensemble

Friday 4th: Cross Country

Principals Report

Principals Report

Connecting with families

Thank you to the many families who have taken the opportunity to connect and link with us over the first few weeks of the year.  Our recent Success Integrated session was well supported by families and aimed to ensure that the valuable information provided to students about achieving success was available to parents to support their efforts in guiding and supporting their son or daughter.


Our work in this space continued this week with an extremely popular Year 7 Family BBQ Night.  It was great to welcome many of our new families to the College and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with you. 



Expectations of students

At the start of the school year we have been working with students to establish some high expectations for student life at the College.  These expectations relate to student learning, student behaviours and student interactions within the College.  As a school we would greatly appreciate your support as parents in regards to the following:

  • Student Mobile Phones – All students are now expected to place their mobile phone in a container on the teachers desk at the start of each lesson.  If the teacher requires students to use their mobile device for learning then this will be allowed but otherwise students are asked to leave their phone in the container for the duration of the lesson.  Previous years have shown us that students with mobile devices disadvantage both their own learning and the learning of others around them.  In an effort to minimise distractions and ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their learning potential this new system has been introduced.
  • Being prepared to learn – One of the best things that our students can do each day is come to class prepared and ready to learn.  The first element of this is arriving on time and the second component is making sure that they have all the required materials ready to learn.  Please support your son or daughter to be ready to learn by encouraging their punctuality and ensuring they have all the required materials for school each day.
  • Sunsmart – The facts about damaging UV rays are well known and supported by a wealth of research and evidence.  We don’t want your son or daughter to experience the dangerous side effects of prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays and as such ask that each student has a broad brimmed hat for school each day.  Hats are available from the College and in an effort to make this an easy one for all students, any type of broad brimmed hat is acceptable.

Student Attendance

One of our aims as a College is to ensure that we support each student to make the most of their time with us.  The easiest way to achieve this is by ensuring our students are attending school regularly.  Our aim in 2018 is for each student in the school to have a minimum attendance rate of 90%.  Parents will be supported with this through regular communication in regards to students absences.  Please support us by ensuring that your son or daughter is at school every day, unless of course they are unwell and unable to attend.  Data from across the state shows that on average a secondary school student has 17 days absent each year, so it is definitely not out of reach for us to achieve a 90% attendance rate.


Remember, we have a range of staff at the College to support students and parents with attendance, so please do not hesitate in contacting us if regular school attendance is an issue for your family.


Student Achievements

Did you know that each week we see hundreds of fantastic achievements from your children?


We know that secondary school students do not always come home and share the great things that they are doing or achieving whilst at school.  So to assist you with this we are asking teachers to start recording students achievements on Xuno each day.  Parents can stay up to date with student achievements, attendances, daily schedules and more via our College Xuno Portal.  Our Portal can be found at 

Please make use of the attached information sheet or contact our College office for more information.

Maths Pathways

We are delighted to announce that McGuire College has received a generous donation to help us introduce a new maths learning model called Maths Pathway. The funding has been delivered through a partnership between SC Johnson, a family company that markets leading household brands such as KIWI® and WINDEX® and has a history of supporting education, and charity Schools Plus. It will support our use of Maths Pathway for Year 7 students from February 2018.

Over the course of 2018, we aim to increase students engagement and achievement levels in Mathematics.



Our new staff at McGuire College

Over the next few editions of the newsletter we will introduce you to some of the new faces around the College.  Please take the opportunity to welcome our new staff.


Kind regards

Brad Moyle




Cassandra O'Keeffe


Kristena Reynolds

Maths, Science, Digital Technology Teacher

Dale Cuthbert

Health, Phys Ed & Outdoor Ed Teacher

Daniel Johnson

Health, HHD, PE, VET Teacher

Nathan Reid

Outdoor Ed, HHD, Pathways Teacher

Joel Male

Integration Aide





Victory for Swan House


McGuire Swimming Carnival

Tuesday  February 13th saw our students take part in the annual Swimming Sports Carnival. Under beautiful blue skies and warm weather, students competed for their house groups in search of the Champions Shield. In a boost for our sports program, we saw a huge increase in both participation and attendance at the carnival and this was reflected in the tightness of the competition in many of the events.

In traditional McGuire College Spirit, the atmosphere was warm and encouraging, with all of our students displaying our REAL values of Respect, Environment, Accountability and Learning. Our students so often demonstrate wonderful team, House and individual spirit and Tuesday was no exception.

2018 saw the breaking of an 11 year drought, with Swan House finally tasting success for the first time since 2007, taking out the Champions Shield in a dominant performance. Mr Shannon and his Swan House leaders Dyamond Simi and Masooma Ekhlasi deserve all the credit for building the team spirit and encouraging participation within Swan House. A deserved result for all their hard work. Well done!

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who took part in the day.

House Champions

1st – Swan 565 points

2nd – Teal 461 points

3rd – Heron 449 points

4th – Crane 365 points

Age Champions

13 Year – Lily Carboon & Olivia Judd (Tie) and Jayden Millar

14 Year – Olive McKenzie and Austin McNair

15 Year – Moara Smith and Nick Brereton

16 Year – Lauren Millar and Riley McNair

17 Year – Bethany Duke and Corey Reardon

18-20 Year – Lizzy Smith and Xander Brereton


A big thank you to all students for the manner in which they conducted themselves and pitched in to help their House achieve success. Another big thank you to all staff that assisted in the smooth running of the day. Without everyone coming together, carnivals like this are not possible.


James Griffin

Sports Coordinator


Library News 2018

Welcome to our new students and families.

Exciting news, the library has new carpet, which was installed over the holidays and is more attractive and comfortable for students and staff.


Wheelers ebooks are available to students and staff to read, through the link on Xuno. There are over 1000 titles.  We share with Wanganui Park, Shepparton High, Mooroopna High and GV Grammar. This month we are in the process of ordering more titles to add to that list.


Year 7 students and other new students will be taken through the process of how to download the eBooks from Xuno to read at school and how to access the App to be able to read from their devices at home at their leisure. Ebooks are available for three weeks to read.

Students need to return or renew their other borrowed books every two weeks to enable other students to have access to them.


We also have new books which we have purchased this month and they are ready to borrow.


Faye Andrew and Dianne Steele

New Titles Available



Work Placement

Goulburn Valley Health Work Placement

GV Health is one of the largest employers in our area and employs people in a huge array of areas from Health Services to Gardening.  Students wishing to undertake work placement during the 2018 school year at GV Health MUST submit their application to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018.  No late applications will be received and no further applications for work placement at GV Health for the 2018 year will be able to be taken due to the cut off dates set by GV Health.  We only have a very limited number of places for all students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and priority of place will be given to students in Year 12 that have not completed work placement at GV Health in previous years – all other students interested in any of the areas below are still strongly encouraged to apply.  Placements at GV Health are not just in the area of Health, please see the huge array of areas you can do work placement in below!!


Work placement at GV Health is available in the following areas (subject to availability at GV Health):

  • Nursing
  • Allied Health including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Hand Therapy
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Catering
  • Building and Maintenance
  • Environmental Services
  • Gardening
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Supply Services

To apply for work placement at GV Health you must:

  • Collect an Expression of Interest Form from Ms Bruce.
  • Complete the Expression of Interest Form and attach to it your current Resume.
  • Return your completed Expression of Interest Form and Resume – in both hardcopy and electronic  to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018

To find out more, please come and see me 


Shepparton Court House Work Placement

Work placement at the Shepparton Court House provides students with an insight into life in the legal and Policing fields.  You will spend your time at work placement in the court rooms observing the hearings, assisting in various administrations tasks associated with preparing court papers and have the opportunity to talk to a range of people who work in the legal field.  Due to the on going renovations at the Court House, placements at the Shepparton Court House will be very limited again for us this year. 


Students wishing to undertake work placement during the 2018 school year at the Shepparton Courthouse MUST submit their application to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018.  No late applications will be received and no further applications for work placement at Shepparton Courthouse for the 2018 year will be able to be taken due to the cut of dates set by the Shepparton Courthouse.  We only have a very limited number of places for all students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and priority of place will be given to students in Year 12 that have not completed work placement at the Shepparton Courthouse  in previous years – all other students interested in this area are still strongly encouraged to apply.


To apply for work placement at the Shepparton Courthouse you must:

  • See Ms Bruce and register your interest and get the details for the work placement.
  • Prepare a covering letter stating why you want to do work placement at the Shepparton Courthouse.
  • Prepare your Resume.
  • Return your completed Application Letter and Resume – in both hardcopy and electronic to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018

To find out more, please come and see me – Ms Bruce


Work Placement – Vets in the Shepparton area

Work placement with a Veterinary clinic within the Shepparton area is very hard to come by.  We expect to have access to two places for all our students again this year.  Priority of place will be given to students that are studying VETiS Animal Studies.  Other students, from within Years 10,11 and 12 that are interested in this area are encouraged to apply as well. 


Students wishing to undertake work placement during the 2018 school year within the Veterinary area MUST submit their application to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018.  No late applications will be received and no further applications for work placement within this area for the 2018 year will be able to be taken due to the cut of dates set by our local Veterinary clinics.


To apply for work placement within the Veterinary field you must:

  • See Ms Bruce and register your interest and get the details for the work placement.
  • Prepare a covering letter stating why you want to do work placement within this field.
  • Prepare your Resume.
  • Return your completed Application Letter and Resume – in both hardcopy and electronic to Ms Bruce by Friday 16th March 2018

To find out more, please come and see me - Ms Bruce



Employment Opportunity

Lynda Bruce

Careers & Pathways Coordinator

T:  5858 9813  E:  [email protected]

Community Events


Tuesday 13th February 2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology speech to the stolen generation.


The Shepparton Region Reconciliation Group hosted a breakfast in the Queen’s Gardens to honour this occasion. Nimi Jumapili and Marwa Ahmed represented McGuire College at the breakfast, contributing to the occasion by reading Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech.

Congratulations Marwa and Nimi on being outstanding representatives of our College community.



School Canteen


We are seeking volunteers to work in our school canteen.  All you will require is a working with children’s check and a willingness to work in a happy, friendly environment.  If you would like more information please give the school a call.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.


Please indicate your availability by filling out the slip attached below and returning it to the General Office or email completed slip to:  [email protected]




Upcoming Events

Proposed Trip to Italy in 2018


For McGuire College Students

  • Available to students in Years 9 – 12 who have studied a language to at least Year 9.
  • For approx. 3 weeks, at the end of Semester 1, after the General Achievement Test (GAT). Negotiable at information meeting.
  •  Chaperoned by McGuire College Staff.
  • Costs for students are the responsibility of parents.


Please indicate your interest by printing the slip attached below filling it in and returning  to Mrs Mary Calandro by Tuesday 20 February 2018.  


Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy


Most students have mobile Phones.  Mobile phones provide a quick and effective means by which students can communicate with parents and peers.  It is necessary, therefore, for school administrators, teachers, students and parents to take steps to ensure that mobile phones are used responsibly. 



This policy has been designed to ensure that potential issues, resulting from inappropriate use of mobile phones, can be clearly identified and addressed.  This will ensure that the benefits that mobile phones provide can continue to be enjoyed by our students.

The policy also applies to students during school excursions and extracurricular activities.

EVALUATION: Every 3 years or as directed by the Department of Education


All parents/carers and students will be provided with a copy of the policy and are expected to abide by it.

Acceptable Uses

  • Mobile Phones must be placed in the box at the front of the room and computers closed during lessons, excursions and extracurricular activities unless they can be appropriately incorporated into the learning program as directed by the teacher.
  • Mobile phones are not to be taken into any exams or SACs unless they are specifically allowed by the teacher in order to complete the SAC.  The mobile phones will be placed in an appropriate place determined by the teacher or supervisor at the start of the exam or SAC and given back at the end of it.
  • Students may use their mobile phones before or after school, or during recess and lunch breaks.  Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency, the school office remains the first point of contact.  This will ensure that the student can be reached quickly and assisted in the appropriate way.
  • During class time:
  1. The class teacher to direct all students to place their mobile phone in the classroom box
  2. If seen after this it is to be collected from the student, placed in an envelope and given to the office and collected by the student at the end of the day
  3. If this occurs on 3 separate occasions it needs to be collected by the parent from the office and parents will be required to participate in a meeting with the Year Level Leader​.                                             Unacceptable Uses
  • Students are not to use mobile phones during class time unless instructed to do so by a teacher as part of an educational activity
  • Illegal or inappropriate use of mobile phones or accessories such as cameras or recording devices will result in automatic suspension
  • Illegal or inappropriate use of mobile phones for purposes such as text message bullying or harassment will result in an automatic suspension.
  • Vulgar, derogatory or obscene language or song lyrics that result from the use of Mobile Phones will result in an automatic suspension


It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person.  Should such incidents occur, the school may consider it appropriate to involve the police.


Theft or Damage

  • Students are required to be able to identify their mobile phones.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones.

Student Vaccine Program

Secondary School Vaccine Program for Year 7 & 10 students


The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to help make sure students and communities are protected from diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningococcal A,C,W,Y. 


Local councils deliver the program and schools distribute the information and consent card booklets.


The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 authorises secondary schools to provide their local council with student and parent/guardian contact information for any student scheduled to receive a vaccination. This information assists local councils to follow-up parents/guardians of students with incomplete or missing consent cards.


What information goes to local council?

Schools provide the following basic student and parent/guardian contact information:

  • Student name, gender, date of birth, year level, class, language(s) spoken at home
  • Parent/guardian names, phone numbers, email and postal addresses

Why do schools provide this information?

  • To ensure all Year 7 and 10 students are offered the opportunity to access free vaccinations at school.
  • To improve communication with parents/guardians regarding their child’s vaccination needs
  • To reduce the administrative burden on school staff to follow-up consent cards


What do I need to do?

  1. Your information will be provided to The City of Greater Shepparton in March 2018. If you do not wish for your details to be provided, please advise the school in writing before 28 February 2018.
  2. Read the information provided in your child’s consent card booklet and complete all sections, regardless of whether or not you consent for your child to be vaccinated as part of the school-based program.
  3. Detach Part A of the consent card booklet with all fields completed, and return to school.

Every day vaccination saves lives and makes it possible for Victorians to live free from the illness and disability caused by many infectious diseases. All Year 7 and 10 Victorian secondary students can receive these vaccines for free.


For further information please go to the following links:


If you have any queries about this matter please contact a member of our Student  Wellbeing, Engagement &  Agency (SWEA) Team on 5858 9800.

Information for Parents

Sick Bay

All students and parents/guardians are reminded of the procedure to follow if a student is feeling unwell at school.

Students who feel unwell should go to the General Office/Sickbay.  If this occurs during class time, students must have their student planner signed or a note from their teacher.

The staff will make the student comfortable and contact parents/guardians to collect the student from school, if it is determined that this is the best course of action.

Students are NOT to text/ring parents/guardians directly during school times to advise if they feel unwell – they must go to the general office/sickbay.

After School Programs

Humanities Help

Every Monday afterschool  3.15 to 4.15 pm in C5. Help is available for all Humanities, WES and VCE Humanities subjects.


English Help

English help will be available every Tuesday after school from 3.20 – 4.15 pm in B14. Please bring along homework and activities that you need assistance with.

Maths help

Every Tuesday in C5. All year levels are encouraged to attend. Perfect for getting on top of Homework or getting extra assistance for what you have learnt in class. Don’t be a square, come to Maths help.

Lost Property

Please ensure that all items of clothing and personal items are clearly labeled  with your child's name . Students should check at the general office as soon as possible if they have misplaced something.  Named items are returned to the rightful owner asap.


Centrepay is a free direct bill paying service available to customers who receive an:

  • Australian Government Department of Human Services Centrelink payment
  • Family Assistance Payment
  • Parental Leave Pay

If you are interested in paying $10.00 or $20.00 per fortnight off your child’s school account with Centrepay please contact the McGuire College general office on 58589800.

College Hats

It is time to start searching for the hats in the back of your wardrobes. Students are required to wear hats when outdoors in Term 1 & 4.  If your son or daughter does not have a McGuire College hat, please drop by the office to purchase one for $11.00.

Student Absences

Parents who call the office to notify of their child/s absence are now required to provide a signed hand written note or medical certificate to have the absence approved.

Family Email address

It is important that families provide the school with a current email address so that parents can access and receive important school information (student reports, absences, accounts, newsletters).  You can notify us by calling the office, send an email or a note from home.

2018 C.S.E.F.


All students who claimed for CSEF in 2017 your claim will be automatically generated for 2018


Please call into McGuire College with your current healthcare/pension card if your son/daughter is a NEW student to McGuire College for 2018


If you have a current healthcare/pension card and did not claim in 2017 for CSEF.

Xuno Parent Portal

Parents can stay up to date with student achievements, attendances, daily schedules and more via our College Xuno Portal.  Our Portal can be found at 

Community Announcements

Headspace Shepparton

Upcoming Family and Friends Workshop

Tatura Football Netball Club

Hello Sports Fans,

A quick update.


Girls Youth Football

There has been great numbers on the track for the first few training sessions, but more are always welcome. The crowds at the first few rounds of the AFLW season should give you an insight into the evolving nature of AFLW not to mention its inclusiveness.


Please contact Helen Murdoch 0419 006 124 & [email protected]



If, like me, your teenager begins driving this year then CoolHeads must not be ignored. This unique & local program is a fantastic eye opener for those about to get behind the wheel.

The TFNC encourages all young drivers - footballers & netballers alike - to attend this program. It could save a life.


Netball Squad

Congratulations to Hayley Rennie, Elsie Boyer, Maya Rutherford and Rebecca Valentin who have all been selected in the Shepparton Netball Association (SNA) 15 & Under Association Squad team for 2018. All four will be part of the inaugural TFNC 15 & Under team in th GVL.

Likewsie, congratualtions ot Fiona Boyer who will coach the SNA team. Fiona of course is also co-coach of the TFNC 15 & Under team.


Charlette Gray, Olivia Stevens & Lacey Pogue were also selected in the 13 & Under SNA Association squad.


Junior Netball Trials & Selections

Junior netball trials will be held over the coming two Tuesdays & Thursdays (13, 15, 20 & 22)from 6.00 pm - Tuesday 13

All welcome.

Shepparton South Soccer Club

 PO Box 1513, Shepparton VIC 3632

 Phone  0411 833 392                                                                                                       Email: [email protected]


Shepparton South Soccer Club is now recruiting under 18’s for the upcoming 2018 BASL season.

Anyone aged between 16-18 years of age is invited to come along to training on Tuesday & Thursday nights, 6:30 – 8pm, on the back ovals of Shepparton Sports City (formerly McEwan Reserve).

Any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact:


President 0411833392

Secretary 0416130629

Shepparton Junior Soccer Association


Contact Us

Principal Team

Brad Moyle - Principal

Anna Sloane - Assistant Principal: Year 7-9

Megan Michalaidis -Assistant Principal: Year 10 -12

Leadership Team


Carly Bostancioglu – Instructional Coach

Megan Dixon – eLearning Leader

Matt Koutroubas – Transition & Pathways Leader

Stacie Lundberg – Student Wellbeing,  Engagement & Agency

Paige Martin – Data & Assessment Leader

Sam Owen – Student Wellbeing, Engagement & Agency

Sharon Wagstaff – Business Manager

Year Level Leaders

Hannah Vibert -Year 7:

Kimberley Songberg - Year 8:

Julie Hannan - Year 9

Vince Branigan - Year 10

Georgie Schofield - Year 11

Nicole Craighead - Year 12


Lynda Bruce

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