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31 August 2017
Term 3, 2017 - Issue 4
Principal's Report
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Year Level News
Japanese News
Visual Arts
Mathletics - August
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Interview withNicole (aka Nursie!)
Interview with a BNPS Volunteer
Spring Racing Luncheon
2018 Fete
Our Wonderful Volunteers
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Mental Health Matters 
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2017 School Dates
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Beaumaris North Primary School
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Principal's Report

Message from the Principal


Planning for 2018

Planning for our 2018 school year has commenced and I am currently preparing the Workforce Plan.  If your child is not returning to Beaumaris North Primary School in 2018, please let myself or the Office know as soon as possible as our staffing profile is dependent on student enrolments. 

PYP Creativity Workshop

Last Thursday and Friday (Curriculum Days 24 & 25 August), the staff participated in an informative PYP Workshop 'Encouraging Children is Creative'.


What is the PYP?

“Since its inception, the IB PYP has been infused with a spirit of inquiry. The ongoing implementation of the PYP is framed by means of questions such as “What do we want the students to understand and be able to do?” In seeking to answer that question, there is a commitment to refining what is significant and relevant, and to quality rather than quantity. It is believed in the PYP that meaning and understanding are undermined by an emphasis on coverage; and that students will become more enduringly skilful when the learning is authentic and in context. The curriculum in a PYP school should emphasise the active construction of meaning so that students’ learning will be purposeful.


Inquiry, as the leading pedagogical approach of the PYP, is recognised as allowing students to be actively involved in their own learning and to take responsibility for that learning. Inquiry allows each student’s understanding of the world to develop in a manner and at a rate that is unique to that student.


The intention of the PYP is to support students’ efforts to construct meaning from the world around them by drawing on their prior knowledge, by providing provocation through new experiences, and by providing time and opportunity for reflection and consolidation. This constructivist approach respects the students’ developing ideas and understandings of the social and natural world; it continually stimulates students’ revision and refinement of their models of how the world works.


So what does inquiry look like?

Inquiry, interpreted in the broadest sense, is the process initiated by the students or the teacher that moves the students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding.

This can mean:

  • exploring, wondering and questioning,
  • experimenting and playing with possibilities,
  • making connections between previous learning and current learning,
  • making predictions and acting purposefully to see what happens,
  •  collecting data and reporting findings,
  • clarifying existing ideas and reappraising perceptions of events,
  •  deepening understanding through the application of a concept,
  •  making and testing theories,
  •  researching and seeking information,
  •  taking and defending a position, and
  •  solving problems in a variety of ways.
  • Reference: IB (2009) Making the PYP happen: A curriculum framework for international education Pg 28 -29

Jump Rope for Heart Finale 

We have our 'Jump Off' for Jump Rope for Heart tomorrow (1 September) at 3pm. We will be asking the students who have been involved with program to meet us for our final celebration on Wood Street in front of the Art Room. 

Parents are also welcome to come and watch the children demonstrate their skipping techniques. They have done a fantastic job with fundraising, raising around $3400, although we expect this to increase when we get the cash donations as well.

Wellbeing Room

Beaumaris North Primary School is creating a new Wellbeing Room. The Wellbeing Room will provide a quiet, calming space for students to retreat to when they are feeling overwhelmed or upset. It will include sensory elements designed specifically for helping students to relax and calm down.  It will be possible to adjust the elements to the individual students’ preferences to assist in the calming process.  


I would like to sincerely thank Vanessa Tyrer who has devoted many hours to researching this project. Vanessa has not only visited a large variety of similar settings but has also obtained sponsorship from Kiwanis and Rotary to assist with the initial set up of the space.  In an effort to obtain additional funding to resource our new space, Vanessa is setting up an online  ‘GoFundMe’ page to help raise the funding required for the furniture and equipment in the room.  More details about this will be coming soon. If you have any questions concerning the Wellbeing Room, please contact Vanessa Tyrer on 0421 555 049. 

Move to Online Consent

I am pleased to announce that from Term 4, hard copy consent forms will no longer be sent home. Parents will be able to provide online consent for excursions and incursions via Compass in 3 easy steps:


1. Click on a link to the online event form

2. Click on 'Process Now'

3. Type your full name

This initiative is responsive to parent feedback, supports our move to electronic communication, will save Office staff and teachers time (no manual distribution and collation of forms) and of course is great for the environment. It offers many benefits to parents including:

  • No need to provide information for every excursion/incursion that is already on school file e.g. parent contact details (unless different for the day of the event) and student medical conditions, allergies and medication (unless these have changed)
  • Consent forms can't go missing!
  • It's an easier and more convenient  way to provide consent, particularly if your child is absent.

Student Led Conferences

The Student Led Conferences have been well attended over the past two weeks with many families taking advantage of the time available to visit their child’s classroom and Specialist area.


Our students responded positively to the challenge of presenting their goals and work samples to their parents which also develops a sense of empowerment and ownership. The conferences also provided the opportunity for developing the students’ oral communication skills and help to build students’ self-confidence.


We are pleased to see this valuable time is much appreciated by our families and we welcome the enthusiasm the Student Led Conferences generated around the school.


Sherril Duffy













Upcoming Dates/Events


Friday 1 September

Prep Father's Day Morning (8.45 - 9.30am)

Whole-school Head Lice Check (9.00 - 10.30am)

Jump Rope for Heart 'Jump Off' (3.00pm)


Monday 4 September

3B & 3C Japanese Incursion

Year 3 Junior Choir Soiree (2.45 - 3.15pm)


Tuesday 5 September

4B & 4C Japanese Incursion

Year 3 RACV Traffic Education


Wednesday 6 September

Prep Cubby Day

District Athletics

Fete Committee Meeting (7.30pm)


Thursday 7 September

Year 4 Choir Soiree (6.30 - 7.00pm)

Year 5 & 6 Choir Soiree (7.15 - 8.00pm)


Friday 8 September

3A & 3D Japanese Incursion

Year 1 Travelling Kitchen Incursion

Year 4 Exhibition (9 - 9.30am for parents)


Saturday 9 September

Beaumaris Farmers Market (8.00am - 1.00pm)


Monday 11 September

Year 2 & 3 Swimming Program Commences

(11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20 & 21 September)


Wednesday 13 September

Mini Fete

4A & 4D Japanese Incursion


Friday 15 September

Year 5 Bike Education

Junior Disco (Prep - Year 2) 


Monday 18 September

Year 5 Bike Education


Wednesday 20 September

2018 Prep Transition (9.30 - 10.45am)


Thursday 21 September

Year 5 Bike Test


Friday 22 September

End of Term 3 (2.30pm dismissal)


Saturday 7 October

Beaumaris Farmers Market (8.00am - 1.00pm)


Monday 9 October

Term 4 Commences (9am)


Tuesday 10 October

Year 3 Zoo Excursion


Monday 16 October

Year 6 Metro Trains Visit


Wednesday 18 October

Year 4 Camp

2018 Prep Transition (9.30 - 10.45am)

Parents & Friends Meeting (7.30 - 8.30pm)


Friday 20 October

Year 6 Graduation Photo (9am)

Ladies Spring  Carnival Luncheon (11.30am - 3pm)


Monday 23 October

Year 5 Camp

Prep & Year 1 Swimming Program Commences

(23, 25, 27, 30 October & 1, 3 November)


Tuesday 24 October

Class Rep Meeting (9.00am)


Wednesday 25 October

School Council Meeting


Tuesday 7 November

Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)


Wednesday 8 October

First Aid (Prep - Year 6)


Thursday 9 October

First Aid (Prep - Year 6)


Friday 10 November

Remembrance Day Service


Saturday 11 November

Beaumaris Farmers Market (8.00am - 1.00pm)


Monday 13 November

Year 6 Camp


Wednesday 22 November

School Council Meeting


Thursday 23 November

Open Classrooms (9.10 - 9.50am)


Friday 24 November

Whole-school Head Lice Check (9.00 - 10.30am)

Senior Disco (Year 3 - 6)


Wednesday 29 November

2018 Prep Orientation (9.30 - 10.45am)


Wednesday 6 December

School Council Meeting


Friday 8 December

BNPS Carols Night


Saturday 9 December

Beaumaris Farmers Market (8.00am - 1.00pm)


Tuesday 12 December

Year 6 Orientation Day


Tuesday 19 December

Year 6 Graduation


Thursday 21 December

Year 6 Big Day Out


Friday 22 December

Last Day of School for 2017 (1.30pm dismissal)

























Year Level News

Year 4 Design & Technology 'Bionic Hand'!

The Year 4 students have been working through the design process to create a 'bionic hand'. Their Success Criteria included 'building a working hand where all fingers can move and hopefully pick up a plastic bottle'!


Yesterday the rooms were buzzing with creativity, cooperation and problem solving as the students reflected and made alterations to their design as required - watch the video below to see their success!


Well done Year 4!






Year 4 Bot Battle Royale

Year 4 held their first Bot Battle competition on Wednesday. Matthew  and Tom (4D) have spent two terms organising permission letters, competitors, rules and radio controlled vehicles for this event. Competitors had to bring in a vehicle and then push other competitors out of the game area. The winner of the event was Haydn. Winning the all-comers comps were Kenan and Matthew .


Year 1 Visit from a Pilot

Kieran's dad, Sean, came to talk to the Year 1 children about his job as a pilot. The kids loved it and asked many fantastic questions! 


Congratulations Max W 2B

Max W in 2B was the winner of an ‘Inspire’ writing competition at Kids Like Us. He won three movie tickets and his work was published.

Well done Max we are very proud of your work!

Year 2 'Sharing the Planet' Student Action

The Year 2 students have been taking action as part of our current unit on ‘Sharing the Planet’ with minibeasts.


Julia in 2A created a Ladybug on her computer at home using shapes.


Harper 2A, Saihaj 2A and Maddy 2B created a poster of various minibeasts.


Bridie from 2D discovered when reading the Herald Sun, that Mealworms are being used in Switzerland in food to make and sell insect burgers and insect balls. She shared this knowledge with 2C and 2D.


Tenzin 2C, Isabelle 2C and Skye 2D have been researching Hibernation.


Syke and Isabelle wrote a poem….


Time to hibernate,

Time to have fun,

Make the bugs rug up,

Like everyone.

They gather food,

And sleep a lot.

That is like,

Their daily winter plot.

They eat food from forests,

Like berries and nuts,

They find big trees and make hollow cuts.

Inside the holes, they make their homes.

They make a lot of noise,

In different tones.

Then they come out in Spring,

Then they fly about, then stretch their wings.


Japanese News

Year 5 Kendo Incursion

The Year 5 students had a KENDO Incursion this week and they enjoyed unique culture of Japanese martial arts. They have learned that Kendo is not just sword fighting but a modern Japanese martial art based on traditional swordsmanship. Kendo is a popular sport in Japan and it aims to train the mind and the body.



Visual Arts

Great Art Action from Joel K(6B)

Ms La Gerche was thrilled when Joel reported that he had completed two portraits at home since learning the grid format method in creating self portraits during Art classes. 

Well done Joel!

Creating Robots - Year 3

This Term the Year 3 Visual Arts Unit of Inquiry is called ‘Inventions through Art and Kinetic Sculpture’ which integrates with the Transdisciplinary theme ‘How the World Works’.


The students have been constructing robots, focusing on originality of form and the use of balanced colour to further highlight their sculpture.

Creative Compositions

Year 2 have enjoyed performing 'Soundscapes' on percussion instruments. They have worked in groups to compose a piece using informal notation about mini beasts. This has tied in with their Unit of Inquiry and also with 'Creativity' which is the PYP Attitude for the month of August. 


Percussion Performance

Year 1 have been enjoying 'creating' and 'performing'. They worked out a percussion backing for the poem 'Big Green Tram' and performed it on both tuned and untuned instruments. This has tied in with their Unit of Inquiry which was focusing in on transport. 






Congratulations Casper  (2A)


Casper C entered this year's Artz Blitz 2017 Art Competition and his painting won the Junior Visual Art category!  The Junior category was for children aged 13 years and under and the theme was 'Adventure'. Entrants had just 24 hours to complete their artwork once the theme was announced.


Casper's painting, along with the other winners and all entrant's artworks, are exhibited in Gallery 1 + Gallery at the Kingston Arts Centre (979 - 985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin) until  2  September. 






















House Athletics Carnival

Last Wednesday (23 August), students from Year 3 - 6 participated in our House Athletics Carnival at Dolamore Reserve, Parkdale. It was fantastic to see everyone participating and embracing the challenge of the shot put, discus, hurdles, long jump, triple jump, vortex throw and various track events ranging from 100n – 800m!


We would like to thank the students for their level of commitment, enthusiasm and great sportsmanship shown on the day.



1st:  Reserve - 635 points

2nd: Morey - 463 points

3rd: McDonald - 371 points

4th: Wood - 361 points


A special mention to MOREY House for winning the House Spirit Award - well done!


We could not have run the day without our amazing staff who helped set up, marshalled children to their events, timed races, started events and walked around with their groups to ensure the safety of all children.

Netball Regionals

Last week the Year 5/6 Mixed Netball team played in the Regionals at Pakenham. They won all three games in their pool and made it to the semi-final against Narre Warren losing by just one point on the final siren! 

Well done to Josh M, Charley P, Olive P, Alana L, Ollie P, Connor H, Jordie D, Meg L and Abby I - an amazing team who did BNPS proud!



Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships

On Monday 21 August, William S (4A) competed in the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships in GS ski racing.  He finished 28 out of 159 entrants.


Jessica S (5C) also competed and did extremely well.  Congratulations Will and Jessica.












Mathletics - August

Congratulations to the following students who earned at least 5000 Participation Points during August – some on more than one occasion!

  • Ben P (PC) – 5382
  • Benjamin D (2C) – 5086
  • Bodie M (2A) - 5223
  • Daniel P (PD) – 5231
  • Ezekial J (2D) – 5,501
  • Ezekial J (2D) – 5232
  • George T (2C) – 5825
  • Georgia D (PA) – 7002
  • Hayden H (5A) – 7119
  • Jamie B (1C) – 10,068
  • Jamie B (1C) – 5200
  • Jamie B (1C) – 5513
  • Josh N (2D) – 13,541!!!
  • Josh N (2D) – 17,048!!!
  • Joshua N (2D) – 5002
  • Liam B-H (1D) – 13,028!!!
  • Lucas S (1D) – 6875
  • Lucas S (1D) – 7685
  • Mia S (2A) - 5410
  • Natalia H (5A) - 5020
  • Natalia H (5A) – 5020
  • Natalia H (5A) – 5080
  • Natalia H (5A) – 6630
  • Nicole P (2D) – 10,087
  • Nicole P (2D) – 5067
  • Nicole P (2D) – 5090
  • Parker G (PC) – 9710
  • Piotr M (PD) – 5,010
  • Piotr M (PD) - 5130
  • Som N (1B) - 5052
  • Will H (5C) – 5200
  • Zac C (3B) – 5400
  • Zoe Z (5C) – 5054

The following students were the lucky recipients of the weekly Super Mathlete Trophy:

  • Lucas S (2A)
  • Liam BH (1D)
  • Josh N (2D)
  • Parker G (PC)

Classes 1D, 3D and 5A topped the Mathletics Awards with the most certificates.


Well done everybody!


Students who earn at least 5000 Participation Points go into the running to take hold of the Super Mathlete Trophy which they get to enjoy for seven days in class. Every child who achieves 1000 Participation Points or more in a week is celebrated in their classroom! For more information on Mathletics, please see: 








General School News

Walk to School (October)

BNPS is participating in the ‘Walk to School’ program which encourages Victorian primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school throughout October. It’s a great way to help students learn healthy habits and achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, every day. Please see attachment for more information. 

Happy walking, riding or scooting!

National eSmart Week 

The web is a great place to learn, be creative and stay connected, but with one in seven young Australians found to be suffering from cyber bullying and the many other challenges young people face online, it’s important that we invest in giving our students the skills they need to be responsible digital citizens. To demonstrate our commitment to cyber safety, wellbeing and digital inclusion, we are participating in the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s National eSmart Week (4 - 8 September).


Attitude of the Month

The PYP Attitude for the month of September is 'Commitment'. 

Being committed to our own learning, persevering and showing self-discipline and responsibility.

2018 Education Contribution

2018 Education Contribution information was sent home this week - it is IMPORTANT that the form/s are returned by Friday 22 September. A ‘Stationery Pack’ will be ordered for each child unless you advise us that you will be sourcing your own stationery. Thank you.










Book Week Parade

To conclude 'Book Week', a Book Character Parade was held today with both the students and teachers parading around the undercover area. The costumes were absolutely amazing!  


Choir Soirees

Choir Soirees are being held next week and there has been a flurry of activity to get some more skirts made for the girls. Annie Thomas came to the rescue and has made some 20 skirts. Annie's father Keith, has made a generous donation to the school paying for the fabric etc., for all of these skirts. We are so lucky to have such wonderful, community minded people in our school. Thank you Annie and Keith!

Just a reminder to parents of the Year 3 Junior Choir that their performance is next Monday (4 September) at 2.45 in the Assembly area.





The Year 4 Senior Choir is Thursday 7 September at 6.30pm (arrive 6.15pm), Multi-Purpose Room and the Year 5/6 Senior Choir is  7.15 - 8.00pm on Thursday 7 September, Multi-Purpose Room (arrive 7.05). Family members are most welcome to attend. For Thursday night, boys should report to The Cubby House (Mrs Collins Room) and girls to the Japanese  Room. They will do a vocal warm up and line up from these rooms which are near the Multi-Purpose Room.

Sandy Davies

Music Teacher BNPS

'Unwrapped Food Days'

We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Unwrapped Food Days’ here at BNPS for the remaining Tuesdays and Thursdays of this term (non-canteen days).


This Action has been prompted by the Year 5’s after a discussion around excess food packaging and the need for more sustainable/reusable options. The Year 5 JSC representatives made the suggestion of an ‘Unwrapped Food Day’ whereby students are encouraged to bring food in reusable packing e.g. Tupperware. The overall aim is to reduce our waste as a school community, therefore reducing our impact on the environment. We are very proud of this 'Action' taken by the students.  


This initiative will be linked to our entry into the Young Scientists of the Year Award where the students will be tracking our waste over the coming weeks and entering their findings into the competition. See the poster at the top of this article for more information.


Thank you in advance for your support! Here are a few tips for “unwrapping” your child’s lunch box.



Book Club Orders

Book Club orders must be placed by close of business on Wednesday 6 September. For detailed instructions on how to order, please visit http://beaumarisnorthps.vic.edu.au/book-club/

Please note:  BNPS no longer accepts payment for Book Club orders - all orders must be paid by credit card online via LOOP  (orders that have not been paid via LOOP will be returned to you).

If you wish to place a ‘surprise’ order, please email Jane Garvey via [email protected] indicating that you would like to collect the order yourself and include your preferred contact number.

Jane Garvey






Do You Know?

Do you know who teaches who in Art?


Ms Arla Anderson

3B, 4A, 4C, 5C, 5D & 6C


Ms Nicole Palo La Gerche

3A, 3C, 3D, 4B, 4D, 5A, 5B, 6A & 6B


Mrs Jennifer Barnard

PA, PC, 1A, 1C, 2A & 2C


Ms Jessi Maddison

PB, PD, 1B, 1D, 2B, & 2D

Do you know there is a 'Mathletics Family Console' to enable you to support your child's maths learning at home?


BNPS subscribes to Mathletics on behalf of your child so you can register for a FREE account 

(usually $99 for an annual 'Home Subscription'!).  








Do you know you can save our newsletters to store offline?

Access the newsletter via Chrome, right click and select 'save as'. This will save the newsletter as a HTML file for you to store offline.











Interview withNicole (aka Nursie!)

By Pip and Maddie Prep A

How long have you been working at BNPS for?

I started working here when my daughter was in Grade 2 and she is now in Year 12, so 10 years ago!  I started part time as the School Nurse and now I work full-time in the Office while sharing my job as First Aid Officer with Kerryn Meredith.


What school did you go to?

Macleod College (over the other side of the city!).


What is your favourite activity?

At the moment I really enjoy going to the gym and doing workouts with friends, but I do love to follow the gym up with brunch and coffee!  Oh, and I also got a new mint green bike for my birthday the other day - I am loving cruising the streets of Beaumaris!


Do you have any children?

Yes! I have three (Pippa – are they girls or boys?). Two girls and a boy, who is currently in Europe with Mrs Ball's son - we are missing them so much!


What is your favourite colour?

Pippa – I’m going to say black because you wear it a lot!

No, it is orange just like my hair ribbon!


What is your favourite TV show?

It was Ninja Warrior when it was on, currently I would say Survivor.


Do you have any pets?

Yes, a very, very cute puppy, well not really puppy, called Frankie and a cat we don’t talk about!


What colour is your car?

Black (Pippa – Boring Black!!!).




Interview with a BNPS Volunteer

Ilana Blampied 


BNPS Parents & Friends Steering Committee

Why do you volunteer at BNPS?

It makes me feel more connected to the school and gives me a little bit more insight into the environment Jamie is in everyday. It makes Jamie happy when I tell him what I am doing at school, I think he likes to feel I am part of his school. It’s also an opportunity to connect and work collaboratively with other parents to support the school and help promote the sense of community.

What year level are your children in?

My son, Jamie, is in Year 1 and my daughter Samara is 4 years old and will be starting prep next year.

What roles have you volunteered for during your time at BNPS?

I have been a Class Rep for two years since joining BNPS, I helped at the Easter stall, reading help in the classroom, I have provided a few hampers as prizes and I am a part of the Parents & Friends Steering Committee.

What is your background/current role (outside of BNPS!)?

I studied Marketing & Psychology at University and now work as the Insights & Strategy Manager for Carman’s Fine Foods (best known for delicious and wholesome Muesli and Muesli bars – working in marketing of course I had to get in a plug!).

What do you do during your free time?

We love food in our house so we often have friends or family over for meals or try out new cafes and take the kids for different cuisines. I have also attended dance classes most of my life (even as an adult) so try to squeeze in a class when ever I can!

What’s the best thing about BNPS?

Jamie’s great teachers and all the variety of activities the children get the opportunity to be involved with.

Spring Racing Luncheon



2018 Fete

2018 Fete: Calling for volunteers!

Preparations for the 2018 Fete have now started - thanks to those who have offered to take responsibility for a stall already.  We need more volunteers however to help make this fete as successful as ever!  We particularly need Stall Convenors (people in charge of stalls) but also helpers for each stall.  No experience is required. Past volunteers have found it a fun and rewarding experience and there is plenty of support available along the way.


We also need someone to fill the position of Grade Donations Co-ordinator. This means overseeing the donations that come through the classes, and liaising with Stall Convenors to figure out their requirements. 


Please contact Vanessa Tyrer (Stalls’ Convenor) by phone: 0421 555 049 or email: [email protected] if you would like to volunteer in any capacity, or find out more about what is involved.  A full list of stalls will be coming soon but those who get in early get first choice!



Our Wonderful Volunteers

Father's Day Stall

A HUGE thank you on behalf of all of our families to the AMAZING Mandy O’Brien and Lisa Ward who once again co-ordinated a fabulous Father’s Day Stall. Thank you also to their wonderful team of helpers! We know all the Dads, Grandpas, Pops, Pa’s, Poppies and other special people will be thrilled with their gifts!


Our 2017 Class Reps

Special thanks to our wonderful Class Reps who give up their time throughout the year to arrange social functions for our families,  organise volunteers for class activities and encourage families to get involved - we appreciate your support! 



PA - Megan Worley  

PB - Paul Davies      

PC - Tanya Nassau and Caroline Matulick  

PD - Samantha Felgate, Ingrid Blackburn & 

Robyn Eade




1A - Claire Kirk & Ros Wells  

1B - Anna Holmes & Cathryn Thompson  

1C - Ilana Blampied & Caroline Hillis  

1D - Olivia Sleep & Kirsty Marshall



2A - Rebecca Cunneen & Ros Chatfield  

2B - Jo Perret & Helen Moore  

2C - Laura Fitzpatrick & Lynette Schroen  

2D - Sally Fenton



3A - Abi Henderson 

3B - Natalie Walstrom 

3C - Terri Ording-Jespersen & Kelli Baxter  

3D - Hollie Pearce & Jette Doherty



4A - D'arne Finnis  

4B - Bridget Stickland  

4C - Nicole McClure & Rachel Overell  

4D - Tamara Miller 



5A - Katie Ryan & Tully Reynolds  

5B - Annie Thomas 

5C - Carmel Allison & Maidie Hurlston  

5D - Cassie Clarkson 



6A - Amanda Stokes & Sarah Hutchins  

6B - Kerrie Burgess, Yana Hall & Samantha Morton

6C - Abi Henderson








Our Talented Graphic Design Parents

We are very lucky to have such talented parents who share their skills with us. Thank you Carrie Dennis for creating beautiful new logos for the Uniform Shop and our Parents & Friends!

Last year Sally Fenton created our gorgeous 'Hungry Seahorse' Canteen logo (and numerous Canteen & event flyers!) and recently Kerri Valkova has given up her time to create some banner images for our new website (currently under construction!). We truly appreciate your talent and support!

















Compass Video Tutorials

How to use the Compass School Calendar


How to enter an Approval Note for an 'unexplained absence'

Click here to view our video tutorial (0.45 seconds).


How to enter an Absence Note via the Compass app

Click here to view our video tutorial (0.56 seconds).

Mental Health Matters 

KidsMatter Information Sheets

KidsMatter provides families with a range of information sheets to help them support children’s mental health and wellbeing, and to recognise if and when professional help is needed. They contain practical information, tips, and strategies across a range of common childhood issues, and were prepared by professionals experienced in the area of children’s mental health and development.



Maths App

Maths Rockx 

A new educational app combining popular music with times tables is shooting up the iTunes charts!


General Information

School Phone Number - 9589 5449

The Office is unattended from 8.40am to 8.50am daily (due to compulsory staff briefing) and closes at 4pm (earlier on the last day of term). The phone is switched to the answering machine at this time. 



Please enter approval notes for full-day absences via the Compass Parent Portal.



Please sign in/out via the Kiosk at the Office (do not enter on Compass).





If you are visiting the school for ANY reason between 9.00am and 3.30pm (with the exception of usual school pick-up/drop off), you must report your arrival and departure via the Kiosk at the Office for Emergency Management purposes.


School Payments

Qkr (pronounced ‘Quicker’) is a FREE app to enable you to use your smartphone to make all school payments (without having to give your child cash to carry to school) including Canteen and Uniform Shop orders, and excursion/event payments. A web-based version is also available. For more information, please see: http://beaumarisnorthps.vic.edu.au/parent-information/payments/qkr/


School Hours

Class Times

9.00am - 11.00am

11.30am - 1.30pm (Fruit break at 12.30pm)

2.30pm - 3.30pm


Break Times

11.00am - 11.30am (Recess)

1.30pm - 2.30pm (Lunch)


The Canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (not the days beginning with ‘T’!) and Sushi is available on Mondays and Wednesdays. All orders must be placed by 8.30am via Qkr (students can also purchase items with cash at recess and lunch).

Uniform Shop

Uniforms can be ordered via Qkr and providing stock is available, orders will be filled within a week and delivered to your child’s classroom. There is also a large offering of great value second-hand items available for purchase at the Uniform Shop (located in the Prep breezeway) which is open from 8.45 – 9.30am every Friday morning - you can also contact the Uniform Shop via email: [email protected]

Lost Property

Lost Property is stored in the bins located in the Prep Breezeway. It is the student’s responsibility to promptly collect any lost property.  At the end of each Term, ALL unclaimed items (named or unnamed) are donated to the Uniform Shop for re-sale. Please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled with their name including, lunch boxes, drink bottles, hats and clothing.

2017 School Dates

Term Dates


Tuesday 31 January - Friday 31 March

(2.30pm dismissal)



Tuesday 18 April - Friday 30 June 

(2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September (

2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 9 October - Friday 22 December 

(1.30pm dismissal)

Public Holidays

  • Monday 13 March - Labour Day
  • Friday 14 April - Good Friday
  • Monday 17 April - Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 25 April - ANZAC Day
  • Monday 12 June - Queen's Birthday
  • Friday 29 September - Grand Final Day
  • Tuesday 7 November - Melbourne Cup Day

Carols Night

Friday 8 December



School Camps


Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 October



Monday 23 - Friday 27 October



Monday 13 - Friday 17 November

Swimming Program

Year 2 & 3

11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20 & 21 September

Prep & Year 1

23, 25, 27 & 30 October, 1 & 3 November

School Council Meetings

  • Wednesday 15 March (AGM)
  • Wednesday 26 April
  • Wednesday 24 May
  • Wednesday 28 June
  • Wednesday 26 July
  • Wednesday 23 August
  • Wednesday 25 October
  • Wednesday 22 November
  • Wednesday 6 December

Important School Rules

Two Minute Zone

There are two ‘Kiss N Go’ zones on Wood Street where you can quickly drop and collect your child – this is NOT a parking area – you are NOT allowed to park for longer than two minutes, double-park or go into school. You may get out of your car (within 2 minutes) but if you need to walk your child in, you must park in one of the surrounding streets, in a legal parking area.


Riding in the School Grounds

Riding of scooters, bikes, skateboards etc., is NOT permitted in the school grounds at drop-off or pick-up (school and non-school children).

Staff Carparks

For safety reasons, parents and students are NOT permitted to walk through staff car parks OR use them for parking .

Dogs in the School Grounds

Dogs ARE permitted to be brought into the school grounds but MUST be kept on a hand-held leash between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm (when our students are in attendance and when our Outside School Hours Care program is operating).



NO adults are to access student toilets for their own use at any time. If non-school children require the urgent use of an amenity, student toilets may be used under strict parent supervision. If a parent requires the urgent use of an amenity, the disabled toilet in the main building may be used (‘Staff’ toilets are for staff only).

No Hat, No Play!

All children are required to wear a broad brimmed bottle green hat for protection from the sun from 1 September to 30 April. See BNPS SunSmart Policy.


Volunteers - Working with Children Check

Anyone wishing to volunteer at BNPS is required to provide a Working with Children Check.


Checks are free and valid for 5 years! Apply online at: http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/ 


Waves - Connecting our Community
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