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25 October 2017
Issue Eighteen
School Dates
Principal's Report
Year Level Updates
Global Citizen Awards
Community News
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School Dates

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 25th - Yr 5 Sovereign Hill

                                        - Yr 2 Scienceworks Excursion

                                        - School Council 7:00pm

Thursday 26th - Yr 6 'Moving Up' Session 2

Friday 27th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport



Wednesday 1st - Yr 4 Camp Info night 6:00pm

Thursday 2nd - Prep Concert 6:00pm

Monday 6th - Curriculum Day - no school

Tuesday 7th - Public Holiday

Thursday 9th - Ed Sub Committee 6:30pm

Monday 13th - Yr 4 Camp Depart 8:45am

Wednesday 15th - Yr 4 Camp ETA 3:15pm 

                                - School Council  7:00pm

Thursday 16th - Yr 3/4 visit from Author

Friday 17th - Prep Orientation 2:00-3:00pm

                              2nd Hand Uniform Stall

Monday 20th - Yr 1/2 Drama Toolbox

Tuesday 21st - STEAM Showcase 6:00-7:15pm

Wednesday 22nd - Yr 2 Lego Excursion

Saturday 25th - P&F Hawaiian Beach Party



Monday 4th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 5th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Wednesday 6th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Thursday 7th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Monday 11th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Tuesday 12th - Whole School Transition

Friday 15th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Wednesday 20th - Yr 6 Graduation

Friday 22nd - School Dismissed at 1:30PM 


Events on Compass awaiting Parent Approval


Prep Concert

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming 

Year 1

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming 

Drama Toolbox by 13th November

Chesterfeild Farm by 15th November

Year 2

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

Drama Toolbox by 13th November

Lego Education Centre by 17th November

Year 3

James Lee Author Visit by 9th November

Year 4

James Lee Author Visit by 9th November


COMPASS Parent Portal


*Please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available. Please contact the office for further information.


2017 Term Dates


31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish


18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish


17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish


9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

2017 Curriculum Days

  • Monday 6th of November

Students are not required to attend school on these days. The Out of School Hours Care Program will be available, please contact the program on 03 9578 5826 to discuss boookings.

2017 School Council Meeting

  • Wednesday 25th October 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 15th November 7:00pm
  • December meeting TBC

2017 Education Sub-Committee Meetings

  • Thursday November 9th 6:30pm

Communications Sub Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday November 21st 6:30pm

2017 Public Holidays

  • Tuesday 7th November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Monday 25th December - Christmas Day

Prep 2018 Enrolment School Tours

School Tours are conducted on a regular basis by the Principal. Tours begin at 9:30am and last approximately one hour. The upcoming tour dates for 2017 are:  

  • Monday 16th of October  
  • Friday 10th of November

Enrolment Packs for 2018 are available from the School Office.

Whole School Tranisition Program 2017/2018


Friday  17th November 2017 - 2:00 – 3:00pm

  •  Information Session in Hall for all new parents & Foundation parents in 2018
  •  Literacy & Craft Activities (Foundation)

Friday 24th November 2017 2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Literacy & Craft Activities (Foundation)

Friday 1st December 2017 -  2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Tabloid Sports. (Foundation)

** Please remember to wear a hat and put on your sunscreen. Please ensure children have eaten their lunch/snack prior to coming to all orientation sessions as there will be no opportunity to eat during the scheduled activities.**


Tuesday 12th December 2017 - 11:30am – 1:00pm

  • Classroom Orientation. Children are required to bring their lunch on this day.

2018 Term Dates


30th January to 29th March


16th April to 29th June


16th July to 21st September


8th October to 21st December


Term 1, 2 and 3 students are dismissed early at 2:30pm on the last day of each term.  Term 4 students are dismissed at 1:30pm on the last day.  The After School Care Program will open early on these days.

School Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540

Our Vision

We believe:

  • All children should be stimulated, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning.
  • The school environment must have a safe and nurturing quality which allows all children the opportunity to learn.
  • The school community promotes and values diversity in interests, beliefs and perspectives.             
  • Students can be effective global citizens with a sense of belonging and responsibility to our world.

Our Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best

The Ormond Team

Acting Principal

Natalie Rose

Assistant Principal 

Lorrie Dell


Natalie Rose

Lorrie Dell

Sally Berryman

Felicity Hall-Shulman

Lorraine Bell


Helene Ioannou 

Jacinda Hocking

Stephanie Halliday

Year 1 

Joshua Hewett

Paul Bratt

Andrea Durward

Year 2 

Sally Berryman - Foundation to  Year 2 Team Leader

Effie Liarakos

Year 3 

Joshua Kamoen

Jade Lipson

Julie Nield

Year 4

Lorraine Bell - Year 3-4 Team Leader

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Year 5 

Felicity Hall-Shulman - Year 5-6 Team Leader

Siobhan Hosking

Year 6 - Level 4

Sandra Johnson

Chris Cheverton

Specialist Teachers

Michael Pannam - PE/Sport

Helen Kupfer - Visual Arts

Kim Stewart - ICT

Anna Park - Korean Language

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report

From the Principal...

We are in Week 3 of Term 4 and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! I had a lovely extended holiday with my family and celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday. I know how many of our Year 6 families are feeling at this point in time, as our students start to think about that pending transition to Secondary School. I thank Ms Lorrie Dell for stepping in and welcoming you all back from your holidays, I hope these holidays were relaxing and enjoyable for all.


World Teacher’s Day

World Teachers’ Day on Thursday offers us a chance to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks! Every day, OPS teachers are making a difference educating and inspiring the children you have entrusted to our care. They are supported magnificently by a wonderful team of support staff and so we also celebrate their contributions with Education Support Week. We work together in our efforts for all of our students. In our busy lives we need to remember that a very simple “thank you” can mean the world to individuals and help them to feel that they really are valued and appreciated.


Whole School Transition

Whilst our Year 6 students are experiencing the Glen Eira Council’s “Moving Up” program, in November we welcome our 2018 Preps, who will commence their first transition session at “the big school” as they often refer to. This is a most exciting time for many families new to the school or existing families.


Not only will these students begin a transition process, but all students at Ormond PS will be involved in a “Step Up” transition program led by Julie Nield and the Transition Pathways team.


What does this mean?

Each student will move into the next year level to experience meeting new teachers, learning about the unique activities of each year level and participate in a range of activities. This opportunity will promote new peer connections and help alleviate some of the challenges of change, which some students might be experiencing.


Please be advised that the teaching staff they meet or the learning spaces they visit, are not the finalised and actual home group teachers or teaching teams, nor are they the set learning spaces for 2018.


The whole school transition dates are the same as the Prep transition dates and times.

  • Friday 17th November 2017              2:00 – 3:00pm
  • Friday 24th November 2017              2:00 – 3:00pm
  • Friday 1st December 2017                  2:00 – 3:00pm
  • Tuesday 12th December 2017      11:30am – 1:00pm

I will publish some further information and keep you all informed regarding all 2018 planning in future editions of our newsletter.


Year 5/6 Girls Basketball - Hoop Time Competition & Division Finals

Last week, I joined our girls’ basketball team at MSAC for the annual Basketball Victoria’s high level Hoop Time Tournament. The girls were excited to participate and worked as a team through 4 rounds of play. Thank you to Melissa Kah who organised our entry and Siobhan Hosking for training the girls for both competitions. A big thank you to all the parents who drove the girls to the event, Vicky Gibson who was our score keeper and Eliza’s dad Robert Krivaci, who stepped in the eleventh hour to support us and coach the girls in their last match.


It was a great day, a tough competition for both events and we are all very proud of the girls and the way they represented our school and congratulate them on their achievement of reaching the finals in our district and for participating at the Hoop Time tournament.


Welcome – Chris Snow (Maintenance Man)

Many of you might have noticed a new face in the school yard, in particular a gentleman on Monday mornings cleaning our synthetic play spaces. We welcome Mr Chris Snow our new maintenance man. I welcome Chris and feel relieved that many small jobs around the school can be fixed quickly, safely and with great care.


Student Extra Curricular Achievements

Congratulations to Patrick McCallum for being awarded the Grey Wolf as the first McKinnon Cub Pack – Scouts Victoria.  Patrick attained the top award in all five sections in Scouting, displaying self-discipline, teamwork and leadership.   


Extra Curricular Activities offered at OPS

in addition to our ongoing classroom programs we also offer a variety of activities for your child provided by external businesses. These activities are available throughout the year on a 'user pay' basis. 

Currently the activities we offer are:

If you wish for your child to participate in any of these programs please contact them directly on the above numbers. All payments and enrolments for these programs are made directly to the providers and not Omrond Primary School. 


Staff Updates

Many of you might remember a past Leading Teacher by the name of Helen Fraser. Mrs Fraser has officially resigned and will not be returning to Ormond Primary School. We wish her all the very best in her future endeavours and thank her for all her contributions to our school.


Ms Jade Lipson has officially changed to her married name and would like all members of the community to refer to her as Mrs Zajonc - pronounced 'Zayon'.


Class Placements

We have a very committed and dedicated staff, with a good balance of age and experience. Staff plan and work together in teams to ensure the best possible outcomes for each student. Our teachers are in the best position to identify what is best for each student when transitioning to the next year level. As we commence planning for 2018, there will be many considerations and I kindly request that parents do not approach teachers regarding any class placements.



CURRICULUM DAY – 6th November.

Students do not attend on this day, the OSHC program will be available – please contact Sharelle Davis on 03 9578 5826.

PUBLIC HOLIDAY - Tuesday 7th November.


Global Citizenship

As we acknowledge the fortnightly Global Citizen Awards, I thought I would take the opportunity to explore this with you all.

The world faces global challenges, which require global solutions. These interconnected global challenges call for far-reaching changes in how we think and act for the dignity of fellow human beings.


“It is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count.”


“Education must be transformative and bring shared values to life. It must cultivate an active care for the world and for those with whom we share it. Education must also be relevant in answering the big questions of the day.”


“Technological solutions, political regulation or financial instruments alone cannot achieve sustainable development. It requires transforming the way people think and act.”


“Education must fully assume its central role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies. It must give people the understanding, skills and values they need to cooperate in resolving the interconnected challenges of the 21st century

What does it mean to be a global citizen? 

Global citizenship educates and prepares young people for their role in a modern world. This begins with an exploration of different cultures, languages and economies.”


Global citizenship educates and prepares young people for their role in a modern world. This begins with an exploration of different cultures, languages and economies. Active global citizens care about the world they live in, and take action to support causes that have a positive impact for other communities and future generations. Why is global citizenship important?


I believe global citizenship is essential for young people to gain the skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their chosen careers, and for the progress and development of a fairer and protected world.


So what is a global citizen?

A global citizen cares passionately about others and the world they live in. An active global citizen takes action to support causes they believe in. Global citizenship is about far more than just fundraising – it is an opportunity for children to take a lead, be active and join a movement that touches the lives of all those involved.


A Global Citizen is someone who:

  • Is aware of the wider world.
  • Has a sense of their role as a world citizen.
  • Respects and values diversity.
  • Wants to tackle social injustice.
  • Believes that all children and young people have a right to an education.
  • Takes action to make the world more equitable.
  • Lives and promotes a sustainable way of life.

Natalie Rose                                    Lorrie Dell

Acting Principal                            Assistant Principal

Year Level Updates

Whole School News

Sports News

 Prep - Yr 2 Swimming

A reminder for all Prep to Year 2 parents that the swimming program is now up on Compass for you to consent and make payment. Students are to wear school uniform and change in/out of bathers at the venue.  Any students that are not participating in the swimming program will remain at school during their session time and be supervised by another class. 


Second Hand Uniform 

There will be a Second Hand Uniform Sale on Friday 17th November.  

The stall will be held in the Korean Room between 3:15pm to 3:45pm.

Cash only, please avoid large denominations as limited change will be available. No Efptos is available.

Visual Arts News

Welcome back to a very busy last term of Visual Arts for 2017!


Prep students have started this term by diving straight into the ocean with Mr Pannam, exploring watercolour and mixed-media as they add sea creatures to their underwater landscapes.


Year 1 students have been recreating a wonderful Monet inspired painted garden and have also been busy planting paper flowers they constructed petal by petal. Come and see some of the lovely filled vases we have on display outside the office!


Both Year 1 & 2 have begun the term by using view finders to drawing detailed close-ups of various insects, cross-linking Art with Science. Year 2 have also completed wonderful mixed-media paintings of van Gogh’s Starry Night – keep a look out for a new display coming soon!


Year 3 students have completed a range of artworks inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, exploring ink painting, chalk drawing, dry needle felting and 3D sculpture using paperclay!

Having completed their Mexican Folk art inspired Roosters (you can find a sample of these on display outside the office).


Year 4 students are now creating lizards out of clay whilst exploring ways to create texture when working with a 3D material.


Students in Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed working outside, to complete observational drawings of our fabulous Oak and Eucalyptus trees, using charcoal.  Their sewn Ugly dolls are coming along well and we look forward to beginning our next project where we explore the use of Zentangles as a form of artistic meditation, before decorating 3D animal masks.


In preparation for graduation,Year 6 have been completely immersed in designing and decorating their Carnival of Venice Masks, and are now exploring the influence of Hokusai on contemporary anime artists of Japan, before creating their silk paintings of a Geisha or Kobuki actor.


Zart Art Children's Gallery

Artwork from Ormond Primary has once again been chosen by Zart Art to be displayed as part of their Children’s Gallery for Term 1 2018.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to be part of an exhibition as well as promoting the fantastic work our students create at OPS.  Approximately 4 students from each year level (in Year 1,2, 4, 5 & 6) will have their work submitted, highlighting the varying range of artworks that were created in response to the ‘Year of the Rooster’.  The students involved will be contacted in the next couple of weeks with further details to come – Watch This Space!


Happy Creative Days,

Helen Kupfer


Foundation News

Prep Concert - Thursday 2nd November

As part of the Performing Arts program at ormond Primary the Prep students are currently working towards their Prep Concert. This is a wonderful celebration towards the end of their first year of schooling where each class will perform a musical number for the entertainment of family and relatives.

The concert will be held in the School Hall from 6:00pm and conclude approximately 6:45pm. (students are required at school by 5:45pm)


Costume requirements for each class will be finalised in the coming week or two and parents will be notified by your class teacher. 

Year 1 

Welcome back to Term 4. We have another busy term organised including an excursion to Chesterfield Farm in November and our Swimming Program that begins in December. We will also be working towards a STEAM Showcase (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and we look forward to sharing all our other learning experiences with you along the way. Please regularly check Compass for year level information and   parental permission requirements, as a few more items will be added for the year 1s throughout the term.




Students will be exposed to a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. Using these texts they will be looking for the Author’s purpose. What is it that the Author is trying to tell us and what ‘clues’ can we find to support our ideas? Students will look deeper into the conventions of Non-Fiction texts and how they help support us as readers.


We will also be working on Summarising the texts we read. Summarising is relating the most important points in a text, or a portion of a text, in our own words. With Fiction text we consider the basic story elements – main characters, setting, plot and sometimes theme in a summary. With Non-Fiction text we pull together the most important information about a topic in a coherent way.



The Writing genres we will be focusing on this term include:

  • Information Reports
  • Procedure writing
  • Persuasive writing

We are building an awareness of the features of different text by:

  • Talking about the purpose
  • Identifying the possible intended audience
  • Drawing attention to the text organisation
  • Highlighting the type of language used

This term’s Writing sessions will be closely linked to our unit of investigation, ‘Animals, Plants and Us.’ Students will work towards creating an Information Report in the form of an individual project which reflects their process of inquiry throughout the unit.


Students will continue to have the opportunity to regularly engage in ‘free choice’ writing to support the development of their writing skills, harnessing their own highly motivating ideas and inspirations.


Students will be exposed to a range of grammar focuses in writing; including past tense, present tense, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions and compound words.


Speaking and Listening

Students will be participating in a range of formal and informal Speaking and Listening tasks. This includes sharing group work, reflecting on their learning in different ways, sharing their writing with their class and giving and receiving peer feedback. Students will have opportunities to act out role-plays at their reading levels, linked to guided reading sessions.



Students are working on level-appropriate spelling activities designed to improve their understandings in small groups during English time.



All students will be working in differentiated Maths groups with tasks designed to cater to their individual     learning needs. This term our areas of focus include:


Number and Algebra

  • Place Value
  • Pattern and Order, Counting
  • Addition and Subtraction, using effective strategies
  • Multiplication and Division, as grouping and sharing

Measurement and Geometry

  • 2D & 3D shapes
  • Transformation
  • Time
  • Length, Volume, Mass

Statistics and Probability

  • Data

Plants, Animals and Us

Our Unit of Investigation for Term 4 is “Plants, Animals and Us.” This unit has a combined curriculum focus of Science, Health and PE and Design and Technologies. We will be exploring how plants and animals impact our daily lives. Some of the essential questions we will be exploring include;

  • How do plants and animals provide food?
  • How are plants and animals used to design and create other non-food items?
  • How can we categorise food?
  • How does eating healthy and regular exercise benefit our health and wellbeing?
  • How does meal preparation and healthy eating change according to regions?
  • How can we make sustainable food choices?
  • What are the external features of plants?

Our excursion to Chesterfield Farm will give students the opportunity to learn about Australian farming and see first-hand how farm animals provide us with food like milk and eggs in a sustainable way.


As always, please feel welcome to come to see your classroom teacher before or after school if you would like to speak briefly about any issue. If you require more time for a meeting please contact us to organise an appointment.


Year 1 Teachers, 

JoshHewett, Paul  Bratt and Andrea Durward


Year 2

Welcome back to another very exciting term in Year 2. It’s so hard to believe that it’s already term 4. The students have settled in well back into the term. Please continue to read Compass for level information and upcoming events. Below is a brief summary of this term.

In English the writing focus will be on recounts, information texts and expositions. We will continue to work on improving the students’ handwriting as we believe that it’s important to instill the importance of neat writing. The students have been working on the various strategies during reading groups such as finding the main events, identifying detail and sequencing. Level appropriate spelling words and tasks are given to the students weekly and they are tested at the end of the week.
The students should continue with the home reading program and should record their reading in their logbooks.

In Mathematics all students will be working in differentiated Maths groups, with tasks designed to cater to their individual learning needs. This term we will work on the following areas:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Place Value
  • Pattern and Order, Counting
  • Addition and Subtraction, using effective strategies
  • Multiplication and Division, as grouping and sharing
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • 2D & 3D shapes
  • Transformation
  • Time
  • Length, Volume, Mass
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Data

Toys and Forces
For science, students will explore the push and pull forces and work towards drafting and constructing a wooden toy at school. These models will be on display during a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) showcase on Tuesday 21st November 6:00-7:15. Keep in tune for this up and coming event. The two excursions to the Toys and Forces workshop and the Lego Centre this term will help to consolidate our learning of this topic. If parents are able to assist with the excursions please contact the class teacher. Helpers will need to have a working with children check.

On Monday 20th November the year two students will participate in a one hour drama workshop. They will perform Tidderlick the Frog. The students will retell the Dreamtime story set in outback Australia, focusing on ecological sustainability using movement, musical instruments, puppetry and costumes.

Swimming lessons will be held once again this year at Waves. Parents who are able to assist are welcome to meet us at the Waves Leisure Centre. Again, all parent helpers will need a working with children check. The swimming dates are as listed below:
Monday 4th Dec. – Swimming Program
Tuesday 5th Dec. – Swimming Program
Wednesday 6th Dec. – Swimming Program
Thursday 7th Dec. – Swimming Program
Monday11th Dec. – Swimming Program
Friday 15th Dec. – Swimming Program – Wave Pool Session

All items must be labelled. The year two students will have their swimming lesson at 2:00-2:45.

Please feel welcome to come and see us before or after school if you would like to speak briefly. Or, contact us to make an appointment for anything requiring more time.

Year 2 Teachers
Sally Berryman and Effie Liarakos

Year 3 News

As a engaging ‘tuning in’ activity for our new Biological Sciences unit “Am I alive?”, where the Year 3 students are investigating and classifying plants, insects and animals, we visited ‘Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers’ at Melbourne Museum. Inspired by the secret life of bugs and their ingenius ways, ‘Bug Lab’ art installation and exhibition gave our students a zoomed-in view of the world beneath our feet. Students came face-to-face with large scale bugs and heard the personal stories from six unique insects. They also discovered how cutting-edge science is uncovering the adaptive genius of bugs, and how we humans are using bugs as inspiration for new technologies.


To complement this amazing exhibition, students watched the enthralling IMAX film ‘Bugs! 3D’. There were a few students (and teachers) hiding their eyes behind their hands! ‘This is a live-action nature drama filmed in Borneo. It explores the dramatic lives of a praying mantis, a beautiful butterfly and many species of spider and beetles. Students were fascinated by these tiny bugs with super powers and enthusiastically recorded facts and ‘wonderings’ about what they had seen when we returned to school.

Year 3 Teachers

Josh kamoen, Jade Zajonc & Julie Nield

Year 4 News

Year 4 Camp - Lady Northcote

Lady Northcote Camp is fast approching. 

A reminder that there will be an Information evening on November 1st at 6:00pm in 4A's classroom. Please ensure you bring your Parent Information Booklet along to ensure you have the most up to date information. 


Year 4 Teachers

Lorriane Bell, Gregg Workman & Margot Hudson

Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 Interschool Sport Draw Locations for Friday 27th October

Lawn Bowls 

OPS v Bentleigh West PS at Bentleigh Bowls Club


OPS v Valkstone PS at Kings Park Tennis Club

Cricket - Rounders

OPS v Valkstone PS at Bailey Reserve



Reminder that all students are required to bring their snack, drink bottles and hats on the day and parents are to supply sunscreen if required for their own child. 


Interschool Sport - Basketball Finals

In term two our Ormond Girls Baskbetball team won the girls Interschool Basketball Final. So last Friday they competed in the division final against St Bridget's Primary School. Our team was enthusiastic and embraced the challenge. The Ormond girls were very competitive and showed a high level of skill. Though they did not win the battle on the day they came away from the game knowing they did each other and their school proud!

Congratulations girls on your always team first attitude, the supportive and encouraging words you regularly gave each other, your competitive drive and your joy playing the game. Thank you to Arden (captain) and Sarah (vice) for their excellent leadership over the term, and to all the girls that helped them along the way. Thanks very much to Andy Guss and Dion Rudzki for all their assistance on the day, and for cheering the girls on with Adam and Victoria Gibson.

Go Ormond!




Global Citizen Awards

Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at assembly on...

Monday 30th October 9:00am 


Cooper S  -  Quality Learning

Cooper has continued to show great enthusiasm for all reading tasks and has become an expressive independent reader. Wonderful Cooper!

Anna P  -  Quality Learning

Anna  displays great enthusiasm for writing tasks and tries hard to remember her five star writing goals. Keep it up, Anna!

Henry N  -  Quality Learning

Henry did a fantastic job at using expression and speaking confidently  during his first Readers Theatre. Keep it up.

Benjamin L  -  Respect

Benjamin is a keen and respectful learner in Prep B. He is always attentive and is a fabulous role model to other students. Super Star effort.

Pippa M  -  Respect

Pippa is a caring student who is always inclusive of others and always ensures everyone has a friend. Thank-you Pippa!

Mitchell W  -  Excellence

Mitchell always persists with all his learning and tries hard to ensure that all his work is completed to the best of his ability. Great work, Mitchell.

Year 1

Lily T  -  Excellent

Lily has made an excellent start to her new school. Lily always comes to school with a big smile on her face and is eager to learn. Well done Lily!

Yotam S  -  Quality Learning

Yotam consistently makes an effort to his school work. He has made great progress in his reading & writing. Well done Yotam!

Winston GC  -  Persistence

Winston has been working hard in literacy. He is not afraid to sound out unknown words and is improving his vowel sound knowledge. Keep it up, Winston!

Audrey P  -  Excellence

Audrey’s concentration and effort when writing has allowed her to improve her spelling and punctuation a lot recently. Great effort, Audrey!

Hayley JA  -  Excellence

Hayley always strives to do her best and enjoys helping others to do their best too. Excellent work Hayley!

Levi N  -  Quality Learning

Levi has been concentrating carefully on his learning without becoming distracted by what others are doing. Keep up the great work Levi!

Year 2

Cade K  -  Quality Learning

For the  constant effort Cade puts into his reading and writing. He is a great example that practise makes progress.

Ruby J-A  -  Respect

Ruby shows great respect when speaking and listening to the class. She remembers to take turns during discussions and considers her peers in all learning situations.

Tessa M  -  Respect

Tessa continues to be an outstanding model for her peers. She speaks kindly, listens carefully and always thinks of others.

Hamish M  -  Respect

Hamish demonstrates respect with his exemplary manners and thoughtfulness. His sense of humour is an additional bonus.

Year 3

Gus W  -  Excellence

Gus demonstrated his creative side by producing a detailed, colourful picture for his entry in the Ormond DVD competition. Well done Gus!

Annabelle T  -  Excellence

Annabelle wrote an entertaining narrative with lots of visual detail about a magic potion and a shark. She was able to successfully edit her writing, demonstrating great grammar and spelling.   

Georgina M  -  Excellence

Georgina produced a fabulous narrative. She remember to include the correct punctuation, grammar and paragraphs. A fantastic effort!

Victoria P  -  Respect

Victoria constantly uses her manners both in the classroom and outside in the yard. This has made her a great role model. Keep it up!

Kody W  -  Quality Learning

Kody demonstrated quality learning during our mapping unit in Mathematics. He created his own map of a town and used accurate grid coordinates to identify points of interest. Well done!

Annaliese T  -  Excellence

Annaliese consistently demonstrates high levels of thinking and contributes thorough responses in whole class reading discussions. Well done!   

Year 4

Mitchell B  -  Persistence

Congratulations on attaining your pen licence. You have improved the legibility of your handwriting immensely.

Asha D  -  Persistence

Congratulations on persisting with changing to a correct pen grip.Your handwriting is becoming neater by the day.Keep going!

Lewis R  -  Quality learning

Lewis demonstrated attributes of a quality learning when he listened attentively to learn new skills and follow directions. He then applied it all to summarise a classic fairy tale superbly.  

Felix D  -  Persistence

Felix has reflected on his writing clarity and can identify what needs to improve. That allusive Pen license is almost yours Felix!

Stuart C  -  Respect

Stuart demonstrates a great respect for technology in our classroom and consistently takes it upon himself to organise and care for the laptops in trolley 2. Thank you, Stuart.

Madison D  -  Quality Learning

Maddie consistently demonstrates the behaviours of quality learning in our classroom. She is quick to organise her learning tools and begin work. She works quietly and always has immaculate book presentation. Well done, Maddie.

Year 5

Curtis H  -  Quality Learning

Credit to Curtis for showing great enthusiasm during reading time. He has loved reading the ‘300/400/500 Minute Series’ and has completed reading them in record time. Keep it up!

Rowen H  -  Excellence

Rowen always holds herself to very high standards and this was evident with her well prepared speech for “Sharing Session”. Credit to all your efforts. Well done!

Tali R  -  Quality Learning

For her commitment to understanding concepts at a higher level, through focus, clarifying, asking questions and completing her work to a high standard. Well done

Jasper B  -  Acceptance

For being a team player, engaging positively with his classmates and being a great example of our Ormond Values. Well done.

Year 6

Prateek D  -  Quality Learning

Prateek has produced some thoughtful pieces of writing for his Memory Album while reflecting on his time at Ormond Primary School.

Elliot GC  -  Respect

Elliot has displayed maturity and responsibility while working as part of his Student Action Team. He has gained the respect of his direct peers and the broader school community.

Kurtis S  -  Quality Learning

During Maths, Kurtis produced a detailed and interesting image, which he plotted using coordinates on a cartesian plane. He displayed an excellent understanding of positive and negative coordinates.   

Sue W  -  Persistence

Sue has displayed a determined approach when beginning her Memories Album, after being absent for the first week of term. Her persistence has seen her quickly catch up.

Visual Arts

Elliot C  -  3A  -  Acceptance

Eliot was highly respectful and inclusive when sharing his thoughts and carefully listened to all sides of an issue, during circle time in Visual Arts.

Peter C  -  6A  -  Quality Learning

Peter applied a wonderful amount of effort and creativity to design and decorate his delightful “Leopard” mask, which even included the addition of modified ears and sequined whiskers!


Adam A  -  2A  -  Excellence

Adam demonstrates exceptional skill in all ball sports and excellent hand-eye coordination in tennis.

Indigo G  -  PB  -  Respect

Indigo shows leadership and respect when assisting her peers in P.E activities.

Community News

Out of School Hours Care

Curriculum Day

On Monday 6th November the school is having a curriculum day.

To book into the pupil free day program you will need to sign up on the sign in sheet in the diary at the program. It will run from 8am to 6pm. Children can wear plain clothes and breakfast is NOT available on the day.


Lost Property

There is still clothing left from the holiday program as well as school jumpers please check the lost property next time you visit the program.


After School Care Activities

Thursday 26th October           Halloween Crafts      

Friday 27th October                 Halloween Crafts                             

Monday 30th October             Cooking

Tuesday 31st October              Halloween Crafts      

Wednesday 1st November      Marble in a box          

Thursday 2nd November        Paper Plate Dream Catchers 

Friday 3rd November             Children’s Choice

Monday 6th November           Curriculum Day

Tuesday 7th November           Public Holiday                      

Wednesday 8th November     Hand Masks  


Term Fees

The first two weeks fees are out now ready for your collection and payment.

Sharelle Davis

Acting Coordinator

Out of School Hours Program



Upcoming Meeting Dates

Upcoming Meeting Dates - 7:30pm in staffroom

  • Tuesday 14th November
  • Tuesday December 5th Cheese and Wine Thank you Gathering for Class Reps


Save the Dates:

  • End of Year  "Hawaiian Beach Party"– Saturday 25th November (early evening)

Get your leis and hula skirts ready for our end of year Hawaiian Beach Party. This is our end of year celebration, where all OPS families are invited to come along and celebrate the end of the school year. There will be food trucks, ice-cream, sand castles, disco and more!

Mango Fundraiser

For the first time, P&F is running a Mango Fundraiser. It is a great fundraiser that offers a healthy option for family’s whist making money for the school.

Trays of Mangoes are $26 for 7kg of mangoes, which is 12 large mangoes, or up to 23 small.

Orders can be done through trybooking and will be open until 30th October. www.trybooking.com/SFWM

Contact Details:

If you are not receiving emails from P&F and would like to be added to the list, please email your details including child’s name/s and grade/s to [email protected]

Community Events & Adverts


Disclaimer:  Community Events & Adverts that appear in this newsletter are paid advertisments  or are deemed a Community announcment. Ormond Primary School is not affiliated with these organisations.

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