2019 November Edition

04 November 2019
Issue Eleven
From the Principal
Explicit Improvement Agenda 2019
Student Wellbeing for Engaging Literate Learners
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From the Principal

Booklist for 202 

2020 Booklists can be supplied by the school.  We will bulk purchase resources for the students.  These resources will be theirs to keep.  We will also purchase class sets of some items that families will pay a small usage fee for the year.  These items could include, scissors and rulers.  The fees can be paid off annually or over 3 terms.  A participation agreement form will be coming home this week for parents to complete and return to school.  From this, an invoice will be generated and sent home.  Staff will create student packs that will go directly to class teachers.  If parents are wishing to take resources home to cover and label please contact the office and let us know so this can be organised for you.  The school will also be able to label students' books.  Parents that don't wish to participate in this scheme, please contact the office and we can send you home a full booklist for you to purchase and provide for your child.

Costs per year level for the scheme.

Prep- $50

Year 1- $85

Year 2- $100

Year 3- $100

Year 4- $105

Year 5- $115

Year 6- $115


Each month when I send home a newsletter we are holding a competition.  If you can figure out the answer send it to the admin@glenoregrovess.eq.edu.au email you will go in the draw for a Domino's dinner voucher.   Thanks to Hatton Vale Dominos!  We will draw the winner on assembly in week 7. So have your emails to us by Friday 15th November


This week's riddle is:



Grandparents' Day

What a lovely turn out we had on Grandparents' Day.  It was so lovely for all to spend some time together.  Thanks to those who brought in a plate for morning tea - there were some amazing bee cupcakes that I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of!  Having grandparents around is good for everyone.  This relationship can have a positive impact and lead to happiness for the whole family.  Here's 5 reasons why a good relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is beneficial.

Wilmington parent.com

1. Grandparents truly impact their grandchildren's lives.  Grandparents influence children's beliefs and values. The perspective of what constitutes a healthy, normal relationship can be built from the one a child has with their grandparent.

2. Grandparents can greatly reduce household stress. A 2014 study at Boston College found that “an emotionally close relationship between grandparent and grandchild is associated with fewer symptoms of depression for both generations.” For kids, having grandparents around means having the perfect companions to play with and have fun. Grandparents are some of the best partners when it comes to using creativity and imagination to discover the wonders of life. And in turn, most grandparents truly love their role. According to the American Grandparents Association, 72% of grandparents think being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.

3. Grandparents have a great amount of experience. Grandparents are a valuable resource because they have so many stories and experiences from their own lives to share. Oftentimes children will listen to grandparents even when they are not listening to their parents or other adults. Grandparents also offer a link to a child’s cultural heritage and family history. Children understand more of who they are and where they come from through their connection with their grandparents.

4. Grandparents provide a sense of security.  Especially during tough times, having an extra layer of support can make a big difference in a child’s life. Studies have shown that close grandparent-grandchild relationships during the teenage years are associated with less behavioural and emotional problems and fewer social difficulties with peers. Grandparents offer an extra ear when kids need someone to talk to, because sometimes children just find it easier to open up and share their difficulties and problems with their grandparents.

5. Grandparents offer an affordable childcare option.  With both parents in many families working outside of the home, it is oftentimes the grandparents that play a vital role in raising today’s youth. Grandparents provide for the basic needs of a grandchild, while even more take care of their grandchildren on a regular basis. If they are willing and able, having a grandparent act as either an occasional babysitter or a paid childcare provider gives many parents a great sense of comfort knowing that they are leaving their children in capable and caring hands.  


Principal Awards

Congratulations to these outstanding Grovers!


2019 Camp

Year 4 - 6 students had an amazing time at camp last week, lots of great experiences and new learnings.  A great big thank you to the staff that attended the camp and gave up their time outside of their normal work days and away from their families to support our camping program.  Here's what Sarha & Jayce had to say about camp.

On Currumbin Valley camp, we learned how to speak Yugambeh which is the Indigenous language by also learning the Aboriginal and indigounes stories. Some of the  Yugambeh words are buggle (good), jingary (hello), Buggerarm (wonderful), Bugglewonyee (good on you). One of the activities that we enjoyed was the ochre down by the creek and how Jayce put it all over his face. We went for a swim in the creek and looked for pollinators in the water. We really enjoyed the food but some of us didn’t like the vegetarian day when we ate no meat.  We learned lots about sustainability including making bee hotels.  We learnt that there are over 2000 thousand types of native bees and we got to see a battle between different colonies of the stingless native bees. The cool thing is that they would smell each other to see if they were on the same team, and if they were on a different team they would bear hug each other and fall to the ground killing one of the bees, sometimes they would cut each other’s heads off. Another activity that we did is the bag making and the bees wax wrap. We got to design the bags with fabric colours. We had a lot of fun and funny moments. Just before we finish we will talk about the organic farm. On the organic farm we talked with David about organic farming and then we went down the track to all his trees and first stopped at the coffee bean tree and he told us how sweet they taste,  then we stopped at the avocado tree and looked at how big the avocado’s were then we tried some bananas.

Camp was a great experience that was enjoyed by us all.  


Transition to High School

Our Year 6 students are quickly approaching the end of their primary school journey.  Please ensure you have enrolled your child at a high school ASAP.  We have begun transition processes with our feeder high schools.  Our teacher are holding meetings with high schools over the next few weeks.  Each of the local schools hold sessions and enrolment interviews.  Please let us know if you need support contacting the relevant school.  There will be a Myth-busting event held a Laidley State High for all GGSS students, regardless of which high school they are planning to attend, to help answer questions or concerns.  This is a free event provided by the local Guidance officers.  I will send home more information when I receive it.

Our Graduation is booked for Monday night 9th December.  An invitation with details will come home in the next few weeks.  Students on that Monday attend an Orientation day at their relevant state high school.


2020 Classes

Our enrolments have grown again this term.  We have welcomed 15 new students to our school.  Enrolments for prep are strong enough that we are going to start the year with 2 classes.  So, 2020 will start with 8 classes.  Below you will see the staff allocated to each year level.  Please remember that dependant on 'day 8' numbers this could change.  Students will have some time during the last week with their new teachers and will be told where their classrooms will be.


Prep 1 - Anita Green & Kaela Pratt (formerly Blacker)

Prep 2 - Sarah Donalson & Elly Hallas

Year 1 - Rose Cubis

Year 2 - Laura Cooper

Year 3 - Kylie Bridge

Year 4 - Jordanna McDougall

Year 5 - Haylie King

Year 6 - Samantha Rule

Explicit Improvement Agenda 2019

EIA - 2019

School Priority #1 - Reading 


These are the reading levels students are working towards by the end of the semester.  

Year level Benchmark
Prep PM 6-8
Year 1 PM 15-16
Year 2 PM 20-22
Year 3 PM 24-26
Year 4 PM 27-8
Year 5 PROBE 2 Set 10 or 11
Year 6 PROBE 2 Set 12 or 13


Super star readers!


Academic Awards

Congratulations to these award recipients.


Student Wellbeing for Engaging Literate Learners

Positive Behaviour for Learning Lessons

This term we will be covering the following topics;

Bee Safe

Toilets - Wash hands & go in pairs

Pathways - Walking in & around buildings, walk to the left & stop at the hives

Keep Hands and Feet and other objects to yourself.

Bee Respectful

Use good manners & take turns

Bee Responsible

Keep classrooms neat & tidy 

Put all rubbish in the bins.


Our students are doing an amazing job displaying school expectations.  We are focusing this week on Keeping our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves.  This is an area we can do better at and I have challenged all students to think about this.  5/6A made a movie to help us understand right from wrong.  Check out our FaceBook page to catch it!


Action for Happiness

This New Things November Calendar has daily actions help you enjoy new things and keep learning


Behaviour Awards

These students have displayed outstanding behaviour!


October Buzzy Citizens

These students display great citizen at our school.



P&C News

Wow, It’s week 5 of our last term for 2019! Who can believe how fast the year has blown by. This term the P & C together with the school is adding some new exciting elements to the Carols in the Grove. From 4-6pm the P & C is holding a market where we are looking for stall holders to sell some amazing goodies. There will also be some fun activities for the kids and some stalls being run by each of the classes.


The P & C will also be running a BBQ on the night, if you would like to volunteer to help serve it would be greatly appreciated. All the proceeds from the markets and stalls will go towards resources for students ready for 2020.


We will also be having a Christmas Raffle if you have any donations please see a P & C member or hand them into the office.  Raffle tickets will be coming out shortly they will be $1 each with every family receiving a book of 10 tickets. There will be a prize for the student who sells the most tickets. If you would prefer not to sell tickets please return them to the office.


In the last week of term we will be teaming up with the school to have a pizza day to celebrate our Christmas themed Stem Day. Forms will be sent home in week 8 on Monday the 25th of November to then be returned by Tuesday the 10th of December.


Finally I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who purchased books from the Book Fair on Grand Parents Day. It is always wonderful to see people purchasing books to read with their children. Reading is such a valuable skill for children to learn and seeing the love of learning being fostered by our parents and grandparents is fantastic. I would also like to thank the P & C members who gave of their time to serve before, during and after school, the book fair would not be a success without these wonderful people. Also a big shout out to Mrs Michele Lyne who organises this event and manages everything behind the scenes, you always do an outstanding job.


Just a reminder that we would always love to see more faces on the P & C please remember many hands make light work.


Wishing you all a wonderful term and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Carols at Grove markets and concert.


P & C President

Mr Brett Rule


Meetings are held in the Staffroom - in Administration block at 3pm.  Our next meeting is Thursday 21th November.


Local events

Local Events


Date Claimers

Upcoming events

Term 4 Calendar


Term 4 Highlights

Step Up Break up party - 13th November

Wear Green For Abbie Day - 26th November

Myth-busting at the High School - 28th November

Carols in the Grove - 6th December

Learning Celebration - 9th December

Year 6 Graduation - 9th December

STEM day - 11th December

Report cards sent home - 12th December

Last day of 2019 - 13th December


Wear Green For Abbie

Abbie Sweeper is a local girl who was injured in a horse riding fall in July.  Abbie's mother Amanda was a member of staff at GGSS and her father Russel is a principal in the area.  We are holding a fundraising day on Tuesday 26th of November where we are asking all school community members to wear green and make a donation for Abbie to help provide quality of life to a special young lady.  Many staff and community members at the school have a personal connection to Abbie and her family and would like to help out however we can.  Please see the information below regarding polo shirts - which we are hoping to have for sale also.


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